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Cross Stitch designs from Shakespeare's Peddler

Grouchy from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Grouchy
Oh wow... here is a delightful kitty-kushion! By Raise the Roof... choose your mood and stitch! Offered as a small chart with a cut of black 32ct Belfast linen

Anyway, Grouchy comes with a cut of Taupe, gray and black angry cat finishing material... so it finishes approx 3 x 4-1/2. Use flosses from your stash.

Mercy Goodehart's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Mercy Goodehart's Sampler
Shakespeare's Peddler has a new ORIGINAL sampler design -- and it is so very pretty!!! Theresa has outdone herself with this gorgeous piece... "All of you be subject to one another, and be clothed with humility. For God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble."

The stitch count is 315 x 273, so it finishes approx 17 x 20 on 32ct. Charted for Needlepoint Silk or DMC floss, her color selection is dusty, but pretty -- not too dark or drab. The border is different on all 4 sides, there are little mistakes here and there -- just because old samplers have those -- and the verse is over one thread. I don't know why, but the buildings on the left remind me of the Grand Canal in Venice... but then, there comes the tree, and that blows Venice! A very pretty sampler, with a neat verse -- offered as a chart.

Primitive Christmas from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Primitive Christmas
Shakespeare's Peddler is back designing again -- and we are thrilled! New this week is Primitive Christmas -- a cute spot-motif type piece with little Christmassy bits scattered about! Offered as a chart, the design finishes approx 6 x 6 on 36ct natural linen. It calls for Weeks or DMC flosses, and is shown finished as a paper box topper.

No buttons or special stitches... this is just easy and fun stitching. It'd make a nice box to hide your ornament hooks in! I always keep those out after I trim the tree -- so if I get any new ornaments during the season -- I can find my hooks! I just keep my pretty container right under the tree!

Sarah Chapple 1831 from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Sarah Chapple 1831
*And let it begin with me!* Teresa Venette has been busy recharting an antique sampler she bought at an auction. Stitched in England in 1831 by 11yr old Sarah Chapple, Teresa points out lots of charming elements of the piece in her notes. Check out the U-shaped border in the center, the mis-matched urns farther down -- they'd make pretty pin cushions! The house features a fence that is stitched in 4-Sided! The sampler's original colors were awesome -- this still has lots of bold red and olive greens in it, and the verse is a really nice one. Instead of death and rotting bones, Sarah is recording the love of God and the fact that unlike the fleeting flowers of nature... God's love 'forever shall endure.'

Charted for silks or DMC, the stitch count on this is 301 x 407. Parts are worked over one -- the verse and some butterflies -- and that fence is 4-Sided, which is pretty cool for an old sampler. So... on 32ct, your piece will finish approx 19 x 25-1/2! So... get busy, there are LOTS of stitches in this one!!! Offered as the chart.

Jolly *Joy*Jingle from Raise the Roof - click to see more Jolly *Joy*Jingle
Raise the Roof has a companion piece to Boo*Scurry*Yum! Jolly*Joy*Jingle is stitched with the same flavor of cute motifs and yummy colors and lots of Just Another Button Company buttons embellishments -- everything here and there to make you smile. Worked on Swamp Linen from Picture This Plus -- that terrifically mangy green background sets off all the bright colors in Santa's flying elf and her friends.

Offered as a chart with buttons and fabric offered separately... looks like you're months ahead of schedule if you start this for next Christmas!!! Very Cute.

Christmas is Coming from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more
Christmas is Coming
The goose is getting fat... Please put a penny in the old man's hat.. An olde-world flavored piece... Christmas IS coming... and you don't have time to finish this for 2012 -- but next year's Christmas is already on the calendar -- so you can plan!

Shakespeare's Peddler's newest piece, this finishes approx 7 x 14-1/2 on 32ct... and is worked in either Weeks hand-dyeds or DMC flosses. Something to hang up right after Halloween... kind of a *quiet* piece! Offered as the chart.

