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Hometown Holiday #9 The Pet Store from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Hello Phone Case from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more Potted Poinsettias Sampler Tree Ornament from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more
The Pet Store * Hello Phone Case * Potted Poinsettias
from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has been busy! Three new arrivals that we really like!
  • -- The newest in Diane's Hometown Holiday Series -- #9 -- it's a business along the city street in your Hometown at the Holidays! Presented as a small chart, finish this as an individual stand-up, so it can be displayed like a little house in your stitched village.
  • Hello Phone Case -- This is CUTE!!!!! Very 'Retro' make it into your cell phone case. Frame it and hang where the wall phone would have been in your house! Mount it onto a manually-written phone listing book... use it as a bulletin board decoration... hang it by an old pay-phone decoration... stitch it and put it beside the registration booklet at church... use this kind of anywhere you really want to say HELLO!!!! Small chart, this finishes approx 3 x 5 on 32ct.
  • Potted Poinsettias -- Little House's 8th ornament in the Sampler Tree Series -- this one is very pretty with that lavish poinsettia! Small chart... this finishes approx 3-1/2 inches square.

Beach Rules from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Beach Rules from The Sweetheart Tree
The Sweetheart Tree has seven new releases -- this one is my favorite -- so I chose it to show off on *Just Arrived!!!* Wear sunscreen, go barefoot, count the waves (instead of stitches?), Take a nap (but then you CAN'T stitch!) and make memories -- ALL WHILE you stitch at the beach!!!!!

Poor Sandie and me... she's in Arizona, and I'm in Oklahoma -- both of us are just about as far away from the beach as one can get -- so this is such a teaser!!!!!! About 3 x 5-1/2 in size... the small card chart comes with the pearl for the clam and three buttons to adorn the fob, if you finish it that way!

Lizzie Kate's Tiny Tidings XX - click for more Lizzie Kate's S21 Night Before Christmas Sled Snippet - click for more Lizzie Kate's S122 Celebrate Santa 2015 Snippet - click for more Lizzie Kate's S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet - click for more
Lizzie Kate Sneak Peeks for August 13th Arrival!!!
Wow... there is more new Lizzie Kate on the way... we found out the details today, and I wanted to share them ASAP! Offered as cards and charts, we're taking reservations for everything now for shipment in a few weeks -- at the same time that Part Two comes out for 'A Little Mystery.'
  • Tiny Tidings XX! -- 20 YEARS of Tiny Tidings ornaments -- that's over 100 of them!!!!! Something different this year, Linda has used 2 colors of petit dot linen for her fabrics... use those or your favorite neutrals. Chartpack of 5 designs, there is also an optional embellishment pack -- that really shouldn't be optional at all!!!
  • Night Before Christmas Sleds -- Happy Sledding with this darling trio of 1 x 2 designs that fit our miniature wooden and wire sleds. Twas the Night Before Christmas... so you get *The House* and the *not-even-stirring-mouse!* Offered as a Snippet Card, there are little embellishments included -- sleds are separate.
  • Celebrate Santa -- Lizzie Kate's annual Santa Snippet, he has a packet of embellishments, and looks like a little kid opening packages on Christmas morning!
  • I Can Drive a Stick Snippet -- *Why yes, I CAN drive a stick!* All stitched in black on any fun color of fabric you want... this little witch is setting the record straight!

Baby Floral Needlecases - click to see more Baby Floral Needlecases
Joining our regular Floral Needlecases are these smaller versions that are equally enchanting! Glass vials with a screw-off cap, these are lovingly covered with polymer clay and decorated with colorful flowers and tiny ladybugs.

ALL THE COLORS of the rainbow -- absolutely no two cases are alike -- and it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose your favorite! (This I know -- because I keep trying to find my favorite to take home and add to my stash -- and I can't!) Measuring a mere 2 inches in overall length, use these for beading and petite needles or precious stones and beads. Delightful!

Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath - click to see more Red Polka Dot Tweezers with Matching Sheath
What a fun set of *Stitching Needfuls!* SUPER sharp stainless steel tips on these charming little 3-1/2 inch tweezers -- eeally, be careful with these!! Use them to grab stubborn threads, help anchor loose ends, tease holes in canvas, or just pull slivers!

Pretty red with white polka dots -- they match the 2-1/2 inch sheath that comes with them! THEY can fit in that cover... or a favorite pair of small scissors can. Cute and functional.

Liberty House from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
Liberty House
from Homespun Elegance
This small pattern floated into the shop a while back, and the shop gals 'flagged it' as a keeper! The model is shown over two on 20ct Weeks Dye Works Putty linen (but we carry that color in 30, 32, 35 and 40... so change it up if you want to!) Using DMC or hand-dyeds of Indian Summer, Brethren Blue, Oscar and Straw, it is embellished with one of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons -- the flag.

We kind of liked the dusty colors and the little house up there in the blue part -- rather than the traditional stars. Stitch count of the design is 38 x 87 -- so on 20ct, it'll finish about 4 x 9, on 35ct it'll be 2 x 4... you decide!!!

Blue Manor from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Blue Manor
from Abby Rose Designs

*Peace be to this house and to all who dwell in it.* A nice 'guest room' verse, inside an organized border with a very swirly alphabet... the garden is beautifully manicured, the stars in the sky are neat... and the house looks formidable!

With a stitch count of 230 x 194, this finishes approx 15 x 13 on 30ct, the chart includes instructions for coffee-distressing your linen to give everything an aged look. Offered as a chart.

White Pumpkins Sampler from Dames of the Needle - click for more White Pumpkins Sampler from Dames of the Needle
After all the summer fruit has ripened and fallen from the vine, the white pumpkin starts to shine. It awaits it's glory in the cool days of Fall. This a really neat piece!

Unfortunately, the picture on the cover of the small chart won't show you the potential of this design. The funky little urn with its super-bold stripes and all the pumpkin vines trailing everywhere, the verse stitched over one, it finishes a petite 6 x 7 on Weeks Dye Works 36ct Cocoa Linen! I think that is another part of its charm -- it's little! Get out your Weeks and Sampler Threads of Angel Hair, Bullfrog, Caper, Carriage Black, Grasshopper, Pebble, Schneckley, Straw, Tin Roof, Wood Smoke, and Wrought Iron.

Eliza Anne Scott 1847 from Dames of the Needle - click for more Eliza Anne Scott 1847 from Dames of the Needle
Here's a sweet little piece -- Elizabeth has the original sampler in her private collection at home. She's adapted it a little and 'floated the alphabet and numbers' to give it more of a whimsical and relaxed feel.

Stitched on 32ct Peep's Lost Sheep Linen, it uses 19 different Weeks and Gentle Arts over-dyed flosses in its 6-1/2 x 10 inch size. A neat house, the small dogs and a few floral urns... typical sampler 'stuff and charm!'

A & E and an Apple Pynpillow Kit from Needlemade Designs - click to see more A & E and an Apple Pynpillow Kit
from Needlemade Designs
Here's a small kit I was saving to put up until Needlework Press's ABC Spool Kits finally arrived -- they look good together -- but I lost it in my little basket of *things-in-waiting!* Adam and Eve are stitched on 28ct natural linen with just Gentle Art's Cranberry hand-dyed floss. They measure about 4 x 6 when finished.

What makes this so fun, however, is the finishing. The bottom panel of the front, and the entire back is a cut of natural linen that has cranberry-red lines woven every half-inch through-out. The kit includes both linens, the chart, floss and the cut of matching silk ribbon you see in the pic. Just super-simple, this really caught my eye, and I LOVE that unique fabric!

July Snapshot from Pine Mountain -- click to see more June Snapshot from Pine Mountain -- click to see more June & July Snapshots
from Pine Mountain Designs
This fun set of monthly 4 x 6 cross-stitched designs continues with *snap shots of memories* you might have experienced that month!!! Pine Mountain has created small 'pics' and trimmed their corners with those little lick-on gray picture corners -- like you'd find in an old photo album.

Cute as can be, we are now through July with the designs. I love June -- check out that little camper and the bear checking out YOUR tent!!! Offered as charts, each is stitched on a normal color of 32ct linen with good old fashioned regular DMC floss! I love those mangy frames, too!

Pine Mountain 2015 Words of Wisdom Some See a Wish Kit -- click to see more Some See a Wish from Pine Mountain Designs
The latest Words of Wisdom pillow design as arrived from Pine Mountain. Cool and soothing shades of gray with sunny lemonade-yellow accents, your stitching is worked on the 5 x 5 18ct light gray Aida insert that is sewn right into the pre-sewn pillow wrap. Sandy has a new color of pillow stuffer insert -- the pretty yellow has caught me off guard -- and I have to order some!!!

So... stitch your pillow, and either fill it with your gray stuffer, or let us know you need a new yellow one. Presented as a complete kit if pre-sewn pillow wrap with flosses and chart, stuffer is separate. Some See a Weed, Some See a Wish! What a feel-good design!!!

X-mas In My Heart -- By Abby Rose - click for more AB Designs Wee Bit Wicked Kit - click for more Praiseworthy Stitches Spider Spell Fob and Angel Blessings Fob - click for more
Fall Exclusives From Norden Crafts
Norden Crafts, one of our industry distributors, is coordinating an *On-Line Needlework Show* taking place this August 10th through the 19th. They have commissioned some designers to present limited edition exclusive kits that we can offer as 'Sneak Peeks' NOW! We're taking reservations now for August shipment!
  • X-mas In My Heart -- By Abby Rose, the mini-kit includes Weeks and Gentle Art flosses, hand-dyed chenille trim by Weeks, the chart and finishing instructions. You supply your 6 x 6 bit of favorite fabric from your stash for this little 3 x 3-ish ornament!
  • Wee Bit Wicked -- A cute little kitlet by AB Designs, this one includes the chart, precut wool spider, glitter legs and pearl eyes. You supply your bit of brightly colored linen or aida. This finishes about 6 x 6, and uses DMC floss from your stash.
  • Praiseworthy Stitches Fobs -- Here is a pair of small kits to string beads along with your miniature stitched 1-inch pillow to clip to your scissors. They are approx 6-inches long when finished!

Frankie & Friends from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Frankie & Friends
from Praiseworthy Stitches
This is a real cute set of stitched Halloween Smalls -- everything comes as a compact kit packaged in a 4 x 4 x 4 decorated Halloween box! Frankenstein, a mummy or Jack-o-lantern decorate the little boxes, and inside you'll find a multitude of bitty things! There is a 2 x 2 x 2 black plastic cauldron -- your ORT bucket.

Next, all the fabrics you'll need to stitch the 1-inch cube that is Frank's head -- doubling as a thimble box -- the white to make the tombstone needlecase -- even the yellow Trick or Treat case.

Beads, charms, ribbons, even the google eyes that get glued into the bottom of the cauldron -- The Praiseworthy Gals thought of everything in here! When you're all finished, everything fits back into the little box to be stored away till next year!

