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Just Arrived...

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Good Coffee and Friends from Debbie Mumm - click for more
Good Coffee and Friends from Debbie Mumm
Mill Hill has commissioned Debbie Mumm and her cheerful artwork to present this fun collection of bead kits! Good Coffee and Friends... what could be better??? Presented in complete kit format, each design is stitched on coffee-brown 16ct Aida --- which is surprisingly easy to see.

Browns, yellows, teals and greens are the predominate colors in all of them. Can you see the tone-on-tone coffee plants stitched into the backgrounds? Each design finishes approx 5 x 5, and fits into one of Mill Hill's 6-inch wooden frames -- this time, either mossy green or terra cotta. Very cute!

Three Little Egglets - Our February 2016 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more Three Little Egglets - Our February 2016 Secret Needle Night Kit
Easter is on the way... so this month's Secret Needle Night helps to fill your Easter Basket!!! We made a trio of ornaments -- all stitched on 18ct linen over two.

Our kit includes the charts, three fabric cuts, the tail pom pom, and fun Rainbow Gallery specialty threads along with DMC #5 Pearl Cottons to stitch the individual 2 x 3-ish eggs. Mona's finishing kit includes the ribbons, rik-rak trim, beads, bows and all backing fabrics and boards. We still haven't had SNOW in Oklahoma... we don't want Easter yet!!!!!!

Lizzie Kate's Be Bold and Brave - click for more Lizzie Kate's Bras and Panties - click for more Lizzie Kate's A Little Baby Kit - click for more Lizzie Kate's Hello Spring Kit - click for more
New Designs Have Arrived from Lizzie*Kate
Lizzie Kate has been busy... and sent peeks of her upcoming 2016 releases.
  • Be Bold and Brave #174 -- This is a regular chart pack that features two inspirational sayings and a bonus pin cushion design. 'Be Bold and Brave in Your Heart'; 'Whatever's good for your soul... do that!' The small pin cushion design is shown in Lone Elm Lane's wooden cushion base -- we have whitewash and a gorgeous robin's egg blue that work for this!
  • Bras and Panties #175 -- A reincarnation of a former and famous -- but not forgotten -- Lizzie Kate favorite... 'Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!' debuts again -- freshly updated. Along with that cute design, Linda has added: 'Friends are like bras -- close to the heart, and always there for support.' A cute pair of charts, they'd be cute in a big walk-in closet, a dressing area, bathroom... anywhere bras and panties are welcome!!!
  • A Little Baby Kit K85 -- Another of Linda's smaller 3 x 3 designs, this joins the family of LITTLE kits of hers. She suggests changing the bootie colors as the girl/boy option. Offered as the chart with 28ct Lambswool linen cut and tiny brass heart charm.
  • Hello Spring Kit K86 -- Oh we first saw this little purse/pocket finishing treatment in LK's Very Merry Santa kit this past Fall... so here is the first one of several that will debut in 2016. A sweet design (threads from your stash) on 30ct Lambswool Linen, the linen, vintage-looking finishing fabric, burlap-y ribbon, 2 mother-of-pearl flower buttons and the templates and finishing instructions are all included along with the chart in this small kit. Hang your little bag on a basket handle, a cabinet knob... perch it on a shelf... or play it safe with just a plain ol' gorgeous little stuffed cushion! (you have the backing fabric, remember?)

B52 Life is better Boxer from Lizzie*Kate
B52 Life is Better with Stitching Friends Inspiration Boxer
from Lizzie*Kate
Amen, sister! This sentiment makes a great gift for a special stitching pal, or keep it for yourself.

Kit includes 30 ct. Lambswool linen, dark blue buttons and Linda's favorite BONUS design ever!

Mermaid Scissor Fob from Kelmscott Rooster Needle Minder from Kelmscott New Arrivals from Kelmscott Designs
  • Rooster Needle Minder -- Another fun magnet, this beautifully detailed rooster is set against a matte black background. Measuring approx 1 x 1-1/2 inches in size... he'll work for your filing cabinet or refrigerator as well as needles!!!
  • Mermaid Scissor Fob -- Kind of cute little thing, this measures 5 inches long from the end of the clam-shell clasp to the tip of the mermaid tail. Mermaid, fish and shell charms are strung together separated by deep blue and purple pearly-beads. A pretty fob to attach onto scissors that live in a beach-y environment! Could be tucked into a seaside sewing case, could adorn a pretty pin cushion... you'll have to SEA where you want to put this!!!

Vintage Valentines from Pine Mountain -- click to see more Vintage Valentines
from Pine Mountain Designs
Pine Mountain is beginning a REALLY CUTE series -- small bits of stitched pieces that tuck into an envelope pillow! Vintage Valentines is Sandy's first release. Remember the little paper valentines we used to exchange in school?

Your chart pack includes two charts for these awesome little 3 x 4 retro designs, along with the 28ct Baby Pink Linen they are stitched on, the blue wool felt backing for finishing, and full instructions.

Vintage Valentines from Pine Mountain -- click to see more Finish them flat... OR get the really cool 9 x 11 *Sending My Love Envelope Pillow* -- this one is red polka dot. The white envelope on the front is actually a fabric pocket to tuck your valentines into!!!!! Sandy has ideas and plans for more -- Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards... Get Well cards... you get the idea... and will probably introduce a few more colors of envelope pillows in the coming year. So... you can get the valentine charts and fabrics by themselves or add that fun display pillow as well.

JAVA Block Party Chart with Pins from Hands-On Design JAVA - A Block Party from Hands On Design
Hands On has released her third in a series of 6 square pin cushion designs in her Block Party series. Real cute, they are all finishing approx 2 inches high and 4 inches square. You might be able to see the little square of houndstooth wool that is sewn into the top of the cushion... and of course that darling set of pins stuck in there certainly adds a fun touch.

Kathy has stitched these on the 5 sides showing... and included the finishing instructions inside the chart. Your wool cut is included; pins and the brown 28ct linen are available separately. Too darn cute... you can still pick up the others -- HOME and WOOL (yes, they are 4-letter words!), they are pictured on our auto pages, but the last three in the set are still a secret.

The Festival of Broken Needles! -- click to see more

February 8th... The Festival of Broken Needles!
Here's a little bit of history and culture for the day, that I knew you'd enjoy! February 8 is a Japanese Festival that gives thanks and offers respect for the tools of the sewing, tailoring and embroidery trades.

Some great reading today!!! (Mary has made a PDF that you can print!)