A Stitcher's Heart from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more A Stitcher's Heart
from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks
Oh... this set of stitched pieces is PRETTY!!!!!! A Market Special Limited Edition Collaboration between Little House Needleworks and Shakespeare's Peddler, Diane offers the most charming elongated heart pin cushion, while Teresa made a long tube-shape sit-about. The charts come together along with another bonus Little House chart, a package of Crescent's hand-dyed 1/2 inch Bean Sprout Rik Rak... and 5 complete skeins of Crescent's Weeping Willow, Timber, Hazelnut, Stepping Stones and Clay Pot flosses. Both stitched on 32ct... (you will have enough thread to stitch both projects) the heart finishes 6 x 9-ish (smaller because it's stuffed rather than flat and framed) and features darling stitching themed motifs. Check out the edging... it is the hand-dyed Rik Rak that you gather and tack around the edges. REAL CUTE.

Next... pay attention to the roll. I hate to tell you that inside is a batting-covered paper towel roll... Teresa promises that after learning this finishing technique, you might start 're-purposing assorted tubes' from around the house! Hers reads; 'Gentle Stitches', is filled with rice or walnut shells, and trimmed on the ends with matching Week's wool and antique buttons from your stash. The package includes both charts and finishing instructions, the flosses and Rik Rak. You supply the 32/16 ct fabric and misc finishing bits (buttons and wool bits) from your stash.

Spring at Bean Family Farm from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Spring at Bean Family Farm
This is a cool piece -- quite a smattering of farm motifs to celebrate the Springtime! (Hope we get these Bean Family Farms for all the other seasons, too, but who knows?!) The gardening tools, the carrots and peas have been planted. The birds and the bees are about, the sheep are ready to shear -- looks like one is still fluffy and gray, while the other one is skinny and white already!

Offered as a chart, the stitch count on this is 170 x 200. Teresa has charted it for Gentle Art Sampler Threads, A SPECIAL 10-skein set of Limited Edition Sampler threads OR regular DMC. You have three thread choices with this. Any fabric will do nicely -- she is just in love with the *rustic and crusty* frame she found for the model, which is worked in the Limited Edition Thread Set on 32ct Flax Linen.

God Bless Those... from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more God Bless Those... Who struggle to be free.
Teresa designed this the week Egypt won its revolution for freedom! Offered only for a short while, it comes as a small kit with either 40 or 32ct Vintage Examplar Linen by Lakeside (very warm honey color), and three skeins of un-released limited edition Sampler Threads (a gold, a red-ish brown and a golden-brown.)

Her model is made into a pin-cushion piece, stuffed with something heavy -- like rice or walnut shells. Doesn't need any more description from me... that verse says it all!

Celebrating UFOs!  License and Pin Set from Raise the Roof -- click to see more Celebrating UFOs! License and Pin Set!
One of my favorite finds at Market came from Teresa and Sue at Raise The Roof. UFO is the affectionate name assigned to Un-Finished-Objects. You know... the stuff you started years ago, but just can't stand to look at anymore... you'll never finish them. This Licence and Pin Set can *set you FREE!* Somehow, Teresa's creative brain decided that it was OK to CUT UP some horrid thing you've started... and make a totally *dorky* pin cushion out of it... decorating it with this official UFO medallion and space-ship pin!!!!!

Oh my gosh... this is the funniest thing! Don't let this ugly model picture deter you! Your Official UFO License includes a coupon giving you permission to destroy what was, once, a piece of needleart! Her story that comes with it is delightful... and I cannot tell it here! YOUR pincushion could never look like hers... because each UFO has it's *own putrid personality!*... but think of the stitch group gift possibilities here!!! Everyone could make one, and it could be the gift exchange! You could raid the bottom of your friend's stitching tote, secretly steal her *embarrassment,* and turn it into the most charming UFO Cushion... presenting it to her with honor! Teresa's imagination at work!!!!! Anyway, Raise The Roof's UFO License comes with a bit of History, finishing suggestions, Teresa's *unfortunate* example -- pictured in living color, and the exclusive UFO label and space-ship pin. YOU supply the awful needlework!!! We have extra Space Ship pins available, in case you have more than one *Special Needs* piece!!!

