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Baa Humbug! from Val's Stuff Merry Christmas to Ewe  from Val's Stuff Merry Christmas to Ewe & Baa Humbug! from Val's Stuff
Let us all take a minute in our extreme record-breaking heat weather right now to acknowledge that Winter and Christmas will indeed come this year. When it does... we'll be saying that it was here before we knew it! So... HERE is your warning! Christmas ornaments in July!

Val's Stuff continues her super-cute look with more stitched sheep on perforated paper. Bright-wintery colors of garnet, olive and golds, the packages come with the paper cut, the black felt backing and those hand-made clay eyes by JABCO. Lightweight pieces to hang on your tree... get 'em NOW while you have time to stitch them!!!

Bump N. D'Knight Farm from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Bump N. D'Knight Farm from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has unveiled their annual Haunted House Piece for 2016! Here's a sneak peek! Such a wild collection of these gigantic houses... you need big, empty walls... or lots of holiday excitement (little kids are great at this) to enjoy the full impact of these! Bump N D'Knight Farm companions Witch's B & B, Darkwing, Croaking Toad and Ravenswood Manors as well as Seedy Pumpkin Cottage. 32ct Haunted hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus is this year's fabric choice, and along with bits of bead and metallic (silver spider webs) embellishments, there is a set of clay JABCO buttons as well.

In looking at this... I think you could split the elements up a little if you haven't the space to display the whole piece -- or the discipline to stitch it all. Look at the main house with carriage and tree in front! Anyway, there is definitely something fishy happening in the bard on this busy Trick or Treat night! Approx 15-1/2 x 20 on 32ct... coded for DMC or hand-dyed flosses... you'll use a ton of thread! Ships around August 19.

Prairie Schooler's 148 When Witches Go Riding -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #150 DECEMBER Leaflet -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 151 Santas and Snowmen -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #202 Evergreen Leaflet -- click to see more
Prairie Schooler REPRINTS!!!!!
Pam and Nancy just couldn't retire from our Stitching Industry all the way!!!! HERE ARE REPRINTS of some out-of-print favorites! We are thrilled to announce that various favorites will, again, be back in print... in lightweight paper versions of their original leaflets. *Lots more to come -- no lists yet -- but stop paying huge prices for out-of-prints on the internet -- there IS HOPE FOR YOU!!!*

There are NO changes in the charts, copyrights or pics, SAME EVERYTHING -- just lightweight paper vs heavy cardstock. The first 4 titles to appear in reprint are: (Note: We still have original leaflets of December #150 remaining in stock.)
  • #148 When Witches Go Riding -- 2008! Guess I have to bring my old, retired shop models that I took home for decorations back into the store!!!!!
  • #150 December -- Part of the 12-month series, this released in 2008.
  • #151 Santas and Snowmen -- Another 2008 original release, these are darling ornaments!
  • #202 Evergreen -- This was Pam and Nancy's FINAL leaflet -- but it sold out within a month of the first release. They reprinted it when they announced retirement... but it sold out again! 11 Ornaments in all... Finally, ENJOY this one!

Julie's Stitching Frame Julie's Stitching Frame Julie's Stitching Frame from Big Island Woods
This is a wonderful new stitching frame hand-made by one of our customers, Julie, along with her brother! It is so simple, so uncluttered, and SO EASY to assemble and use! You get two side bars -- approx 3/4 x 2 x 14 in size. See the three holes? See the screws on them -- and the four little scalloped black finger knobs? You get 2 roller bars.

Don't panic to learn that you use that blue painter's tape (it's low adhesive... and a sample piece is included with the frame) to attach the edge of your fabric to the bars. The bars fit into the holes of the side bars, you use the super-easy-to-grab scalloped knobs to tighten those bars around the rods... roll the bars to tighten... and you are ready to stitch!

You can adjust your stitching area because of the holes on the sides, and you can even bring in your sides a little if you want. Actually very lightweight, the whole things weighs less than 1-1/2 pounds and it breaks down to the four sticks and knobs to fit into a cotton drawstring pouch (made by Julie's Mom!) Nice and smooth, NOT a messy contraption to use... easy to carry, I think you'll be very pleased with this!

Acorn Shaker Box from Jeannette Douglas Acorn Shaker Box
from Jeannette Douglas Designs
Here's a small chart by Jeannette Douglas that fits into the top of a Lone Elm Lane 6-inch Shaker box when stitched on 32ct. No box? Make a round cushion instead!

Presented as a small chart WITH the cuts of Gloriana hand-dyed silk, you'll need to add bits of Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- or the same shades in Gentle Art Simply Wools. The Gloriana is the color around the outside and inside borders. A pretty and petite autumn piece... stitch count is 78 x 78 or 5 x 5. Choose any lovely 32ct fabric you love to work on!

Cottage Garden Samplings Needleworker's Sampler - click for more Needleworker's Sampler
from Cottage Garden Samplings
A cute sampler - this baby is huge! Stitch count is 235 x 196 -- so it finishes approx 17 x 14 on 28ct! Very pretty motifs, the basket of wool yarn, scissors and thread are fun -- you could probably work those together with the sheep and the verse if you don't have room or time to get the rest of this finished.

The shepherdess is hugely grand, however, and so is the house! Charted for DMC, the roses are 315 and 316, grays are 844 and 3787, and good greens of 503 and 3363.

Personal Cell Phone Fans! - click for more
Personal Cell Phone Fans! - click for more Personal Cell Phone Fans!
Really! Have you ever sat through a talk or meeting with NOTHING moving except the speaker's mouth? I found little cell phone fans to help you keep your cool!!!! 3-inch blades -- all different bright colors -- that plug into the charging hole of your cell phone, these little guys MOVE THE AIR!

Something fun and functional to have in your tote bag, desk, purse or even cosmetic bag, they feature a tiny adapter that plugs into the fan, and works in EITHER I-Phones or Androids. It most likely plugs into your Tablet or E-reader, too. They even have a touch on-off switch and come in a little zip-locking clear bag to keep it safe in your bag. You can still use your phone while your personal mini-fan is plugged in, it is silent, weighs nothing, and doesn't use lots of battery strength.

Just a Little Crazy from Carolyn Manning Designs - click to see more Just a Little Crazy from Carolyn Manning Designs
Oh wow, this is a super-fun design loaded with thread, stitching and finishing possibilities! 24 Miniature designs to companion Carolyn's monthly Crazy Quilt Cross Stitched blocks, each of these little squares measures just 30 x 30 stitches and resembles a tiny Crazy Quilt! Presented as a chart -- both black and white AND colored charts in here, everything is coded for DMC floss. 63 Of them in total!

Stitch them all lined up as shown, or make a bunch of pin cushions or cubes, or something long and skinny for a long and skinny wall! Change out some threads, add beads or charms where-ever -- there is so much you can do with this set of designs! THEN... check out our monthly set of Carolyn's Crazy blocks... we are up to July so far -- All of those measure about 5-1/2 inches square on 14/28ct, and are full of fun details. Very cheerful and colorful!

July's Crazy Quilting Chart from Carolyn Manning Designs - click to see more July's Crazy Quilting Chart from Carolyn Manning Designs
Here is the 7th installment of our monthly stitched quilt designs -- all have been offered in chart format and some with some sort of button or small charm embellishment. Carolyn's main miniature design -- Just a Little Crazy -- is coded for DMC floss.

Each of these monthly charts has been stitched with Gentle Art hand-dyed Sampler Threads. Choose WHATEVER fabric you like best for yours... no special stitches to complicate things -- but if you like that sort of thing -- these are perfect for a little imagination!

Announcing: Pumpkin Mouse at Frightmare House!
Our Fall 2016 Silver Needle/Just Nan Exclusive Limited Edition Kit!!!

Pumpkin Mouse at Frightmare House from Just Nan Get ready for spooky Halloween fun and folly -- Nan has made us another charming house for Lindy Mouse -- and this time she's dressed in her pumpkin costume greeting her Party Guests!

LIMITED IN EDITION... Frightmare House is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Peoria Purple linen using 16 colors of DMC floss. It assembles easily (hand-whip-stitch edges together) and finishes approx 3 x 3 -- with the roof and basement measuring a mere 2 x 2 each. The Pumpkin Mouse is stitched on Weeks 32ct Pumpkin Linen and she finishes a bit smaller than the rest of Nan's stitched mice. (She is actually the same size as our Charming House of Lindy Mouse mouse!) There is a magnet in the bottom of the house to cling to the 1 x 2 inch Mummy's Crypt Needle Slide in the basement... and all 6 sides of Frightmare House feature your stitching!

Click the pic to read all the fun details -- Lots more details on our Just Nan Page!

Mini Bee Needle Minder from Kelmscott Beeskep Vintage Postcard Threadkeep from Kelmscott Mermaid Tail Threadkeep from Kelmscott
New Treats from Kelmscott Designs
A lovely collection of needlework trinkets and gadgets, these all make nice stitcher gifts, they are fun to use, and look wonderful tucked into cases, keeps and shadow box frames.
  • Mini Bee Needle Minder -- Isn't this a pretty thing? Kelmscott's black resin sets off her pretty bumblebee... the whole thing measures just 1-1/4 inches from side to side. Needle Minders aren't just for needles either -- they are pretty magnets for your filing cabinet or even the good old-fashioned refrigerator door!
  • Beeskep Vintage Postcard Threadkeep -- A charming sepia-tone, old fashioned picture on this little board that measures a bit over 2 x 3-1/2, it features 6 holes to attach your working threads.
  • Mermaid Tail Threadkeep -- This is SO CUTE! Another thread keep, just over 4 inches, -- same kind of thing as the vintage beeskep. This one would be incredible stored inside of a nautical sewing case, or cool perched beside a seaside pin cushion!!! The design is not painted or enameled on the wood... I think it's probably a laminated paper image, but like the rest of these, it is absolutely and perfectly transferred onto the wood -- and the colors in this charming tail are gorgeous!

When Cardinals Appear from Blackberry Lane When Cardinals Appear
from Blackberry Lane Designs
Marie Driskill of Blackberry Lane has a new wintery piece -- a fat cardinal perched atop snowy pine boughs. Worked on Picture This Plus 32ct Storm Linen -- a pretty deep grayed blue -- you'll be stitching over one and two threads, adding the border or not! (The cardinal is charted over two, the two different border options are charted over one.)

A few French Knots and glass seed beads are featured in here, some of the pine needles are tiny straight stitches as well. Coded for regular DMC floss, there are bits of opalescent blending filament in the snow for a bit of extra glisten. Presented as a chart, this is a lovely, serene, elegant piece!

