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Here is a sampling of the Prairie Schooler Collection. Classic cross stitch designs, Prairie Schooler concentrates on primitive looking designs using a deep, rich color palette. Available in leaflet format, their subjects cover Christmas, Alphabets, Houses, Animals, Gardening and lots and lots of themed samplers. Prairie Schooler's designs are timeless. Even the books they first published years ago have charming designs! Enjoy browsing through some of our more recent favorites!

Two More Reprints from The Prairie Schooler... Definitely Christmas in July!
Still Life - click to see more New World Sampler - click to see more Two 'Oldie Moldies' from the Gals... reprinted just in case you missed them the first time around!!!
  • 34 - New World Sampler -- Originally published (probably Summer) in 1992, this delightful sea-sampler is full of sailing ships and sea life! You get two different project layouts in here... you can stitch whichever one floats YOUR boat!!!
  • 41 - Still Life -- Originally published (probably Spring) in 1993, this is a gorgeous set of 40 x 50 sized designs -- perfect for pin cushions. Wouldn't they be stunning all together in a big bowl??? Regular DMC flosses, the challenge is getting a black fabric that you can SEE... but getting it small enough for your cushions to be enchanting! Even on 18ct Aida each is less than 3 x 3 though!!!

Harvest Time - click to see more
Harvest Time
Prairie Schooler's Book #93 -- Harvest Time -- has been re-printed due to popular demand! This was one of our all-time favorite leaflets for years and years. We had the village and the turkey stitched over one as shop models, and I took them home long ago because I couldn't part with them! Now I have to bring them back to the shop!!!

Originally published in 2001, each piece measures 178 x 75 -- approx 5 x 11 on 32ct. If you do them on 28ct Lugana (which is actually very easy to do) they will measure an enchanting 6 x 2-3/4! Coded for regular DMC floss.

Prairie Schooler's Santas Revisited II - click to see more
Our 2017 Annual Prairie Schooler Santa is here!!!!
Nancy and Pam (even though they have retired from the industry) are still treating us to our Santa every year -- and here he is! Same size, counts, colors as the rest since 1984... this year Santa has a polar bear friend.

Thanks Girls, for continuing to bring us your annual design. Always anticipated and treasured! Presented in their classic 4 x 5 card chart format.

Prairie Schooler's Santas Revisited III - click to see more Prairie Schooler's Santas Revisited II - click to see more 6 More Prairie Schooler Santas are Sliding Down the Chimney Again!
Previously unavailable TWICE in the past... third time is a charm for these guys! Prairie Schooler's annual Santas have been Re-re-printed... and if you don't get them now... there will never be a 4th chance!

33 years of classic design...check your stash, organize them by year, and fill these in if you need ANY of the years. Santas Revisited II has 1984 (the FIRST ONE!!!), 1989, and 1991. Revisited III has 1987, 1993 and 1996.

Prairie Schooler's Book #40 Band Samplers - click to see more
Band Samplers, Another New Re-Print
Originally published in 1993 this is book #40. I think it's facinating to realize how many years ago some of these were published, and to look at them today, and know they are STILL awesome designs!

A trio of pieces -- mesuring approx 6 x 15... each offers neat words of wisdom! *Plant your seeds in a row, one to eat and one to sow.* *Content lodges oftener in cottages than palaces.* *Tall oaks from little acorns grow,* Each one of these is charming... timeless.

Prairie Schooler's Book #44 - Birds & Berries -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Book #24 - Prairie Birds -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Book #113 - V*W*X -- click to see more
NEW Re-Prints
Ohhhh, the next batch of re-prints is coming our way from the Prairie Schooler *vault!* All are available once again... previously out of print and long-ago retired forever. They feature the original artwork, pics and model info, and are always a treat to see once again!
  • #44, Birds & Berries Originally published in 1994. Not Prairie Schooler's usual look, these all finish approx 5 x 5.
  • # 24 Prairie Birds -- We LOVED these years ago... a really cute set of birds and houses,originally published in 1989. Each finishes approx 3 x 3.
  • #113 V*W*X -- Part of the famous alphabet... we all loved the X Is for Cross Stitch!!! Originally published in 2004.

