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Vintage Greetings A Merry Christmas from Heart in Hand - click for more Wee Santa 2014 from Heart in Hand - click for more Wee Santa 2014 and A Merry Christmas
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand has sent this year's annual small Santa card -- this year he is surrounded by all his Polar Pals! He finishes approx 4 x 6 and uses a whopping 19 different colors! The card comes with a trio of white button embellishments and a gold bugle bead for the candle in the lantern.

Vintage Greetings A Merry Christmas works up to be 3-1/4 x 4-3/4, and is stitched on 32ct Amber. Using 11 different hand-dyed shades of floss, you can choose any color of fabric -- just make sure it is dark enough to highlight all that white snow. Offered as a single card chart.

Starry Witch from Dames of the Needle - click for more Starry Witch from Dames of the Needle
Oh YUMMY! Here's a companion to Elizabeth's Moon Light Witch from last year... a 5 x 8 study of Onyx hand-dyed floss against 30ct Carrot linen. The swirly sky, the witch with neat dress, cute little owl/bat and her haunted landscape, check out the Man-in-the-Moon!

Offered as a chart, you'll need 5 skeins of Week's Onyx floss to complete this! Think about adding some black metallic to the stars and swirls and maybe some furry wool to the cat???

Laugh With Flowers from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Laugh With Flowers from Just Another Button Company
Just Another Button Company has taken another of Art To Heart's pretty applique patterns and converted it to Cross Stitch. Third in the Garden Song series of designs... Spout was the first, and Bees Hum is the second, this happy piece is stitched on Weeks 30ct Sea Foam Linen in 8 different hand-dyed flosses. It finishes approx 8 x 8, and is garnished with the included button set.

Just happy, rich colors of Lancaster Red and Copper, Grasshopper and Forest Glade, and Harvest Moon -- they aren't pale but strong and eyecatching. Offered as the chart with buttons, JABCO even adds a fun paper magnet in the package as a bonus!

Sweet Land from Needlework Press - click to see more Sweet Land
from Needlework Press
Here's a delightful piece inspired by doodles from artist Nancy Mills. Charted by Needlework Press, "it's free-flowing lines and casual playfulness expressed a bit of whimsey while capturing a sense of pride in our Sweet land of Liberty."

Finishing approx 7 x 7 on 32ct, it's worked with only 4 colors -- choose DMC or some pretty matching hand-dyeds from your stash. Offered as a chart.

Hippity Hop from Needlework Press - click to see more Hippity Hop
from Needlework Press
Something to save away for Springtime stitching it seems... this rabbit design has been charted from an old drawing rescued out of an antique shop. Stitch him over one or two threads, Needlework Press discusses adding trims or special stitches to the egg, and various finishing treatments for this little guy.

The gingham fabric he is stitched on gives him an old fashioned charm as well. Over two on the check, he finishes approx 7 x 10-1/2 -- actually quite large. The smaller 'mattress' size depends on your fabric choice for this 101 x 153 stitch count design.

Ghosts Fly Free from Historic Handworkes - click for more Ghosts Fly Free! from Historic Handworkes
Something cute for the Holiday, ghosts are definitely the honored guests in this piece! Choose a medium-shaded fabric so the ghosts and their opalescent stitches show up... stitch count is 198 x 68. The pattern calls for 6 different Petite Treasure Braid metallics -- those show up in the fire and brew coming from the cauldron.

Satin stitched broom bristles bats and words over one thread and a couple of bat buttons... just a simple piece for fun! We love that little wooden base with the ball as legs, too! Offered as a chart.

Pumpkin of Leaves from Bent Creek - click for more Pumpkin of Leaves from Bent Creek
Bent Creek's 5th design in this set... Pumpkin of Leaves joins Hearts, Shamrocks, Easter Eggs, and Flag of Stars -- all fun designs stitched on 18ct linen with hand-dyed #5 Pearl Cotton.

Finishing approx 6 x 6, the colors in this are yummy!!! DMCs of 921, 976, 301,400, 869, 3021 and 822... everything is worked with only one strand, and because of the large count linen... this will finish in really just a few hours!! I love that little owl on there, too! Offered as the kit of chart, linen, and Pearl Cotton -- but you'll need your #20 or #22 needle!!!

Under the Stairs - Spooky Spinners Snappers from Bent Creek - click for more Spooky! Said the Ghost - Spooky Spinners Snappers from Bent Creek - click for more Spooky Spinners Snappers
from Bent Creek
(Repeat the 5 times and keep the words straight!) Bent Creek has released parts two and three of its newest little Halloween row medley of designs. Under the Stairs and Spooky... these are two 3 x 3 designs that could make individual ornament designs... small stand-up cubes... or just fit into the border to haunt with their companion designs. Offered as small charts, each comes with a snap embellishment.

Lizzie Kate's Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings #168 Lizzie Kate's Reindeer Stocking #169 Lizzie Kate's Sled Dudes S116 Snippet Lizzie Kate's I Cannot Count Boxer #B49 - click for more
Newest Lizzie*Kate has Arrived!
As we eagerly await our November arrival of Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler... Linda has been busy getting the next shipment of new things to us!!!
  • Flora McSample's 2014 Mini Stocking Ornaments -- Three smallish stockings with a sampler flavor, these come in a chart pack with a few tiny embellishments. Soft colors, these companion the Flora 2013 stockings! Cute ornaments or something fun to fill with a few stitching gadgets for a needleworker friend.
  • Reindeer Stocking -- Here's Linda's 4th large stocking! Joining her Santa, Snowman and Angel from years past, Riley the Reindeer is getting Santa's packages ready and showing them off! Stitched with #5 Pearl Cotton on 18ct Linen, he features a few button and star embellishments that come in his chartpack. Finishes a generous size for Santa to fill!
  • Sled Dudes -- Oh My Gosh -- THESE ARE CUTE! Linda has designed a trio of smalls to fit the Foxwood Crossings wooden miniature sleds we have!! Stitched on 14ct brown perforated paper, each design is approx 1-1/2 x 2 -- simply glue the paper onto the little sled when you are finished! You can even paint these if you want a little color, or add a cute pulling string. Sled Dudes come as a small Snippet Card., and we sell the sleds separately.
  • I cannot count my day complete until needle and thread meet. The next Inspirational Boxer, both the main verse and smaller bonus design feature small sewing and stitching motifs to make then extra-charming for stitchers. Offered with the 32ct fabric, a few embellishments tossed in... the bonus design is finished on top of a painted paper box -- what a cute gift for a stitcher friend!

Eat More Candy! from AB Designs - click for more Eat More Candy! from AB Designs
Meet little Lindybug -- The Happy Pumpkin Girl! She's dressed in purple with green polka dots, and advertising CANDY as a dietary option! Stitched on Week's 30ct Chartreuse Linen with regular DMC floss... she has a whole collection of JABCO buttons surrounding her, and her dress is hemmed with a length of Dames of the Needle's bright hand-dyed mini-pom-pom fringe in a hot orange color!!! Too stinking CUTE!

Finishing approx 4-1/2 x 9... she needs to be finished into a flat door hanging, or a stand-up so she can keep guard over the Candy Bowl! Offered as the chart, we have the buttons packs separately, and we've tucked that bit of the orange pom-pom trim into the button pack sets.
A Fridge Art Update! MAKE MORE MAGNETS!!!
New next installment of the Frig Art Club ships October 1st! Amy says you'll get a turkey with a hat, a Martini olive on a skewer, a funky Martini glass and "I'm not sure... I think an acorn!"

Pumpkins & Bittersweet from Scarlett House - click for more Penny Pumpkin from Scarlett House - click for more Penny Pumpkin and Pumpkins & Bittersweet
from Scarlett House
Scarlet House has a pair of new designs that are very pretty and appropriate to the Fall Season. Two small designs to make into walnut-shell-stuffed cushions to pack into that ever-growing basket of stitched cushions! Tuck several different projects into one basket, and leave it on an end table or counter... something fun people will dig through to see them all!
  • Penny Pumpkin is worked on a medium-toned linen -- something to let the Sampler Thread Oatmeal color of the main pumpkin stand out. Stitch count is 112 x 87, so it'll finish approx 5 x 7 on 32ct. The border is reminiscent of a woo; penny rug, and it'd be pretty done with bits of colored wools instead of the stitching -- if you're creative!
  • Pumpkins & Bittersweet is a little smaller -- 3 x 5-1/2, and is also worked with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. She has it charted so that you can stitch 'bittersweet' over one OR two threads.

The Quaker Button Ball from Amaryllis Artworks The Quaker Keeper from Amaryllis Artworks
This is a fun little round 'box' that is decorated with Quaker motifs. It features a lift-off lid, and can be worked on anything from 32 to 40ct linen, or even 16 or 18ct Aida. Choose a pretty hand-dyed thread so you aren't making a lot of color changes and work up the quick stitching.

I am kind of mortified to tell you that this is finished over an empty 12 oz tuna fish can. Certainly a creative finishing treatment -- Denise has presented excellent assembly instructions with good diagrams... do you remember the little worm that drives around in his tuna-fish-can convertible from the Richard Scary children's books??? Quaker Keeper is offered as a chart.

Today is a Good Day for A Good Day from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Today is a Good Day for A Good Day from The Sweetheart Tree
Kind of a fun verse to hang somewhere unexpected... this tiny reminder measures just 50 x 29 stitches... just 1-1/2 x 3 inches!!!!!! Worked on 35ct Lambswool Linen (nice and stiff so the holes stay open and don't move around on you) the featured colors are soft greens and teals that are accented with crystal paillettes and some Mill Hill Petite seed beads. Sandy's sterling silver bow charm is perched on there as well.

Might be fun as a small wedge paperweight on your desk! Offered as the complete kit of chart, fabric, needles, flosses, charm and beads.

Shades of Halloween from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Shades of Halloween from The Sweetheart Tree
This is a neat little piece! Find a yummy fabric you like and either a solid or hand-dyed black thread and get this done! The card chart comes with a set of 6 black crystal paillette -- tiny glass faceted sequins -- they are scattered in the tree for effect. You can't see that they are there in the pic, because they don't catch the camera light. Stitch count measures 80 x 80 - so it could be almost 6 inches if you choose 14ct.

Now... LOOK at this... what about adding some black Wisper to the kitty -- make him furry. What about some metallic to the spider and beads for his eyes?? What about metallic in the tree and Jack-o-lantern faces??? What about stitching the tree with a black overdyed that has some variation in it... and stitch it going DOWN along the branches so you get grain on the trunk???

Friendship from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Health from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
Health & Friendship from The Sweetheart Tree
Here are the next two in this set of 8 designs -- all sweet *Wishes For You.Friendship and Health are the next two. All will be identical in size -- approx 3 x 4 -- worked on 28ct Platinum Linen with coordinating and complimenting shades of flosses. The Wish in the center, and special stitches in each one to add texture and zip, Sandy has also added her lovely crystal paillettes (pronounced pie-yets, with the accent on yets) and a few beads as embellishments.

Pretty little things, each is presented in complete kit format -- chart, fabrics, everything. I imagine they'll take approx a year to release... we have 4 more designs in the set, so we're running an auto-ship on them. We can just automatically send them to you as they release. Very pretty, very 'Sweetheart-Tree-y!'
Click through to Sandie's page to see more new designs...

Wooden Flag Threadkeep from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pinpillows
from Priscilla's Pocket!!!
This is a set of charts to make 6 small pin cushions reminiscent of stoneware patterns! Stitched on 35ct Weeks hand-dyed Tin Roof linen with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam floss, each finishes about the same size, but not quite.

We have packaged the 3 yards of Dames of the Needle MATCHING mini-pom-pom ball trim you see around all of these! All of your cushions will match and make a charming set!

