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Halloween Driving Lesson from Madame Chantilly Halloween Owls from Madame Chantilly Le Village de Pere Noel from Madame Chantilly
Three New Charts from Madame Chantilly
  • Halloween Driving Lesson -- The girls are getting a driving lesson under the watchful eye of the Witchy-Marn and her little owls. CHECK OUT the little guy on the broom -- He's directing the traffic with his little wing stretched out! The rooftops of the city, midnight on the clock... notice the pumpkin patch below is CALICO FABRIC! Those are not stitched... you Blanket-Stitch the whole vine and add those cool leaves and pumpkins out of any wools or scraps you have in your stash! Distress any fabric you want to stitch this on... it's super-cute, 234 x 97 stitches!
  • Halloween Owls -- Another cute one... this time, the owls are dressed up like ghosts and witches!!! They are just hanging there looking at us! I like the finishing treatment for this. It is framed, but LOOK at the strings that are stitched. They look buttoned onto that fabric panel.. I think that's a really cool way to add fabric and extra color and interest to something... mixing the media a little. Stitch count on this is 108 x 148.
  • Le Village de Pere Noel -- Santa's Village -- this is a cute little street scene. It needs some beads or metallics or buttons, I think... lots of places to add embellishments. You can't see the snowflakes in the sky -- they are white wisps. They would be pretty with some opalescent threads in them. This one measures 216 x 85 in stitch count.

Gingerbread Quilt Shop from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Gingerbread Quilt Shop from The Victoria Sampler
Part eight of Victoria Sampler's charming stitched Gingerbread Village is here! Joining the church, tree, cottages, bakery (and even a haunted house which kind of snuck in here!), is a new Quilt Shop. Truthfully, we aren't enamored with the shape of this shop, but it might make a nice 'transition piece' in your village arrangement. TONS of stitching and design detail in here, you'll notice that the front door is actually a separate little sticky-out area, and there are the quilters in the window above!!!

Worked on 28ct Gingerbread Linen, there are wonderful finishing instructions included in the leaflet -- 18 pics -- and great stitch diagrams. The thread/accessory packet includes all the silks, metallics, beads, gingerbread men buttons, micro buttons -- and even the little shop dog!!!! With every side stitched differently, you get pretty quilts no matter which side you see! Offered as the leaflet with Accs pack separately. You will need a piece of linen at least 14-ish x 33... we like 1/2 yard cuts better!

***Look in your 2015 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue! You have a tiny quilt ornament chart that GOES WITH this shop!!! We have the accessory packet for that ornament -- so start with it... it's just a bitty little thing!

Jim Shore Santas and Snowmen from Mill Hill - click for more
New Jim Shore Santas and Snowmen from Mill Hill
Getting ready for Christmas -- Mill Hill has released a set of 6 paper ornaments to dress your tree. Artwork by Jim Shore, we already have six Santas -- now here are three more for that set. The snowmen are completely new.

Offered as perforated paper kits, each is full of flosses, some glisteny glass beads for a bit of jazz, and lots of quilted charm. They all finish approx 3 x 5, and because they are lightweight, they display beautifully on any Christmas tree!

Garden Borders #1 from Blackbird Designs - click for more Announcing a New Garden Club! from Blackbird Designs
A new 12-part monthly series is beginning -- Barb and Alma's 'Little Sewing Circle Club!' With a name like 'Garden Club,' we will be treated to florals and greenery in this set. They say it 'might be a lovely basket of flowers, bees buzzing from flower to flower, or like the first design, an abundant harvest of cherries. In either case, you won't have to worry about getting your hands dirty working in the garden!!!'

Finish them into pin cushions or frame them... Alma is stitching each one (approx 4 x 4 each) on a different color of Week's Dye Works 32ct hand-dyed linen and then sewing them all together to make one larger piece! If you are a member of The Silver Needle's With A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle -- you'll recognize this finishing treatment -- two different colors of fabric joined in the same piece! We love the idea! Anyway, reserve your space in The Garden Club NOW! We'll be sending the charts and linen cut each month as released!!!

Bittersweet September from Blackbird Designs - click for more Patchwork Pumpkin from Blackbird Designs - click for more New Rewards of Merit from Blackbird Designs
Alma and Barb have two new mini-designs offered in their small Rewards of merit size... perfect for small framed pieces or pretty pin cushions. Grab a schnibble of Week's hand-dyed linen and some overdyeds from your stash for these!!!
  • Patchwork Pumpkin -- LOVE, LOVE the border on this one and the trailing pumpkin vines all over the sky!!! Quilt motifs on the pumpkin and that structured brick house -- the whole thing is charming!!!
  • Bittersweet September -- A fall-flavored design much simpler than the Patchwork Pumpkin piece -- you get the huge bittersweet blooms, the crisp moon, and more pretty autumn-y color!

Announcing Country Cottage's Gingerbread Village Series -- click to see more Announcing Country Cottage's Gingerbread Village Series!
Beginning mid-October we're being treated to a new 11-part monthly series by Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks. Beginning with a Gingerbread Train in the center (110 x 60 stitch count), there will be 10 more designs (55 x 60 each) surrounding it. You can stitch it all on one piece of fabric, or make your own stand-up village of buildings. It will feature a few Just Another Button Company buttons, and can be worked on numerous different fabrics -- 32ct Natural Belfast, to Opalescent to the Polka Dot. Total thread usage will be Classic Colorworks Bean Sprout (2), and Ribbon Red (2). Week's Hazelnut (3) and Pecan (5). DMC White (4), 3371 (1), 469 (1), 741 (1). Each of the 11 designs is being released separately in small chart format... so of course we are beginning an auto for this!!! Please communicate to us in our comments box (or call on the toll free line 888-543-7004 -- which options you want! Charts only, charts and buttons, which fabric, floss or no floss... there are too many options here for me to list all the ordering combinations. We'll send flosses and fabrics with the first shipment, charts and buttons monthly thereafter. Charts are expected to run $6.00.

Country Cottage's Countdown To Christmas -- click to see more
Countdown To Christmas
from Country Cottage Nedleworks
Country Cottage Needleworks presents an Advent Calendar that is bitty in size but big on charm. Finishing a mere 6 x 10 on 32ct, it's coded for DMC and hand-dyeds.

It might really be fun to frame this, and make sure there is a FAT chuck of foam board behind it, so you could stick-pin a piece of peppermint to each of the days-in-waiting!!! Offered as a chart.

Gingher's 2015 Limited Edition WREN Scissors - click for more
Presenting Gingher's 2015 Limited Edition WREN Scissors
Always long-awaited, Gingher has released this year's special scissors. Limited in production... every year these seem to sell out earlier and earlier... so please don't wait too long to get them if they need to join your stash!

A deep purple this year, with a creamy quatrafoil pattern, we have 4-inch Embroidery, 5-inch Sewing and the 8-inch Dressmaker shear options. Each comes in a clear gift box with either a leather or plastic protective sheath.

DOVO SN14B and SN14A in stainless - click for more
Two New DOVO Scissor Offerings!!!
You'll recognize these 3-1.2 inch embroidery styles from some of your Gingher and other DOVO scissors... but here they are in polished stainless steel featuring DOVO's precision tips and unsurpassed cutting action! We have not had either of these two shapes in the polished stainless before... so they are two new treats for your stitching basket!!!
  • SN14B -- Traditonal Heart -- Pretty handles, nice and substantial blades, these measure 3-3/4 inches in length. They are stamped DOVO, Solingen Germany on the blades. Lovely points and graceful blades, this has always been a popular style, but these won't feel like any of your others!!!! Like cutting through butter!
  • SN14A -- Anniversary Scissors -- From an antique mold, I call these The Anniversary Scissor, because DOVO made a release similar to these years ago for their 100th Anniversary. Long ago sold out... we are once again treated to this very pretty 3-1/2 inch style in a shiny stainless steel. Super-sharp tips and blades, they are *JUST* a bit thinner than the 14B Hearts. For a time, (this shipment anyway!) they are packaged in a DOVO gift box with luscious embossed leather sheath, and you probably really do need them!!!

DOVO Super-Sharp Tweezers - click for more
Super-Sharp Tweezers
By DOVO, these 3-3/4 inch brushed stainless tweezers are razor-sharp and EXACTLY perfect at their petite tips.. The best part of getting a sliver is using these tweezers!!!!!

Wonderful for grabbing stray threads, but don't limit these to your stitching basket!

Counting Pins from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Counting Pins from La-D-Da
Lori has made 2 styles of elegant counting pins to decorate your special pin cushions and sewing cases... They were special to our class this past summer, and to the recent Needlework Galleria Show we just attended.

Topped with a pearl and dressed with silver squares or rings, how lovely to decorate something special!

Christmas Memories from Blackberry Lane Christmas Memories from Blackberry Lane Designs
Blackberry Lane has a lovely new pair of Christmas Tree designs -- kind of a feather tree idea -- featuring branches filled with antique Christmas toys and trinkets. Two different designs -- both feature the trees cross stitched over two threads with long stitches to mimic the pine needles. THEN, the ornaments are all stitched over one thread. Absolutely incredible design detail -- Marie Driskell excels at this sort of thing! -- you won't believe how beautiful all the little toys are! Snowmen, angels, dolls, sheep, a nutcracker, caboose, gingerbread man, Santa a horn, just a million little things!

The smaller version is worked on 32ct lambswool and measures 43 x 67 stitches -- 2-1/2 x 4-ish. The larger tree is done on the 32ct natural linen with the white spots painted on it. It's a little more challenging because of the paint kind of clogging the fabric holes (but the finished effect is SO COOL) That one measures 52 x 69 and finishes approx 3 x 5. Honestly, this is a CHARMING set of designs!!!!! Get it for the Stash!... and maybe stitch JUST the bitty ornaments that are only 10 threads high!!!!!