Prairie Schooler's Book #25 - Up On The Housetop -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Book #20 - St Nicholas -- click to see more More Reprints from Prairie Schooler!
Oh what a treat these two new re-prints are!!!!!
  • Book #20 - St Nicholas This was originally published in 1988!!! Available again, we LOVED this book the first time around! We used to stitch these little guys over ONE thread for teeny-tiny ornaments and fobs. With stitch counts of 45 x 54, they are like 1-1/2 x 2 over one of 28ct. They are also fun to work on larger fabrics. Try the 18ct linen Shepherd's Bush uses on their stockings -- choose #5 Pearl cottons or the fun Rainbow Gallery specialty threads -- they finish 9 x 7 -- and make fantastic block stand-ups! All eight coordinating Santas are featured in this leaflet!
  • Book #25 - Up On The Housetop Another past favorite... I had taken the shop model home years ago to use in my personal Christmas decorating... and now I have to bring it back to the shop! SUPER popular years ago, this first appeared for Christmas in 1989. Love Santa in the sleigh -- 4 x 8 on 18/36ct -- (our model is over one thread -- super cute.) and you can stitch the three houses and make stand-up cubes out of them!

Prairie Schooler's #58 Old St Nick -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #65 Acorns -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #74 The 12 Days of Christmas -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #141 Thanksgiving Comes Again -- click to see more
More Fresh Reprints from the Prairie Schooler Gals are back in stock!
  • #58 Old St Nick -- From 1996, a set of Olde Worlde Santas... these are AWESOME done with specialty threads, too!
  • #65 Acorns -- This one was from 1997! A set of 50 x 50 designs, you even get the actual-sized templates in here for the tops and felt leaves pictured!
  • #74 The 12 Days of Christmas -- From 1998, Individual designs are only 2-1/2 inches square -- these made a cute set of individual ornaments as well as the bigger piece.
  • #141 Thanksgiving Comes Again -- From 2007, a VERY popular design... this is part of a huge set of Pam and Nancy's designs with that 4-patch format and the larger sampler. If you look through your books, you'll find SEVERAL of the different seasons in that 4-patch style, and TONS more samplers to match the main one. Then, notice the urn of flowers in there... it is the same size as all the OTHER corner motifs in all the rest of the matching samplers... so you could make a set of JUST THOSE smaller designs as well! Pam and Nancy always did a really good job continuing matching designs in subsequent publications!

Prairie Schooler's #57 Pumpkins -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #165 Sweeping Cobwebs -- click to see more New Re-Prints from The Prairie Schooler!
More Treats this week -- much less sugar in these than the Trick or Treat Candy in your future!!!!!
  • #57 Pumpkins -- Wow... back from 1996, you have six charming designs to stitch and finish however you like -- but the stuffed pumpkins sure are cute! Originally stitched on Cognac linen... just find something neat and orang-y... there are so many more choices now than we had in 1996!

    Weeks Havana, Pumpkin, Carrot... all the neat specialty hand-dyeds... remember pumpkins come in all sorts of different colors -- so think outside the box a little!

  • #165 Sweeping Cobwebs -- Originally published in 2010, you get those 6 ornaments as well as the bigger piece.

Prairie Schooler's #140 Pumpkin Patch -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #132 Autumn Leaves -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Newest Re-Prints!
We are THRILLED to be able to offer, once again, two past favorites of Prairie Schooler's! We had shop models from these two books that I brought home to decorate my house every Fall... and now I have to bring them back to the shop!!!
  • #132 Autumn Leaves -- Individual ornaments, that 4-square Autumn piece that is companioned in SEVERAL other PS books (they have all the seasons like this and a few holidays, I think), and the main sampler -- see how the ornaments can fit into the large sampler!
    *Come said the wind to the leaves one day, come o'er the meadows and we will play. Put on your coats of scarlet and gold for Autumn is here and days grow cold.* One of Prairie Schoolers most favored publications, this is back in print!
  • #140 Pumpkin Patch -- Another past favorite, Here is another 4-patch design that makes individual ornaments, and they also interchange in the larger sampler.
    *See the yellow pumpkin fat and round growing in a patch on the ground. It will make a Jack-O-Lantern with two big eyes, or maybe I will bake it into 2 fat pies!* We've always loved the charming farmhouse and pukpkin patch scene at the bottom of this!

Presenting the 2016 Prairie Schooler Santa -- click to see more
Presenting the 2016 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa!

