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November 12, 13, 14 and 15th 2015!
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OH.... Everything is NEW! All the racks are full of pretty machine-washable, lovely, soft, organic linen clothes that we just love to wear!!! Our Spring FLAX lines are here... we chose 4 of them, so make sure you visit the FLAX page to see bits of everything!

We are a bit odd... we are, after all, a needlework shop... but gee, everyone HAS to wear *something!* So, we chose LINEN -- what else for Needleworkers! Breatheable, flowing and lightweight, once you've tried these on... you'll be hooked! Pay attention to all the Tunics...


Just Cross Stitch CD Collection -- 1983 - 1990 - click to see more Just Cross Stitch CD Collection -- 1983 - 1990
Just Cross Stitch Magazine has finally finished presenting their ENTIRE HISTORY of printed magazines in PDF format on CDs... with this final disc. The ORIGINAL 46 issues... you can see a vintage Margaret and Margaret stocking on the promo cover! The first 8 years of the magazine... this is definitely a trip down memory lane!!! Browse all content issue by issue, search by word or phrase across the issues (like designer name or subject.)

All in PDF format, printer-friendly charts, even the old advertisements! Something totally fun to peruse... it's just like reading a novel. You don't have to STITCH any of it... just enjoy the adventures each page brings! This now finishes the JCS Library -- 3 CD's of past issues and 1 of all the Annual Ornament Issues.

A House for Wax - click for more A House for Wax
Noteworthy Needle has cool little beeswax waxers for your threads. Pure beeswax, use them to strengthen and smooth threads and reduce tangles. I remember my mom waxing her sewing thread when she was mending jeans and doing buttons. I wanted Janis to make something to store your waxers in... and she came up with this cute *House for Wax* Pocket! Since her waxers are various sizes... the chart can be worked on different count fabrics to accomedate the specific waxer sizes. Stitch the house and tree, or just the house, make it into a pouch and bead the edges if you feel adventuresome.

I think Janis's future plans are to design specific pockets for specific waxer shapes...but for now, we have this cute house to store our assortment of her waxers. Chart includes a waxer.

A Sampler Grows from Classic Colorworks - click for more Rabbit Hill from Classic Colorworks
A sweet exclusive chart by Little House Needleworks for Classic Colorworks, Rabbit Hill is worked with 5 CC hand-dyed flosses on your choice of fabrics.

Presented as the chart with the flosses... Mom-Diane... is doing lovely things for her son -- Ronnie, who owns Classic Colorworks! Offered for a short time!

A Sampler Grows from Scarlett House - click for more A Sampler Grows from The Scarlett House
*Inch by inch, row by row, X's make my sampler grow* Scarlet House has a charming pin cushion design that features a tiny companion 'fob' for the cushion. It's shown on scissors, but I think it'd be cute attached to the cushion itself. Generous in size, it measures 119 x 64, so finishes approx 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 36ct.

Charted for Needlepoint Silk, it's an easy one to convert to cotton hand-dyeds if you'd rather use them. Offered as a chart... isn't the pink rik-rak finishing striking on there?
Scarlet House has several other new releases... click the pic to see them!

Tiny Glass Acorns - click for more Tiny Glass Acorns
Aren't these lovely??? Hand-turned Lampwork glass acorns by The Glasshopper, these are one-of-a-kind 1/2 inch glass 'balls' that are mounted into an antiqued bronze metal cap with a curly stem hanger. Each is different from the other... all browns and earthy tones... I fell in love with them when I saw them!

I'd use them for embellishments on pin cushions or sewing cases... some place where you'll see them all the time! Beautiful pieces of hand-made glass art!

Serial Bowl Lesson One from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Chocolate Harts from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Spring Rolls from Plum Street Samplers - click for more
Plum Street Samplers has festive new things!
Paulette has several cute new designs... she is beginning a new *Serial Bowl Collection of Sampler Lessons* series; there is a pretty topper for one of Lone Elm Lane's shaker boxes... and more of her silly dachshund doggy designs.
Chart formats -- except for that cute Serial Bowl Kit!

NEW Threads from Classic Colorworks NEW Threads from The Gentle Art NEW Simply Wools from The Gentle Art NEW Threads from Weeks Dye Works
NEW Threads by The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks!
Each of the three thread companies have released new colors this season... and for a short time, we have them all bundled together for you, as the new offerings. All are offered in our regular *clicky boxes* on their individual pages through the shopping cart, but if you want to stay current with your collection, this is the easiest way to pick up the new colors!
  • Gentle Art Flosses: Ruby Slippers, Green Tea Leaf, Creekbed and Verdigris
  • Gentle Art Simply Wools: Tarnished Gold, Creekbed, Brown Bear and Verdigris
  • Weeks Dye Works Flosses: Pink Sand, Dahlia, Lichen and Busy Lizzie
  • Classic Colorworks Flosses: Shabby Sheep, Sugar Plum and Prairie Grass

Stoneware Cat from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Cat
from Priscilla's Pocket
This is a tiny pattern that was a limited edition kit at Market. From Priscilla's Pocket it mimics her two Stoneware Pin cushion patterns -- only it's a little kitty, and it is a complete kit!

Stitched on Week's 36ct hand-dyed linen with Black Raspberry Jam thread, it includes the cut of the Wonka's Blueberry mini-ball-fringe from Dames of the Needle. All you are going to need is a bit of crushed walnut shell stuffing for this cute bitty 2-1/2 inch cushion. Just so sweet!

Stoneware Pillows II from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pillows II
from Priscilla's Pocket
Gosh, this is a beautiful little collection of pin cushion designs all inspired by Salt Glazed Stoneware motifs. Offered in a chart format, they are all smaller than 64 x 51, are worked on Weeks 35ct Tin Roof with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam hand-dyed floss. The finishing trim is Wonka's Blueberry hand-dyed mini-ball fringe by Dames of the Needle -- and we have included the 3-yards you will need to finish all of these! The first set is charming -- we have them all stitched and perched in a basket -- so now, we'll have 6 more to add to them!

*Here's a nice display idea: Find a TALL GLASS VASE or JAR. Toss your cushions into it -- arranging them so that your stitching shows. Let them nestle and 'overlap' each other a bit... get them mooshed in there... they look lovely from every direction and take up less display space!

Let Freedom Ring from Priscilla's Pocket Let Freedom Ring
from Priscilla's Pocket
This is a TINY design stitched over one thread on 40ct linen and mounted to one of Priscilla's Pockets mini hornbook thread pallettes. ABSOLUTELY CHARMING...

From Every Mountainside (also shown at right) was their first design... and now, here is the companion. You'll need to choose some hand-dyed cottons, and a pale blue linen color. This is offered as a chart, with that small wooden hornbook separately.

Dancing in the Moonlight from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Dancing in the Moonlight from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has a new Halloween Scene... a little smaller than their annual haunted houses... this will make a grand companion to frame and display with all your others! *There's an unusual party in the pale moonlight. Pumpkins are glowing, crows are singing and even the cat is yowling along. Everyone is rocking to the beat. See how the ghosts are swirling? But look, the skeletons have pulled out their top hats and canes They have started a sensational all-bone review! Don't miss your chance to join in the celebration!*

Stitched on Picture This Plus 32ct Haunted Linen (a gorgeous teal hand-dyed) with Weeks, Gentle Art and DMC flosses, it features Mill Hill beads and lots of handmade clay buttons by Just Another Button Company. 156 x 201 stitches, it'll finish approx 9-3/4 x 12-1/2 on the 32ct. Full of Susan and Pam's silliness, you could even personalize your grave stones! Offered as the chart, with fabrics and embellishments offered separately.

Going to Grandma's from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Going to Grandma's from Praiseworthy Stitches
Susan and Pam have released another charming winter scene -- this year's features Grandma's House decked out to the MAX for the Holiday! *Christmas is here and everyone is arriving at Grandma's house! The snow is falling, the kids are making a snowman and the rest of the family is finally here. Can't you hear the squeels and delight as everyone greets each other? See Grandma on the walkway waving to them? Look, even Santa and Rudolph have arrived! It is a time for love, delight and laughter.*

Stitched on 32ct Nocturne by Picture This Plus (a luscious greyed-blue fabric), this finishes approx 11 x 9 -- MUCH more compact than some of the other annual scenes! Worked with Sampler Threads and Weeks hand-dyeds, (several multiple skeins of the same colors), along with a few blending filaments and Mill Hill beads, it is full of charming details just like all the rest of Praiseworthy's houses! Offered as the chart with fabric and threads separately. Get the chart, and check your stash for needed thread.

March 2015 Secret Needle Night: Blowing Away! - click to see more

March 2015 Secret Needle Night: Blowing Away!
We're Blowing Away! March's Secret Needle Night has finally arrived... we did a hot-air balloon with cute springy colors and Oklahoma winds keeping it afloat!

Really simple this month... your complete kit contains the 18ct white linen, #5 Pearl Cottons and a little Fyre Werks metallic ribbon. Everything is worked with one strand, and it finishes 4 x 6.

Square-ology 101 Bloom Bit by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 102 Bloom Bee Dance by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 103 Bloom Around the Block by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Square-ology 104 Bloom Paisley Frame by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more
from JABCO and Hands On Design
You've probably seen lots of advertising for this new series of small patterns... Square-ology Set 1 by JABCO and Hands On Design - click to see more Basically, they are 4-card sets of coordinating designs -- each offered with a small embellishment packet. What makes them a bit different is the chart presentation. Each design is presented as ONE-FOURTH of the total charted design. (except one! So try to keep that straight!!!) You stitch the design, and then rotate the chart to continue stitching the other 3 corners of the piece. Don't get lost in all those directions... you'll see when you get these that they are fun and very easy.

Each chart comes individually with a beautiful picture of the finished piece on the front, along with its cute embellishments. We are promised a new set of 4 designs every other month! Since there are 4 in here... and embellishments... we are not putting everything on auto-ship -- we are leaving chart choices up to you!!!!

Divided Shaker Carriers - click for more
Divided Shaker Carriers
Oh what a charming carrier for your needlework treasures!!! Handmade by Suffolk Shaker Shop, this little guy measures approx 10-1/2 x 7 inches in an oval shape and features 2-inch high sides. It is divided inside -- you can see the carrying handle, and then the smaller divider in one of the two sides. Beautifully made -- smooth wood -- all the neat little copper nails -- just lovely!

Offered in natural wood, or several Antique Milkpaint colors! I've included a DMC number after the paint name to give you a pretty good idea of general color. (NOTE: The Milkpainted carriers have an uneven-dusty matte finish to them. If you want them a little more antiqued.... you'll need to rub with a colored furniture wax. If you simply want a more glossy finish, we suggest clear furniture wax -- Briwax is my favorite brand.)

Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl
from Olde Colonial
Oh... I don't know if you are a collector or lover of this beautiful Polish Handpainted Pottery... but if you are... you'll not be able to pass this by! This is a LOVELY pottery bowl lovingly hand-painted both on the inside and outside with traditional designs and colors. Your little bowl is approx 5-1/2 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches high.

Polish Pottery Tinket Bowl from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Olde Colonial has designed a cross-stitch padded lid to cover the little bowl. Stitched on 32ct antique white Belfast linen with bits of DMC floss, Pam has included the blue lining fabric, the finishing lid disk and a finished wooden handle for the center of the topper.

Just cool... Olde Colonial has done three other Polish Pottery releases... we've had them... but this is the first time we have enough to finally show them on the website! Our first shipment is almost sold out... we have more coming this April and will reserve yours now if need be!

