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Rebecca from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Rebecca from Carriage House Samplings
Kathy Barrick has a new piece -- a charming bunny -- just sitting here! I think part of the charm of the piece is all the design repetition of all the small motifs and shapes in here. The leaves in the vine, alphabet letters and butterflies in the background, and the negative patterns in Rebecca are all basically the same size -- and they dazzle your eye and brain! Then, you get the play of the diagonals from the date block, the ground and again-- the leaves -- lots of balanced repetition in here!

Offered as a chart, Rebecca measures 106 x 153 stitches and is worked in silks or DMC flosses. Very cute piece, I think she'd make a stunning pillow (finished with some lavish silk fabrics!) perched on a guest bedroom bed.

Holy Family, Little Drummer Boy and A Long Winter's Nap Stockings
from Heaven & Earth Designs
Holy Family, Little Drummer Boy and A Long Winter's Nap Stockings from Heaven and Earth Designs - click to see more Heaven & Earth delivers the most stunning charts of famous works of art for Cross Stitch... I definitely cannot do any of Michelle's things justice with just a few words. This is a trio of designs -- each offered in it's own chart format -- that promise heirloom stockings to treasure forever. NOT for the faint-of-stitcher, or one who catches *a few hours here and there for relaxation* -- you need to be serious about stitching to commit to making even just one of these.
  • Holy Family by Dona Gelsinger uses 89 DMC colors in its 218 x 313 size.
  • Little Drummer Boy by Dona Gelsinger has 90 colors in his 180 x 275 stitches
  • and
  • Long Winter's Nap also by Dona Gelsinger is larger at 253 x 378 - again with 90 colors.
  • Just exquiste!

    Exquisite Ornaments!
    from Heaven & Earth Designs
    Four Exquisite Ornaments! from Heaven and Earth Designs - click to see more Here is a set of 4 *Ornament* designs -- they each measure 175 stitches in diameter -- so over ONE on 25ct, they finish 6 inches in size! Pretty generous for ornaments!!!!!! SOOOO.... what about gorgeous framed pieces worked over two on something reasonable like 32? That'd make them 11 x 11! Scott Gustafson's work is showcased in the Decorating The Wreath piece, while Donna Gelsinger's work appears on the other three.

    89 and 90 Colors of DMC floss in each, as you can see the shading and design details are incredible. The charts are very involved... clearly printed... but challenging to follow because of all the design detail and color changes. Blow up the charts, and get a highlighter to mark areas you've already stitched. Just amazing charts and designs to look at... some of you can stitch these, and you are just as amazing!!!

    Lydia Borton 1819 from Queenstown Samplers - click to see more Lydia Borton 1819 from Queenstown Samplers
    Queenstown Samplers has created an accurate reproduction of a Quaker sampler from Lower Evesham School Burlington County, New Jersey. Lydia Borton stitched this when she was 10 years old... and along with the chart of her sampler there is a very interesting geneology trail of her life in here. The sampler measures approx 18 x 18 on 32ct, and is charted for silks or flosses. A very organized piece, the borders and all the florals are very delicate and lacy. Nothing is symetric, although at first glance it looks that way. Just a very pretty piece, with a REAL history to it.

    Scrub-a-Dub Ducky - Our April 2014 Secret Needle Night - click to see more Scrub-a-Dub Ducky - Our April 2014 Secret Needle Night - click to see more April's Secret Needle Night Design... Scrub-a-Dub Ducky
    I have a porcelain teapot in my bathroom that I see everyday. I bought it years ago on a trip to England -- we toured the small factory where they made hundreds of different novelty teapots. We're getting ready to take our Silver Needle sponsored British Isles cruise in a few weeks... so this little teapot seemed just the perfect thing to be charted this month as our Secret Needle Night design!!!

    Stitched on 18ct Natural Linen (9 count), the duck is Very Velvet, the water is worked in Fyre Werks, and the tub and wallpaper are Pearl Cottons. Finishing approx 5 x 6, it'd be cute in a stand-up cube, or this little wedge. Offered as a small kit of chart, linen and threads. Finishing Kit is optional.

    Elephants Walk from Fern RidgeCollections
    ***The Fern Ridge Gals have been busy again... we have 10 new things...!!!
    Elephants Walk from Fern Ridge - click to see more Elephants Walk from Fern Ridge - click to see more Elephants Walk is just one pair and makes me want to go to Africa!!! A matching 10-ish x 2-ish sewing case and scissor fob the colors in these are stunning -- cinnabar, cucumber green, golds and black. The COMPLETE kit for the little case is amazing! You get the 28ct Cashel Linen, the cinnabar printed lining fabric, chart for the little parade of elephants tramping across the outside your case, and small panels inside.

    Lovely beads for the edge trim are here, beads and a magnet for the closure loop, and a tiny crystal butterfly for one of the palm trees. Three different brands of floss are in here, along with Gloriana silk. Because the little case has interior pockets, you even get the tiny wooden elephant thread winder -- it is 1-1/8 inches, and a 2-inch ruler... along WITH the black 3-inch scissors AND a 1-1/2 inch elephant thread waxer!!! (They tell us that shape is made using an antique candy mold!)

    THEN... you'll need the matching Elephants Walk Peyote Stitch scissor fob -- remember, you have the scissors in the sewing roll kit! It is a small piece that features lavish beaded fringe and a neat elephant charm. Same awesome colors, and another crystal butterfly! The fob is offered as a complete kit as well.
    Make sure you click to see the other 5 charming sets of fobs, boxes and matching cases!

    Pine Mountain Words of Wisdom: #4 You Make Me Happy Kit -- click to see more Words of Wisdom You Make Me Happy from Pine Mountain Designs
    You Make Me Happy ...When skies are grey... but probably when it's sunny, too! Pine Mountain has a new Words of Wisdom pillow design that is all buttermilk yellow and cool retro aqua in color. Offered as a complete kit of chart, pillow wrap, and flosses, the fabric pillow band is presewn, and features a 16ct Aida fabric panel for your needlework.

    Once you finish the sentiment... simply tuck the spotted pillow form through the wrap... and you're finished! We always like the different coordinating fabrics PM uses to construct their pillows, and this set features that gigantic rik-rak trim that is so 1950's and fun.

    Special Delivery: April Kit -- click to see more April 2014's Special Delivery Stamp from Pine Mountain Designs
    Stitch 1/2 of a dry person tucked safely under an umbrella... add the stamp-like border and the 4 cents (just for fun)... and tuck into your pre-made gingham 6 x 6 mini pillow.

    Nothing to these, the complete kits come with the pillow already finished, a separate panel of the Aida, chart and flosses. Perfect as small projects to travel with... leave the stuffed pillow at home, and grab just the small bits of the kit.

    M Woods 1759 from Milady's Needle - click for more M Woods 1759 from Milady's Needle
    This is a reproduction of a charming antique sampler stitched (most likely) in Norfolk Va. (You can see the pic of the original on the back cover of the chart.) A petite 10-3/4 x 8-1/2 in size, it is so colorful and packed full of balanced motifs. Something about it just speaks to me!

    Just a few Eyelets, and several inconsistencies in the charts of the motifs and borders, it's not too big and impossible to stitch. Pretty colors as well... it is charted for silks or DMCs. Offered as a chart.

    Woodland Owl from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Horace Hedgehog Pincushion from Just Another Button Company!
    HOW could one stick pins into this cute little guy???! Little Mr Horace stands approx 4 inches high and is hand-made out of Weeks Dye Works wools. He has glass eyes and a nose.... and is wearing a red clay bow tie button. All his little pricklys are bits of wool sewn onto his back, and they make him just the cutest!!!