What a SURPRISE! We had no idea we are being treated to a new Santa!!!

Get him fast before he heads up to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas!!!

Prairie Schooler's 148 When Witches Go Riding -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 151 Santas and Snowmen -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #202 Evergreen Leaflet -- click to see more
Prairie Schooler REPRINTS!!!!!
Pam and Nancy just couldn't retire from our Stitching Industry all the way!!!! HERE ARE REPRINTS of some out-of-print favorites! We are thrilled to announce that various favorites will, again, be back in print... in lightweight paper versions of their original leaflets. *Lots more to come -- no lists yet -- but stop paying huge prices for out-of-prints on the internet -- there IS HOPE FOR YOU!!!*

There are NO changes in the charts, copyrights or pics, SAME EVERYTHING -- just lightweight paper vs heavy cardstock. The first 4 titles to appear in reprint are: (Note: We still have original leaflets of December #150 remaining in stock.)
  • #148 When Witches Go Riding -- 2008! Guess I have to bring my old, retired shop models that I took home for decorations back into the store!!!!!
  • #150 December -- Part of the 12-month series, this released in 2008.
  • #151 Santas and Snowmen -- Another 2008 original release, these are darling ornaments!
  • #202 Evergreen -- This was Pam and Nancy's FINAL leaflet -- but it sold out within a month of the first release. They reprinted it when they announced retirement... but it sold out again! 11 Ornaments in all... Finally, ENJOY this one!
Presenting the 2015 Annual Santa -- click to see more
Presenting the Prairie Schooler 2015 Annual Santa
Our 30th+ Annual Santa chart has arrived -- all the same colors as the rest, the same size, and ALL the charm of Prairie Schooler's other annuals... he needs no other explanation!

We love him! Offered as a small card chart.

Prairie Schooler's #200 Witching Hour Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #201 Bump in the Night Leaflet -- click to see more
Witching Hour * Bump in the Night * Evergreen

Prairie Schooler has three new leaflets -- ALL of them are really cool... and are packed with fun design elements.
  • Witching Hour has trees that are talking to each other...a cute cat barely holding onto his broom in the sky... and an eerie color scheme of black, brown, gray and orange. The leaflet contains two smaller designs that mimic the panels in the other two new releases... smaller 30 x 50 blocks.
  • Bump in the Night has that witch on the left, but can your eye see the 7 same-sized panels in the rest of the design? Then, the two bonus designs that are the same size? You can mix them around in your final stitched piece!

Prairie Schooler's Night Flight -- click to see more Night Flight
Another of Prairie Schooler's Halloween Card designs, I love this one! It seems to go with Witching Hour... but not exactly the same. Notice the 13 and 31s in the corners?

I like the repeating lines in the shadows of the sky and the lines of the fences. Just a fun little thing!

Prairie Schooler's 2014 Annual Santa Card -- click to see more Presenting the 2014 Annual Santa Card!
We think this is the 31st annual old fashioned Santa by Nancy and Pam of Prairie Schooler. He calls for all the same classic colors as every other year... he's the same size... and he joins a very favored and collectable group of designs! This year, Santa is caroling you a Merry Christmas.

Offered as the small card, these Santas have been stitched every way imaginable over the years. Over 4 threads on afghans, over one on 40ct silk gauze... scissor fobs, sweatshirts, tree skirts, package ties, stand-ups, quilts and stockings... here's another one to add to your collection!

The four 2014 Fall Releases...
A pair of Halloween and another of Christmas... everything has balance, simple color schemes, and Prairie Schooler personality! Lovely presentations -- as always!

Prairie Schooler's #196 Nevermore -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #197 Hocus Pocus -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #199 The Night Before Christmas -- click to see more
  • #196 Nevermore -- A very spooky-flavored haunted mansion and graveyard scene. The relatives are buried in the front yard, the Ouija Board hands down there at the bottom can't wait to deal your fate... and the moons and bat at the top are just standing by to haunt and swoop down to get you!!!
  • #197 Hocus Pocus -- Ooohhh, here are 11 ornaments to join the other two from #196 to make a set of 13 creepy pieces! All 47 x 31 in size... arrange them any way you like... very intense!
  • #198 Christmas Tree Farm -- A very organized, sleepy winter village... it finishes approx 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 worked on 32ct Lambswool. Simple colors and lines, the road seems to divide the sides -- one into greens and the other -- reds! While your eye says everything is the same... no two tree or houses are the same!
  • #199 The Night Before Christmas -- This is a neat coverlet-inspired Quaker-feeling piece. I love how the reindeer seem to follow the angle of the medallions right up into the sky! Each of the side medallions is cut off in the main piece, but you'll be treated to their entire charts on the back cover of the leaflet. They each measure approx 50 x 50 stitches.