Sweet Sheep from Filigram - click to see more Sweet Sheep
from Filigram
This is a pattern we've been enjoying in the shop for some time. I've just never highlighted it for you, and need to, because it's so cute! It is definitely a tribute to one who raises sheep, shears them, spins wool, knits with it, wears the mittens and scarves, or even counts sheep in their sleep!

Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct and is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC.

We are sad to announce that Pam and Nancy of Prairie Schooler are retiring from our industry. They announced mid-July that they will be taking down their website the beginning of 2016.
We will miss them terribly... THEIR first Market was my second in January of 1984. (The Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta!) They started with their famous Santa and 4 leaflets. People were upset because they thought they were copying Cross-Eyed Cricket (-- whose first Market was also MY first Market -- in September of 1983.) I think it was because they were the only two companies doing clean white-covered leaflets! Anyway, since then -- everyone has become great colleagues -- and we wish our long-time friends many happy stitching hours ahead!!!

Prairie Schooler's #104 G*H*I Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #158 Christmas Eve Leaflet -- click to see more
REPRINTS from The Prairie Schooler
Here, to ruin the astronomical prices on the Secondary Chart Market - are three Prairie Schooler past favorites that have been out-of-print! I guess with Pam and Nancy announcing their retirement... they knew they wouldn't get a moment of peace unless they reprised these favorites!
  • G*H*I Book #104 is part of their alphabet set. Indians, gardens and honey... this was/is a really cute set of the ABC's. Originally released in 2002.
  • DECEMBER -- Book #150 was part of the 12-months series and sold out RIGHT after it was released. Been gone since 2009!
  • Christmas Eve -- Book 158 YEAH -- we have a shop model of this one!! From 2009, Everyone's favorite!!!! Get them while you can!

Sepia Sampler from Notforgotten Farm -- click to see more Sepia Sampler
from Notforgotten Farm
This is a neat little piece... a very primitive bird perched in a vine surrounded by a simple border.

Finishing approx 5-1/2 x 8 on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Parchment Linen, it is stitched with only DMC of 830, 611, 3021, 640 and 869.

Meant to be a drab and monochromatic color scheme... it now looks elegant!!! Presented as a chart.
Presenting the 2015 Annual Santa -- click to see more
Presenting the Prairie Schooler 2015 Annual Santa
Our 30th+ Annual Santa chart has arrived -- all the same colors as the rest, the same size, and ALL the charm of Prairie Schooler's other annuals... he needs no other explanation!

We love him! Offered as a small card chart.
Prairie Schooler's #200 Witching Hour Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #201 Bump in the Night Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #202 Evergreen Leaflet -- click to see more
Witching Hour * Bump in the Night * Evergreen from The Prairie Schooler
Prairie Schooler has three new leaflets -- ALL of them are really cool... and are packed with fun design elements.
  • Witching Hour has trees that are talking to each other...a cute cat barely holding onto his broom in the sky... and an eerie color scheme of black, brown, gray and orange. The leaflet contains two smaller designs that mimic the panels in the other two new releases... smaller 30 x 50 blocks.
  • Bump in the Night has that witch on the left, but can your eye see the 7 same-sized panels in the rest of the design? Then, the two bonus designs that are the same size? You can mix them around in your final stitched piece!
  • Evergreen is the third piece -- it features the 9 panels -- but there are two more, so here's another you can re-arrange!!!

Prairie Schooler's Night Flight -- click to see more
Night Flight
from The Prairie Schooler
Another of Prairie Schooler's Halloween Card designs, I love this one! It seems to go with Witching Hour... but not exactly the same. Notice the 13 and 31s in the corners?

I like the repeating lines in the shadows of the sky and the lines of the fences. Just a fun little thing!

Prairie Schooler's Set F of Small Card Designs -- click to see more
Set F of Small Card Designs
from The Prairie Schooler
This is the 6th and final set of Nancy and Pam's small motif designs -- they've always released these bitty designs as promotional cards for their leaflet releases.

Celebrating leaflets numbered 172 to now... like all the rest of PS's things, they are awesome worked over one thread and made into tiny fobs and ornaments. We still have the rest of the 5 sets of 10 mini-cards each.

We are barely finished hanging up all the new Fall FLAX here... we have two new collections for Fall... and we can't wait for you to see it all! Luscious Linen apparel, our sizes range from Petite to Generous-One... pants, dresses, tees, tops, tunics and jackets... we love our linens!

We always take shop gal pics of the new... but my pics are going to have to wait for a few days... we're knee-deep getting ready for our Summer Event with Drawn Thread and La-D-Da... and we just can't get everything done in a day!

RIGHT NOW... we have everything in all the sizes. Murphy's Law says that *your size* (whatever it is) will set out first!!! CALL US and we can *custom- dress-you* over the phone!!!!!

All of our Luscious FLAX Linens are on 3*2*1 Pricing for the entire month of JULY!!!!
Purchase THREE or MORE pieces... and they are ALL 25% Off! Wow!!!
Purchase TWO pieces... and they are BOTH 15% Off...
Purchase ONE piece at regular price...

Things I Like from Nikyscreations A Sampler Farm from Nikyscreations A New Pair of Charts
from Nikyscreations
  • A Sampler Farm -- How can any other season besides Summer come to mind when you see all the bees, the chickens and that big ol' sunflower? Niky has a charming 'farm house' scene that features a skinny house (there is a hay pitchfork leaning up against it though!) a yard full of busy bees, chickens on the fence, and that tall sunflower in the garden. Stitched on 32ct, this will finish approx 6 x 7-1/2 and is worked with regular DMC colors of 632, 3799, 370, 3781, 3782, 422, 3047 and 732. Grab some hand-dyeds instead if you feel like it... this'll be cute which-ever way!
  • Things I Like -- A sampler full of things Ms Niky says are her favorites... houses, friends, windmills and tulips! You will not like the chart, however, because it's all on one page and kind of too small to work off of! (you'll need to enlarge it!) But after that... you'll enjoy all the small motifs that she suggests you put onto pin cushions and such. Look at the rows of chickens, cats and rocking horses... and the scissors with spools of thread perched on the handles. Stitch count is 140 x 180 -- so this will finish approx 10 x 13 on 28ct -- and it calls for regular DMC floss.

Life on Sampler Hill from Scarlett House - click for more The Queen's Garden from Scarlett House - click for more The Queen's Garden & Life on Sampler Hill
from The Scarlett House
A pair of new designs by The Scarlet House, both are offered as small charts.
  • The Queen's Garden is cute... the model is presented on 40ct (again, choose ANY fabric you like best -- YOU are the one stitching and enjoying it!) Putty from Weeks Dye Works is the yummy background color, and the pattern uses a mixture of over-dyed flosses, (which we always like better than the regular DMCs.) Perfect Pie Crust, Forest Glade, Seagull, Oatmeal, Black Licorice, Gingersnap, Mustard Seed, Old Hickory, Roasted Marshmallow, Picnic Basket, Weathered Barn, Garden Gate and Cucumber are the choices. It finishes approx 6 x 3-1/2 on the 40 ct, and the model shows rik-rak trim all around.
  • Life on Sampler Hill measures 120 x 108 in stitch count so will finish approx 7 x 7-1/2 on 32ct. You can choose ANY count fabric you wish... this is coded for both DMC and Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. I love that big blue house, the repeating patterns of the leaves and that solid green yard... so the hand-dyed flosses will really be showcased in this design-- choose those! It uses Blackbird, River Rocks, Sunkissed, Caterpillar, Blacksmith Blue, Stepping Stones, Antique Lace, Joshua Tree, Ladybug, Cherry Cobbler, Hazelnut, English Ivy, and Whatley Woodlands.

Deer Friends from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Remember Me from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Liberty Inn from Plum Street Samplers - click for more
Deer Friends, Remember Me & Liberty Inn from Plum Street Samplers
Plum Street Samplings has a trio of new designs... all offered in small chart format. Americana-Quaker-inspired, one is a little patriotic piece and the third is Autumn in theme.

(I'm writing these words on July 4th -- managing to get a little work in while the rest of the house is still sleeping this morning -- and I haven't wrapped my head around summer ending yet and Autumn coming!) Always pretty pieces, something to tuck into your stitching basket and add to the *to stitch list!*

Stitchin Witches from The Victoria Sampler - click for more
Stitchin Witches
from The Victoria Sampler
Here's a colorful Autumnal Sampler that features little witches all stitching!!! Worked on 28ct Summer Khaki Cashel Linen with loads of oranges, greens, purples and black silk threads, it finishes approx 5 x 18. (You'll need a ball of #12 black perle for all the lace.)

Each scene it cute just by itself in this -- the stitcher at the top working her quilt -- the middle panel features a crow trying to steal her silk -- and the bottom scene might just be stitch group with someone working on the snack!!!

Pretty textured specialty stitches throughout, everything is charted very clearly and LARGE -- especially on the lace borders -- so you can see where your needle goes next. Offered as the leaflet with accs thread and button pack separately.

Beach Cottage from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Beach Cottage
from The Victoria Sampler
We LOVE this little piece!!!!! What a tiny little sunny-yellow cottage nestled on the seashore... can you see the family all sitting outside, and the little kitty by the front door??

This finishes a mere 6 x 6-ish on a pretty light blue linen, and it really doesn't have much in the way of specialty stitching. There are Lazy Daisy floral vines, but that is about it. The colors are deliciously aqua, pink and that gorgeous yellow... and the accessory thread pack is FULL of hand-dyed silks and even has a pair of starfish charms. Just so charming, this is offered as the leaflet with accs pack separately.

Square-ology 111 Whimsey Bit by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 112 Liberty Bouquet by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 113 Around the Ball by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 114 Pennant Frame by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more
Scare-ology -- NeverMore and Scary Bit
from JABCO and Hands On Design
This is the 4th release in this set of repeating designs. Offered as small card designs... you get 1/4 of the design charted. As you pivot the chart white you're stitching... you'll repeat it all the way around. We've had a bumble-bee set, a seashore collection, and a pair of Scary birds... so this red, white and blue set is our fourth so far. Sailboats, summer flowers, a bluebird and more summer flowers tucked into mason jars... each is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Morris Blue Linen using both Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses. Cute 4-inch designs, each comes with it's own assortment of button embellishments.

Savon a la Violette from Madame la Fee - click to see more Le P'tit Pecheur from Madame la Fee - click to see more Le P'tit Pecheur & Savon a la Violette
from Madame La Fee
We carry super-endearing patterns by Madame La Fee. A very unique design look, all of them are offered as charts and finish quite large in size. Charted for DMC floss... they are all approx 200 x 200 in stitch count and are cute as can be.

All printed in French, so I can't read them... I love them ALL anyway! So, a new nautical design and gorgeous violets, they join our collection!