Jenny Bean's Gentle Spring Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's Gentle Spring Sampler
"Gentle Mothers lead the way." That's the verse in this charming tribute to Spring and new babies!!!! (I guess you could use this as a birth sampler for a girl born on a farm... kind of cute!) The organized alphabet tops this medley of small motifs -- you get the mom pig and her piglets, the sheep and lamb, mama duck and ducklings... Then, the family homestead. Next, the vegetable and flower gardens and horses in the meadow... and finally the duck pond.

Really fun to look at, the stitch count on this is 105 x 275, finishing approx 6-1/2 x 17 on 32ct. Stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads, just a cute piece!

Tate's Stocking from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Tate's Stocking
Raise the Roof has a neat design that makes quite a substantial sized Christmas Stocking! Stitched on Week's Dye Works 20ct Straw Linen in lots of Crescent Colours and Week's Dye Works size 5 Perle Cottons -- or just regular DMC #5's, this finishes a nice 16 x 22. Santa can get a lot into this one! The Weeks linen is a little *pricey* -- so 18ct Natural is another really GOOD option for this. It'll change the size to roughly 18 x 24. (Too big? Reduce to 25ct Lugana -- 13-1/2 x 17-1/2!)

The design is really nice -- a traditional verse, the snowy sleigh scene down below, lots of room and an alphabet for personalization, it is garnished with a trio of clay jingle bell buttons. Good colors, good everything with this one! Offered as the chart with clay bells separately.

Pumpkin Joe
Pumpkin Joe from Raise the Roof - click to see moreGood News -- these patterns are here...
Pumpkin Joe and three old crows, Joe says 'Boo' and off they goes! A fun little piece of orange and black delight, get that yummy hand-dyed linen, a mangy black hand-dyed cotton or silk, and add a few JABCO buttons, this is really cute!

Boo*Scurry*Yum! from Raise the Roof - click to see more Boo*Scurry*Yum!
Raise the Roof's newest Halloween design is too darn cute to be very scary! It features a witch-in-flight complete with billowing cape, wispy broom, the dark, swirling night-time sky, and lots of seasonal friends on the ground below! Check out the ghost for BOO. The Spider for SCURRY -- gotta love his hairy legs! And, YUM's candy corn and caramel apple.

Offered as a chart, this measures approx 8-1/2 x 12-1/4 on some dark and mangy 32ct linen. Worked in hand-dyed Sampler Threads, JABCO has a set of buttons gracing this, too. VERY CUTE... this'll make a great seasonal decoration. Something about it is cheerful, colorful, fresh and fun.

Official Crazy Cat Lady from Raise the Roof - click to see more Official Crazy Cat Lady
Well, if you are one... you probably know it already... or you know someone who could use this! A real cute piece, just a couple of kitties -- both stitched and buttoned on there, and some wild lettering, this is offered in chart format with a set of button embellishments.

It finishes approx 4 x 8, is stitched on Weeks and Crescent Colours hand-dyeds, and just makes you smile!

Home Springs Eternal from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Home Springs Eternal
What a pretty piece by Shakespeare's Peddler -- the house, the alphabet, the border and basket -- and of course the lock and key to keep all safe and sound! Teresa's sampler has a stitch count of 145 x 95, and can be stitched on almost any fabric of your choice.

She chose two different colorways for this, or you can follow the alternate selections of Sampler Threads (in the regular color line) or even DMC. Pretty browns and greens, the house is stitched in Gold Rush (Gold Leaf) and there is a hint of Raisin (Grape Arbor) in the window panes and flowers. Offered as the chart with coordinating clay flower button embellishment (see it on the floral urn?)

Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, imaginary sampler-stitcher Jenny Bean (aka Shakespeare's Peddler) has designed her sampler to finish approx 7 x 16 on 32ct. *God said 'Let There Be Light' and there was light.* *and God said it was good!* Pretty borders and crisp alphabet and numbers at the top and in the verse, the garden scene near the bottom is full of charming motifs.

Lions and lambs, the fishes amidst the waves, Adam and Eve, the apple tree and an angel -- there is no crabby serpent here! ... I love the extra commentary Teresa put on the front of the chart's package... 'All's well that ends well!" Offered as a chart, there are even options in here to use a few specialty stitches if you feel like it!

A Sampling by Ann from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more A Sampling by Ann
Here's the 2011 version of the house and several other motifs directly from Ann Grant's 1829 sampler! Same shapes, brighter, deeper colors, less than 40,000 stitches -- because we don't have as much time to stitch these days as Ann did! Isn't this a fun way to compare both pieces?

Offered in small chart format, coded for silks or DMC, these colors are NOT the same as those in the larger piece!

Sampler Roundy from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Sampler Roundy from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Sampler Roundy
This is CHARMING!!! Grab a 10 x 10 cut of 32ct linen, and whip up this fun ABC sampler using 6 different limited edition Sampler Threads. LOOK at the letters seemingly scattered on top... I can read 'birds, cat, boat, flower, '... and they're all pictured there... but it's so cleverly scattered... one might miss it! Pretty navy, wines, taupe and a bit of yellow, the center is tufted with one of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons. What makes this Roundy so darn cute, is that *Little Roundy Base* it's perched on!

Sampler Roundy from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Teresa told us how to make those... so it's our next Saturday's Shop Gal Project of the Day... we're going to make a bunch for you! Like a miniature 6-inch foot stool, the bases stand approx 3 inches high, so your finished Sampler Roundy will be totally unique, charming, and unlike anything you have now! Painted and waxed in black, maybe you have something else you want to finish like this, too? Stitch on any bit of 32ct linen from your stash.

This is Christmas! from Raise the Roof - click to see more
This is Christmas!
Oh my gosh, this is DARLING! Stuffed full of overdyed color, there are a million motifs scattered about on this. Packages, sleigh bells, the staircase decorated with greenery, the snowman out in the yard, and even Santa tip-toe-ing up to the house -- I think he's too fat for the little chimney!

'This is Christmas' is offered as a chart and finishes approx 7 x 12 on 32ct. Just a fun piece, you keep seeing something new every time you look at it! Button embellishments offered separately.

Father Sail Home from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Father Sail Home
Oh, wow, this is a quaint and hopeful little piece, tucked into one of Olde Colonial's Birdseye Maple Pencil Boxes. Stitched in 1834, by Emeline, she is wishing for her father to sail home. The tall ship, the light house, and the cottage by the sea -- just small and really sweet.

Design measures a mere 31 x 144 stitches... lovely, soft denims, grays and warm wooden browns, you'll need an 8 x 13-ish cut of 40ct linen to fit the design onto the pencil box top. (approx opening is 2 x 8!)

This Is Halloween Sampler from Raise the Roof - click to see more This Is Halloween
'12 Million ghouls and goblins can't be wrong!' Raise The Roof has a fun new design for Halloween -- a medley of stuff, crammed and scattered -- here and there -- in it's 8 x 8-ish design size.

Stitched in overdyeds, the clay button embellishments are everywhere in here! Bats and cats, owls and toads, there is a vampire, and even a poison apple! Very busy, very cute... offered as the chart with button set separate!

Jenny Bean's Humble Servant Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's Humble Servant Sampler
'You will surely reap what ye sow.' Jenny Bean stitches this charming sampler... it's her third! With a stitch count of 180 x 180, yours will finish approx 9 x 9 on 40ct... or it could be 11 x 11 if you choose 32! Pick what makes you happy! Worked in Gentle Art overdyed Sampler Threads, the colors are very pretty pinks, lavenders, greens, some brown, and a *touch* of a mustard color. A spot-motif-type of arrangement, all the sections feature pretty designs -- the flower urn in the upper left corner is pretty all by itself, the house is cool, and so is the willow tree!