Sweetberry on Silk or Linen from Erica Michaels - click for more Brrrberry on Silk or Linen from Erica Michaels - click for more New Stitched Berries from Erica Michaels
Oh my gosh, Linda Stolz has 4 new stitched strawberries that are SO COOL!!! Joining her Linen and Silk berries for Christmas and Halloween -- we now have Brrrberry -- a frosty snowman -- and Sweetberries -- chocolate and vanilla for Valentine's Day! You have choices! The larger version berries are worked on linen and finish approx 2 inches (fat) and 4 inches long. The smaller ones are stitched on 40ct silk gauze and they are petite little things at about 1 x 2.

The designs on each ARE different, and of course, you can stitch either design on anything you want, but the gauze version does come with the gauze cut. They are stitched flat -- the shape looks like a flatted doggie head come -- and then you simply bring them together and join on the long edge, and squish up the top and cover it with some 'wool leaves.' Absolutely enchanting... these are REALLY special for that basket of stitched smalls you are collecting!!!

Snowman of Snowflakes by Bent Creek -- click to see more Snowman of Snowflakes from Bent Creek!
Bent Creek has sent a new design -- a little snowman full of snowflakes! A companion design to Heart of Hearts, Clover of Clovers, Flag of Stars, Tree of Ornaments and Pumpkin of Leaves, this little guy is worked on 18ct natural linen with dusty blues, crisp white and soft brown #5 Pearl Cottons.

A total breeze to stitch, he finishes approx 6 x 6. (We kind of miss a hat on him... dig out a little black or brown thread and maybe add one???) Offered as a kit of chart, linen and Pearl (probably not enough to add the hat.)

Secret Snowy Village from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Snowy Village
from The Trilogy
The Trilogy has a new small design in their *Secret* series... it's a tiny wintery village scene with falling snow and frosted branches everywhere. All the designs in this set of 4 x 4 inch pieces feature small motifs that are rotated to fit each edge. If you turn this 90 degrees... you'll find a different part of the design is right-side up. Rotate it again... and ANOTHER part is right-side up!

Offered as the chart with 32ct natural linen cut and moon button, there have been a whopping 15 different designs in this series available... and we still have them all pictured on the Trilogy page! (Quite a few are special orders since they are 'aging'... but worth a look!)

2016 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more 2016 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand
Don't just 'collect' these... stitch them for someone you love! Heart in Hand's annual LOVE Heart design is here... we have them on her page going back to 2008 -- so there are lots more to see. Always young, contemporary and fresh, they make REALLY GOOD wedding gifts -- because they aren't out-dated. They all have the look of NOW, and match today's decor. You could stitch more than one, frame them all the same, and hang them together up a stairway... you could add personalization... just whatever.

Offered as the chart with linen and button embellishment, this year's finishes approx 2-1/2 x 4 inches. Use flosses from your stash. Note: Heart in Hand has a lot of small designs that are really nice for wedding, shower and anniversary gifts. You don't always have to do the biggest, most involved sampler to show someone you care...especially if they thank you for your *needlepoint!* I especially like the Mr & Mrs piece!
(Don't miss the new Wee One design, shown on a separate page!)

Little Pansy Ice Cube by Just Nan -- click to see more!
From Just Nan: Pansy Ice Cube with Sparkle Flake Pin
Nan's 2016 Stitched Pin Cube -- Pansy Ice Cube -- has arrived! A petite stitched confection just like her Gingerbread Garden Cube, this is the fourth in Nan's set of Pin Cubes. (Witchy Pumpkin Cube is Super-Halloween-Cute, and Pink Ice Cube (now sold out) companions Pansy!) Stitched on 32ct Opalescent Raw linen with DMC, this features a different lacy-white stitched snowflake on each side, embellished with a promise of an early-spring Pansy bloom!!!

Only 1-1/2 inches in total finished size, all of these tiny cubes are precious! Stunning pin cushions... pretty in shadow boxes or small needlework vinettes, they are stitched as one piece and folded together with slip-stiches at the edges. Sounds hard, but very simple to accomplish. Pansy Ice Cube is offered as a small chart, and the exclusive limited edition snowflake pin is the added garnish! A gold snowflake frosted to a white, it is topped with a tiny crystal and perched atop a large amethyst bead. Since the pins are more limited than the cubes, we are offering them as a set.

Sweet Home #4 Honey Bee from Blackbird Designs - click for more Sweet Home, #4 In The Garden Club Series
from Blackbird Designs
Blackbird's 4th in the set of 12 Garden Club patterns for 2016 is here! The prettiest so far, I think, Barb and Alma have delivered a lovely basket of special stitches that has blooming flowers spilling from all directions. You can see where they have left room for you to personalize the place you've stitched your piece -- maybe helpful in 200 years when someone cleans your attic???! Stitched on 32ct Weeks Beige Linen, the colors in this are lovely -- all soft Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

Stitch this alone as a pin cushion, or sew it together with all the rest in the set -- like a patchwork quilt. (The back cover offers a pic of that option.) Anyway, simply a gorgeous little but of Barb and Alma's Blackbird Designs charm and talent... I just love this one!!! The other three in this set are still available -- but as you know, BBD does not re-print sold-out designs -- so joining the auto-ship now is a much better decision than waiting till the series is finished, and then trying to collect what you have miss!.

Blessings Be Thine from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Blessings Be Thine from With Thy Needle & Thread
This love-themed chart by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle has now arrived. Stitched on 35ct hand-dyed linen it finishes approx a generous 5 x 6 and calls for Beige, Peach, Woodrose, Wood Trail, Heirloom Gold, Eggshell, Peanut Brittle, Polliwog, and Hazelnut. I love that soft ball fringe trim on there as well... we have a lot of colors available to blend with the threads and fabrics.

Brenda is promising 12 new patterns at our wholesale Spring Market the first week of March... so hunker down and keep watching for all the Market Sneak Peeks that will be coming our way in the next few weeks!

Merry Noel from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Merry Noel from With Thy Needle & Thread
We've been waiting for this little piece to arrive since Christmas -- a little late for this year's NOEL Season -- but here in plenty of time for next year!!! With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais has stitched this softly colored design on hand-dyed linen in colors of Mulberry, Woodrose, Toffee, Muddy Puddle, Barn Door, Avocado, Tennessee Red Clay and Ye Old Gold. I don't see much gold in here... the urn I guess... but I see lovely antiqued brick reds instead.

Offered as a chart, Merry Noel finishes approx 3 x 9 on 40ct and is trimmed with hand-dyed mini-ball fringe. Brenda has distressed her linen and finished stitching... you have lots of fabric and color options with this piece - very simple and elegant! Offered as the chart.

Winter Cottage from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Winter Cottage from The Victoria Sampler
Victoria Sampler is on design #2 of her 4-Seasons of charming cottages by the water -- Winter Cottage joins Beach Cottage released last year. Stitched on 28ct Smokey Pearl Cashel linen -- a light neutral gray -- the silks are all the more colorful against that wintery-sky-background. Gloriana, Dinky Dyes and Needlepoint Inc silks -- some hand-dyed -- the thread packet also includes 4 snowflake buttons for garnish.