A Samplerette from Olde Colonial -- click to see more A Samplerette
from Olde Colonial
Oh this is really cute! It is a miniature sampler stitched over one and two on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen. Presented as a complete kit, the threads included are Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Weeks and DMC. Packed with special stitches, there are Long Arm, Queen, Alternating Scotch, Elongated Cross, and Smyrnas all over, in the little bands.

The entire thing finishes approx 2-1/2 x 5-1/2... you get the finishing fabric for backing and wooden dowel with spool decorated ends.

Miss Penny Dolls from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Miss Penny Dolls
from Olde Colonial
Olde Colonial's Pam was wintering in Florida this winter (they missed all the MA SNOW!!!), so she had time to make a few Penny Dolls!! Standing 7 inches high, these wooden dolls feature hand-painting on their heads and feet. Pam has sewn her dress (various reproduction calico fabrics) and apron -- it is 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast linen -- and it is ready for any stitching you want to put on there. (This time, no pattern is included.)

She has a lace-trimmed slip underneath her dress... and even lace-trimmed pantaloons underneath that!!!

Miss Penny was available a few years ago... she has been sold out since then... and now we have just a few of Pam's remaining little dolls. (Heartstring Samplery has a Church Doll Sampler Roll pattern that needs a little stitched doll.... check it out!)

Always Thankful from Erica Michaels - click for more Good Every Day from Erica Michaels - click for more Good Every Day from Erica Michaels - click for more Random Threads from Erica Michaels - click for more
Erica Michaels in Cross Stitch!
Linda has introduced three of her silk gauze *Petites* designs stitched on linen instead!!! Originally published as charts for miniature stitching and now in this larger chart format... these don't need backgrounds worked... and each will turn out larger than their Petite counterparts. Linda has 'tweaked' her original designs a bit adding borders here and there or changing backgrounds... subtle changes just for fun. The charts are beautifully presented, the pictures are huge and clear, GREAT additions to our Erica Michaels collection!
  • Always Thankful is worked on Weeks 40ct Straw (we have that in 30 and 35ct as well) and finishes approx 5 x 6. Charted for either DMC or hand-dyeds of Acorn, Havana, Juniper and Twilight.
  • Good Every Day is finished as a sewing case -- but you could frame this version as well. Stitched on 32ct Waterlily linen, it finishes approx 9-1/2 x 4 and is worked with Garden Gate, Grape Leaf, Old Blue Paint, Artichoke, Aztec Red, Daylily, Red Rocks, Seaweed, Spanish Moss and Sunset -- actually quite a few colors! The chart includes instructions for the case as well as the interior picture for a finishing aide.
  • Random Threads is STUNNING!!!!! It is Linda's original little stitching miniature re-done as a pin cushion. Stitched on a cream 40ct, it'll finish approx 5 x 5, on 28ct it'd be about 6-1/2 inches square. (just choose fabric you like!) This one is done in two colors of hand-dyed red (Cherry Wine and Merlot) -- easy to change to blues or greens or anything you'd rather use. Next, add that charming set of Just Another Button Company Pins -- they're so darn cute on there! Spools, hearts and a nifty black and white herringbone... every pin cushion deserves special pins!

Brown Bunny Run from Erica Michaels - click for more Ocean of Wisdom from Erica Michaels - click for more Thick and Thin from Erica Michaels - click for more Thanks to the Brave from Erica Michaels - click for more 1776 from Erica Michaels - click for more
Erica Michaels Petites -- Miniatures for Silk Gauze (And any other fabric you want!)
Linda Stolz has 5 new Petites designs that she is presenting in chart format with small cuts of 40ct silk gauze. (But like her new Classics -- you CAN stitch these on larger counts!) Always precious tiny heirlooms... here is the new line-up!
  • Brown Bunny Run -- Well, NO gauze cut in this one -- because she has a framed version, a pin cushion and the tiny framed piece all included in here. Three different color and fabric options... the same little bunnies appear in all three! The silk version finishes approx 4-1/2 x 5.
  • Ocean of Wisdom -- Fun 'watery' verses! *Take time to coast * Don't be crabby! * Sea the Beauty * Make Waves* Stitched on the provided 40ct silk gauze, this'll finish approx 2-1/2 x 3. on 28ct linen, it'll be 6-1/2 x 8-1/2. Linda finished this using a few scrap-booking goodies... just for a different touch.
  • Thick and Thin -- Faith, Family and Friends -- through thick and thin. Presented as the chart with a bitty 40ct silk gauze cut provided, this finishes LESS than 2 inches square! You won't need much of your Black Raspberry Jam, Chives and Parchment flosses!!!
  • Thanks to the Brave -- We are the Home of the Free. Along with the 40ct gauze in here, Linda has a bonus chart for a larger version on this on 28ct linen. Charted for DMC and hand-dyeds, you'll finish with either a 2 x 2 or a 6 x 6! Portion of proceeds from this chart go to TADSAW which helps soldiers and veterans and their rescue dog partners.
  • 1776 -- Sweet Land of Liberty -- this is another patriotic design with some proceeds going to TADSAW. On the included 40ct, it will finish a mere 2 x 1-1/3 inches! The hand-dyeds featured are Cornsilk, Merlot, Michael's Navy, Putty, Tiger's Eye and Turkish Red. Actually, this would be pretty on 18ct linen over two -- it'd make a 9-1/2 x 6 design that would finish into a nice pillow.

Just a Few Shells Case & Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Just a Few Shells Case & Fob
from Fern Ridge Collections
Two-Needle Peyote Stitch -- it's not hard, and after several repeat Market classes -- I can DO this on my own! The flat part is woven first from the bottom to the top -- you add the string and clam-shell finding. Then... all that lavish trim at the bottom... it's just stringing Fern Ridge's fabulous beads in a certain order. The hardest part of the fringe is to keep your thread from tangling in the other fringes you have already finished!

My scissors are now very happy! Fern Ridge's Peyote Stitch fobs all come as complete kits with instructions printed in both numbers, and colored pictures -- depending on how you like to follow them. ALL the awesome beads and charms are included -- they have exquisite taste in all their beads and things!!!

Just a Few Shells Peyote Stitch Fob
A small matching beaded fob to go with your awesome Shell Purse, the beaded part of this is really very easy to stitch... just hard to teach someone else to do! The fringe looks like the hard part... but it is the easiest! You are stringing together a multitude of exquisite little shells and charms and findings. Luscious aqua blue and deep sea green colors in here! Offered as the complete kit!

Make SURE to see the rest of Pat and Peggy's Things... Just the coolest!!!

WOW... Mary got behind updating the Site Updates Page!
It's caught up now, so be sure to check out her listings on there to make sure you haven't missed anything these past several weeks! I can't believe this much cool stuff comes though here so quickly -- ENJOY!

The Three Wise Men from AB Designs - click for more The Three Wise Men from AB Designs
Amy Breucken is getting ready for NEXT Christmas with this Out-of-The-Box group pic!!! Stitched on 30ct Natural/Straw gingham Linen in regular DMC flosses... the 'normal' ends there!

It finishes approx 7 x 9-1/2 and is garnished with some white pearls and silver bugle beads. And yes, we know that gingerbread man has a bow in his hair... she says 'Just deal with it!!!' Offered as the chart with embellishments it is *A Whole Bunch of Cute!*

Fridge Art #17 Lucky from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art#18 I Love You from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #19 Flower Power from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #20 Love from AB Designs - click for more
More Fridge Art from AB Designs
#'s 17 Lucky, #18 I Love You, #19 Flower Power and #20 Love join Any's set of 4-inch designs that she presents a refrigerator magnets. Coming with the chart and a 4-inch cut of flexible magnetic backing material, you can stitch these on several different counts of fabric and they will still fit the magnet sticky stuff. Just cute and colorful and really fun -- your filing cabinet or locker might need some of these if your fridge door is too full already!

Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
Little Mean Green Fabric Clips
Just a little package of 10 -- 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together.

Teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong... Wonder Clips by Clover! Just handy little things!

Strawberry Bunny by Just Nan -- click to see more! They're All Here!
Strawberry Bunny
from Just Nan
Nan is TRYING to help along the arrival of Spring with the charming little bunny ornament -- Strawberry Bunny. Stitched on 32ct Vintage White Belfast linen (not white, not cream, not antique white... just a softer shade!), it finishes a mere 2-3/4 x 1-3/4 and is stitched with only 8 shades of DMC floss.

She's shown on the package front perched atop a spool of complementary thread, but she'll be a cute ornament on a Spring Tree, you could finish her like your Needle Tweets and make her a needle case, or save her to tuck among your Easter Eggs!

Offered as the small chart with wool for ears, pink silk ribbon for her hanger, white petite seed beads for her flowers, Nan's very own hand-painted strawberry charm, and a pink puff ball for her tail! (We're shipping this on our Just Nan ornament auto, to make it easier on some of you, because we know she will not be available for long!!!)

Feathers & Flowers by Just Nan -- click to see more! Feathers & Flowers from Just Nan
Oh gosh, this is a teeny biscornu that is FULL of brilliant lavenders, periwinkles and pretty greens! Stitched in DMCs -- 13 of them -- one side is worked on 32ct Raw (natural) Belfast, while the other side is stitched on Little Boy Blue!

The whole thing finishes 2 x 2, and comes with the shaded lavender ribbon you see for the edging, as well as the pink pearls for that ribbon and petite gold seed beads for the flowers. So beautiful, you can treat yourself to this and stitch it in a couple of evening sittings!

Wee Whimzi Strawberry Box by Just Nan -- click to see more! Wee Whimzi Strawberry Box from Just Nan
A cute little brass box decorated with Nan's gorgeous hand-painted strawberry charm that matches Strawberry Bunny, I guess this could be her traveling trunk!

The 1-1/2 inch antiqued brass box opens to reveal a 1/2 inch red felt strawberry cushion inside, mounted to strawberry paper lining. The berry is decorated with a satin leaf and there are trio of miniature bras applique pins stuck in it for the seeds! It is really cute! Nan produced only 200 of these... so don't delay in ordering of youi want your Strawberry Bunny to have a trousseau!

Spring in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Spring in the Meadow from Just Nan
OHHH... this is the first in a 4-part series by Just Nan. A lovely spring garden full of busy-ness! It stitches to 4-3/4 inches square and can be framed, but Nan has folded the corners in to make a pretty little case! Each of the four corners features a different color scheme and garden flowers and animals - can you see the rabbits and the bird? The Sheep is easier to spot!

Stitched on 32ct Natural linen with DMC flosses, there are lavender and light blue bead embellishments and one of Nan's hand-painted violet charms to dress the center. You can see a gorgeous bouquet of violets inside here... our charts WILL COME WITH THAT while they last!!! (They were very limited -- but I made sure our first shipment had one bouquet charm for every design!!!)

So, framed, this will be 4-3/4 inches in size. Folded into the case it'll be a bit smaller. We are beginning an auto-ship to make sure you get the other three seasons as they are released!!! Charts on auto will ship with fabric, and any extra-special charm that is a limited offering for them!

Bluebird Tweet by Just Nan -- click to see more! Bluebird Tweet from Just Nan
Another darling Just Nan ornament... this little Spring Guy is stitched on 32ct Little Boy Blue Belfast in just bits of DMC floss. He comes with wire legs too! *...a swirly tail, twisted wire legs and a berry in his beak. He can hang by his tail but prefers to stand on his cute little legs. We provide the wires and instructions to make the legs, plus the gold tail, beads, felt for the beak and a burgundy pearl 'berry'.*

Finishing a mere 3-1/2 x 2, remember stitching gets folded in half... so he's less than 2 x 2! He IS on our Just Nan Ornament Auto-Ship... so if you are on that program, your's will be in the mail as soon as we receive him -- which should be next week!!