Escapade Hollandaise by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Escapade Hollandaise
from Reflets de Soie
Reflets de Soie has a new leaflet featuring 6 charming Blue & White classic scenes. Charted for DMC or Silk -- there are only 5 colors featured in the designs - White, and 3750, 3756, 930 and 931 blues. Three of the designs measure approx 130 x 90 in stitch count (8 x 5-1/2 on 32ct), the other three - 90 x 60 - so 5-1/2 x 4 on the same 32ct.

Adjust your finished size by adjusting the fabric count you choose. Beautiful little scenes - they remind me of antique kitchen tiles! Presented together in leaflet format.

Teresa Layman Gnome Sweet Gnome -- click to see more Teresa Layman Bless This House -- click to see more Teresa Layman Tip Toe Through The Tulips -- click to see more
Three New Offerings from Teresa Layman
Tiny French Knots filled in like paint-by-number... Teresa Layman has treated us to three new miniature knot-work patterns! Each one comes as the line drawing printed onto a heavy muslin-type ground fabric You supply DMC floss, and fill in the drawing with single-wrap French Knots. NOT CROSSES!

Not for the *faint-of-needler,* these are absolutely enchanting as doll house rugs and small framed bits of hand-done needlework.

Autumn By The Sea from Jeannette Douglas Autumn By The Sea
from Jeannette Douglas Designs
The third season in Jeannette's 4-part set -- she has a picture in her mind of the lovely colored harvest moon that rises over the water in October and is full and round and bright! This 6 x 6 piece is stitched with a multitude of hand-dyed silks from Gloriana, Thread Gatherer, and Caron, and features metallic braids and glass bead accents to those luscious silks. There is even a sterling silver octopus charm on this!!!

The Bargello sand and waves start you out in the center, then you stitch the woven shell, seahorse, pumpkin and Bittersweet borders, all before getting to that pretty sawtooth border and the little octopus! Stitch this by itself, or join it with the other seasons for a 12 x 12 piece... each season is gorgous just he way it is!

Death By Cross Stitch from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
Death By Cross Stitch from Long Dog Samplers
Well... YEAH! Grab this chart, cut some fabric, and get busy! Stitch count is 363 x 447, and since it is charted for only color, it should be a breeze to stitch! Actually, the chart is quite clear and easy to read, and if you choose an over-dyed thread with a little color variation in it, this will be stunning!

I don't have the patience to execute this, but maybe YOU do? Presented in a chart by Long Dog Samplers -- in honor of her 20th year designing Cross Stitch!

Patchwork Is Happiness from The Pink Needle - click for more What's Moo from The Pink Needle - click for more Little House on the Prairie from The Pink Needle - click for more Home Is Where from The Pink Needle - click for more
Four New Designs from Marie Suarez of The Pink Needle
We have some new charts by Marie Suarez that can be stitched on just about whatever fabric you choose, using good 'ol DMC floss! A French designer, these are presented in 6 x 9 chartpacks, the charts inside are very large and clear.
  • Patchwork Is Happiness is 146 x 82 -- a quilting theme.
  • What's Moo is a whimsical farm scene... 100 x 100 in size. Stitch it for a cow-lover!
  • Little House on the Prairie -- 100 x 100 Stitches... a cute little Americana farm scene.
  • Home Is Where -- It's a city scene with a cute ABC and numeral block border. 175 x 109 in stitch count.

Puffin & Co Star Needle Nanny - click to see more Puffin & Co Apple Needle Nanny - click to see more Puffin & Co Halloween Gal Needle Nanny - click to see more Puffin & Co Santa Needle Nanny - click to see more
Four New Needle Nannies from Puffin & Co
Super-duper strong rare earth magnets make these little guys as strong as they are pretty! Brass, copper and nickel, each features all three metals in their artwork.

Measuring approx 1-1/4 inches in size, they will hold charts to boards, keep track of needles and scissors, or skip your needlework basket all together and cling to your refrigerator for the really heavy duty stuff!

Louise Coulimore from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Hannah Coates 1848 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Suzanna Millne 1843 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
Hands Across The Sea Samplers
Here are 4 antique samplers -- all beautifully re-charted -- so we can enjoy them again, for years to come! Presented in full color leaflet format, these publications are ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! The paper is glossed and heavy, the charts are printed in full color, and there is a bit of history included in each about its particular sampler. After you read the descriptions, you gain a new appreciation for the content of each piece and it's historic significance. If you can get one finished -- what a gorgeous heirloom you will have! Choose any fabrics you want -- they'll be YOUR samplers!
  • Louisa Coulimore -- Late 1800's, a Bristol Orphanage piece, there are 5 pages of history about Louisa and her life... and some orphanage pictures! 246 x 280 stitches.
  • Hannah Coates 1848 -- DMC or silk, 345 x 319. lush pink floral border, grand red house, the girl in the 1820's blue dress is curiously 20 years out of fashion as this was dated 28 years later! 345 x 319 In stitch count.
  • Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791 -- Centers around bees, skeps and gardening. Look at that pretty border, there are some Satins and Eyelets in here, 333 x 386 -- gorgeous!
Even if you don't stitch a single one of these -- the leaflets themselves are so beautifully done!

To the Beach 92 Beach Time from Hands-On Design To the Beach 93 Stars in the Sky from Hands-On Design
To The Beach! from Hands-On Design
Our #5 and #6 installments in this charming series of small card charts has come! *On Beach Time* and *Not all stars belong in the sky* are Cathy's newest designs. All follow the same dusty-sun-faded-and-beach-washed color scheme of hand-dyed flosses, and just beg to be stitched for a beach house.

We have an auto for this series... and you can take a peek at all of them on our Auto-page! Cute and easy to stitch.

A Gift From Heaven from With My Needle - click to see more
A Gift From Heaven
from With My Needle
With My Needle's Ellen Chester has new twin grand-daughters -- Norah and Kathryn -- so of course here is matching pair of birth samplers!!!!! A central panel of grazing sheep surrounded by the pretty borders of urns and vines... the samplers look the same, but in studying them, you'll find they go together, but are different - just like the girls!

You don't need a twin to enjoy these, however! Both samplers are in the same chart pack --- they finish approx 5 x 8 on 36ct and they are charted for Needlepoint Inc Silk or DMC floss.

July, August, September and October from Lizzie*Kate
Lizzie Kate's next installment of her Yearbook Double Flips is due to arrive this week! Presented in small card format, you get J & A in one, and S & O in another card -- each design comes with its own tiny brass charm embellishment as well.

Small medleys of even smaller motifs, they are fast to work up and make cute seasonal decorations. Doorknob hangers, little stand-up blocks... whatever! The final two months release in one final card early this fall... so if you are on our auto-ship, it'll come to you the day it arrives in our shop!

A Little Bee from Lizzie Kate
A Little Bee from Lizzie*Kate
Another of Linda's teeny-weeny kits for a 3 x 3 finished design, this has bees, posies, and a little hive on it -- all very Summery and colorful. Offered as the kit of 30ct natural linen and white flower button -- you add BITS of floss from your stash.

Companions lots of other LK *Little* kits... Love, Easter, Snow, Boo, -- I think this is the 10th one!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful from Lizzie Kate
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful from Lizzie*Kate
*Continuing LK's 2016 theme of personal care and empowerment!* This just HAS to make you feel really good about yourself!!! Finishing about 4 x 7... grab some hand-dyed flosses from your stash, and whatever fabric makes you happy.

(Remember, you are making your OWN kind of beautiful here!! Put it over one on 40ct... or pull out some 7ct, it'll be darling either way! Presented as a Snippet small card chart.

Spooked! Mystery Sampler - click for more Lizzie*Kate's Spooked! Mystery Sampler part 2 is coming this week!
STILL NO PICTURE.. because this a *mystery!* The first section of Spooked is here -- along with the embellishment packet, Picture This Plus fabric and Weeks Dye Works flosses.
  • Spooked comes as three charts $9.00 each WITH bonus designs in each AND embellishments ($17, all ship with the first chart) for the main design as well as ALL THREE bonus designs. (Parts two and three will be charged when they are shipped... so first shipment will be only $26.)
  • Spooked! is worked on Picture This Plus Ale. Finished size will be 14 x 6. Choose from 14 or 16ct Aida ($12.50) or 28 or 32 Linen (16.75.) PTP always pre-surges your edges for you!
  • 13 Skeins of Weeks flosses called for -- multiples of a couple and a NEW unreleased EXCLUSIVE color in here!!! ($32.50 until August shipment, then $35 afterwards)
BONUS chart info: You'll get a two sided scissor fob 26 x 29, Winnie the Witch Stand-Up -- she's 43 x 79, and 'For the Birds' which is a huge chart as far as bonuses go... it's 121 x 29!!! You get to use your own fabrics for these... and you *might* need to supplement floss... depending on your thread usage. So... register now... and we'll ship to you Mid-June when Part One Releases!

Story Time Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - click to see more Once Upon a Time Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - click to see more Storybook Designs from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
We have two new leaflets that follow the months with Fairy Tales and Storybook motifs! Each pattern features smaller panels, so you could break these apart and stitch just your favorites -- or those that enchant a special little person in your life! Coded for DMC.
  • Once Upon A Time -- I LOVE this one! Each Fairy Tale is told in a 5 x 50-ish size design space -- the whole thing measures 12-1/2 x 17-1/2 on 28ct. I can find the toad ready to be kissed... Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood... 12 tiny tales in all!
  • Story Time Classics -- Features all different stories, and these are 30 x 55 in stitch count size and shape, so the whole piece finishes approx 8-1/2 x 11 on 32ct. Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, The Wizard of Oz, Old Mac Donald's Farm, Peter Pan, Phantom of the Opera!, A Christmas Carol -- I think Annie Oakley is in here too! Too darn cute, these belong on the walls in your book nook, or classroom... or baby nursery!

Charcoal Mittens from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Charcoal Mittens from Rachel's of Greenfield
Oh we love the felt ornament kits we carry by Rachel's of Greenfield! Primitive stitched felt ornaments... this is the 8th set that contains 6 designs... so there are TONS to choose from! Small 3 x 3-ish old-fashioned felt pieces, all you do is cut the shapes from the included wool, blanket stitch them together, and beautiful little creations are the result.

Remember the wool ornaments that used to hang on your family Christmas Tree? Here they are (minus the plastic sequins!) Gold string to hang them, full-sized cutting templates and all the correct sizes and colors of the wools, and flosses to add the small embroidery touches, these complete kits are good to go!

VERY cute, this new set features a charcoal gray background on mittens with red cuffs. They join *Warm Hands* (more mittens), *Warm Feet* -- which are mini-stockings, *Snow Folks* --which are snowmen (even a snow kitty and a snow puppy!) and the set of gift bag ornaments!