The delightful cottage finishes approx 6 x 6 and features a few special stitches like Lazy Daisy and Plaited (looks like woven pie crust topping - you can see it in the window woodwork.) Stitch it with or without the verse border, you can see that on Beach Cottage as well. So cheerful, this is offered as the leaflet with silks and flakes separately.

Mill Hill's 2016 Spring Bead Kits - click for more
Mill Hill's 2016 Spring Bead Kits!
Always the first release of the new year -- Mill Hill seems to skirt Winter by bringing us SPRING designs even before we've had our bad winter weather! This is the set of 5 x 5's that can be worked on the provided 14ct perforated paper and framed, or worked on 14/28ct fabric and assembled into pillows or hangings. (Actually, we've seen some of these framed with gorgeous mats and expensive mouldings and they are stunning! We just think they are our regular bead kits -- but 'they clean up real well!!!' )

Offered as complete kits of paper, flosses, beads and a button or two, the beads really catch the light, and make these very eye-catching! The Starfish and Sand Dollar match the Nautilus and Conch from a few years ago, and the Joe's Garage is yet another business in the Summertime Village series -- not to be confused with their Christmastime Village! (Haberdashery, Tea, Pet Shoppe, Millinery, Wedding... )

Mini Spring Bouquet Mill Hill Bead Kits - click for more
Mini Spring Bouquet Mill Hill Bead Kits from Mill Hill
Here are the little guys that make such cute plant pokes and ornaments. Complete smaller kits full of everything you need the finished pieces measure approx 2 x 3. The dragonfly and ladybug eggs companion the 4 like them already published -- rabbit, chick, lamb and sheep.

Always cute and colorful, they make pretty magnets and gosh if you stitch them on soft linen you can stuff them for pin cushions as well.

January Snapshot from Pine Mountain -- click to see more January Snapshot
from Pine Mountain Designs
Pine Mountain has finished her really cute set of Snapshot designs -- smaller monthly medleys of seasonal motifs -- we have really enjoyed this whole series. Each design -- offered in chart format -- finishes about 4 x 6. They all feature 3 or 4 small 'snapshots' of things... you can see the 'little paper attachment tabs' on the corners of the 'snapshots' -- so they remind you of an old fashioned photo album page. (not that such a thing is old fashioned!!!)

Anyway, January finishes out the series -- love those red long-johns! Featured fabric is the 32ct natural/white polka dot Belfast which is offered separately.

The Alphabet Ball from Amaryllis Artworks The Alphabet Ball from Amaryllis Artworks
Amaryllis has a new ball design -- she has 30 PANELS in this cool fabric shape!!!!! It is a puzzle ball -- the type of shapes making up the shape are officially called a rhombic triacontahedron!!! You are stitching letters of the alphabet and nine numerals and a few diamonds of personalization, along with small motifs in Cross Stitch, Smyrna and Chain Stitch -- all on one cut of fabric. Denise had piece layout diagrams in here for 28, 32 and 40ct fabric options -- this is facinating!!!!! You'll stitch it all, cut them apart, assemble and stuff and then destroy anyone who wants to throw it across the room like a ball!!!!

Get the pattern, then decide on your fabric option -- this is a cool design. For you geometry wizards, the circumference runs between 19 and 21 inches depending on fabric count. You can figure out the diameter of the finished piece! (I had a crush on a guy in geometry class in high school -- I didn't learn enough in that class to help me with this challenge later in my life. Like WHO KNEW I would need that valuable information NOW!!!) Presented in chart format, there are wonderful diagrams in here, as well as finishing pictures.

Christmas Animals from Madame Chantilly Christmas Animals
from Madame Chantilly
This is a DOUBLE Pattern! The cutest reindeer, bears, bunnies, and a horse are charted for Cross Stitch -- complete with little stitched greenery around their faces -- AND presented as line transfers to do primitive embroidery. Measuring about 30 x 40 stitches -- 2 x 3 on 32ct, you can add greetings to each little guy if you want. OR... use the line drawings to do long stitch and French Knots and make tea towels if you'd rather.

The designs are very basic, you can really dress them up with cute ribbons and trims, even little pom-poms for noses! It's a nice idea to give us both stitching options.

Mini Solingen Sewing Scissors - click to see more Mini Sewing Scissors
Oh you might recognize these tiny little scissors -- they are a style of DOVO scissors that we thought were sold out forever. They came in my latest shipment -- so we have them again for a short while! Beautiful and delicate, they measure 3-1/2 inches in overall length, with the blades 1-3/8 in length. The longer one lets you rest another finger on it, so you have more stability when cutting.

I love the classic handle design -- one finger hole is larger than the other, and its blade is rounded on the end, as compared to the other half -- the smaller finger hole and tapered tip. Super sharp, a pretty shiny gold finish on the handles and the shiny stainless finish on the blades, they are not a heavy-duty scissor -- rather a delicate and fine embroidery.

Curved Embroidery Scissors - click for more Curved Embroidery Scissors
Here's another lovely option for a curved blade cutting scissor. By DOVO, these measure 3-1/2 inches in overall length and feature 7/8 inch blades with a slight curve to them. The finger holes are a standard size, but you can see that the middle length of this style is longer than our other curved styles. (They are not longer than our other scissors, but I am referring to that difference in shape as 'long' so everyone can tell them apart from our other curved styles.)

I think 'the long vs short' is a matter of personal preference -- I don't think one cuts better than another. This style simply keeps your hand farther away from the stitching and whatever you are cutting. Very pretty, the brushed stainless finish, they are stamped with the DOVO name, Solingen, Germany.

Retromantics Wooden Trays - click for more Cute Wooden Trays from Retromantics
Here are 4 little 4 x 6-ish wooden trays that Jeannette Douglas and Shepherd's Bush have been featuring in their designs. Yes, there are specific designs for each, but LOTS OF THINGS would be cute in them!!! Jeannette uses one to perch a pin cushion inside with a little space beside it (for a baby candy bar???)

Black, red, whitewashed and brown... just a different way to finish a bit of needlework... they'd be fun perched on shelf, fun as a stitching ORT bucket, even a tray ORNAMENT on a larger Christmas Tree -- you could present something in it!! Just wanted to draw attention to these little guys as they are a nice finishing option, match them to all the different designer styles!

NOTE: the filigreed whitewash tray is simply too fragile to ship, so we have taken it out of our shopping cart. Sorry! It is still available in the shop for hand-carrying home!