Perpetual Pentagon by Just Nan -- click to see more! Perpetual Pentagon and Pin Embellishments - They're Here!
from Just Nan
Oh, this is a pretty piece -- any way you turn it, you will be seeing 5 different colors and 5 different sides with different special stitches in the center motifs. *Perpetual Pentagon is a counted thread artwork ball inspired by an antique. Every tun of the ball reveals a pentagon shape. Twenty triangles worked in 5 color ways form the ball. There is a pretty white flower in each triangle and each flower has an intricate rosebud center. Pearls and beads highlight the center of each pentagon.*

Stitched on 32ct Platinum Belfast linen... you'll need a 16-1/2 x 15-1/2 cut which gives you 2 inch margins. All the embellishments are included and Nan's Stitch Guide is a whopping 16 pages containing linen layouts, illustrations, photos, graphs and stitch diagrams!
Perpetual Pentagon Pin Embellishments by Just Nan -- click to see more!
AND... check out the lovely Charm Garden Pins included!!! One is a frosty white flower, the other a charming bluebird atop a green glass leaf. Both are hand-painted by Miss Nan -- she's always told me she paints 50 of her pins or charms (whatever she needs right then) each evening! Anyway, very elegant and such a pretty touch for this exquisite ball! Offered as the leaflet with stitch guide and pin set. Fabric is separate.

Patriotic Mantle by Bent Creek -- click to see more Patriotic Mantel
from Bent Creek
Bent Creek has a new Mantel Series of designs -- they haven't presented one of these in a few years -- but you might remember the other ones that go with this: Snowglobe (by far the favorite!), Autumn, Christmas, Home Sweet Home and Halloween. All the Mantels are supposed to be 'decorated fireplace mantles' -- that's why there is a 'bar' (the mantle) across the bottoms of them all.

Patriotic Mantle by Bent Creek -- click to see more Patriotic -- like all the rest -- is stitched on 18ct Natural Linen with a collection of DMC #5 Pearl Cottons along with a few snall button embellishments. It will finish approx 21 x 8 and is presented in three parts. The first kit -- available now -- has the entire cut of linen and chart with threads for the Liberty Bell panel and mantle bar. Kits #2 and #3 will follow in 8 to 12 weeks. The entire piece is designed... and you can see that in the black and white sneak-peek artwork. Promises to be cute!

BEGIN Row by Bent Creek -- click to see more BEGIN Row from Bent Creek
*A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.* Good Advice to face the challenges of life! Bent Creek's newest chart features a forest of evergreen trees dotted with cardinals and snowflakes. Their verse is hidden in the alphabet letters... and they have highlighted the word BEGIN in there -- which actually spells that way in alphabetical order!

The model is stitched on Weeks 30ct Confederate Gray linen with various hand-dyed flosses. It finishes approx 18 x 4. You can put this on most anything you want... and I think it'd be an awesome to design to showcase some neat unique green threads from your stash!!! Presented as a chart with 5 small flake/flower buttons.

A Spring Gathering from Cherished Stitches - click to see more A Spring Gathering from Cherished Stitches
Cherished Stitches has a new pin cushion kit that is just beautiful! A Limited Release for Spring of 2015, the kit includes a cut of 32ct creamy hand-dyed linen, hand-dyed flosses in pretty pink, lavender, aqua, teal and two greens. Also included is some dreamy-feeling teal hand-dyed bamboo chenille trim, natural French cotton lace, satin ribbon and a cut of backing fabric.

I like everything about this piece... you'll want to stuff it with crushed walnut shells to get that soft, heavy-in-your-hand finishing feel.
Puffin & Co Notions Niche Boxes - click to see more
Notions Niche Boxes
from Puffin & Co
WOW... this is an awesome collection of three sizes of *Stitching Power Tool* Cases!!! Solid Cherry wood, made in the USA, each is decorated with one of Puffin & Co's cute brass, copper and nickel pieces of artwork.

Magnetic Closures, velvety linings, read all about them -- all the sizes and designs available! They match all your other Puffin threaders, nannies, and gadgets!!! VERY VERY well done!!! The Mini even fits inside the large case!
Puffin & Co Notions Niche Boxes - click to see more

Teddy Express Christmas - Toys in the Attic from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Frosty Blue & Misty Blue from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Imelda's Closet from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Tools of the Trade Part V from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
Blackberry Lane Arrivals!
Marie Driskell has several new things -- we have a trunk show in the shop this month to showcase them! A new Toys in the Attic Teddy Bear, a pair of tiny Witch Shoes finished into miniature scissor fobs, another pair of snowman ornaments with a beaded fringe trim finishing treatment... and Part V of her Tools of the Trade Sewing Set! Here we go...!

Church Doll Sampler Roll from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Heartstring Samplery has pretty new things!
Church Doll Sampler Roll
from Heartstring Samplery
Heartstring Samplery's Beth Twist has a few new designs... I think this Sampler Roll Pocket is especially charming! With a stitch count of 123 x 210, this is a patchwork sampler that is finished into a rolled pocket to hold a precious fabric doll, and maybe a few miniature dishes!!! Inspired by antiques... Beth even supplies information abut the teeny dishes in here!

Stitched on Weeks linens, there are two different colorway options included in the chart, as well as basic doll instructions. (Olde Colonial's Miss Penny doll might fit in here...) Click the pic to see the rest of her new designs!

Fraktur Friends from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Fraktur Friends from Shakespeare's Peddler
This is an AWESOME piece that came out of Theresa Venette's brain in two hours of designing time! She is something else -- in a GREAT WAY!!! Inspired by an antique box she fell in love with, she has charted this for Anchor or DMC floss, and says you can put this on ANYTHING you want! (She did hers on 40ct silk gauze, but knows the world doesn't always see things her way!!!) Stitch count is 172 x 162... so on 32ct, this would finish approx 10 x 11.

She writes about her design -- dedicated to her best friends -- "The friend on the left is very put-together, has a nice big house, and flowers in an urn. The friend on the right has a home-made and patched dress with a simpler house, crazier hair and wildflowers. We're all of us different, but true friends know what counts on the inside!" Solid stitching... this is STUNNING! Offered as a chart.

Fraktur Bird from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Fraktur Bird from Shakespeare's Peddler
A sweet little blackbird kit -- this is Theresa's Market Special VERY LIMITED EDITION Kit! Inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur samplers, her little bird is worked with Nina Sass's hand-dyed threads (those come from Hungary!) Theresa is smitten with her threads, she says!

Stitched on 32ct light olive green colored linen, with Nina's threads, the kit comes with some finishing jute and the little stained wooden spool embellishment. Charming!!!! Finishing approx 4 x 4, the kit contains the chart, linen, threads, jute and spool, along with Nina's contact information!!!!

Grouchy and Happy Cat-titudes from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Grouchy and Happy Cat-titudes from Shakespeare's Peddler
Oh wow... here is a pair of delightful kitty-kushions! By Raise the Roof... choose your mood and stitch! Both are offered as small charts with a cut of black 32ct Belfast linen (which might turn MS Happy Kitty into MS Grouchy Kitty!)

Anyway, Grouchy comes with a cut of Taupe, gray and black angry cat finishing material... while Happy comes with a cut of colorful and perky material! Stitch counts on both are 75 x 45... so they finish approx 3 x 4-1/2. Use flosses from your stash.

Part 1 of Jenny Bean: For the Parlour - a New Series from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Jenny Bean: For the Parlour, a New 8-Part Series from Shakespeare's Peddler
Theresa has done it! She set out to design something that was one stitch wider than *And They Sinned* and one stitch longer! Here is the part one of 8 parts of this new design!!!!! Jenny's sampler will be suitable for even the fanciest of parlors... she is taking a trip through common sampler themes -- there will be a Noah's Ark in here, an inspiring verse, and her house... but a lot more as well. Stitch count for each part is 170 wide x 100-ish long.

The entire sampler will measure 170 x 810 -- which is HUGE!!!!!!! The entire piece will fit on a skinny half yard of fabric, each panel will be able to stand 'alone' as its own design, and you can even re-arrange them in the final piece -- or leave some out! Theresa has charted this for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler threads. There will be more colors... but even Jenny hasn't finished stitching her sampler yet... so WE DO NOT KNOW final usage at this time! Get the first chart... join our auto-ship for the other parts... and somewhere along the line, decide on your fabric of choice, and we'll send that along as well!!!

Heirloom Tomato and Wild Berrie Kit from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Heirloom Tomato and Wild Berrie Kit from Shakespeare's Peddler
Oh... this is FUN! A little stitched tomato slice perched into a vintage zinc metal canning jar lid -- with a ceramic lining! It is presented as a small kit of 32ct Khaki Lugana with a smattering of limited edition Sampler Threads.

The berrie scissor fob could be a little sheath if you felt like it. Presented in a jute bag... it's real *Farmers Markety* in personality!

Garden Birds Tool Book Kit front back and inside from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Garden Birds Tool Book Kit from La-D-Da
La D Da has 7 new releases -- The Garden Birds Tool Book Kit is her Limited Edition kit for 2015. Finishing approx 6 x 8, it folds to 6 x 4. Offered as the complete kit of so many yummy things in here, you get the chart and alphabet for personalization along with Week's 30ct

Confederate Gray Linen, Needlepoint Inc Silks, the cotton lining fabric, miniature printed sampler thread card (It's her Eliza Mitchell Sampler!) gold silk ribbon, antique brass jump rings, a few beads, cardboard pieces and batting for finishing. Pretty and organized... the colors are luscious taupes, brick red and deep greens. Kit is LIMITED.

Basket Weave Needle-Keep Kit from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Basket Weave Needle-Keep Kit from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
Basket Weave Needle-Keep Kit from La-D-Da
A companion to the Garden Birds Tool Book - this features the same 30ct Confederate Gray linen, the same matching grey and taupe chevron lining fabric, as well as the same antiqued finish on the small Celtic knot closure charm! There is wool in here for the needle page, and a tiny brass brad to attach it.

Finishing approx 3 x 4, it is just simple stitching with one color of Needlepoint Inc silk in that geometric basketweave pattern. A very pretty little piece, understated! Offered as the complete LIMITED kit.

Whew... We're back from Market! We bought EVERYTHING!!!!
A trailerfull of new things from Market!
We have our famous *BROWSING BUCKETS* all set it in the back room! You just mosey in on your own schedule... we sit you down with the buckets that contain one of everything I bought... and you get to go through it one-by-one!!! Make your list, and we'll find all your favorite treasures!!! You can have a 'guided tour' of the contents if you want... but you get to have your hands on EVERYTHING we brought home! (The only thing that would make it better would be a glass of wine while you're browsing!)

Here's the mess of what we have to organize... but actually we unpacked 1/2 of this Tuesday afternoon!!!!!! CALL if you want something that I don't have up on the web yet. We probably have it and can get your name on one!

For now, our Market Preview page is still up, so take a peek there, too. As we get things up on our regular pages, they will come off of that page.

Heirloom Embroidery Accessories Set by Sullivans - click for more
Heirloom Embroidery Accessories Set by Sullivans
Wow... beautifully presented in this 6-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 1-1/2 inch finished wooden box... you'll find a lovely scissor and sewing tool set! With an antiqued silver finish on everything it is enchanting! All nestled against taupe velveteen, everything is held in place for a beautiful presentation by silver elastic bands, so when you open the box, everything inside is arranged *Just So.* The set includes a needle case with pull off lid -- it measures approx 3-1/2 x 1/2 in size and being hollow inside, it'll hold lots of needles.