    He is stuffed with wool roving, so actually makes a very good pin cushion. He needs a good home, he'd be cute perched on a shelf guarding your stitching stuff! Complete kit contains the patterns, wools buttons, beads and pins.

    DOVO SN10D brushed gold 4 inch scissors - click for more

    We have a new DOVO scissor offering.
    One of our favorite 4-inch styles now comes in an all-over brushed gold finish.

    Joining the 3-1/2 inch scissors and 4-inch in brushed stainless and matte black, these are the same great quality we love, and are super elegant looking with that overall gold finish. Just a little something to tempt your scissor stash!

    Mercy Goodehart's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Mercy Goodehart's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler
    Shakespeare's Peddler has a new ORIGINAL sampler design -- and it is so very pretty!!! Theresa has outdone herself with this gorgeous piece... "All of you be subject to one another, and be clothed with humility. For God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble."

    The stitch count is 315 x 273, so it finishes approx 17 x 20 on 32ct. Charted for Needlepoint Silk or DMC floss, her color selection is dusty, but pretty -- not too dark or drab. The border is different on all 4 sides, there are little mistakes here and there -- just because old samplers have those -- and the verse is over one thread. I don't know why, but the buildings on the left remind me of the Grand Canal in Venice... but then, there comes the tree, and that blows Venice! A very pretty sampler, with a neat verse -- offered as a chart.

    i love you more from AB Designs - click for more
    i love you more
    from AB Designs
    What a sweet piece to stitch for someone you love! Amy Bruecken has a new design that is so simple but super charming. Choose any fabric you like... and six DMC colors -- stitch the hearts with or without the black and white checkered border. BUT... you could add metallics or buttons or even Memory Thread to this and make it really wild.

    What about personalization? Amy has included a small blocky alphabet.. but you might be able to design your letters based on those already in the verse. It's just the happiest thing!!!!! Offered as a chart.

    All My Love from AB Designs - click for more The Hugger from AB Designs - click for more
    Little Guys -- The Hugger and All My Love
    from AB Designs
    Here's a Bride and Groom!!!!! How fun to stitch for the Shower Cake decorations, or a scrapbook of all the invitations and cards received... each of these Little Guys is stitched on any fabric you like, using regular DMC flosses.

    Just little quickies that need your imagination to make them come alive!! Offered as small card charts.

    Colorful Epoxy Scissors from Bohin of France
    Colorful Epoxy Scissors by Bohin of France What fun and pretty pieces!!! These 4-1/2 inch scissors are steel, and covered with a baked on epoxy finish of bold color. Perfect to match a cute fob you have stitched or super bold to tuck in to a colorful sewing case, each one is nice and tight in cutting action. Not too lightweight or flimsy, they are sharp at the tips, and I think a little more heavy-duty than some of our 3-1/2 inch styles. Fun neat additions to our scissor collection!

    To help you with the scissor colors, here are DMC equivalents for your reference:
  • The Red matches DMC #815
  • Yellow is closest to #742
  • Violet/Purple are closest to #3835
  • Lime Green are #906
  • Pink (Fuchsia) matches DMC #601
  • Azure Blue is close to #3843

  • Happy Home from The Trilogy - click to see more Baby Squared from The Trilogy - click to see more New Releases from The Trilogy
    Baby (squared!) and Happy Home! The Trilogy has sent a couple of new designs -- leaflets -- that are both quick-stitches. Baby Squared features 4 small 35-ish stitch count boxes that you can group any way you want. The crib square features a teeny brass teddy bear charm.

    Happy Home is the third panel of a welcoming piece that might be nice hanging in a foyer or the back door area to greet your incoming guests. Choose any fabrics you like to work these, they are all coded for DMC or over-dyed flosses -- you choose.

    Tumbleweeds #3 American Frontier from Little House Needleworks - click to see more American Frontier by Little House Needleworks
    Little House has released a third design in her Tumbleweeds Design Line... this one more reminiscent of her other designs rather than the first two Tumbleweeds. A mirror image on each side -- except for the ponies. It's a cute little piece that finishes approx 8 x 14 on 39ct Confederate Gray Linen.Farm Fresh Cherries from Little House Needleworks - click to see more

    Farm Fresh Cherries by Little House Needleworks
    Here is a cute design with a bit of a retro feel to it. Makes me want to bake a cherry cobbler! Presented as a small chart by Little House Needleworks, this finishes approx 5-1/2 x 6 on 32ct Summer Khaki linen and uses DMC flosses -- 10 of them -- and Diane suggests Week's Dye Works Louisiana Hot Sauce wool for finishing!

    Morning Song from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Frosty Forest #5 Bluebird Cabin from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Bluebird Cabin and Morning Song
    from Country Cottage Needleworks
    Country Cottage Needleworks is delivering two new pieces this week! *Bluebird Cabin* is the next installment (#5) in her charming Frosty Forest set. All small 3 x 3-ish pieces... all the same browns, greys, pine greens, winter whites and gorgeous aqua blues in each one... when you are finished, you'll have an enchanting 'forest community!' Each Frosty Forest chart comes with a clay button embellishment -- this time it is an owl.

    *Morning Song* brings a smile to anyone who loves blue! Light blue fabric, sweet bluebirds, and delicate blue flowers... everything is symmetric and organized in this piece... even the musical notes! Offered as a chart, the piece finishes approx 4 x 5.

    Assorted Fabric Tool Cases! - click for more
    Assorted Fabric Tool Cases!
    Here are a few fun fabric pieces to hold precious needlework tools! Something fun for an Easter Basket treat, or perfect as a lightweight, non-bulky travel pieces.
  • The square pin cushion measures approx 3-1/2 inches square -- a Cathedral Window folded design with a Yo-Yo trim!
  • The scissor case can actually hold up to three pair of scissors. I'd put threaders in the front pocket as it is a bit smaller than the back two. It measures approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches... and provides nice padding.
  • The big round case (upper left in the pic) is kind of fun... inside it features 8 pie-shaped compartments to hold scissors or buttons or flosses, or whatever. It is EASY to fold into its closed pie-shape... but I always forget how! Lay it on a table... the square tab at the top, felt side up, fabric side down.against the table. Grab at the 3 and 9 o-clock positions -- and bring them up together. Then, with your thumbs, bring up the 6 o-clock edge... and you'll soon see the other part of the closure appear... and that's where your little tab comes down to close the case!

  • Everything is sewn in a pretty red and butterscotchy or taupe floral... NONE of the three pieces match and they aren't perfect heirloom sewing by any means... but sometimes, all you need is just one simple thing!!!

    Daisy Dog from Stitchy Kitty - click for more Daisy Dog from Stitchy Kitty
    This cute little pattern has come through our shop doors, and we just fell in love with it! It's not even new -- the date inside is 2011. Choose a pretty blue fabric -- anything will do -- and stitch this charming red and pink dog.

    Ms Daisy finishes approx 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 16/32ct and she is worked mainly in DMC 602, 605 and 321 -- or Bubble Gum and Strawberry Fields hand-dyeds which sound much more exciting!!! Even the pillow finishing is cute, it'd be perfect on a little girl's bed!

    2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view A Full Heart, part 1 of Shepherd's Bush's 2014 Shepherd's Fold
    Shepherds Bush has sent the first design in their new 6-part Fold Series!!! A Full Heart is a charming pastoral scene complete with the sunny sky, brick red farmhouse, a blooming garden, busy beehives, and a flock of fluffy sheep grazing on the hillsides. Finishing a circular 7 x 7 on lovely new 32ct hand-dyed Stone Steps Linen, the fabric is very nice -- sturdy, tightly woven and soft -- but not limp!