Prairie Schooler's Miss Fortune -- click to see more Miss Fortune
The 4th small card with a Halloween theme, Miss Fortune joins *Knock, Knock*, *Whoo's There?* and *Double, double.* The same format as the annual Santa cards -- we now have 4 in this set.

I don't think you'd want Miss Fortune to be forcasting yours anytime soon!!!

Prairie Schooler's #192 One for The Crow -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #193 Where There Are Bees -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #194 Rabbit Run -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #195 Santas Revisited -- click to see more
Prairie Schooler has new releases!
  • #192 One for The Crow -- Something for a Country Kitchen, the main piece finishes approx 6 x 8-1/2 on 32ct Lambswool.
  • #193 Where There Are Bees -- There is honey! Tea, Bears, that hive, and the Queen, only 4 colors of DMC floss are used!
  • #194 Rabbit Run -- Companions #193, more lovely medallions to make into samplers or stitch individually -- you can mirror the two middle ones to complete them. Same 4 colors of DMC as Bees... but with green tossed in!
  • #195 Santas Revisited REPRINT -- 1990, 1994 and 2005 are reprinted in this edition. The quest continues for everyone to collect all 30 years of the PS annual Santas!
  • All four are leaflets and are *Must Haves* for every Prairie Schooler Collector!!

    Prairie Schooler's #192 One for The Crow -- click to see more Little Set *E* Mini Cards
    Prairie Schooler has sent a 5th set (Set E) of small promotional cards (10 cards in the set) that she publishes when leaflets are printed. One Promo card per leaflet -- these are small, companion designs to their book.

    We have 4 other sets... so this makes 50 of these tiny cards to gather and collect. These cards cover books 180 through 189, stitch counts are generally 30 to 40 in size -- perfect for ornaments!

    Presenting the 6th Annual Santa Kit!  Santa's House -- click to see more
    Presenting the 2013 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa! Their 30th!!!
    Well... if you aren't familiar with Prairie Schooler's Annual Santas... you have 30 years of patterns to catch up on! This year's has Santa keeping track of time all over the world to make sure he delivers toys on time! (Maybe next year he'll upgrade to a smart-phone!)

    Charming as always... same size, same color palette, add him to your stunning collection of Prairie Schooler's famous series! Offered as a small card.

    Prairie Schooler's #189 Boo Moon Leaflet -- click to see more Halloween is right around the corner -- according to these new releases!
    Classic Prairie Schooler style, I think my favorite is Trick or Treat!

    #189 Boo Moon is a collection of 9 different ornaments stitched in only 3 colors of DMC floss -- 3371, 921 and 729. I love the little skeleton with the keys, and check out that little bat that is hanging upside down!!!

    Double Double from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
    Double, Double
    The third card in PS's now-a-series Halloween Cards, Double joins *Knock Knock* and *Who's There?* Lizzards and skulls, Cats and snakes, witches and bats... check out the flowing eyeball that is being added to the brew!!! (There are one too many cooks in this kitchen!)

    Finishing approx 5 x 6 on 32ct -- too cute!

    Prairie Schooler's #184 Vintage Eggs Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #185 The Three Pigs Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #186 Little Red Riding Hood Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #187 Fables & Tales Leaflet -- click to see more
    New From The Prairie Schooler!
    We're into Fables & Tales & Children's Rhymes. Prairie Schooler has released 4 new leaflets with classic storybook themes. The Three Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood are definitely a design pair -- same sized main designs and smaller 'take-outs', as well as the same three colors of DMC floss -- 304, 640 and 3371.

    Fables and Tales offers 5 more designs -- a little more color in their 3 x 4 design area... cute for a classroom or library setting! Vintage Eggs offers simple Springtime designs -- it is the fifth in PS's Collection of small Spring designs done on black. Check out #178 Bunnies, #169 Folk Eggs, #163 Signs of Spring and #153 Welcome Spring! Darling companion designs in those leaflets!!!