Over The River by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
Over The River from Jeannette Douglas
Oh, this is a super-gorgeous, super-textured piece full of Autumn flavor... do Grandma's House for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas! Choose a neutral 32ct linen, your silk threads are all cinnamons, browns, brick reds, ambers, teals, mossy greens, a bit of cream and even some aqua metallic to make the little river glisten! Jeannette has packed this full of special stitches -- the border is Saw Tooth, then that gorgeous section of small star motifs on the upper left -- they are all Milanese and Scotch. The water is all Satin, the turkey is over one... and lots more Milanese in the bottom row of leaves.

I think by the pic you can tell the variety of pretty colors in here -- in person, the model is just stunning! It finishes approx 9 x 12-1/2, and is offered as a leaflet with threads (Gloriana, Silk 'n Colors, Splendor, Needlepoint Inc and Accentuate metallic) separately. (This is not, however, coded for DMC.)

Bargello Pin Cushion from Jeannette Douglas Pumpkin Pin Cushion from Jeannette Douglas Pumpkin and Bargello Pin Cushions
from Jeannette Douglas
Oh, these are so pretty!!!!! Pin Cushions offered in chart format (we have threads in *some of them for a limited time*), they are tucked into the Lone Elm Lane Shaker Pin Cushion Bases. You can choose the Bittersweet, Brown, Brick Red, Black, Pewter... most of her base colors will work for these. They'll be pretty stuffed with lizard litter too, if you simply want to stuff them without the wooden base option.
  • Pumpkin Pin Cushion features 4 patterned pumpkins -- just Cross Stitches made to look like spots and checkerboards. A few petite seed beads embellish here and there, you'll need 10 different over-dyed flosses from your stash, the stitch count area is a mere 69 x 69 in size.
  • Bargello Pin Cushion is stunning! It is done on 35ct Cappuccino (if you want it to fit inside the wood base -- otherwise, any count you want will work), and is ALL SIMPLY Satin Stitches. You HAVE to get the count correct on your first row, and then after that, when you memorize the pattern... you won't even need the chart to keep stitching this! Just 5 colors, this is coded for silk but cottons will work beautifully as well.

Bounty Sampler from Plum Street Samplers Labor For Learning from Plum Street Samplers Blessings Abound from Plum Street Samplers
A trio of awesome new Plum Street Samplers... all are offered as charts!
  • Blessings Abound -- Words over one, the colors in this are stunning! A little pot of pumpkins and flowers, the acorns in here are pretty cute too. Glazed Carrots, Brandied Pears, Peanut Brittle, Wilderness, Manor Red, Caterpillar, Cinnamon Toast and Antique Lace -- all Classic Colorworks -- this little guy measures 59 x 57 in stitch count.
  • Bounty Sampler -- This is a neat harvest piece. LOOK at the movement of the motifs! The pumpkins are bold and organized at the top. The leaves in the center are all leaning and look like they're blowing everywhere! Scarecrows in the cornfields, and that little skinny-tailed turkey -- it's all cute! Worked with 11 colors of Weeks and Gentle Art flosses, it finishes approx 8 x 9 on 36ct. Choose any light neutral color of fabric you want!
  • Labor for Learning -- 'labor for learning before you grow old, for it is better than silver and gold.' 108 x 118 in stitch count, just a pretty piece that I think someone who teaches might really appreciate! 11 shades of Classic and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

Over The River Kit from Shepherd's Bush Harvest Home Fob Kit from Shepherd's Bush Joy to Ewe LIMITED KIT from Shepherd's Bush Grateful Heart Bag Kit from Shepherd's Bush
Lots of Fun New Things for Fall from Shepherd's Bush!
  • Over The River -- A pretty Autumn vine of leaves surrounds the tiny cabin in the woods - complete with evergreen trees (and of course) -- a few grazing Shepherd's Bush sheep!!! 'Over the River and through the woods' is the verse -- but this time, we're not talking Christmas -- it's AUTUMN! Gorgeous 30ct hand-dyed Harvest of Plenty linen and Weeks hand-dyed flosses in 12 awesome autumnal colors, there is a packet of bitty button embellishments as well. Finishes approx 5 x 7, offered as the complete kit.
  • Harvest Home Fob -- Bright sunflowers and pumpkins surrounding the brick red house, this small kit comes with the overdyed threads, bit of 32ct linen, bead and button embellishments and super-cool apple green hand-dyed rik-rak trim that you can see in the pic. Finishes about 3 x 3, offered as a complete kit.
  • Joy to Ewe -- Darling little polka dot clay hat for the sheep, elegant burgandy silk ribbon for finishing, this little kit comes with both, as well as hand-dyed floss and the pretty backing fabric! Finish your little Joy Ewe as a 3 x 4 pin cushion (you have the ribbon for the edging) or get the Jill Rensel mat for a framed presentation. Kits are LIMITED.
  • Grateful Heart Stitching Bag -- Another Ticking-Stripe zippered 4 x 6 fabric pouch, your bit of stitching fits on the linen insert on the pre-finished bag. Just the yummiest cinnamons, ambers and mossy greens, there are also a few tiny button embellishments in here. Something like the 4th or 5th in this set of designs -- they are real cute tucked in your stitching bag to hold small things. The complete kit includes the pre-sewn bag, threads, embellishments and the chart.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush Midnight Garden Tray Kit from Shepherd's Bush Autumn Trifles from Shepherd's Bush Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon from Shepherd's Bush
  • Pumpkin Box -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!! A teeny bit of 32ct Purple Passion Linen, you get 5 shades of DMC -- 301, 310, 729, 898 and 3011 -- to make this striped pumpkin. Decorated with Boo, Spooky and EEk... they've even tucked spiders and bats on it as well. Only 25 x 25 stitches in size, it's just the cutest little thing! Complete kit of fabric, threads, and button embellishments.
  • Midnight Garden Stitching Tray -- Sheep in the cemetary/pumpkin patch... this is a busy little Witch's Garden scene complete with dangling spider, and buried bones!!! Worked on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen in beautiful floss shades, it finishes approx 3 x 5 and is shown inside a Retromantics miniature black wooden tray -- about 4 x 6 in size. Too cute, tray if offered separately.
  • Autumn Trifles -- A trio of pin cushions offered in leaflet format, choose just about any small scraps of fabric from your stash, or get what the patterns cal for -- each is garnished with a few clay buttons by Just Another Button Company. Stitched with a mixture of 10 hand-dyed flosses by Weeks, Classic and Gentle Art, the clay embellishments are offered separately.
  • Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon -- Offered only once in a while -- after she has dyed a batch -- we have LOVELY assorted 4-yard cuts of Teri's hand-dyed ribbon! Taupes, Raspberries, Purples... every piece is different, but each package is a color that matches Shepherd's Bush's designs. We like them specifically for the smaller designs you finish into sewing cases and pin cushions.

Map of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Map of Hawk Run Hollow
from Kathy Barrick
Wow... What a show-stopper! Everyone is in love this with new piece by Marty Barrick. 260 x 247 Stitches in size, choose floss or silks to stitch this charming map of the imaginary Hawk Run Hollow Settlement.

The river, bridges, the town square, cemetary... the fields and even the compass star, the design is bold and the elements are charming! It's a 'gotta have' and would even make a really neat couch pillow!!! Offered as the chart.

Tomcat Alley from Carriage House Tomcat Alley
from Kathy Barrick
Wow... what a fun, bold, contemporary and fresh design! Great colors, I love the straight lines of the apartment buildings against the curves of the yellow cat. The big white pumpkin down at the bottom is fun -- it accents the trim around the windows in the buildings. The moon mimics the cat, and the roof kitty mimics the black windows(!) and that little spider....everything belongs in this piece!

Offered as a single chart, it finishes approx 3 x 6-1/2 on any neutral 32ct, and is worked with either Needlepoint Silk or DMC.

Halloweenie Limited Edition Kit from Lizzie*Kate Halloweenie Limited Edition Kit
from Lizzie*Kate
Lizzie Kate's newest mini-kit, stitch this little 2 x 4 guy in a jiffy on the provided 28ct Amber Linen using 8 Weeks or DMC flosses from your stash. You get to embellish the little owl with two micro-buttons that turn into HUGE owl eyes on the little guy, and then add two more micro buttons to spiders on the matching 1 x 1 mini-fob!

Linda's kit includes the chart, linen, buttons AND the black and orange finishing fabric AND cool green and orange rik-rak trim! You can see the little broom on the model pic -- they have instructions for making that online.

S124 Grateful Thankful Blessed Snippet from Lizzie*Kate Grateful Thankful Blessed
from Lizzie*Kate
A new Snippet design by Lizzie Kate, this just about says it all... and needs no more description!!! Offered as a single small card, the design is worked on 30ct Lambswool and finishes about 4 inches square.

Grab some hand-dyeds or DMC from your stash, spend a couple of blessed hours being grateful and thankful for the stitching time. and enjoy!

Lizzie Kate's A Little Mystery finished model - click for more Lizzie Kate's A Little Mystery bonus designs - click for more "A Little Mystery" Part Three
from Lizzie*Kate
This concludes our 3 part "A Little Mystery" Sampler. Part Three includes the BONUS pattern "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today". This sweet project coordinates with all of the other mystery projects. Part Three also reveals the finished mystery design, so for those of you who want to "see it first," now it's here!

Each part of "A Little Mystery" includes a BONUS pattern. There's also "A Little Mystery" Embellishment Pack available, which includes goodies for the big design, as well as all 3 BONUS designs. Thanks for stitching along with us on "A LIttle Mystery". We love mysteries and it's so fun to share them. We had a great "little" time together!
September Ding Dong Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff!
September's Spook of the Month
from Val's Stuff
*Ding Dong* continues this fun set of 12 little 3 x 4 stitched Spook Cards, bright colors and clay button googly-eyes, they are turning into cute magnets and paper ornaments.