Pine Mountain Words of Wisdom Where I'm With Family Kit -- click to see more Pine Mountain Witchey Witchey Kit -- click to see more
Witchey Witchey & Where I'm With Family from Pine Mountain Designs
Pine Mountain has some new pillows -- one is a Halloween edition, the other the next in the Words of Wisdom Series.
  • Witchey Witchey is a Tie One On size -- A 16-ct Aida panel inserted into black with silver polka dots, and orange spider webs. The bright yellow, green purple and orange DMC flosses stitch the design of a little witch who's getting too much of her brew! The presewn sham wraps around a premade pillow form, and those festive orange bows on the ends come from the organza ribbons attached to your sham.
  • Where I'm With Family -- HOME! A little larger of a wrap... same 16ct Aida center... this pillow fits around Pine Mountain's newest polka dot form -- it's cream with beige dots, so each pillow design features fabrics to accent those polka dots. This month's is full of navy, taupe, some aqua blues and a touch of green. Quick on the stitching time line to complete... good for a chair in the family room!

Just Cross Stitch Annual Christmas Ornament Issue - click to see more Just Cross Stitch Special Halloween Collector's Issue - click to see more Just Cross Stitch's Annual Christmas Ornament Magazine Issue is here... keeping the Halloween Collector's Edition company on our counter!!! Both are here for only a few short weeks... and are stuffed with designs for their holiday.

The Ornament Issues are always fun to have... but if you can't find all your past years... check out the JCS DVD of all the previous issues dating back to 1999! Have fun browsing all these tantalizing magazines!!!

Miniature Sampler Needle Minders from Milady's Needle - click for more Miniature Sampler Needle Minders
from Milady's Needle
These are sweet bits of antique sampler images shrunk down and down and down... and mounted into 1-1/4 inch 'bottle-cap-type' miniature pie plates!!! Really neat, each features a pair of rare earth magnets on the back, so you can stick them to your metal chart board, the frig (if yours will still do that!) the filing cabinet -- just anywhere magnets like to be. It'll hold your needle at the same time, and simply make you happy!
Lovely images of the samplers -- we have at least 20 different pics on these, so we'll mix up the designs!

Stitcher's Favorites from Thistles - click for a larger view Cornelia from Thistles - click for a larger view Birdhouses in my Thistles Garden from Thistles - click for a larger view
Charming Arrivals by Thistles -- Directly from The Netherlands!
Liezbeth Gottshall has quite a collection of delightful Cross Stitch designs... you're going to love her things! We have a fun pumpkin curtain (!), cute baby pillows, day-of-the-week pin cushions, a multiplication table, stitched and stuffed sheep (you can make a flock of them!), a snowman penny rug, and some darling Christmas pillows!

Everything is offered in chart format and stitched with Weeks and Gentle Art flosses. Unique designs, some different finishing ideas, Thistles is a new designer line for us in the shop!

October Eves by Just Nan -- click to see more! October Eves from Just Nan
Just Nan's Fall releases will be arriving any day! A verse by poet Humbert Wolfe: 'Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings now for October Eves!'

Stitched on 32ct Country Mocha Vintage Belfast Linen with DMC and Gentle Art threads, this finishes a petite 4-1/2 inches square. Nan has scattered black and bronze glass beads here and there, and accented the garden gate with a hand-painted-by-Nan pumpkin! Offered as a leaflet with embellishments.

Boris Bat by Just Nan -- click to see more! Boris Bat from Just Nan
Oh My gosh -- isn't this the cutest little guy??? The Halloween Edition of Nan's tiny ornaments Boris is hanging upside down! He features two different color combinations -- one on each side, and he's garnished with a swirl hanger, an orange bow tie bead, and a sparkly garland of midnight-colored hex beads that you string onto his wings. He's stitched on the new 32ct Storm Linen by Picture This Plus using DMC floss and a bit of black metallic braid.

Just a cute thing to have 'hang'in around!' Offered as a small chart with beads, tiny paper banner and swirl hanger. Fabric available separately. (Boris is part of your Just Nan Ornament Set, so he's coming on your auto-ship!)

Spider Cat Charm Garden Pin by Just Nan -- click to see more! Spider Cat Charm Garden Pin from Just Nan
Oh, another Halloween garnished pin to dress all your spooky pin cushions! This year's pin features a frightened cat -- but no wonder -- he's being traumatized by a little dangly spider! (I hate it when you walk through those webs!)

Embellished with some colorful beads and an orange crystal, it'll glisten where-ever it is poked!!! Limited in edition to 400 pins hand-made by 'Only Nan!'

July, August & September Animal Cushions from Nikyscreations - click to see more July, August & September Animal Cushions
from Nikyscreations
Niky's set of 12 monthly animals continues with this charming trio of new releases! I love, love both the beehive and the rooster.. she has them finished into small pin cushions and tucked them into a basket. (Try cheating a bit... put a little pillow in the bottom, so it raises up all your cushions a little and they all show better!)

Anyway, this has been a charming little set of designs -- very relaxed and dusty colors, with pretty borders along the tops of the cushions -- so they look extra-cool all tucked together! (We have an auto-ship for these in case you've missed any!)

House of Xmas, Wool & Sewing from Nikyscreations - click to see more House of Xmas, Wool & Sewing
from Nikyscreations
Nikycreations has three new little cut-away houses!!!!! Joining Quilting and Stitching, these are just so cute! You need to stitch them and make them into quilted hangings for your stitching stash room, or the area behind your favorite stitching chair! Each finishes about 12 x 12 on 30ct linen, and uses good 'ol DMC floss. You can always get creative and add some embellishments, laces, beads or special threads... but these are cute just as they are.

House of Wool has yarn everywhere and a sheep or two -- the knitting needles are little straight stitches with French Knot tops. House of Sewing has scissors and fabrics, and the garments hanging... I love the clock on there -- it implies that us 'needle-people' *needle* at all hours of the day and night!!! All three are offered as charts.

New Trim Colors from Dames of the Needle - click for more
New Trim Colors from Dames of the Needle
Elizabeth has lots of new colors of her fun miniature ball fringe trim -- all hand-dyed with love! I chose some brighter colors to go around small pillows and cushions.. Seems everyone is using this trim in new designs, it adds so much charm to your edging treatments.

Offered in 1-yard lengths. Tarnished Halo is close to DMC 733; Nick's Coat is 355-ish; Hallow Moon is 743; TuTu is 3326; Raspberry Pearls is 347-ish, Newt's Eye is 907 and Red Velvet Cake is 3857; Fra-Orange is 971.

Chessie & Me Gettysburg 1862 Sampler -- click to see more Gettysburg 1862 Sampler from Chessie & Me
Lovely, relaxed goldens, grays, creams and blacks... this is a stunning little sampler! Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others. Linda's inspiration for this comes from the Civil War period -- it honors the brave souls who aided the courageous 'travelers' on the underground railroad during that time period. She's included several quilt pattern motifs believed to have directed the 'passengers' along their route... the Northern Star, Flying Geese and 2 Log Cabin variations.

Stitched on the very luscious Vintage Cedar Plank Linen by Lakeside Linens using Sampler Thread hand-dyed flosses this finishes approx 5 x 9. As always, Linda has special stitches scattered all over in here... can you see them as the bricks on the house and the lines on the beehive? Windows have over-one detail... and there is Chessie up in the tree! Offered as a chart... linen separately.

Hootenannies from The Workbasket - click to see more
Hootenannies from The Workbasket
Oh my gosh -- all you owl-lovers -- this is for YOU! A stick tree full of silly owls... this measures 176 x 255 in stitch count. Coded for silks in 10 shades of grays, gold and browns, think about doing dome of these separately and in BRIGHT colors instead!

Get out your aqua, salmon and yellow and stitch some of these to match some old dishes or canisters you have!!! Every one of these little guys is just precious... they come in very size and shape! Offered as a leaflet.

Harvest Home Pynboxe from Liberty Hill & Historic Stitches - click to see more Harvest Home Pynboxe from Liberty Hill & Historic Stitches
Carolyn has painted a darling little 4-inch paper mache box with her charming signature red house and green meadows, while Susan has charted a Autumn crow to fit inside the lid! The pretty harvest tree with pumpkins and corn in the yard, inside your box, you'll make a matching wool pumpkin cushion!

Offered as a limited edition, these ship to us the last week of September. Included with the painted box is Susan's chart for the lid lining, and instructions for making the pumpkin cushion. You will need to supply a bit (6 x 6 to 8 x 8-ish -- it'll run somewhere around $5) of 35ct Cappucino Weeks Linen, Cognac Houndstooth and Chestnut Solid Weeks wools (we have TONS of gorgeous wool combinations for this), as well as a few Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

Gingerbread Haunted House from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Gingerbread Haunted House from The Victoria Sampler
Victoria Sampler has released Part 6 of her Gingerbread Village Series. Technically, that is a Christmas Village, and this is Halloween... so don't get hung up on the 'part 6' thing! If you like it STITCH IT! If you don't want a Haunted House with your Christmas Things... that's OK too! Stitched on the NEW hand-dyed Gingerbread fabric by Picture This Plus, we are so excited to FINALLY get another option for pretty fabric for this set of designs besides the discontinued and elusive Antique Almond!

The house features a purple roof... not tons of stitching... but LOTS (I counted 53!!!) of whimsical plastic button embellishments. I THINK in reading though the cool charts and the beautifully presented assembly pictures and steps that this uses 18 different little pieces of fabric. You'll need a fat quarter of both the Gingerbread and the Lilac in 28ct.. (Because there are so many little pieces... I think its easiest to cut them out of paper first and they lay them out on the main piece of fabric BEFORE cutting everything out!)

28ct Gingerbread Linen - click for moreBut back to business -- the silks are gorgeous bright oranges, yellows, and deep purples. The buttons -- especially the little Trick-or-Treaters and the Skeletons are over-the-top! I THINK this must finish about 6 x 8. It'll definitely be a stitched labor-of-love for all the Halloween-lovers in the household!! Offered as the book with button and silk pack offered separately.

NOTE: The 28ct Gingerbread Linen has been commissioned by VS... Picture This Plus has done a WONDERFUL job re-creating the awesome color Thea uses in all her Gingerbread House buildings! So.. if your stash has been waiting for 'just the right fabric' for those houses... here it is!!!

Gingerbread Mini Stockings from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Gingerbread Mini Stockings
from The Victoria Sampler
Here's a trio of 2-1/2 x 3 inch stocking ornaments to garnish your tree. Stitched on the new 28ct Gingerbread Linen, I think the puppy is waiting for dinner... but she's just told him 'just one more row!'

Regular Cross Stitch with a few Satins tossed into the top treatment, these are quick to stitch. Might be kind of fun to make them for everyone in the Stitch Group! Offered as the leaflet with accessory pack of the silks and buttons offered separately.

The Gingerbread Bakery Cupcakes from The Victoria Sampler - click for more The Gingerbread Bakery Cupcakes
These are the CUTEST ornaments we have seen in so long... you are going to be enchanted by them! Last year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue Magazine featured the Gingerbread Man Cupcake included in VS's newest leaflet of THREE stitched cupcakes! Gingerbread Cupcakes features charts for the tops of three cakes, Snowmen, Gingerbread Men and Holly Leaves, along with finishing instructions to assemble them into colorful silicone baking cups.

You'll probably want the corresponding Accessory pack of all the threads, metallics, cute buttons, all the 'candy beads' and those bright red baking cups... everything you'll need except the topping fabric is in the accs pack. If you order fabric, we'll be sending you 28ct Gingerbread by Picture This Plus that is close to the 28ct Antique Almond called for (AA hasn't been available for almost a year!)... so you stitch a trio of cupcakes for your Christmas Tree -- we think these are so creative, cute, colorful, charming, unique and too pretty to eat!