Snowy Winter from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
New Designs
from Little House Needleworks
Just Arrived, Little House Needleworks has a pair of new smaller designs.
Snowy Winter -- One of Diane's smaller sized charts, this features huge evergreens surrounding an ice rink. I think this is a skater and her sledding friend enjoying the ice. Hand-dyed of white, green and brown, this finishes approx 5 x 5.
Hometown Holiday Tree Lot from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more Hometown Holiday Tree Lot -- The 10th addition to the Hometown Holiday Series of designs, it's time to shop for the Christmas Tree -- but how can one decide when they are all so cute??? A 4 x 7 finish, worked on 32ct Lambswool linen (I think), this entire set of designs has been charming. All are businesses or houses that are meant to be stitched and finished individually -- so you can have a stand-up, stitched village scene as a decoration. Presented as the small chart... you can see the rest of this set on our Auto-ship page.

Gingerbread Village Gingerbread House #1 from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more They're Here... the Newest Releases from Country Cottage Needleworks
  • Gingerbread House #1 -- This is the third installment in Nikki's Gingerbread Village series. (Everything out so far for The Gingerbread Village and the teaser pic of the finished project is viewable on our Auto-ship page.) A real cute cottage complete with peppermint button decoration, you don't need to be subscribing to the whole set to enjoy this little piece. Offered as a small chart this would be fun finished as a single stand-up cube or stretched over padded boards like the model in this picture. Offered as the small chart with button.

  • Snowmen from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Snowmen -- Something simple and frosty to stitch, this comes as a regular chartpack to make this 5 x 7-ish design. Think about what you can do with this one... metallics or beads in the snowflakes? Red beads for the holly berries? Clay carrot nose buttons? Opalescent white thread for the snow?? Maybe even hunt up some alphabet buttons to spell SNOW??

Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine's Special Christmas Issue - click to see more
Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine's Special Christmas Issue
This is only the 3rd issue for this new magazine, and it is really growing in popularity!!!! BEAUTIFULLY printed on heavy glossy paper, the 58 pages feature gorgeous spreads for each of the 20 projects inside NONE OF WHICH are interrupted with advertising.

Full size templates and beautiful pictures, everything in this issue is Christmas in theme. There are 10 Cross Stitch designs and 10 Punch Needle pieces. Very nicely done and REALLY worth your $8.99!!!

Cottage Garden Samplings Witch Board CHART - click for more Ouija Board Thread Organizer with Planchette from Retromantic Fripperies Witch Board from Cottage Garden Stitchery, and...
A Wee-Gee Board!!!!
By Cottage Garden Stitchery, this is presented as a chart. Worked on Vintage Country Mocha Linen with DMC or Sampler Threads, it finishes actually quite large at 8-1/2 x 10 on 32ct.

Black Crow, Burnt Orange, Cinders, 3 skeins of Garden Gate, Lemon Drops and Orange Marmalade... this is just a fun conversational piece to have around!

So... take a look at our little Ouija Board thread palette and its little Planchette from Retromantic Fripperies that kind of goes with this... !

Love Is... from Thistles - click for a larger view

Love Is...
from Thistles

When your differences make no difference! Well, this is pretty cute, and only one of Thistle's newest designs we have been enjoying in the shop!

Offered as a chart, it'd make a cute decoration in a threapist's office!!!!! Just for fun...

Part 1 of Jenny Bean: For the Parlor - a New Series from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Jenny Bean - For The Parlor Sampler - Part 2 of 8 from Shakespeare's Peddler
Shakespeare's Peddler has released her long-awaited-for part 2 of her 8-part sampler that will finish 170 x 810 in stitch count! (On 35ct, that means 10-ish by 46 inches!!!) Theresa promises a Noah's Ark in here, but this part features a little earlier history -- Adam & Eve! Part one was an alphabet. She is concentrating on traditional sampler themes for this tantalizing piece...

Offered in chart format, we do have an auto-ship for this. There is no specific release schedule for all the parts, so that might be the easiest way for you to collect them. Can you see the swimming yellow rubber ducky on here???

Foxwood Crossings Small Sled, Medium sled, Sleigh and Doll Bed - click to see more More Sleds! Oh Holy Night - Mini-Sleds
Foxwood Crossings continues her collection of patterns for her delightful miniature wooden sled ornaments. I think there are around 100 different small designs for them, this small chart offers a nativity theme. Stitch count is a mere 17 x 31 -- and because they are worked on 14ct perforated paper -- they finish only about an inch by 2. You just cut out the final shape on the paper one row from your stitching and glue it onto the sled. THAT'S IT!

***Super Cute***, take advantage of that Baker's Dozen on the sleds, and stitch away! VERY cute attached to a greenery garland that is draped around a doorway, too. They make fun place cards at the table, and maybe YOUR Santa will fold a dollar bill and tuck it onto the backside. Advent Calendars don't have to be flat, either... stitch the date numbers on these and hide the 'gift' on the backside, or just a bitty motif on them, with the date, and tie them to a wreath! They are darling painted, too... Lizzie Kate did her Sled Dudes in Aqua! Click to see the whole collection!

Merry Ewe from Plum Street Samplers Merry Brew from Plum Street Samplers Merry Brew and Merry Ewe from Plum Street Samplers
Plum Street Samplers has a pair of new designs -- small and charming for Christmas -- we love her cinnamon and dark red color scheme!
  • Merry Brew -- Charted for Classic Colorworks Balsam Fir and Hickory Sticks. Also The Gentle Art in Antique Rose, Caramel Corn, Cherry Bark, Dried Thyme, Oatmeal, Old Hickory, Parchment and Sable. A really cute piece featuring Santa and two of his reindeer. This measures 106w x 100h -- 6 x 6.5 on 36ct. Lovely colors, this is presented as a chart.
  • Merry Ewe -- This design is part of the Jack's Sweet Shoppe series. Santa sheep is presenting Mrs. Santa sheep with a Christmas candy cane. Charted for DMC B5200, The Gentle Art in Antique Lace, Endive, Espresso Bean, Garden Gate, Heirloom Gold (only used for 4 stitches), Portabella and Weeks Dye Works in Baked Apple. Stitch count is 77w x 69h -- 4.5 x 4 on 36 ct. Finished in a little tart tin, this would also be cute as a pin cushion.

Lizzie Kate's Very Merry Santa Kit - click for more Very Merry Santa Kit
from Lizzie*Kate
This primitive style Santa looks quite different from Linda's 2015 Snippet Santa (we love him, too), but they're similar in finishing - she made them both into darling little purses/pouches/pockets. Our jolly old elf is "merry" because he's got a basket full of snowflakes, his hands are full of packages, and there's a plate of warm cookies beckoning when his Christmas mission is finished.

Very Merry Santa Kit includes 28 ct. linen, checked finishing fabric, hand-dyed buttons, French twill stripe ribbon, a rusty jingle bell and 2 mother-of-pearl buttons. Linda's also including complete finishing instructions and template for your own Very Merry Santa. You supply something Christmas-y to fill it up! Christmas candies, maybe?.