Included with the chart are the buttons, perf paper and wool backing - you'll need the outrageous floss colors from your stash. Just very fun.

Square-ology 115 Gather Bit by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 116 Gather Squirrel Around by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 117 Gather Bittersweet by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 118 Gather Harvest Basket by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more
Square-ology -- The Gather Series
from JABCO and Hands On Design
Just Another Button Company and Hands On Design have released their next set of 4 small designs that are meant to be turned in every direction and stitched again... so each is multi-directional. Confusing... but that's OK! This is a really nice group -- all Autumn-y in flavor. Each is presented in a small card format with a smattering of clay button embellishments.
  • Gather Bit -- This is the smallest of the set -- meant to be a fob or something like that -- it measures just 30 x 30 stitches, or 2 inches on 14/28 ct.
  • Gather Squirrel Around -- LOVE this -- squirrels chasing, chasing, chasing! See the swirling leaves and the tumbling acorns? 60 x 60 Stitches, so 4 inches on 28ct.
  • Gather Bittersweet -- Very pretty grapevine wreath decorated with blackbirds and berries -- 60 x 60 stitches again.
  • Gather Harvest Basket -- Cute little baskets, cute striped pumpkins, I love the squash in the center! 60 x 60.

O Christmas Tree from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more O Christmas Tree
from Samplers Not Forgotten

Oh.. the English words to "O Christmas Tree" are the verse for this!!! A twiggy little border, and that awesome special stitch and verse area, this would be a pretty decoration to bring out every year to display on a table easel.

Finishing approx 10 x 11 on 36ct, it calls for only Gentle Art's Forest Glade, Onyx, Garden Gate, Picnic Basket, Picket Fence and Cranberry flosses. SNF has several other recent new releases, too!
Bistro de Paris from Madame la Fee - click to see more La Petite Brocante from Madame la Fee - click to see more Le P'tit Pecheur from Madame la Fee - click to see more
New Arrivals from Madame La Fee
Absolutely charming French designs by Madame La Fee, we have EIGHT in all! I love the Bistro de Paris piece -- wouldn't that be pretty in a kitchen??? The P'tit Pecheur is delightfully nautical... did you see the floating bottle with the note in it??? The shrimp, crab, compass and anchor -- this is a neat medley of watery stuff!

All offered in chart format, instructions are in French, but all coded for DMC floss. Each measures approx 180 or 190 stitches square, so on 32ct, each finishes approx 12 x 12! WE LOVE the designs... enjoy all them all!

Spring Snow from Ink Circles - click to see more Spring Snow from Ink Circles
Pretty colors in this -- grab a 11 x 13 cut of Week's 30ct Dove Linen and Sampler Threads of Maple Syrup, Slate, Straw Bonnet, Deep Forest and Endive. I see Spring's fawns and rabbits scattered among the falling snowflakes... and lots of foresty evergreens.

I love the colors and the balance in this. What a pretty piece to hang during the transitions of the seasons, it finishes just 5 x 7, and is offered as a chart.

Pumpkins Farm from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Pumpkins Farm from Cuore e Batticuore
This is a fun design by Cuore d Batticuore -- an Italian company. A busy pumpkin farm, it's stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen with DMC flosses and finishes approx 15-1/2 x 9-1/2 in size. Cute little house, fun pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns everywhere, what I think are the most charming elements are the translations.

*Pumpkins* is plural, and the big fat ones up at the top left are only 2 CENTS each!!! Presented in chart format -- very clear -- they offer colored charts, so this is supereasy to stitch from.

Autumn Bird PinCushion from From The Heart - click for more Autumn Bird PinCushion
from From The Heart
Here's a sweet pin cushion design that fits the small 4-inch Shaker Lone Elm Lane cushion rounds. By From the Heart, it is worked on 35ct Country Mocha Linen, so will finish 3-1/2 inches round.

Worked with Sampler Threads of Copper, Green Tea Leaf, Brown Bear, Pumpkin Patch and Endive... if you need to change the bird colors, it is an easy thing to do! Presented as a small chart.

Postcards From The Heart #7 Tour from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Postcards From The Heart #8 Beach from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Postcards From The Heart #9 Hero from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more
Postcards From The Heart Set 3 from Summer House Stitche Workes
Summer House Stitche Workes is presenting a pretty set of small designs and finishing them in super-cool ways on little burlap canvases. Each Postcard From The Heart features a pair of tiny designs that are all stitched on various colors of Weeks Dye Works 32ct hand-dyed linens -- in one color of floss, of your choice.

Next, get our bitty burlap-covered canvases -- you see them in the model pics... and then hit your button box for buttons and laces, your scrapbooking bins for cool papers and little trinkets, and your travel memoirs for ticket stubs and maps. Glue your stitching onto the burlap board and embellish with your *found objects!* Each card is offered separately, and the burlap boards are available as well!

A Fall Gathering from Cherished Stitches - click to see more A Winter Gathering from Cherished Stitches - click to see more
A Fall Gathering & A Winter Gathering from Cherished Stitches
Louise Henderson of Cherished Stitches has released her next two Seasons of Gatherings... small pin-cushion designs.
  • A Fall Gathering -- This is LOVELY! Very traditional border and birds, with the cornucopia in the center... this finishes approx 3 x 3 on 32ct linen. The complete kit comes with intoxicating materials!!! A luscious brown cotton backing fabric, Weeks Dye Works and limited edition hand-dyed flosses in golds, cinnamons, berry reds and mossy greens, the 4 stone buttons for the corners, and YUMMY green worsted wool for the cushion trim.
  • A Winter Gathering -- Wow... just as pretty ... this one has 32ct linen. Black, moss, gold and cranberry calico backing fabric, and lots of black silk bamboo for the cording Forest Glade Sampler Thread and a smattering of berry, maple and gold hand-dyeds... the colors in this are deep and wintery! The blue in the pic is actually very rich -- a cross between 930 and 924. A very traditional sampler basket design, it's just pretty regardless of the season it is supposed to represent!

A Happy Halloween from Lila's Studio - click to see more A Happy Halloween from Lila's Studio
Choose a semi-darkish, mangy fabric as the backdrop to this bustling Halloween piece and stitch it all in a row -- like the picture -- or as individual ornaments. They'd even be cute as individual pin cushions tucked into a scary bowl of T or T candy! Calling for DMC 208 and 907, you'll also need Sampler Threads of Slate, Ohio Lemon Pie, Fragrant Cloves, Raven, Chalk and Garden Gate.

The entire piece measures about 14 x 4 on 32ct... add some cute buttons from your stash if you have some. I love that little craggly tree in here... doesn't it look like it has feet and a curving back and multiple branch-arms coming out to grab you??? (And that little spider -- he looks more rattled than I would be if we met face to face!!!)

The Olde Salem Stitcher's Boxe from Liberty Hill - click to see more The Olde Salem Stitcher's Boxe from Liberty Hill
Liberty Hill has sent a CHARMING hand-painted sewing box -- all decorated for the Fall. A quiet Halloween-ish evening street scene is painted on the top of this 8-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 2-1/4 inch box that opens like a book. Flip open the lid to reveal a two-compartment storage area inside.

Along with Mercy Goodheart - she's the Thread Keeper and is painted on the thread board - you get a small house fob that would be fun tied to a pair of scissors. Extremely pretty colors this time around, this will make a pretty Fall decoration, and a neat place to store a few threads or a secret stash of candy!!!

The Eyes Have it from Val's Stuff I'm On Pins and Needles Limited Edition from Val's Stuff I'm On Pins & Needles and The "Eyes" Have It!
Val's Stuff has two new releases that compliment her Monsters-of-the-Month series... five cute new designs that are too much fun to pass by! Stitch them on perforated paper and hang them on a crooked tree branch for decoration.
  • I'm On Pins & Needles is a Limited Edition Kit. Finishing only 3 x 3 on the provided 14ct brown perforated paper, you get the clay eye and heart, glow-in-the-dark thread to wrap around his tummy, the stick pins, AND the cut of mangy greyed wool to cut out your very own little doll!!! So stink'in cute!!!! You'll need a bit of black floss for the straight stitches around him.
  • The Eyes Have It -- Read the quotes on these -- they are so cute. *I spy with my little eye!!!* * I have my eye on you!* This is another chart designed for 14ct perforated paper -- but fabric works just as well. The chart has all 4 designs in it, along with the clay eye buttons and 'U' cube.

Fall 2015 #5 Pearl CottonsFall 2015 Floss Wasabi Sockeye Persimmon Islamorada from Weeks Dye Works Fall 2015 #5 Pearl Cottons Bullfrog & River Rock from Weeks Dye Works Weeks Dye Works 4 New Colors!
We have 4 new overdyed flosses to add to our thread rack in the shop -- and your stitching stash will eventually need them as well! Islamorada is a brilliant aqua blue, Persimmon is a bold, burnt orange, Sockeye looks like a yummy slab of fresh salmon, and Wasabi is a pale green.

We have the four of them bundled together for a few weeks -- as the new collection -- and they will join our little clicky-boxes on the Weeks thread page as well.

Over The River from Chessie & Me Over The River
from Chessie & Me
*Over the river and through the woods, we gather our loved ones together.* (it's Ok if you need to skip Grandma's house this year!!!) A fun North-woods inspired scene, Linda has chosen two different colors of 32ct linen and joined them together on the left-side of this design. (Do the stitching first, then join the pieces.)

Her stitch details are in here everywhere -- Satins in the border, evergreens, roof and grassy areas, and the stones in the river.

Colorful and really unique with that two-color fabric thing going on, this finishes approx 5 x 9 and is coded for Gloriana silk or DMC floss. You could always convert those solids to cotton hand-dyeds too. Offered as a chart.