Teresa tells you to embellish your sampler however you wish. There are some tiny stitched keys on here -- charms would be fun, and the flower urn up there might like a few buttons from your antique button stash! Just some ideas. Offered as the single chart, the Olde Colonial Dowry Boxes are on order! (expected $$$ approx $160-$170)

Jane Philpott 1837: An Adam & Eve Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jane Philpott 1837: An Adam & Eve Sampler
Teresa's been sampler shopping... and found a pair of almost identical samplers stitched by two sisters in 1837. She bought the pair, and has been re-charting! Jane's is presented this year... Sarah's maybe next year! Stitched in Ramsgate, England, Jane was most likely a persnickety and tidy girl. Teresa's bits of musing that are included with the chart talk about Jane's stitching, her colors, and her snake -- that was evidentally not cross-stitched at all, but embroidered.

Pretty flowers, beautifully shaped and detailed trees there is a lot going on in here... but it quite an endearing piece! Charted for either silks for DMC, it's quite large, and measures approx 19-1/2 x 27 on 28ct... to 14 x 19 on 40! Very well done... we have the model in the shop, and it's stunning!

Love The Spring from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Love The Spring
A Shakespearean quote... Willy Wonka sings this in his inventing room, too! A charming little piece, stitched in silks or DMCs of pretty plums and mauves, browns and a bit of aqua. Our Magic By Mona -- Mona -- finished the cover model.

Teresa had some old lace they added to the pillow finishing -- what a neat way to use just a stray bit of something special to you! Design finishes approx 6 x 10-1/2 on 32ct... anything creamy or rosey in color or count will be pretty for this. Offered as the chart.

Monthly Mockeries from Raise the Roof -- click to see more
Monthly Mockeries This is a fun set of monthly designs that should remind you of Lizzie Kate's Double Flips -- the cute Living With Charm series. Linda of Lizzie Kate and Teresa & Sue of Raise the Roof are friends. RTR wanted to have fun with LK's premise... so Linda gave 'her sight-unseen and trusted 'Blessing' to RTR for a little clean, harmless fun!

There are 4 charts in this series... 3 designs in each... all finish approx 23 x 60 stitches -- choose whatever fabric you like best! You probably know *someone* who needs just one or two of these for their desk at work... or as a bedroom doorknob hanger! (Actually 'Take a Hike' and 'Go Fly a Kite' are truly fun for kite fliers and hikers! and 'No Way, Jose' might be a fun diet reminder on the refrigerator door!!!)

Strictly for fun... each little Mockerie (unofficial name *really wanted to be* Flip-Offs but RTR didn't want ANYONE upset over that one!) features a clay button embellishment, too. Buy them individually, or get the whole set!

Sarah Woodham 1770 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Sarah Woodham 1770
This is Teresa's reproduction of a 1770's sampler she fell in love with in an antique shop and purchased! Beautifully charted, she has an entire page of thoughts about the original stitcher, her talents, and ideas about missing motifs and color choices. The verse is a prayer by Sarah that gives thanks for her good life, and a plea to make her a better person towards others. The words are all stitched over one thread, while the rest of the piece is over two -- Teresa says this has over 25,000 stitches in it! Charted for DMC, Sampler Threads or silks, this finishes approx 12 x 14-1/2 on 40ct!

Simply lovely, this piece has such balance, pretty and graceful motifs, awesome color, and just general CHARM! One of Teresa's favorite parts are the two girls near the bottom that are standing there with their hands on their hips! Definitely a happy sampler! Offered as a chart.

Antique Spring Sampler -- Ann Hobbs 1834 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Antique Spring Sampler -- Ann Hobbs 1834
This is another sampler residing in Teresa's *Private Collection* (how neat is that!) that came from England. Originally stitched in 1834, the color palette of this features soft shades of beige, blue, gold, rose and coral -- so lovely!