Presenting Gingerbread and Storm Fabrics by Picture This Plus - click for more Presenting Gingerbread and Storm Fabrics by Picture This Plus!
Long-awaited replacements for fabrics we have been unable to get this past year are here!!! Joining our hundreds of other fabric options, we are thrilled to announce the 'birth' of Gingerbread, and Storm!
  • Gingerbread is a warm ginger-y brown that Victoria Sampler loves to use in their Gingerbread Village series of designs.
  • Storm is a great blued-gray that Just Nan has used this season in her Flight School design.
Dyed by the gals at Picture This Plus, we have both colors available in 14 and 18ct Aida options, as well as 28 Cashel, 32 Belfast and 36ct Edinburgh options!!!!! As with all our fabrics, we custom cut to your size, or offer yardage cuts. We're thrilled to welcome back these two great color and fabric options!

Snap-Together Mini Trays - click for more Snap-Together Mini Trays - click for more Snap-Together Mini Trays - click for more
Snap-Together Mini Trays
Snap-Together Mini Trays - click for more We found some cute little travel-trays made of heavy oil cloth -- kind of a laminated fabric. They are flat. Simply pinch the corners snapping them together to make a mini-tray to hold your small things like needles, scissors, stray threads, candy... anything small and important! These are awesome for travel, fun and very handy!

Our assorted colors are a strawberry print, a bright yellow hibiscus print and overall black and white floral. We'll choose pretty options for you. Three sizes offered -- small makes a 3-inch tray with 1-inch high sides, medium snaps into a 4-inch tray with 1-1/2 inch sides, and the large snaps into a 5-inch tray with 1-1/2 inch high sides.

Basket of Acorns from Fern Ridge - click to see more Basket of Acorns from Fern RidgeCollections
Fern Ridge has released SIX new needlecase and beaded fob sets this Summer... 3 Halloween themed, 2 Autumn, and 1 Christmas... I couldn't show everything here, so make sure you click through the pic to see everything else, too!

Basket of Acorns is amazing. Pat and Peggy have so many cute things in this set of designs. The acorn case opens to reveal acorn scissors and all sorts of pockets and sleeves that are embellished with acorn beads and buttons. You make a waxer case, a place to store a wooden ruler and acorn thread winder... there is a matching tuffet ... and everything fits inside of this GORGEOUS 4-inch Nantucket basket with a removable dark wood lid!
Basket of Acorns Kit Contents from Fern Ridge - click to see more
The COMPLETE, COMPLETE kit contains EVERYTHING you need for this set! Charts, photos and finishing instructions, 28ct Tan Linen, cotton lining fabric, Weeks wool for the needlepage, Hannah Silk Ribbon, fusible interfacing, Wonder Under, Warm and Natural, needles, overdyed cottons and silks, the waxer, wooden 2-inch ruler and winder, even the scissors, AND the basket! It is reflected in the price, however... but what a neat surprise when you open the lid of that charming basket!!! I made the matching beaded fob in a class at the recent trade show!!!

Basket of Acorns Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Basket of Acorns Beaded Fob from Fern RidgeCollections
Two-Needle Peyote Stitch -- it's not hard, and after several repeat Market classes -- I can DO this on my own! The flat part is woven first from the bottom to the top -- you add the string and clam-shell finding. Then... all that lavish trim at the bottom... it's just stringing Fern Ridge's fabulous beads in a certain order. The hardest part of the fringe is to keep your thread from tangling in the other fringes you have already finished!

My scissors are now very happy! Fern Ridge's Peyote Stitch fobs all come as complete kits with instructions printed in both numbers, and colored pictures -- depending on how you like to follow them. ALL the awesome beads and charms are included -- they have exquisite taste in all their beads and things!!!

Spooky Night Sewing Case and Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Spooky Night Sewing Case and Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Spooky Night Sewing Case and Beaded Fob
from Fern Ridge Collections
This is a study in black and grays. The sewing case is stitched on 28ct Thunderstorm linen with Treenway Silks, there are spider, and little 3-D skull charms in here -- just *charming!* Complete kit contains the fabric, linings, silks, beads, ribbons... everything to make this faux-elegant case! Can you see the crystal chandelier on the cover??? It has tiny black beads dangling from it!!!

The Spooky Night Fob is all gray and purple! The Peyote beaded part is a grave stone but the fringe is the exciting part! It has that open casket dangling... and more of those 3-D skull beads! Just the funniest thing... this fob is a MUST HAVE even if you get nothing else to match it this time around!

2014 Santa Ornament Old Saint Nicholas from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2014 Sampler Ornament Merry Chrismtas Wishes from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2014 Snowman Ornament Snowmen Everywhere from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
2014 Annual Ornaments from Homespun Elegance
Every year Sandra designs three ornaments -- one for her Sampler collection, one for Snowmen and one for the Santa Collection. Always worked on a small bit of hand-dyed linen with DMCs and a few overdyeds each ornament is garnished with a tiny brass charm of some sort. This year's Santa features a bit of Wisper furry thread mixed with the DMC in his beard. If you have some light grey in your stash, you could do the same treatment with his sheep.

The Merry Chrismtas mini Sampler ornament has a tiny wreath charm, and the Snowman design is just plain cute -- they're playing in the yard, and it kind of looks like it's snowing. All are offered as charts with the charm embellishment. We have several of the previous 15or so past year's designs - but not all of them anymore!

New from Amylee Weeks 2014... click for more
New from Amylee Weeks
Bright and Fresh red, pink, white and lip-puckering lime green... the artwork of Amylee Weeks comes to life on bright 14ct Aida cloth with DMC floss and Mill Hill beads! The newest kits by Mill Hill, there are 6 in this set of Christmastime Sentiments -- Silent Night, Holy Night, Merry Christmas, Peace, Believe and Angel. Offered as complete kits, each is worked on THE MOST FUN colors of Tropical Lime or Christmas Red 14ct Aida.

Cute lettering, fun borders and little smatterings of stars and whatnots all over the backgrounds, these are SO different, contemporary and cheerful! Kits include the chart, 14ct, beads flosses and the needles. This artist has a darling set of colorful owls as well... check those out too!

Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3!
from Shepherd's Bush
Tina and Teri have sent their third piece in the six-part FOLD series of a sewing box and coordinating smalls. Goodness and Grace is a 3-inch pin cushion that features Teri's very own hand-dyed silk ribbon as the edge trim! A lovely grape silk checkered basket offers a lavish bouquet of flowers and a pretty flower-shell button as trim. The 'Goodness and Grace' of the backyard garden... a tiny house is there, as well as the sheep grazing in the yard!

Offered as a complete kit, the 32ct hand-dyed linen was worth waiting for -- and lovely! Threads include hand-dyed silks and cottons, of course there is Teri's ribbon, and lots of beads and buttons to garnish both the cushion and the edge trim. Also included is a cut of deep green flannel fabric to back the cushion! Aged Plums, Dried Pink Roses, Olive Branch and Whiskey greens and golds... the colors are gorgeous, and the few special stitches tossed in here are an added treat. A sweet cushion, luscious kit ingredients... and something charming to add to your Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box!

JABC pins for Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Notice the JABCO Just Pins poking from the pillow? A set of 5 pins -- they include a white sheep, black sheep, heart, purple flower and little black bird -- all clay-topped pins. They are an optional set that is available separately!

We have an on-going auto-ship to help you collect all six parts to Tina and Teri's Shepherd's Fold series. You can 'BOX TOP' your first design or mat it... and then stitch all the matching needlework smalls!

The Village from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more The Village and A Hallowe'en Birthday
from Carriage House Samplings
Carriage House's Kathy Barrick has a pair of recent releases that are kind of neat.
  • The Village is a study of little village buildings all lined up perfectly and the trees 'just so!' The verse talks about nature's beauty and the gifts she shares -- they've crept over the village walls! It measures 248 x 160 stitches -- so approx 14 x 9 on 36ct. Coded for silks or DMC floss, it has a lot of visual impact because of all that repetitive balance.

  • A Hallowe'en Birthday from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more
  • A Hallowe'en Birthday needs to be stitched for anyone born around Halloween -- but for goodness sakes make her face happy about it! This is a charming piece because it measures a mere 4-1/2 x 6 on 36ct! It is so much smaller than you'd think!

    I think it'd make a charming rounded cushion as an alternative to framing. Offered as a chart, it is coded for DMC or silks... super colorful and eyecatching!!!

Miss Witchy Mouse from Just Nan -- click to see more! Miss Witchy Mouse from Just Nan
Back for a Very Short Visit, as she is Nan's Fall 2014 Limited Edition Ornament.
Watch out! After graduating from flight school with honors, Miss Witchy Mouse is flying high this Halloween riding her trusty broom and wearing her highly fashionable silver hat with painted purple bead and orange crystal embellishment.

Her kit includes the witch hat, silver tail hanger, black and orange beads, brass button base and felt for the broom, along with her chart and finishing instructions. (You'll need a bit of puff to stuff her, and a toothpick for her broom handle!) Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast Linen with DMC, Miss Witchy is a bitty thing... standing just 2 inches tall!
You know... she might like to live in Scream House!!!

Pomegranate Pocket and Pincushion from Hands On Design - click to see more Pomegranate Pocket and Pincushion from Hands On Design
Hands On Design has lots of new things... Pomegranate P & P is REAL CUTE... and is her Show Special from our Fall Trade Show! You'll need 30ct Aztec Red Weeks hand-dyed linen and a pretty finishing fabric to make this case... it uses just 4 colors of hand-dyed floss. The main case features a band of rick rack -- do you see it? It's garnished with cute Lazy Daisies, French Knots and Straight Stitches -- it reminds me of a caterpillar!!!

The matching pin cushion is a SQUARE cube shape. When you see the shape of the chart, you'll instantly see how it fits together. Unusual colors, this is just a lovely set of pieces!! Offered as a chart. MAKE SURE to see the rest of Cathy's new things -- the acorns are darling and there is a cute Halloween piece!
Wreath House from Hands On Design - click to see more Twice Blessed from Hands On Design - click to see more Blissfully Unaware from Hands On Design - click to see more
Wreath House * Twice Blessed * Blissfully Unaware from Hands On Design
Here's a trio of Hands On's new things! Each one is so darn cute!!!
  • Wreath House is the center panel of this three-part set of designs. You'll find the 'Home House' (left house) in this year's 2014 Just Cross Stitch's Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, and the 'Holidays House' (on the right side) in the upcoming regular Ornament Issue!!! Just by itself the little house is cute -- it finishes approx 4 x 5 on 32ct Beach Walk Linen. In case you are lucky enough to get both the other charts, there is placement info in here to make that 3-part set.
  • Twice Blessed is a pair of vegetables -- a pumpkin and an acorn -- that say 'Grateful' and 'Thankful' down their sides. The chart comes with small round felted wool circles (pennies!) for you to cut and sew on to them -- like a penny rug treatment. Those areas are charted as well, in case you want to stitch them instead. Fabric needs to be a nice bold hand-dyed with lots of golden brown color!
  • Blissfully Unaware is the cutest thing! Hang it someplace that has nothing behind you when you look at it -- like an open hall or something. *If you are reading this then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you!* Choose a bright purple hand-dyed fabric -- we have some great Aida for this as well... and maybe toss in some bat buttons up there instead of stitching them all.. how cute! This finishes approx 7-1/2 inches square.