Lizzie Kate's A Little Mystery - click for more A Little Mystery Sampler Club from Lizzie Kate!
There is a new Mystery Sampler coming from Lizzie Kate -- shipping mid July, August and September of this summer!!! Smaller in packaging, pricing and overall project size, Linda says *it's a lovely mishmash of sampler motifs, cheerful florals and colors and a sweet saying that's perfect for a Mystery Sampler!*

Bonus designs are included in each part. Along with the main sampler, (65w x 161h stitch count), we're going to get a darling set of stitching accoutrements -- a two-sided (35 x 39) scissor fob, pin pillow (49 x 59) and mini-sampler (46 x 79) as well! Stitched on 30ct Sandstone Linen -- Lambswool Aida is also a good choice, Linda says.

And... she's even released the colors you need -- so check your stash! GAST Avocado, Holly Berry; Weeks Chickpea, Carrot, Grits, Oscar, Purple Haze, Terrapin, Verdigris, and DMC of 437, 3042, 3354, and 3768.
ANDDDDD... there is a cute little embellishment packet for this little baby too!!! Enough for all of it -- all the pieces -- you get several handmade buttons, some bitty micros, a Made With Love charm and a couple of colors of beads! LOTS of ordering options.
(Scroll down just a bit to see the the new L*K designs that have now arrived.)

Our Next Silver Needle Stitching Cruise - click for preliminary details
We have ONE OPEN CABIN on our Christmas Markets Cruise down the Danube River with Jeannette Douglas this November!!! We've had a cancellation, and Judy-The-Trip-Lady wants to hear from YOU!

Silver Needle and Jeannette Douglas and quite a few of you are cruising from Nuremburg to Budapest along the Danube River -- visiting the Christmas Markets along the way. We have some details about it on our Weekends and Adventures Page... Please call Judy if you are interested!!!!!

A Summer Gathering from Cherished Stitches - click to see more
A Summer Gathering from Cherished Stitches
Louise Henderson has a cute new mini-pillow pin cushion design to coordinate with her Spring Gathering design. Limited to 200-ish in production, the delicate summer berry bush is stitched on 32ct Linen with Sampler Threads and garnished with a bit of burlap banding and some shell buttons.

All of Louise's cushions are charming -- she always trims them with pretty fabrics and unique ribbon/band/button/lace trimmings. There are still a few past releases that are still available pictured on her pages. Summer Gathering includes the chart, linen, finishing fabric, overdyed flosses, coconut shell buttons, burlap and silk ribbons. The stitcihng is approx 3 x 4, the entire cushion approx 3 x 6.

Where Liberty Dwells from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more My Treasures from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Where Liberty Dwells & My Treasures from Threadwork Primitives
A pair of endearing designs by Threadwork Primitives, each is offered in chart format. Where LIberty Dwells is worked on 32ct with Gentle Art and DMC flosses and finishes a petite 7 x 8. It might be kind of fun to stitch the house with some Satin Stitches, and you could sub in some special stitches for the dividing bands between the letters...

My Treasures is a sweet tribute to friendship. Finishing a mere 4 x 7 on 32ct, the verse reads *My treasures were. I had such friends.* There are spaces for initials and dates... you could even add an entire row to this with nothing but initials in it. Stitched with DMC or hand-dyeds, just a small and quiet tribute.

Patriotic Hearts from AuryTM - click to see more Quaker Halloween from AuryTM - click to see more
Patriotic Hearts from AuryTM
Wow, this is a neat collection of Quaker-inspired motifs all organized into heart shapes! They are all stitched with ONLY DMC of 815 red, 311 blue and white, and are meant to resemble the US flag -- the blue in the upper left corner and then all the red and white stripes. That extra design elements really adds charm!!! You could choose virtually any fabric you like, and actually find some neat hand-dyeds in reds, whites and blues that you have waiting in your stash, and go to town with these. Stitch counts on them all run about 50 x 60 in size. What a unique set of coordinating pieces!!! All are offered in the chart pack.

Quaker Halloween from AuryTM
I think this is the funniest little piece! To me, it's an evening graveyard scene... the Halloween witch is just doing a fly-over on The Big Night. The gray quaker motifs in the background of the sky (Classic Colorworks Lunar Eclipse floss) are the clouds, and the black motifs along the bottom -- with the pumpkin -- are the gravestones. My favorite part is the engraving on the stones -- *I told you I was sick!!!* Offered as a leaflet, the stitch count is 142 x 96, so find a mangy-colored fabric and get this little baby stitched in time for Halloween!

Chessie & Me Wave Forever Stitch Book -- click to see more Chessie & Me Lady Liberty Needlebook and Fob -- click to see more
Wave Forever Stitch Book and Lady Liberty Needlebook & Fob
from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me has released one of her cute *Book Box* designs this week, with a matching sewing case and fobs that could store inside the little box! We love these small paper mache book boxes Linda uses -- she paints and waxes them, and stitches for the top, sometimes the inside of the lid, and sometimes the box bottom. Always bits of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wools to line or compliment the needlework, Wave Forever is stitched on 36ct Lakeside Vintage Cedar Plank Linen with one strand of hand-dyed floss. All of Linda's Rice and Smyrna Stitches, the billowing flag appears on the 2-1/2 x 4-inch box top and on the inside.

The Lady Liberty set is worked on Weeks 32 Beige Linen, so it technically doesn't MATCH the other... but we do like them together. The needlebook finishes approx 3 x 6, the fob is just 2 x 2, and Weeks Deep Sea wool lines the little case. TOO CUTE! Each is offered as a chart, wools and linens separately.

Kiss Me Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! - click to see more

Kiss Me
Val's Spook of the Month for June is here... Kiss Me includes the cut of 14ct brown perforated paper, some felt backing along with clay google eyes and a little green frog!

You'll need bits of floss from your stash to stitch this small 3 x 3-ish ornament.

Le Bal d Hortense Beaded Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Comme un Bijou Set of 4 Cushions Beaded Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! More Elegant Beaded Cushions and Cases
from Reflets de Soie
We are enchanted with these gorgeous stitched pieces! Presented as charts, each is worked ONLY in beads on 35ct linen with half a stitch and one strand of floss! No thread changing, only half the stitch... each 'stitch' is a tiny Japanese glass bead that glistens and reflects the light. The patterns come with all the beads numbered and sorted in individual bags.
  • Comme un Bijou features 4 matching designs that each finish a mere 1 x 3 inches in size!!!!! The background is not worked on them. Finish them flat as bookmarks, padded as small cushions, frame them, they'd make stunning doilies of some sort, stitch them and stick them away in a drawer... ANYTHING you want!!! The bronze and 24K beads are just amazingly beautiful!!! You'll want about a 6 x 9 piece of linen for each of these -- choose your color as the background will show.
  • Le Bal d Hortense is shown finished into a small jewelry pocket. It is solid stitched beading, and this piece features a beaded fringe that you really can't see in the picture. The little bags of beads are really stuffed full in here!!!!!! Antique Bronze, 24K gold, all the white and a gorgeous metallic gunmetal, this piece finishes only 3 x 3!
All of these kits are absolutely intoxicating to open up and describe for you... I am at home tonight writing these words, and NONE of these kits are going back to the shop... I HAVE to stitch models!!!!!

Mani Di Donna Sunflowers Cottage Sewing Box - click to see more Sunflower's Cottage Sewing Box from Mani Di Donna
This is a delightful set of designs to grace the top of a wooden box, a round pin cushion, needle book, scissor fob and treasure tray lid. You might recognize Lone Elm Lane's 8 x 8 Queen's Crown Box. Offered as the chart -- I bought ALL THE WOODEN PIECES AND FLOWER PINS that you need for all of this.

Simona has charts for all the sunflower designs that scatter all over each piece and she includes 29 actual photos of her finishing and assembly for you in her instructions. Everything is worked on Weeks Dye Work's 32ct Beige hand-dyed linen with 8 shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses in Ivy, Grits, Whiskey, Sea Foam, Charcoal, Pelican Grey, Baked Apple and Pink Sand. Along with the 7 x 7 main sampler piece, the pin cushion is a little drum topped with a bit of Week's Lancaster Red hand-dyed wool.

Can you see the yellow clay sunflower pins stuck in it? You get those in here. The needlebook features a wooden sunflower button closure and wooden bee buttons that embellish. (you get those wood buttons.) There is a wooden sunflower needle minder inside -- that you cannot see in the pic, and you get those two wooden thread winder bobbins -- the sunflower and little red cottage.

The wooden tray you see with the bobbin winders perched in it comes inside the Queen's Crown Box. (Note... the box is pricey. We'd love to sell you one, but I imagine you might be able to find something good for this at a big box store and save a little money! That is totally up to you!) The chart comes with the pins, wood buttons, sunflower needle minder and pair of wooden thread bobbins.

Mani Di Donna #1 Hornbook -- Flowers - click to see more #1 Hornbook -- Flowers from Mani Di Donna
Oh, here is a charming Spring-Green painted wooden hornbook that measures 4 x 6, is pierced with 5 tulip flower designs, that displays a pretty band sampler of garden flowers! Offered as the chart with painted hornbook, and two sets of three hand-made clay flower pins each, you'll need bits of DMC floss and a 9 x 9 cut of 32ct Petit Point Natural Line -- with little white polka dots on it.

Stitch the cute little garden with 6 colors of floss. make the mattress, glue it to the painted paddle, and add your pins to each side... SO CUTE!!! Simona lists this as *Hornbook Series #1* so I assume there will be more that go with this -- but we have no information on that. Just enjoy this one for now!

This Little Gift from Kathy Barrick - click to see more This Little Gift
from Kathy Barrick
Here's a bitty thing by Kathy Barrick -- Accept this little gift from me and may you ever happy be. Isn't that kind of cool?

With a stitch count of 83 x 65, choose any fabric you like, and find some threads in your stash -- this calls for just three. Stitch it up and frame it or make a little cube -- it'd make a 4 x 5 pin cushion on 32ct... It is offered as a single chart.

For Spacious Skies from Heartstring Samplery - click for more For Spacious Skies from Heartstring Samplery
Heartstrings Samplery has a new design -- For Spacious Skies -- that 'pops' with patriotic red colors. Work it on anything you like -- stitch count is 110 x 100.

Weeks flosses of Grits, Schneckley, Palomino, Grape Vine and Collards along with Sampler Threads of Brethren Blue, Pomegranate, Endive and Ruby Slipper -- I just love the red color and the green leaves against the light fabric. The pattern of the leaves is small and repeating -- just like the bricks on the house -- it all has a neat balance to it. Offered as the chart.

Wooden Flag Thread Board - click for more Wooden Flag Thread Board
Retromantic has send the coolest wooden thread board -- approx 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches in size. They have computer equipment that can etch designs into wood, so they made a distressed wooden flag. It has 15 holes for 15 different threads you might be using on a project... just tie them onto this instead of leaving them in a heap!