Winter Woods Kit from Chessie & Me Winter Woods
from Chessie & Me
Chessie's Semi-Annual Little Kit, this one is quiet, simple and respectful of the Season! Stitched on a mangy green-grayed 32ct hand-dyed linen by Lakeside -- Vintage Wood Smoke -- it is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Mustard Seed, Piney Woods, Raven, Shaker White and Tin Bucket.

A few Smyrnas and Satins, it's just a bitty thing finishing at 3 x 4. Offered as a complete kit, it contains the chart, linen and threads.

Never Let You Go from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Permit Me Not to Stray from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Rachael Holmes from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
Heartstrings Samplery
We've been enjoying a wonderful Trunk Show by Heartstrings Samplery in the shop for the past few weeks... so I've added quite a few of her charts to our pages! Gorgeous things, she likes to use creams and neutral linens and coffee-stain them to gain a distressed look, and likes to *Thrift* old frames and re-finish them!!!. Get out your hand-dyed flosses... everything is offered in chart format! Highlighted here are:
  • Never Let You Go -- I wish I was a little seed. I'd grow and grow. I'd twine myself around your heart and never let you go.
  • Permit Me Not To Stray -- An Adam and Eve Sampler -- I absolutely LOVE the huge striking bouquet of flowers in this. It has been an real eye-catcher piece in the shop.
  • Rachel Holmes -- Not as new as the rest, the colors in this are pretty, and Beth uses special stitches in the two bands below the cute little animals. Loaded with borders, this is awesome!

Teresa Layman The Mariner and the Moon -- click to see more Teresa Layman Reticella -- click to see more
The Mariner and the Moon & Reticella - New Knotwork from Teresa Layman
Our Queen-of-Knots, Teresa Layman has a pair of new miniatures -- finishing 2 x 5 and 5 x 5 -- each of these is made up of tiny one-strand and one-wrap FRENCH KNOTS! *Yuck, you say???* Oh no... just a small exercise in a little patience... it's kind of like painting by number!!!

Teresa has been in the miniatures field for years, and has a lovely collection of Knotwork designs -- some of which she has converted to Cross Stitch! Take a peek on her page!

The JCS Halloween Special Issue - click to see more
Presenting Just Cross Stitch Magazine's 2015 Annual Ornament Issue
Always the kick-off to the Fall Stitching Season, Just Cross Stitch magazine is again presenting 75 exclusive ornaments by 75 different designers in the Cross Stitch industry.

Along with all the charts, you get stitch diagrams -- if necessary -- Holiday memories from each designer, AND a recipe. Prairie Schooler's last ornament is in here before their retirement, and there are several new designers represented as well!

ALL the previous Ornament Issues are now collected together in PDFformat, searchable CDs... the actual pages... along with all those recipes!!!

Simply Autumn from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more   The Haunting from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more   Tangled Up in Boo from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Drawn Thread's 2015 Fall Releases are Here!
Cynthia has been busy, and has sent REAL CUTE new things for Autumn and Halloween. Everything is offered in chart format and for a short while, we have silk thread packs for most of it! Special stitches here and there -- nothing is too involved so you'll have fun stitching all of them. Do you remember seeing her working on these models while she was here for our Event this past summer??????
  • Simply Autumn -- The first in a new set of seasonal samplers -- this piece is worked on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen in Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Brandy, Terra Cotta, Oatmeal, Brethren Blue, Walnut and Carriage Black. It finishes a bitty 6 x 3, and sports Satin Stitches leaves in all those gorgeous fall colors. Not huge... you could even stitch the right half and leave off the alphabet! Offered as the chart.
  • The Haunting -- This is really cool! There is so much going on in here... it is worked on 32ct Cobblestone linen and measures about 9 x 18. Coded for Dinky Dyes Silks (this is what is featured in our thread packs) or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, this is full of color and really charming. Nestled among the alphabet are motifs of everything Halloween -- and a lot of them are worked in Satin Stitches or Eyelets. She's got a *Bat Stitch* in here, which is a series of 9 straight stitches stacked so they look like bitty bats! The hand-dyed threads are gorgeous rusts, mossy greens, cream, a touch of antiqued honey and black. Offered as the chart, our silk pack is offered separately if you'd rather use silk than cotton.
  • Tangled Up in Boo -- A skinny skeleton (I guess there isn't any other kind!) perched on a pumpkin, you have several different design options with this chart. Work it on 32ct Dirty Belfast linen -- that's the long sampler. 18ct Brown Mono Canvas delivers the framed piece, and there is a tiny black box (Amazon ordering info inside the chart) option worked on 28ct Touchstone linen. The silks we offer are Dinky Dyes for the long sampler - the other pieces call for Gentle Art cottons.

Olga's Tart from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Olga's Tart from Plum Street Samplers
What a peculiar personality to this kitty -- perched atop her festive pumpkin!!! That gorgeous moon in the background, and the delicate autumn berries on the vines,she's just the cutest thing!

Finished inside a metal baking tin (details about purchasing included in the chart), she measures almost 4 inches round on 18/36 ct. Coded for 11 Sampler Threads or DMC, offered as a chart.

Fern Ridge Collections

Sewing Society Case Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Sewing Society Case Kit

Sewing Society Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Sewing Society Fob Kit

NO Bodies Home Case Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
NO Bodies Home Case Kit

NO Bodies Home Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
NO Bodies Home Fob Kit

Memories Forgotten Case Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Memories Forgotten Case Kit

Memories Forgotten Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Memories Forgotten Fob Kit

October Needlebook Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
October Needlebook Kit

October Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
October Fob Kit

The Mask Sewing Case Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
The Mask Sewing Case Kit

The Mask Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
The Mask Fob Kit

Prissy Peacock Case Kit and Tray from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Prissy Peacock Case Kit and Tray

Prissy Peacock Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Prissy Peacock Fob Kit
Phone Plug Kits from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Future Oaks, Haunting Hat, No Tricks Here, Charlie's Tree
Phone Plug Kits

Lone Elm Lane

These Olde Bones from Lone Elm Lane
These Olde Bones

Love Birds from Lone Elm Lane
Love Birds

Hallowed Ground from Lone Elm Lane
Hallowed Ground

The Patriot from Lone Elm Lane
The Patriot

Red-Winged Blackbird from Lone Elm Lane
Red-Winged Blackbird

The Candle Box - Vintage Slate from Lone Elm Lane
The Candle Box - Vintage Slate


Frightweb Scissors from Kelmscott
Frightweb Scissors

Pear MOP Thread Winder Set from Kelmscott
Pear Mother of Pearl Thread Winder Set

Dames of the Needle

Paul Revere Hornbook from Dames of the Needle
Paul Revere Hornbook

Quaker Flowers Hornbook and Pin Cushion from Dames of the Needle
Quaker Flowers Hornbook and Pin Cushion

Flag & Flowers Tall Drum from Dames of the Needle
Flag & Flowers Tall Drum

Hands-On Design

Home Block Party Chart with Pins from Hands-On Design
Home Block Party

Give Thanks from Hands-On Design
Give Thanks

Winter Whites from Hands-On Design
Winter Whites

Olde Colonial

Vintage Fob Kit from Olde Colonial
Vintage Fob Kit

Christmas at Sea Kit from Olde Colonial
Christmas at Sea Kit

Needle Cushion Kit from Olde Colonial
Needle Cushion Kit

Retromantic Fripperies

Ouija Board Thread Organizer with Planchette from Retromantic Fripperies
Ouija Board Thread Organizer with Planchette


Lady Fall from Nikyscreations
Lady Fall

Harvest Blocks Sampler from Nikyscreations
Harvest Blocks Sampler

Quilt of the Season FALL from Nikyscreations
Quilt of the Season FALL

House of Halloween from Nikyscreations
House of Halloween

Lady Dot

Hand Dyed Ball Fringe from Lady Dot Creations
Hand Dyed Ball Fringe

JBW Designs

#309 Christmas Tree Collection VIII from JBW Designs
Christmas Tree Collection VIII

#310 French Country Santa from JBW Designs
French Country Santa

#311 Tidings of Joy from JBW Designs
Tidings of Joy

#312 Peace at Christmastide from JBW Designs
Peace at Christmastide

#314 Alphabet Owl from JBW Designs
Alphabet Owl

Up On The Housetop Limited Ed Kit from JBW Designs
Up On The Housetop Limited Edition Kit

Autumn Basket with Birds Kit from JBW Designs
Autumn Basket with Birds Kit

Puffin & Co

Pumpkin & Sunflower Nanny from Puffin & Co
Pumpkin & Sunflower Nanny

Needle Threader Witch Boot from Puffin & Co
Needle Threader Witch Boot

Counting Pins Witch Hat and Boot from Puffin & Co
Counting Pins Witch Hat and Boot

Notions Niche Medium & Large Boxes Pumpkin from Puffin & Co
Notions Niche Medium & Large Boxes Pumpkin


ATH 1025 Ho Ho Ho Spoken Here from JABCO
Ho Ho Ho Spoken Here

ATH 1026 Peppermint Stripes from JABCO
Peppermint Stripes

ATH 1027 Merry Cane from JABCO
Merry Cane

Bumble Bit Square-ology Chart with Buttons from Hands-On Design
Bumble Bit Square-ology

Bumble Bouquet Square-ology with Buttons from Hands-On Design
Bumble Bouquet Square-ology

Plenty & Grace from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Plenty & Grace
from Abby Rose Designs

A super-traditional little sentiment to this piece, it would be so pretty in a guest bedroom or family room setting. Offered as a chart, it is stitched on 30ct linen -- anything neutral is good -- and calls for over-dyed or DMC flosses.

Finishing approx 7 x 9, the model in the picture is finished into a pillow -- that's why I think it'd be pretty perched atop a guest bedroom bed. You can see a few letters and numbers scattered about -- change those to your family's initials and possibly some 'home established' dates.

