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A Gift From Heaven from With My Needle - click to see more
A Gift From Heaven
With My Needle's Ellen Chester has new twin grand-daughters -- Norah and Kathryn -- so of course here is matching pair of birth samplers!!!!! A central panel of grazing sheep surrounded by the pretty borders of urns and vines... the samplers look the same, but in studying them, you'll find they go together, but are different - just like the girls!

You don't need a twin to enjoy these, however! Both samplers are in the same chart pack --- they finish approx 5 x 8 on 36ct and they are charted for Needlepoint Inc Silk or DMC floss.

Amidst the Crowd from With My Needle - click to see more
Amidst the Crowd
Preserve me Lord amidst the crowd from every thought that's vain and proud. And raise my wandering eyes to see how good it is to trust in Thee.

Originally a sampler stitched in 1838, Ellen has taken the verse -- which was an old child's prayer -- and added her pretty border design. Charted for silk or DMC, the stitch count is 222 x 318. Pretty colors and a nice balance, it can be worked in Aida cloth -- if you'd prefer that to Linen.

Sentiments 1 and 2 from With My Needle - click to see more
Sentiments 1 and 2
This set of designs is rumored to be the first in a series of small sentiment designs. Measuring just 73 x 73 in size, if you choose 36ct, they will be 4 x 4. Smaller fabric -- smaller pics - and they would be STUNNING pin cushions then!

Simple designs and thoughts, each is coded for silk or DMC. A basket of these little guys all stitchee into little cushons seems promising!!!

Elizabeth Wood -- 1822 from With My Needle - click to see more
Elizabeth Wood -- 1822
Ellen Chester has a pretty antique sampler in her private collection that she has recharted for all us! Elizabeth Wood stitched the original in 1822, what a charming piece it still is!

The neat octagonal border, all the florals and the urns, it is stunning. Ellen talks about the original a bit -- fabric choices and such -- her new piece is worked on Week's 35ct Cornsilk Linen and finishes approx 12-1/2 x 15 inches. I love all the "busyness' in here! Offered as a chart.

Of Female Arts from With My Needle - click to see more Of Female Arts
Of female arts in usefulness the needle far exceeds the rest! Well... I think it's safe to say that women have come a long way in the appreciation department from 'the olden days!' An origianl design by Ellen Chester, this features a very bold and organized border and uses 16 different colors. (That surprised me as my eye saw only burgundy, gold and green at first.) With a stitch count of 211 square, choose a favorite fabric and get started.

There are Cushion and Satin Stitches in the border flowers... Ellen says to change them to crosses if you are on Aida... but I like the textures and the idea of the cool stitches on Aida too! Don't be too quick to convert to x's! A lot of antique samplers have CHARMING areas of special stitches that become part of the charm of the finished piece. Offered as a chart.

Blue House Primer w paddle from With My Needle -- click to see more With My Needle's Newest Releases!
Wow... a trio of fun stuff!!! Mrs Waddelow's Needlework Basket is a companion piece to her Huswife piece... pretty Brick Week's Dye Works color on Amber Linen... you'll notice a button bag in there and a scissor case, along with a ruler and thread winders! Offered as the chart.

Next, is Blue House Primer -- the little wooden hornbook paddle. Stitched on both sides, one holds needles. Cute, the chart comes with the wooden paddle piece.

With a Pleasant Thought from With My Needle -- click to see more Third, With a Pleasant Thought is a simple sampler stitched with Gentle Art's Simply Wool Thread. (Luscious thread... we carry the entire line, you'll love working with it!) Pretty, soft, old look, Ellen's original sampler was stitched with those 'long s's'... they look like the letter 'f.' She's charted an alternative regular 's' for you, if the other bugs you! Three lovely offerings to tempt The Stash!!!

A Multiplication Table Examplar from With My Needle -- click to see more A Multiplication Table Examplar
The classic multiplication table with Quaker motifs accenting the top and bottoms... this is offered as a chart and finishes approx 4 x 6-1/2 over one on 32ct! Regular x's... double check the numbers! The bit of history included with the chart is fun to read.

It does admit that very few multiplication table samplers still exist... and they didn't use a lot of color...

A Pair of Pin Cubes from With My Needle - click to see more A Pair of Pin Cubes
Ellen Chester has a few new releases... a Family Record Sampler... and this fun set of antique-inspired pin cubes! Popular in the Victorian era, as actual pin storage pieces, these are stitched on 32ct linen in Sampler Threads overdyed flosses. The Strawberry Cube features the verse 'Sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam, and sup upon strawberries, sugar and cream.

The Quaker Motif cube features 5 tiny designs, and both have one side reserved for 100 glass-headed straight pins. (She's suggested regular Dritz brand from the fabric store.) Petite creations, each cube finished approx 1-5/8 inches in size... and is so endearing perched in a needlework shadowbox, or hanging as a Christmas ornament! Presented in chart form with detailed assembly instructions.

Family Record Samplers from With My Needle - click to see more Family Record Samplers
This is a beautiful piece... a family tree/birth sampler... that is adaptable for any size family! (Multiple sets of parents and grandparents if need be! Doesn't that sound a bit timely...?) Charts of alphabets and numerals, lots of placement suggestion for grandparents, children's names, surnames... this is one you'll need to study a bit before you begin.

A lovely way to record your family, this can be stitched on any linen you wish, and is coded for both silks or DMC flosses. On 36ct, the basic sampler measures approx 8-1/2 inches square. Offered as the chart with lots of options!