Counting Pins -- Miniature acorns and pumpkins from Puffin & Company - click to see more Witch Hat Needle Threader from Puffin & Company - click to see more Magnetic Pear Needle Nanny from Puffin & Company - click to see more Owl Needle Nanny from Puffin & Company - click to see more Magnetic Angel Scissor Sitter from Puffin & Company - click to see more
New from Puffin & Co!
All sorts of pretty new gadgets... Puffin's things look great poked in pin cushions, tucked into neat sewing cases or just hanging around on your magnetic board or filing cabinet!!! All handmade from nickel, copper and brass as part of a village re-vitalization work program in Thailand.
  • Counting Pins -- Miniature acorns and pumpkins... these are the CUTEST! Forget counting your starting place with them... USE THEM in cute cushions and cases!! Each top measures only 1/2 an inch in size!
  • Witch Hat Needle Threader -- One can NEVER have too many needle threaders! This is a petite 1-1/4 an inch from tip to hook... and very handy. It features a magnet on the back so it doesn't get lost. This whole collection of threaders is REALLY CUTE.
  • Magnetic Pear and Owl Nanny -- Two more needle minders that feature the rare earth magnets... these can hold charts, scissors, laying tools, pens... you name it. I've even seen the second magnet sewn into a needlecase, and the cute piece clinging to the front for the closure.
  • Magnetic Angel Scissor Sitter -- Features a clamshell clasp to clip onto scissors -- these have a 14-inch teather/string... so you can attach your angel somewhere and have your scissors clipped on with a 14-inch string. The round circle is also great for hooking your glasses. Slip a stem inside and fold up your glasses... they'll stay there.

Presenting Eve -- Gingher's 2014 Limited Edition Designer Scissors & Shears
Click here to see a page full of wonderful shears! This year's decorated Gingher scissors have finally arrived! Named EVE this year... I think they kind of suggest *Hallows EVE!* -- as in Halloween!!! Offered in the classic 4 inch embroidery, 5-inch sewing (shown here with a nifty Halloween fob from Fern Ridge, available separately), or 8-inch shear... they are sturdy, durable, and super sharp. They'll cut many, many good things like fabrics and threads... and hopefully not too many bad things like cords, paper or hair!!!
  • The 4-inch Embroidery are perfect for fine needlework and thin threads.
  • The 5-inch Sewing are good for trimming seams and will cut a few layers of fabric.
  • The Shears are what we use in the shop to cut your cross-stitch fabrics, and are the heavy-duty answer to multiple layers, felts and wools... just everything.
The spot colors follow DMC floss numbers 3012 and 3032. A mixture of mini-dots in Army and Creamy white against a black background, they look really cool with our Halloween Fobs!!!!! Subtle instead of bright and flowery this year, hand-dyed fabrics are going to look great on your stitched fobs!

Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler Things Unseen - click for more Presenting Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler!
We finally have a few more details to share about Linda's upcoming Mystery Sampler that will ship in three parts, beginning this November and continuing through December and January. Things Unseen is a year-round design with beautiful "heart" felt words to live by... any day... all seasons. Thread and fabric details follow -- lots of choices!!!!!
  • Part One's chart releases in November, along with the fabrics, flosses and embellishments. Charts for parts two and three arrive in Nov and Dec. Each chart ($9.00 each) includes a part of another design -- a little bonus! You'll have enough threads and embellishments in your packets to use for this piece (if you choose those options.)
  • Design Area is 165 x 205 and finishes approx 10 x 13 on 32ct Picture This Plus WREN Linen ($20.50) You have the option to change that fabric to 28ct Linen ($20.50) or 14 or 18ct WREN Aida ($14.50). It'll have the standard 3 inches of fabric all around, and surged edges -- courtesy of the busy gals at PTP!
    NOTE: our auto-ship will come with the 32 ct fabric unless you let us know you want one of the other fabric options.
    If you stitch the Bonus design... you'll need to supply a bit of your own fabric -- its stitch count is 154 x 34 (which is a skinny 9-1/2 x 2 on the 32ct!!!)
  • The Weeks Dye Works pack of hand-dyed flosses contains 14 complete skeins of thread -- including one *Exclusive NEW* color, and a few multiple skeins of a couple of colors. $35.00 for the set.
  • There is a special (optional) embellishment pack for this piece -- Designed by LK, the gals at Just Another Button Company have used her exclusive rose button with a whole bunch of other assorted buttons to dress up this sampler -- as well as the bonus project! $17.00

Ebenezer's Christmas from Erica Michaels - click for more Ebenezer's Christmas from Erica Michaels
*I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year*
Erica Michaels has a new sampler that is LOVELY! Work it on 28ct linen -- or any count you like best -- it finishes approx 6-1/2 x 14-1/2. Linda's piece has three separate areas -- can your eye capture them? Ebenezer's famous promise at the top, the horse pulling a sleigh in the center, and the holiday couple with God Bless Us Everyone at the bottom.

When you open your chart, you'll find each of those three parts stitched individually and finished differently. LOTS of different options with this piece! Tiny framed samplers, pillows, she has even found a 'Memory Tray' at Hobby Lobby and filled in the different sections with the needlework and matching decorations. Each of the projects is coded for flosses or silks, all in deep, classic red and greens... this has such a pretty, classic flavor! Offered as the chart.

Christmas Day Hornbook Kit from Erica Michaels - click for more Dear Santa Hornbook Kit from Erica Michaels - click for more A Pair of Wooden Hornbook Ornaments -- Silk Gauze TRY-ME Pieces!!!
from Erica Michaels
Dear Santa and Christmas Day debut as Erica Michaels' show specials this past Fall! Dear Santa, We have cookies and December 25th are both stitched on a tiny bit of 40ct silk gauze with either DMC or hand-dyed flosses, and then applied to the INCLUDED 2-1/2 inch wooden hornbook piece that makes a perfect tree ornament! Linda suggests a pretty ribbon at the top, and even ideas to embellish the backs of these for a little extra charm.

Your stitching is a mere 1-1/2 x 2, and since the gauze is cut out and not hemmed or anything, your finishing work is minimal. Aren't these cute??? Little bitty wooden ornaments garnished with your exquisite little stitches!! Each is offered in chart format with the cut of 40ct gauze along with the finished wooden hornbook piece.

Teresa Layman The Good Earth -- click to see more Teresa Layman Over the Fence -- click to see more
The Good Earth and Over the Fence from Teresa Layman
Ok all you miniature Knotwork Fans... Teresa Layman has two new designs to tempt you! NOT Cross Stitch... these are line drawings on special weaver's-like cloth that you fill in with solid French Knots of one strand of DMC floss! Not for the weak-of-knotter... if you've mastered her technique, these are actually very fun to work! You can be a nimble-knotter and do lots of knots per square inch... or not-so-neurotic, and just fill in the areas till they look full to your eye. Kind of like painting-by-number, Teresa's designs are CHARMIMG!

The Good Earth measures a mere 4 x 3, while Over the Fence is approx 3 x 4-1/2. Beautiful doll house rugs.. but stunning in a frame! Offered as the lines on fabric, you supply the DMC. Teresa DOES have several of her favorite designs charted for Counted Cross Stitch. Everything is pictured and labeled on her inside pages. We LOVE her things... and she's kind of cool too! :) (Did you know that HER gingerbread houses were THE HOUSES featured on last year's US Christmas Postage Stamps???)
Flashy Haberdashery... Our September 2014 Secret Needle Night - click to see more

September's Secret Needle Night Design: Flashy Haberdashery!
This month's Secret Needle Night is Here!!! We did a cute witch's hat... and perched it on a stick! (It's State Fair time, you know, and everything comes on a stick!) 18ct Linen, Velvets and Fyre Werks... Mona's finishing kit is optional!!

Offered as our kit of 18ct linen, threads, chart, and spider button. Mona's kit includes the Mona-painted base and decorated stick... her tied bow, twisted cord, backing fabric and mounting boards with fluff!
Stacy Nash Miss Baxter's House -- click to see more Stacy Nash Thistles & Spells Pinkeep -- click to see more Stacy Nash Whaling Ship Sewing Tray and Pinkeep -- click to see more
Stacy Nash Primitives has 6 New Releases!
Wow... a really pretty selection this time around, we have 6 new designs by Stacy in the shop! The run-away favorites by far are the chickens in Miss Baxter's Yard! We have pillows, pinkeeps, pouches, a tray and a sampler -- all full of Stacy's relaxed personality and charm!

Everything is worked on Week's hand-dyed linen with Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses... and lots of distressing... just for fun! And... all are offered as charts!

Boo & Baa-bbie from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more In Santa Claus Land from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Christmas Cottage from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more
Country Stitches' Brenda Gervais has new Autumn and Christmas designs... you can see how cute they are... even without any descriptions from me!
  • Boo & Baa-bbie
  • A very competent sheep pulling his pumpkin cart, some of his fall flowers are actually tiny bits of hand-dyed wool tacked on after the stitching is complete. Finishing approx 6 x 7 over two on 40ct... it is worked in hand-dyed flosses that include Gold Leaf, Pumpkin Pie, Toffee, Endive, Caper and Schneckley. We'll send a pretty schnigglet cut of wool that matches the design -- if you need some.
  • Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll
  • This makes a calico-lined, button-trimmed sewing case, complete with tiny wool strawberry cushion inside! On 40ct, it measures 8 x 3-1/4 and is stitched with yummy autumnal shades of hand-dyed flosses. Since it is a symetric design -- you could stitch just one half -- but I love the repeat of the squirrels and the flowers.
  • In Santa Claus Land
  • A Christmas Cupboard Pocket... can you see the houses running up and down the sides of the design? Stitched on 40ct over two, if you go larger you'll just need to adjust the shaped templates a bit. Santa is here surrounded by that charming little village! Stitched with overdyeds, Brenda includes all the finishing instructions -- I love that button touch on the needlework. The chart INCLUDES a small printed piece of antique music -- it's poking out of the pocket!
  • Christmas Cottage
  • A cut-away scene of Christmas Eve... this is shown in a frame but it might make a really pretty soft pillow. Worked on 36ct Confederate Gray Weeks linen, it finishes only 8 x 9. See the little sheepie on the mantle? He is over one! The brick wall is a combo of Putty and Almost Auburn overdyeds -- lovely!

Lizzie Kate's K71 Snow Dudes Lizzie Kate's K72 Spooky Eyes Lizzie Kate's K73 Dear Rudolph - click for more
New Lizzie*Kate is here!
  • K71 Snow Dudes -- Two ornaments -- one is a Holiday Owl perched on a festive branch, and the other a Santa Gnome -- complete with red spotted mushroom button! 28Ct Lugana in the kit.
  • K72 Spooky Eyes -- Lizzie Kate's Market Surprise Kit this season, she brings us a cute monochromatic medley of tiny keys, ravens, and even a witch's cauldron that looks rather friendly -- and not scary at all! Spelling out *Halloween* she has her famous 'Spooky Eyes' peeking out at you -- tiny button pairs stacked! Stitched on a cut of Picture This Plus EEK 28ct Linen, it's a mangy hand-dyed orange fabric with black ash highlights. The complete kit to make your 1-3/4 x 6 inch cushion includes the chart, neat fabric, Spooky Eye buttons, a complete skein of Week's Dye Works Kohl hand-dyed floss, and From the Cauldron's (Dames of the Needle) delightful hand-dyed black mini-ball fringe trim!!! A fun quickie!
  • K73 Dear Rudolph -- is the most precious reindeer finished into a small pillow -- you get fabrics, beads and buttons, trims and the darling chart!

His Eye is on the Sparrow from Heartstring Samplery - click for more His Eye is on the Sparrow from Heartstring Samplery
Wow... is sampler is a KILLER! It is so large and eyecatching... you'll fall in LOVE with it! It's a Garden of Eden sampler -- with a bit of real estate in there -- but that's artistic license! *His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me*.

The stitch count of this is 435 x 363, so it finishes approx 31 x 26 on 28ct linen. It's stitched with Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds and is just brimming with charming sampler motifs everywhere.

If you are an over-achiever... you could always take your favorite motifs out of here and make coordinating pin cushions out of them to display next to your finished sampler... or arrange some of them down the sides of a runner, or scatter misc things onto larger pillows... this piece is so charming, it can be the central decorating theme of a room! Offered as a chart... hey -- there I am, right beside it!!!