Next, the scissors are 4-1/4 inch in length and feel substantial. There is a pretty thimble there hiding those precious tips. Next is a Awl. That is used to tease holes larger in canvas work, and it can help you poke fabrics into corners that you are turning. It's also a great laying tool -- but not meant for airline travel!!! The fifth piece is a Bodkin. Use it to help 'lay' threads. When you are using ribbons or multiple stands of something, this can help you control them and get them to lay next to each other, rather than twisting on top of each other. A really pretty set... and seamstress would love this! She can be a sewer, quilter, stitcher, knitter... everyone loves exquisite tools to work with!

Embroidery Scissors by Mani di Donna - click for more Embroidery Scissors by Mani di Donna
3-1/2 inch scissors, these are a pretty little style that will look great tucked inside a stitched sewing case or on a novelty fob. By Mani di Donni of Italy, they come in 4 different finishes.
  • Silver -- a shiny silver-toned finish.
  • Black features a matte black smooth finish,
  • Gunmetal has a slightly lighter black-grey finish that is semi glossy,
  • Primitive looks REALLY COOL... it has a distressed and very old look to the finish.
They are nice and tight -- some of mine have very, very sharp tips. A nice scissor option!!!

Wayne's Book Stand - click for more
Wayne's Book Stand
Our Wood-Guy, Wayne, just lives to invent stuff!!! Here's his latest creation -- a little stand for your pattern, scissors, needles and threads! Made of oak, he's got the whole thing smooth and well balanced, I'd say it weighs about 12 ounces... maybe a pound. Measuring 8 inches long, 4 inches deep and 7 inches high... it has that back bar to hold up your pattern, and an angled slit in the base in which you can perch it.

If you have a small Snippet by Lizzie Kate or similar pattern, that slit will hold it open for you. The pegs are there for you to lasso your scissors over and loop threads. See the little micro-super-magnet embedded in base? That's for needles! Only thing it's missing is a recessed area for those M&Ms!!! (I bet we can get him to add that later on!!!) VERY handy little caddy!!!!!!!!

Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloth - click for more
Micro-Fibre Glass Cleaning Cloths -- Sampler Style!
Needlework Press has a new printed cleaning cloth -- a photo of her Martha Edes 1745 Boston Band Sampler is featured! We have the original Ann Wheatley 1829 cloth back in stock as well.

Small 6 x 6-ish inch micro-fibre cloths to tuck into your needle or sewing cases... they are so handy to clean your eyeglasses lenses -- or the lens on your magnifier! And... they make a classy small gift or favor for another stitcher! Info about Martha's sampler below!

Martha Edes 1745 Boston Band Sampler from  Needlework Press - click for more
Martha Edes 1745 Boston Band Sampler
from Needlework Press
What were you stitching when you were 12?! Martha was a busy girl! Her sampler is re-created on 40ct Weeks Straw Linen and measures approx 9 x 13. It incorporates the trademark hexagonal or hour glass band found in Boston Band Samplers. Lots of Satins, Long Armed Crosses, and Eyelets, there are some free-form leaves on the flowers near the bottom.

Offered as the leaflet with beautiful color pic on the front and several pages of the charted sampler, there is also ONE page in here that shows the entire piece charted -- a really helpful stitchiing aide.

Chessie & Me American Coast -- click to see more    Chessie & Me Garden Blooms -- click to see more    Chessie & Me Tudor Rose Stitch Book -- click to see more
7 New Designs from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me has 7 new releases that we just LOVE! Little boxes, framed samplers and another annual house kit... everything is offered in chart format -- except for 1801 House limited edition Kit and that cute American Coast Kit. Click the pics to read about them all!

Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Laurel Burch for Mill Hill!
Presenting the most colorful and famous designs of Laurel Burch Mill Hill style!!!!! We are getting bead kits that are stitched on YOUR CHOICE of 28ct linen or 14ct Aida... featuring this darling artwork we've all loved for years!

Complete kits contain the charts, fabric and all the colorful glass beads you need! Watch the drop-downs here, to make sure you get your fabric option correctly! Available as separate kits, or get the whole set!

Tied With Heart Strings from With Thy Needle & Thread -- click to se lots more
11 New Designs by With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais!
Here are Brenda's 4 small designs -- all offered in small chart format! After you've fallen in love with these... we have 7 MORE full-sized patterns to tantalize you as well!!! I just love her charts, they are beautifully printed in color. Remember our Black Matte Mourning Pins and Old Fashioned Pear Safety Pins... they are novelty pins that look REALLY GOOD on Brenda's things!
  • Button Button -- A small 4-1/2 x 5-1/s stitched 'sleeve' decorated with buttons on the front!
  • Pin Feathers -- A sweet little piece...perched atop a spool of thread! Try a painted candlestick too... A puffy pin cushion with hanging button fringe.
  • Spring Greetings Bouquet -- A 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 Pin Keep this features blue ticking fabric that is folded and tacked around the edges, along with a waxed floss bow.
  • A Tisket A Tasket -- Another button tuffet with a waxed bow trim, here's a painted candlestick base finishing treatment!

Giving Thanks from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Giving Thanks from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has done a Market Exclusive design for her distributor -- Hoffman Distributing. REAL CUTE, it is presented as the main chart (with a cute bonus one as well) and 5 complete skeins of Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. *I'm thankful for my daily bread and also for my cross stitch thread!* How cool is that???

The motifs on the almost 6 x 6 inch piece that is stitched on 32ct Lambswool are spools of thread and needles. The bonus design reads *Needles & Pins* and it has three teeny weeny tuffet pin cushions on it. Very cute, you are getting Hazelnut, Red Currant, Roasted Chestnut, Weeping Willow and Caterpillar threads!

Stone Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stone Snowman
from Shepherd's Bush
Shepherd's Bush has released their annual Snowman design! Joining Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Green and Wisteria, I keep asking Teri for Yellow, but she says Tina is in charge of these... and *might not have motivation* to do one!!! So... I guess Stone will do for now!

Presented as a complete kit of Week's Dye Works 30ct Stone Linen, it uses it uses silks, Weeks hand-dyed flosses AND DMC flosses! Finishes approx 5 x 6... our Jill Rensel Mats will we arriving shortly! Kits contains the chart, linen, threads and bitty button embellishments.

Abundance Sampler from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Abundance Sampler
from Shepherd's Bush
A lovely sampler that is NOT part of *The Fold* but that certainly compliments it... Shepherd's Bush presents this 6-1/2 x 11-1/2 inch sampler worked on 32ct Sheep Track hand-dyed linen (By Teri!) You'll be working with Au Ver a Soie Silks and hand-dyeds of Gloriana and Thread Gatherer in luscious shades of olive and moss greens, raspberries, buttermilks and caramels, and a touch of dusty lavender.

The sampler features an area of small bands of special stitches -- the kit includes a photograph of that stitch detail, along with a smattering of cute colorful button embellishments. Special stitches scattered... very *Shepherd's Bushy!!!*

Now... visit the inside pages to see the other 5 New Releases!!!!!!

In Friendship's Way from Blackbird Designs - click for more In Friendship's Way
from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma have released a gorgeous book -- 40 pages -- featuring 12 small designs with a friendship theme. As always, Alma's stunning photography is throughout the book and just turning the pages like a story book is delicious!!!

They begin with a pin cushion in a wire basket, next a lovely bird perched atop a painted and waxed paper mache box. Next is another topper for a wooden box... then a set of six stitched strawberries dedicated to friends, that are showcased in a 4 x 6-ish inch wooden and glass box. There is a framed sampler, and finally a button box that is actually the SAME box as used in Casting a Spell.

It turns out that ALL THESE FUN FINISHING PIECES ARE AVAILABLE at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns... so they are inexpensive, available, and really easy to transform! (They even give you the stock numbers of the items!) Gorgeous, soft designs, pretty hand-dyed fabrics and flosses... I LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Down in the Valley from Blackbird Designs - click for more Down in the Valley
from Blackbird Designs
A small Reward of Merit design, this is a sweet house scene with a gigantic rose growing in the side garden. Worked on 32ct Light Khaki Week's hand-dyed linen, it uses 9 shades of Classic Colorworks and Gentle Art Flosses.

LOOK at the finishing! Barb and Alma have evidentally by *living* at Hobby Lobby this winter... this is a Shiny SILVER plastic cheapie candle stick (they have discovered really cool stuff in the bridal department). They painted it white, and then steel-wooled off some to distress. It looks like mercury glass! Your pretty Down in the Valley finishes approx 3-1/2 inches round. Offered in small chart format.

My Pink Rose from Blackbird Designs - click for more My Pink Rose from Blackbird Designs
Presented as a small Reward of Merit chart, this pretty piece finishes approx 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 32ct Petit Point Belfast Linen -- natural with white dots. The light dots on the fabric are so pretty for this, it uses Country Lane, Cidermill Brown, Endive, Loganberry, Mountain Mist and Raspberry Frost hand-dyeds.

No fancy finishing for this one... just a trip to the pet store for the wonderful Lizard Litter filling. (You can use rice too, but over time, critters might eat your creation!)

Pins & Needles - A charming Stitching Box! by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Pins & Needles - A charming Stitching Box! from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette Douglas has lots of new things... Pins & Needles is a 96-stitch square sampler that can be framed or tucked into the top of Lone Elm Lane's Concrete Gray Vintage Slate Box. Offered in two different colorways of hand-dyed silks, there aren't special stitches in here... just alot of *stitchery charm!* 'Pins, Needles, Threads and Scissors' are tucked between the scattered motifs in this petite piece. Jeannette has designed 4 smaller matching designs to accent as pin cushions -- you can see them nestled inside the box's removable tray, or displayed in a 4-1/2 x 5-1/2-inch-ish tool tray by Retromantics. (I think this is $30-ish.)

If the vintage slate box is not an option for you... frame this... and keep that tool tray on display nearby! The two colorways are VERY, VERY similar to each other -- colorway #1 has purple and teal silks on the lighter 35/36ct linen version, while colorway #2 has teal blues and greens on a darker fabric. You won't go wrong with either thread combination.

Patterned Pretties #13 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Patterned Pretties #14 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Patterned Pretties #15 by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
More Patterned Pretties! from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette brings us #13, 14 and 15 in this delightful set of geometric stitched cushions. Offered as the charts with silks and backing wool by Weeks Dye Works, choose any 32 to 36ct linen you have in your stash and stitch away -- each cushion uses only ONE stitch!
  • #13 features (two stitches! Hungarian and Satin) in Gloriana silks of black, white and pink, with Week's Kohl wool for that backing.
  • #14 has a cut of Week's Terra Cotta wool along with Gloriana silks in pumpkin, cinnamon, teal and grape, along with Waterlilies Sheherazade varigated. This one is Bargello.
  • #15 shows off Week's Mountain Mist wool and Gloriana's Rainforest hand-dyed silk! Only one thread in this one -- I LOVE those colors -- and you get a schnigglet cut of chenille trim by Dames of the Needle! This one is simple Satin Stitches!!!
So... as you can imagine, this entire series displayed together is quite stunning, and super fun to stitch!

English Rose Sampler by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
English Rose Sampler
from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette says: Roses are a quintessentially eclectic English brand -- it is said that on a warm summer's evening, a stroll in and English rose garden ranks among the best of life's experiences. This is your little stroll in a stitched rose garden.