Very pretty inside a sewing case as well, this would be really neat in a framed collection of needlework tools or old needle packages and hoops. A pretty way to display some used bits of old thread...

The JCS Halloween Special Issue - click to see more Info About the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Ornament and Halloween Issues
It's that time of year again... Magazine Reservation Time! Just Cross Stitch Magazine is finalizing covers for their upcoming issues -- the ones the Collectors look for. The 15th-ish annual Christmas Ornament Issue, along with its preview of 10 ornaments, and the Special Halloween Issue (Not automatically sent to subscribers). We don't have cover images of all of them yet, but will fill those in as released. Choose any of the 4 issues you wish... we can send them as released, or hold all you order and ship at one time. (They are kind of heavy... take that into consideration... they will go Priority Mail.)

Remember the DVD collections of all the previous Just Cross Stitch Magazines are now available. A total trip down memory lane of EVERY magazine published -- we have them!!!!
  • The Halloween Special Issue SHIPS TO US July 3rd. $9.99 -- Subscribers do not get this issue.
  • The Fall Issue -- Dated October 15th, Halloween ornaments included in this issue. SHIPS TO US August 14th -- $6.99
  • THE Annual Ornament Special Issue -- SHIPS TO US September 3rd -- $9.99

  • Over the Hill Birds & Bees from SamSarah Design Studio Over the Hill Patriot from SamSarah Design Studio Over the Hill - Patriot and Birds & Bees
    from SamSarah Design Studio
    Sam Sarah Studio is beginning a new set of designs that she is presenting in chart format with a small packet of button embellishments. Named 'Over the Hill' because each as a 'hill' shape near the bottom of the design, she is presenting them on Weeks 20ct Blue Jeans Linen and stitching them with hand-dyed Caron Collection Watercolors thread. They finish approx 8 x 8 if you choose the large count fabric.

    NOW... you CAN stitch these with regular DMC floss, or find some pretty hand-dyed flosses already in your stash... and choose Week's 30ct linen of the same colors to make them smaller (5 x 5-ish.)

    The larger version uses the same scroll hanging hardware that her Something Wicked Mystery Sampler used -- so if you have that already, take if off your Halloween piece and use it for these. If you opt for the smaller linen, maybe a stand-up cube for finishing???

    Anyway, Watercolors, Linen and Charts are all offered separately, so you can choose options.

    Santa's Cabinet - The Elves from SamSarah Design Studio Santa's Cabinet - The Elves
    from SamSarah Design Studio
    Here is a delightful row of little Christmas Elves delivering toys to decorate the tree and delight the still-sleeping little ones!!! Offered in leaflet format with a small collection of bitty button embellishments, it finishes approx 3-1/2 x 12 and is worked on Weeks 30ct Blue Jeans Linen.

    You CAN do this piece alone... it happens to be the top section of a 5-part design .. so be aware of that when purchasing your fabric. You'll need either a 9 x 18 for JUST this design, or an 18 x 18 cut for the whole thing -- that hasn't been fully published yet. I just LOVE this topper design... I'm not sure you need a whole 4 more parts below!!!!!

    Patriotic Mantle completed by Bent Creek -- click to see more Patriotic Mantel is Finished!
    from Bent Creek
    Bent Creek has sent the third and final design in this 3-part piece -- just like all the rest of their Mantel designs -- the whole thing finishes approx 10 x 22. Offered as three separate kits, the first part had the 18ct Natural Linen cut in it, along with threads and the pattern for the left-hand 1/3 of the design, as well as the bottom festoons.

    Next, came part two -- it has the bird, star and part of the flag along with threads. Finally, this part - #3 - has the rest of the house and flag, Uncle Sam and the Sign and threads for those. Each of the three parts can stand alone -- but they are fun joined together. Super easy to stitch on the 18ct with #5 Pearl Cotton -- it'll stitch in no time at all!!

    Summer Bluebirds from Bent Creek - click for more Summer Bluebirds
    from Bent Creek
    Here is another *Color + White* small design that is stitched with only one color of hand-dyed thread and white. There are quite a few of these now (like 12), and Summer Bluebird is the third in a four-season set of them.

    Stitch counts on all of them are only 32 x 32 so they make CHARMING scissor fobs or ornaments -- especially if you do them on something small over one. All the *Color + White* designs are offered separately as small charts. Real cute made into individual stacking blocks, too!

    July from A Year in Chalk by Hands On Design - click to see more August from Year in Chalk by Hands On Design - click to see more Stitching By The Sea by Hands On Design - click to see more
    Hands On's Newest Releases... July & August's Chalk Art and Stitching by the Sea
    • Cathy's Year in Chalk Art series continues with July and August's small card designs... cute two-color pieces to commemorate the months... we do still have some finishing boards available if you are working on your set and want to display them. We like BOTH the linen and 14ct Aida fabric options for these... that dark color can be challenging.

    • Stitching By The Sea is a fun pin cushion tucked inside it's very own stitched basket! Worked on Weeks 30ct Tin Roof, the basket measures approx 3 x 3 x 2, and is stitched on all 4 sides and the bottom -- can you see the waves and some of the little fish? Then, the beach cabanas and sea gulls decorate the pin cushion -- that wonderful set of seaside pins is offered separately -- from Just Another Button Company. Complete finishing instructions are included for the basket and cushion. Cute and different -- wouldn't it be fun to BE stitching in those little cabanas by the sea?????

    Peace on Earth front back and inside from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Peace on Earth from La-D-Da
    La D Da's Lori Markovic has a new piece -- *Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.*

    Offered as a small chart, it is worked on Weeks 30ct Straw Linen with DMC colors of 926, 3011, 844, 918, 831, 632 and 3032. It'll finish approx 7 x 9 -- and the frame in the pic -- an 8 x 10 -- came from Michaels! Pretty colors, a restful design, it'd be pretty in a hallway or foyer.

    Long May She Wave from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
    Long May She Wave
    from Blackberry Lane Designs
    Marie Driskill has a new patriotic design that is stitched over TWO threads -- and is VERY finishable! A star shape to this 74 x 70 stitch count piece, you have several stitching options. One side can be the waving flag with or without a service man silouette. There is a tribute - to design with alphabet for personalization, and Marie has charted the insignia of each of the 4 branches of the military -- LITTLE BITTY - like 10 stitches in size!

    Regular DMC flosses, any white fabric you want... there are good finishing instructions in here, and each of the main star patterns are presented on their own chart page.

    Mill Hill for Christmas 2015 Buttons & Beads - click for more
    Presenting the NEW Mill Hill for Christmas 2015 Buttons & Beads
    Just in time for hot summer stitching... we hope the subject matter will keep you cool! Mill Hill's annual release of 5 x 5 designs for the Christmas season have arrived. Offered as complete kits of the pattern, 14ct perforated paper, tons of DMC floss and all the necessary beads... this is like the milliionth year for these... and everyone still looks forward to them! Use the paper in the kits, or substitute 14ct aida or 28ct linen... the beads really glisten against your stitching.
    • Joy of Christmas is a nine-patch medley (you could do each of these as small ornaments!!) of Christmas motifs
    • City Bank is another in the Christmas Village set houses and shops
    • Mr Jack Frost is cute and colorful, Spiced wreath is greenery and pine cones
    • All is Calm is a stunning midnight church scene
    • Jolly St Nick is just plain charming!!!!!!

    Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill
    Here are the mini-ornament kits for this season! Always offered as small kits of the 14ct paper, all the flosses and beads, each has a tiny bit of magnet material inside the kit -- so if you don't want more ornaments -- they'll look cute on your filing cabinet or fridge!

    As Christmas Tree ornaments, these do look GREAT on your tree because the lights glisten off the beads, and since they weigh next to nothing, you can hang them on outside branches and they SHOW UP! The Pinecone is really cool -- lots of texture on this one, and the Gingerbread Cottage is SO CUTE!!! We have a larger version of it from a few years ago -- but this one is 3-inches in size!!!

    Mill Hill Celtic Santas Kits - click for more
    Mill Hill Celtic Santas
    Here is a new set of Paper Santas!!! Joining the 17-ish OTHER Annual sets... these little guys are popular to stitch to commemorate trips you've taken, stories you've read, and places you still want to go see! Offered as complete kits, they are stitched on 14ct paper with DMC floss and *some beads* (not nearly as many as the bead kits.)

    Finishing approx 4 inches in size, they really present well on the Christmas tree! This year's releases would bring your Paper Santa Collection to 50-ish!!!!!

    Presenting the Premier Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more
    Presenting the Premier Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
    Wow... we've been waiting for this neat new magazine to debut, and it was worth the wait! Beautifully presented on super glossy pages with a nice heavy cover -- it feels like a book -- rather than a magazine. There are 51 pages in here of lovely projects -- 7 Punch Needle (Threads That Bind and Notforgotten Farm are two of the contributing designers); 1 Rug Hooking piece; and 8 Cross Stitch charts (Hands On and Nikyscreations are two of the designers.)

    Beautifully done, everything is in full color, huge photos, everything has at least a 2-page spread with the chart/design opposite the model pictures... it is really fun to page through! Stitches 'n Things is the featured shop in here... and Deb's petite 800 sq ft shop looks great!!! (It is no small feat to have all those threads hanging perfectly for a picture!!!) The design theme is PRIMITIVE rather than samplers or general stitchery... they have done a beautiful with it! You can purchase issues from us, but I think after one or two, you're going to want to subscribe directly!

    Hope For Peace Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Crown Thy Good Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Flag Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Summer Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
    Four New Designs from Shepherd's Bush
    Tina and Teri have released four designs that have arrived this week...
    • Hope For Peace -- 'Stitch this on those long summer evenings'... 5 x 5-ish with a billowy and super skinny flag, this is a complete kit of overdyed silks and cottons stitched on 32ct Belfast linen.
    • Crown Thy Good -- More 32ct linen in this kit, you get overdyed flosses, some cute buttons, and the rik-rack trim in this kit. I like that big blue flower that climbs around the entrie cushion!
    • Flag Box -- A bitty 2-inch design, this is a little zig-zaggy flag -- a few special stitches and of course, a star button! Offered as a small kit, these make cute scissor fobs.
    • Summer Trifles -- Another seasonal collection of pin cushions, this is a single chart that includes a trio of small designs. As with all the companioning leaflets in this series -- everything calls for bits of different fabrics so you're sure to have something on hand. Our JABCO button pack for this arrives this week as well... you'll want that.

    Here Comes the Bride! by Just Nan -- click to see more! Here Comes the Bride! from Just Nan
    Just Nan is releasing the CUTEST little bride mouse -- Juliet -- who said *Yes to the Dress!* The latest in Nan's limited edition ornament collection, Juliet's lovely hand-stitched and beaded dress, tulle veil, along with her crystal and beaded rose bouquet are all your hand work! She has an elegant gold tail hanger and brass button base, so she won't trip up the alter! Stitched on 32ct Belfast linen with bits of DMC floss and metallic, the total stitched area is a mere 2 x 3!