Old Hobson Meadow by The Purple Thread - click to see more Pairs of Pears by The Purple Thread - click to see more Sylvie's Penny Bag by The Purple Thread - click to see more Back to Spool by The Purple Thread - click to see more
New What-Nots from The Purple Thread
Wow... what a fun group of needlework smalls by The Purple Thread! Everything is cute, small, and full of personality! Drums, cushions, a spool scissor holder and that darling Penny Bag... everything is offered in small kit format -- with all the finishing fabrics and everything! Click through for all the fun descriptions....

Snow Magical from SamSarah Design Studio Snow Magical
from SamSarah Design Studio
Patti from SamSarah has a fun new design that is worked on the new Polka Dot Belfast Linen. Mr Snow Magical is stitched with Weeks Dye Works or DMC flosses... the white dots are already on that 32ct dusty blue linen... just ignore them!! (Their job is to look cute at the end!) He has a few Rhodes stitches in his belly - I think they kind of accent those polka dots!

After he is finished, garnish with the 4 stars, hem him, and hang him on the 6-inch metal hanger that is INCLUDED in the chart! Snow Magical finishes 6-inches square, very, very cute!

Home for Christmas from SamSarah Design Studio Home for Christmas
from SamSarah Design Studio
Here's a delighfully cheerful banner that should welcome everyone home for Christmas!! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Red Pear Linen in only 8 shades of Weeks (Aztec Red, Goldenrod, Grits, Havana, Island Breeze, Meadow, Morris Blue and Periwinkle) or DMC flosses, there are a few button garnishes on here, but you could always come up with more!

I love the curvy house and the tree, everything looks so happy and whimsical... it just makes you smile. Stitched size is approx 7 x 9, the snowflake hanger-topper is available separately if you choose that finishing option. Offered as a leaflet.
Don't miss Patti's other new things... including two new Christmas stockings.

Sampler Enthusiasts 2015 Book of Days - click to see more Sampler Enthusiast's 2015 Book of Days
The annual 9 x 12 softcover agenda by Needlework Press, this is a VISUAL calendar you can keep in your stitching bag. Record every stitch-in, shopping trip, retreat, sale, weekend event... WHATEVER great things are happening in your needlework-life!

Some record their daily stitching hours, some use it as a list, some a wish list, it's a great place to record e-mails and phone numbers, too, until you can get them into your phone. (Sometimes stitching takes us out of cell phone range!!! Oh darn!) It just has a homey-needlework-loving feel to it!
Winter Garden from Cherished Stitches - click to see more Halloween Chronicles from Cherished Stitches - click to see more The Shepherd's Love from Cherished Stitches - click to see more
Winter Garden, Halloween Chronicles and The Shepherd's Love
from Cherished Stitches
Cherished Stitches has several new designs that are charming!!!!! Here are three that are packaged as complete kits to make precious pin cushion-sized pillows. Get a neat basket, line the bottom with fabric, felt balls or neat knitting yarns you haven't used yet, and use that to display all these small pillows you are slowly amassing! You don't need separate places scattered everywhere to display your collection of little pillows... put them all together in a huge basket so they make a statement together! They don't have to be the same seasons either... just a stunning display of your *tiny trophies!*
  • Winter Garden is the 4th and final in Louise's 4 Seasons of 2014.
  • Halloween Chronicles is her 2014 Market Limited Edition Kit -- offered to only the shops who attended the recent show.
  • The Shepherd's Love is by a new designer, Threads of Memory -- Robin is Louise's daughter, and this is her Market Debut piece!

Darkwing Manor from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Darkwing Manor from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches' Annual Haunted House is Here!!! Every year, these get more and more involved with cute design details and tiny hidden surprises everywhere. Darkwing Manor is stuffed full of creepy monsters, ghosts and goblins, and spiders, cats and bats. Everyone is waiting to scare the darling little Trick-or-Treaters -- all dressed in their favorite outfits to scare -- out there in the front yard!

Stitched on Picture This Plus Dawn (a lovely deep teal blue/gray) with TONS of DMC (34 different colors) or Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- there are 22 colors in here that require multiple skeins of the same colors, there is also lots of silver metallic for all the spider webs. The Just Another Button Company button embellishment pack offers 3 grave stones, three jack-o-lanterns, a tiny Frankenstein face, 4 clay spiders and 11 bats!!!! Pam and Susan have added citron green petite seed beads to lots of the eyes of the more seedy characters in this as well.

Just a really fun, bustling scene... there is a lot of stitching in here... but since there are so many different parts, you see your picture developing FAST before your eyes! Very entertaining to work on! Pam and Susan have done an EXCELLENT job charting this. The backstitches, spider webs, button and bead placements -- all that -- is printed in color on the chart, and the chart itself is CLEAR with good symbols and printed 10 squares to the inch. Darkwing Manor will command attention on your wall... it finishes 21-1/2 x 15! Offered as the chart with fabric and clay offered separately.

Turkey Sausage from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Turkey Sausage from Plum Street Samplers
Once again, Plum Street has a really cute weenie dog piece the Fall Seasons! Joining Halloweenies, and Winter Wienerland, we now have Turkey Sausage!!!!! Just the cutest little guys dressed for the Holiday, they measure approx 4 x 12-1/2 on 32ct.

Worked in Gentle Art Sampler Threads, this would be a pretty piece to convert to the Simply Wools if you'd like a soft, coverlet-feel to it. Offered as a chart, Paulette has 5 other new releases... click the pic to see them all!

Haunting Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Chillin from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Full Moon from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Drawn Thread is in a Halloween Mood!!!!!
*Haunting Halloween* -- *Chillin'* -- *Full Moon*
Cynthia has sent some really cute new designs -- mostly on the smaller end of size -- so you can enjoy something new for the season -- and FINISH it in time!

All offered as charts, we have optional silk and embellishments packets available for a short time -- because we think that's an awesome extra option for you! We even sell the scissors she has pictured on her covers!!! Click the pics for design details...

New Threads by Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works -- click to choose yours! New Threads by The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works
Oh, we love new thread colors -- except when it's time to find space for them on the racks in the shop! One of these days, there is going to be a huge *CRASH* and 20,000 skeins of thread everywhere!!!! Both companies were on the same wavelength this summer -- all the new are red, greens and browns.
  • Gentle Art has 3 new flosses. Dragonfly is a green and brown mixture; Cast Iron Skillet is a nice black with some grey highlights; and Brown Bear is a pretty soft, medium brown.
  • Gentle Art has 4 new Simply Wools. Bayberry is a soft green with a blue tinge. Woodtrail and Endive match their floss counterparts, and Ruby Slipper is a pretty deep red.
  • Weeks has 4 new flosses. Candy Apple is a bright red -- just like the wool. Flatfish is a light, faded beach-y and driftwood brown, Jay Bird is a light blue -- very dusty and faded, and Porpoise is a light gray -- just like you'd imagine the fish to be!
All colors are available open-stock in the clicky boxes on their thread pages... but we have them bundled together for a little while to offer the new colors as a set here.

Bonnie Rose -- click to choose yours! Bonnie Rose
Such a pretty piece, Bonnie Rose is presented by The Gentle Art to introduce their 4 new Simply Wool threads! Ruby Slippers, Bayberry, Wood Trail and Endive are all featured in this delightful cushion. If you have never stitched with the wools before, you are in for a treat. They are so whisper-soft in your hands, and they offer a rich, aged look on your linen... you'll love them!

Bonnie Rose was designed by Cherished Stitches for The Gentle Art. It is complimentary chart with the purchase of the wools!

Halloween Resurrection from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Halloween Resurrection from Lone Elm Lane
Well, this is an eye-catching box-top! By Lone Elm's Stephanie, we have a very haunted house, complete with crumbling roof and overgrown landscaping. Choose any mangy darker 32 or 36ct linen to make this fit into the top of one of Lone Elm's Black Shaker Boxes. There is an invasive vine traveling everywhere, and even an empty grave!!! I personally love the little skeleton dog!!!

Anyway, charted for Weeks and DMC flosses, it's just a really fun design with some unique elements! Offered as the leaflet, we also have these luscious boxes -- which are a design favorite of Blackbird and Shepherd's Bush!

Harvest of Plenty from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Harvest of Plenty from Shepherd's Bush
Tina Richard's newest releases include this 5 x 8 sampler dedicated to the cool and sweet feel of Autumn! Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Bee's Wax linen with gorgeous shades of Gloriana and Thread Gatherer silks, there are always a few buttons scattered here and there, some Rices and Satins.

Lovely shades of butterscotch and lavender, olives and creamy whites. It companions her 4 smaller pieces! Offered as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks and buttons.

Fall Ewe All from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Autumn Sheep from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Safely Gathered from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Autumn Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Fall Ewe All, Autumn Sheep, Safely Gathered and Autumn Box from Shepherd's Bush
Four small kits by Shepherd's Bush... kind of hard to choose one favorite!!! All of them include pretty linens and hand-dyed threads, along with Tina and Teri's charm!!!
  • Fall Ewe All -- THE 2014 LIMITED MARKET KIT -- A 4 x 5 design worked on 18ct Natural Linen with Week's Dye Works flosses, it INCLUDES the hand-made polka-dot pumpkin button! We'll have this available as the chart with button after our special kits are sold out, but only till November of 2015.
  • Autumn Sheep -- A tiny kit of 32ct Antique Ivory linen, Weeks and DMC flosses and a button -- *here is the sheep who watches for Fall and rests in the dusk as the first crickets call.* Pretty colors, we love making tiny cushions out of these -- fill them with crushed walnut shells to feel just the best!
  • Safely Gathered Pin Cushion -- We think this is an Autumn version of the current FOLD series! It has the same round stylized flowers and charm! 32Ct linen Sandstone linen and Week's flosses stitch the cushion. The prettiest miniature rick-rak trim along with big lavender beads are provided for the edge finishing treatment.
  • Autumn Box -- the 4th seasonal bitty kit, this finishes a mere 2-inches square! An Autumn garden full of pumpkins and birds that are all just ablut 4 x 5 stitches each, this is PETITE!!!

Soul Birds from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Soul Birds from La-D-Da
This is a cool pattern... it is meant to be a tribute to those near and dear to you. Choose the different birds from the six offered in the chart, along with your friend or relative's initial and stitch a small pillow. Lori has used 28, 30 and 32ct linens in her assortment -- so it's OK to use any counts you want to, as well! She's coordinated her fabric scraps with the hand-dyed flosses she calls for so this is just a lovely medley of mis-matched but coordinating fabrics and colors!!!

She put a false bottom into her basket, so you can see the little cushions are standing up high in there -- nobody is lost in there! Add buttons or lace or charms to anything -- buttons off a wedding dress or a baby dress...! Offered as the chart of six pillows with alphabet for more personalization.

Eleanor Rigby from Blackbird Designs - click for more Strawberry Fields Forever from Blackbird Designs - click for more Blackbird (Beatles) from Blackbird Designs - click for more
The Magical Mystery Tour Series, To The Beatles, With Love From Barb!
Blackbird's Barb is a die-hard Beatles fan -- she saw them debut on Ed Sullivan in 1964, and evidently manages to get to as many Paul McCartney concerts as possible!!! She has designed 6 *Very Black-Birdy-Flavored* pieces to commemorate 6 of her favorite songs and the anniversary of that television broadcast. All offered as leaflets, they tell us you won't need a ticket to ride this tour bus!!! The Long and Winding Road from Blackbird Designs - click for more
  • #1: Eleanor Rigby -- Greys and Blues for the subdued piece, and pretty pinks and greens for the birth sampler shown on the back, Eleanor finishes approx 6 x 6 on 32ct.
  • #2: Strawberry Fields Forever - The 'Woolton Children's Home' (which could be your house instead!) surrounded by the strawberry gardens and the neat iron entry gate... 6 x 9 on 32ct Cedar Plank by Lakeside Linens.
  • #3: Blackbird Pincushion -- Worked in only Espresso Bean Sampler Threads -- this little guy measures a generous 6 x 6 on 30ct! Singing in the dead of night... can you see the moon in there?
  • #6: The Long and Winding Road -- Also the THIRD Sewing Box Topper Design, this is sweet. Lazy Daisies on the trees, this fits into your 6-inch Lone Elm Lane Sewing Box on 36ct Lakeside Butter Pecan Linen.