Inspired by her trips, this is stitched on 32ct Light Mocha Belfast linen in six different brands of silk threads, along with Wisper wool, Bijoux metallic braid and a few glass bead embellishments. Lots of pretty special stitch detail in here, it finishes approx 10 x 12-1/4 when finished. Offered as the leaflet with silks separately.

The Spring Bird by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
The Spring Bird
from Jeannette Douglas
OHHH... the first of the 4 seasons in birds... this is stitched on 36ct Flax Linen with 10 spectacular Spring shades of different hand-dyed and solid silks! Finishing approx 3-1/2 inches square, Jeannette has packed Milanese, Cashmere, Mosaic, Smryna, Rice, Algerian Eyelet and Rice stitches in here, along with Cross Stitches. The border features sparkly glass seed beads as embellishment.

REALLY, REALLY a cute little piece... tuck this amidst a few of your spring-y colored Patterned Pretty pin cushions!!! Offered as the chart separate from the silks. We'll Auto-ship the rest of these! I don't know how long it'll take to release them... but they are going to be such a neat set!

Tooth Fairy Pocket from JBW Designs -- click to see more Tooth Fairy Pocket from JBW Designs
This is the CUTEST little Tooth Fairy Pillow EVER! A limited edition, this is ready-made tooth! It measures approx 5 x 5... is sewn out of a multi-colored zig-zag stripe fabric and features a band of 30ct linen for personalization. Softly stuffed, it features a small pocket on the back for that precious tooth, and an alphabet to spell the 'important presenter's' name. DMC color numbers are supplied so you can match the colors in the fabric stripes.

Now... when you get this... A WARNING: put a quarter and a dollar bill with this. You're going to have to stitch a name one night after that 'important presenter' has gone to bed... and Murphy's Law says you will have NO CASH on hand that night!!!!! This leaves you options!! Such a cute pillow... not girl or boy... just CUTE!!!!!!!

New Arrivals from JBW Designs - click to see more
New Arrivals! from JBW Designs
Judy Whitman has sent a charming set of new designs... I think the Antique Rooster Sampler is my favorite. Mostly monochromatic in theme this time around... everything is offered in her small card format, The Antique Rooster Sampler being the only one with separate embellishments.
  • *Joy of Living -- Joie De Vivre -- Just a simple sentiment surrounded by a simple border... tucked into a lovely fabric bolster pillow, this is perfect for an elegant guest room. Choose 498 DMC red, Schoolhouse Red from Gentle Art... or something pretty from your stash. Finishes approx 4 x 10-1/2.
  • *Monogrammed Tulips -- A stitch count of 85 x 85, this finishes approx 6 inches in size on 28ct. Pretty curves in this geometric design, choose the featured monogram from the included alphabet. Think about adding a few beads to this!!!
  • *Birth Sampler -- 'You shall see wonders' is the promise on this sweet birth sampler. Verse by Shakespeare, the border is from a 1733 Pennsylvania German sampler and the alphabets were found in a red and white 1876 sampler. The trees, sheep, rabbit and borders also appear in early works. This finishes approx 7-1/2 inches on 32ct.
  • *Antique Rooster Sampler -- Finishing approx 15 x 5-1/2 on 32ct Judy has chosen motifs and roosters inspired from antique French samplers and some in her personal collection. Scatter her set of buttons in between everything, or find your own from a family button box... stitch this is the traditional red, or another pretty hand-dyed. You choose!!!
  • *Country French Elephant -- Little circus motifs here and there inside this elephant pull-toy, what a cute birth announcement! Stitched on 32ct French Stripes fabric -- the neutral shade -- you could choose either the pink or blue stripe options as well... or the Polka Dot! The card includes alphabets for personalization.
  • *French Country Snowman -- This little guy's tummy is full of winter skates, flakes and birds! Stitched on the Fabric Flair 32ct Polka Dot Linen... you could pillow him... make a little cube stand-up... lots of things. Offered as a small card, he'd be cute on the striped fabrics as well!!

Learning to Cross Stitch from JBW Designs - click to see more Learning to Cross Stitch
from JBW Designs
This is a small format booklet designed to teach the beginning basics of Cross Stitch. Judy has very simple instruction in here, very simple motifs to stitch and explains needle threaders, counting the symbols on the charts... even how to thread the needles and chart your name.

PERFECT to help a young stitcher... this would be a neat booklet coming from Grandma.

February Snapshot from Pine Mountain -- click to see more February Snapshot from Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain has a new series of smaller designs -- Snapshots -- little pics all nestled together to celebrate a season or month. February's is here (Sandy didn't start with January because we were already so far into the year... so this set will finish this coming January of 2016.)

Offered as a chart it finishes approx 4 x 6, and is a quick stitch. Break 'em apart if you want -- they'd make cute individual block stand-ups or little mooshy pin cushions tucked in a basket.

Pine Mountain 2015 Words of Wisdom Underneath the Moon Kit -- click to see more
Presenting Pine Mountain's Words of Wisdom Pillows for 2015
A new set of 9 x 12 pillow designs and a new Auto-ship... just like last year's set, these will all feature a catchy quote or 'words of wisdom!' The first one for 2015 is Underneath the Moon. *I love you in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening underneath the moon.* Offered as complete kits of the presewn fabric wrap, each wrap has a 16ct aida fabric panel in the center. The flosses you'll need, the needle and of course, the pattern are all included in the kit.

Pine Mountain 2015 Words of Wisdom Underneath the Moon Kit -- click to see more This year, the pillow stuffer forms are colorful -- this month's uses a coral accent. Sandy says all the fabrics will coordinate with her Quarterfoil patterned forms of coral, aqua, gray and navy. So... on our auto-ship... we'll include the stuffer that goes with the pillow you begin with... but you'll need to choose any other stuffer colors you want to add to your collection! (We thought and thought about this... and figured that you will keep track of your stuffer colors better than we will!!!)

At any rate... the designs this year promise to be pretty. Kit and appropriate stuffers sold separately.

Lizzie Kate's Hip Hop
OOH, the Newest goodies from LIZZIE*KATE!
We come home from Market with more cute kits -- little bitties to stitch!
Hip Hop
Oh what a cute new kit by Lizzie Kate! A row of baby Easter chicks playing on their carrots and in the eggs... this is stitched on 30ct cream linen with bitty bits of Week's Dye Works flosses from your stash, and garnished with a few teeny beads and a clay flower button from Just Another Button Company. SUPER-cute finishing fabric is included, as well as the orange polka dot ribbon you see in the pic! The stitching finishes approx 2 x 7, while your entire pillow will measure about 4 x 7! Kit includes the chart, linen, buttons, beads, ribbon ans that darling finishing fabric!

Lizzie Kate's Farm Fob Lizzie Kate's Buzz Buzz...
I LOVE the colors of this!!! BUZZ is stitched on a bright-acid-green hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus. The black box at the bottom accents the golden honey colors of the hive and the hot pink flowers that you see garnished with a pair of mother-of-pearl shell buttons. Of course the busy bee is buzzing along, too! The colors on this POP! The black and white polka dot finishing treatment is simple -- the pink rik rak is a Wright's trim stock color that Hobby Lobby sells. That combo of the black, pink and green is a knock-out -- only second to your darling stitching which finishes a mere 2 x 3-1/2. Package includes the cute chart, awesome fabric and pearl buttons.

Farm Fob
Time for a little barnyard fun with this two-sided fob. Stitched on various neutral fabrics found during the move of the *Corporate Offices of Lizzie Kate* to a new and improved location... Farm Fob comes with some brown bead embellishments and some mangy-pea-green rick rak trim. The little animals and flowers in this are cute, and that trim is just the most fun color to accent it all!!! Just a sweet small design, it'd be a cute pin cushion as well... and could even welcome some cute buttons from your stash.

Lizzie Kate's A Little Gray Hare - click for more
A Little Gray Hare from Lizzie Kate
What a cute stitched Easter Egg complete with A Little Gray Hare! His kit includes 32ct Weeks hand-dyed Seafoam linen, the rick rack trim, fabric for backing, the Weeks hand-dyed flosses you'll need and of course the chart!

Finishing approx 4 x 5... pretty, Springtime colors and full of Lizzie Kate personality!

Pins & Needles from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Pins & Needles from Abby Rose Designs
This year's Limited Edition kit to match last years... this sweet cushion is stitched on 30ct Coffee-stained linen by designer -- Gayle! Her kit contains Weeks hand-dyed flosses, some beautiful blue and taupe reproduction fabric for the backing, and dreamy-soft gray-blued silk ribbon to do the edging.

It will finish approx 5 x 5, and includes an alphabet for personalization, as well.
Stacy Nash Cherry Hollow Farm -- click to see more
Cherry Hollow Farm from Stacy Nash Primitives
Quite an elegant farm house surrounded by an organized border of berries... the reds, grays and greens in here are rich and vibrant. Worked on 36ct Weeks Beige Linen with 7 colors of Weeks flosses, this finishes approx 8 x 10.

You might even distress this more after it's stitched -- the colors in this can handle that luscious look! Offered as the limited kit of linen, chart and flosses.

April, May, June & July Joyful Journals from Heart in Hand - click for more
April, May, June & July Joyful Journals from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand is releasing her next 4 Joyful Journal cards!
  • April's 'tufted tweeter is a speckled bird curiously watching a border of birdhouses' -- he seems to have noticed his new neighbor -- a tiny hummingbird!
  • The retro blue bicycle would be fun to take for a ride through a garden of May spring flowers.
  • June brings a busy beeskep -- along with a border of 'pretties and picnic pests!'
  • July features a decorated house ready to celebrate the 4th!
All offered as small cards, each design finishes approx 3 x 3. A real cute set of unique designs!

Petal Paisley from Vera Bradley Ink Blue from Vera Bradley Flower Shower from Vera Bradley
Newly Retiring Vera Bradley Starts TODAY! 50% OFF!!!
Our Sale covers all in-stock of Vera Bradley's yummy bags, travel pieces and organizers in:
Petal Paisley, Ink Blue and Flower Shower

Not too much here this time around... the selection dwindles pretty quickly... so take a peek on Vera's website and call with your wish list! NONE of this retires from Vera Bradley until February 19th... so you will not read anything about it on their website! It's our Early Valentine's Day Gift to YOU!

Lizzie Kate's Be Silly - click for more
Be Silly from Lizzie Kate
Lizzie Kate's newest things have arrived!!! Flora McSample has created a tiny sampler of advice... stitched on 32ct, it finishes just 4-1/2. Be Silly * Be Honest * Be Kind!

Offered as a small Snippet card with bitty heart charm, this is only one of Lizzie Kate's charming new releases!

Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Faith - click for more
ABC's of Faith from Lizzie Kate
A new alphabet of great advice for living... ABC's of Faith is stuffed full of inspirational thoughts and great ideas for a happy life!

Offered as the chart with set of hand-dyed and DMC flosses, choose just about any fabric you like best, to stitch this. On 16/32ct, it finishes approx 14 x 6-1/2. This joins all of Linda's other awesome 'alphabets for living'... as well as Cat and Dog Lessons for People!!

Lizzie Kate's A Little Luck
A Little Luck from Lizzie Kate
YOU are the lucky one to get to stitch this little guy!!! The newest Lizzie Kate 'LITTLE' kit, this is a small chart offered with a few bead embellishments, a tiny brass horseshoe charm, and small cut of 32ct Lambswool linen.

Finishing approx 3 x 3, Linda has stuffed all sorts of lucky trinkets in here -- shamrocks, a ladybug, the pot of gold, the horse shoe and of course your personal leprechaun!