Mani Di Donna Halloween Hornbook - click to see more Halloween Hornbook from Mani Di Donna
Grab a cut of Weeks Dye Works 32ct Confederate Gray Linen and DMC 301, 310 and white -- or some pretty hand-dyeds from your stash that will match -- and stitch this 45 x 55-ish little Halloween greeting. Then fold under the edges -- instructions are given to make a 'miniature mattress' -- and attach to the charming 4 x 6 painted black hornbook -- complete with little bat cut-outs on it.

The chart comes with that hornbook, and two sets of handmade clay pins -- pumpkins, bats and ghosts poke into the sides of the mattress to decorate the whole thing! Real cute, it is on the pricey end of things, but when you consider that it DOES come all the way from Italy... it makes it kind of special!

Growing Love from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Halloween Menageria from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Growing Love & Halloween Menagerie from Threadwork Primitives
A pair of charts by Threadwork Primitives -- each offers a different finishing treatment to spice up life a little!
  • Growing Love -- A generous 6 x 8 half-circle wallet that folds to 6 x 4, your stitching is done on a 32ct, and lined with calico of your choice. The charming part is the blanket stitching all along the curve, and the hand-tacked felt pocket inside. Nothing too fancy, but pretty colors of Schneckley, Gunmetal, Pea Pod and Calico Kitty.
  • Halloween Menagerie -- A tiny runner that is tacked around a fabric drum, this is a real cute design! Scary-looking owls perched on a weed growing from the witch's boot, more ravens hovering on the vine growing out of her cauldron, and a very sinister-looking black cat, everything is worked on a 32ct linen with Garden Gate, Onyx, Moss, Gingersnap and Palomino hand-dyeds. The wrap measures approx 3-1/2 x 13. There are great instructions inside to how you how to construct that fabric drum-cushion.
Peacock in the Pumpkin Patch PinKeep -- click to see more
Peacock in the Pumpkin Patch PinKeep from Stacy Nash Primitives
A cute little Stacy Nash design, grab an 11 x 19 cut of Week's Dye Works 32ct Parchment Linen and Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Apple Cider, Gingersnap, Woodrose, Straw Bonnet, Garden Gate and Lexington Green to make this actually-rather-large 5-1/2 x 13-1/2 inch pin keep.

The penny rug border treatment along the bottom is kind of fun because it is very irregular. Something to nestle into your basket of cushions!! Offered as a chart.

Sticks! from Mill Hill - click for more
New From STICKS -- Summer and Christmas!
Four colorful and bold designs worked on 16ct Aida with a ton of DMC floss and a smattering of Mill Hill Beads, these bring our STICKS collection of designs to 20. I just love them and can let the designs themselves enchant you -- without any of my descriptions!

Each finishes approx 7 x 7, and since these are on fabric instead of paper, you can make funky, wild pillows out of them. I know you can't tell from the pics, but the sun rays in both Relax and Play golf are studded with miniature glass seed beads. Presented as complete kits of the chart, fabric, flosses and beads, the frames are offered separately.

A Needlework Enthusiast's 2016 Book of Days cover - click to see more    A Needlework Enthusiast's 2016 Book of Days open view - click to see more
A Needlework Enthusiast's 2016 Book of Days
A 'Stitching Log Book' so to speak... Needlework Press has released their 2016 edition of this 9 x 12 softcover stitching journal. Really fun to log your stitching hours each day or what you are working on. It's the perfect place to store (write down -- how old fashioned!) DATES for all your upcoming stitching weekends, shows, and needlework-related events that are important to you. Contact info for friends... DESIGN info, maybe a shopping list or two... pictures of pieces you've seen that will take you years to find, but you don't want to forget about them in the meantime... lots of things.

Each month is displayed over two pages, so there is plenty of room in here for LOTS of info. Antique samplers and artwork inspire the decorations on the pages... pick this up before 2016 is here!!!

Merry Merry from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Fa La La from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Be Merry from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
Merry Merry, Fa La La & Be Merry
from Country Cottage Needleworks
Here are three of Country Cottage Needlework's Classic Ornament Charts that round out her first set! Now, all 12 are here -- all small charts with JABCO button embellishment.

They are stitched with classic Christmas reds and greens, and it's a cute set for your tree. The finishing on Merry Merry and Dear Santa look like pin cushions... extra-cute for a stitcher's tree!

Afternoon in London from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Afternoon in London
from Country Cottage Needleworks
A cute companion to An Afternoon in Paris, this is another street scene with a few of the favorite landmarks of London. The double decker bus... Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace... I wish they still had those cool red telephone booths!!!

Stitched on 32ct Waterlily linen with hand-dyeds or D

Antique Autumn Sampler from Elizabeth's Designs - click to see more Antique Autumn Sampler
from Elizabeth's Designs

Gosh, this is a beautiful piece stitched on Weeks Dye Work's 36ct Parchment linen. Just 10 shades of DMC along with Weeks Jaybird, Purple Haze and Sweet Potato make up all the color in this.

Ever-changing border colors -- like the Autumn leaves -- it has balance, and I find it charming! It finishes approx 8 inches square, and will be slightly larger on the larger counts of the Parchment fabric. Offered as a leaflet.

La Petit Etui Noel from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more La Petit Etui Noel from Praiseworthy Stitches
The Praiseworthy Stitches Gals made another cute seasonal tin kit that delivers a whole bunch of cute smalls! Limited to 200 -- it comes in either a Santa or Snowman 4 x 6 x 2-ish inch decorated tin. Inside, my gosh, you'll find a MILLION little pieces of fabrics, felts and linings, a jingle bell, a couple of thread rings, ric-rak, ribbons, sequins, some metallic red mini-garland, red, gold, white and green seed beads, DMC flosses, along with the charts and assembly instructions.

You'll be making a Santa & Rudolf needlebook, a thimble purse, a bell-shaped magnetic needle minder (trimmed with that jingle bell), snowflake emery, snowman thread winder, and a pincube with all sorts of cute little things on each of the sides. Store it all back in the little tin - or hang them all on your tree for the season!!! (and THEN pack them away in the little tin!)

Luscious Cotton Chenille Trims by Lady Dot Creates - click to see more Luscious Cotton Chenille Trims from Lady Dot Creations
Wow... I bet Lady Dot's Lois is in BIG trouble with her mom -- this gorgeous new chenille probably came from the family heirloom bedspread!!! It is a new line of plump, fuzzy, super-soft hand-dyed cotton chenille -- the kind you find on the charming antique bedspreads.

Lady Dot has dyed a wonderful array of colors -- the names are delightful and descriptive -- and you'll love how well it covers the edges of your pin cushions and needlework smalls. Packaged in 3-yard lengths... we just love it ALL!

Eat, Drink & Be Scary from AB Designs - click for more Wilhelmina the Little Witch from AB Designs - click for more Wilhelmina and Eat, Drink & Be Scary
from AB Designs
AB Designs has a pair of new charts for Halloween that over-the-top colorful, funky and wild -- just like so many of her other creations!!! Both are presented as the charts with a few button embellishments. Stitch them on Weeks purple, orange, green or yellow hand-dyed linens... there are tons of color choices!
  • Wilhelmina the Little Witch is stitched on a light purple with regular DMC floss! She measures 50 x 105 -- so she's not too large to finish in time for the Big Night!
  • Eat, Drink & Be Scary is on more purple, and agian DMC floss -- 67 x 107, so these could be a pair!

The Witch's Inn from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Witch's Inn from Barbara Ana
Oh this is cute!!! Make it a TWO-SIDED pin cushion!!! One side features the Witch's Inn with the welcoming key hanging from the sign. You could garnish this with pumpkin buttons, bats and spiders... all sorts of cute stuff. The other side, however, is too cute to pass up! It has the witch sleeping in bed -- inside the Bed and Breakfast -- her kitties on and under the bed with her! Witch shoes are underneath there too! Since 1692... has she been sleeping that long... or has this place been in business that long?

Front side finishes approx 7-1/2 x 3-1/2. Smaller design is 4-1/2 x 3. I think they'd be really fun finished back to back as a two-sided cushion! Offered as the chart, coded for DMC floss and stitched on 32ct Flax Linen (but you could choose some scary hand-dyed fabrics as well).

Believe in punchneedle from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Moondance in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more SEVEN New releases by Teresa Kogut!!!
Teresa presents a lot of her designs in both Counted Cross Stitch AND Punch Needle... and since we like both of those things... we carry both!!!

New In CROSS STITCH is Moondance -- which I LOVE in punch needle already! That background is stunning!!! Actually, it is a medley of copper DMC flosses and you do NOT stitch the black -- that is the fabtric!!! Also new are Country Santa, Give Thanks, and Sunflower Sheep -- take a peek at them on our inside TK pages.
New in PUNCH NEEDLE are Believe, Harvest Dress and Be Merry. All her punch needle patterns are presented to trace onto the provided weavers cloth, so they are ready to punch. Cute things... enjoy browsing through them all!!

Foxwood Crossings Harrisburg Winter - click to see more Foxwood Crossings It's Halloween - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Letter Sleds A to Z - click to see more
New Arrivals by Foxwood Crossings -- Our Sled Lady!
A fun variety of releases... not just sleds this time around!!!
  • Harrisburg Winter is a pretty evening scene that is only 4 x 4-ish on 28ct. Since Foxwood does the cute sleds, Cindy has taken PART of her design and you can see how cute it WOULD be on a sled!
  • Next is It's Halloween with the CUTEST verse... it finishes approx 9 x 12-1/2 on 28ct -- anything bright and fun fabric-wise in your stash?
  • Finally, Letter Sleds A to Z, the alphabet for your tiny sleds. Great little ornaments -- make them for a BUNCH of different people, or spell out something for the Holiday and either string them together on the wall or on the Christmas Tree!