Without a Mouse Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs - click for more Spell of the Moon Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs - click for more Peace Rose Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs - click for more Le Poulet Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs - click for more
Presenting 4 New Small Rewards of Merit Charts from Blackbird Designs
Without a Mouse, Spell of the Moon, Peace Rose and Le Poulet Pin Cushion... these are always fun little designs to have! Barb and Alma's Rewards of Merit series -- these are simply charts with a small colored pic.
  • *No House Without a Mouse* -- Stitched only in 3 skeins of hand-dyed black floss -- on 28ct count this does finish 6 x 8! I rather like that pumpkin house!!!
  • *Spell of the Moon* -- On Week's Tin Roof Linen, this is steely grey ...accented with that yellow moon. Just the cutest little thing at 4-1/2 x 6.
  • *Peace Rose* -- A traditional floral sampler motif, pretty raspberry colors and a delicate border -- this finishes approx 4 x 5 on 36ct, will work on lots of fabric colors.
  • *Le Poulet* A French Pin Cushion design, lots of colored checkerboard at the bottom -- a perfect place to tie a pretty button or charm or something!

Patterned Pretties #8 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Patterned Pretties #9 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more9 Patterned Pretties #10 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
Patterned Pretties #8, 9 and 10 from Jeannette Douglas
Wow... we are collecting a stunning array of these gorgeous Bargello, Satin and Darned pin cushions! Jeannette is charting a fun stitch, supplying you luscious lengths of hand-dyed silks -- she uses all the major brands -- and matches that silk to a piece of Weeks Dye Works Hand-dyed wool.

Stitch your repeat pattern all over the 3 x 4 design area (you choose your fav fabric), and back with that matching wool. She shows a trinket or button embellishment on them, but that is up to your stash! Very well done, each comes with the chart, silks and wools!

Be Merry and Bright by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Be Merry and Bright from Jeannette Douglas
Oh, this is very soft and wooly... it finishes approx 3-1/2 x 14... and is full of lofty threads in pretty stitches. Bits of Bargello, Long Arms, Trellis, Herringbone, Queens, Florentines and Satins, the wool threads add so much texture and depth to this -- you know at once that it was stitched with something other than flosses. The smaller Be Jolly Needle Roll and Stocking Bag pieces are companions worked with the same yummy threads!

If you aren't able to do the big sampler -- get one of these smaller pieces to savour the flavor of Merry & Bright for just as much stitching enjoyment. Offered as the leaflet with threads separately.. Be Jolly comes as the chart with threads and charm, Stocking Bag includes the chart, threads, embellishments and the red organza bag.

Happy Acorn Fall Accessories by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Happy Acorn Harvest by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Happy Acorn Harvest and Fall Accessories from Jeannette Douglas
Oh wow... is THIS a gorgeous set of designs! Make a framed sampler or finish it into an E-Thing cover!!! Jeannette has charted rows and rows of acorns worked with specialty stitches on 32ct linen. Her thread selection is all hand-dyed silks -- 4 different brands, and some metallics. Teals, coppers, tans and chestnuts... I'm just happy looking at the thread packet!!!

The Accessory set features all those same threads, along with some buttons and acorns charms. There is a piece of Weeks wool in here -- for the inside of the needlecase you can see in the pic, AND the 1/2 inch wide bit of linen banding that you see just to the right of center on the pincushion!
Do you see all those wooden acorns and the needlecase and tape measure in that pic?? WE HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!! De-lish!!! Loaded with fun stitches and lots of finishing instructions and pictures. Offered as leaflets with thread packs and pin sets separately -- and all those gorgeous wood pieces separately, as well!

Exquisite Wooden Acorns and a Needle Case! by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Exquisite Wooden Acorns and a Needle Case! from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette's *Wood Guy* makes the most wonderful teeny bits of wooden needlework tools! Pictured on the cover of her newest Happy Acorn Fall Accessories, we have a charming Acorn Tape Measure, a matching Thimble Holder, a teeny-weeny coordinating acorn charm, and sleek Needle Cases! Made from assorted different woods, each one is different because of the different wood combinations.

The tape measures feature a 24-inch satin fabric ribbon that pulls out -- the acorn stem turns to crank the ribbon back inside the acorn. The thimble case has a pull-off cap! Both measure approx 1-1/2 inches long and about an inch in diameter. The miniature acorn charm doesn't open or crank -- it's just cute doing nothing at all! It measures only 1/2 an inch -- do anything cute with it that you want!!! Finally, the needle case is about 3/4 an inch wide, about 2-1/2 inches long, the top coming off to reveal a slender needle pocket inside! All TOO DELICIOUS for words!!!!!

4 of us wearing the Flax Bold collection -  click for more
Ohhhhh... Summer is nearing it's end! Our delicious, bright, colorful, breezy and totally fun BOLD 2014 Collection of FLAX is now 30% OFF!!!

We're still wearing it every day -- and loving it, too... but the Fall Limited, Travelers and Neutrals are here... and something has to go! I bet we have something pretty that would LOVE to be seen on YOU!

Call the shop for the best selection info. (888) 543-7004

Choose Joy from The Trilogy - click to see more Just Laugh from The Trilogy - click to see more Happy Whoo Whoo Day from The Trilogy - click to see more
A Trio of New Designs from The Trilogy
*Choose Joy* & *Just Laugh* are the two newest Daily Reminder designs that are simply small designs void of any fussy embellishments or details. You can stitch them as is... or jazz 'em up a little with threads, stitches or those 'fusses' you have in your stash! These are cute as bitty cube stand-ups!

Happy Who Who Day features a boxy owl in pretty Fall colors. He's got the alphabet above him, but what about leaving that off and doing him over one as a scissor fob? He'd be 30 x 40 -- just over an inch or two in size!!!!!!! His card comes with a brass star charm and a few gold glass beads. All three designs are presented in small card format.

Distinctive Presentations in Needle Art by The Binding Stitch - click to see more Distinctive Presentations in Needle Art by The Binding Stitch
Premier needlework finisher Marcia Brown has published a luscious 195 page, full color, softcover finishing BIBLE! Hot off the press, it is stuffed full of pictures and step-by-step instructions to finish canvas, embroidery and cross stitch into a million different things. Beginning with blocking and sizing, you'll learn about pillows of every different type, doorstops, frames, standing figures, weights, stockings... and then all about trims, cordings, zippers, linings... EVERYTHING!

Each chapter deals with a different finishing technique and it's particular challenges, and the hints and tips to make YOUR finishing come out perfectly. You'll be able to adapt the steps you've learned to anything else you want to transform into something lovely. A wonderful reference book, too!

Jim Shore Christmas 2014... click for more
Jim Shore Christmas 2014
Four Christmas kits bursting with personality and color have arrived!!! By artist Jim Shore, each is stitched on 18ct Navy Blue Aida with DMC floss and Mill Hill glass beads embellishments. Just gorgeous in color, each has a different border, and a different picture in the round center section.

So swirly and old-worldy! Choose between Santa, Rudolph, Mr Snowman or the tree -- or get 'em all! Offered as kits of the chart, fabric, threads and beads.

Something Wicked from SamSarah Design Studio Something Wicked from SamSarah Design Studio Something Wicked!
from SamSarah Design Studio
SamSarah's Mystery Sampler part 1 is HERE!
And it is so cute it's scary!!!

Something Wicked is a three-part piece -- presenting in three separate charts with button embellishments. Part One came today along with the specialty 32ct Brown Polka Dot/Natural Belfast Linen, and Week's Dye Works flosses.
The first part is super-fun -- but Patti doesn't even GIVE you a picture of the finished stitching -- YOU have to stitch it to see it! (So we can't show you a stitched pic either!!)

She has included a set of 6 miniature star buttons in the chart, along with her line drawing of the picture. Something Wicked part 1 from SamSarah Design Studio It's a fluffy night owl perched on a tree branch, with a BIG 'OL Harvest Moon in the sky. The main piece finishes approx 7-1/2 x 11-1/2.

There is a bonus set of charts each time as well... it spells 'something'... and THAT finishes approx 3 x 10 on Week's 30ct Peoria Purple Linen. The floss set -- 29 skeins -- contains several duplicates of colors... so either check your stash for what you have, choose DMC instead... or have us send the yummy set of threads! Such a fun treat to grace our doors today!!!

Snow Folk Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Redwork Mittens from Rachel's of Greenfield
A new addition to our line of felt and primitive stitched ornaments by Rachel's of Greenfield, this kit brings us 6 old fashioned felt mittens made entirely of red and white. Offered as a complete kit of the red and white felt, floss, gold cord and patterns, each design is an iron-on transfer... you embroider with Straight Stitches and a couple of French Knots... then Blanket Stitch the fronts and cuffs to the backs, and you're finished!

4 x 4-1/2 in size... so darling on an old-fashioned Christmas tree, these are so much fun to make! Perfect projects for beginning stitchers, or something easy to take a 'stitching break' away from something else more involved! We have a delightful collection of these felt ornaments -- take a look!

Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issues on DVD! - click to see more
Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issues on DVD!
Here are the past 17 YEARS of the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas ornament issues -- all on one searchable, printable DVD! I think it's like 1275 ornament designs in pdf format(!) Every page of the issues, it's actually pretty overwhelming!

You probably have some of the paper copies, but here is everything together, so beautifully presented. What a fun thing to take along on a stitching trip!
Prairie Schooler's 2014 Annual Santa Card -- click to see more Presenting the 2014 Annual Santa Card! from Praire Schooler
We think this is the 31st annual old fashioned Santa by Nancy and Pam of Prairie Schooler. He calls for all the same classic colors as every other year... he's the same size... and he joins a very favored and collectable group of designs! This year, Santa is caroling you a Merry Christmas.

Offered as the small card, these Santas have been stitched every way imaginable over the years. Over 4 threads on afghans, over one on 40ct silk gauze... scissor fobs, sweatshirts, tree skirts, package ties, stand-ups, quilts and stockings... here's another one to add to your collection!

The four 2014 Fall Prairie Schooler Releases...
A pair of Halloween and another of Christmas... everything has balance, simple color schemes, and Prairie Schooler personality! Lovely presentations -- as always!

Prairie Schooler's #196 Nevermore -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #197 Hocus Pocus -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #198 Christmas Tree Farm -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #199 The Night Before Christmas -- click to see more
  • #196 Nevermore -- A very spooky-flavored haunted mansion and graveyard scene. The relatives are buried in the front yard, the Ouija Board hands down there at the bottom can't wait to deal your fate... and the moons and bat at the top are just standing by to haunt and swoop down to get you!!!
  • #197 Hocus Pocus -- Ooohhh, here are 11 ornaments to join the other two from #196 to make a set of 13 creepy pieces! All 47 x 31 in size... arrange them any way you like... very intense!
  • #198 Christmas Tree Farm -- A very organized, sleepy winter village... it finishes approx 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 worked on 32ct Lambswool. Simple colors and lines, the road seems to divide the sides -- one into greens and the other -- reds! While your eye says everything is the same... no two tree or houses are the same!
  • #199 The Night Before Christmas -- This is a neat coverlet-inspired Quaker-feeling piece. I love how the reindeer seem to follow the angle of the medallions right up into the sky! Each of the side medallions is cut off in the main piece, but you'll be treated to their entire charts on the back cover of the leaflet. They each measure approx 50 x 50 stitches.