Christmas Sheep Kit from Shepherd's Bush Santa Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush Merry Little Christmas Kit from Shepherd's Bush Noel Sheep Tag/Sled Kit from Shepherd's Bush
Four New Kits Coming Soon from Shepherd's Bush!
Tina and Terri have been busy, and are sending us 4 new kits just in time for last minute Christmas stitching!
  • Christmas Sheep Kit This little sheep is the 3rd in a series of seasonal sheep and is perfect for the upcoming Advent season. It is stitched on 32 count linen with overdyed silk & cotton threads.
  • Santa Box Kit This little santa is very sweet and will work up very quickly. Easy to get done before the big day. Choose the new red box by Retromantic, or make yourself a neat ornament!
  • Merry Little Christmas Kit This little piece is stitched on 32 count country mocha with overdyed cotton floss. They have finished theirs on a Retromantic Fripperies red holly tray; we'll have the tray soon. But if you don't want to do that, use your imagination for a cute finish.
  • Noel Sheep Tag/Sled Kit The kit comes complete with the perforated paper and threads as well as a cute paper tag on which to mount it. It is also designed to fit on the little wooden sled ornaments by Foxwood Crossings. Sleds are sold separately.

Winter Trifles from Shepherd's Bush Winter Trifles from Shepherd's Bush!
Well... this little guy is the 4th in Shepherd's Bush's seasonal set of Trifles... and we have had it for some time... but it missed the website somehow! So... it's actually perfect timing to put up now! Tina and Teri have another trio of small pin cushions worked on an assortment of fabrics, just as cute as can be, each is garnished with a few Just Another Button Company clay buttons.

VERY quick to stitch... if you've done the other three seasons of cushions -- NONE will match -- but all of them would make such a fun set smooshed together into their very own Pin Cushion Basket. Just plop the current seasons on top... if you feel like it! Offered as a single chart, buttons and fabrics are separate.

The Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania Travel Guide for 2015 - click to see more
NeedleTravel Guide Book for 2016
The fresh and updated issue for 2016 of 5,000 independent needlework, quilting, yarn, and cross stitch shops has arrived! We love this little 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 x 1-1/4 inch guide book -- it features maps of each state, and the locations of all the shops. Oklahoma lists over 60 -- I LIVE here, and I had no idea there were that many different fabric and fibre shops in Oklahoma!

Ads, hours, phone numbers, product listing guides, this is a DEFINITE help when traveling anywhere. A good, new found shop is a Treasure Forever!!!

Christmas Celebration Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - click to see more A Very Merry Christmas Town from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - click to see more
Christmas Charts from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Some *Seriously Cute Cross Stitch* by Amanda and Ashleigh, these are offered as leaflets printed in full color.
  • A Very Merry Christmas Town -- Toys, the Candy Shop and reindeer stable, this finishes approx 5 x 11 on 14/28ct Coded for regular DMC floss, it's cute and colorful. Think about finishing it into a 4-sided cube with three of the sides stitched!!!
  • Christmas Celebration Sampler -- Lots of scattered motifs on here... CHRISTMAS is spelled out. Each letter has it's own box, AND it's own set of motifs to match it's letter! C is for Carolers, H is for Hot Chocolate, R is for Reindeer, I is for Ice Skating, S is for Snowman, T is for Teddy, Train and Toys, M is for Mom (I think), A is for the Angel and S is for Santa! Surrounded by a lace border of snowmen, reindeer and flakes, this finishes approx 8 x 8, If you make the individual squares into fobs, they are only 30 x 30 -- so BITTY!!!!!

Glass Flower Pins by The Glasshopper - click for more Glass Acorns and Pumpkins! from The Glasshopper
The Glasshopper -- glass artist Jennifer Rakosnik has made us some tiny glass acorns with metal tops to adorn our sewing cases and pin cushions. Gorgeous little things.... I chose *earthy-acorn* colors of glass that are tucked into an antiqued bronze topper.
  • The single nuts measure 1/2 an inch wide and 1 inch long.
  • Next... we have bright orange pumpkins.... these little guys are about 5/8 an inch in diameter and about 3/4 an inch in height.
  • The double acorns measure about 3/4 an inch long and reach almost an inch and a half in width. Just beautiful! They each have a pair of green glass tendrils on them, and that metal hanging hook. So unique, so pretty... something lovely for your needlework or scissors!!!

G. Léger 1898 by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! G. Leger 1898 from Reflets de Soie
Oh, this is a sampler that has floated through our front doors that I think is lovely! By Relets de Soie, it is an elegant alphabet piece that has several cool motifs near the bottom, along with a stunning farmhouse pastoral scene. Choose whatever fabric you like -- the model pic is heavily distressed, so keep that in mind when choosing.

The stitch count is 307 x 240 -- so approx 17 x 13 on 36ct -- and it is charted for either silk, DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads. You'll need multiple skeins of Weathered Barn, Liberty, Old Red Paint, Caramel Corn, Vintage Lave, Brethren Blue, Green Apple, Wood Rose and Buttermilk... there are 18 different shades in all in here. I love the flow of the letters, and I am totally enamored with that beautiful red cottage on there!

Be of Good Cheer from Scarlett House - click for more Be of Good Cheer from The Scarlett House
Here's a sweet piece that is worked on the 28ct Natural/Ivory Graziano (from Italy) Gingham Linen. (Weeks has hand-dyed some as well -- another color option.) Worked with just 5 colors of DMC floss, it is shown mounted into a really cool 5 x 7 metal tray from Hobby Lobby! (Information about the tray comes inside the chart with your purchase.)

Super cute finishing for this simple piece that finishes a mere 3-1/2 x 5. Offered as a chart... you may want to change the date of 1837 on there to something else that has significance to you.

Let it Snow from Blackberry Lane Let it Snow from Blackberry Lane Designs
Oh Wow... Marie Driskell has designed the MOST CHARMING little snowman!!!!! He is just the happiest little guy! Stitched on yummy hand-dyed fabric -- on 32ct, he measures 65 x 65 stitches -- so 4 x 4. Charted for DMC floss, he also uses blending filaments in an ice blue and opalescent for the wind, his body, and the words, along with glass beads dotting the snowflakes. You'll need the JABCO clay nose... and maybe the white ball fringe (big box stores -- our mini-balls are all hand-dyed and not pure white) and snowflake button for finishing???