Witchy's Sister Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Witchy Pumpkin Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Pumpkin Stack Charm Garden Pin by Just Nan -- click to see more! Barney Owl Needle Tin by Just Nan -- click to see more!
New Designs from Just Nan Have Arrived!
Here are the details for the cutest things!
  • Witchy's Sister Mouse -- Miss Witchy Mouse has a younger sister who follows her everywhere!!! Nan has painted her hat charm with orange trim and garnished it with a black crystal. She's given her a tiny purple broom that has a bitty ghost helper riding along!! The kit comes with the chart, painted hat, silver tail hanger, orange beads, brass button base, ghost sequin and felt for the broom. (You'll need a round toothpick for the broom handle!) Stitched on 32ct Stone Grey Belfast, she finishes a mere 2 inches tall. Witchy's Sister Mouse is on our Just Nan Ornament Auto-ship, so we'll ship charts and fabric the day they arrive to us!
    Miss Witchy Mouse is back, too, so click through to see her.
  • Witchy Pumpkin Cottage & Embellishments -- My Goodness, this is the sweetest little pin cube! Miss Witchy OR her sister can perch on top of it... this is darling!!! It's a pumpkin, it's a witchy abode, it's a pin cube and just endearing!!! Something to see on all 6 sides of this 1-1/2 x 2 inch cube, there are bats on the 'roof' and ghosts in the 'basement!' Nan has such personality in her Halloween designs -- so many cute little things hiding everywhere, you'll be enchanted. Stitched on a 11 x 9 Cut of Weeks Dye Works 32ct Pumpkin Linen with DMC flosses, the chart comes with a black cat embellishment and beads. The Stacked Pumpkin Chimney Charm Garden Pin is VERY limited in edition, so we have ordered just enough to go with ALL of our Witchy Pumpkin Cottages!
  • Barney Owl Needle Tin -- Nan fell in love with little Barney, so she painted him with autumny browns, gave him crystal eyes, and awarded him a proper home atop a little 2-inch needle tin! There is a bat magnet inside the 2-inch round tin as well! A cute little what-not for Fall, it'll hold threaders, needles and a few M & M's!

And Rudolf from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Which Witch from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Which Witch, And Rudolf from La-D-Da
La D Da has a pair of new designs -- we teased that she is in 'her black phase' with them -- they are both stitched only in black!!! Offered as small charts, you can always add more color if you want...
  • Which Witch -- Ok... is that her skirt or is it the dining room table??? There are mice running around underneath it... so I HOPE it's the table??? 35ct Weeks Straw Linen, choose a pretty hand-dyed black or whatever color, the stitch count on this is 111 square.
  • And Rudolf -- It's a list of Santa's Reindeer -- so an educational Christmas decoration! 55 x 127 -- Stitch it on anything you wish, add some buttons or specialty threads for fun, or keep it simple with the 35ct Mocha Weeks linen, the 822 and 310 flosses, and the Grunge mini-pom-pom trim by Dames of the Needle.

Steam Punk Sparrow from SamSarah Design Studio Indivisible from SamSarah Design Studio New charts
from SamSarah Design Studio
  • Indivisible -- What a charming take on the American flag! This is a bitty pin cushion that finishes a mere 2-3/8 x 7 inches on Weeks 30ct Light Khaki Linen. Stitched with Rhubarb, Toffee, Wood Trail, Cayenne, Michael's Navy and Parchment hand-dyed flosses, Dames of the Needle Nick's Coat red mini ball fringe is the featured trim! The chart comes with the three tiny button embellishments scattered about.
  • Steam Punk Sparrow -- A companion to the Steam Punk Sea Serpent, this little guy is supposed to remind you that he is welded together from metal junk-yard parts. Finishing about 7 x 6 on Weeks 30ct Scuppermong Linen, he is so full of color and personality! He'd make a fun pillow all decked out with wacky trims, but he's cute hanging from his junkyard hardware as well. Chart comes with 6 tiny buttons -- 5 for his tail and his heart!

Halloween Double Up from Heart in Hand - click for more Thanksgiving Double Up from Heart in Hand - click for more
Double Ups from Heart in Hand
Here are two new small card charts by Heart in Hand that are bitty in size, but pretty big in personality! I think it's the start of a new set of designs... I'll get back to you on that... but these two are perfect to get NOW for October and November decorations. Each design measures only 60 x 43 in size, is stitched on 30ct Weeks hand-dyed linen with a bunch of DMC or hand-dyed threads from your stash. Each comes with an exclusive JABCO button.

What we think is so charming about these are all those little motifs along the top border. Frankenstein is only 12 stitches high, and the Mayflower is only 12 x 18! A few of these would be cute stitched in a long row at some point, but for now, they'd be cute as brick-shaped box stand-ups.

Grateful, Thankful & Blessed from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Oct 31st from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Witches Night Out from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Bobbing for Pumpkins from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more
Halloween and Thanksgiving from With Thy Needle
Brenda Gervais has been busy... and has sent 4 new designs!!! Everything begs to be distressed with coffee or walnut shells when you've finished them, and even though they are shown framed... pillows and door hangings would be cool too. All 4 are presented in chart format.
  • Grateful, Thankful & Blessed is a Thanksgiving piece -- The elegant house, Mr & Mrs, and the lavish basket of blessings up on the roof, this is worked on 36 count and finishes approx 8-1/2 x 10.
  • Oct 31st -- Kind of fun, check out the jack-o-lantern growing on the vine from the little pot! The blackbirds are clinging to the trees and the oak leaves and acorns on the branches provide lots of balance up in the sky. Stitched on 36, this will finish approx 6-1/2 x 9.
  • Witches Night Out -- A DARLING 5 x 5 Pinkeep, that little witch looks like she's NOT going to take a swim in the potion anytime soon, either! 36ct Linen, isn't the mini ball fringe yummy on here??? We have several colors that will work on here -- it comes in one-yard packages.
  • Bobbing for Pumpkins -- Ladies doing the laundry, it looks like to me, but I guess they're planning a party? Stitched on 32ct Weeks Straw Linen, this finishes approx 5-1/2 x 7-1/2. This one could use some ball fringe as well... a little color around the edges.

It's Fall Friends Photobooth Kit by Bent Creek -- click to see more Autumn Blackbird Small Chart from Bent Creek - click for more The Little Lighthouse Small Chart from Bent Creek - click for more
New From Bent Creek!
  • It's Fall Friends -- A new Photobooth design, this one has an owl, black cat and two jack-o-lanterns clowning around in their bitty photobooth. Stitched on 32ct natural linen with Weeks hand-dyeds or DMC flosses, this finishes just like all the other Photobooth designs by BC. Presented as the chart with linen cut and bitty star button for the sheriff!
  • Autumn Blackbird -- This is another of BC's monochromatic smalls -- choose a color and add white. Stitch count is only 32 x 32... so he could turn out to be only an inch if you do him over one on 32ct! All of the designs in this set look really nice stitched and presented together -- pin cushions, fobs, cubes -- just do them all the same -- the only things that change are the main color and the simple design. Lots of visual impact. Presented as a small chart.
  • The Little Lighthouse -- That's it! Stitch count of 24 x 24, would you believe there are 8 different colors in this?! Presented as a small chart.

Seedy Pumpkin Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Seedy Pumpkin Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has released their 8th annual haunted house scene and this year's is SO AWESOME! Seedy Pumpkin Cottage is full of wispy ghosts, shiny spider webs, black cats and carved pumpkins... and all of it is underneath the glowing Jack-O-Lantern Moon. Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Echo Linen (an awesome grey/teal midnight-sky color), there is so much going on in here that it has enchanted us in the shop!

The model arrived today -- patterns should be here soon -- clay button embellishments and fabric follows later this week. Finishing approx 21 x 15... it is HUGE and quite the eye-catcher! Coded for DMC or Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds you'll need multiple skeins of 12 of the 41 colors called for, along with silver metallic for the spider webs, petite Mill Hill glass beads and a FULL clay button pack of spiders, ghosts, bats and even a little owl.

The white fence around the porch is really neat because it is done with long stitches of white thread but they have added three teeny orange beads to each railing post -- it glistens! Yes... this might take all year to stitch... but WOW, what a fun and creative seasonal decoration that everyone can enjoy year after year!!! Seedy Pumpkin Cottage is the place to be on The Big Night!!!!!

It's Time for our End-of-the-Season FLAX SALE!!!
Remaining BOLD, SELECTS and SUNSHINE are all 1/2 OFF!!!!!

Cute and comfy jackets and covers, tees, pants and a few dresses... we had such a fun Summer around here with all our fun FLAX linens to wear. Not everything is left in every size anymore... but if you call on our Toll Free Line 888-543-7004... we can literally *shop* for you right over the phone!!! Start with a piece or collection, and we'll go from there!!!

Bold Collection Flax - click for more Selects Collection Flax - click for more Sunshine Collection Flax - click for more Sunshine Collection Flax - click for more

Holly Berries on Silk or Linen from Erica Michaels - click for more Holly Berries on Silk or Linen! from Erica Michaels
Erica Michaels has a pair of stitched Christmas Strawberries to go with her new Yikesberries for Halloween! Absolutely the most charming little things... you have two fabric and stitching options with these. Holly Berry for LINEN is worked on 32ct -- we like Waterlily (softer) or Star Sapphire (stiffer) such a pretty soft green color to highlight the cute little reindeer and holly leaves... that is the linen showing, you do not stitch the background. That berry option finishes approx 4 inches in length.

The SILK Berry is worked over the 40ct silk gauze that is included with its chart. It IS solid stitching, and the chart varies a little from the linen version. The little SILK guy finishes about 2 inches in length!

The Yikesberries from Erica Michaels - click for more The Yikesberries from Erica Michaels
OH THESE ARE SO COOL!!! Erica Michaels has outdone herself with this pair of Halloween Strawberry Pincushions! Presented in chart format -- one is stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Jewel Belfast hand-dyed linen and the other on bitty 40ct silk gauze -- they each use Weeks or DMC floss. These are the first in Linda's new set of DARLING berries (I talk to her all the time, and I know a Christmas berry is coming!)