Crazy Quilting in Cross Stitch from Carolyn Manning Designs - click to see more Crazy Quilting in Cross Stitch from Carolyn Manning Designs
Here's a charming chart of 4 different Crazy Quilted squares -- only they are stitched with DMC rather than fabric pieced. Something pretty I came across, each 60 x 60 stitch count square is garnished with backstitches and a few beads. Meant to resemble mini quilts, you can add metallic, buttons, charms or even more beads if you want... anything goes with these. They'd make pretty pin cushions or needlecase fronts.

Worked on just about any fabric you like... everything is covered with stitching... so just choose something easy on your eyes. Very colorful, all 4 squares and some beads are included in the chart.

Spring Violets from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see lots more The Classic Ornaments Collection
from Country Cottage Needleworks
Nikki has announced her next series of designs... a set of 12 ornaments worked in the classic red and green Christmas colors. The first releases mid-August and will continue till all 12 are released. Each is offered as a small chart -- various sizes and 32ct fabrics -- each uses DMC and hand-dyed flosses. JABCO buttons are optional each time. The first offering is *Angels* which measures 63 x 53 and features a bell button and Classic Colorwork's Ladybug floss.

This is tough one to offer on an auto while including all the variables, so we're choosing to include the chart and button each month. Fabric is YOUR call... and you might not need all the flosses... but as this progresses... we'll know a lot more.

Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles from Cmon Monde -- click to see more
Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles from Cmon Monde
A cute needlework sampler... I love the pic! What a charming seamstress complete with straight pins in her hair!!! Stitched on a natural linen, the tiny quilt is on a separate piece of white and attached after it is stitched. (I think the mini-hoop in her hand is as well... but I don't know where to find that little bitty hoop!) The spools are Satin stitched, and the panel of lace at the bottom needs to be something special off an old handkerchief or something special to you.

Just a cute piece to hang in your stitching room. Maybe a fun padded hanging to drape over the back of rocking chair?? Stitched with Gentle Art's Barn Grey, Heirloom Gold, Summer Shower along with DMC in black and flesh colors. Offered as a chart.

July by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more August by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more
July & August from Cross Eyed Cricket
Cross Eyed Cricket continues with her creative set of months spelled out with all sorts of fun motifs. July and August are here... and they are especially festive.
  • July has a little bit of patriotic but a strawberry ice cream sundae, as well, so it's good for the entire month.
  • August is so charming because of all the beach, seaside and nautical things on it. Great colors, nothing is covered up by a letter, so you can actually make use of the designs individually on other projects. That little lobster is just as cute as can be!
This is turning out to be a really fun set of leaflets -- each is worked on a different color of linen and features a few Just Another Button Company clay embellishments.

Our Next Silver Needle Stitching Cruise - click for preliminary details Join Us for a Christmas Markets Shopping and Stitching Cruise Down the Danube River!
***We're thrilled to announce our next European Cruise -- November 30th thru December 7th, 2015!!!***
Mark your calendar and start gathering friends... we're taking one of those charming River Cruises with Ama Waterways! A few details are up on our Events Page now... (some pricing, cities we'll visit, extensions to Prague, etc.) I'll write more about it after our Annual Stitching Event we're having this coming weekend with Weeks Dye Works and AB Designs. Jeannette Douglas is our Featured Designer -- she is in charge of the lovely projects, and our Mona is even working in a finishing class for some of the projects we'll be doing on board! Call Judy Bradford -- our wonderful Cruise Lady -- to answer questions and get more details. We are so excited to begin a new adventure... Hope you can join us!!!

With the Natural Stripe Scarf We are wearing lots of different things!  Jan has the Dame Blouse in Stripe, I have on a Speakeasy Top in Check and Susan and Liz both have on Soft Tunics under the Vested Tunics We're wearing Bias Back Shirts and Ankle Pants
Presenting This Year's TRAVELER'S and NEUTRALS Collections by FLAX!
Our yummy Fall Fashions have arrived... and we've been re-arranging the shop displays to fit them all in!!!
  • TRAVELERS is all Graphite and Coal in gauze, heavyweight, checkered and striped weights and finishes. Such a classy blend of fabrics and cool grays... everything goes together perfectly!
  • NEUTRALS features Paprika, Curry, Army and Nine Iron (that goes with the Travelers!) along with Black and Natural solids. Classic smooth linen... wait till you see all the fun pieces!
Our sizes range from Small to Generous-2... and wow... the selection is GREAT, because it's just come in!!
Elizabeth Lamb 1837 from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Mary Shepherd from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Pretty Offerings from Samplers Not Forgotten
We have several neat sampler charts in the shop's bookracks. My few words really don't do any of them justice... but generally, you know when you first see a sampler if it is going to 'speak to you'... here are two by Samplers Not Forgotten... we have more when you click the pics!
  • Elizabeth Lamb 1837 -- Stitch count of 316 x 341, the design elements and colors in this are bold and stunningly organized! Sometimes the verses on old samplers are hard to read because the punctuation is strange... here goes with this one! *On the alone my Hope relies Beneath thy cross I fall thou art my life my sacrifice My Savior and My All don.* I think this would also make a gorgeous family tree piece!
  • Mary Shepherd -- This is so cool because the border is Cross Stitched and the basket is worked over two...and then again over four OVER the first stitches! THEN the florals are worked with Stem Stitch -- totally freehanded (there is an outline guide) by you!!!!! Talk about unique and gorgeous!!! This one is a petite 105 x 138 in stitch count,and features only 4 colors.

Three Owls from The Stitching Shed -- click to see a larger view Lift Off from The Stitching Shed -- click to see a larger view Pretty Garden Sampler from The Stitching Shed -- click to see a larger view
More cute editions from The Stitching Shed!
Absolutely the happiest palette of thread colors in these designs -- we just LOVE them all! They are Happy, Cheerful, Smiley, Bright and truly unique. Some are fun for a sunny kitchen window, but most need to find a home in the bedroom of some special little person of yours. Personalize them for bedroom signs or make bed pillows out of them... they are just the freshest, sweetest designs!

All are coded for Anchor Floss -- if you don't have it, go on-line and look for a conversion to DMC. The cover pictures are clear enough that you could even just match up DMCs and hand-dyeds from those!

Glory Bee from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Spring Break Out from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more American Roots from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more
Fun New Offerings from Threads That Bind
Shawn does the BEST Punch Needle designs... and here are three of her newest!!! Always very clearly printed on khaki Weaver's cloth, you are provided with a HUGE cut (like 14 x 16) of fabric -- because Shawn likes to use Morgan Stands and wants your entire working design to be visible in the frame. Not too involved or intricate, you are punching with NORMAL DMC floss -- so leave the expensive overdyeds for other projects! You get all the hand-dyed look just by changing DMC colors.
  • Glory Bee finishes approx 5 x 5-3/4, and is worked with 3 strands. I love the golden colors in the hive -- 3828 and outlines of 869.
  • Next comes Spring Break Out -- I love this one! Finishing into a 5-1/2 x 8-12 oval, this one is done with 6 strands. You'd think it was too coarse, but this one is STUNNING!
  • Finally, American Roots -- a cute house-on-the-hill scene, I love the Penny Rug detail down in the yard. Punched with three strands, you can see lots of color movement in this one -- that is simply alternating colors of DMC in your needle as you change threads! This one finishes 5 x 5-3/4.
Beautifully presented patterns of line drawing printed on fabric... if you like Punch Needle, or thinking about trying it... Threads That Bind continues to be our best selling line of designs!

Grand Old Flag from Rosewood Manor - click for more
Grand Old Flag from Rosewood Manor
Rosewood Manor has a cool new piece that she is using as a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project! Worked on Weeks Dye Works Cocoa 36ct linen... choose something a little whiter or browner if the yellow in this isn't your favorite look. You'll need 4 skeins of Weeks Linen, 1 Gunmetal, 3 skeins of Bordeaux and 5 skeins of Deep Sea!

Only the 4 colors in this 157 x 213 piece... there are lots of small sections in here that you can divide out into smaller projects. Something neat for a family room... offered as a leaflet, 10% of the sales of the charts go to Wounded Warriors.

The Sweet Temper Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more The Sweet Temper Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler
An original design by Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler, this is a lovely piece with a summery feel. She wanted something that dealt with emotion, hence the verse; *Let your temper be as sweet as the daisies at your feet, be as gentle be as mild be a modest humble child.*

The neat primitive border is different everywhere, and Theresa mentions that she has stuffed lots of little motifs in here -- just where-ever. There are Spider Web roses in the basket which are stunning! A very pretty piece... this measures 301 x 297 -- so finishes a generous 19 x 19-ish on 32ct. Offered as a chart, coded for silks or DMC, so get out your overdyeds and see what you can customize to your piece!!

our New Vera Bradley -- click to see lots more
Its Back to Campus With Your New Vera Bradley!
Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Student Agendas, Pens, Pencils and Notebooks... we have a lovely new shipment of FUN STUFF for Back-To-School!!!
Ziggy Zinnia, African Violet and Pink Swirls are the newest colors... all of the cotton pieces will be in the shop shortly. School Things came early!!!

Last Stitch Cemetery and Dark Shadows by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Back in Stock! Last Stitch Cemetery and Dark Shadows!
from Hinzeit
Two of our favorite Hinzeit patterns have floated through the shop doors again! Cute charms and even cuter motifs to put them onto... that Last Stitch Cemetery features graves for *Started & Forgotten*, *1/2 Stitched*, *Too Old* and *Lost Interest!*

Both are Hinzeit's classic 3 x 13 finsihed size, offered as charts, and include the set of charms.

Patterned Pretties #7 from Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Patterned Pretties #7
from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette Douglas has a new small pin cushion design that is a Bargello Stitch pattern worked on 32ct Flax Linen. Offered as a small kit of pattern, Weeks hand-dyed wool for the backing and a luscious set of hand-dyed silk threads, really just choose a light neutral fabric as your base, and you'll be happy.

A 3-1/2 x 4 inch panel of beautiful stitching... the threads are really the show-offs here... they are a mixture of soft lilac, olive greens and buttermilks. Bargello is simply a pattern of Satin Stitches, repeating and very organized. This whole set of small pin cushion designs is just amazingly pretty!

En route pour Noel from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more En route pour Noel from Tra La La
Oh my gosh... is this a little train of friends going to visit Santa? The reindeer and his bird-buddy are leading the wagon-train of snowman and snowbunny -- and presents!

With a stitch count of 57 x 137, this will finish approx 3-1/2 x 9 on a 32ct. Coded for DMC, it's just the cutest design idea, and offered as a chart. Designed by Tra La La's Corinne Rigadeau.

Le Linge de Blanche from Zaza Picque - click to see more
Le Linge de Blanche from Zaza Picque
Oh my gosh... I think this is laundry day!!! By Za Za Picque,(these come from France) this measures 110 x 79 stitches, is worked on an antique white linen, and coded for DMC or Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.

I just love this piece! Wouldn't it be pretty in a laundry room... or even better... sewn onto the front of a lingerie traveler bag? If you are an *organic gal* -- stitch it for the front of your wooden clothespin basket! Offered as a chart.

Uncle Sam Wabbit from Sheepish Designs Wabbit's Garden from Sheepish Designs Bee Mine Wabbit from Sheepish Designs Scare Crow Wabbit from Sheepish Designs
Wabbits!!! from Sheepish Designs
We've had these little guys over the years... and recently I discovered so many more of them that we had run out of! So, I did a nice big fat order of them... and here they all are back together again!!! Absolutely the cutest little Wabbits, they are doing all sorts of things for the Holidays, and are finished with a pretty silk ribbon rouching technique.