I just love everything about this piece that is presented as a chart. We have GORGEOUS Crossed Wing hand-dyed linen in stock NOW... will have to wait for the Picture This Plus Stellar this calls for. (The filament, braid, bead and button dropdown lists no price... because there are too many variables with thread options. All that will run approx $12. The Lady Dot SNOW Mini-ball fringe looks fabulous on this.
Fabric? Do you want 28 or 32? Do you want it now, or do you want to wait!) HELP with thoughts in the comments box of your order!!! :)

Crazy Socks from Rosewood Manor - click for more Crazy Socks from Rosewood Manor
Something colorful and fun from Rosewood Manor, Karen has designed a small piece dedicated to her daughter, Rachel -- who loves crazy socks! Recently injured in a tragic accident, Rachel needs her family... and family needs to be with her. Karen's Crazy Socks leaflet is a fund-raiser to help the family with airline expenses for their time spent with Rachel.

Grab your favorite fabric and DMC flosses from your stash and stitch just one sock or them all... wouldn't the laundry sorting go easier if we all wore socks like these??? They'd match in a snap! $7.50 of your $10 purchase of this design goes directly to Karen.

The Joys of Christmas from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Joys of Christmas
from The Drawn Thread
Six little ways to stitch JOY... pine cones, candy canes, birds and bows... each of these small designs is approx 3 or 4 inches in size on various 32ct fabrics.

Sampler Threads or silks, the chart comes with a smattering of petite seed beads and a pair of teeny black buttons which are on the snowman. Nothing too involved, just a smattering of easy designs to whip up for some special stitched gifts.

All 3 Snow Story Flip-Its from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Flora McSample's 2015 Annual Mini Stockings from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Little Coffee Kit from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough -- The next Inspirational Boxer from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
They're Here!
Linda has released three new Flip-Its, another annual set of mini-stocking ornaments, a 'Little' kit, and more Inspirational Boxers. Here we go!
  • Snow Story Flip-Its -- A set of three small card designs. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts and Snow Love are a mini-village of cute frosty snowmen! *A frozen meteorological phenomenon*, they can be stitched individually -- 5 x 2-ish, or in one long string -- 14-ish x 2. (Mona finished the cover model ornaments singly against sparkly painted wooden snowflakes from Hobby Lobby -- so check into that idea on her blog.) 32ct Storm by Picture This Plus... cute, cute, cute!
  • Flora McSample's 2015 Annual Mini Stockings -- A chartpak of three cute *3-inch-ish* sampler stockings -- these always feature dusty, soft, antique-y colors -- different from a lot of Linda's other color palettes. The chartpak comes with a few embellishments -- and Mona has featured the new Lady Dot Mossy Mini Ball Fringe Trim in the finishing!!!
  • A Little Coffee Kit -- Another of these fun bitty 4 x 4 designs, they make nice little block stand-ups to tuck onto an empty windowsill. Hot coffee when the weather is cold... this kit includes the 28ct Amber linen and tiny 'cafe au lait' colored buttons.
  • Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough -- The next Inspirational Boxer... the first of three new releases, there will be three Boxers releasing -- now, December and January. This one includes the 30ct Lambswool Linen, an embellishment and BONUS design. This time the little bonus reads, *Begin each day with a grateful heart.*
    ***A word here... Linda has several Inspirational Boxers, and they all have bonus designs. LOOK AT THEM... they are DARLING... and easy to ignore because they aren't the main message of the kit. I am always amazed when I see one stitched... because I never recognize where it came from!

November from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more    December from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
November & December from Cross Eyed Cricket
Oh my goodness, Vicki Hastings of Cross Eyed Cricket continues her darling set of the months-in-pictures! She has a ton of other designs like these -- Christmas, and all 4 of the seasons -- and we are slowly collecting all the months of the year! Every one of them is offered as a leaflet. We have the fabrics, Silk 'n Colors and buttons -- if used -- all offered separately for you... and even an auto-ship to collect the rest of the months that aren't here yet!
  • NOVEMBER -- Worked on 28ct Natural Linen with 36 different shades of DMC floss and 4 Thread Gatherer's hand-dyed Silk 'n Colors... every letter is decorated with something cute and appropriate for November! It measures 300 x 61 in stitch count, and this time around Vicki didn't use ANY Just Another Button Company embellishments!
  • DECEMBER -- Worked on 28ct Star Spphire Linen -- a super-pretty light icy teal blue -- Santa is here beside a cup of cocoa and gingerbread cookie. We have mittens and scarves, a skinny evergreen tree and it's tangly string of lights, Baby Jesus is here, ornaments, and finally an angel lighting candles. This one uses only 32 DMC colors and one Silk 'n Color hand-dyed silk -- it's in the main lettering. There are a few smatters of different metallics in here as well -- look and see what you have in your stash. BITS of red, chartreuse, white, gold and aqua highlights.

Hand Dyed Ball Fringe from Lady Dot Creations Insertion band... Hand Dyed Ball Fringe from Lady Dot Creations Yummy Mini Pom Poms! from Lady Dot Creations
Lady Dot Creates has a beautiful new line of 18 luscious hand-dyed colors of baby-ball fringe trim! Offered in 2 yard cuts, it is GORGEOUS! Lois has a magical thing on her trim... it's like the pull-string of chain stitching on flour bags -- you pull the string and the 'extra' comes off leaving you a string of baby balls that you can simply tack onto your piece without having to sew it into a seam!!!

This requires less planning! You can make your little cushion and THEN add the trim -- not having to fight with attaching it during the finishing. Anyway... 18 luscious colors, they follow the same shades as the chenille - VERY pretty colors!! Presented in continous 2-yard lengths.

All Creatures Great and Small from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more All Creatures Great and Small from Barbara Ana
Barbara Ana has a charming new sampler that celebrates life!!! Presented as a chart, it measures 317 x 248 in stitch count -- 20 x 15 on 32ct! Choose any fabric count and color you like, and grab your DMC flosses -- no hand-dyeds in this! Every row is full of tiny animals, there are barns and buildings, a windmill, the fisherman with kitty watching from the dock -- even a graveyard!

It has lots of color and design balance... lots to captivate the eye... lots to 'discuss' when you look at it! It would be stunning in a hallway or bedroom... get the family name in the center, and maybe their 'date established' in there as well!

Amy Lee Weeks Florals from Mill Hill - click for more
Amy Lee Weeks Florals from Mill Hill
We have four new designs by artist Amy Lee Weeks that have been adapted to cross stitch by Mill Hill.

So simple, yet so full of bold color and quiet advice, each is stitched on 14ct Aida with DMC and almost NO beads!!!!! Framed in black 8 x 8's, these are so clean, fresh, young and new... stitch them for someone young-at-heart in your life! Complete kits contain the chart, fabric, flosses, needle and beads. The colors are bright, young, fresh and contemporary -- these are cute!