    You'll be stitching with solid and hand-dyed silks from Au Ver a Soie, Thread Gatherer and Gloriana in luscious greens mauves and creams. Tina has added several smatterings of specialty stitches here and there -- all just to add bits of texture and interest. You can see some in the sheep and the grassy areas. There are precious bitty buttons in here as well... and everything can grace the top of a Lone Elm Lane Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box... or it can be framed.
    2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view*The Fold's* first design... if you choose to 'box-top' this... you will create a storage place for the other 5 pieces that promise to be needlework smalls of cushions, cases and fobs!

    A Full Heart is offered as a kit of chart, linen, silks and embellishments. Box or Mat for finishing is available separately. We have an auto-ship for the remaining kits in this series... and can send the box or mat anytime you wish!

    Mill Hill Autumn 2014 Button & Bead Designs - click for more
    Mill Hill Autumn 2014 Button & Bead Designs
    JUST in the nick of time to get you ready for this Fall... Mill Hill has sent their newest Button & Bead kits! We love these... 5 x 5 classic designs that are worked on 14ct perforated paper with loads of DMC floss and MH's glass beads... they are always super eye-catching. Our shop models are all on linen... because we like to 'pillow' these instead of framing them.

    Complete kits include the charts, paper, flosses, beads, a button and needles.
  • County Fair has the prize pie, pig, quilt, flowers and jams!!
  • Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin has a wild pumpkin -- neat border on that one.
  • Harvest House fits into MH's Country Lane series of houses... a village of houses and businesses that is year round -- not the Christmas Village.
  • Ravens is bold and full of personality -- everyone always likes the ones that feature that moonlight and shadowy sky.
  • White Pumpkins features another lavish and luscious border...
  • and Wanda's Witchery has a black kitty hiding in the potion room!

  • Mill Hill Autumn Harvest - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more
    Autumn Harvest - Mill Hill Mini Kits for 2014
    Our new set of six small 2-1/2 x 2-3/4 bead kits for this season... cute as always. People seem to think they are only for the Fall... for decoration or frig magnets. These all make great Christmas ornaments!

    Joining the collection of literally hundreds of these smaller paper and beaded pieces... the tractor is perfect for someone who 'grows'... the Smores design needs to go to campers! Mr Monster Mash might need to go to your little Frankenstein from last Halloween! We have soccer and footballs... and a million other small designs... all offered in kit format. A bit of 14ct Perf paper, all the flosses and beads you need, these are a great value, and fun to work up!

    Scissor Tail Designs Spring Trio - click to see more Scissor Tail Designs Spring Bling Easter Eggs #1 - click to see more Scissor Tail Designs Spring Bling Easter Eggs #2 - click to see more Scissor Tail Designs Spring Bling Easter Eggs #2 - click to see more
    Spring Trio and Spring Bling Easter Eggs
    Scissor Tail Designs has some cute smalls to stitch for Easter. Her Bling Eggs are worked on 32ct white and pastel linens and garnished with seed beads. The charts offer 4 eggs, each approx 2-3/4 x 3-1/2. There will be one more chart of 4 more eggs coming in the next two weeks -- they're stitched on all the pretty new Zweigart pastel linens.

    Then, Spring Trio presents three panels of bunnies and baskets -- they measure approx 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 each. Pretty as pin cushions, cubes or framed like in the pic... the tiny scissor fob is a part of the top design that is worked over one! Both the eggs and Spring Trio designs are offered in chart format.

    March from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more March & April from Cross Eyed Cricket
    Cross Eyed Cricket's Vicki Hastings has begun a series of the 12 months... just like her seasons and holidays. Beginning with March and April, we're treated to the month spelled out in block letters with all sorts of floral and holiday decorations adorning the letters. Each leaflet includes a companion design as well... April's is a darling patchwork carrot with a balloon bouquet, and March has one of her signature mittens.

    March from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for moreEach month in its own leaflet... Vicki hopes to release M, J and J in May, A and S in July followed by O, N and D in September. (If you can keep all that straight... you're amazing!) Anyway, if you want the whole set, join our auto-ship. If you're not sure... just pick them up as released. Everything calls for 28 to 30ct linen. So neat to hang above your kitchen or office bulletin board each month.

    April from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more April from Cross Eyed Cricket
    Flowers, umbrellas and a big bunny... this shouts Spring!!!!! I love the rain cloud above the letter A! Finishing approx 15-1/2 x 4 on 28ct China Pearl Linen, the only button embellishment on this is that running bunny.

    April from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for moreCoded for DMC floss.. this promises to be a real cute set of designs. Find a thin space above a doorway, stitch all of these... make flat panels out of them... and change them out every month.

    Ten X the Fun - Lighthouses 8 of 10 from SamSarah Design Studio Lighthouses from SamSarah Design Studio
    Patti's eighth chart in this series of ten... this month we are treated to Lighthouses. Always a set of five designs, you can stitch them individually as shown, but they look good worked on a single cut of fabric as well.

    Offered in leaflet format. You could even do a 4-sided stand-up with a different lighthouse on each side.

    Spring Spring Has Come from Rosewood Manor - click for more
    Spring Has Come from Rosewood Manor
    Well... I don't know about Spring coming yet... but Part One of Rosewood Manor's new Mystery Sampler is here! A Quilt-y theme -- as you can see from the teaser pic -- this 6 x 18 piece will be presented in three separate leaflet parts. Stitched on Fabric Flair's new 32ct Yorkshire Flowers Linen, the fabric features small and subtle light yellow flowers printed all over it. Part two and three leaflets ($9 each) ship the middle of April and May.

    Part one includes the first leaflet and fabric cut, along with the color key for the symbols. There is an optional set of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses available -- 15 skeins (some multiples) for the main design, and another 7 skeins for all the bonus designs included. Very Rosewood-y in personality!!!!!

    Spring Eggs IV from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Yummy Goodness from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Yummy Goodness and Spring Eggs IV
    from Homespun Elegance
    Homespun Elegance has two new Spring-y designs to chase away our long Winter!
  • 'Delivering Yummy Goodness' features a mom and baby bunny bringing a cart full of pastel eggs... and a few carrots. Finishing just 3 x 5-ish, it'd make a cute cushion to decorate an Easter Basket -- either inside or out!
  • 'Spring Eggs IV' has charts for a trio of colorful sampler eggs. Worked on 30ct, they finish 2 x 3... and would be lovely tucked between your dyed eggs... or just alone in their own basket.
  • Both designs are offered as charts, just simple stitching, but cute. Each uses a brass charm embellishment that does NOT come the pattern, so these are great opportunities to find something fun already in your stash to embellish, if you think they need it.

    Winter Sampler from Nikyscreations - click to see more
    Winter Sampler
    from Nikyscreations

    Ohhh... you can tell this is cooler. Are those snowbanks pushed against the house, and smoke coming from the chimney? I think they're sledding in the front yard!

    Offered as a chart, it is a companion to Niky's other seasonal samplers.

    Just Cross Stitch Magazine Archive DVD 1991 through 2000 - click to see more Presenting the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Archive DVD of 1991 through 2000!
    Ever gone nuts trying to find a design in one of your old magazines??? Just Cross Stitch has just finished archiving its third DVD of 10 YEARS of JCS Magazine! Including every page of every past issue published between 1991 and 2001... the words *Nostalgic, Vintage, Heirloom and Retro* come to mind... along with Oh My Gosh!

    This particular DVD even contains the ORIGINAL 1997 Premier Annual Ornament Issue. Lots of designs that have been the property of the magazine, and not the original designers, all three of these DVD's have been done beautifully. The discs feature fully searchable PDFs and printer-friendly charts. WAY COOL!