    EVERY bride this year needs her very first ornament this Christmas... perfect for a shower gift... and darling on any Christmas tree! Shipment is due June 1st, so we're taking reservations for Juliet She is offered as the small chart with embellishments, we are also sending the fabric with our auto-ships. (Several of Nan's other limited ornaments are still available -- NOT all of them -- view the collection and choose any you've missed on our auto-ship page.)
    Watch for Romeo the Groom Mouse in 2016!!!!!

    Summer in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Summer in the Meadow from Just Nan
    Nan's second in this pretty set of 4 seasonal squares -- or needle cases -- 'Summer in the Meadow is alive with wildflowers and ripe strawberries, plus a colorful bird in each corner, busy bees, backstitched purple butterflies and Lady Scarlet with her entourage.' Stitched on 32ct Flax linen with DMC floss, design area is 4-3/4 square.

    Pearl white and crystal green beads plus the painted Bird in Tree charm are included. Detailed finishing instructions are provided for the needle case. Nan has added an enameled butterfly charm to the inside of her case... (you could sew it to the framed piece as well) -- limited in availability -- all of our Summer in the Meadow charts will include one!!! I love all the pretty fresh greens in here along with the sunny pinks and lavenders!

    The Summer Flower by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
    The Summer Flower from Jeannette Douglas
    Jeannette Douglas is working on a 4-part set of small seasonal designs -- her first was The Spring Bird, this one is the The Summer Flower. Finishing a mere 3-1/2 inches square on 36ct Flax Linen, like Spring, this is packed full of soft silk shades of grass green, along with dusty shades of light coral, buttermilk and browns -- all young-in-the-season colors. Jeannette has made the creamy flower in the pot (you can't really see it in the pic, sorry) all Satin Stitches, and the coral flower on the left is worked all in Shaded Brick Stitch.

    Small enough for a nice pin cushion, the special stitches add lots of texture and interest to these little things! A neat display idea is simply a glass bowl or vase... she's done this with her Patterned Pretties -- just toss them all in there -- stitching side out -- and you get to see all of them at one time -- and they stay clean in their glass environment!

    Ask Seek and Knock from Erica Michaels - click for more O My Soul from Erica Michaels - click for more Good Every Day from Erica Michaels - click for more
    Ask, Seek and Knock * O My Soul * Quiet Moments from Erica Michaels
    Erica Michaels has a trio of new Petite designs that are stitched on 40ct silk gauze. Always small and totally exquisite... if you make these for gifts... they BETTER go to someone who appreciates the work you've put into them!

    Lovely designs, rich colors, you are doing 1/2 a stitch with one strand of hand-dyed floss. Ask finishes approx 1-3/4 x 4-1/2. Soul measures about 3-3/4 x 2. Quiet is approx 2-1/2 inches square. All three are offered as charts with the cut of gauze. Other linen sizes and counts are totally optional on your end.

    Aug, Sept, Oct & November Joyful Journals from Heart in Hand - click for more
    August, September, October and November Joyful Journals
    from Heart in Hand
    Heart in Hand finishes up her 12-card series of small designs celebrating the months of the year with these 4 releases. All offered in small card format, each design features the name of the month -- but that is easy to leave out if you want. Next, they all have a simple border that is embellished across the top with CUTE bitty stuff!

    Can you see September? It's the smart owl, but there is a little green bookworm up there wearing a mini mortar board and a BOW TIE! The little scarecrow in November is only 10 stitches high, and October has nothing to do with Halloween! All 3 x 3 in finished size on 30ct Weeks Dye Works Confederate Gray hand-dyed linen... you can choose virtually any fabric for these and the DMC, Anchor or hand-dyed flosses to stitch them.

    My One and Always from Heart in Hand - click for more My One and Always
    from Heart in Hand
    Here's a sweet and simple piece that can serve several occasions! Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, even a Home Established kind of thing! By Heart in Hand, this is offered as a leaflet which includes a few cream glass seed beads to embellish here and there, and the tiny brass heart charm you see about the word YOU.

    Finishing approx 9 x 4 on 30ct Weeks Cornsilk hand-dyed linen, it is stitched with either regular or hand-dyed floss. It's not fussy and has a very fresh, new and young feel to it. (BTW, Ali and Clyde are newlyweds -- Ali is a Bent Creek daughter!)

    Vera Bradley Emerald Paisley Vera Bradley Cheery Blossoms Vera Bradley African Violet Vera Bradley Heather Vera Bradley Moon Blooms Vera Bradley Pink Swirls
    Presenting a HUGE collection of Vera Bradley Retiring Colors!
    Presenting a HUGE collection of Vera Bradley Retiring Colors! We are totally bummed to have had to pull TONS of our gorgeous Vera Bradley pieces and patterns for their semi-annual Retirement Sale...
    • Emerald Paisley
    • Cheery Blossoms
    • African Violet
    • Heather
    • Moon Blooms
    • Pink Swirls
    Everything is gathered in the shop -- give us a call -- we MIGHT be able to get near the rack to see what we have for you!!!
    50% OFF ALL OF IT!!!!!!

    Party Tarts from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Winsome Pair from Plum Street Samplers - click for more George & Martha from Plum Street Samplers - click for more
    Three New Arrivals from Plum Street Samplers
    Paulette is full of Patriotic Spirit this time around... here are three smaller designs all offered in chart format, We have only a few weeks till July 4th... but lots of time still before the Presidental elections!!!
    • Party Tarts -- A Bit of Trivia from the chart -- 'The donkey became the symbol of the Democrats back in 1828 when Andrew Jackson used it as a campaign image after being call a 'jackass.' He chose to take it as a compliment, considering the animal's strength. The elephant became the Republican image when a cartoonist named Thomas Nast illustrated a donkey in a lion's skin scaring away zoo animals; one of the animals bellowing back was an elephant, also known for its strength, and labeled "The Republican Vote," Both designs measure about 55 x 60 stitches in size and call for Gentle Art's Freedom, Mulberry and Oatmeal hand-dyed floss. Amazon sells the tart tins on line!
    • Winsome Pair -- Here's a little Scottie with his Bald Eagle buddy... a tribute to the Doggies of the White House! This measures 102 x 35 stitches, is worked on 36ct (but you can use anything you want) and finishes in to a 2 x 5-1/2 little cushion. Threads used are Classic Colorworks of Blackbird, Stepping Stones, Pea Pod, Blue Corn, Timber, Ye Olde Gold, Cayenne, and Antique Lace -- or DMC!
    • George & Martha -- Here's the happy couple of the season! A fun little piece, they are worked on 36ct (again, choose anything you like) and finish about 4 x 5-1/4 in size. More Classic Colorworks of Used Brick, Bamboo, Bejeweled, Hickory Sticks, Stepping Stones, Fool's Gold and Sunkissed -- or DMC colors. You could do some Satin Stitches in those stars or the windows and shingles of the White House... and maybe find two tiny gold beads for George's coat buttons???

    Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Faith - click for more
    Lizzie Kate's Sweet Summer is Here!
    Lizzie Kate is releasing *Sweet Summer* a small limited edition kitlet... available ONLY from Memorial Day this year until Labor Day! Flip Flops, drink glasses and sunglasses, you get a small medley of colorful Summertime!

    The small kit includes a cut of 25ct Linen, bits of sparkly thread for those sunglasses and the drink, watery turquoise beads, the finishing instructions and even a cut of the cool beaded real shell trim to adorn the bottom edge of your finished piece! You'll need just a smidge of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyeds from your stash. Just a small something to take on vacation with you to remember THIS summer!

    Garden Borders from Blackbird Designs - click for more Garden Borders
    from Blackbird Designs
    The 12th and final design in Barb and Alma's Abecedarian Series of their Loose Feathers books... Garden Borders is a sweet piece that measures 121 x 90 in size, and will finish approx 8 x 6 on 30ct linen. Alma thought of her Mother when she designed this... all the pretty flowers in her garden... and the thought of stitching while 'savoring the sights and sounds of summer.'

    All 12 of the samplers in this set are about the same size -- all of them are shown and listed on the back of the leaflet, and are still in print. They all feature an alphabet, some of Barb and Alma's favorite motifs and are dedicated to family members. Garden Borders is charted for Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC floss.

    Wooly Sheep Needle Minders - click to see more Wooly Sheep Needle Minders
    Oh, we've carried these forever and ever in the shop... they are wooden sheep painted and wrapped with nubby wool yarn... and each has a magnet on his backside so he's a needle minder!

    Measuring about 1-1/2 inches long and 1-1/4 inches tall, each sheepie is painted black and wound with either a creamy white or black yarn. They feature rare earth magnets on the back to grab onto your chart board, the refrigerator, your file cabinet... anywhere you want them to cling. Just cute as can be... choose between the white and black!!!

    Best Friends from X's & Oh's - click for more Here Comes Santa Claus from X's & Oh's - click for more The Postman from X's & Oh's - click for more
    A Trio of Vintage Winter and Christmas Memories from Xs and Ohs
    X's & Oh's has charted artwork from three Canadian artists and presents them in Cross Stitch. Lovely designs that look like they came from the pages of old story books, I just love all three of them. They are pretty intense as far as the stitching and charts are concerned, so I will probably only enjoy them from these leaflets, and never the real stitched pieces! They are all solid stitching, so choose fabrics that are easy for YOU to work on... you might want to consider white for Here Comes Santa -- and leave the moon's inside empty.
    • Best Friends -- By Catherine Simpson, this measures approx 14 x 17-1/2 on 32ct and calls for 41 different DMC colors. Such a pretty scene, lots of backstitch detail. Not really Christmas -- you could leave off the decoration on the light post and shop window...
    • Here Comes Santa Claus -- By Frances Tyrell, Santa's sleigh up in the sky is only 10 x 15 stitches!!! Finishes approx 7 x 9 on 32ct, using 28 DMC colors.
    • The Postman -- By Shelley McVittie, I think The Mailman is picking up letters to Santa! (but maybe not... only the holly garland on the railing suggests Christmas.) 13-1/2 x 8-3/4 on 32ct, 35 DMCs, lots of shading in here, not much backstitch.

    September from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more October from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
    September & October from Cross Eyed Cricket
    Cross Eyed Cricket is continuing her charming series of the 12 months with September and October. Absolutely the coolest things... just like her seasons and holiday words, Vicki has her letters covered with small scenes and motifs surrounding the subject matter at hand. Worked on 28ct linens, in DMC flosses, each is garnished with a small smattering of Just Another Button Company clay buttons as well.
    • September is done on 28ct Sandstone linen, it measures approx 4 x 26-1/2 in size, and features 2 skeins of Silk 'n Colors hand-dyed silk of Forest Ash in the lettering, along with 45 other shades of DMC! There are tiny squirrels, acorns, birds, a sleeping hedgehog, lots of birds, an owl... school books and pumpkins... so much in here.
    • October is stitched on 28ct Desert Sand Linen with silk 'n colors of Woods of Gold in the lettering. It uses 33 other DMCs, and it is THE CUTEST HALLOWEEN SCENE EVER! Owls and pumpkins, bats and cats, spooks and spiders... it is one of her best! October finishes 22 x 5 and features a set of 4 buttons.
    We have all the rest of Vicki's months available... you can see them all grouped on her pages, and on our Auto-Ship... all are available as leaflets with fabric and clay separately.