    Prairie Schooler's The 2012 Annual Santa -- click to see more The 2012 Annual Santa
    This is our 29th Annual Santa design! (Years 1984 thru 1996, and 2005 are no longer available from PS!) This year, Santa is opening his mail and reading our wish lists.

    Same color scheme and size as our previous 28 designs... always a classic!

    Prairie Schooler's 176 August Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 177 January Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 178 Bunnies Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 179 3 Billy Goats Gruff Leaflet -- click to see more
    Winter 2012's New Releases!
    Treats from Prairie Schooler -- August and January round out their series of THE MONTH leaflets! All 12 have featured the same design style... a square companion piece to the larger main sampler... and all the larger pieces each feature a smaller block pic in them. (Notice the snowman block in the upper lefthand corner of January?) All 12 months have been tunning... and *because* they have all been the same sizes, you can mix and match the motifs in them, or do something like stitching all the take-out blocks in a medley! All are still available and on our web pages -- EXCEPT December -- which has been sold out for almost 2 years. (Nancy is kicking around thoughts to fix that issue... but no answers yet.) Scroll down through the sections below to collect all those leaflets in the Monthly series!

    Also in this set of releases is Bunnies and 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Bunnies can be worked on the pictured black, but if that is too hard for you to see, change the bunny color to gray and do them on a lighter color! Very Spring-y! The 3 Billy Goats is certainly a different subject than we're used to seeing... but what a fun piece to start a conversation over! All 4 leaflets use good old DMC floss to stitch these charming Prairie Schooler Classics!

    Prairie Schooler's Whoo's There? -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Knock! Knock! -- click to see more Knock! Knock! & Whoo's There?
    Prairie Schooler has sent new releases! These two designs are NEW offerings... they are printed in the same single card format as the annual Santas... and Nancy told me they were going to be a new series.

    Definitely companions to #180 All Hallows Eve, they are smaller designs stitched in only DMC #898, 310 and 921!

    Prairie Schooler's #180 All Hallows Eve Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #181 Heads Up Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #182 Reindeer Roundup Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #183 O Christmas Tree Leaflet -- click to see more
    New Prairie Schooler Releases
    Halloween into Christmas -- even though we haven't had Summer yet -- I guess it IS time to start thinking about the Fall and Winter Holidays!
  • All Hallows Eve features a haunted mansion and all its unwelcome guests in the front yard. There are two grave stone charts on the back cover -- not pictured on the front of the leaflet -- one reads 'RIP', the other -- 'Oops!'
  • Heads Up has 8 small ornament designs, including a companion tombstone that reads 'Uh oh!'
  • Reindeer Roundup and O Christmas Tree take us into Christmas with Santa in both pieces. The Tree ornaments are neat -- triangular shaped -- notice the 12 Days of Christmas are worked into just 4 of them! The leaflet back cover pic shows these finished at little stand-ups poked into wooden spool stands -- mini trees!

  • Prairie Schooler's 172 Christmas Favorites -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 173 September -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 174 Cats, Bats & Witches -- click to see more
    Christmas Favorites; September; Cats, Bats & Witches; and Santa's Night
    Christmas Favorites; September; Cats, Bats & Witches; and Santa's Night Prairie Schooler's newest releases... as always, you need them all!! #172 Christmas Favorites features 9 small ornament designs each with a bit of Blackwork detailing around their edges. Tops 31 x 31 stitches -- they are perfect petites! (This season's Promo card celebrates this book. More on Promo Cards to follow.) # 173 -- September is the 10th month to be released... (December is sold out, January is yet to come, August too.)

    An awesome collection of monthly designs, each features designs that are the same size, so you can mix and match them. #174 Cats, Bats & Witches has that neat main sampler along with the 4-patch of smaller Halloween designs -- check out your older books -- these are a companion to several I cannot offer you -- because they are out of print!

    Prairie Schooler's Mini Card Collection A -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Mini Card Collection B -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's Mini Card Collection C -- click to see more
    Mini Card Sets
    Remember all these tiny promo-cards that Prairie Schooler has been presenting every season with new releases? If you're lucky, you've been able to collect many of them as little package stuffers in our mail orders through the years. I can't believe that very many of them are still around... but Nancy and Pam have FINALLY gathered some sets of them together to re-present to us!!!

