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Brenda is getting ready to ship her next part of this charming series -- smalls that feature parts of the alphabet.  *Remember Me* is stitched over one on 28ct Lugana and finishes approx 4 x 4.       Cute just by itself, if you aren't doing the whole series, the colors are soft denims, brick reds and mossy greens.  Trimmed with Lady Dot's Birds Nest (colored) hand-dyed Rik Rak, which you can see in the pic, there is also another Stitch Dot magnet featuring a tiny part of this design that will be available when the pattern releases.  So... you can get charts, fabric, flosses, trim and Dots... whatever pieces and parts you need!

Death By Cross Stitch and Life After Death Here's a pair of pieces by Long Dog Samplers... we've had the 'Death By' one for a while... but 'Life After' is the new companion. Choose a single color you like -- solid or hand-dyed, cotton or silk -- the patterns give you yardage requirements to help you get enough matching thread. Also choose any fabric YOU want to use... that will determine the finished sizes of these. Lovely motifs all over the place in these, you can go crazy just studying them!!! Huge in finished size, Life After has a stitch count of 372 x 325 -- so 21 x 18 on 36. Death By measures 363 x 447.

Mill Hill Designer Showcase
Reflets de Soie
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Country Cottage Needleworks
The Prairie Schooler!
Shepherd's Bush!
The Drawn Thread
Erica Michaels The Victoria Sampler
AB Designs
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Hands-On Design
Heart in Hand
Summer Stitching Event
with Chessie & Me and Plum Street Samplers!

Mill Hill Button & Bead Kits
Mill Hill Kits
Stitch Dots

New page today for Stitch Dots. Banners and details pdf up at top of Just Arrived, Home page and this page for the New Year's EVE Sale. Don't miss out... and please remember, it's Saturday, NOT Sunday!

Newsletter went out last night. If you don't receive one, or need to have your email subscription changed, be sure to email us and ask for one, and then subscribe!

Sue Hillis Designs
Hands-On Design
Scissors, page 2
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Heart in Hand
Secret Needle Night
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Plum Street Samplers
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Just Another Button Company
Kathy Barrick
Blackbird Designs
Heart in Hand, Heart in Hand Wee Ones and Special Occasions

As ever this month, be sure to check back on Just Arrived every weekday to see the newest May Daily Treat.

Sawyer Pattern on our Shears page
AB Designs
Val's Stuff
May 2016 Secret Needle Night
Just Nan
The Drawn Thread
Lizzie*Kate Spooked! Mystery Sampler
Kim's Needle Needfuls
Samplers Not Forgotten
FLAX Socials
Newsletter went out today. Put up notice of May Daily Treats at the top of Just Arrived.

Mani di Donna, Giulia Punti Antichi and the New Baby section of Special Occasions.

Lizzie*Kate, Auto-Ships and Tiny Modernist

Lizzie*Kate Flip-Its, Auto-Ships, Lizzie*Kate Snippets and LizzieKate Boxers

Just Nan

Stitches Through Time and Just Nan!

Praiseworthy Stitches

Books, Magazines & Software

Michael Powell

Blackbird Designs

Mill Hill Kits

Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets page 3.

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine Issue #5 - Spring has The Silver Needle as its featured shop! We're honored!

Fern Ridge Collections

Reflets de Soie

Carolyn Manning


Abby Rose

The Scarlett House

Mill Hill Button & Bead Kits and Mill Hill Small Kits.

Just Another Button Company Scissors page 2

Milady's Needle

Giulia Punti Antichi The Purple Thread

Lizzie*Kate and Auto-Ships

Secret Needle Night

Needlework Press

Little House Needleworks

Heartstring Samplery


Jardin Prive'

Cross Eyed Cricket

Rosewood Manor

Priscilla's Pocket

Teresa Kogut

Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets page 4

Olde Colonial

Dames of the Needle

Val's Stuff

Just Another Button Company

Foxwood Crossings

Madame Chantilly

Blackbird Designs


Glendon Place Hand-painted Magnetic Ruler

Heart in Hand and Wee Ones

The Bee Cottage

Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets page 3

Cherished Stitches

Classic Colorworks, Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works

Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets page 2

Hands-On Design


AB Designs Bent Creek and Bent Creek Kits

Blackberry Lane Designs

SamSarah Design Studio

Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets page 3

Stacy Nash Primitives

The Mini-Sewing Scissors

Praiseworthy Stitches

Erica Michaels

JBW Designs

We have 14 (yes, 14!) new designs today from With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais. Enjoy!