July -- Part of the 2016 Chalk-Squared Series from Just Another Button Company and Hands-On Design - click to see more July's Moment in Chalk
from Just Another Button Company and Hands-On Design
The 7th small design surrounding the Beautiful Moments main design... you can stitch this small floral by itself, or add it to your bigger finished piece. Just a little under 4-inches square, we are working through the year month by month.

You see this finished inside a small white fluted 'candle pan,' but you can also see what the whole collection will look like sttiched together. Charts with buttons are sold separately from the fabric and candle pans, so you can decide how much or which parts of this you want to do!

Laundry Day from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Laundry Day
from Samplers Not Forgotten
Laundry Room -- Wash * Dry * Fold -- Repeat
Something cute to decorate the walls of your laundry room -- if you have a nice one! (mine is behind my furnace in the basement... so all I'll enjoy is a stitched model in the shop!) Samplers Not Forgotten has released this charming design -- all yummy, faded colors of Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- that finishes approx 11 x 11 on 36ct.

Stitched with Harvest Basket, Barn Grey, Butternut Squash, Liberty, Dungarees, Baby Spinach, Chalk, Picnic Basket, Onyx and Garden Gate, the dusty grays and denims are perfect with the soft yellows of the flowers. Did you notice that the border is made of wooden clothespins? And... this is a much more FUN way to use the stray buttons that come off in the wash, instead of sewing them back on where they came from!

Pumpkin Cottage from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Pumpkin Cottage from The Victoria Sampler
Victoria Sampler's 3rd seasonal beach house has arrived... I don't think of Halloween at the beach, but I guess it DOES happen! A petite purple house with that witchy-green front door and charming pumpkin garden... I'd like to live there! Finishing 6 x 6-ish on 28ct, there are only a few special stitches in here, but lots of colorful silks and a trip of pumpkin buttons for the border.

Presented as the leaflet with silk and button pack, this whole set of cottages has been so well received. Some are stitching them all on one piece of fabric, some are not and skipping the borders as well.

Tous a la Mer By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly Tous a la Mer By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly
Just a sweet old fashioned beach scene, this 206 x 83 stitch count design is worked on natural linen, and will finish approx 13 x 5 on a 32ct. There are no special stitches or embellishments, and it's coded for just seven regular DMC flosses!

Kind of hard not to change to hand-dyeds and add some buttons or something!!! But it's simple and cute. Presented as the chart.

Evergreen Santa - Our July 2016 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more
Evergreen Santa - Our July 2016 Secret Needle Night Kit
We're celebrating Christmas in July this month... we made a little Santa with a wispy beard and set him against the hint of an evergreen tree. 18 Ct natural linen, bits of Fyre Werks metallic, #5 Pearl Cotton, and Fuzzy Stuff for his beard and whiskers, maybe this'll remind you of cold weather and snow while you're stitching it... something to beat the summer heat!

Our complete kit contains the chart, fabric, threads and embellishments. Mona's optional finishing kit contains the pre-cut mounting boards, twisted cord, ribbon bow, backing fabric and instructions to assemble our tree cube.

Vintage Needles in Original Packaging - With History - click to see more All 3 sets of Vintage Needles in Original Packaging - With History - click to see more
Vintage Needles in Original Packaging - With History!
What EXQUISITE Needlework Treats!!!!! We have found ACTUAL Vintage Needles, in their ORIGINAL packages... and each comes with a tiny bit of history about the needle company who produced them. Needle companies through the past 200 years have been buying each other out and consolidating, saving trademarks, re-naming, merging, re-building factories, you name it! Colonial Needle has lots of tiny old treasures that they have acquired over the years -- and here they are! We have three different collections of 4 packages each (covers promise 5 -- that is wrong)... old, real needles -- in their original packages (that look so cool in a framed shadow box or tucked into a special sewing case.) The packages are charming, and the history about each company is fascinating!
  • Collection I - Green Cover -- Lammerts started in 1861, Millward & Sons dates back to the 1700's. In 1761 Abel Morrall began and grew into one of the largest needle wholesalers in England, W Prickle & Son is from the 1920's...
  • Collection J - Orange Cover -- Samuel Thomas won awards in 1862 for his needles -- this pack has a 1942 design patent on it, more Abel Morrall, and Leo Lammertz -- different needles than in set I, the JA Smith & Sons are pre-war, and double packed because they are fragile!
  • Collection K - Blue Cover -- James Smith & Sons -- for hand sewing leather, early 20th century in here, Leo Lammertz -- these are sharps, with London 1862 on the label, more Abel Morrall this time -- #7 Crewel needles -- the little envelope is FAT with needles -- I didn't want to open it up and disturb it, and Samuel Thomas's #2 bevel eyed betweens -- there are 25 in this envelope!
Just the neatest find - I cannot choose a favorite! The beautiful packages... the old needles... they are STILL desired, useful and APPRECIATED!!!!!

House of Flowers by Bent Creek -- click to see more The World of Color - Orange by Bent Creek -- click to see more Wedding Cake - Your Color by Bent Creek -- click to see more
Bent Creek has sent a few new things!
  • House of Flowers -- A new kit -- worked on 18ct linen with #5 Pearl Cottons -- this is a summer house filled with sunflowers. It's got some clovers on it... and I LOVE that front door... it sort of looks like a little gnomy-person could live there!!! Offered with the linen and threads, if finishes just 6 x 6.
  • The World of Color - Orange! The second panel in BC's World of Color piece, this is a small 3 x 3-inch design garnished with a button leaf, and features orange leaves, pumpkins and a little fox! Each of the six panels in this small piece celebrate a different color... red was first, orange is second, and we know yellow will be third. There is a connecting border chart for this as well... and we have an auto-ship in case you want to complete the small set.
  • Wedding Cake - 'Your Color'! A simple tiered cake with special initials and date... you choose the colors of the wedding to work this in! Offered as the small chart, this finishes just 2 x 3, and it would make a SUPER CUTE gift tag!!!

Chalkboard Ornaments, Collection 1 from Hands-On Design - click to see more Chalkboard Ornaments, Collection 1
from Hands-On Design
Collection #1 is here... a trio of small charts, each is stitched with Sampler Threads on 30 or 32ct Gunmetal Linen. This set of three collections will offer you 9 ornaments in all -- all varying sizes. Along with the chart, Cathy has included 6 pre-cut green felt holly leaves and three red button berries to decorate your ornaments.

Be Jolly, Be Merry and Believe -- each will fit on a 9 x 9 cut of fabric, and if you are VERY careful and frugal with your fabric, I think you'll be able to get all 9 out a fat quarter (18 x 27) cut. To play it safe, a fat third will give you the nine 9 x 9 cuts you might want. We have Aida as well as linen fabric options open to you, and we've started an auto-ship on the charts.

ABC Samplers #1 - ABC from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more ABC Samplers #1 - ABC
from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has sent her first of nine pin cushion designs -- stitch them individually as bowl fillers -- or make all nine into a 12 x 12 sampler! Each will have a house and subsequent letters of the alphabet. All are stitched on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha Linen and feature Classic Colorworks and DMC flosses.

We are beginning an auto-ship for this series which promises to be SUPER cute... we can include no fabric, 9 x 9's each time, or the main 18 x 18 cut with your first shipment -- you choose!

Gingerbread Village #9 GV8 House #6 from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
Gingerbread Village's Gingerbread House #6!
from Country Cottage Needleworks
Really, the 9th (we think, but get lost in the numbering of these) card in this set... this cottage IS different from the other cuties in the miniature stitched community!

Presented as the small chart with button embellishment, it finishes approx 4 x 4 -- and matches all the rest in its set.

O is for Old Glory from Heartstring Samplery - click for more O is for Old Glory from Heartstring Samplery
By Heartstring Samplery... the pattern reads 'The Alphabet Series #1' -- so YES, we will be getting 25 more of these -- but not in ABC order, and NOT following a rigid-timed-released-schedule! YEAH! (who cares about schedules anyway?)

Beth Twist promises a whole set of cute 5-ish-inch round designs.. so get a Lone Elm Lane black or charcoal 6-inch box ... and switch our your toppers when-ever you want!

O is for Old Glory is stitched on 32ct with just seven shades of Gentle Art Sampler Threads. We'll begin an auto for the charts...let us know if you want a box!

Serial Bowl A Bowl Full of Scaries #1 from Plum Street Samplers Announcing a new Series - *A Bowl Full of Scaries* from Plum Street Samplers
Paulette is beginning a new short series of pin cushion designs following a Fall and/or Halloween theme. Presented in kit format -- you supply your fabric of choice -- but she has provided the hand-dyed flosses and the chenille trimming for you. Shipping every other month or so, *Scary One* is the first in the set.

We are beginning an auto-ship on these... even if you are on Plum Street's other Serial Bowl Autos with us, please let us know you want this one too! Always cute, most of the rest of the Serials have sold out. (Charts only are promised to release sometime in the distant and unscheduled future, so get them NOW while you can!)

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine Issue #6 - Summer - click to see more
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine Issue #6 - Summer
We continue to *Really Like* this beautiful publication -- it features 1/2 Primitive Stitching Cross Stitch, and 1/2 Punch Needle. The 6th issue published this far... this one has 70 pages of yummy projects (this time -- seven cross stitch, 13 punch needle and 1 hooked rug) and delicious photographs! Super-heavy paper, full-sized templates for the patterns and included finishing instructions... The Silver Needle was the featured shop in the issue previous to this one (light green cover with the doll on it)!

Anyway, lovely projects, a very quality publication -- it's really more like a semi-monthly collection of fun things to savor rather than a magazine full of thin pages, advertising, and lots of advice columns you'll never use! We are continuing to offer the back issues as they are available... because each issue is truly a treat to page through!

The Gardener - #9 of The Garden Club Series from Blackbird Designs - click for more The Gardener - #9 of The Garden Club Series
from Blackbird Designs
The ninth panel in this charming sampler collection is here. Presented in a small leaflet format, we have been treated to 9 (12 will finish the set) 4 x 4 gardeny-motif mini-samplers so far. All are stitched with coordinating threads on all different colors of Weeks 32ct hand-dyed linens. You can do them individually and frame them, or make pin cushions... but Barb and Alma have shown you the patchworked sampler model (in progress) on the back covers of the patterns.

Such a beautiful, colorful, unique presentation -- you HAVE to do it! They profess that this is one Garden Club you can belong to and skip the meetings, along with digging in the dirt!
All the previous Garden Club charts are still available... so even if you can't finish them right now, join the auto-ship for them and you'll be set for a rainy day (when it's not so nice to work in your outside garden!)

Bead-Charm-Button Storage Box - click for more Bead-Charm-Button Storage Box
Wow, this is a petite and functional storage system for teeny tiny stuff!!!! Our 6 x 3-1/2 x 1-1/2 inch snapping closure box holds 25 different treats. Clear, so you can see what's inside, open to reveal removable dividers that separate 5 towers of screw-top jars. Each mini-jar is approx 1 inch round and 1/2 an inch high. They screw together -- so the lid on one becomes the bottom of the next.