Teresa includes a page of history about Ann, where she came from, and speculation about ink spills on her original piece. That sort of thing is so much fun to read about!

The verse reminds one to not put off things that are worthwhile... not 'To Put Religion By'...Very, very pretty! (She loaned us her stitched piece for a few weeks!)

I Love the Birds from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more I Love the Birds
Gosh, this is a sweet piece... its a tribute to the birds in your garden!!! Designed by Teresa of Shakespeare's Peddler, it measures 72 x 196 stitches, and can be worked in its DMC flosses on any number of different fabrics. (you choose!)

'I love the birds and count them all. They sit upon my garden wall. One, two, three, Crow, Lark Wren. Then one, two, three, they're gone again.' Something pretty and totally *finishable* for a busy stitcher!!!! Offered as a chart.

A Weary World Rejoices from Shakespeare's Peddler -- click to see more A Weary World Rejoices
Teresa of Raise the Roof must have a split personality!!!!! She's designed this lovely little sampler -- under her other name of Shakespeare's Peddler that features words from 'O Holy Night.' 'The thrill of hope, A weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks A new and glorious morn.' Teresa has a couple of paragraphs inside the pattern that tell of her inspiration for this piece... and the meanings of the symbols she has included in her original design. Just makes my heart warm all over!!!

Of special note are the colors called for in this sampler. Gentle Art dyed a special set of Winter Threads last year... and Teresa used that Limited Edition set! Not to worry, though! She has also converted those colors into those in the regular line in case you didn't get it. But if you were lucky enough to collect that little bag of threads this year -- HERE is something awesome to stitch with them!!! A petite sampler, this finishes approx 8 x 12 on 32ct... but you can choose any count you wish. Offered as the chart.

Shiner's Tatoo, from Wrong Side of the Tracks -- click to see more Miss Vonnie's, from Wrong Side of the Tracks -- click to see more Bubba's Bail Bonds and Repo Service from Wrong Side of the Tracks -- click to see more
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Wrong Side of the Tracks from Raise the Roof - click for a larger complerte model viewNo shirt, no shoes, no problem... if you're on *The Wrong Side of the Tracks!!!* Raise the Roof has finished their endearing village scene of businesses that you may or may not frequent!!!

Just the best, we brainstormed in the shop about all the perfect places this needs to hang! Mom's tongue-in-cheek reminder to teenagers... what about hanging this in an attorney's office, or the court-clerk's office? Actually, all four businesses featured ARE respected professions... so if you own a skin-care facility... this might be darling in your reception area!

Offered in a set of 4 leaflets, the Border, Shiner's Tattoo, Miss Vonnie's Bikini Waxing, and Bubba's Bail Bonds and Repo Service... the entire piece finishes approx 9 x 20, and is stitched with overdyed flosses. There are cute clay button embellishments scattered throughout, as well, one of which is a little dirty rat, down by the repossessed car!

Getting Old Sucks from Raise the Roof -- click to see a larger view Getting Old Sucks
BUT, pass me of piece of cake anyway! Lots of stitching in this one to commemorate a special birthday, but then again... there might be a lot of birthdays to commemorate!

Offered as the chart, this finishes approx 7 x 8 on 32ct and is stitched in overdyeds. Little confetti buttons decorate the cake, and I think the candle flames would be fun stitched in metallic!

Vlad's Vash Day by Raise the Roof -- Click to see more Vlad's Vash Day
The companion to Witchy Washy... Vlad's laundry is blowing in the wind for all to see!! The cape, the boots, the racy underwear... the package of clay button embellishments includes the owl, bats, scary cat, even a couple of bats!

Stitched on 32ct Flax linen in overdyeds, it finishes approx 6-1/2 x 12-1/2. So much fun for the laundry room, a teen's bathroom... or just a cool holiday decoration... this has lots of deep reds, charcoal blacks and purple! Offered as the leaflet with clay pack available separately.

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