    An AaBbCc Spool from Needlework Press - click for more
    An AaBbCc Spool
    from Needlework Press
    This is kind of a fun thing to stitch and display with your finished treasures... It is a wooden spool that features a stitched tape wrapped around it. Stitch the abc's on the 32 inch cut of hemmed linen banding... or even ruler measurements... you can make it say whatever YOU want! Choose a favorite color of thread and stitch the skinny band. Instructions are included to finish the end, and attach it to the spool.

    You could keep this in your stitching basket and use it as a letter reference, you could find a gorgeous border from a neat sampler and stitch that on here instead... I just think the whole finishing presentation is really fun and different! Offered as the alphabet chart, spool, linen banding cut and instructions.

    Cock-a-doodle-doo from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Cock-a-doodle-doo
    from Barbara Ana
    Barbara Ana has a trio of new designs -- I kind of fell in love with this funky chicken! Stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen in DMC shades of 436, 801, 822, 828, 831, 3046, 3371, 3777 and 3830, the terra cotta and moss greens in it -- along with those spots on hen are fun!

    The stitch count is 111 x 79 -- finishing approx 5 x 7. I like the huge berry vines, the stripes in her tail feathers, and that little house on the hill on there! Offered as a chart.

    Violet Scissor Case and Needlebook from Faby Reilly Designs - click to see more Violet Scissor Case and Needlebook
    from Faby Reilly Designs
    Faby Reilly has more 'pieces and parts' to her gorgeous Violet design set. This gal has the most beautiful florals -- all presented in Biscornu cushions, scissor and sewing cases. Wild Roses, Apple Blossoms, Iris, Peony, Poinsettias and Poppies, she has multiple charts for each flower, and each one is prettier than the last! Here are two new Violet offerings that are worked on 32ct Antique White Belfast linen.

    Charted for DMC, the charts are published by Creative Poppy, and are some of the most beautifully presented charts in the industry. (Pascale's company, Creative Poppy is in Paris, France, but she is living in Japan right now... we just sent some of her charts to The Netherlands last week... and we're in Oklahoma! We're all just everywhere in the world!!!) As with most of Faby Reilly's other designs, the scissor case and Needlebook are offered in separate charts.

    Soap 'n Water from Acorn House - click to see more Soap 'n Water
    from Acorn House
    This is a cute design that has been in our children's and baby selection of patterns for quite some time. I think it's a classic! *I love soap 'n water... makes me smell just like I ought'r!*
    There's a little cowboy underneath the bubbles in a metal washtub... at least he remembered to take off his precious boots! The stitch count is 100 x 96, and the chart is coded for Sampler Threads of Barn Gray, Buckeye Scarlet, Black Crow, Cameo Pink, Sarsaparilla and white, along with a bit of opalescent to highlight the bubbles.

    The suggested background fabric color is a light blue, so choose whatever count you like. I think this is perfect to hang in a little boy's bathroom!!!

    Postcards From The Heart #4 Home from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Postcards From The Heart #5 Flora from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Postcards From The Heart #6 Memory from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more
    Postcards From The Heart from Summer House Stitche Workes
    Summer House Stitche Workes is presenting a pretty set of small designs and finishing them in super-cool ways on little burlap canvases. Each Postcard From The Heart features a pair of tiny designs that are all stitched on various colors of Weeks Dye Works 32ct hand-dyed linens -- in one color of floss, of your choice.

    Next, get our bitty burlap-covered canvases -- you see them in the model pics... and then hit your button box for buttons and laces, your scrapbooking bins for cool papers and little trinkets, and your travel memoirs for ticket stubs and maps. Glue your stitching onto the burlap board and embellish with your *found objects!* Each card is offered separately, and the burlap boards are as well!

    We have an auto-ship for these... here are the future release dates for the rest of the set.
    • Early June: Tour, Beach & Hero
    • Early August: Autumn, Winter, & New Year

    Pin Money Pocket from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Pin Money Pocket from Summer House Stitche Workes
    Summer House's Limited Edition Kit for 2015... this is a fun little *piggy bank* to store up your stitching budget money!!! (or maybe just to hold a few wish lists?)

    Beth's kit contains the 32ct Weeks Confederate Gray hand-dyed linen, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, some beautiful calico fabric for your case lining, vintage silk ribbons to make the tie for your case, muslin lining material, and a charming wooden nickel that is printed with the words *linen*needles*aida*scissors*threads*. The case will finish approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2... I love that wooden nickel!

    Leave an Imprint from Cherry Hill Stitchery - click to see more Loved You Yesterday from Cherry Hill Stitchery - click to see more
    Loved You Yesterday & Leave an Imprint from Cherry Hill Stitchery
    Cherry Hill Stitchery has a pair of new designs that are really cute, and might make perfect birth announcements.. Good color, simple designs with really good sentiments, they'd be easy to match colors with the new nursery if need be. If you want to personalize, I'd figure another three inches to the height... depending on your alphabet.
    • Leave An Imprint will finish approx 7 x 9 on 32ct Natural. I absolutely love those little owls!!!
    • Loved You Yesterday measures approx 5 x 11 on 28ct Antique White and is coded for DMC floss.

    Serial Bowl Lesson 2 from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Sampler Lesson Two of the Serial Bowl Series from Plum Street Samplers
    Paulette Stewart is continuing her Serial Bowl Series of designs with this pretty piece: *Ever faithful ever kind firm and gracious be thy mind.* Offered as the chart with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses and R & R chenille trim for finishing, you'll need a smidge of linen to work this -- lots of counts will do, as you have plenty of thread in the kit.

    A deep cherry red, soft green and a washed out denim blue, it'll make a cute cushion. Part Two of the Serial Bowl collection, this will be presented in this kit format (minus the fabric) for approx 2 months. When lesson three comes out, kits will be retired along with the charts, until Paulette releases just the charts sometime in 2016.
    Please Note: Part 2 has already Retired from Plum Street -- we have a few remaining kits!

    Fridge Art #21 Lady Luck from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art#22 Bee Kind from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #23 Sun Day from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #24 Summer ABC from AB Designs - click for more
    New Fridge Art from AB Designs
    Amy Bruecken continues her cute series of small 3 x 3 designs that finish on peel 'n stick magnets. You can use any 14,16,18, 28, 32 or 36ct (just about anything!!) count fabric -- a little 5 or 6-inch smidge scrap will do, and grab DMC flosses from your stash.

    Choose a few favorites from her growing collection of 23 so far (Fridge Art #8 is just a square of blank material... so I'm not counting that one.), or start with these 4 new ones... your refrigerator or filing cabinet will be such a happy place! Each is offered as the small chart with magnetic board and finishing instructions.

    Summertime from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Summertime from Cuore e Batticuore
    This is delightful, and I just HAVE to share it with you! A Summer Seaside Scene, I'm not sure what my favorite design element is in this. The Little Gnomes with their pointy hats... going swimming??? The umbrella is delightful, the tiny flags are festive. The hearts in the air are cute, the little swimmer on the polka-dot innertube is precious -- see her braids trailing behind? I like the beach shack and the gulls perched everywhere... but I think the itsy-bitsy fish in his bowl -- with his OWN little pointy hat -- is so funny.

    This has a stitch count of 285 x 157 and will finish approx 18 x 10 on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Linen. Beautifully charted in color, the verse is presented in both English and Italian, and it calls for DMC floss. I think it's just the cutest thing... very different and endearing! Offered as a chart.

    Pattini d' Argento from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Petit Marche de Noel from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more
    Four Christmas Designs from Cuore e Batticuore
    Oh, how can you choose a favorite from these 4 new designs that are so full of Christmas Colors and Charm??? I don't think we could fit all 4 of them across the page, so MAKE SURE to click through the pic to enjoy them all. Offered in chart format, each calls for DMC floss and is beautifully graphed in colorful symbols that are easy to read.
    • Santa Claus Montgolfier features Santa arriving via hot air balloon, and the reindeer floating down on smaller balloons to deliver 'the goods!'
    • Vacanze in Montagna also reads 'Welcome to our Mountain Home'... Talk about a gingerbread log cabin -- it is charming!!! (even a reindeer weathervane)
    • Pattini d' Argento reads 'Christmas is skating on the ice with you.' Can you see the birds on skates? This features Polka Dot Belfast Linen.
    • Petit Marche de Noel is a Christmas Market scene! All the stores with festive window displays and the shopper with her 'loot', the sign words are charted for English, German and Italian.
    Click to read about each one!

    Ma Petite Robe Noir from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more La Parisienne from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more La Parisienne & Ma Petite Robe Noir from Tra La La
    Charts by Tra La La... some cute designs for you Paris-Lovers! Stitch the Little Black Dress piece to decorate your closet door or inside wall -- if you have a big closet! Might be cute in the Laundry room too!!!

    La Parisenne is sweet and would make a cute photo-album cover. Just fun designs about 100 stitches square each... offered in chart format and coded for DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

    On The Beach from Madame Chantilly On The Beach from Madame Chantilly
    This is a sweet summer scene that I couldn't resist, brought to us by Madame Chantilly. A generous 236 x 102 stitches, it'll finish approx 17 x 7 on 14/28 fabric... the picture was stitched on Natural... but a light blue or yellow would be pretty as well. All the beach cabanas are lined up, the seagulls are swirling, the crabs are waiting in the water, and the tiny airplane in the sky is advertising that it's the HOLIDAY!

    Something about it makes me think of summer vacations of years ago. Add some gull buttons, a tiny shell or two, maybe a bit of metallic on the plane, hand-dyeds for the rocks, Simply Wool for the gulls, even some bitty black beads for the crab eyes! Offered as a chart.

    Le Lin d'Isabelle Teddy Bear Multiplication Table Teddy Bear Multiplication Table from Le Lin d'Isabelle
    This is a precious multiplication table that might need to hang in the nursery of a budding mathematician! The chart is printed in French, so I can't read a word of it... but it is coded for DMC floss. The stitch count is 170 x 260, so on 36ct, this would finish approx 9-1/2 x 14-1/2... plenty big enough to learn from!!!

    The teddy bear is so antique, beautiful and classic. The multiplication table is so 'old school'... wouldn't this be neat in an elegant guest room as well? So unique, I couldn't pass this by! Offered as a chart, beautifully presented in color.