    Acid Free Tissue Paper - click to see more Acid Free Tissue Paper
    Ask any historian, librarian or preservationist... sun, air, chemicals and all the elements in our air are the worst enemies for keeping our needlework looking young, fresh, clean and not discolored. Kreinik has packaged 12- 20 x 30 sheets of acid-free tissue paper and recommend that we use it to store and preserve our needlework.

    Unbuffered, museum quality, it prevents tarnishing and oxidation (changing colors), and will not scratch or mar your projects. Works to tuck between your fabrics, wrap silver charms and scissors... and preserve the original colors in samplers and finished pieces that you have (sinfully!) hidden away in your drawers!!!!!

    Walk with Mom from Handblessings - click to see more Walk with Dad from Handblessings - click to see more Baseball Player from Handblessings - click to see more Soccer Player from Handblessings - click to see more Have Wagon Will Travel from Handblessings - click to see more
    Summer Memories Silhouettes from Handblessings
    Walk with Mom -- Walk with Dad -- Baseball and Soccer Players -- Have Wagon Will Travel...
    Aren't these neat designs? Stitched on virtually any fabric you like best... choose a single color of floss... and stitch a memory of childhood. If your little person needs to be a girl -- everything is charted with an optional pony tail!!! Finishing various different sizes -- these are generally 4 x 6-ish in size.

    Each chart includes a heart charm embellishment -- always tucked up high in one of the trees. Timeless designs, not cluttered. They'd make neat photo album covers!

    Lizzie Kate's K69 A Little Beach Kit - click for more Lizzie Kate's 163 Be Who You Are - click for more Lizzie Kate's B47 If We Pray Inspiration Boxer - click for more
    The New Lizzie*Kate is Here!

  • A Little Beach Kit -- Everyone is sick of winter, so here's a good way to combat that! A small kit like Little Love, Easter and Christmas, this is worked on 30ct natural linen with bits of floss from your stash. The kit comes with the chart, linen, starfish charm and some aqua glass beads. Just a small something!
  • Be Who You Are! By Dr Suess; *Be who you are, say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!* Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 3 x 10.
  • We Pray Inspiration Boxer -- By Mother Theresa: If we pray, we will believe. If we believe, we will love. If we love, we will serve. Offered as the chart with linen cut and bitty embellishments, there is also a smaller bonus design ... but our sneak-peek pic is to small to spill the beans!
  • Lizzie Kate's F141 Winter 4-Seasons Flip-it - click for more Lizzie Kate's F140 Autumn 4-Seasons Flip-it - click for more
  • Autumn & Winter 4-Seasons Flip-its -- The final two in this 4-part set... small cards that come with a few tiny micro-buttons. We now have a gigantic set of clay buttons that embellishes the entire piece if you like! Stitch all of these individually if you want. We were speculating the other day, that you could just repeat the winter scene for Spring (and label it Spring!) because of the long Winter we've been having!

  • Pink & White from Bent Creek - click for more Clover of Clovers from Bent Creek - click for more Think Happy Row from Bent Creek - click for more
    New From Bent Creek!
    A trio of new things has arrived!
  • 'Pink & White' would look great tucked among your Easter Eggs...
  • 'Clover of Clovers' is now a year early for next St Patrick's Day...
  • Think Happy Row is perfect to stitch just about any time!
  • Charts and kits, Pink & White is very small, and joins its other monochromatic mini charted designs.
    'Clover' comes as a kit -- 18ct Natural Linen with the necessary #5 Pearl Cottons -- it's very cute.
    Think Happy Row is another chart, coming with a single heart button embellishment. This one is EASY to add colorful buttons to -- especially ones that make you happy!

    Flutterby New Vera Bradley Colors - click to see more Flower Shower New Vera Bradley Colors - click to see more Fanfare New Vera Bradley Colors - click to see more Petal Paisley New Vera Bradley Colors - click to see more
    New Vera Bradley Colors - click to see more Summer's 2014 Vera Bradley Colors and Styles are HERE!
    • Flutterby is a bright pink-y purpl-y floral
    • Flower Shower is my favorite -- bold lime, orange teal and browns... and some sort of yellow!
    • Fanfare is a black and white with a teeny touch of citron
    • Petal Paisley is a pretty blue and pink busy paisley pattern
    You know we have it all... and now we have 1*2*3 Pricing to boot!
    Purchase your first piece at regular price...
    But if you get two... they're both 15% off.
    BUT... if you get 3 or more pieces, they are ALL 25% OFF!!!
    Every Day... Even the New!

    Bunny Shower from Just Nan - click for more   Loreeli Lamb from Just Nan - click for more   Rhyme & Reasons from Just Nan - click for more
    Just Nan's Newest is coming. Here's the Sneak Peek!
  • Bunny Shower is the second in Nan's Just Dropping Series -- we have cute little bunnies floating in for Easter underneath their umbrellas. A petite thing at 6 x 8 on 32ct Lilac Belfast Linen, they're garnished with beads and sequins.
  • Loreeli Lamb is the 2nd limited edition ornament of 2014. All of 2013s are retired. Worked on 32ct White Belfast linen, her coats are different on each side, she has a fluffy yarn tail and beads and sequins around her neck. Chart and all necessary embellishments are included, we're sending the fabric with the auto-ships.
  • Rhyme & Reasons -- A band sampler that celebrates a lot of the reasons why we stitch, this finishes approx 12 x 4 on 28ct, features nine specialty stitches, and MANY miniature motifs and floral border bands throughout the sampler. Stitched on Platinum Linen -- choose 28 or 32ct.
    Everything is due in the shop by the 27th or 28 of March... it'll be fun to have new things!!!

  • Farmyard Chicks -- Tartlets #5 from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Farmyard Chicks -- Tartlets #5 from The Victoria Sampler
    Cathy Jean has a freshly hatched set of chicks for Spring! The 5th in her series of Tartlet Designs... the other 4 leaflets are pictured on this back cover, so you can see if you've missed any that you want for your set. This time... we have a mother hen, but her babies fit into SMALLER tins! Easy stitching on 14/28ct with Gentle Art Sampler Threads, each is garnished with micro buttons.

    The set originally began as Christmas ornaments, so Cathy Jean continues to chart these with the two different color options -- some red buttons for Christmas greenery or buttons that coordinate with each little animal. The threads and buttons come in an accessory pack, while the tart tins come in another pack. Cute as can be!

    My Friend's House from Blackbird Designs - click for more My Friend's House
    from Blackbird Designs
    A cute little piece, the verse reads *The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.* A petite 6 x 8 in size, this is worked on 30ct Espresso Linen in just 6 shades of Sampler Threads hand-dyeds.

    Apple Cider, Country Redwood, Picnic Basket, Tin Bucket, Uniform Blue, and Wheat Fields, this is dedicated to Blackbird's Barb and Alma -- and their friendship that began in 1997. Offered as a leaflet, this the 8th in the 2013-2014 Loose Feathers Abecedarian Series of 12 leaflets.

    Gifts of the Spirit from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Love One Another from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Oh Glorious Day from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Spring Angel from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
    Gifts of the Spirit, Love One Another, Oh Glorious Day and Spring Angel
    from Lone Elm Lane Designs

    Lone Elm has 4 new leaflets with a bit brighter color than her first set of designs. Stitched on various counts of fabric, all four are shown mounted in the tops her 8-inch wooden Shaker boxes. Stitched on various counts of hand-dyed fabrics -- if you choose not to finish onto the box-tops -- you can choose any other counts you want!