Anyway, your LINEN Yikesberry measures approx 2-1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long, features a stacked button stem and a bit of black felt for it's leaves. The GAUZE Yikesberry is only 1-1/2 inches wide and 2 inches long -- a miniature version of the larger. Each of the two charts are slightly different -- can you see the design differences in my pics? I have a pair of 4-inch scissors in there as well, so you can see the scale of these. Absolutely the CUTEST little things EVER... they finish in a similar fashion to Just Nan's little mice -- a stitched 'half-circle' area that is folded together --sort of like an ice-cream cone. You need these!

Pumpkin Row from Erica Michaels - click for more Pumpkin Row from Erica Michaels
Pumpkins at morning, Pumpkins at noon, If it weren't for pumpkins, we should be undoon. This is very cute -- lots of brilliant and bold color in the rows of pumpkins -- this is offered as a chart, and offers three different stitching and finishing options.
  • The bitty pin cushion is worked on 40ct silk gauze (not included in the chart). It finishes approx 2 x 3, and with the fabric border, this model is actually 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 in total size. Over-the-top cute!
  • The long pumpkin line cushion finishes approx 2 x 8-ish on 32ct. Same row design... just easier to see!
  • The third option is the 5 x 7-ish framed piece with the verse. That is on Weeks 35ct Tin Roof Linen -- stunning!
All three options are stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads or the Weeks flosses. This is a great set of pieces -- you're going to have trouble choosing a favorite!

Whitewashed & Distressed Tool Tray - click for more
Whitewashed & Distressed Tool Tray from Retromantics
Oh this is the sweetest little work-tray by Retromantics -- 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 x 3 inches high -- it has a 3 x 5 flat-tray bottom with 1-1/4 inch high sides. Lots of delicate lazer-cutting on the two ends, they have etched scrolling designs on all the sides and the inside-tray bottom, and then whitewashed the whole thing.

Kind of distressed and antique in flavor, it'll hold a few stitched essentials like scissors, threads and needles... maybe a small remote... definitely a snack... or maybe a stitched pin cushion or two as a pretty display piece! The bottom features felt discs so it won't scratch any surfaces.

Flag and Flowers from Dames of the Needle - click for more Flag and Flowers from Dames of the Needle
Oh, this is a delightful little design by Elizabeth Talledo -- you get two parts -- one fits a 3-1/4 x 4-3/4 inch hornbook, the other is a matching scissor fob or ornament. Offered as a small chart, you'll need bits (around 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 -- just bits -- we're going to find you bits in our bolt of fabric, so both will be less than $5) of Week's 35ct Straw Linen and 12 shades of Sampler Threads for these, and a package of Elizabeth's hand-dyed black mini Pom-Pom trim.

I don't know if you can see it all in the picture, but you'll Nun-stitch the edging and add those little balls around the edges. A very pretty floral urn surrounded with a lovely, dusty-shaded American Flag. Very pretty!

The Brighton by Craftlite -- click to see more
The Brighton from Craftlite
We have a new lamp!!! Long awaited from Craftlite... it has Tons of features!!!!!
  • Use it as either a Table-Top or Floorstand Style -- you choose, simply add one or two lengths to the stick -- they are lightweight pipes... they just screw together.
  • 5-Inch rimless magnifying lens -- with handles to help you guide to just the right spot!
  • THREE levels of LED light!!!! Dim -- kind of a gentle *night light* level. Daylight -- Brighter and cleaner. Brilliant White -- Super Bright!
  • Strong 18-inch Goose-neck arm moves everywhere you want it to... it won't get 'lazy!'
  • One Touch On/Off dimming switch for those different levels of light. (I don't get how it knows my finger is there!)
  • Internal rechargeable battery! We pulled ours out the box and turned it ON! There is a plug-in for the wall as well.
  • The Brighton Project Tray by Craftlite -- click to see more The Brighton by Craftlite -- click to see more
  • The little Project Tray and Table Clip pieces that fit the Dublins also fit this lamp!!
Light-weight enough to travel with, this all comes in a box that is only 10 x 16 x 4, and it weighs about 8 pounds. The 8 x 10 x 2-ish rounded base is VERY stable as well. We sell a ton of Dublins... but this little guy seems to be the next generation of that light. We are very pleased with it!

2015 Snowman Orn Snow Birds in Tow from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2015 Sampler Orn Christmassy Stuff from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2015 Santa Orn Delivering Yummies from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
Presenting the 2015 Annual Ornaments from Homespun Elegance
Every year, we get a Snowman, Sampler and Santa Annual Ornament by Sandra Sullivan -- and here they are for 2015. All worked on Week's 32ct Putty hand-dyed linen in shades of DMC and a few hand-dyeds, they are all approx 40 x 50 in stitch count.

Offered as small charts, each features a tiny brass embellishing charm as well. We have 'a million' of these from past years... not all of them... but they are a fun collection for your tree, and they make cute pin cushions as well.

Hometown Holiday #9 The Pet Store from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Hello Phone Case from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more Potted Poinsettias Sampler Tree Ornament from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more
The Pet Store * Hello Phone Case * Potted Poinsettias
from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has been busy! Three new arrivals that we really like!
  • -- The newest in Diane's Hometown Holiday Series -- #9 -- it's a business along the city street in your Hometown at the Holidays! Presented as a small chart, finish this as an individual stand-up, so it can be displayed like a little house in your stitched village.
  • Hello Phone Case -- This is CUTE!!!!! Very 'Retro' make it into your cell phone case. Frame it and hang where the wall phone would have been in your house! Mount it onto a manually-written phone listing book... use it as a bulletin board decoration... hang it by an old pay-phone decoration... stitch it and put it beside the registration booklet at church... use this kind of anywhere you really want to say HELLO!!!! Small chart, this finishes approx 3 x 5 on 32ct.
  • Potted Poinsettias -- Little House's 8th ornament in the Sampler Tree Series -- this one is very pretty with that lavish poinsettia! Small chart... this finishes approx 3-1/2 inches square.

Beach Rules from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Beach Rules from The Sweetheart Tree
The Sweetheart Tree has seven new releases -- this one is my favorite -- so I chose it to show off on *Just Arrived!!!* Wear sunscreen, go barefoot, count the waves (instead of stitches?), Take a nap (but then you CAN'T stitch!) and make memories -- ALL WHILE you stitch at the beach!!!!!

Poor Sandie and me... she's in Arizona, and I'm in Oklahoma -- both of us are just about as far away from the beach as one can get -- so this is such a teaser!!!!!! About 3 x 5-1/2 in size... the small card chart comes with the pearl for the clam and three buttons to adorn the fob, if you finish it that way!

Baby Floral Needlecases - click to see more Baby Floral Needlecases
Joining our regular Floral Needlecases are these smaller versions that are equally enchanting! Glass vials with a screw-off cap, these are lovingly covered with polymer clay and decorated with colorful flowers and tiny ladybugs.

ALL THE COLORS of the rainbow -- absolutely no two cases are alike -- and it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose your favorite! (This I know -- because I keep trying to find my favorite to take home and add to my stash -- and I can't!) Measuring a mere 2 inches in overall length, use these for beading and petite needles or precious stones and beads. Delightful!

Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath - click to see more Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath
What a fun set of *Stitching Needfuls!* SUPER sharp stainless steel tips on these charming little 3-1/2 inch tweezers -- eeally, be careful with these!! Use them to grab stubborn threads, help anchor loose ends, tease holes in canvas, or just pull slivers!

Pretty red with white polka dots -- they match the 2-1/2 inch sheath that comes with them! THEY can fit in that cover... or a favorite pair of small scissors can. Cute and functional.

We are sad to announce that Pam and Nancy of Prairie Schooler are retiring from our industry. They announced mid-July that they will be taking down their website the beginning of 2016.
We will miss them terribly... THEIR first Market was my second in January of 1984. (The Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta!) They started with their famous Santa and 4 leaflets. People were upset because they thought they were copying Cross-Eyed Cricket (-- whose first Market was also MY first Market -- in September of 1983.) I think it was because they were the only two companies doing clean white-covered leaflets! Anyway, since then -- everyone has become great colleagues -- and we wish our long-time friends many happy stitching hours ahead!!!

Prairie Schooler's #104 G*H*I Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #158 Christmas Eve Leaflet -- click to see more
REPRINTS from The Prairie Schooler
Here, to ruin the astronomical prices on the Secondary Chart Market - are three Prairie Schooler past favorites that have been out-of-print! I guess with Pam and Nancy announcing their retirement... they knew they wouldn't get a moment of peace unless they reprised these favorites!
  • G*H*I Book #104 is part of their alphabet set. Indians, gardens and honey... this was/is a really cute set of the ABC's. Originally released in 2002.
  • DECEMBER -- Book #150 was part of the 12-months series and sold out RIGHT after it was released. Been gone since 2009!
  • Christmas Eve -- Book 158 YEAH -- we have a shop model of this one!! From 2009, Everyone's favorite!!!! Get them while you can!

Sepia Sampler from Notforgotten Farm -- click to see more Sepia Sampler
from Notforgotten Farm
This is a neat little piece... a very primitive bird perched in a vine surrounded by a simple border.

Finishing approx 5-1/2 x 8 on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Parchment Linen, it is stitched with only DMC of 830, 611, 3021, 640 and 869.

Meant to be a drab and monochromatic color scheme... it now looks elegant!!! Presented as a chart.
Presenting the 2015 Annual Santa -- click to see more
Presenting the Prairie Schooler 2015 Annual Santa
Our 30th+ Annual Santa chart has arrived -- all the same colors as the rest, the same size, and ALL the charm of Prairie Schooler's other annuals... he needs no other explanation!