Blackbird Designs has new designs, including one new series that we also put on our Auto-Ships page. There is also a new kit from Chessie & Me.

Lots of new Shepherd's Bush went up today.

We added a bunch of new things from Jeannette Douglas Designs.

Oh, look at the new trims from Lady Dot Creates.

t=This month's Secret Needle Night Kit is up this morning.

Check out the newLaurel Burch DOGS!

The NeedleTravel Guide Book for 2016 is back in stock.

We added the last of the new Plum Street Samplers designs today.

There are new designs today on Bent Creek Kits and Bent Creek Charts.

Be sure to visit Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks today.

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine Issue #4 -- Winter is here!

There are a whole bunch of new Chessie & Me designs up today.

Just Nan has several new items, all up today.

Check out the new Reflets de Soie designs.

Tams Creations has new items up today.

We added 5 new designs from Lesley Teare and one from Imaginating today.

There are 6 new designs fromBarbara Ana Designs, and a new one from Abby Rose.

There is a new series, highlighted today on Just Another Button Company and Hands-On Design.

Lizzie*Kate Sneak Peek and preorder is up today.

Sweetheart Tree's New Releases are up this afternoon.

The Glasshopper has new glass embellishments.

Shepherd's Bush has two new designs, up today.

We added new designs today from The Drawn Thread.

Liberty Hill has a remarkable new box, up this morning.

We put up Just Nan's Sneak peek on Just Arrived.

There are 2 new items up on our books page.

Our Mill Hill Designer's Showcase has new Debbie Mum designs today.

This month's Secret Needle Night is up today.

We have new Lizzie*Kate designs on her Chartpak, Kits and Boxers pages today.

Kelmscott Designs added several new items.

Check out Pine Mountain Designs and Hands On Design today!

There are new designs from Lizzie*Kate, including an additional one that we put up today.

Beautiful new Erica Michaels are up today.

We have new entires on Bent Creek and Bent Creek main page.

We put up a cool new kit today from The Trilogy.

There's a new kit today from Heart in Hand as well as a new Wee One design.

Today we added another new design from With Thy Needle & Thread.

We put up new designs from Just Nan, Blackbird Designs and With Thy Needle & Thread. Enjoy!

We have 2 new designs today from The Victoria Sampler.

This month's Secret Needle Night kit is up.

Spring is coming! (think so, really?) And Mill Hill sent us new kits for our Kits and Button & Bead Kit pages.

We have new designs up from Madame Chantilly and Amaryllis Artworks.

Today I was able to add new model images to several of the Fern Ridge kits... enjoy!

This month's Secret Needle Night is up, as well as details on the Buy 11/Get 12 special.

We put up all the juicy details on our New year's EVE sale today on Just Arrived. Be sure to click to read all the rules!

We have 2 new Dovo scissors up today.

Check out the new Retromantics trays up today... as well as the brand new page where we consolidated all of the wood tools and accessories.

We have new designs on Just Arrived, Auto-Ships, Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks.

We have 2 new designs today from Heartstring Samplery.

There are 2 new designs up today from The Trilogy.

Blackbird Designs has a new design for you today.

The newest issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine is up for you today.

There are 2 new Pine Mountain Designs things up today for you...

We added a new design today to Just Arrived, Hands On Design and Auto-Ships.

We added 2 designs to the Autumn-Halloween Seasonal Treats page and 2 to the Summer Seasonal Treats page.

There are new designs today on Bent Creek and Bent Creek Kits.

We added designs and kits on Auto-Ships, Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks today.

We added more Budapest pics to the Cruise page today... tomorrow they all head home. We also added a new design to Just Arrived and Gadgets, page 4. I know, we usually don't put designs on the Gadgets pages, but it goes so well with one of the gadgets!

We got lots more Cruise pics up today, as well as adding designs, both on Pine Mountain and Auto-Ships.