Blackwork Biscornu and Blackwork Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sweetheart Tree's New Releases!
Sandie Vanosdal has seven new things that have now arrived. I decided to show her new Biscornu and Fob set here because it is stitched entirely in black thread and embellished with black beads, paillettes, and black flower beads. A different look colorwise for her -- these two are very elegant in flavor!

Blackwork Biscornu is presented as a kit of 32ct Platinum Linen with all the embellishments and black floss. Different designs on each of the two sides, the beads add just a touch of sparkle.
The Fob is also stitched on the Platinum Linen, and offered in a small card chart format -- with the smaller smattering of embellishments that match the Biscornu. There are instructions included to make that beaded tassel hanging from bottom point as well.

Stitching Nut Fob - click for more 3-Inch Corner Board - click for more Something Fun for a Sewing Case! Wooden What-Nots!
We have a pair of new trinkets I fell in love with when I saw them. Use them for Stitching Party favors, package ties, something functional in your stitching bag... something cute to display in a sewing case, or in the case of the acorn -- tethered to a pin cushion displaying left-over threads from a special piece you've just finished!
  • 3-Inch Corner Boards -- A gorgeous vintage birdcage design decorates this 3-inch board that has measurements on it to help you 'count in and down 3 inches' to begin a project. By Retromantics, it is antiqued with a soft baby aqua blue wash finish... Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  • Stitching Nut Fob -- This is pretty cute as well! It's a little 2 x 2-1/2 wooden acorn -- it says "Stitching Nut" on it, and features 8 numbered holes for a few threads. Just a fun little thing.

Over The River Kit from Shepherd's Bush O Little Town from Shepherd's Bush Presenting Slater's Stocking! from Shepherd's Bush!
Your 2015 Stocking is almost here -- Slater is the featured family member this year! He uses a smattering of DMC, Weeks and one color of GAST... along with Classic Colorworks Avocado, Black Coffee, Red Currant and Ye Olde Gold.

Slaters Charms are really cool! You will be getting a length of deep red baby rik-rak and a silvery bunny in here, BUT there are also several gorgeous glass beads in here too! One is a 1/2-inch square piece of Mili-flori glass -- and it is stunning! As always, really cute stuff to garnish your special stocking... Hope your family is as large as Tina and Teri's -- this is something like stocking #26!!!!!!!! (and some of you HAVE stitched that many of them!!!)

And.... This Year's Ornament! O Little Town
Ohhhh... all the rest of its companions have been in the Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issue... but this little guy went ROGUE this year! *A Little Town*... it finishes the same size as all the rest of Tina and Teri's ornaments.

Offered as a chart/card... you can get the moon separately.

#311 Tidings of Joy from JBW Designs Tidings of Joy from JBW Designs
JBW has several new designs -- 7 more actually -- but I absolutely love this one, so I chose it for Just Arrived! Choose any color of Red over-dyed floss or silk you like, stitch this over one or two threads, and finish it like either of these two options!!!

Sweet little reindeer surrounded by evergreens and a pretty border, this stitch count on this is 91 x 110. Presented in small card format.
(Click the pic to see the rest of the new arrivals.)

Foxwood Crossings Small Sleds -- Mini Village - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Small Sled, Medium sled, Sleigh and Doll Bed - click to see more New From Foxwood Crossings -- A Mini Village for Mini Sleds AND NEW Medium-Sized Sleds!!!
We had hoped Foxwood would be able to get her itty-bitty sleds in just a bit of a larger size... and they are HERE!
  • Medium Wooden Sleds -- (Shown here with the Small Sled, the Sleigh and the Doll Bed)
    The new Medium Sled has a bed that is 2-1/4 x 4 in size... these are a bit larger than the mini sleds we have had for the past few seasons!
    Cindy has featured this larger size sled -- a generous-sized ornament size -- on her Harrisburg Winter and First Noel Charts. These look great left the brown color they are, but they are cute painted as well, just depends on how 'crafty' you are! The Bakers Dozen offers you 13 sleds for the price of 12!
  • Small Sleds -- Mini Village
    Well how cute are these??? Can you see the three sled designs all taken from the larger scene?? Offered as the chart, the main design is 37 x 47. All three mini-sled charts are here for you -- they measure only 17 x 31 on 14ct!

Sewing Society Case Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view The Sewing Society Needle Book and Beaded Scissor Fob
from Fern Ridge Collections
Sewing Society is just one of the SIX new designs -- and it's a little decorated TIN with fob! A four-inch square by 1/2 inch high hinged tin, you are decorating the top with a vintage print of a needle advertisement. Inside, you are lining it with blue calico, and adding a stitched pocket -- 28ct hand-dyed linen -- to hold needles, a tiny spool waxer, bits of old lace, a wooden ruler and a wooden thread winder -- ALL OF WHICH are included in your kit. (I couldn't even get it all back in the bag easily!)

A sweet little needle tin -- there is a magnet in here as well to help hold scissors. THE FOB: Mauve, gray and demin blue -- all the colors that match the tin -- the design on the fob is a spool of thread and you can see the little spool charm dangling from there. Always the lavish fringe to trim it off -- the hardest part of that is not getting your thread tangled around the fringes you have already strung! Super fun -- they do a colored diagram of threading order so you can't mess it up.

Victoria's Garden from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Victoria's Garden from Heartstring Samplery
Heartstring Samplery's Beth Twist has reproduced an antique sampler that is full of pretty roses and mossy greens along with lavish flowers and floral urns. Choosing a 28ct linen, it'll finish approx 14 x 18... something smaller like 40 will give you a charming 9-1/2 x 12 piece! She thinks it's from England... no date on it... but that's for YOU to add to YOUR sampler!!!!

Offered as a chart, it is stitched with Pebble Beach, Roasted Chestnut, Old Brick, Country Redwood (2 skeins), Woodrose, Pomegranate, Caramel corn, Endive (4 of those!), Light Khaki, Goldenrod, Dove, Tin Roof, Dirt Road, Collards and Pink Sand. I don't know what's more fun... the color names or gathering them all together to imagine how a finished piece is going to be!

Jim Shore Santas and Snowmen from Mill Hill - click for more
New Jim Shore Santas and Snowmen from Mill Hill
Getting ready for Christmas -- Mill Hill has released a set of 6 paper ornaments to dress your tree. Artwork by Jim Shore, we already have six Santas -- now here are three more for that set. The snowmen are completely new.

Offered as perforated paper kits, each is full of flosses, some glisteny glass beads for a bit of jazz, and lots of quilted charm. They all finish approx 3 x 5, and because they are lightweight, they display beautifully on any Christmas tree!