VERY secure, and also clear so you can see what's inside... these even work for wet creams and lotions in your cosmetic travel bag! Everything is safe, organized, and compact! The little box weighs about 8 ounches.

Several Luscious Scissor Arrivals by WASA of Solingen, Germany
Several Luscious Scissor Arrivals by WASA of Solingen, Germany What an exquisite treat we have in the shop!!! From the Solingen Valley of Germany, WASA is world-famous top-quality cutlery manufacturer -- a compliment to and competitor of DOVO! We have some new styles that we used to carry (but haven't been able to get for almost 10 years!) and some pretty new offerings!

Stainless steel, hand-forged, gold plating decoration, razor-sharp blades and tips, smooth and 'buttery' cutting action... just like our DOVO embroidery scissors... WASA delivers the excellence of German artistry you will LOVE! Each has the WASA name and Solingen embossed into the blades. Choose our Regular-sized leather sheaths for these -- not the Preemie/small size... the double-sized are OK... but a little large.
  • SN53 Cross -- 3-1/2 Inches in length, these are from an antique mold. The handles come together to make a little cross shaped opening between them... and the little beading around the scissor edges make them even prettier. Light Gold plating on the handles, they don't appear to be as 'gold' in color as some of the rest. Perfect, precise, sharp little 1-1/8 inch blades.
  • SN52 Serpentine -- 3-1/2 Inches in length, another classic museum design, these are lovely, filigreed, delicate to hold and use -- just a treat! Stainless, with gold plating on the handles, they feel a little lighter in weight than the Cross Scissors -- blades are the same size though.
  • SN50 Victorian Heart -- 3-3/4 Inch in overall length -- you'll recognize this style. Gingher used to have these in their 18th Century Line -- it is a classic embroidery scissor style that is a perennial favorite. (Probably the most recognized after Stork Scissors.) Beautiful gold on the curved handles... always a good choice.
  • SN51 Flattened Victorian Heart -- Another 3-3/4 Inch style -- I think these look like the Victorian pair, just a little flattened! The finger holes turn out to be JUST A TEENY bit larger than the Victorian, so they turn out to be a little more than 1/4 an inch wider, and they feel *really good!* The same pretty gold plating on the graceful handles.
Large Buckingham Large Buckingham
Wow... we have NEVER had this style -- our favorite Buckingham in this 5-5/8 inch style!!!! What a gorgeous pair of scissors!!!!!! The same pretty swirls --gold plated -- in the handles, the blades are razor-sharp and measure approx 2-1/4 inches long.

Very heavy and substantial feeling, they would be spectacular in a special sewing case. WASA and Solingen is embossed into the blades. Choose our Double Leather Sheath to protect this size.

Boxed Serpentine Gold Plated Set Boxed Serpentine Gold Plated Set
Oh my gosh... just leave me with some wine, cheese, a little stitching and these scissors... throw in a tropical island, or the South of France, and I'm good to go! WASA has paired their 3-1/2 inch elegant Serpentine design embroidery scissor with it's matching 5-1/2 inch pair and added a gold thimble.

The set is presented in a hinged gray plastic box lined with black fleecy lining. Great feel. Dreamy, smooth cutting action, such pretty design detail on the delicately curved handles, this is a gorgeous set that is top quality!!!

Lighted Magnetic Pin Picker-Uppers - click for more Lighted Magnetic Pin Picker-Uppers
Well, this is the ultimate in handy gadgets! We already have telescoping magnets, but this little guy has a LIGHT at the end, so you can SEE underneath dressers, into dark corners, and way into the scary bottom depths of a tote bag! Shortened it is 8-inches long. Pull out to a 33-inch length. There is a switch on that magnetic end to let you turn on the little light (and because it is on a switch, you don't have to hold it wierd to keep it on -- it'll stay on till you turn it off.)

It will pick up my Gingher 8-inch cutting shears -- a VERY heavy-duty little magnet on there... so will definitely grab your scissors and pins. Super-handy to keep in that kitchen drawer... but fabulous to have in your stitching and sewing areas too!

Lighted Needle Threader - click for more
Lighted Needle Threader
Well, if this isn't the coolest little thing! It is a wire needle threader -- with a protective snap-off cover over the wire -- that is attached to an LED light. Remove the plastic protective cover, turn on the switch for the light (it stays lit and you don't have to keep holding it at a strange angle to keep the little light on) The light IS AIMED at the wire threader -- so the eye of your needle is illuminated! You actually have a chance to SEE the hole in the needle to thread it!!!!!

We laughed when we saw this at Market, but I tried it right there in the aisle -- I had my needles and scissors with me... so this was tested before purchasing! It is just about 1-1/2 inches in total lenght, and has a hole so you can attach it to a cord or key ring. We think this is the ultimate baby-sized gadget!!!! What a fun thing to get all your friends -- and it's affordable, too!

Small Wooden Cranking Tape Measure - click for more
Small Wooden Cranking Tape Measure
Here is a fun little antique-inspired little doo-dad! This is a wooden 'spool' with a rotating top to retrieve the 32-inch tape measure that pulls out from it! Pull your measure out, then twist the knob on top, and the tiny tape rolls back up into the cylinder!

A fun little curiousity, neat for a sewing tool collection, pretty in a sewing basket, cool on a shelf beside other tools... it'd even be neat framed in a shadow box of needlework 'stuff!'

Ash the Octopus from Freddie's Friends Finn the Fish from Freddie's Friends
Meet Finn the Fish, and Ash the Octopus from Freddie's Friends
Just for the seamstresses of you out there, we have a few darling patterns of stuffed fabric animals. For the little ones in your life, they are sewn of bright fabrics (your choices) and bring smiles to their hearts!

What makes them cute is the fact that the seams are NOT turned in -- they are sticking out -- so they kind of have a more 3-dimensional attitude to them. Finn is about 15 inches long, 6 inches fat and 11 inches long. Ash is at least 15 inches... and he has 8 legs. These are not Cross Stitch patterns -- they are sewing patterns -- and match the rest of our Freddie's Friends Stuffed Zoo!

Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon from Shepherd's Bush
Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon from Shepherd's Bush
Oh, a fresh shipment of Teri's gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon has arrived... and we have a lovely, varied selection this time around! Packaged in 4-yard lengths each piece is different and unique. Colors vary so much from the Sheherd's Bushy mauves, greens and lavenders to creams, taupes, and this time some oranges and turquoises!

We get whatever we get... so we'll send you lots of fun colors... we never know just what! Teri can dye only when the weather in UT cooperates, so we ARE out of this from time to time.

Embroidery Scissors, Paris and London Sewing Sets and *Tomato* Pin Cushions - click for more
Embroidery Scissors, Paris and London Sewing Sets and *Tomato* Pin Cushions
How cute are these????! We have *The Classic Tomato Pin Cushion* re-dressed with embroidery scissors on its fabric, Pink & Black Paris fabric, Taupe and Creme Parisian Couture hand sketches (I love that one!), or the classic red, navy and black of London's vintage telephone booths, Metro stations, and British flag! Each stuffed tomato cushion measures approx 3 inches in diameter and is two inches high. There is a little green felt loop on top. along with the 'greens.' Tufted into six sections -- each comes packaged in a clear gift box, and is BEGGING to be useful and poked with your pins and needles!

We have a few matching sewing cases, too. Measuring approx 4 x 5-1/2 x 1, they are zippered cases out of the same fabrics as the cushions. Unzip to reveal the standard (super-cheapie, sorry about that!) sewing kit stuff inside... it's functional, but not-great quality. I'd toss the guts and replace with nice scissors and a few spools of decent thread. (Keep the ripper, buttons, tape measure and safety pins in there... and the plastic needle case in there is kind of cool too!) I ordered them because they matched the tomatoes, and if you needed the case, THEY ARE a beautiful presentation!!! All four fabric choices are really pretty!!!

The Heart of a Friend by Moira Blackburn -- click to see moreThe Heart of a Friend from Moira Blackburn
Inspired by 'The Arrow and The Song' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- you'll be touched by this sampler!!! it's a long verse...but wow! *I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to the earth, I knew not where; for so swiftly it flew, the sight could not follow in it's flight. I breathed a song into the air, it fell to the earth, I knew not where; for who has sight so keen and strong, that it can follow the flight of a song? Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke; and the song from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.*

Presented as a chart, the stitch count of this is 305 x 247 -- approx 19 x 15 on 32ct. Coded for just 9 colors of DMC, I am sure you can change any of those to hand-dyeds if you'd prefer. What a LOVELY piece -- it needs to be stitched for a very special friend!!!!!

Long May She Wave from Classic Colorworks - click for more
Long May She Wave
Little House Needleworks has another annual patriotic design for Classic Colorworks!

Presented as the chart with 5 skeins of Classic Colorworks floss... it joins Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Cute and Quick!

Colorful and Cheerful Scissors - Ladybugs Colorful and Cheerful Scissors - Safety Pins Colorful and Cheerful Scissors - Flowers
Colorful and Cheerful Scissors - To Make Your Fobs Smile!
We have NINE new 3-3/4 inch embroidery scissors with colored handles to decorate all your stitched fobs. Good-sized finger holes, 1-inch blades, not a razor-sharp tip... these will cut your threads just fine, but their *main claim-to-fame* is the cute artwork decorating their handles. (Not DOVO or WASA quality.) BUT, BUT, BUT they are super cute, and need homes in your cute sewing cases and on your fun stitched fobs. ALL of them look good -- not a bad choice with any of these!!!
  • Ladybugs -- Red bugs on white, red bugs on yellow, and red bugs on green
  • Safety Pins -- Multi-colored pins on white, multi-pins on bright blue, or multi pins on black
  • Flowers -- Multi flowers on white, multi flowers on medium blue, or multi flowers on black

Absolutely GORGEOUS File Folders Absolutely GORGEOUS File Folders
Absolutely GORGEOUS File Folders!
Well... nothing to do with Cross Stitch or Needlework at all! You COULD use these to store your current project's loose charts, your stitching wish lists, the trip details of your next Road Trip Stitching Adventure... or just any regular thing you would store in a boring, plain, drab paper file folder!!!

Each one of these standard 9 x 12 inch file folders is prettier than the last... and we are offering them as a half dozen or dozen assortments. Colors are gorgeous, some are embossed with gold, some have shiny finish over the printing... all are so pretty and fun to use! Little Treats to YOU! (We do have an assortment special!)