    I like Love One Another: *Love One Another -- Each different, yet each created by the hand of The Master, Therefore... Love One Another...*
    Because the design is circular, the verse just goes round and round the box top! All four new designs are offered in individual leaflets.

    Quaker Thread Boards from The Workbasket
    Stacking Bunnies from The Workbasket - click to see more I brought home *JUST a few* hand-painted and finished thread boards by Workbasket -- deep brick red, navy blue, pine green and mustard gold. Offered as complete kits, each features the 6-1/4 x 3-1/2 hand-painted wooden tag board that has a hole for attachment, and 3 more holes to tie up your threads.

    A small cut of Weeks 35ct Straw Linen is included.. along with overdyed Belle Soie Silk to match the tag board, and a mounting board for your needlework that has already been 'puffed' with a bit of Warm 'n Natural. Each color board comes with its own house design.

    Extra-Tiny Basket Sampler from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Kindly Remember Me from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Needles Bind from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Perfume Make Do Cushion from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
    Tiny Designs from Olde Colonial
    Pam Reed has 4 new small projects that might make *just the perfect small gift* for just a small occasion!
  • Extra-Tiny Basket Sampler -- An 18 x 18 Stitch Count mini-masterpiece! 5 Shades of hand-dyeds and 32ct linen, your Extra-Tiny fits into one of Olde Colonial's MINIATURE Birds Eye Maple easel backed frames that measures only 2-5/8 inches in size. The sampler opening is only 1-1/2 inches! Complete kit contains the chart, linen, flosses, needle, scissor charm and bitty frame.
  • Kindly Remember Me -- A small floral bouquet embellished with a single brass butterfly charm, you'll need bits of floss from your stash to make this 2 x 3-ish cushion. Offered as the chart with linen cut and charm.
  • Needles Bind -- This is a pocket to hold a couple of packages of needles. It has room for your initials and those of your BFF! Some Smyrnas and Queens in here, the kit comes with the 32ct Natural linen, flosses, muslin lining, needle, a pair of bitty bee charms and some assembly instructions for the 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch case.
  • Perfume Make Do Cushion -- This is a small stitched cushion perched atop a tiny perfume sample bottle! Stitched on 32ct Antique White with a bit of Iris hand-dyed floss, whip stitch the tiny pillow closed, add the crystal beads to ends of stick pins, and your little curiosity is finished! Offered as the chart with linen, floss, crystals, pins and antique glass perfume bottle.

  • Presenting our FLAX *BOLD* Spring and Summer 2014 Collection! - click to see more Presenting our FLAX *BOLD* Spring and Summer 2014 Collection! - click to see more Presenting our FLAX *BOLD* Spring and Summer 2014 Collection! - click to see more
    Presenting our FLAX *BOLD* Spring and Summer 2014 Collection!
    Presenting our FLAX *BOLD* Spring and Summer 2014 Collection! - click to see more
    We've been very busy unpacking boxes and boxes of the most cheerful linen clothing this past week! The weather finally turned warm, Daylight Savings changed... and all of the sudden Spring is right around the corner! Next, we have to try on everything... and take a few pics to show off our new things!

    Cherry Red, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Bluebell plaids, gauzes and regular weight linens... you can see how pretty and bright the new colors are! Everything mixes and matches. FLAX linens are luscious to wear -- soft, loose, and lightweight. No ironing necessary -- unless you want to. 100% Linen -- it IS the choice for us Stitchers!!!!!
    Click the pics to visit our FLAX page to see more pics and descriptions of all the new! And remember our 1-2-3 special pricing!

    The Hannah Birdwell Stitch Boxe from Liberty Hill - click to see more The Hannah Birdwell Stitch Boxe
    from Liberty Hill

    Liberty Hill is busy painting another sewing box for us! Measuring 8 x 5 x 4 it is in a Pennsylvania style with a leaping deer, stars, and hearts painted on the slide-out lid and sides of the box. Appropriately labeled -- *For thy deerly wrought handworke!* Imaginary 9-year old Hannah Birdwell stores her small stitched sampler inside with her threads.

    The Hannah Birdwell Stitch Boxe from Liberty Hill - click to see moreInside the boxe, you will find a short story about Hannah, the chart to stitch her small sampler, a hand-painted wooden project ring for threads and a fragment of red wool in the shape of a heart for pins and needles, along with a piece of black ribbon to tie up the finished rolled sampler.

    Pretty brick reds, gold and black. Boxes have arrived in the shop and are LIMITED in production!

    Lizzie Kate's Summer 4-Seasons Flip-it set   Lizzie Kate's Snowy String - click for more
    JABCO Buttons for Lizzie Kate's Snowy String - click for more JABCO Buttons for Lizzie Kate's 4-Seasons Flip-it set - click for more Just Another Button Company Clay Meets Lizzie Kate!
    You might recognize Lizzie Kate's 4-Seasons Flip-Its and her Snowy String... but HEY... the buttons are a new addition! How fun to add cardinals and snowflakes to Snowy... and all the bluebirds, sheep, strawberries, acorns and that fat little snowman to the 4-Seasons!

    Offered as button packs, you'll get a hand-drawn button placement sheet with each, so you'll know exactly where to place them on your Lizzie Kate! (As a matter of fact, we have button packs for the other Strings too... we just don't have pics of the models, either!) *Remember, the last 2 Flip-It cards won't be here until next week.

    A Bee in Your Bonnet from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more
    A Bee in Your Bonnet from Summer House Stitche Workes
    Kind of a fun sampler by Summer House Stitche Workes, this has a royal feel to it with that crown in there! A pretty trailing vine feeding the hungry bees surrounds the skep and the little verse.

    There are Algerian Eyes in that skep, but the rest is Cross Stitch. The colors are pretty -- Sampler Threads of Piney Woods, Dried Thyme, Dark Chocolate, Toffee, Oatmeal and Country Redwood to stitch this 9 x 10-1/2-ish inch piece. Offered as a leaflet.

    Antique Bee Sampler from Elizabeth's Designs - click to see more Antique Bee Sampler from Elizabeth's Designs
    Bumbles, Queens, Sewing, Honey, Quilting and Spelling Bees are all honored in here!!!!! Elizabeth's designs brings us this delightful pair of pieces -- same verses but two different design arrangements offered in the same leaflet!

    Pretty colors of Weeks flosses, this would make a cute cushion on a settee in a sunroom! Finishing a petite 7 x 10-ish on Weeks 35ct Cornsilk hand-dyed linen, (we have 30ct as well) it doesn't call for any embellishments - but we have tons of cute bee and flower buttons!!!

    New From Curly Girl and Mill Hill... click for more
    New From Curly Girl and Mill Hill
    We have four new kits by Curly Girl Designs that are full of personality and inspiration. (#'s 13, 14, 15 and 16 in this collection of designs!) Stitched on either Navy or Star Sapphire 28ct linen in loads of DMC flosses, these feature small bits of beaded embellishment... but much more Cross Stitch than beading. Finishing approx 7 x 7, they are colorful, fresh, young, upbeat, and VERY up-to-date. Stitch these for any young lady in your life -- and she will love you!
  • Sparkle -- Every once in a while we get a moment when all the world needs us to do is just stand there and sparkle! OHhhh... isn't that neat? What a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion or life milestone... or just a special personality! Worked in tons of white with some opalescent metallics on navy.
  • Dandelion -- Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows. Every marvelous possibility is a bundle of very little things... Stitched on 28ct Star Sapphire Linen, SO simple and stunning!
  • Off Your Path -- Sometimes your journey will take you off of your path. It's all part of the same trip. Great words of encouragement for someone who thinks they are still trying to find their way! (I love that little flowered camper... wouldn't that we a riot to travel cross country in???)
  • Fireflies -- If there was never any darkness, we would never see the fireflies. Something to remind us that there is good in so many things... and that we can get through the other side. Stitched on Navy... the beads in this are super bright -- just like the fireflies!