Wabbit's Garden was originally published in 1999 -- it is one of the only ones that incudes the small scissor fob carrot. Uncle Sam -- the newest one is from 2002. They all call for hand-dyed linen and threads -- but since these are over 10 years old, those floss offerings were much slimmer than they are now. You may want to tweak your colors a bit. Just the cutest little things, they are all the same size -- 54 x 98 stitches.

Heloise Cornu 1896 from Reflects de Soie - click to see more Anais Curveur 1896 from Reflects de Soie - click to see more Alberine Guiraud 1887 from Reflects de Soie - click to see more
Three GORGEOUS Samplers from Reflects de Soie
Thank Goodness I speak *Symbols and DMC!* Here are three stunning sampler reproductions that I couldn't resist! The images here just don't do them justice.

All offered in chart format -- no English in the instructions (but really no wording at all). All three are charted for various silks or DMC floss. We have nothing else like these, so don't pass them by... ENJOY!!!

Patriotic Sampler by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Patriotic Sampler from Jeannette Douglas
Wow... my buddy Jeannette Douglas has released a trio of patriotic designs that are stunning! (This is cool because she is a Canadian... but she 'gets us' so well!!) Patriotic Sampler is so "Ding Dang Cute" in Jeannette's words... it finishes 6 x 12-3/8 on 32ct Lambswool Linen.

Stitched in elegant cranberries, greys, blues and creme silks this piece is LOADED with gorgeous medallions and special stitches. The stars at the top and bottom are over 12 threads. Bargello waves and those cute stars and stripes hearts in there -- the colors are rich and yummy. That whole star motif area is 60 stitches square... so you have to count correctly! The bonus, however, is to watch the shading in your threads play out in the stitch patterns. The silk thread packet includes a set of 12 buttons and eagle and flag charms. Just lovely, this is offered as the leaflet with thread pack separate.

Stars Pin and Scissor Roll by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Stars Pin and Scissor Roll from Jeannette Douglas
This is a delicious little creation... worked on 32ct Natural Linen in Gentle Art Simply Wools, it is a cushion that measures approx 2-1/2 x 6-1/2 when finished. Buckeye Scarlet, Schoolhouse Red, Oatmeal, Roasted Marshmallow, Midnight, Dungarees and Old Crow, gorgeous, rich colors, they all make the Scotch, Rice and Milanese Stars pop! The big white star at the top goes over 44-ish threads.

No Cross Stitch in this at all -- just those beautiful Long Stitch Variations. This is offered with the chart, Simply Wool threads, a smattering of 6 mini-buttons, and the cuts of Weeks hand-dyed wool -- the deep blue and red Glen Plaid -- for the finishing. You'll need stuffing. As for the little fob pictured there... it is a FREE chart... details inside!

Flag Needlekeep by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Flag Needlekeep from Jeannette Douglas
A companion piece to the Stars Roll, this features the same color palette of Simply Wools -- Buckeye Scarlet, Schoolhouse Red, Oatmeal, Roasted Marshmallow, Midnight, Dungarees and Old Crow -- just a gorgeous selection. Worked on 32ct Natural Linen, this finishes approx 3-1/4 x 4-3/4. Stuffed with cool stitches again, the entire red and white striped part is done with small Satin Stitches. Your two reds give you that color play on there.

Offered as a small kit, you get the chart, Simply Wools, buttons and the blue wool for the little heart, and red for the case lining. Jeannette added her own decorative brass button to the front of the case -- that is not included -- but she suggests something special from your stash that you like better! A lovely small project with lots of stitching and color impact!

The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Long May She Wave from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Barbara Ana's Crows
We have two new designs by Barbara Ana -- a Patriotic Crow and a Halloween one!
  • Long May She Wave features a great big blue sky with an eagle, Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross (with her needle!!) Just a real different design arrangement, something about this is charming! It might be the framing the sky offers, or the wavy flag or even the banners along the bottom. Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 8-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct.
  • The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin is really neat because the pennies around the edge are actually pieces of wool -- cut and blanket stitched on there! The actual stitched center is approx 5-1/2 x 7... and notice the small coordinating scissor fob -- that is 2 x 3-1/2. For the Penny edge treatment, you'll need a set of 6 Schnigglet Cuts of our Week's Dye Work's wools to match the DMC threads used. Mix the colors of wool for the pennies, you'll be cutting 36 circles -- then Blanket stitching them onto the linen. Using #8 Black Pearl Cotton is easiest for this part -- it really stands out against the wool. So darn cute, this is also offered as a chart and is worked on 32ct Natural linen that has been distressed with walnut crystals. (or dark coffee grounds if those are on hand!)

  • Summer Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Summer Garden
    from The Drawn Thread!

    Cynthia's 6th Garden Scene Sampler -- we now have all four seasons as well has the Herb and Butterfly Gardens. Always the charming house in the center... she surrounds it with a LAVISH blooming garden of all the things quintessential to its season! With a stitch count of 289 x 63, this finishes (like the rest) at approx 4 x 18, and is worked on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen.

    It is coded for Needlepoint Inc and Dinky Dyes silks... and **for a limited time**, we have the thread packs available as well! (sorry, no open-stock thread packs) We LOVE, LOVE these gardens, because Cynthia loads them full of special stitches that look neat even on the CHART, not to mention stitched in person!

    Faby Reilly Designs Sonny The Snowman Pendant - click to see more Sonny The Snowman Pendant
    from Faby Reilly
    Isn't his little guy CUTE????? He is a THREE-SIDED pendant stitched on 32ct Antique White Belfast Linen with regular DMC flosses. Each of the three sides is an individual design -- Sonny, his mittens, and that charming top hat and bird perched atop. Each side measures approx 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. So if you construct this into the pendant, it'll make a generously sized tree ornament.

    So cute and different, you can trim up the edges a little and make a neat beaded hanger if you like. Offered as a chart.

    Mill Hill Angel Trilogy - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more    Mill Hill Celebration Santas - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more
    Mill Hill Presents Christmas 2014!
    24 New designs to dazzle -- you'll have plenty of time to work on these since Summer isn't even here yet!!!!
  • Angel Trilogy -- Three perforated paper ornaments, these go with the Nativity Series of Mill Hill's. Finishing approx 4 x 5, they are designs 10, 11 and 12 in this set and join the Holy Family, Shepherds, and The Magi.
  • Celebration Santas -- Our 16th Annual Set of three perforated paper Santa ornaments, this year's finish approx 3 x 5 like the rest, and represent our Classic American Santa, along with a French and Mexican Santa. This is such an anticipated set every year... we've organized them all on their own page for you!
  • Mill Hill Winter Series of 2014 Button & Bead Kits - click for more
  • Winter Series of 2014 Button & Bead Kits -- The classics that finish approx 5 x 5... our shop models are always stitched on linen rather than the provided perf paper. Gorgeous wintery decorations, you can frame these, make them into small hanging pillows, stand-up cubes or even banners and quilts. I love the Ginger Friends, Palace Theatre is this year's addition to the Christmas Village. (Awesome finished into those stand-up cubes!) But that Nuthatch matches last year's Chickadees... and that was the Best Seller last year, so you'll want this one to match!
  • Mill Hill Winter Holiday for 2014 - click for more
  • Winter Holiday -- The annual smaller kits are here... most match other ornaments from previous years... all are worked on 14ct perf paper with beaded embellishment. The Drummer Boy goes with previous smaller Nativity pieces, and I love that little Scottie!!!! We have a million of these smaller designs, that look great on your tree.
  • Mill Hill Autumn 2014 Christmas Jewels - click for more
  • Christmas Jewels -- A second set of baubles to match those that released a few years ago... these look like old-fashioned glass ornaments! Perforated Paper, with lots of deep royal colors and glisteny beads... everyone loves the first set. Each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2.

  • Holy Family, Little Drummer Boy and A Long Winter's Nap Stockings
    from Heaven & Earth Designs
    Holy Family, Little Drummer Boy and A Long Winter's Nap Stockings from Heaven and Earth Designs - click to see more Heaven & Earth delivers the most stunning charts of famous works of art for Cross Stitch... I definitely cannot do any of Michelle's things justice with just a few words. This is a trio of designs -- each offered in it's own chart format -- that promise heirloom stockings to treasure forever. NOT for the faint-of-stitcher, or one who catches *a few hours here and there for relaxation* -- you need to be serious about stitching to commit to making even just one of these.
  • Holy Family by Dona Gelsinger uses 89 DMC colors in its 218 x 313 size.
  • Little Drummer Boy by Dona Gelsinger has 90 colors in his 180 x 275 stitches
  • and
  • Long Winter's Nap also by Dona Gelsinger is larger at 253 x 378 - again with 90 colors.
  • Just exquiste!

    Exquisite Ornaments!
    from Heaven & Earth Designs
    Four Exquisite Ornaments! from Heaven and Earth Designs - click to see more Here is a set of 4 *Ornament* designs -- they each measure 175 stitches in diameter -- so over ONE on 25ct, they finish 6 inches in size! Pretty generous for ornaments!!!!!! SOOOO.... what about gorgeous framed pieces worked over two on something reasonable like 32? That'd make them 11 x 11! Scott Gustafson's work is showcased in the Decorating The Wreath piece, while Donna Gelsinger's work appears on the other three.

    89 and 90 Colors of DMC floss in each, as you can see the shading and design details are incredible. The charts are very involved... clearly printed... but challenging to follow because of all the design detail and color changes. Blow up the charts, and get a highlighter to mark areas you've already stitched. Just amazing charts and designs to look at... some of you can stitch these, and you are just as amazing!!!

    JBW's 293 Seaside Alphabet - click to see more JBW's 289 A Friend So Dear - click to see more JBW's 290 Now I Know My ABCs - click to see more
    A Friend So Dear, Seaside Alphabet and Now I Know My ABC's from JBW Designs
    JBW has 7 new designs... all presented in small card format charts. Here are just 3 of them...
  • Seaside Alphabet is a companion to Great Pumpkin, Christmas, Reindeer and Hearts! It's a scattered alphabet that meanders through lots of individual motifs to set its theme. Stitched in dusty nautical blues and reds, there are tiny lighthouses, sailboats, flags, fish and even a little sand-colored seagull. Finished size is approx 2 x 16!
  • A Friend So Dear is a BEAUTIFUL piece!!! (Actually, I can't believe it's offered in this petite card format!) Finishing approx 6-1/2 x 12, the verse is lovely, and the motifs are charming. Everything is divided up by very pretty borders. *How sweet it is to have a friend so near and dear.* 28ct Confederate Grey linen, this is stitched in a medley of hand-dyed flosses or DMC. Nothing called for embellishment-wise... but you could always add some heart charms or a few buttons or beads if you have just the right thing!
  • Now I Know My ABCs -- Stitched completely in red and white, this piece measures 62 x 166 in stitch count. It features all the letters of the alphabet with corresponding itty bitty motifs -- and everything is divided up by the lacy white borders. There is a button set available -- just the right sizes to fit everywhere on here!

  • SNOWBELLES By Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill - click for more
    Presenting SNOWBELLES By Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
    Well... Mill Hill pegged the weather correctly when they packed our box of these TOO CUTE new little guys!!! Who knew the entire country would be dealing with snow and snow, and snow....? Debbie Mumm has designed a set of 5 Bells -- Snowbelles - to be exact. Darling little snowmen with bell-bottoms!!!

    All offered as complete kits, they are worked on 14ct white perforated paper with DMC floss and smatterings of Mill Hill glass beads. Each finishes approx 4 x 5-1/4... much smaller than the actual things in your front yard!!! So... we introduce: Jingle, Jangle, Freezy, Flurry and Frank!

    There's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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