Quaker Turtles
Quaker Turtles from With My Needle - click to see moreOh my gosh... these are the CUTEST little things!!!!! Ellen Chester has designed a most endearing little family of turtles... stitched on both their tops and bottoms... and each is a tiny needlework tool case!!! The Needlebook turtle's shell (stitched area is 2 x 2) opens (button closure) to reveal wool needlepages inside. The Pocket Turtle is large enough for a thimble, or certainly a threader, and the Pin Cushion is simply too cute to stick with pins! Then, there's the baby fob... it's stitching measures only 1/2 an inch..

Quaker Turtles from With My Needle - click to see moreEverything is offered in one chart, complete with stitching placement on the linen, and finishing instructions. It calls for 32ct Beach Walk Belfast, everything is stitched over one thread, uses Weeks Juniper Perle Cotton, floss and wool felt, so everything matches. Just darling, this is such a fun way to 'do' Quaker, and the turtles are precious!

The darling basket is from Olde Colonial. It measures approx 2 x 4 x 7... which is lined in the same fabric as the turtle insides... and features a nice, stable wooden bottom. So perfect to store your new Quaker Turtles!

A Hornbook Examplar from With My Needle - click to see moreA Hornbook Examplar
This is a fun little needle and scissor case in the shape of a hornbook. The pattern includes a bit of hornbook history -- popular in the 15 - 18th centuries as learning boards for letters and reading -- typically 3 x 5, and wooden. Since we already know our alphabet... a needlework case is much more fun!

Offered as the chart, you get finishing instructions for the piece which is stitched in only two overdyed colors on 32ct Chestnut Belfast Linen. Different, and petite!

Maidens of the Sea from With My Needle -- click to see more Maidens of the Sea
Ellen Chester celebrates Mermaids with this charming sewing case piece that features a matching scissor fob and little thread winder fish!!! Offered as a chart, the case is stitched as one long piece, and then folds over and over again to make the little 2-1/2 x 3-1/2-ish sized curio.

Decorated on the outsides with swimming mermaids, little fishes and seaweed, and a lovely tall ship and lighthouse scene... Maidens of the Sea from With My Needlethere is a template included to make a felt seahorse needlepage on the inside, and room for a couple of Kelmscott Mother-of-Pearl thread rings.

Included with the charts are two resin fish beads! Measuring approx 3/4 x 1-5/8, they are there for you to wrap your threads around, and store in the little case! Just precious!!!

A Work'd Pocketbook from With My Needle -- click to see more A Work'd Pocketbook
This is an exquisite piece ONLY for someone who LOVES to execute Queen Stitches! Thousands and thousands of those time-consuming little stitches completely cover your linen, creating a lovely strawberry carpet. Finished into a gussetted envelope, when folded closed it measures approx 5-3/8 x 4 inches.

Inspired by an antique case in Ellen's private collection, she's recreated the pattern using fresh colors, and the same closure style as the original piece. Just lovely... by the time you finish stitching this, you will be THE EXPERT at Queen Stitches!!! Offered as the color chart with complete finishing instructions included.

Petit Carnet d'Ouvrages, Livre 1 from With My Needle -- click to see a larger view Petit Carnet d'Ouvrages, Livre II from With My Needle -- click to see a larger view Tiny Pattern Books
Just like the Ackworth Friendship Book, here are three more of With my Needle's charming little 'trophy pieces' to show off your stitching... and bits that were done by your friends! Just elegant, each is stitched as a small individual piece, then joined together into what I affectionately call a Zig-Zag Book!!! Just like the Ackworth piece... each book's pages can create tiny pouches to hold special photos and tiny notes, all while showcasing your stitches!

Each of the three books are offered as charts, and each includes the finishing instructions. Choose a cool overdyed floss shade -- or two -- mix and match the designs... whatever!

Make Each Day Count
Count the day lost whose low descending sun views from thy hand no worthy act done. Wow... I like to have a day now and then, that I don't do much... but gosh... I better not have too many, based on this verse! Make each stitching day count... and work on this instead! Stitched on Black linen in yummy tweeded DMC shades or silks... (you could even change to some of the overdyeds in your stash) the colors and design really 'Pop' on the black background. Finishing approx 16 x 7, notice the pretty strawberries, again, which match that stunning new sewing roll!!! Offered as the chart with stitch diagrams.

Make Each Day Count from With My Needle -- click for more

Cherished Workes
A needlework set consisting of a needle book, sewing case, and thread palette, this is just charming! Very complete and clear instructions, there are 15 pages of them... stitch diagrams, charts, and finishing diagrams and pictures. Stitched on 32ct linen in lots of overdyeds, I especially like the inset on the wooden thread palette! Something very neat, useful, and not seen everywhere... the palette would make a neat gift all by itself! The closed sewing case measures approx 6 x 8 inches, the needle book 2 x 2-ish, and the palette 4-1/2 x 6. You will need a fat quarter of linen for the entire project -- tons of color choices would work!

Cherished Workes By With My Needle

Acorn Sampler Sewing Case
This is a wonderful set of sewing accessories, all stitched on Toasted Almond 32 linen in rich Hazelnut, Mulberry, Cognac, Golds and Cidermill brown overdyeds. Included in the set of instructions is the sewing case, a little "mattress" cushion, a needlebook and scissor weight. All of it coordinates, and there are wonderful instructions for assembling all of it! The actual design is full of golden acorns and little squirrels. Parts are done over one thread, most is not. There is also an option for you to stitch it as a framed sampler, if you'd rather! It's just so charming... I hope our pics show you how cute it really is! So hard to describe well... this is a definite 'have to have' for your collection! Linen cuts are for the sewing set (18 x 27 and 5 x 7), or the sampler only (9x16).

Acorn Sampler Sewing Case from With My Needle -- click to see a larger view

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