Bittersweet September from Blackbird Designs - click for more Patchwork Pumpkin from Blackbird Designs - click for more New Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs
Alma and Barb have two new mini-designs offered in their small Rewards of merit size... perfect for small framed pieces or pretty pin cushions. Grab a schnibble of Week's hand-dyed linen and some overdyeds from your stash for these!!!
  • Patchwork Pumpkin -- LOVE, LOVE the border on this one and the trailing pumpkin vines all over the sky!!! Quilt motifs on the pumpkin and that structured brick house -- the whole thing is charming!!!
  • Bittersweet September -- A fall-flavored design much simpler than the Patchwork Pumpkin piece -- you get the huge bittersweet blooms, the crisp moon, and more pretty autumn-y color!

DOVO SN14B and SN14A in stainless - click for more
Two New DOVO Scissor Offerings!!!
You'll recognize these 3-1.2 inch embroidery styles from some of your Gingher and other DOVO scissors... but here they are in polished stainless steel featuring DOVO's precision tips and unsurpassed cutting action! We have not had either of these two shapes in the polished stainless before... so they are two new treats for your stitching basket!!!
  • SN14B -- Traditonal Heart -- Pretty handles, nice and substantial blades, these measure 3-3/4 inches in length. They are stamped DOVO, Solingen Germany on the blades. Lovely points and graceful blades, this has always been a popular style, but these won't feel like any of your others!!!! Like cutting through butter!
  • SN14A -- Anniversary Scissors -- From an antique mold, I call these The Anniversary Scissor, because DOVO made a release similar to these years ago for their 100th Anniversary. Long ago sold out... we are once again treated to this very pretty 3-1/2 inch style in a shiny stainless steel. Super-sharp tips and blades, they are *JUST* a bit thinner than the 14B Hearts. For a time, (this shipment anyway!) they are packaged in a DOVO gift box with luscious embossed leather sheath, and you probably really do need them!!!

Counting Pins from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Counting Pins from La-D-Da
Lori has made 2 styles of elegant counting pins to decorate your special pin cushions and sewing cases... They were special to our class this past summer, and to the recent Needlework Galleria Show we just attended.

Topped with a pearl and dressed with silver squares or rings, how lovely to decorate something special!

Winter Woods Kit from Chessie & Me Winter Woods
from Chessie & Me
Chessie's Semi-Annual Little Kit, this one is quiet, simple and respectful of the Season! Stitched on a mangy green-grayed 32ct hand-dyed linen by Lakeside -- Vintage Wood Smoke -- it is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Mustard Seed, Piney Woods, Raven, Shaker White and Tin Bucket.

A few Smyrnas and Satins, it's just a bitty thing finishing at 3 x 4. Offered as a complete kit, it contains the chart, linen and threads.

Moondance in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more SEVEN New releases by Teresa Kogut!!!
Teresa presents a lot of her designs in both Counted Cross Stitch AND Punch Needle... and since we like both of those things... we carry both!!!

New In CROSS STITCH is Moondance -- which I LOVE in punch needle already! That background is stunning!!! Actually, it is a medley of copper DMC flosses and you do NOT stitch the black -- that is the fabtric!!! Also new are Country Santa, Give Thanks, and Sunflower Sheep -- take a peek at them on our inside TK pages.
New in PUNCH NEEDLE are Harvest Dress and Be Merry. All her punch needle patterns are presented to trace onto the provided weavers cloth, so they are ready to punch. Cute things... enjoy browsing through them all!!

Seedy Pumpkin Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Seedy Pumpkin Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has released their 8th annual haunted house scene and this year's is SO AWESOME! Seedy Pumpkin Cottage is full of wispy ghosts, shiny spider webs, black cats and carved pumpkins... and all of it is underneath the glowing Jack-O-Lantern Moon. Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Echo Linen (an awesome grey/teal midnight-sky color), there is so much going on in here that it has enchanted us in the shop!

The model arrived today -- patterns should be here soon -- clay button embellishments and fabric follows later this week. Finishing approx 21 x 15... it is HUGE and quite the eye-catcher! Coded for DMC or Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds you'll need multiple skeins of 12 of the 41 colors called for, along with silver metallic for the spider webs, petite Mill Hill glass beads and a FULL clay button pack of spiders, ghosts, bats and even a little owl.

The white fence around the porch is really neat because it is done with long stitches of white thread but they have added three teeny orange beads to each railing post -- it glistens! Yes... this might take all year to stitch... but WOW, what a fun and creative seasonal decoration that everyone can enjoy year after year!!! Seedy Pumpkin Cottage is the place to be on The Big Night!!!!!

Baby Floral Needlecases - click to see more Baby Floral Needlecases
Joining our regular Floral Needlecases are these smaller versions that are equally enchanting! Glass vials with a screw-off cap, these are lovingly covered with polymer clay and decorated with colorful flowers and tiny ladybugs.

ALL THE COLORS of the rainbow -- absolutely no two cases are alike -- and it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose your favorite! (This I know -- because I keep trying to find my favorite to take home and add to my stash -- and I can't!) Measuring a mere 2 inches in overall length, use these for beading and petite needles or precious stones and beads. Delightful!

Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath - click to see more Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath
What a fun set of *Stitching Needfuls!* SUPER sharp stainless steel tips on these charming little 3-1/2 inch tweezers -- eeally, be careful with these!! Use them to grab stubborn threads, help anchor loose ends, tease holes in canvas, or just pull slivers!

Pretty red with white polka dots -- they match the 2-1/2 inch sheath that comes with them! THEY can fit in that cover... or a favorite pair of small scissors can. Cute and functional.

We are sad to announce that Pam and Nancy of Prairie Schooler are retiring from our industry. They announced mid-July that they will be taking down their website the beginning of 2016.
We will miss them terribly... THEIR first Market was my second in January of 1984. (The Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta!) They started with their famous Santa and 4 leaflets. People were upset because they thought they were copying Cross-Eyed Cricket (-- whose first Market was also MY first Market -- in September of 1983.) I think it was because they were the only two companies doing clean white-covered leaflets! Anyway, since then -- everyone has become great colleagues -- and we wish our long-time friends many happy stitching hours ahead!!!

Prairie Schooler's #104 G*H*I Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #158 Christmas Eve Leaflet -- click to see more
REPRINTS from The Prairie Schooler
Here, to ruin the astronomical prices on the Secondary Chart Market - are three Prairie Schooler past favorites that have been out-of-print! I guess with Pam and Nancy announcing their retirement... they knew they wouldn't get a moment of peace unless they reprised these favorites!
  • G*H*I Book #104 is part of their alphabet set. Indians, gardens and honey... this was/is a really cute set of the ABC's. Originally released in 2002.
  • DECEMBER -- Book #150 was part of the 12-months series and sold out RIGHT after it was released. Been gone since 2009!
  • Christmas Eve -- Book 158 YEAH -- we have a shop model of this one!! From 2009, Everyone's favorite!!!! Get them while you can!

There's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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