We love him! Offered as a small card chart.
Prairie Schooler's #200 Witching Hour Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #201 Bump in the Night Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #202 Evergreen Leaflet -- click to see more
Witching Hour * Bump in the Night * Evergreen from The Prairie Schooler
Prairie Schooler has three new leaflets -- ALL of them are really cool... and are packed with fun design elements.
  • Witching Hour has trees that are talking to each other...a cute cat barely holding onto his broom in the sky... and an eerie color scheme of black, brown, gray and orange. The leaflet contains two smaller designs that mimic the panels in the other two new releases... smaller 30 x 50 blocks.
  • Bump in the Night has that witch on the left, but can your eye see the 7 same-sized panels in the rest of the design? Then, the two bonus designs that are the same size? You can mix them around in your final stitched piece!
  • Evergreen is the third piece -- it features the 9 panels -- but there are two more, so here's another you can re-arrange!!!

Prairie Schooler's Night Flight -- click to see more
Night Flight
from The Prairie Schooler
Another of Prairie Schooler's Halloween Card designs, I love this one! It seems to go with Witching Hour... but not exactly the same. Notice the 13 and 31s in the corners?

I like the repeating lines in the shadows of the sky and the lines of the fences. Just a fun little thing!

Prairie Schooler's Set F of Small Card Designs -- click to see more
Set F of Small Card Designs
from The Prairie Schooler
This is the 6th and final set of Nancy and Pam's small motif designs -- they've always released these bitty designs as promotional cards for their leaflet releases.

Celebrating leaflets numbered 172 to now... like all the rest of PS's things, they are awesome worked over one thread and made into tiny fobs and ornaments. We still have the rest of the 5 sets of 10 mini-cards each.

We are barely finished hanging up all the new Fall FLAX here... we have two new collections for Fall... and we can't wait for you to see it all! Luscious Linen apparel, our sizes range from Petite to Generous-One... pants, dresses, tees, tops, tunics and jackets... we love our linens!

We always take shop gal pics of the new... but my pics are going to have to wait for a few days... we're knee-deep getting ready for our Summer Event with Drawn Thread and La-D-Da... and we just can't get everything done in a day!

RIGHT NOW... we have everything in all the sizes. Murphy's Law says that *your size* (whatever it is) will set out first!!! CALL US and we can *custom- dress-you* over the phone!!!!!

All of our Luscious FLAX Linens are on 3*2*1 Pricing for the entire month of OCTOBER!!!!
Purchase THREE or MORE pieces... and they are ALL 25% Off! Wow!!!
Purchase TWO pieces... and they are BOTH 15% Off...
Purchase ONE piece at regular price...

Stitchin Witches from The Victoria Sampler - click for more
Stitchin Witches
from The Victoria Sampler
Here's a colorful Autumnal Sampler that features little witches all stitching!!! Worked on 28ct Summer Khaki Cashel Linen with loads of oranges, greens, purples and black silk threads, it finishes approx 5 x 18. (You'll need a ball of #12 black perle for all the lace.)

Each scene it cute just by itself in this -- the stitcher at the top working her quilt -- the middle panel features a crow trying to steal her silk -- and the bottom scene might just be stitch group with someone working on the snack!!!

Pretty textured specialty stitches throughout, everything is charted very clearly and LARGE -- especially on the lace borders -- so you can see where your needle goes next. Offered as the leaflet with accs thread and button pack separately.

Le Bal d Hortense Beaded Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Comme un Bijou Set of 4 Cushions Beaded Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! More Elegant Beaded Cushions and Cases
from Reflets de Soie
We are enchanted with these gorgeous stitched pieces! Presented as charts, each is worked ONLY in beads on 35ct linen with half a stitch and one strand of floss! No thread changing, only half the stitch... each 'stitch' is a tiny Japanese glass bead that glistens and reflects the light. The patterns come with all the beads numbered and sorted in individual bags.
  • Comme un Bijou features 4 matching designs that each finish a mere 1 x 3 inches in size!!!!! The background is not worked on them. Finish them flat as bookmarks, padded as small cushions, frame them, they'd make stunning doilies of some sort, stitch them and stick them away in a drawer... ANYTHING you want!!! The bronze and 24K beads are just amazingly beautiful!!! You'll want about a 6 x 9 piece of linen for each of these -- choose your color as the background will show.
  • Le Bal d Hortense is shown finished into a small jewelry pocket. It is solid stitched beading, and this piece features a beaded fringe that you really can't see in the picture. The little bags of beads are really stuffed full in here!!!!!! Antique Bronze, 24K gold, all the white and a gorgeous metallic gunmetal, this piece finishes only 3 x 3!
All of these kits are absolutely intoxicating to open up and describe for you... I am at home tonight writing these words, and NONE of these kits are going back to the shop... I HAVE to stitch models!!!!!

Mani Di Donna Sunflowers Cottage Sewing Box - click to see more Sunflower's Cottage Sewing Box from Mani Di Donna
This is a delightful set of designs to grace the top of a wooden box, a round pin cushion, needle book, scissor fob and treasure tray lid. You might recognize Lone Elm Lane's 8 x 8 Queen's Crown Box. Offered as the chart -- I bought ALL THE WOODEN PIECES AND FLOWER PINS that you need for all of this.

Simona has charts for all the sunflower designs that scatter all over each piece and she includes 29 actual photos of her finishing and assembly for you in her instructions. Everything is worked on Weeks Dye Work's 32ct Beige hand-dyed linen with 8 shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses in Ivy, Grits, Whiskey, Sea Foam, Charcoal, Pelican Grey, Baked Apple and Pink Sand. Along with the 7 x 7 main sampler piece, the pin cushion is a little drum topped with a bit of Week's Lancaster Red hand-dyed wool.

Can you see the yellow clay sunflower pins stuck in it? You get those in here. The needlebook features a wooden sunflower button closure and wooden bee buttons that embellish. (you get those wood buttons.) There is a wooden sunflower needle minder inside -- that you cannot see in the pic, and you get those two wooden thread winder bobbins -- the sunflower and little red cottage.

The wooden tray you see with the bobbin winders perched in it comes inside the Queen's Crown Box. (Note... the box is pricey. We'd love to sell you one, but I imagine you might be able to find something good for this at a big box store and save a little money! That is totally up to you!) The chart comes with the pins, wood buttons, sunflower needle minder and pair of wooden thread bobbins.

Wooden Flag Thread Board - click for more Wooden Flag Thread Board
Retromantic has send the coolest wooden thread board -- approx 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches in size. They have computer equipment that can etch designs into wood, so they made a distressed wooden flag. It has 15 holes for 15 different threads you might be using on a project... just tie them onto this instead of leaving them in a heap!

Very pretty inside a sewing case as well, this would be really neat in a framed collection of needlework tools or old needle packages and hoops. A pretty way to display some used bits of old thread...

Mill Hill for Christmas 2015 Buttons & Beads - click for more
Presenting the NEW Mill Hill for Christmas 2015 Buttons & Beads
Just in time for hot summer stitching... we hope the subject matter will keep you cool! Mill Hill's annual release of 5 x 5 designs for the Christmas season have arrived. Offered as complete kits of the pattern, 14ct perforated paper, tons of DMC floss and all the necessary beads... this is like the milliionth year for these... and everyone still looks forward to them! Use the paper in the kits, or substitute 14ct aida or 28ct linen... the beads really glisten against your stitching.
  • Joy of Christmas is a nine-patch medley (you could do each of these as small ornaments!!) of Christmas motifs
  • City Bank is another in the Christmas Village set houses and shops
  • Mr Jack Frost is cute and colorful, Spiced wreath is greenery and pine cones
  • All is Calm is a stunning midnight church scene
  • Jolly St Nick is just plain charming!!!!!!

Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill
Here are the mini-ornament kits for this season! Always offered as small kits of the 14ct paper, all the flosses and beads, each has a tiny bit of magnet material inside the kit -- so if you don't want more ornaments -- they'll look cute on your filing cabinet or fridge!

As Christmas Tree ornaments, these do look GREAT on your tree because the lights glisten off the beads, and since they weigh next to nothing, you can hang them on outside branches and they SHOW UP! The Pinecone is really cool -- lots of texture on this one, and the Gingerbread Cottage is SO CUTE!!! We have a larger version of it from a few years ago -- but this one is 3-inches in size!!!

Mill Hill Celtic Santas Kits - click for more
Mill Hill Celtic Santas
Here is a new set of Paper Santas!!! Joining the 17-ish OTHER Annual sets... these little guys are popular to stitch to commemorate trips you've taken, stories you've read, and places you still want to go see! Offered as complete kits, they are stitched on 14ct paper with DMC floss and *some beads* (not nearly as many as the bead kits.)

Finishing approx 4 inches in size, they really present well on the Christmas tree! This year's releases would bring your Paper Santa Collection to 50-ish!!!!!

Presenting the Premier Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more
Presenting the Premier Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
Wow... we've been waiting for this neat new magazine to debut, and it was worth the wait! Beautifully presented on super glossy pages with a nice heavy cover -- it feels like a book -- rather than a magazine. There are 51 pages in here of lovely projects -- 7 Punch Needle (Threads That Bind and Notforgotten Farm are two of the contributing designers); 1 Rug Hooking piece; and 8 Cross Stitch charts (Hands On and Nikyscreations are two of the designers.)

Beautifully done, everything is in full color, huge photos, everything has at least a 2-page spread with the chart/design opposite the model pictures... it is really fun to page through! Stitches 'n Things is the featured shop in here... and Deb's petite 800 sq ft shop looks great!!! (It is no small feat to have all those threads hanging perfectly for a picture!!!) The design theme is PRIMITIVE rather than samplers or general stitchery... they have done a beautiful with it! You can purchase issues from us, but I think after one or two, you're going to want to subscribe directly!

There's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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