There's a new part up for the Shakespeare's Peddler Parlor Sampler today... it's on the auto-Ship page, too. There's also a new Christmas design from Mani Di Donna.

We have an elegant new design from Cherished Stitches today.

Today we have new items on Just Arrived, the Books page, Foxwood Crossings, and a cute little straggler on Shepherd's Bush.

We have continued addig to the Cruise page, so take a look every day or two! Today, we also added 3 new designs from Plum Street Samplers.

Don't miss out on the new designs from Shepherd's Bush and Lizzie*Kate!

We got our first update from Lindy and all of the people of the shop's Christmas Wishes Cruise today. I have put one pic on Just Arrived, and built a little page for the rest of the daily updates. She's typing emails from her phone, so don't expect prolific descriptions... just the facts, ma'am! Enjoy!

There are 2 new designs today from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. We already had 3 more from this designer, but they don't have a page on our site yet. So, for now, the brand new ones are on Just Arrived, and I moved the others to the top of Just Arrived, page 2.

We have 3 new designs today from AB Designs.

There are new designs today by With Thy Needle & Thread and Kathy Barrick.

Oh, take a look at the 3 new goodies from The Glasshopper!

There is a new design today on Reflets de Soie.

We added to The Scarlett House today.

There is a new design today on Blackberry Lane Designs.

Check out Blackbird Designs today!

We added to Just Arrived and Rosewood Manor today.

There are new designs today on The Drawn Thread.

We added designs to the Bareroots page, Just Arrived, Country Cottage Needleworks, Val's Stuff and Auto-Ships.

There are new designs today on Just Arrived, Cross Eyed Cricket and Auto-Ships.

We added 3 new designs to Just Arrived, Plum Street Samplers and Auto-Ships.

Well, I got behind on updating this page, so today I am giving you a list of the recently updated pages. I'll try to be more regular about this!

The Sweetheart Tree

Lady Dot Creates, Barbara Ana and the Books page.

The Mill Hill Designer's Showcase

The Books page

Secret Needle Night

Just Nan

Blackberry Lane Designs

Wooden What-Nots!

With Thy Needles Brenda Gervais!

Shepherd's Bush

JBW Designs

Foxwood Crossings

Olde Colonial

Lone Elm Lane

Hands On Design

Scissortail Designs

Sneak Peeks of the New Lizzie Kate Arriving November 11th!


The Scarlett House

Jeannette Douglas

Heart in Hand


Fern Ridge

Summer House Stitche Workes

Heartstring Samplery

We added to the Kelmscott Designs (including one from The Primitive Jewel, which is almost at the bottom of the Kelmscott page) and Heartstring Samplery pages today.

Take a look at Country Cottage Needleworks, Blackbird Designs, Our Mill Hill Designer's Showcase, The Victoria Sampler and our Madame Chantilly page.

We added several things today to Just Arrived, Scissors, page 1 and Shears.

We added new items today to La-D-Da and Blackberry Lane Designs.

Lindy and the gals are back from the Needlework Galleria, so Lindy is now having time to get descriptions written, and I am getting better images for you as well. Over the last few days, we have added to Lizzie*Kate Snippets, Lizzie*kate Kits, Kathy Barrick, Shepherd's Bush, Jeannette Douglas and Plum Street Samplers. Keep an eye out... lots more coming!

We added designs today to Val's Stuff, Auto-Ships, JABCO and Hands On Designs.

There are new 7 more designs on our Samplers Not Forgotten page, as well as additions to Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks and Auto-Ships.

We moved the rest of the new items Lindy bought at Market to the Just Arrived page. Scroll down until you see the items that are within a boxed-in area. I took the previews page down. As soon as she can, Lindy will be writing descriptions, but they're taking off today for the Needlework Galleria. I also was able to take a good photo of The Olde Salem Stitcher's Boxe from Liberty Hill. Now you will have a much better idea of what this stunning box looks like!

We added quite a few new designs from Madame La Fee.

There are new designs today on Ink Circles and Cuore e Batticuore. I also put a design done by From the Heart on the Lone Elm page, since it uses their pincushiion rounds.