A Needle's Work from Erica Michaels - click for more
A Needle's Work from Erica Michaels
Erica Michaels has 3 new designs -- both for 40ct silk gauze, and regular cross stitch on linen. A Needle's Work is a charming *hand-work* piece -- it features all the words and tasks that needles DO! Quilt, knit, tat, spin, stitch, crochet, and weave... I guess they DO do all of that!!!

Linda has finished her piece into fun, long and skinny pin cushion... very cute, it NEEDS to go into that basket of stitched smalls you are collecting... because it'll make great conversation! Presented as the chart with small cut of 40ct silk gauze.

Made With Love Fabric Labels
Made With Love Fabric Labels
These are the funniest little bits of fabric! Best to attach to a quilt or pillow or something fabric you have made... they are 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inch labels that say: This took me FOREVER! You're Welcome, Made With Love By:...

Printed in a black & gray or yellow & aqua colorway... 5 labels in the package... just for FUN!

This Land from Shepherd's Bush True Heart from Shepherd's Bush Sweet Honey Bee from Shepherd's Bush
New Things from Shepherd's Bush!
Already ordered & on the way to us, Tina and Teri have three new designs to add to your stitching stash!!! Everything is due by this weekend -- if the wind blows right!!!
  • This Land -- Teri's hand-dyed 32ct Belfast linen in featured in this kit -- *This Land is our Land.* Finishing approx 6 x 8, the kit includes a combination of hand-dyed silks and cotton flosses... and tiny hand-dyed buttons to match the threads. Jill Rensel's mat will be coming... but that'll be a few weeks still.
  • True Heart -- Another charming pin cushion design -- this is presented in a kit. You get 32ct Belfast linen, hand-dyed flosses, yummy deep blue silk ribbon and creamy beads to do that fun rouched ribbon edging treatment, and some special bitty hand-dyed buttons for your flower centers as well. (and the star on the flag, too!)
  • Sweet Honey Bee -- This one is a leaflet.
    Gather in my garden, sweet honey bee. You'll need to work this 5 X 5-ish inch piece on a 10 or 20ct fabric (18 aida or 36 linen might be good too)... it needs to be on that size to accomodate the cool set of wooden pieces by The Bee Company (of Italy!) The center hive, the bee in the sky, left-hand purple flower and butterfly in the lower right corner are all the wooden pieces -- so you'll want that set,too.

Hand-Crocheted Animal Tape Measures - click for more
Hand-Crocheted Animal Tape Measures
These little guys are back in stock again, we think they are just the cutest! Retractable 60-inch and metric tape measures, each is covered with hand crocheting... to look like either a sock monkey, bumble bee or ladybug! The monkey has the sweetest little cap on, complete with tassel trim, and the bee is wearing a beaded crown -- because she's the queen!!!

Great for your stitching bag... I have one in my kitchen drawer because it STAYS there. (I think the household perception is that it is not a 'real, serious, metal 100ft measure! But it works for me!!!)

Mary Pilgrim's Sampler Pillow from Abby Rose - click for more
Spring and Summer Pin Pillows from Abby Rose
Charts by Abby Rose, a pair of pin cushion designs stitched on 32ct linen with a smattering of hand-dyed flosses.

Instead of stitching the season... what about your house numbers from residences past?? Might be kind of a fun way to remember your old houses!!

Each finishes approx 4 x 5-1/2. Maybe old buttons for some of the flowers, a little chenille trim that matches your threads??

Block Party VINO from Hands-On Design Block Party #5 - Vino from Hands-On Design
Hands On Design continues her cute set of square, block-shaped pin cushions -- each is stitched on 5 sides and is dressed on top with a cut of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool, (included in the chart) and poked with a coordinating set of Just Another Button Company pins! Vino is stitched on 28ct white linen and uses pretty hand-dyed flosses of soft greens and lavenders. The matching pin set says VINO and includes a little green bottle!

All the Block Party cushions finish about 4 x 4 x 3... you can see all of them on our Hands On or Auto-ship pages!

Little Friends Chickadee from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more Little Friends Sparrow from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more Little Friends Hedgehog from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more Little Friends Pig from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more
Oh my Gosh - Little Friends from Valerie Pfeiffer
If these aren't the cutest little people... they are each only 2 x 3 inches in size!!! Presented as small charts, they are coded for DMC floss, and each pattern has two charts -- one that highlights the cross stitches, the other that highlights any backstitching.

Absolutely precious, the birds are also offered in other larger designs by Valerie -- pictured on our inside pages. They are 'kind of pricey' -- we are aware of that -- but I guess it's less expensive than planning a trip to the UK just to bring a few home!

Fisherman Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more Golfing Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more Tennis Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer - click to see more
Fisherman, Golfing and Tennis Chicks from Valerie Pfeiffer
From the artwork of Valerie Pfeiffer -- aren't these a riot??? Finishing only 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 -- these are not large... but they make up for that in personality! Stitch one for the enthusiast in your life!!! Presented as small charts -- each has one for the crosses and another to highlight the backstitching. Coded for DMC., and yes... a little on the pricey side of charts, but that's life!

Mill Hill Buttons & Beads Winter Series 2016 - click for more
Mill Hill for Winter of 2016 is here!
Buttons & Beads -- Winter Series 2016

This year's annual 5 x 5 designs have arrived -- lots of different looks this year. Offered as complete kits of the 14ct paper,all the beads and tons of flosses... stitch these on the provided paper, or switch to linen like we do in the shop. Make small hanging pillows, or go for more drama - these custom frame beautifully -- they can really look elegant with a little tender loving framing care!!!
  • Town Hardware -- The millionth house in the charming Christmas Village series -- we still have all the others available -- they are *warm and fuzzies*
  • North Pole -- Lots of movement in the snowdrifts and the chilly evening winter sky -- quiet and cold!
  • Holiday Sampler -- Here's one of the different looks this year -- a coverlet-inspired sampler... add your family initials... maybe do something with that year -- like change it!
  • Festive Pines -- Very pretty -- the background of this is stitched in deep navy and greens. It matches our French Horn from a couple of years ago.
  • Crystal Snowflake -- Crisp white and winter blues -- very elegant!
  • Winter Stag -- Another of the very different looks this season, I like all the swirls in the background.

Small Winter Holiday Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
Small Winter Holiday Collection from Mill Hill
The Six little-er kits... These are the ornament sizes... complete kits of all the paper, beads and flosses... these look really good on your tree because they are 2 x 3-ish and perch perfectly on the end of the branches.
Lightweight, they don't drag down the branches and the lights catch them so well.

Renaissance Santas from Mill Hill - click for more Renaissance Santas from Mill Hill
For the millionth year in a row -- we have our trio of Olde Worlde Santas! Always stitched on 14ct natural perforated paper, each Santa comes from a different country or features a different hobby or interest. Offered in complete kits of the paper, floss and beads, each finishes approx 3 x 4 in size.

This might be our 25th set... and every other one is still available and still offered on our Mill Hill pages. A CHARMING set of paper Santas... choose the places you've traveled, the music you love... something special to you about them... your tree will love all your tiny Santas-of-the-World!

Chalkboard Quartet from Mill Hill - click for more
Chalkboard Quartet from Mill Hill
These are different for Mill Hill - and promise to be really fun to stitch! Their classic kits -- these are worked in 28ct Gumnetal linen with DMC flosses. I don't think there are too many beads in any of them... just the backstitches and straight stitches that make up the charm of the hand-drawn chalk-art look.

Finishing approx 5 x 5 or 5 x 7... give them a try!

Wee One: Magic from Heart in Hand - click for more
Wee One: Magic
from Heart in Hand
Here's a sweet little design -- only 48 x 56 stitches in size -- that is just too cute. Presented in a small Wee Ones card format with star button and a few glass bead embellishments, this'll finish just 3 x 4-ish.

The simple border is cute, those mesmerizing eyes, and that silly little skinny neck just add a bit of design interest. Stitch this for a cushion, or a cube stand-up -- it won't take any time at all to do!

What Do You Fancy?  Trick or Treat! from Heart in Hand - click for more What Do You Fancy? Trick or Treat!
from Heart in Hand
Choose any count fabric for this that you want... the stitch count is 60 x 60... so it's not very big. Good colors, cute sentiment... it'd be darling on the front of the Trick or Treat Candy Container -- or the front of the all-important gathering bag!!!!!

Coded for hand-dyeds and DMC's, add a few buttons of you have something in your stash. Presented as a full-sized leaflet... the cover is bright orange and so cute!

Let if Snow by The Glasshopper - click for more Pumpkin Season by The Glasshopper - click for more Halloween and Christmas are Just Around the Corner!!!!!... from The Glasshopper
Well kind of....! The Glasshopper has made you the prettiest petite glass-topped pins that all of your holiday pin cushions and needlework cases NEED! Jennifer is a glass artist and is making the most delightful pins with charming miniature sculptures topping each.
  • Pumpkin Season -- These are 1 cm each!!! Exquisite miniature pumpkins complete with veins, stems and tendrils, each is perched atop a sturdy and SHARP 2-inch pin. You can poke them into straw, use them on place cards, but I think they will be most happy poked into a very special stitched and Spooky Halloween or richly-colored Autumn pin cushion.
  • Let if Snow -- Oh my gosh, these are SO CUTE!!!!!! Gorgeous, deep and rich red glass trimmed with crisp white... these are all less than an inch in size, and are perfectly hand-shaped into the most charming little hat and warm little mittens. Again, on very sharp two-inch straight pins... dress up a pin cushion. They'd be pretty as wreath decorations, even decorations on a cheese tray at a Christmas party!

Mermaid Thread Board from The Primitive Hare - click to see more Rocking Horse Thread Board from The Primitive Hare - click to see more Sea Horse Thread Board from The Primitive Hare - click to see more
Wooden Thread Boards from The Primitive Hare
We have a delightful selection of 8 different thread boards that have been lovingly handmade in Italy by The Primitive Hare!!! Here are three... but make sure to click the pic to see the rest! Something fun to tuck into a cool sewing case or sewing basket, each of these is a cut-out that has been painted (on both sides) in some way, and then distressed (on both sides).

About 1/8 an inch thick, the whitewashed mermaid measures 3 x 8-ish. The whitewashed Rocking Horse is about 4 x 5, and the whitewashed Sea Horse is about 3 x 5-1/2 Tie a few threads through the holes, and JUST ENJOY having these!!!

Vintage Stitching Treasury by Suzanne McNeill - click to see more Vintage Stitching Treasury by Suzanne McNeill
This 224-page book brings you hundreds (over 400) of patterns that have appeared on vintage linens since the late 1880's. After the lessons about which kind of artwork was popular in each of the decades, there is more history about color... then instructions about tea-dying and crayon tinting. I had not really realized the differences in the artwork till I studied this. Evidently the 1920s saw the birth of assigning household tasks to the different days of the week -- laundry, shopping ironing. Art Deco designs appeared in the 30's. Girls fighting the wind to hang laundry was 'the thing' in the 40's! This book is full of absolutely CHARMING artwork you can use for embroidery on towels, tablecloths, aprons... you name it.