    Teeny little 2 x 3 full color cards of designs that always matched and complimented their season's new releases... we have three sets of 10 cards each! Little historical archives of Prairie Schooler releases... these all finish into 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 designs...and have NEVER been published in any of PS's original leaflets. Each was introduced as a Promotional Card to highlight that season's set of releases. Here are pics of all three collections. Don't bother to try to sift through all your free charts... just get all three of these packs, and life will immediately get less complicated! Love 'em!

    Prairie Schooler's 168 May -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 169 Folk Eggs -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 170 As The Crow Flies -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 171 Sunny Days -- click to see more
    New Arrivals from Prairie Schooler
    Four new leaflets are here... full of PS Personality! MAY is the continuation of their monthly series... January, March, August and September haven't been published yet, February, April, May, June, July, October and November are currently available, and December is already out of print! Same design formats in this series... all the little blocks are interchangeable between the months!

    Folk Eggs is a new look for PS... Cute designs... if you can't get past the black fabric, think about Lambswool instead!
    As The Crow Flies features an awesome farming village scene, great colors, a classic Prairie Schooler design!
    Sunny Days features a small set of 8 ornaments... each sports a summery motif, and is surrounded with bits of coordinating lackwork. I love the little fishies around the lighthouse and crab! All are single leaflets, all call for DMC floss, no overdyeds.

    Presenting Prairie Schooler's 2010 Annual Santa! -- click to see more
    Presenting the 2010 Annual Santa!
    We received our first PS Santa in 1984... so this little guy is #27 in the collection! He's a cross-country skier this year... getting in shape for the Big Day!

    A *Must Have*, he is stitched in the same color palette of DMC flosses as years past, finishes the same size, and still has the same charm as all the rest!!! Offered as the small card.

    Prairie Schooler's 164 October -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 167 And To All A Good Night -- click to see more
    Fall, Halloween, Winter & Christmas...
    Presenting Prairie Schooler's Fall 2010 Releases! I just LOVE 'em ALL!
    * October is the 6th month designed so far... they are not being released in any kind of organized order, so we have an auto-ship for these! All the formats for each month are the same... so you can change the little panel in the upper left-hand corner of the sampler with any block from the other piece... AND all the other pieces from all the other months can be mixed and matched, as well!
    * Snowy Nights has lots of companion leaflets that are still available. Darling little ornaments, check out leaflets # 142, 153, 155, 156, 157, 159 and 163! They all feature the same design format, and cover so many seasons!!!
    * And To All A Good Night features 2 charming Christmas pieces! Check out the little reindeer stamps!

    Prairie Schooler's 160 February -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 161 June -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 162 Tortoise & The Hare -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 163 Signs of Spring -- click to see more
    Prairie Schooler New Releases!
    February, June, Tortoise & The Hare and Signs of Spring are all new leaflets by Prairie Schooler! February and June are the 5th and 6th in their on-going set of month-samplers -- each features that box in the upper corner, that is interchangeable with all the blocks in the companion piece -- and fits with all the REST of the month series!

    Check those out -- they are really cool. I think my favorite of this set of 4 leaflets is the Tortoise & The Hare! I love those rabbits and turtles everywhere!!! Signs of Spring is a set of animals, all framed Blackwork borders! As always, a great release of designs. We are offering an auto-ship (ie... auto-collect!) on those monthly titles... otherwise it's too easy to miss one in the set!

    Prairie Schooler's 156 Boo To You -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 157 Holly Days -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #158 Christmas Eve Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 159 Fall Friends -- click to see more
    Prairie Schooler has released more new leaflets... 1 Christmas, 1 Fall and 1 Halloween in theme... they are all awesome!
  • Holly Days features 8 ornament-sized snowmen and Santas... sleds, cookies, reindeer and snowmen all tucked in with them! Bonus design on the back cover is a snowman face!
  • Fall Fields is a medley of 8 forest animals -- I think the squirrel and turkey are my favorites... but there is a Darling Barn Owl as the bonus chart on the leaflet's back cover... and he's just the cutest!
  • Boo To You has 8 scary creatures gracing its cover -- very vintage and retro in feel.
  • Eveything is just darling... a really good release for the Fall of 2009!!!