  • Carols on the Square from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Carols on the Square from Praiseworthy Stitches
    Praiseworthy Stitches has released this year's Christmas Scene -- a companion Santa's Midnight Flight. (We're starting to get a fun collection of these patterns -- just like their series of Halloween Haunted Houses! VERY detailed and full of whimsical design elements.) Back to Christmas! *Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!* Stitched on Picture This Plus 32ct Nocturne hand-dyed linen, a 24 x 27 cut, the linen is a gorgeous greyed-denim blue -- a fantastic darkened winter sky on a cloudy, snowy evening.

    The charming houses in the village are lit for the Holidays, and everyone seems to be out tonight caroling. Santa is up there in his sleigh... yes, he is standing... because this is his sleigh -- not a rowboat! The big tree in the foreground is full of stitched texture, it features Smyrnas if you like. Houses feature Satin Stitched planks, while windows are decorated with mini-garlands of petite glass seed beads. You're going to need a few reels of metallic blending filament, those three seed bead colors and LOTS of Weeks and Gentle Art over-dyed flosses -- 53 skeins in all!!!!!! The colors in this are Grand!!! There are even a pair of JABCO buttons up in the top corners -- Rudolph and the sleigh! Very enchanting this year... just break down and get it... it'll be fun to page through and start when it's 100 degrees this summer!!!

    Olde Irish Blessing from Erica Michaels - click for more Olde Irish Blessing from Erica Michaels
    Erica Michaels has 6 new pieces -- although her designs are presented on 40ct silk gauze, they are charted just the same, and can be stitched on any count fabric you wish! Featured here is The Olde Irish Blessing. Stitch count is 132 x 164 so it finishes approx 3 x 4 on the provided gauze cut... and can be approx 9-1/2 x almost 12 on 14/28. Either way -- a lovely greeting for your home.

    Charted for DMC or hand-dyed flosses, you'll need two skeins of the Oatmeal (white) and one of everything else -- Heirloom Gold, Shutter Green, Toasted Barley and Seaweed. Such pretty lettering and the clovers intertwined with the gold chain border, this is just elegant. If you choose not to work the gauze, your background will not be stitched -- so choose a warm hand-dyed fabric to keep the same soft look.
    EM has 5 more designs that are new - CLICK the pic to see the rest!!!

    JBW's 293 Seaside Alphabet - click to see more JBW's 289 A Friend So Dear - click to see more JBW's 290 Now I Know My ABCs - click to see more
    A Friend So Dear, Seaside Alphabet and Now I Know My ABC's from JBW Designs
    JBW has 7 new designs... all presented in small card format charts. Here are just 3 of them...
  • Seaside Alphabet is a companion to Great Pumpkin, Christmas, Reindeer and Hearts! It's a scattered alphabet that meanders through lots of individual motifs to set its theme. Stitched in dusty nautical blues and reds, there are tiny lighthouses, sailboats, flags, fish and even a little sand-colored seagull. Finished size is approx 2 x 16!
  • A Friend So Dear is a BEAUTIFUL piece!!! (Actually, I can't believe it's offered in this petite card format!) Finishing approx 6-1/2 x 12, the verse is lovely, and the motifs are charming. Everything is divided up by very pretty borders. *How sweet it is to have a friend so near and dear.* 28ct Confederate Grey linen, this is stitched in a medley of hand-dyed flosses or DMC. Nothing called for embellishment-wise... but you could always add some heart charms or a few buttons or beads if you have just the right thing!
  • Now I Know My ABCs -- Stitched completely in red and white, this piece measures 62 x 166 in stitch count. It features all the letters of the alphabet with corresponding itty bitty motifs -- and everything is divided up by the lacy white borders. There is a button set available -- just the right sizes to fit everywhere on here!

  • Nora Corbett Greeting Cards -- click to see a more Nora Corbett Greeting Cards from Mirabilia
    WOW... we have two more stunning collections of blank-inside greeting cards decorated with the original artwork of Nora Corbett -- they are her handpainted studies BEFORE she charted her works into Cross Stitch! The beginnings of what become our stitched masterpieces, each image includes the original sketchmarks, the paper folds and graph lines!!!
  • *The Holly Pixie Couture Collection of flower fairies is just gorgeous!
  • *Christmas Eve Couriers are some of the reindeer and Santa's Sleigh...
  • Each set contains 12 blank-inside cards with envelopes -- 2 each of 6 different designs. Cards measure 5 x 7 in size. If you've stitched one of these designs -- it would be really cool to attach the card to the back of your framed piece! Otherwise... your friends all KNOW you stitch... dazzle them with stitchery on your cards!

    Gather Friends Close from Hands On Design - click to see more   Gather Friends Close set 1... from Hands On Design - click to see more   Gather Friends Close framed from Hands On Design - click to see more
    Gather Friends Closefrom Hands On Design
    WOW... this is a cute set of designs! Hands on Designs' Cathy Habermann (who used to design under Cherrywood Studios) is introducing this neat set of nine pincushions. BUT... if you are not into little pillows... she has them charted for a larger pillow or framed piece. The cover shows nine small designs. Offered in three parts... part one offers the three designs on the left-hand side. Part Two will offer the *Friends* trio of three pillows (arranged vertically in the center of the grouping.) Part Three contains the three small designs on the right-hand side of the nine.

    Now... LOOK at the finishing. Every tiny pin cushion is constructed a bit differently... and all feature the most charming, retro-flavored fabrics. YOU GET THOSE FINISHING FABRICS! All are stitched on Weeks 30ct hand-dyed Honeysuckle Linen with DMC floss. Your chart contains its three designs, PLUS the finishing fabrics, PLUS the hand-dyed rik-raks and buttons shown! If you don't want to make the tiny cushions, Cathy has integrated the trims into the main medley of designs. A fat quarter of the Weeks linen will be plenty for all nine designs. We are offering an auto-ship for the remaining two charts in this set... I just love them all!!!!!

    Love My Stitching from Hands On Design - click to see more
    Love My Stitching from Hands On Design
    Well, this is a fun design... frame it, pillow it or follow the included instructions to make it into a cool stitching pouch! Offered as a chart, the entire design is worked in only three colors of DMC floss. If you find fun fabric for your pouch and it doesn't match -- CHANGE the COLORS of floss!!!!!!! (The Cross Stitch Police will not visit you!)

    Simple and real cute, raid your embellishment stash to see what fun things you can come up with to decorate this. I love that gigantic rik-rak trim on there...chenille ball fringe would be wild!!

    Wooden Flag Threadkeep from Priscilla's Pocket Lots of Patriotic from Priscilla's Pocket!!!
    A TERRIFIC Miniature Wooden Thread Keep -- along with a pair of great charts -- these are beautiful, timeless designs.
  • First, that little flag! It is a hand-made piece of wood -- different varieties layered together like a cane of JABCO button clay -- then it is SAWED (sliced) to make this lovely 1-1/2 x 2 inch miniature flag!!! Beautifully rounded and finished, I'm not sure you actually want to cover it up by winding thread around it! STUNNING inside of any patriotic sewing case! It's a pricey little thing, and we don't have many... but it's a gorgeous piece of art!
  • Patriot's Trio from Priscilla's Pocket Spacious Skies from Priscilla's Pocket
  • Spacious Skies -- A sophisticated, monochromatic piece, the stitch count is 85 x 84, and it is worked in only one color. Choose a pretty hand-dyed for interest -- black, dark navy, rich deep red... whatever you like. If you want to mount it on Priscilla's little hornbook... get it first to match your thread and fabric colors -- you'll just need any 36ct.
  • Patriot's Trio -- Here's another set of designs that can be framed or stitched to fit on those fun little Miniature Hornbook Paddles. Worked on 35ct Weeks Tin Roof linen with hand-dyeds of Dried Thyme, Garden Gate, Grecian Gold, Old Red Paint, Parchment, Shaker White, Uniform Blue and Lancaster Red... these are absolutely enchanting pieces! All three are offered in the same chart.