The introduction talks about 'everyone who is lucky enough to have a small collection of old linens embroidered by mothers or grandmothers feeling the hands reaching across the years.' The pages feature actual sized patterns. You will have to trace to transfer and so can enlarge or shrink if you need to change sizes. (Unfortunately, these are not iron-on transfers.) We decided today, that these pictures would all make fun COLORING BOOK pictures as well! In keeping with the coloring book craze right now... here is another way to enjoy these antique, retro and utterly charming designs!

14th Edition of the Quilter's Travel Companion and Crafter's Guide - click to see more Presenting the 14th Edition of the Quilter's Travel Companion and Crafter's Guide
*Quilting, Yarn, Needlepoint and Cross Stitch in The USA and Canada
This directory always blows me away with the sheer amount of information compiled inside. It is a full 9 x 11 in size -- an inch thick -- and it weighs 2 lbs and 4 ounces. It has 512 glossy pages of Quilt, Sewing and Stitchery Shop listings for both the US and Canada. Maps, info about retreats, shop hops, shows, quilds, special events... it is absolutely OVERWHELMING! Organized by state, there are over 200 facilities listed in here that can host your retreat - some with pictures! Also organized by state are ALL the shop listings they know about in each state -- IN ADDITION to the 1400 shops that have purchased ads!

When you receive your book, there are directions for sending in an e-mail address (if you would like) for updates for the next two years. Certainly worth every penny paid! The Silver Needle has a bitty ad in here, because even though we don't sell 'quilt' fabric, we DO sell all the yummy scissors, buttons, bags and threads that every needleworker loves!

Bandana Ranch from The Needle's Notion Bandana Ranch coming from The Needle's Notion
Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST thing for your hacienda! We don't have those awesome mountains in Oklahoma, and not too many cactus, but we have the hats and the boots, the windmills and prairie dogs, and those paisley bandannas!

This chart features the main piece (5 x 8-ish on 32ct Lambswool) -- add your ranch's name or family name on there -- along with the boy and girl individual 3 x 4 stand-up designs. Charted for DMC and Sampler Threads, add beads if and where you want. We don't get many cute designs with this theme... so don't pass this by -- it is really cute!

Button Posies from Scarlett House - click for more
Button Posies from The Scarlett House
What a cute bitty set of fob and matching cushion! I love the colors of Gentle Art flosses -- Grasshopper, Country Redwood, Soot, Old Hickory, Chalk, Piney Woods and Black Licorice, the cushion measures 95 x 71, while the baby fob is just 29 x 36!

Garnished with 4 black buttons... this is so simple, but so striking! Offered as the chart.

Family Tree from Thistles - click for a larger view Family Tree from Thistles
Liezbeth from Thistles has darling new things!!! Family Tree is the largest of them... it is really neat, too! *The roots of a family begin with the love of two hearts.* There are 10 houses surrounding that tree... and each is personalized with initials and dates of people in your family!

It looks like births, but you could start with marriages and sets of initials... if you have lots of siblings, you could choose a house for each family... skip the tree all together and just arrange the houses! I don't know, but the houses are all really cute! Coded for Sampler Threads or DMC, there are a whopping 29 different colors in here, and it finishes a commanding 25 x 13 on 32ct! Presented as a chart.

Gingher's 2016 Collector Scissors - Sawyer Pattern - click for more A Sneak Peek of Gingher's 2016 Collector Scissors - Sawyer Pattern
Every year for the last 8 or so, Gingher has released a trio of scissors with some sort of floral or colorful pattern enameled on the handles. This year -- releasing in September -- the featured design is named *Sawyer* and is a pretty red-leafy pattern on a white background. We will have the classic 4-Inch Embroidery, the 5-Inch Knife Edge Sewing and the 8-Inch Dressmaker Shear.

Reserve them sooner vs later, as I believe Gingher bases their production number on these early orders. FREQUENTLY they sell out by Christmas -- we only have the 4" and 5" left from of the previous year's patterns available! Wonderful quality, each comes in a gift box with a protective leather sheath -- or a heavy-duty cover (on the 8-inch.)

Peacock Garden Scissor Roll from Just Nan Presenting Just Nan's Peacock Garden Scissor Roll -
Due at The Silver Needle the week of May 16th!
In celebration of her 25 years of designing, Nan is treating us to a darling 2-1/2 x 10-1/2 inch stitched roll to store a favorite pair of scissors! When stitches are done, scissors can rest. A fun needlework accessory, the design features peacocks and tulips on the outside with more peacocks and garden flowers plus that charming verse and padded scissor pocket -- all rolled up on the inside. The roll closure is a snap with fancy gold cube bead, and there are beads and pink pearls that embellish both the inside and outside!

The finished roll stand 2 inches tall and will hold a 3-1/2 inch pair of embroidery scissors. Top it all of with the included matching Peacock Rose Pin. Stitched on 32ct Flax Belfast Linen with DMC flosses, there is a touch of gold metallic as well. The chart includes the beads, pearls, snap, gold cube bead, over-dyed violet wool for the lining, the Peacock Rose Pin and complete finishing instructions. Use your own DMCs and metallic from your stash.

Romeo the Groom Mouse from Just Nan Romeo The Groom Mouse from Just Nan
Romeo is joining Juliet the Bride for their march down the aisle! He is looking very dapper in his striped tailcoat and black top hat. His pink rosebud boutonniere matches Juliet's bouquet, and they make such a lovely couple!!!

Romeo is packaged with a gold tail, Nan's signature Fairy button for his base, a pink rosebud, black top hat charm and black pin to hold the tiny hat in place. You supply the bits of floss and thumbful of stuffing! Romeo is stitched on 32ct Silvery Moon linen... his total stitched area is a mere 3-1/2 x 2. Presented as the chart with embellishments.

Let It Bee from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Annual Border from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Simply Summer from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sampler Sack from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Four New Designs from The Drawn Thread
A few tiny pics to tempt your stitching fingers... click through to see descriptions of everything! Cynthia has been busy -- we have the companion to her Perennial Borders -- a chart that was published years ago -- and the final Simply Season -- Summer! Along with a fun needlework pouch and matching scissor fob set, there is a 5 x 7 bee design full of special stitches!

Miniature Sampler Scissor Fobs from Kim's Needle Needfuls - click for more Miniature Sampler Scissor Fobs
Kim's Needle Needfuls has beautiful new miniature sampler scissor fobs! She has taken images of antique samplers, shrunk them down into bitty 1-inch miniatures, and mounted them into lovely antiqued brass findings (they are even pretty on the back). Then she's chosen glass, shell and brass beads, and strung them together to complement the tiny featured sampler! Each Sampler Scissor Fob is unique... every one is different... but we chose ALL vintage colors to complement the brass and the sampler.

Each fob from clam-shell end to sampler finial bead measures about 5 inches. These are LOVELY! Very nicely done, classy, and I'm having a really hard time choosing my favorite!!! Some are deep blue, soft green, antiqued reads and roses... golds... if you have a color preference, just ask. If you order an assortment -- we'll mix the colors and samplers for you.

With Needle and Thread from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more With Needle and Thread from Samplers Not Forgotten
What a CHARMING sampler design by Samplers Not Forgotten! *My Soul is fed with Needle and Thread.* I love everything about this piece!!!!! Presented as a chart, it is for anyone who loves to stitch! Worked on 36ct, it'll finish approx 11-1/2 x 8-1/2. Stitched with Sampler Threads and Classic Colorworks of Lexington Green, Roasted Marshmallow, Garden Gate, Endive, Wheat Fields, Brown Hen, Deep Fennel and Eggshell, the border is different all the way around.

Pretty white flowers, the scissors adorn the right edge while the spools of thread adorn the opposite. Your initials are on here nice and big -- because you are important! The flower urn is pretty just by itself, but so is the little yellow house with the band sampler below! Can you see the special stitches between the rows? There is a thimble on there... and the bottom band is a tape measure!!!!! Then, for a special touch -- choose some pretty antique buttons to embellish here and there... just so pretty!

FLAX Socials Collection 2016 - click for more

2016 FLAX Socials Tunic in 2 colors - click for more - click for more Presenting SOCIALS - Another fun collection of our luscious FLAX!
Spring is FLAX SEASON at The Silver Needle!!! We even have a 3*2*1 Special to Sweeten the Pot! More elegant linens to love... our bit of FLAX's Socials Collection arrived this last week! We LOVE the Polka Dot pieces... and you might recognize the Windowpane Gauze fabrication -- as it is the same as our Transitions we have. (The Grape and Shark pieces farther down our FLAX page...)

Both the Tunic and Frock pieces are long enough to be dresses -- with or without leggings!!!!! Click the pic to read about our choices and what we like best about each piece! That 3*2*1 Special treats you to 25% OFF everything if you choose three or more pieces, 15% off two...!

The Garden Labyrinth Summer from Michael Powell - click for more
20 To Make - Mini Cross Stitch from Michael Powell
Oh.... More of Michael Powell -- in MINIATURE!
Everything you love about Michael Powell's artwork -- only in bitty size! This is a softcover book -- 6 x 8-1/2 inches in size, that features 48 pages of 20 TINY designs of Michael's! We've just received tons of cute scissor fob kits, and some darling well-wishes mini designs -- this little book has MORE -- most of them companion the larger designs. (The largest design in here is 55 stitches!)

Mini florals, cupcakes, landscapes, even a birthday cake... there are also two borders in here that you can stitch and stitch and stitch to go around a basket or something! Possibilities are endless! Coded for Anchor, but easily converted to DMC... you can stitch these on ANY count or weave of fabric -- White is the color of choice!

New York from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Denver from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Chicago from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Miami from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Tiny Modernist helps you travel EVERYWHERE!
Cheryl's cute set of cities and countries to visit keeps growing -- we've added 15 MORE to our collection! Presented as small cards, they all follow the same color scheme -- 7 basic DMC colors -- they are all the same size, Choose the cities and countries you have been to -- stitch them up -- and add a trip photo on the matting!

Use them for the fronts of small photo books, or stitch a bunch of them in a long string, and put trip photos beneath each one! Choose any white fabric, on 14/28ct they finish 3 x 5 each. (makes we want to dig out my suitcase and PACK!!!)

Mani Di Donna Mermaid's Song Sewing Box - click to see more Mermaid's Song Sewing Box from Mani di Donna
Mermaid's Song Sewing Box Mani Di Donna of Italy has several new sewing box designs -- we brought them home from Market. There are two more on her inside pages -- make sure to click the pic to see those as well! Mermaid's Song is delightful!!! Worked on Week's 32ct Beige Linen with Weeks flosses, you stitch the 100 x 140 stitch count top (approx 6-1/2 x 9) the design is the CUTEST! a spouting whale, cute lighthouse rolling waves and little crabs... then construct the paper board box she diagrams in her instructions.