    Sew Stitcher from I Stitch Designs Sew Scissors from I Stitch Designs Sew Scissors and Sew Stitcher from I Stitch Designs
    Here is a pair of charts we have had for a long time... I'd never put them on the website because the front pictures didn't represent well. We have new pics now... and I thought I'd show you how cute they are! Scissors and Alphabets (98 x 65 stitch count) and that little stitcher (103 x 80) .. each is a single chart... stitch them on whatever you want, and choose your favorite colors of threads.

    Make them into sewing cases, or choose a single scissor chart and make it into a sheath. Simple, but very cute... I'm glad we finally have some good pics of these!

    Cardinal Points by Long Dog Samplers for The Gentle Art -- click to see more Cardinal Points by Long Dog Samplers for The Gentle Art
    Long Dog Samplers created this piece using Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- kind of as a promo piece for Nancy at The Gentle Art. The verse reads: The Gentle Art of a Needlewoman lies embodied in her work.

    Super colorful and very pretty, I like all the small repeating motifs everywhere -- and all the balance in the border. Coded for 24 different colors of Sampler Threads over-dyed floss, this finishes approx 12-1/2 inches square and the pic on the front of the chart was worked on good old 18ct AIDA! So choose any fabric you like and stitch away!!!

    Get Kraken from Ink Circles - click to see more Get Kraken from Ink Circles
    Mmm... at first, you see a Norwegian-flavored design with that cool little band sampler running down the right side. Lots of motifs, pretty teal, brown and mustard colors. Then... you notice the sailing ships and all the deckhands up in the riggings. Then... you notice all the sea serpent tails and realize that this is *one busy scene!* There is a battle going on... there is a mermaid and a stray anchor, crowns and a date!!!

    And thus began the epic battle and no man escaped his watery grave. It might say that... but if all lives were lost in this epic battle attempting to conquer The Great Greenland Sea Monster... and it happened over 300 years ago... I bet the story is embellished a little! Tracy of Ink Circles isn't saying.....! Her sampler (oh excuse me, it SAYS this MIGHT be a reproduction!... right above the line that says it's an original design) measures approx 11 x 12 on 32ct and is stitched with either Gloriana Silk or DMC floss. It is so full of personality, cool motifs, neat borders and the 'flavor of authenticity' that it BEGS to belong to someone who loves the sea. Offered as a chart.

    Sampler Wooden Needlecases - click for more Sampler Wooden Needlecases
    Oh, these are beautiful little 2-1/4 inch wooden needlecases that have been milkpainted and decorated with miniature papers of antique samplers.

    Presented on a small card (so they look really nice as a small gift) we have at least 6 different soft colors of denim, moss green, honey, lt brown, a grey... but each has a stitched needlework image wrapped around it that coordinates with its background color. EVERY cool sewing case needs one of these... if you get a bunch of them, we'll mix up the color selection. By Kim's Needle Needfuls.

    LOVE Cross Stitch Needle-Bead Case - click to see more I LOVE Cross Stitch
    This is basically a metal business card case that has been fitted with Stitcher Stuff!!!!! Featured on the outside is our Mantra for a Good Life: We LOVE Cross Stitch!

    Open your case to reveal magnetic material on one side to hold all your needles and threaders in one place. The other side has the NEATEST material to hold beads -- clingy but NOT sticky! It's the strangest material... it is soft and tacky... and your beads will stick to it... but it isn't sticky! (Kind of like wet chicken... only it isn't wet!!!) You can touch it, and you think you'll leave a fingerprint behind, but when you lift your fingers, they are dry and no print is left behind. So how's that for a description!!!?

    Anyway, a 2-ish x 3-1/2-ish inch very flat case... very functional! (Looking for something a little special? We have some of these in colors that feature one of Accoutrements jeweled magnets on top. All one-of-a-kinds... ask when you're in the shop next!)

    A Trio of Colored Scissors - click for more
    A Trio of Colored Scissors
    Here are some pretty new 3 1/2-inch scissors -- super colorful to dress up your fobs and sewing cases. Not too sharp on the points, they are nice and tight, the handles have the enameled color treatment on them... these are perfect for a starter pair of scissors or even better -- misc fobs that match their colors!
    • Kisses -- These are black with teeny-weeny fucsia lip-prints on them! Cute for Halloween designs.
    • Spring Green -- My favorites -- Slime-Lime! So bright green and pretty... choose something for Spring... or even a bright Christmas design for your fob!
    • Egg Hunt -- These are creamy yellow-y peach-y scissors with tiny eggs on them. I can't really see the eggs too much, I see the pretty multi-colors, and love them!

    Ricardo's Roses from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Pastoral from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Free & Brave from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
    Spring is Here From The Drawn Thread!
    Ricardo's Roses -- a petite rose garden scene; The Pastoral -- a really cool sewing case OR a lovely full-sized sampler; and Free & Brave -- something so geometrically balanced and decorated with stunning Spratts Head Stitched flowers. Cynthia has three new charts that are all very pretty! I couldn't choose my favorite to highlight here, and leave out two of you get a sneak peek of all three here.

    Cynthia's design style is to incorporate special stitches everywhere in her flowers, so that texture pops out from all of them. Info on the three designs are on our inside Drawn Thread pages!

    Alice from Brooke's Books -- click to see more The Mad Hatter from Brooke's Books -- click to see more The White Rabbit from Brooke's Books -- click to see more
    Alice in Wonderland from Brooke's Books
    This is a nice start to what hopefully will be a cute set of Alice in Wonderland characters. Just three available right now (? on any more?)... we have Alice, The White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter.

    All offered in chart format, they measure 70 stitches high and approx 100-ish stitches wide, and are suggested on a denim blue or medium gray fabric. All three can be joined together because of that cool black, white and purple checkerboard bottom with the green grass! Just cute as can be, these are full of Brooke's charm -- and each one uses a TON of different DMC colors!

    Just a Few Shells Case & Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Just a Few Shells Case & Fob
    from Fern Ridge Collections
    The gals at Fern Ridge have presented us with the most CHARMING Deep Blue Sea Silk Sewing Bag and Beaded Fob Set!!! I don't even know where to begin describing this beautiful set of artwork... it truly IS beaded and textile ART! The silk bag is made of Aquamarine Silk Dupioni fabric. It is garnished with your stitching on 28ct Tempest hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus.

    The COMPLETE kit (which is absolutely intoxicating!) includes Treenway Silks in Mermaid Tears, Sea Spray and St Thomas hand-dyed colors. There are starfish, seahorse, scallop and fish charms in here... beautiful tiny shells and glass beads... teeny buttons... Delica beads, Hannah silk ribbon -- Sea Goddess color! -- abalone buttons, a wooden ruler and wooden shell needle keeper (by Doodlin Around Design), a starfish waxer, and a real starfish that you'll use as a threadwinder! The verse by Anne Lindbergh reads: Patience, Faith, Openess -- is what the sea has to teach. A Gift From the Sea. You can see my hands in our pictures... this finishes approx 4 x 5. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

    Just a Few Shells Case & Fob
    A small matching beaded fob to go with your awesome Shell Purse, the beaded part of this is really very easy to stitch... just hard to teach someone else to do! The fringe looks like the hard part... but it is the easiest! You are stringing together a multitude of exquisite little shells and charms and findings. Luscious aqua blue and deep sea green colors in here! Offered as the complete kit!

    Make SURE to see the rest of Pat and Peggy's Things... Just the coolest!!!

    Sweetheart Sewing Tin from Milady's Needle - click for more Sweetheart Sewing Tin
    from Milady's Needle
    Milady's Needle presents her Spring 2015 Limited Edition box kit -- a metal tin decorated with your stitching on the top and filled with matching doo-dads!

    The 3 x 4-1/4 inch metal tin features your stitching of a tiny sampler (less than 3 x 4) on Picture This Plus's 40ct Heritage Linen (a soft grey-ed green hand-dyed) worked with GAST, Weeks and Classic overdyeds.

    Inside the little box, you get to store a thread organizer with the same stitched image decorating it... AND a 2-1/4 inch wooden needlecase that has been 'pickled' with whitewash, and decorated with another image of that topper sampler. All the flosses are pre-sorted onto that organizer, everything is soft and faded in color -- just a charming little box!

    Vintage Turtle Needle Minder from Just Nan - click to see more Vintage Turtle Needle Minder from Just Nan
    We have these beautiful little hand painted turtles by Just Nan that I want to show off a little! Her turtles -- vintage brass stampings -- measure 1-1/2 inches wide and 2 inches long (to the tippy tip on that tiny tail!)

    Nan has painted each with transparent pale lavender and antique-y gold paint and added a sparkly lavender crystal. She's added a magnet to the back... and now the little guy is a Needle Minder -- AND -- he's bringing you a gold #28 Needle as well!!!!!! Very pretty... he'll look great inside the perfect sewing case!
    Mini-Shaker Pin Cushion Rounds from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Mini-Shaker Pin Cushion Rounds from Lone Elm Lane
    Lone Elm Lane has introduced empty rounds to house pin-cushions! Measuring 4 inches in diameter and approx 1-1/4 inches high, they are ready to house your puffy little 'hill' of needlework!

    Offered in 6 colors so far (My pic accidentally has two of the red in it, and not Bittersweet, which is a bit more on the golden rust side.) They are the same finish and quality as Stephanie's larger boxes.
    Also brand new are three leaflets with designs for her shaker boxes... take a peek!

    Cat & Mouse Biscornu from Thistles - click for a larger view Sheep Herd from Thistles - click for a larger view New Designs by Thistles
    We have at least a dozen new charts by Liezbeth... I chose to highlight the Cat and Mouse Biscornu here because I think it's just the cutest! Well... we've had a lot of calls for Sheep Herd as well... it features little sheepies in all different weather and all different seasons! Back to the Cat and Mouse... the little mice adorn the bottom cushion, then you stitch the cats on the separate piece, and construct the tiny cushion to set atop the mice. The verse is the FUNNIEST! It discusses WHO gets the cheese!

    Sheep Herd has a winter/mitten sheep, Valentines, an Easter Egg with sheep on it, sheeps getting sheared in the summer, apple picking, fall rains, one being taunted by a Halloween spider and one wearing a stocking cap grazing in an evergreen forest!
    This company has a lot of creativity in their designs... make sure you click through the pics to see all of them!

    The York by Craftlite -- click to see more
    The York
    from Craftlite
    Craftlight has a new lamp that is slightly larger than their little Dorset!!!!! A new updated style, this little guy is awesome! It is a table-top lamp and weighs 6 pounds. It features a 16w fluorescent daylight-balanced light bulb surrounding a 5-inch glass, 3-diopter lens. The bulb is completely covered on the bottom side for safety.