We added several new embellishments to the Accoutrements set on Accessories, Gifts and Gadgets, page 3... as well as some new wooden button sets on the same page. We also added to the Summer House and Auto-Ship pages.

Today we added designs on the Cherished Stitches page as well as Autumn Special Treats and Samplers.

We have started moving things off of the preview page and onto Just Arrived.... as they arrive. Lindy isn't here to write descriptions, and you certainly don't want me to write them! She has taken the weekend to take a little stitching vacation, and will be back next week, just in time to pack a trailer and take off for St Charles.
Little nudge here... you should really go to St Charles to the Needlework Galleria if you can... these stitching festivals won't continue to happen unless enough people attend to make them financially worthwhile to produce. And you will never ever find better company than a hotel full of stitchers!
Today we also added a new item to Liberty Hill... it's cool!

Take a look at all of the designs we added to the Heartstring Samplery page!

What a beautiful set of Halloween/Autumn designs we got from The Drawn Thread this week! Take a look! And I'm still working on adding more to the Previews page, too.

We got quite a few more designs up on the Previews page today.

OK, stitchers! Go look over our Market page and you can see images (and order dropdowns) of many of the things Lindy bought today for you all to enjoy. We will be adding more tomorrow.

There are new designs today on Abby Rose and Plum Street Samplers. We also put a notice at the top of Just Arrived about the Needlework Galleria in St. Charles, Mo. We hope this gives you time to plan.

We added designs today to Just Arrived, Autumn and Halloween Seasonal Treats and Stacy Nash.

There are 4 new Sticks designs up today. We also added A Needlework Enthusiast's 2016 Book of Days today.

Boo Kitty! - Our September Secret Needle Night Kit is up today.

We added a new design today by Elizabeth's Designs.

We added 3 new kits today on Shepherd's Bush and more new things on Praiseworthy Stitches. Cool stuff!

Whew! I spent the whole day making images of the scrumptuous new Chenile Trim from Lady Dot Creates. Enjoy!

Well, it's definitely Halloween Day today! Check out AB Designs, Madame Chantilly, Barbara Ana and Autumn Seasonal Treats.

We added new designs today from Foxwood Crossings. Later in the day, we added 7 new designs from Teresa Kogut.

There are new designs today on La-D-Da and SamSarah Design Studio.

Today we added 2 new designs from Heart in Hand and one from Blackberry Lane.

We sent out an email newsletter in the middle of the night... the internet is quieter then. If you aren't subscribed, you can do it on our Newsletter page.

A second batch of new Erica Michaels design has arrived, so there is another new one on Just Arrived, and several more new ones on the Erica Michaels page. Later in the day, we showcased 4 new designs from With Thy Needle & thread.

We added an image of Nan's new Charm Garden Pin to the Just Nan page, and added two new designs from Pine Mountain to their page as well as Auto-Ships.

There are new designs today on Bent Creek and Bent Creek Kits.

We have added items today to Just Arrived, Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 4 and the Supplies page.

We added a stunning design to day from Praiseworthy Stitches... it isn't here yet, but will be very soon.

Flax is on sale! We updated our Flax page with new model images and sale details, and then sent out a Flax newsletter last night. If you're not subscribed, you can do it here. Today, we announced a Vera Bradley sale on Just Arrived, and previewed new designs from Just Nan... boy, Nan is good at Halloween! It gave us a chance to catch up her Tiny Ornaments listing on Auto-Ships, too.

We added new designs today on Erica Michaels, Christmas Seasonal Treats and Autumn Seasonal Treats.

We added a new design today to Plum Street Samplers and the Auto-Ship page. We also added a new designs on the Samplers page.

We added a new design from Val's Stuff to our Auto-Ships page. There is also a neat new design up this afternoon on Dames of the Needle.

We have 4 new kits up today from Curly Girl, by way of Mill Hill.

This month's Secret Needle Night is up this morning.

We added new designs from Homespun Elegance, and a new magnifying lamp from Craftlite.

Oh! Check the Kelmscott and Scissors, page 2 today! What fun!

Hands On Designs sent us two more of their Chalkboard designs, and we have 3 new designs from Little House Needleworks... both are also shown on Auto-Ships page.