We have her pretty blue striped lining fabric, the charming set of hand-painted wooden mermaid thread winders, and the lighthouse pins. You add the fabric, weeks flosses and the Weeks Snow Cream wool for lining. Colors are so pretty in this, the patterns are all here for the box, cushion and little needle book!
Greek Islands Bookmark Kit from Michael Powell - click for more Flower Meadow from Michael Powell - click for more The Garden Labyrinth Summer from Michael Powell - click for more
New Arrivals from Michael Powell
We have Scissor Fob kits, bookmarks, and small charts all featuring Michaels charming signature artwork. Brilliant colors, everything is worked in regular WHOLE Cross Stitch, he just likes to add all the backstitching that goes 'herky-jerky'/hither-and-thither' everywhere! How can these NOT make you smile???

Click the pic to see the bookmarks and small designs -- both pictures and those awesome fob sets! (And DO NOT hide your bookmark in a book -- frame it, for heaven's sake!) and... watch for matching design across the offerings -- fobs that match bookmarks, that sort of thing.

Scissor and Key Keep Kit X100 CUPCAKES from Michael Powell - click for more Scissor and Key Keep Kit X101 DAISIES from Michael Powell - click for more Scissor and Key Keep Kit X102 HEARTS from Michael Powell - click for more Scissor and Key Keep Kit X103 TUSCAN CHURCH from Michael Powell - click for more Scissor and Key Keep Kit X104 CHAPEL from Michael Powell - click for more Scissor and Key Keep Kit X105 FLOWERS from Michael Powell - click for more
Miniature Scissor and Key Fobs from Michael Powell
Presenting a delightful set of miniature key and scissor fobs -- all featuring the artwork of Michael Powell! I have always loved his things... and since he showed at market this Spring we were able to treat ourselves to lots of fun things!!! This is a collection of 6 different PAIRS of designs -- each is TWO-SIDED -- so each kit has essentially 4 designs in it! All are worked on 18ct canvas -- don't panic -- (it just makes a stronger and more durable fob when finished.) All Cross Stitch, the larger piece is the scissor fob -- 36 x 36 stitches -- finishing 2 x 2, while the key fob is a smaller companion version of the same design -- 27 x 27, finishing 1-1/2 inches square. Different on the fronts and backs, Michael has each of the 4 designs charted twice -- crosses on one chart, backstitch on another for clarity. All the flosses are included for everything... these are DARLING!!!!!

Calavera Sugar Skulls from Mill Hill - click for more
Calavera Sugar Skulls from Mill Hill
This is a set of small bead kits -- just like all of Mill Hill's other smaller kits -- a set of 6 Sugar Skulls! Super bright in color, each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch in size... complete kits, you get the 14ct perforated paper, all the flosses and beads, and a tiny charm embellishment.

Add a magnet to the back if you want and they can stick to our file cabinet or fridge! Note: these are shown in the dropdowns in the same order they are shown in the pic -- left to right.

Little Monsters from Mill Hill - click for more
Little Monsters! from Mill Hill
Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST!!!!! The next set of paper kits in the Mill Hill Trilogy series, these are complete kits to make these cuties! Finishing approx 3 x 4 inches each, they're worked on 14ct perforated paper and adorned with glass beads here and there.

So darn cute -- you need to stitch them for the colorful little monsters in your life! Even though the kits come with the paper, consider switching that out for fabric -- you'll have room to add something like *Lindy's Scary Room!* -- which would make a darling bedroom door sign!

Black and Gold Elegance, A Stunning Crab Pin and Bees Galore from Fern Ridge Collections
Glitzy Stitches Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view Clifford the Crab Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view The Buzz Fob Kit from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view Pat and Peggy from Fern Ridge have the most delightfully exotic beaded treasures for us to make and enjoy! We get the MOST LUSCIOUS beaded fobs and matching sewing cases -- all kitted up with tons of specialty threads, fabrics and beads....always matching sets.

Mr Clifford The Crab, however, is his *own man!* He is a Peyote-stitched piece that features wired legs -- so you can pose him, and either wear him, perch him on a shelf, frame him in a shadow box, or tuck him into a very special nautical box or sewing case. (He's too cool to hide away though! I'd stick a magnet on him and cling him to my fridge or some place I'll see everyday -- because he's THAT cool!)

We brought home 19 **NINETEEN** kits that we had never had in the shop before -- some old, most new. (If you like Fern Ridge... you are in big trouble!)

FLAX Sunshine Collection 2016 - click for more

Our Next Shipment of FLAX is here!
Our wonderful spring 2016 FLAX - click for more - click for more Our wonderful spring 2016 FLAX - click for more - click for more The *Sunshine* Collection -- we have lightweight linens and gauzes in Whitecap, Marina and Caviar Grey! Predominently jackets and tops -- there are dress and pant options, too.

Just three different shades, we concentrated on light blue and gray to complement white. We have lots of pics on our FLAX pages, product descriptions, fabric swatches -- see what you think!!!

Alphabet Art from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Alphabet Art from Just Another Button Company
Just Another Button Company has the most delightful set of alphabet letters and the ampersand to spell out words and names! These are perfect to use to teach a beginning stitcher!

They are actually white 5-1/2 inch squares of 14ct perforated paper that JABCO has printed with stripes, spots or hearts of beige, pinks and greens. Each letter, also printed in black on the paper, features its own background... meaning all the M's have the pink stripes, but other letters have different colored stripes! Stitch a little or a lot -- they have charted only a small floral design for each, and provided buttons for garnish.

You supply the bits of floss from your stash. SO cute, colorful, fresh, bright, clean and cheerful... you can stitch just one initial or spell out a huge long greeting! Just depends on your budget! Frame or finish on scrapbook papers -- you decide.

Garden Visit Scissors Keep Kit from Milady's Needle - click for more Rabbit Run Pin Cushion Kit from Milady's Needle - click for more Spool Pin Cushions and Scissor Keepers from Milady's Needle
Aren't these the cutest??? Milady's Needle has a pair of kits for these delightful accessories. Both are presented as kits including 40ct Vintage Examplar Linen by Lakeside Linens, 10 or 11 colors of Needlepoint Inc Silk, one wooden spool standing 3 inches high and almost 2 inches in diameter, and the chart with finishing instructions -- all in a re-useable clear plastic zippered pouch.

After your stitching, each is finished with Nun's Stitch, cut out and wrapped around the spool. Rabbit Run includes the light tan and green leafed bunny fabric for the cushion tuft, (Gloria made sure you have a bunny in the fabric pattern appearing on the top of your cushion) and the two butterfly-topped pins in the pic -- so you have something pretty to poke in to your cushion! Deep summer-greens in this one. Garden Visit includes that beaded scissor fob (not the scissors) with the little deer charm on the end. Gorgeous roses and greens in this one.

Mum's the Autumn Word - A Floss Keeper by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Mum's the Autumn Word - A Floss Keeper from The Purple Thread
The Purple Thread has designed a cute little thread keeper -- it's presented as a small and complete kit. It makes a 3 x 4-ish piece that stores threads by its 8 numbers. Reference THOSE numbers on your pattern so you can re-use THIS palette. On your pattern label THOSE colors as one through eight -- they'll correspond to these loops -- making this board re-useable!

Your pumpkin, lavender, soft mossy green and butterscotch flosses stitch the geometric-inspired designs... and those colors mimic the ones in the pretty backing fabric that is included. You are basically covering two boards, attaching the wrong sides together, and adding rings to hold threads. Just a fun little thing, it'd make a fun stitch group gift!

Measure Twice from Needlework Press - click for more Measure Twice from Needlework Press
*Measure Twice, Cut Once!* Another stitched tape measure!!!!! By Needlework Press, this is a 36-inch stitched banding that wraps around a wooden spool! Choose a favorite color of thread... you'll be stitching your ruler on the included 27ct linen banding. Vickie & Maegan warn you that the linen isn't PERFECT (they found this out the hard way!) -- so if you want a FUNCTIONING and accurate tape, keep counting and measuring and comparing to make sure your stitched measurements are accurate.

If you want just a cute measure tape around the spool -- you can follow the chart just fine -- but might be a thread or two 'off' at the final 36-inch mark. Then, your tape rolls up on that spool -- how cute is that?!

Time to Stitch from Needlework Press - click for more Time to Stitch from Needlework Press
Oh wow... we ALL need this pattern!!! Choose a favorite color of thread -- and decide how big you want this to be. The chart suggests 28ct to fit into the top of either an 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 Lone Elm Lane Shaker Box. They have used Lady Dot Creates hand-dyed cotton chenille for the edging to trim and cover any edging issues.

NOW... THINK! Choose a bitty fabric, and go over one if you want -- stitch count for this is 90 stitches -- make pin cushions!!! You can either fit this into a Lone Elm smaller cushion base --or just finish this into a round stuffed cushion! It's the sweetest thing! A button box would be neat, but so would a pin cushion! We have TONS of options for you! Presented as a chart.

Cupcake Pincushions from Nikyscreations A Sampler House from Nikyscreations Blooming Scissor Fobs from Nikyscreations
NINE New Things from Nikyscreations
Niky brought such cute patterns with her to Market... we came home with 8 new ones, and her Market Exclusive Limited Edition Kit. All (except the kit) are presented in chart format, all are coded for DMC floss, and each is stitched on neutral hand-dyed linen. Click the pics to see all the new!The Birdcage Kit from Nikyscreations

***The Birdcage Kit is the Market Exclusive.***
It includes a really cute stained wooden birdhouse thread palette -- measuring 3 x 6-1/2 inches, featuring 6 thread holes and 2 more holes to display your stitching.

Along with the cut of Niky's hand-dyed 32ct linen, you get a pretty little paper card (decorated with vintage birdcage artwork) with the DMC flosses all pre-sorted and labeled on it, a cut of brown cord to line the edges of your stitched areas, and the wooden cut-outs made from those two holes!! (Use for backing.) SUPER-Charming, is the included page from on old book -- it's written in Italian!! -- that you'll use as the backing paper for the birdhouse!
Patchwork aux Chats CATS from Jardin Prive - click for more Patchwork aux Chiens DOGS from Jardin Prive - click for more Ciseaux & Bobines from Jardin Prive - click for more
Cute Designs from Jardin Prive'
A trio of charming charts we stumbled across at the recent Spring Wholesale Needlework Market -- all three of these can be stitched on any fabric you like, and are coded for DMC floss. No special embellishments or threads called for -- that's YOUR challenge if you're up to it! Add some beads to borders and eyes, furry Simply Wools to the animals, maybe some bitty bells for the cat collars? Some metallic to those scissors... what about Satin Stitches on the thread spools? French Knots for the sheep and bee buttons???