    The lamp plugs into the wall... It has a little flip-cover to protect the lens when not in use... a toggle on/off switch, and 8 x 9 base with lots of tiny storage areas for needles, scissors, pencils, just whatever. The main part of the arm is 12 inches in height, so it has a really nice table-reach. The 5-inch lens is wonderful -- so much more to see than the 3-1/2-inch of the Dorset! No assembly required... pull it out of the box and plug it in! Offered in white, this is a LOVELY lamp!!!

    Plant Wisdom Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Plant Wisdom Sampler
    from Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company
    Brenda Keyes has a pair of new samplers -- both offered in chart format. Plant Wisdom's verse reads: If happiness be your pursuit, Plant wisdom and enjoy the fruit.

    Measuring 235 stitches square, this finishes approx 13 x 13 on 36ct, it could be almost 18 x 18 on 28ct... or even 9 x 9 if you go over one! So much the pretty color palette of Brenda's other samplers we love, this is charted for regular DMC flosses of brick, buttermilk, teal and olive greens. Very pretty and balanced!!

    Winter Wonderland from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Winter Wonderland from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Winter Wonderland from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
    Cute Pirates, Princesses and Vikings
    from Tiny Modernist
    Oh my gosh, these are the cutest patterns for a little one's bedroom walls... or pillows on their bed!!! Charts by Tiny Modernist, each of the three measures about 100 x 115 stitches each, so they'll finish approx 7-1/2 x 8-1/2 on 14/28 count fabrics. Charted for regular DMC or Anchor floss, they don't call for special stitches or any embellishments -- but you could always add any of them you want!

    I just thought they were a fun set of designs for someone who loves your needlework!!!! (actually, we were laughing in the shop -- remembering that these Vikings were actually NOT nice guys! ... and probably most pirates weren't either... and there are dragons and serpents... but we liked these anyway!!!)

    Round Tool Towers By Greg's Turn - click for more
    Round Tool Towers By Greg's Turn
    Kind of like a Scissor Block -- only round! We have a new gadget that is designed to carefully hold your scissors, some needles, maybe a laying tool or seam ripper, and even a small ruler or chart. Wayne-The-Wood-Guy has a son, Greg. This is by *Greg's Turn.* It's Greg's turn to turn wood into cool gadgets for us like Wayne has for years!

    This little guy measures approx 2-1/4 inches in diameter and stands 3-1/4 inches high. It features a felted bottom and 4 compartments, Two that are lined with felt in the bottoms that are about 2-1/4 inches deep. Store your scissors or rippers or laying tools in those holes. The bottom is soft and padded so tips are protected. The third, smaller hole has a magnet in the bottom -- that's for needles. The magnet keeps them in place in case your tower tips over. It is about 1-3/4 inches deep.

    The slit is there for a small ruler or chart -- it is 3/4 of an inch deep. (I was absolutely NOT going to tell you that my mind sees a little face here! I see two eyes, a little nose and a mouth! But the little mouth is crooked because Greg has to make the slit in the direction of the wood grains so that they don't split! So I have all these little people looking at me, and they are so cute! Isn't that dumb?!) So, you have this little friend... all of them are different colors because they are made of different woods, and their little mouths are just every-which-way... and they are so FUNCTIONAL and HANDY! I wonder what they are saying....

    Stoneware Cat from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Cat
    from Priscilla's Pocket
    This is a tiny pattern that was a limited edition kit at Market. From Priscilla's Pocket it mimics her two Stoneware Pin cushion patterns -- only it's a little kitty, and it is a complete kit!

    Stitched on Week's 36ct hand-dyed linen with Black Raspberry Jam thread, it includes the cut of the Wonka's Blueberry mini-ball-fringe from Dames of the Needle. All you are going to need is a bit of crushed walnut shell stuffing for this cute bitty 2-1/2 inch cushion. Just so sweet!

    Stoneware Pillows II from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pillows II
    from Priscilla's Pocket
    Gosh, this is a beautiful little collection of pin cushion designs all inspired by Salt Glazed Stoneware motifs. Offered in a chart format, they are all smaller than 64 x 51, are worked on Weeks 35ct Tin Roof with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam hand-dyed floss. The finishing trim is Wonka's Blueberry hand-dyed mini-ball fringe by Dames of the Needle -- and we have included the 3-yards you will need to finish all of these! The first set is charming -- we have them all stitched and perched in a basket -- so now, we'll have 6 more to add to them!

    *Here's a nice display idea: Find a TALL GLASS VASE or JAR. Toss your cushions into it -- arranging them so that your stitching shows. Let them nestle and 'overlap' each other a bit... get them mooshed in there... they look lovely from every direction and take up less display space!

    Dancing in the Moonlight from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Dancing in the Moonlight from Praiseworthy Stitches
    Praiseworthy Stitches has a new Halloween Scene... a little smaller than their annual haunted houses... this will make a grand companion to frame and display with all your others! *There's an unusual party in the pale moonlight. Pumpkins are glowing, crows are singing and even the cat is yowling along. Everyone is rocking to the beat. See how the ghosts are swirling? But look, the skeletons have pulled out their top hats and canes They have started a sensational all-bone review! Don't miss your chance to join in the celebration!*

    Stitched on Picture This Plus 32ct Haunted Linen (a gorgeous teal hand-dyed) with Weeks, Gentle Art and DMC flosses, it features Mill Hill beads and lots of handmade clay buttons by Just Another Button Company. 156 x 201 stitches, it'll finish approx 9-3/4 x 12-1/2 on the 32ct. Full of Susan and Pam's silliness, you could even personalize your grave stones! Offered as the chart, with fabrics and embellishments offered separately.

    Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl
    from Olde Colonial
    Oh... I don't know if you are a collector or lover of this beautiful Polish Handpainted Pottery... but if you are... you'll not be able to pass this by! This is a LOVELY pottery bowl lovingly hand-painted both on the inside and outside with traditional designs and colors. Your little bowl is approx 5-1/2 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches high.

    Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Olde Colonial has designed a cross-stitch padded lid to cover the little bowl. Stitched on 32ct antique white Belfast linen with bits of DMC floss, Pam has included the blue lining fabric, the finishing lid disk and a finished wooden handle for the center of the topper.

    Just cool... Olde Colonial has done three other Polish Pottery releases... we've had them... but this is the first time we have enough to finally show them on the website! Our first shipment is almost sold out... we have more coming this April and will reserve yours now if need be!

    Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
    Little Mean Green Fabric Clips
    Just a little package of 10 -- 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together.

    Teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong... Wonder Clips by Clover! Just handy little things!
    Puffin & Co Notions Niche Boxes - click to see more
    Notions Niche Boxes
    from Puffin & Co
    WOW... this is an awesome collection of three sizes of *Stitching Power Tool* Cases!!! Solid Cherry wood, made in the USA, each is decorated with one of Puffin & Co's cute brass, copper and nickel pieces of artwork.

    Magnetic Closures, velvety linings, read all about them -- all the sizes and designs available! They match all your other Puffin threaders, nannies, and gadgets!!! VERY VERY well done!!! The Mini even fits inside the large case!
    Puffin & Co Notions Niche Boxes - click to see more

    Fraktur Friends from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Fraktur Friends from Shakespeare's Peddler
    This is an AWESOME piece that came out of Theresa Venette's brain in two hours of designing time! She is something else -- in a GREAT WAY!!! Inspired by an antique box she fell in love with, she has charted this for Anchor or DMC floss, and says you can put this on ANYTHING you want! (She did hers on 40ct silk gauze, but knows the world doesn't always see things her way!!!) Stitch count is 172 x 162... so on 32ct, this would finish approx 10 x 11.

    She writes about her design -- dedicated to her best friends -- "The friend on the left is very put-together, has a nice big house, and flowers in an urn. The friend on the right has a home-made and patched dress with a simpler house, crazier hair and wildflowers. We're all of us different, but true friends know what counts on the inside!" Solid stitching... this is STUNNING! Offered as a chart.

    Grouchy and Happy Cat-titudes from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Grouchy and Happy Cat-titudes from Shakespeare's Peddler
    Oh wow... here is a pair of delightful kitty-kushions! By Raise the Roof... choose your mood and stitch! Both are offered as small charts with a cut of black 32ct Belfast linen (which might turn MS Happy Kitty into MS Grouchy Kitty!)

    Anyway, Grouchy comes with a cut of Taupe, gray and black angry cat finishing material... while Happy comes with a cut of colorful and perky material! Stitch counts on both are 75 x 45... so they finish approx 3 x 4-1/2. Use flosses from your stash.

    Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
    Laurel Burch for Mill Hill!
    Presenting the most colorful and famous designs of Laurel Burch Mill Hill style!!!!! We are getting bead kits that are stitched on YOUR CHOICE of 28ct linen or 14ct Aida... featuring this darling artwork we've all loved for years!

    Complete kits contain the charts, fabric and all the colorful glass beads you need! Watch the drop-downs here, to make sure you get your fabric option correctly! Available as separate kits, or get the whole set!

    Tooth Fairy Pocket from JBW Designs -- click to see more Tooth Fairy Pocket from JBW Designs
    This is the CUTEST little Tooth Fairy Pillow EVER! A limited edition, this is ready-made tooth! It measures approx 5 x 5... is sewn out of a multi-colored zig-zag stripe fabric and features a band of 30ct linen for personalization. Softly stuffed, it features a small pocket on the back for that precious tooth, and an alphabet to spell the 'important presenter's' name. DMC color numbers are supplied so you can match the colors in the fabric stripes.

    Now... when you get this... A WARNING: put a quarter and a dollar bill with this. You're going to have to stitch a name one night after that 'important presenter' has gone to bed... and Murphy's Law says you will have NO CASH on hand that night!!!!! This leaves you options!! Such a cute pillow... not girl or boy... just CUTE!!!!!!!

    Mill Hill Owlets - click for more
    Mill Hill Owlets!
    Mill Hill has some new mini-kits -- presenting six of the cutest owls!!! I think they're in Easter Eggs... but they don't look Easter-y... so we think they'll be fun and colorful to decorate all year long. Offered in the small bead kit format of 14ct perforated paper, flosses and bright glass beads, each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3.

    These would be REAL CUTE stitched on some of the bright Tropical colors of 14ct Aida -- and constructed into pillows with wild trims and fabrics. Might be kind of fun to add some eyelashes too -- wake a couple of them up to match their colorful countenance!

    The Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania Travel Guide for 2015 - click to see more
    The Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania Travel Guide for 2015
    Oh... we love these fat little 'bibles' for needleworkers of every sort! The 2015 Shop directory for quilting, spinning, knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, weaving, embroidery AND Cross Stitch is ready for your next road trip -- or trips via the internet! A 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 book -- an inch thick -- it has 588 pages of maps, addresses and shop information all organized by state.

    I like the feature that shows the map of the state, along with the interstate and state highways labeled AND then bullets and reference numbers for the shops. You can tell right away where everyone is! Something fun for a last minute Christmas Gift... something fun to use to organize a gals-road-trip.

    There's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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