There are 7 new designs today on The Sweetheart Tree.

Set to arrive August 13, we have previewed the new Lizzie*Kate designs on Just Arrived so you can place reservations for them.

There are 2 new items today on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 3.

Homespun Elegance has a new patriotic design today.

Abby Rose Designs has a new addition today.

Check out Needlemade Designs today!

Needlemade Designs has a neat pynpillow today.

Pine Mountain Designs has new offerings, both on their page and on Auto-Ships.

We put up reservation opportunities today for some of the Fall Exclusives From Norden Crafts. They're on Just Arrrived.

Praiseworthy Stitches has a unique little set of smalls, all boxed up for you!

There's a cute new design today from Filigram.

Notforgotten Farm has a new design today.

Along with the sad news that The Prairie Schooler designers are resigning by the first of the year, we have new designs on their pages.

Our Fall FLAX is HERE! Great stuff!

We have a new pair of charts from Nikyscreations.

Our The Scarlett House page has new designs today.

Plum Street Samplers has new designs today.

Check out The Victoria Sampler today!

There are new additions to the Scare-ology series today from JABCO and Hands On Design.

We have a couple of new designs from Madame La Fee today.

Little House Needleworks has new things up today.

There are loads of details for A Little Mystery Sampler Club from Lizzie Kate!. This is going to be a great one!

Hey, check out Cherished Stitches today.

AuryTM has a couple of new designs, and so does Threadwork Primitives. They're all on Just Arrived.

Chessie & Me has a coule of neat new designs.
Val's Spook of the Month for June is here...
We added new designs today on the Reflets de Soie page.

Mani Di Donna Has a new hornbook... rumored to be the first of a series. Also, check out Mani Di Donna for another new design from this designer.

There's a new design up today on the Kathy Barrick page.

Heartstring Samplery has a new design.

There is a new item today on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 4.

Info About the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Ornament and Halloween Issues is up today.

SamSarah Design Studio has new designs today.

Bent Creek and Bent Creek are updated today.

We sent out a newsletter last night. If you aren't on our subscription list, you can subscribe to any of our 3 newsletters on our Newsletters page.

We have a wonderful new designs up today from La-D-Da.

Check out Pine Mountain Designs today!

Blackberry Lane Designs has a neat new design today.

Be sure to visit Mill Hill Kits and Mill Hill Buttons & Beads today!
Also, June 2015 Secret Needle Night is up for you.

Lots to absorb today... Presenting the Premier Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine and A Little Mystery Sampler Club from Lizzie Kate!

We have a neat new design today fromShepherd's Bush.

Wow! Be sure to see Lizzie Kate's Sneak Peeks

A big announcement! Check out A Little Help From My Friends Stitching Circle... and be sure to send us initials or a nickname when you order!

We have new designs on the site today from Just Nan.

Pay a visit to Jeannette Douglas today.

Oh Erica Michaels has outdone herself this time! Take a look!

There are several new designs today from Heart in Hand.

We have new things today from Heartstring Samplery.

Check out all of the new goodies from Plum Street Samplers today!

Lizzie Kate's Sweet Summer is Here!

We have new stuff today from Blackbird Designs.

We added more colors and a new size to the Namaste boxes on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 1. We also added the next 4 designs in the Square-ology series to JABCO and Hands On Design.

This is so cute! Wooly Sheep Needle Minders

We have new things from Xs and Ohs and Cross Eyed Cricket.

We have new designs today from Needlework Press, Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks.

Oh, look at Barbara Ana today!

There are new designs today on Faby Reilly Designs.

Pay a visit to our Acorn House page today.

Don't miss Bent Creek and Bent Creek Kits today.

Summer House Stitche Workes has lots of new designs on our site today.

This month's Secret Needle Night is up this morning.

Be sure to see Cherry Hill Stitchery and the Lizzie Kate Early-Breaking (Sneak Peek) News!

Check out Plum Street Samplers and Our Books and Magazines page.

There are new designs today on AB Designs and Auto-Ships.

Our first May Daily Treat is up on Just Arrived. We also have new designs on Cuore Batticuore.

Want to see the new shop as it evolved?
Check out our 20th Anniversary pages, too!

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