Lizzie Kate's 3 Little Words F148 Be Kind Always Card Lizzie Kate's 3 Little Words F149 Forgive Move On Card Lizzie Kate's 3 Little Words F150 You've Got This Card
Lizzie Kate's 3 Little Words Flip-Its 3 Little Words Flip-Its from Lizzie*Kate
Linda has 14 phrases that she has paired into 7 Flip-it Cards. Three words in each saying, two sayings in each card... 2 + 3 + 7 +14... oh wait... SKIP the math and just stitch them! This will be a 7-card series of short inspirations... each card includes a tiny olive-colored button embellishment.

The first three cards have shipped. There will be free border instructions available on for positioning the whole set onto one piece of fabric. 32ct Lambswool... the whole set finishes approx 6 x 24! Pretty hand-dyed flosses... just a delightful piece! Our Auto-ship sends you the cards as they are released.

Jeu de Points from Reflets de Soie - click to see more Jeu de Points
from Reflets de Soie
Oh, this is a Super-Study in Blackwork and Satin Blocks! By Reflets de Soie, I just fallen in love with this! Offered as a chart, this is worked in one color (really your choice) on any count and color of linen you wish. It has a stitch count of 245 x 246... so would finish approx 13-1/2 inches on 36ct.

What is enchanting about it are the 49 individual blocks of different Pattern Darning and Satin stitches. All of them are only 29 x 29 stitches in size, but each is full of their own individual geometric pattern. It looks quite intimidating... but when you look at each little section -- there's nothing to it! You could even think about adding bead embellishments to this!
Abecedaire aux fleurs from Reflets de Soie - click to see more
Abecedaire aux fleurs
from Reflets de Soie
An alphabet of flowers... check out the border on this!!! Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 20 inches square on 32ct -- stitch count is 317 square.

Coded for DMC (32 different shades) or Soie d' Alger it is just the prettiest thing. You can see some of the bundles of flowers across the middle rows.

Alfie & Bogie from Amaryllis Artworks Alfie & Bogie from Amaryllis Artworks
Here is a cute EMBROIDERY design -- not Cross-Stitch -- just simple straight and primitive stitches with DMC floss. Offered as line drawings, you'll need to trace them onto plain dish towels or pillow cases. Then, stitch over the lines with Backstitches and French Knots -- in whatever colors you want! There are even instructions to 'color them' with crayons!!!

Presented as 3-1/2 x 4 designs, you can enlarge them in a copier before you trace them if you want. Just something fun and old-fashioned to get out and work on when the weather is cold and snowy outside!

Hand-Turned Wooden Stiletto and Ripper Combo Hand-Turned Wooden Stiletto and Ripper Combo
OH... sleek, smooth, sooooo wonderful feeling in your hands... these are hand-made wooden tools by Suffolk Shaker Shop. With an overall length of just over 5 inches, pull off one end to reveal a SUPER (deadly!) and sharp stiletto. Use it to help tease the holes in your canvas, control corners for finishing... just be careful with that end! The other end reveals a precise seam ripper. That comes in handy so often!

The wooden casing is beautifully made of either Mulberry (that's the deeper purple and blue-ish one), Raspberry (much pinker with gray wood highlights) and Cocobolo Rosewood (the more regular brown one.) Beautifully done, they feel substantial in your hand.

Bloom in Your Own Time from SamSarah Design Studio Bloom in Your Own Time
from SamSarah Design Studio
SamSarah Studio has released a cute new design -- to celebrate uniqueness! Stitched on 30ct Natural linen with 6 shades of hand-dyeds from your stash -- or 11 different solid DMC shades, this little wildflower blooms to approx 5 x 5.

Finished into a simple hanging, the chart comes with the cut of linen, a few teeny buttons, and that twisted wire and wood dowel hanger hardware. The stitch details in the petals are giant Rhodes Stitches that go over 16 threads, so they are 1/2 an inch in finished size!!! Very Cute and uplifting.

Brand-New Hand-Dyed Linens from Dames of the Needle - click so you can read the labels! Brand-New Hand-Dyed Linens by Dames of the Needle!
Oh my gosh, we've just opened a delicious box of hand-dyed linen by Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle. Two colors -- Peep's Lost Sheep and Dirty Ewe -- we have both colors in 32 and 35 count. Very softly variegated, it is on the stiffer and smooth side rather than thin and ripply. A very nice feel, pretty neutral colors. I don't know what you're going to choose to stitch on it... but that's half the fun, isn't it?!

Peep's Lost Sheep is the darker one -- greenish/caramel highlights against a natural color. Dirty Ewe has a lambswool look to it... we're trying to describe it... and we keep coming up with a little lambie that got left out in the rain! We're offering fat quarter (18 x 17), fat half (36 x 27) and whole yard (36 x 54)cuts!

The Busy Easter Bunny from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more The Busy Easter Bunny from The Sweetheart Tree
The Sweetheart Tree has been preparing for our upcoming Spring Wholesale Trade Show at the end of the month... and sent SNEAK PREVIEWS of her new things. NONE of this is due for several weeks... but I thought I'd tuck them onto her inside pages to let you see it all and learn some details.

The Busy Easter Bunny will be a Special Edition Mini Kit for her select group of Auto-Ship shops. We will have *some* and when they are sold out... they will be retired! Stitched on 28ct Buttermilk Linen -- a pale yellow -- this little guy is tending his garden of decorated eggs he'll need for his big day! Along with the chart, fabric, flosses and beads it includes a sterling charm too. (there is a carrot in the pic... but I know Ms Sandy has some other cute ones ready).

Our Mona did the rouched ribbon finishing treatment on the model -- so if you've ever taken one of Mona's classes -- you're an expert at that!
Click on the link to see the rest of Sandy's newest offering, due in the shop early March!

Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler Part 3 - click for more
Things Unseen -- Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler is Revealed!
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Linda's 3-part sampler is finally finished and is a delight to behold! Worked on hand-dyed Wren fabric from Picture This Plus -- most any light neutral fabric in the count of your choice will make this look good -- you'll want to use the hand-dyed Weeks flosses it calls for to make the pretty antiqued presentation.

Finishing approx 12 x 14-ish, there is an optional clay button pack of embellishments (can you see some on the pic?) as well. Each of the three-part charts comes with a smaller BONUS design -- but none of those are pictured anywhere -- so you STILL get a surprise!!!!!!

Hill Farm Hydrangea from Brenda Riddle Georgia Lou Bouquet from Brenda Riddle Brenda Riddle Florals
We have a pair of lovely pastel florals by Brenda Riddle that are enchanting. Stitched on 32ct Cream Belfast linen in hand-dyeds by Weeks and Gentle Art or DMCs they remind me of the artwork of Cath Kidston -- an English artist that we fell in love with on this past summer's cruise to the British Isles.

Soft pinks, blues and greens, so totally dreamy for silk pillows plumped on a white bedspread in a sunny guest room. Offered as charts, each finishes approx 5 x 5.

Grandma Kringle's Kringle's Hot Chocolate Snow Place Like Home
from Grandma Kringle's
What a festive Holiday House inside a snowy glass globe! Grandma Kringle's newest pattern features a winter scene stitched over one thread surrounded by holly and a border over two.

Stitched on 28ct Natural with regular DMC flosses it finishes approx 4 x 4-1/2 and is as charming as can be. The red polka dot base reminds me of the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia! Offered as a chart.
We have three new DOVO scissor styles!!!!!
Solingen Steel from Germany, they are top-quality with smooth handle action and dreamy-sharp blades for precision cutting! We haven't had any new scissors for a while, so these are quite a treat. And... what stitcher can't use another pair of good scissors???DOVO SN2 SN3 and SN4 - click for more
  • SN2: Curved Serrated Embroidery -- A perfect 3-1/2 inch size for an embroidery scissor, these feature a brushed finish of stainless steel-- matte --- like Pewter. They are beautifully balanced and feature slightly curved blades. That curve gives your hand a bit more room to direct the points of the scissors right AT what you are cutting -- your hand is a little higher than your fabric and cutting surface. These blades are serrated -- ripply like a steak knife. You can feel that difference when you flex them -- it helps grip your thread and keep it from slipping along the cutting blades. A lovely little pair of scissors!!!
  • SN3: Straight Classic Embroidery -- The same basic style as the Curved Serrated, only these are shiny stainless steel, and feature straight blades that are smooth and not serrated. Very nice balanced feel, they are so smooth to cut with! Also 3-1/2 inch in size, good sturdy little scissors.
  • SN4: Curved Chunkies! These are a fun style!!! 3-1/2 Inches, shiny finish on stainless steel, they feel super-powerful in my hand. They have a nice weight to them and very chunky-wide sharp blades that are actually very thin. Slightly curved -- again, your hand isn't smashed against your needlework trying to maneuver your scissors -- since these are thin... the tips are right there to get a good snip. Slightly larger finger holes as well... they actually feel very nice!

Cotton Candy Mini Scissors - click for more Cotton Candy Mini Scissors - click for more
Cotton Candy Mini Scissors
Fun pastel 3-1/4 inch lightweight scissors... these are petite, colorful, functional and VERY sharp! The blades are 7/8 inch long and they feature normal-sized finger holes... each has a matching translucent plastic sheath that *snaps* in place over the blades for travel and storage. They weigh just nothing, and have a smooth cutting action. Perfect for your purse or a good travel option.

The Green ones are a little larger -- 3-1/2 inches overall, and just a bit sturdier, but with the same neat snapping protective sheath. The darker purple ones are also 3-1/2 inches but feature a CURVED blade! That little bit of curve really lifts up your hand so your cutting fingers aren't 'smashing' what you've already stitched. VERY NICE scissors at this price point -- you'll be happy with them.

Cherish Life - The Fold, Part 4 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Cherish Life -- The Fold, Part 4!
from Shepherd's Bush
Tina and Teri continue to Cherish Life by bringing us part four of their charming sewing box series -- The Fold. Those girls are constantly happy and we love them to pieces!

Cherish Life is a needle case design that companions the main box top, fob and pin cushion. Each part is presented in kit format... and Cherish Life is no different. It does contain hand-dyed linen (by Teri!), yummy hand-dyed silk threads, a smattering of tiny button embellishments, purple polka dot finishing fabric and the thickest, dense-est cut of wool felt to make an interior needle page. The little sheep grazing on the hill amidst berries, bees and flowers, it'll make you smile.
JABC pins for Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view We have a coordinating JABCO Needle Threader this time around!!! See it in the pic? That is available separately -- it is a GREAT threader -- it even fits beading needles!

Offered as a complete kit, the 32ct hand-dyed linen was worth waiting for -- and lovely! Threads include hand-dyed silks and cottons, of course there is Teri's ribbon, and lots of beads and buttons to garnish both the cushion and the edge trim. Also included is a cut of deep green flannel fabric to back the cushion! Aged Plums, Dried Pink Roses, Olive Branch and Whiskey greens and golds... the colors are gorgeous, and the few special stitches tossed in here are an added treat. A sweet cushion, luscious kit ingredients... and something charming to add to your Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box!

PLEASE NOTE: Auto-Ship Kits have been mailed -- we did NOT include the threaders... they're available separately.

OH... THREE more Puffin & Co Micro Beading Threaders! Puffin & Co Micro Threader Puppy - click to see more Puffin & Co Micro Threader Sheep - click to see more Puffin & Co Micro Threader Butterfly - click to see more
A puppy, mini-sheep and little flying butterfly are joining the collection of this brand-new tool by Puffin & Co. TINY hooks at the bottom... can you see them?