  • When Pigs Fly! from SamSarah Design Studio When Pigs Fly! from SamSarah Design Studio
    Well here is the perfect thing for the pessimist in your life! Sam Sarah has taken her metal Stix... last time we had flying fish stuck on them... and now she'd added Pigs! Stitched on Weeks 30ct Confederate Grey hand-dyed linen in just 5 shades of floss (Grits, King Mackerel, Peach Fuzz, Hibiscus and Whiskey) you could frame them... but they really DO fly perched atop their Sam Sarah Stix!

    Offered as a leaflet, there is a bitty bag of blue button embellishments for their tummies. VERY unique and cute... if you know someone who's doing a nursery in pigs (people do the strangest things!)... you could even stitch a birth announcement on the back of one of these! Or... of course... commemorate any occasion that is marked with the promise of 'When Pigs Fly!' Baby Spiral Pig is approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2. Middle Heart Pig is about 4-1/2 x 5, and the Big Polka Dot Pig is 5 x 6. Three 10 x 10-inch fabric cuts will do nicely... so order fabric cuts -- one to a pig!

    Buttercup from SamSarah Design Studio Buttercup from SamSarah Design Studio
    A sweet note of encouragement... or one a little more 'acidic'... this is pretty dog-gone cute! *Chin Up, Buttercup... or Suck it up, Buttercup!* Kind of fun perched atop a file cabinet at work (?)... ! Patti has charted this to be stitched over two on 20ct Weeks Blue Jeans linen (approx 6 x 12), and she's used Watercolors -- which is closest in weight to #5 Pearl Cotton. 20Ct is the size necessary to fit the cute metal bug stand shown in the pic.

    If you want this smaller... you can choose the same color of fabric in 30ct... or choose an aida... the stitch count is really just 59 x 117. (That would finish 4 x 8 on 14ct. and would make a fun stand-up cube that could convey your message is a less bold fashion! Offered as a leaflet, there is a set of small buttons to garnish -- you can see them on the background.

    Happy Dance from SamSarah Design Studio Happy Dance
    from SamSarah Design Studio
    Sam Sarah is doing the Happy Dance!!! To celebrate her 15 years in business, she has designed us the most cheerful piece -- it's stitched on the brand new Zweigart Petit Point White/Natural 30ct Belfast Linen using Weeks flosses!!!

    Offered as the chart, with the new linen and a fun little 7-inch metal and wooden hanger piece, there is also a trio of heart button embellishments. You'll need the 10 overdyed or DMC flosses from your stash for the stitching. The whole thing is super-cute and finishes approx 7 x 8-ish. Just brings a smile to your face!
    Stacy Nash Spring Button Tray -- click to see more Stacy Nash Eliza Poole -- click to see more Stacy Nash Mustard Seed Manor -- click to see more
    Stacy Nash has six new designs... that are all pretty good!!!
    She is showing two of the new pieces finished as fabric trays to store and show-off special scissors and pin cushions -- a great way to use pretty finishing fabrics and some cool trim. Eliza Poole's sampler is charming because it features three different floral designs in it's border.

    Everything is offered in chart format, and includes actual sized templates for any finishing needed. Click the pics to see everything!

    Monthly Animals from Nikyscreations - click to see more Monthly Animals from Nikyscreations
    January's Cat, February's Swan and March's Bird are all here, and the first three in this 12-part set of pin cushion designs. Offered as charts, each is stitched on really any fabric you want... and are coded for DMC floss. The month is highlighted along the bottom border, so you can leave that off, if you wish.

    Primitive, classic and simple motifs, this promises to be a nice set. We're offering an auto-ship to help you collect all 12 of these. Since they are shipping directly from Italy, I'm not sure yet if Niky is sending each month... or sending two or 3 months at a time.

    Wee Bundle -- Alphabets and Numbers from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Wee Bundle -- Alphabets and Numbers from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Wee Bundle -- Alphabets and Numbers
    from La-D-Da
    This is a double-stacked little pin cushion! 1*2*3*4 -- the Numbers part measures only 2 x 2-1/2 inches. The Alphabet pillow is bigger -- 3 x 4 in size. Both are stitched on Weeks 30ct Confederate Gray linen in Gloriana silk. Dames of the Needle's hand-dyed "Grunge" Pom Pom fringe and dyed silk ribbon are the trims you embellish with, and tie the pair together.

    Just a precious tiny set of pillows, the colors are soft and muted. Offered in chart format, a very neat design presentation.

    Spring Hare from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Spring Hare
    from La-D-Da
    An old fashioned rabbit bringing a nosegay of posies... LOVE that elegant alphabet in the background! Stitched on Week's 35ct Beige Linen in Gentle Art's Garden Gate and Sable flosses, he finishes approx 6-1/2 x 6-1/2.

    Would make a beautful pillow bordered in luscious raw silk fabrics!!

    A Schoolroom Alphabet-the sampler- click for more A Schoolroom Alphabet - click for more
    A Schoolroom Alphabet
    from Needlework Press
    Needlework Press has used an antique handkerchief to inspire an entire book full of Cross Stitch projects! Printed only in blue ink on white, the original image is that of an old schoolroom full of children with their teacher.

    Pages and pages of history about the original blue and white kerchief, and then more history surrounding the chosen projects... each design is inspired by something depicted in the original picture. Lessons are in progress, with the letters of the alphabet all surround the scene, making it extra charming!

    There are history bits about backpacks, hornbooks and supplies, keeping time, alphabet and school books, composition and autograph books, dolls and playtime.

    A large alphabet sampler is accompanied by projects that decorate tote bags and backpacks, cover your e-reader and more. Charts, lots of history and LOVELY pictures throughout... all because of the image on an old handkerchief! The softcover book is 96 pages, and very pretty!

    Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloth - click for more
    Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloths and Cotton Kerchiefs
    Needlework Press has reproduced the image from the antique Schoolroom Handkerchief onto small microfibre glasses cleaning cloths, and plain cotton cloths.

    The Glasses cloths are just like our Sampler Cleaning Cloths. The coolest little 5-1/2 x 6-1/4 mini Micro-Fiber cloth to clean your eyeglasses, magnifier lens, telephone or e-something thingie, or computer screen! Every stitcher needs at least three of these -- Cotton Kerchief - click for more
    one for your purse, stitching bag and dresser drawer. The design is a pretty blue and white teaching scene surrounded by circles of the alphabet letters.

    The plain cotton kerchiefs are 14 x 14 inches square... and just a soft cotton cloth. I'd use them as my napkin for stitching treats!!!

    Just something little and fun I found, we're offering a Baker's Dozen on these (13 for the price of 12), because I can think of a million people who would love to have at least one of them!!! Mix and Match is OK... let us know if you want to mix the microfibre cleaning cloths with the cotton ones.