    Prairie Schooler #152 April -- click for a larger view

    Prairie Schooler #154 July -- click for a larger view

    Prairie Schooler #153 Welcome Spring -- click for a larger view
    Welcome Spring

    Prairie Schooler #155 Stars and Stripes -- click for a larger view
    Stars and Stripes

    2008 Santa from The Prairie Schooler - click to see more 2008 Santa
    For the 25TH YEAR IN A ROW... Prairie Schooler has designed a classic Santa, always on the single card, always the same 4 x 3-ish, always following the same color scheme... so that by now, you have a *fantastic* set!!! Stitch them large or small, pillow or afghan, fob or ornament... we've seen everything over the years!!! Santa 2008 has presents in his sack, a sled, skinny tree, and blowing scarf. Just classic, this year!

    Most of the previous Santas are still available... some in a single card, some only in the reprinted sets of 4 designs. They're scattered throughout our Prairie Schooler Page. Make sure you take a look at PS's 4 newest leaflets -- #148 thru 152 -- freshly released!

    2007 Santa from Prairie Schooler -- click to see a larger view Announcing the 2007 Santa!
    The 24th Annual Santa is here... and he's cool... he's a KNITTER!!! Same format, same colors, same size, same classic Prairie Schooler Charm... he needs no words!

    All of his ancestors are still available in one form or another... either single cards (don't be surprised if they are a bit on the yellow side -- these babies are 20-some years old!!!). Some that are only available in bigger cards of 4 years together... go through your stash and fill in the ones you're missing. Always an anticipated Santa... it's comforting to know that he still comes every year -- just like the Real Guy!

    Prairie Schooler #149 November -- click for a larger view
    November (reprint)

    Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more

    Prairie Schooler #146 Daffodils -- click for a larger view

    Prairie Schooler #147 Old MacDonald -- click for a larger view
    Old MacDonald

    Prairie Schooler #139 Rain Rain Go Away -- click for a larger view
    Rain Rain Go Away
    Prairie Schooler #135 Good Saint Nick -- click for a larger view
    Good Saint Nick
    Prairie Schooler #134 Christmas Day -- click for a larger view
    Christmas Day
    Prairie Schooler 2006 Santa -- click for a larger view
    2006 Santa

    Prairie Schooler #130 Country Wise -- click for a larger view
    Country Wise
    Prairie Schooler #131 Home Words -- click for a larger view
    Home Words
    Prairie Schooler #128 Birdsong I -- click for a larger view
    Birdsong I
    Prairie Schooler #129 Birdsong II -- click for a larger view
    Birdsong II

    Prairie Schooler #125 Santa's 12 Days 1 thru 4 -- click for a larger view
    Santa's 12 Days
    1 thru 4
    Prairie Schooler #126 Santa's 12 Days 5 thru 8 -- click for a larger view
    Santa's 12 Days
    5 thru 8
    Prairie Schooler #127 Santa's 12 Days 9 thru 12 -- click for a larger view
    Santa's 12 Days
    9 thru 12
    Prairie Schooler #120 Garden Gloves -- click for a larger view
    Garden Gloves

    Prairie Schooler #117 Prairie Stars -- click for a larger view
    Prairie Stars
    Prairie Schooler #118 Mittens -- click for a larger view

    Prairie Schooler #119 Stockings -- click for a larger view
    S*T*U -- click for a larger view
    Pins and Needles -- click for a larger view
    Pins and Needles

    The Needle's Eye -- click for a larger view
    The Needle's Eye
    Santa and Friends -- click for a larger view
    Santa & Friends

    Just Hatched
    Just Hatched
    Prairie Schooler's #104 G*H*I Leaflet -- click to see more

    2002 Santa -- click for a larger view
    2002 Santa
    Blackwork Angels -- click for a larger view
    Blackwork Angels
    Redwork Santas -- click for a larger view
    Redwork Santas
    Prairie Schooler #136 Spring Has Come -- click for a larger view
    Spring has Come

    American Strawberries -- click for a larger view
    American Strawberries
    All You Can Eat -- click for a larger view
    All You Can Eat

    Woodland Santas -- click for a larger view
    Woodland Santas
    Christmas Traditions -- click for a larger view
    Christmas Traditions

    Farmer's Alphabet -- click for a larger view
    Farmer's Alphabet
    2001 Schooler Santa -- click for a larger view
    2001 Schooler Santa
    1999 Santa -- click for a larger view
    1999 Santa

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