They fit beading needles and make your threading tasks SO much easier!!!

Treasured Tools - A Needle Pocket  and Scissors Envelope from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Treasured Tools - A Needle Pocket and Scissors Envelope
from The Drawn Thread
The Drawn Thread's Cynthia Zittel has some new tool cases for *Stitcher's Power Tools!!!* Worked on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen your pair of cases is stitched with either Dinky Dyes and Needlepoint Inc silks or hand-dyed and DMC flosses. The Needle Pocket features gorgeous specialty all over the front with a pocket inside to store needle packages as well as a stitched 'ruler' to identify loose needle sizes! Really clever!

The scissor case is kind of a tri-fold style with stitching decorating all the front and back panels. A petite set -- the needle pocket measures approx 3 x 9 -- like a checkbook, while the scissor envelope is about 3 x 4. Special stitches everywhere... you'll love making these! Offered as a chart, for a limited time, we have the silk thread packs available as well!
Love Letters from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Love Letters
from The Drawn Thread
This is a charming alphabet stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Linen using 1 ply of hand-dyed silks -- all pretty roses, raisins and greens. Finishing approx 3 x 10 -- it's just a petite thing that is FULL of fun, special stitches for texture and intrigue! This may be the alphabet -- but it is NOT boring!!!

Beautiful charts and diagrams... I think these patterns are as much fun to page through as they are to finally stitch! Offered as the chart with silk and button embellishments separately. (Silks and buttons are limited in availability.)

Love Letters from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Love Birds
from The Drawn Thread
A wisp of a thing -- this finishes approx 1 x 6 on 32ct! ONLY ONE by SIX! A sweet little piece full of birds and a message of love... this is worked with silks or cottons. Colors are soft roses, fabric could be anything you like. There are five special stitches in here -- but very basic in nature -- so they won't slow you down.

Offered as a chart with a shiny gold heart charm, we have a FEW silk packs available!!!

Pink Ice Cube by Just Nan -- click to see more! Pink Ice Cube from Just Nan
Just Nan is releasing a new tiny pin cube design... a Pink Ice Cube! Limited in edition for 2015 Winter season, Pink Ice is stitched on 32ct Raw (natural) Belfast linen in soft pink shades of DMC floss. Finishing a mere 1-1/2 inches square, it features six different snowflakes (each side is different -- just like every fresh falling snowflake is different!) and embellished with white, pink and silver crystal beads and pearls. There are four opalescent sequins to attach when you are finishing... and an optional snowflake pin to poke into the top!!! So, so pretty... out Pink Ice Cubes are due in the shop January 28th!

Snowflake Pinwheel Charm Garden Pin by Just Nan -- click to see more! Snowflake Pinwheel Charm Garden Pin
What a pretty, lacy little snowflake! Meant to adorn Just Nan's 2015 Limited Edition Pink Ice Cube, Snowflake Pinwheel is a glittery flake built from a gold charm, 2 silver sequin flakes, opalescent round beads and a single pink pearl.

Nan hasn't produced enough of these to go with ALL her Pink Ice Cubes... so don't let one slip through your fingers!!!

2015 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more 2015 Collector's Heart
from Heart in Hand
I belong to you, Sweetheart is the sentiment on this year's annual Valentine from Cecilia. Joining several of the previous year's hearts, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 on the provided 32ct Cream Belfast Linen.

You'll need bits of hand-dyeds, Anchor or DMC floss from your stash, but the buttons and beads that embellish are also included with the chart and linen. Always cute, fresh and contemporary.

Giggly Wigglies Snowmen from The Trilogy - click to see more Giggly Wigglies Penguins from The Trilogy - click to see more
Giggly Wigglies Penguins
from The Trilogy
Guess you can tell it's January around here!!! Trilogy is beginning a new set of skinny and tall designs that will all be the same size -- 23 x 174 in stitch count. Choose a 32ct -- you'll get 1-1/2 x 11. Do it over one on 25ct -- you'll get 1 x 7! Pick 7ct Klostern and it'll be 3 x 25!!!!!

Perfect for those ultra-skinny walls beside doors in your house... find a cute spot for these! They call for hand-dyeds by Gentle Art and Weeks, or DMC or Anchor. There are no specific embellishments called for but that is EASY to change! Offered as leaflets, just fun, quick, eyecatching designs for the seasons!

Valentine Cupcakes from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Victoria Sampler's Valentine Cupcakes
Talk about something sweet to stitch for Valentine's Day... The Victoria Sampler has re-created their famous Gingerbread Cupcakes into chocolate and vanilla for your Valentine Favorites!!!!!! *BAKE* these little sweets on 28ct Milk Chocolate or White Cashel Linen... and *FROST* them with Satin Stitches of #8 and #12 Pearl Cotton. They LOOK LIKE Hardanger Embroidery -- but are only JUST regular Satin Stitches! Then, decorate each one with the charming buttons offered in the accessory pack of the Pearls AND the red silicone baking cups.

One cupcake has white chocolate dipped strawberries, the other, chocolate, while the third features tiny 1-inch cupids. These are so unusual, so charming, they are enchanting!!!!! Offered as a leaflet, the accessory pack of pearls, buttons and actual-sized baking cups is separate. Everyone will love these... especially if you display then right in the middle of a plate of real Valentine cupcakes!!!!

Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette
This little guy measures approx 2-3/4 x 1-1/4 inches in size, and has 12 holes for threads. We may not always have him in stock... but we'll try! He features our logo and website in teeny letters on his tummy.

Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette
I love this antiqued pocket watch design! 2-1/4 wide by 3-inches high, it again features 12 holes tor a few of your threads. Another treasure that comes in and out of our doors -- enchanting! Our shop logo is featured on that back of this -- very small, engraved just like the design on the front.

Webmaster's Note: We have some of these delightful wooden goodies for you on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 4 and more on our Exclusives page. Check out both pages to see them all!

February from Year in Chalk by Hands On Design - click to see more January from A Year in Chalk by Hands On Design - click to see more February from Year in Chalk by Hands On Design - click to see more Presenting: A Year in Chalk
from Hands On Design
Cathy Habermann is beginning a new set of 12 charts releasing two-a-month beginning in January. Finishing approx 3 x 4-5/8 each, they are fun monthly designs that look like they are hand-drawn just like the chalk-art that is so popular right now. They are worked with Gentle Art's CHALK color of hand-dyed floss -- along with another pastel color each month -- to accent the artwork a little. (January calls for Tropical Ocean, Feb uses Tea Rose, March calls for Avocado, and April uses Ohio Lemon Pie.)

Weeks Dye Works 30ct Gunmetal Linen is the fabric of choice for this series... it mimics an old blackboard!
Picture This Plus's 14ct Shadow Aida will be the Aida option.
You can opt to receive a small cut of fabric each month... (dye lots will vary) or get one half-yard cut right away with the first shipment -- that will insure that all 12 of your pieces will match.
This promises to be a fun set of designs -- January and February are here!!!!

Winter Wonderland from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Winter Wonderland
from Tiny Modernist
Just a quick 8-section design full of tiny winter-motifs. I think the DMC colors are popping out to me! 3770, 436, 166, 3761, 3766, 3760 and 169... everything fits into a petite 6 x 9 on 14ct.

Offered as a leaflet.

Merry Christmas by Rico - click to see more Merry Christmas from Rico
Here is another in our really cool collection of European Christmas book by RICO. Absolutely the most charming sets of designs, this offers ornaments, table cloths, wreaths, runners ... you can finish any of them any way you want. The motifs are mostly small and then put together into larger projects.

The pictures in the little 6 x 9 softcover 112 page book are awesome, beautifully done and full of inspiration. Tiny Santas, reindeer, holly springs, a little fox and lots of pine trees, there are so many cute things in here. DMC color coding, pretty shading of the colors, and lots of things worked into corners and diagonals -- on the bias. It's one thing to chart a cute stocking and quite another to chart it on the diagonal! Anyway, as with all the rest of this series, you will be enchanted!!!!!!!

Mill Hill Owlets - click for more
Mill Hill Owlets!
Mill Hill has some new mini-kits -- presenting six of the cutest owls!!! I think they're in Easter Eggs... but they don't look Easter-y... so we think they'll be fun and colorful to decorate all year long. Offered in the small bead kit format of 14ct perforated paper, flosses and bright glass beads, each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3.

These would be REAL CUTE stitched on some of the bright Tropical colors of 14ct Aida -- and constructed into pillows with wild trims and fabrics. Might be kind of fun to add some eyelashes too -- wake a couple of them up to match their colorful countenance!

Mill Hill Spring Bouquet 2015 - click for more
Mill Hill Spring Bouquet 2015
The newest selection of Springtime-themed mini bead kits by Mill Hill for 2015 is here. A new pair of eggs to go with the other 4 from previous years, a new butterfly (there is a gorgeous monarch from a few seasons ago -- make the pair! and ladybug -- these all look cute as plant pokes.

Each design is presented in small bead kit format -- the 14ct perforated paper, Mill Hill glass beads and DMC floss. These come with a magnet for their backings, so find something metal in your laundry room, sunroom, pantry, office, kitchen... that needs a bit of brightening up! Each finishes approx 2-3/4 inches in size... really fun to do.

Mill Hill Spring 2015 Button & Bead Kits - click for more
Mill Hill Spring 2015 Button & Bead Kits
This season's set of designs -- this has to be at least the 25th year for these kits -- they are always fun to see! Offered as complete kits of 14ct perforated paper with Mill Hill glass beads and tons of flosses and a ceramic button embellishment, they are an awesome value because everything is there... and they always use tons of colors of beads and thread.
  • MOM -- Get this for a beginning stitcher you know -- she can get it finished before Mother's Day!
  • Bridal Shoppe -- We have a MILLION different shops in this series -- both Christmas-themed, and some with a more Springtime flavor. Tea Room, Flower Shop, Pet Shoppe and an Ice Cream Parlour... not to mention all the Christmas ones!
  • Spring Robins -- Just a pretty Springtime decoration!
  • Window Box -- Something to perch on your kitchen windowsill...
  • Winged Monarch -- What a punch of color! (The smaller individual monarch is from the 2012 mini kits -- check it out too.)
  • Egg Hunt -- We like this one! a 'Retro' feel, bold graphics and color, this would be neat finished into a cube stand-up or something flat perched on an easel.

Silver Wire Neck Rosette and Rosette Earrings
Oh a Little Something for Our FLAX!
We have a local artist in Tulsa that makes pretty aluminum jewelry -- and we love it with our FLAX! You'll see it in a lot of our pics.

Very lightweight rosettes to fit onto a 'collar' and matching earrings... its very fun to wear and looks good with every kind of FLAX we have.

Neither the daisies or roses weigh anything, and do not tarnish. They look like sterling and do not discolor!
Silver Wire Neck Rosette and Rosette Earrings
Rosettes for your neck are larger -- 1-3/4-ish inches, earrings are 1-1/4-ish inches.
Daisies run 4-ish inches, and earrings 2-inches. That sounds big, but really not because they are so light and airy.

Mary Mustardseed from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Mary Mustardseed
from Scattered Seed Samplers
Oh, I love the name of this piece by Scattered Seed Samplers! *Scattered Seeds I Sow for Thee, Oh Gather Birds to Sing For Me.* An original verse by Tammy Black for her 7 x 12-ish inch sampler, this is worked on 32ct with Weeks and Gentle Art flosses.

A pretty piece, it needs to be stitched for the bird-lover in your life -- especially the ones who don't mind the weeds that grow from all those uneaten scattered seeds!!!!! Offered as a chart.