Each of them is really cute, and full of fun design motifs. Cats and Dogs both measure 117 x 117 -- about 8-1/2 inches square on 14/28ct. The Scissors and Spools measures 143 x 86 -- so about 10 x 6. Cute!

Patriotic Quilt from Rosewood Manor - click for more Patriotic Quilt from Rosewood Manor
Rosewood Manor has several new designs -- everyone LOVES her patriotic ones -- so I chose this one to feature on Just Arrived! Did you know that Karen donates 10% of her sales of her patriotic designs to Wounded Warriors? Featuring the Preamble to The Constitution in the center, Patriotic Quilt showcases the names of all who signed the Constitution, and the states they represented.

Really a neat piece, it is stitched on Weeks 32ct Parchment linen and finishes approx 13 x 13. It's coded for Valdani hand-dyeds, but you'll have good Weeks or Gentle Art colors in your stash, if Valdani isn't available to you.

Stoneware Cat & Kitten from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Cat & Kitten
from Priscilla's Pocket
Tiny Market Exclusives by Priscilla's Pocket -- These are a *TRY ME* thing! Bitty kitties -- with that Salt Glaze Stoneware flavor -- each comes as a small kit of chart, 35ct Week's Tin Roof Linen and just enough of that matching mini-ball fringe by Dames of the Needle to make your 2-inch-ish pin cushion!!!

So... in the middle of that glorious dish of pottery motifs, you can hide your matching mini-kitty or mini-cat cushion! 2015's Special kit was the CAT - still available to shops that purchased at the show (that would include The Silver Needle!) and 2-16's Special Kit is the KITTY! So sweet!
The Bee Keepers Needlework Box from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
Olde Colonial has several fun new things... Here is a box to store your thread waxers... then, make sure to click through to her inside pages to see the rest of the new.
The Bee Keepers Needlework Box - A Box to store your Beeswax Waxers!
from Olde Colonial
This is a smoothly finished 6 x 9 x 2 honey-colored stained wooden box with a stitched lid. Choose a neutral cream or lightly yellowed or tanned 32ct linen for the Satin-stitched beehives and floral vine decorating the top. Everything is charted for DMC, Weeks and Gentle Art flosses.

The Bee Keepers Needlework Box from Olde Colonial -- click to see moreAfter your stitching is finished, you are wrapping the provided board with your needlework and attaching the little wooden knob handle. On the underside of the lid, you are lining the lid with gingham fabric, and buttoning down a band to hold threads and scissors. You get a really cool circular beeswax candle in a miniature wooden crate to store in here -- in case you don't have any threading waxers.

The box kit contains the box, lid board, gingham lining fabric, Warm and Natural batting, interfacing, the wooden knob, that darling candle, chart, and finishing instructions. What a fun and different project! If you've been collectiog the beeswax molded pieces, you need something to store them in besides plastic bags!!!

Luscious Hand-dyed Cotton Velveteen for Finishing from Dames of the Needle
Luscious Hand-dyed Cotton Velveteen for Finishing from Dames of the Needle Dames of the Needle has been busy dying wonderful, rich and soft cotton velveteen for you to use on the backs of your pin cushions! Use this where you would use any finishing fabric -- sewing cases, small pillows, it is *just the right weight* to make everything feel substantial. Hand-dyed, I chose Elizabeth's softer colors that go with so many of the hand-dyed flosses everyone uses. Her colors are not blotchy -- they are just dreamy, dusty and rich -- put lizard litter inside your cushion and put this on the back and you will never want to put it down!

Presented in 14 x 17-ish cuts. We have 11 colors. I have given *SORT OF MATCHES* to thread colors for you. THESE ARE NOT EXACT MATCHES... but I wanted to give you some idea of the shades each has
  • Aged Saffron -- Weeks Whiskey or Chickpea
  • Baby Seal -- Weeks River Rock
  • Colonial Tea -- Weeks Sand
  • Dirty Ewe -- Weeks Cattail or Conch
  • Dirty Khaki -- Weeks Tarragon or Pamlico and GAST Lexington Green
  • Faded Bell Bottom Blues -- Weeks Dolphin
  • Lush Meadow -- Weeks Collards
  • Sea Cap -- Weeks Dolphin or Jaybird and GAST Crystal Lake
  • Sweeny Red -- Weeks Merlot
  • Tarnished Halo -- Weeks Gold
  • Texarkana Sage --- Weeks Cornsilk.

Me & You from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Cat & Dog from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Summertime Roll Up from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Summer Scissor Block from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
Me & You, Cat & Dog, Summertime Roll Up and Summer Scissor Block
from La-D-Da
La D Da has six cute new things... three framed pieces, two needle/sewing books and that fun little scissor block! Charts and kits... I love those bitty Cats and Dogs!!! Click the pics to see all the details.

Capodimonte Porcelain Pins - click for more Capodimonte Porcelain Pins
Well, these completely top every decorated pin we have... they are hand-made one-of-a-kind porcelain-topped pins from Italy.

Packaged in a gift box, the tiny brochure is translated to read: *This certificate with the signature of the craftsman on each piece (I can't see that small!) ensures that every item is produced in the laboratory of Porcellane Carusio and is entirely made and hand painted by master craftsmen using traditional processing of Capodimonte porcelain and provisions of the Law 188/90 (C.A.T. -- Ceramics Artistic and Traditional) with colors called "third fire" that by cooking to 780 Celsius ensures lasting stability.* Capodimonte Porcelain Pins - click for more
We don't have many sets, and each is some matching shade of pale pink or lavender. Mmmm!

Coffee & Tea & Desert Pins and Buttons From Italy - click for more
Coffee & Tea & Desert Pins and Buttons From Italy
Oh, such DARLING handmade pins and buttons... I don't know how you are going to choose just one favorite set of these!!! Beautifully hand-crafted little works of art, poke or sew these onto the tops of pin cushions, or fronts of sewing cases, they are too exquisite to hide in your stash drawer!!! Pins match their counterpart buttons...
  • Coffee PINS -- A coffee bean, coffee pot, decorated cupcake for desert, red heart, creamer pitcher, and little cup and saucer round out this set. Each pin topping is approx 1/3 an inch in size! 6 Pins in the set.
  • Tea PINS:-- The decorated cupcake, blue heart, tea cup, matching tea pot, another heart, and another yummy desert -- because High Tea is full of delicious treats -- this is charming!
  • Coffee BUTTONS -- This features reds again -- so it matches the pin set.. slightly larger versions of the bean, the pot, and pretty decorative hearts. 8 Pieces in the set.
  • Tea BUTTONS -- You get the I Love Tea sign, a bisquite, tea bag, a pair of tea cups... 7 more charming buttons in this set, along with the tea bag charm.

Adam and Eve -- click to see more Mary Bovee -- click to see more Spotted Pigs -- click to see more
Adam and Eve, Mary Bovee and Spotted Pigs from Stacy Nash Primitives
Stacy Nash has seven new releases that are really fun!!! 6 New charts and a really cute Adam and Eve Tray kit... you're going to want to see them all. I didn't have room to describe all of them here, so click the pic. Those pigs are the cutest... and the chicken on Adam and Eve is as cute as the one from Miss Baxter's Farm!

A Churchyard Christmas from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more A Churchyard Christmas from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has released their annual Christmas Scene, and this year, it is the chaos that surrounds the annual Children's Churchyard Nativity. All is not well! Halos are crooked, crowns are bent, and some of the camels have escaped!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teachers Pam and Susan have lots of personal experience with these school events, and decided it was time to share them!!! Their endearing picture measures approx 19 x 12, is stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus Mirage Linen and calls for no less than 39 different hand-dyed or DMC shades!!!!! (you'll need 10 skeins of Snowflake!!!)

Yet another charming scene... it joins Going to Grandma's, Carols on the Square and Santa's Midnight Flight. Presented as a chart, we have the gorgeous deep gray hand-dyed 32ct Mirage linen cut ready -- it gives all this that deepening-wintery-dusky sky feel. Pretty houses and the church, darling little costumes on the children, there are touches of metallic (5760, 009HL and 003HL) and beads (42039, 42013, 40557) here and there to add bits of sparkle. Always something new and cute when you look at this!

CS178 Spring Delivery from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more CS180 Where Hearts Rest from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more CS183 Land of Liberty from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more
With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais has 14 new designs!
Kind of a challenge to fight off that creeping feeling of falling behind with your projects... it's amazing how she can whip up this many new things! We're certainly happy about it though!!!!!!

Everything is presented in chart format, Brenda loves to use everyone's hand-dyed flosses -- they are all mixed up in these. Linens all vary as well, but one common thread throughout is the distressing after stitching with coffee grounds. Lovely designs for Spring, Home, and lots of Patriotic charm... click the pics to see size details for each.

Hand Dyed Chenile from Lady Dot Creates Caribe Hand Dyed Ball Fringe from Lady Dot Creates New Trim Colors from Lady Dot Creates
Ohhh... Rich new colors of Lady Dot Creates's luscious mini-balls and cotton chenille trims... They are a pin-cushion's best friend!!! Lois's baby-ball fringe is super cool because it can be used as it comes, or you can pull off the edging strip, and it turns into a slender row of little balls that you can tack on with hidden top stitches. If you leave on the edging strip -- that can be sewn into a seam. If you aren't a sewing machine gal... pull off that edging strip, and you can simply tack on your little balls with no extra bulk in the edging.

The cotton chenille Lady Dot uses is about twice the thickness of every other cotton chenille out there... so you can actually SEE it around the edges of your lovely things. LOTS of gorgeous colors now, there are seven to add to the selection!!!

Laurel Burch DOGS from Debbie Mumm - click for more
Announcing Laurel Burch DOGS!
Mill Hill presents the ever-charming and famous artwork of Laurel Burch's dogs in Cross Stitch! Joining their collection of CAT kits, we now have 6 new dogs to stitch as well! The colors in all of these are rich -- everything is accented with either gold metallic thread, or gold glass beads.

Offered in complete kit format, Mill Hill has made them with Aida or Linen as the base fabric -- you decide -- and added all the necessary DMC flosses and metallics as well as a smattering of seed beads to make them glisten. Two are stitched on a Tropical Turquoise, two are on a charcoal gray, and two are on a rich purple background. So darn cute and colorful... I don't know how you can choose a favorite!

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The Silver Needle
6068 S. Sheridan    Tulsa, Ok. 74145
(918) 493-1136    Fax: (918) 493-1933
Toll Free Order Line: (888) 543-7004
Store Hours: 10 -- 6 CST,  Monday -- Saturday

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