Fridge Art #13 You Are My Happy from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #14 Hearts Squared from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #15 Four Round Men from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #11 Yes Please from AB Designs - click for more Fridge Art #16 Make a Wish from AB Designs - click for more
Winter & Valentine's Day Fridge Art from AB Designs
Amy's next set of 4 small designs in her new *Fridge Art* series are here. Able to be stitched on 14, 16, 18, or 22ct fabrics (sure, do that math and your tiny counts will work as well), these little guys are then mounted on flexible magnets to stick to your refrigerator, filing cabinet, metal door, locker -- anywhere magnets in your life stick!

Tommy is a turkey... Harvest has a funky pumpkin in the design. Yes Please is a little more sophisticated for the more modern kitchen... and Happy Hour asks a GOOD question: *Why is Happy only an Hour???* Each is offered as the chart with magnetic finishing materials.

The Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania Travel Guide for 2015 - click to see more
The Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania Travel Guide for 2015
Oh... we love these fat little 'bibles' for needleworkers of every sort! The 2015 Shop directory for quilting, spinning, knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, weaving, embroidery AND Cross Stitch is ready for your next road trip -- or trips via the internet! A 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 book -- an inch thick -- it has 588 pages of maps, addresses and shop information all organized by state.

I like the feature that shows the map of the state, along with the interstate and state highways labeled AND then bullets and reference numbers for the shops. You can tell right away where everyone is! Something fun for a last minute Christmas Gift... something fun to use to organize a gals-road-trip.

Angel Thread Winders -- Or Ornaments!! from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Angel Thread Winders - Or Ornaments!!
from Kelmscott Designs
Kelmscott has some new Mother-of-Pearl thread winders in the shape of angels. Approx 2 x 2 in size, they are so pretty both as functional winders... AND elegant Christmas Tree ornaments! How beautiful to have a glisten-y white angel tucked among your branches?!

Each has a single hole so you could get creative attaching a halo if you wanted... they'd tie beautifully to a wreath... so cute along a garland of greenery... or lovely as a package tie for Baby's First Christmas! Offered in a pack of 2... they'll look lovely peeking out of a pocket in a pretty sewing case!
***Kelmscott has several new releases... click the pic to visit our pages of offerings!

Aubusson from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Aubusson
from Cuore e Batticuore
This is a pretty set of small florals -- charted for pinks or lavenders -- that finishes into a scissor keeper, pin cushion, scissor fob and needle holder set. Everything is petite -- approx two and three inches in size -- and you can see how charming they all are by the collection in the picture.

Italian and English instructions, I imagine you can use any number of assembly methods to make your set of smalls, as well as any color combinations. Offered as the chart for all the pieces.

Henrietta Goodrich Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Henrietta Goodrich Sampler from Barbara Ana
Barbara Ana has a new sampler -- she's designed it to LOOK very old -- but it is a new creation!! A really pretty piece, it measures 162 x 194 stitches -- approx 8 x 10 on 40ct.

Charted for DMC and overdyed flosses, Barbara has Adam and Eve in here, neat houses, angels, the bold and organized border, and a smattering of design mistakes to add to the charm and flavor of the piece. *Be you to others kind and true, as you'd have others be to you. And never do nor say to men, whatever you would not take again.* Offered as a chart. Two other new designs are shown on our Barbara Ana page.

Magnetic Needle Nanny Sewing Machine from Puffin & Company - click to see more Q-Snap Replacement Clamps!
How many times have you run your Q-Snap clamps through the dishwasher to shrink them tight again??? Here are new clamps to make life easier!

Replacements for broken or those loose-fitters, the 5-3/4 size fits your 8 x 8 frame sides and the 8-1/2 fits the 11-inch sides! Each package contains 2 clamps of the same size. Just something we've added to our gadget wall!

Tresor de Blanche Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Beaded Scissor Cases from Reflets de Soie
Oh My GOSH... these are STUNNING! Reflets de Soie of France brings us these gorgeous designs that are stitched with beads (but can be worked with thread), and made into the scissor cases shown, (or petite framed pieces). Offered as charts, each comes WITH tiny, tiny Japanese glass beads to completely cover the design -- no thread -- ONLY beads! They are sorted, labeled and attached to pretty little cards. Requiring 35ct linen (any other count will not fit the beads perfectly), use one strand of thread over two linen threads with a 1/2 cross for the bead.
Tresor de Eugene Kit by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!
Tresor de Blanche has a stitch count of 51 x 83, will finish a bit smaller than 3 x 5, and includes 8 different colors of glass Japanese beads. One of the colors is a true 24 Karat Gold!!!!!!, so this one is more expensive than the other.
Tresor de Eugenie features 12 different bead colors, and finishes a little over 3 x 5. So lovely and elegant, these are an absolute MUST for a treasured pair of scissors! Instructions are printed in French and English.

Wooden Palette and Minder Sets - click for more
Wooden Palette and Minder Sets
These are kind of cool and very different! Both by Retromantics...
  • Stitching by the Light of the Moon (which we know is just about impossible, but fun to think of!) This is a very antique-inspired 5-inch round thread palette decorated with an old-fashioned man-in-the-moon laughing face etched into the wood. The verse surrounds the edges, along with 7 holes to tie your working threads. We've included a tiny 1-1/4 inch needle minder that matches! A really fun set to inlcude in a Halloween sewing case or to display along with your Fall decorations!
  • The Strawberry Set includes a 4 x 5 inch strawberry palette with matching 1-inch needle minder and a small 2 x 2-1/2 matching miniature palette fob. Pretty in a sewing basket, neat in another stitched case... just a really unique stitching 'curiosity!'

Miniature Sampler Needle Minders from Milady's Needle - click for more Miniature Sampler Needle Minders
from Milady's Needle
These are sweet bits of antique sampler images shrunk down and down and down... and mounted into 1-1/4 inch 'bottle-cap-type' miniature pie plates!!! Really neat, each features a pair of rare earth magnets on the back, so you can stick them to your metal chart board, the frig (if yours will still do that!) the filing cabinet -- just anywhere magnets like to be. It'll hold your needle at the same time, and simply make you happy!
Lovely images of the samplers -- we have at least 20 different pics on these, so we'll mix up the designs!

Stitcher's Favorites from Thistles - click for a larger view Cornelia from Thistles - click for a larger view Birdhouses in my Thistles Garden from Thistles - click for a larger view
Charming Arrivals by Thistles -- Directly from The Netherlands!
Liezbeth Gottshall has quite a collection of delightful Cross Stitch designs... you're going to love her things! We have a fun pumpkin curtain (!), cute baby pillows, day-of-the-week pin cushions, a multiplication table, stitched and stuffed sheep (you can make a flock of them!), a snowman penny rug, and some darling Christmas pillows!

Everything is offered in chart format and stitched with Weeks and Gentle Art flosses. Unique designs, some different finishing ideas, Thistles is a new designer line for us in the shop!

House of Xmas, Wool & Sewing from Nikyscreations - click to see more House of Xmas, Wool & Sewing
from Nikyscreations
Nikycreations has three new little cut-away houses!!!!! Joining Quilting and Stitching, these are just so cute! You need to stitch them and make them into quilted hangings for your stitching stash room, or the area behind your favorite stitching chair! Each finishes about 12 x 12 on 30ct linen, and uses good 'ol DMC floss. You can always get creative and add some embellishments, laces, beads or special threads... but these are cute just as they are.

House of Wool has yarn everywhere and a sheep or two -- the knitting needles are little straight stitches with French Knot tops. House of Sewing has scissors and fabrics, and the garments hanging... I love the clock on there -- it implies that us 'needle-people' *needle* at all hours of the day and night!!! All three are offered as charts.

Presenting Gingerbread and Storm Fabrics by Picture This Plus - click for more Presenting Gingerbread and Storm Fabrics by Picture This Plus!
Long-awaited replacements for fabrics we have been unable to get this past year are here!!! Joining our hundreds of other fabric options, we are thrilled to announce the 'birth' of Gingerbread, and Storm!
  • Gingerbread is a warm ginger-y brown that Victoria Sampler loves to use in their Gingerbread Village series of designs.
  • Storm is a great blued-gray that Just Nan has used this season in her Flight School design.
Dyed by the gals at Picture This Plus, we have both colors available in 14 and 18ct Aida options, as well as 28 Cashel, 32 Belfast and 36ct Edinburgh options!!!!! As with all our fabrics, we custom cut to your size, or offer yardage cuts. We're thrilled to welcome back these two great color and fabric options!

Eleanor Rigby from Blackbird Designs - click for more Strawberry Fields Forever from Blackbird Designs - click for more Blackbird (Beatles) from Blackbird Designs - click for more Octopus Garden from Blackbird Designs - click for more Yellow Submarine from Blackbird Designs - click for more
The Magical Mystery Tour Series, To The Beatles, With Love From Barb!
Blackbird's Barb is a die-hard Beatles fan -- she saw them debut on Ed Sullivan in 1964, and evidently manages to get to as many Paul McCartney concerts as possible!!! She has designed 6 *Very Black-Birdy-Flavored* pieces to commemorate 6 of her favorite songs and the anniversary of that television broadcast. All offered as leaflets, they tell us you won't need a ticket to ride this tour bus!!! The Long and Winding Road from Blackbird Designs - click for more
  • #1: Eleanor Rigby -- Greys and Blues for the subdued piece, and pretty pinks and greens for the birth sampler shown on the back, Eleanor finishes approx 6 x 6 on 32ct.
  • #2: Strawberry Fields Forever - The 'Woolton Children's Home' (which could be your house instead!) surrounded by the strawberry gardens and the neat iron entry gate... 6 x 9 on 32ct 32ct Confederate Grey by Weeks Dye Works
  • #3: Blackbird Pincushion -- Worked in only Espresso Bean Sampler Threads -- this little guy measures a generous 6 x 6 on 30ct! Singing in the dead of night... can you see the moon in there?
  • #4: Octopus's Garden -- The second song Ringo Starr wrote, this sampler is so whimsical and charming! Hang it in your guest powder room!!! 6 x 8-1/2 on 32ct.
  • #5: Yellow Submarine -- How can this NOT make you smile??? Here's another cute bathroom piece -- or even a nursery baby announcement -- or a housewarming!!!!!! 6 x 8 on 32ct Linen.
  • #6: The Long and Winding Road -- Also the THIRD Sewing Box Topper Design, this is sweet. Lazy Daisies on the trees, this fits into your 6-inch Lone Elm Lane Sewing Box on 36ct Lakeside Butter Pecan Linen.

4 of us wearing the Flax Bold collection -  click for more
Ohhhhh... Summer is nearing it's end! Our delicious, bright, colorful, breezy and totally fun
BOLD 2014 Collection of FLAX is now 50% OFF!!!

We're still wearing it every day -- and loving it, too... but the Fall Limited, Travelers and Neutrals are here... and something has to go! I bet we have something pretty that would LOVE to be seen on YOU!

Call the shop for the best selection info. (888) 543-7004

Heloise Cornu 1896 from Reflets de Soie - click to see more Anais Curveur 1896 from Reflets de Soie - click to see more Alberine Guiraud 1887 from Reflets de Soie - click to see more
Three GORGEOUS Samplers from Reflets de Soie
Thank Goodness I speak *Symbols and DMC!* Here are three stunning sampler reproductions that I couldn't resist! The images here just don't do them justice.

All offered in chart format -- no English in the instructions (but really no wording at all). All three are charted for various silks or DMC floss. We have nothing else like these, so don't pass them by... ENJOY!!!

There's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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