    Hippity Hop from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Easter Parade from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Easter Parade and Hippity Hop
    from Sue Hillis Designs
    Sue Hillis has two fun stitched Easter Egg collections -- if you're really good, you might be able to finish some in time for THIS Easter! Actually, stitch just one or two and tuck them into your bowl or basket of dyed eggs... or Easter Grass.
  • Easter Parade features such cute bunnies -- it uses 26 different shades of DMC - so lots of shading there!!!
  • Hippity Hop's eggs have a different flavor -- that book uses 33 different colors!
  • All are stitched on either Aida or linen... you decide! Actual-sized templates for egg finishing are included along with egg-assembly instructions. VERY cute! Offered as leaflets.

    Praire Schooler has new releases!

    Prairie Schooler's #192 One for The Crow -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #193 Where There Are Bees -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #194 Rabbit Run -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's #195 Santas Revisited -- click to see more
  • #192 One for The Crow -- Something for a Country Kitchen, the main piece finishes approx 6 x 8-1/2 on 32ct Lambswool.
  • #193 Where There Are Bees -- There is honey! Tea, Bears, that hive, and the Queen, only 4 colors of DMC floss are used!
  • #194 Rabbit Run -- Companions #193, more lovely medallions to make into samplers or stitch individually -- you can mirror the two middle ones to complete them. Same 4 colors of DMC as Bees... but with green tossed in!
  • #195 Santas Revisited -- 1990, 1994 and 2005 are reprinted in this edition. The quest continues for everyone to collect all 30 years of the PS annual Santas!
  • All four are leaflets and are *Must Haves* for every Prairie Schooler Collector!!

    Prairie Schooler's #192 One for The Crow -- click to see more Little Set *E* Mini Cards
    from Praire Schooler
    Prairie Schooler has sent a 5th set (Set E) of small promotional cards (10 cards in the set) that she publishes when leaflets are printed. One Promo card per leaflet -- these are small, companion designs to their book.

    We have 4 other sets... so this makes 50 of these tiny cards to gather and collect. These cards cover books 180 through 189, stitch counts are generally 30 to 40 in size -- perfect for ornaments!

    4 New Additions to Week's Dye Work's Floss collection - click to see more New Gentle Art Flosses!  Click for more New Gentle Art Simply Wools!  Click for more
    Gentle Art and Weeks have introduced new flosses and wools!
    Oh... in the quest of *just the perfect color*, both Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art have released a few new shades to add to their collections! They are nice colors this time around -- normal, very good fits with what we already have.
    Weeks has 4 New Flosses:
  • Amethyst is a medium lavender.
  • Cattail is a great taup-y white.
  • Verdigris is a pretty light spring-y green.
  • Terrapin is a muddier, darker green.
  • Gentle Art has a trio of new Flosses:
  • Black Licorice is a very dark black.
  • Loganberry is a greyed lavendar -- close to the 3041 family.
  • Moss is strong olive green.
  • In Gentle Art's Simply Wool Line, we have:
  • Black Licorice -- again a deep solid-looking black.
  • Portabella -- a wonderful beige, not a lot of yellow.
  • Third is Strawberry Parfait which is definitely reminiscent of strawberry ice cream!
  • (All of them will eventually turn up in your chart keys -- so pick them up now, so you won't be without at midnight some night when you're ready to start a new project!!!)
    All are offered individually in our little clicky boxes on the thread pages (so you can pick and choose)... but for a few weeks, we have bundled them together so you can add the sets to your stash!

    Springtime Messenger from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Springtime Messenger
    from With Thy Needle and Thread
    Isn't this the sweetest little piece??? Your Springtime visitor is worked on 28ct Straw hand-dyed gingham linen with a few Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds. He finishes a mere 4 x 5, and is garnished with a smattering of old buttons.

    We have small shell buttons (by Kelmscott -- a set of several dozen buttons runs $7) that work great for this... but you might have some old buttons in your collection somewhere that would be perfect. Make him into a hanging pillow or small cushion... the colors are very dusty and soft. Offered as a chart, buttons are separate.

    Elizabeth Clark 1822 from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Elizabeth Clark 1822
    from With Thy Needle and Thread
    Brenda Gervais has the original antique sampler stitched by Elizabeth Clark in her personal sampler collection. Enchanted by the grape vine billowing from that awesome house, all the poppies in the border, and even the little man up in the top corner, she has recharted this following most of the original colors of thread that still thrive on the back of the piece. Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Linen in Weeks and Gentle Art flosses, this finishes approx 20 x 22-1/2 in size.

    Such pretty balance ... the colors are (several multiple skeins are needed) Light Khaki, Beige, Straw, Peach, Pebble, Putty, Pecan (5 of those!) Basil, Kudzu, Teal Frost, Dried Thyme (5 of those!), Woodrose, Baby Spinach, Caramel Corn and Wood Trail. Offered as a chart.
    Click the pic to see the other new With Thy Needle designs!

    New Critter Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click to see more New Critters by Accoutrements Designs
    Jazzy, jeweled super-strong magnets, these are great to hold your needles, patterns, or even notes to a file cabinet!!! Accoutrement Designs always comes up with the most unusual shapes... so for a little while, we have these!
  • Crocodile -- This little two-toned green monster is approx 1 x 1-1/2 inches in size.
  • Parrot -- Full of color, he's 1-1/2 inches long.
  • Cactus -- This one is very festive and is only 1-1/4 inches tall.
  • Pink Pig -- Well, she's precious, and only an inch long. She even has a curly gold tail!

  • Stand Firm in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Crow & Basket in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Sunflower House in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
    Teresa Kogut NOW in Cross Stitch!!!
    We have carried Teresa Kogut's designs for several years -- in Punch Needle Embroidery -- but NOW in Cross Stitch as well!!! Offered in chart format and using Week's Dye Works linens and flosses... her designs are primitive in flavor with bold personality! Pictured is a sneak peek to all the rest on Teresa's designer page! Click to see the rest!

    Count Twice, Stitch Once! from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Count Twice, Stitch Once!
    from Plum Street Samplers
    Plum Street Samplings has five tremendous new pieces we brought home from Market... and even though this one wasn't the largest or most involved of them... it DEFINITELY belongs STITCHED in the home of every needleworker!!!!!

    Measuring 145 x 49 stitches, choose a favorite fabric and grab hand-dyeds from your stash. It calls for Classic Colorworks or DMC colors. You could frame this... but wouldn't a walnut shell stuffed cushion be fun too? Please do not miss Mr Rip-It down there on the right... I think he's after a fly! So DARN cute, this is offered as a chart. Wouldn't it be fun to stitch for your girlfriend who is always ripping stuff out?
    Don't miss the rest of this great batch of new designs.

    Spring Seasonal Gardens from Cherished Stitches - click to see more Spring Seasonal Gardens from Cherished Stitches
    Louise Henderson has introduced her first two kits in her 4-part set (limited to 200 kits produced!) of seasonal cushions -- Spring and Summer Gardens. (Autumn and Winter will follow later this summer.)

    Pretty little things, both are small pillows that measure 81 x 66 stitches on 32ct linen. Spring is full of lavenders, raspberry, greens and carmel flosses. Its backing is a lovely lavender print, and the twisted edging trim is another lavender of silk bamboo and alpaca/acrylic! A complete kit to make a charming cushion, you get the chart, linen, limited edition hand-dyed flosses, lining fabric and that neat edging trim!
    Summer Seasonal Gardens from Cherished Stitches - click to see more
    Summer Seasonal Gardens
    What a pretty, colorful summer scene of animals playing in the garden. GORGEOUS brilliant blues and raspberry color dominate this small cushion.

    The complete kit contains a cut of 32ct linen, bold Weeks hand-dyed flosses, backing fabric and even the hand-dyed raspberry chenille cord you see on the edges.

    Chessie & Me Make-Do Sampler -- click to see more Chessie & Me Berry House Stitch Book -- click to see more Chessie & Me 1776 Harbor -- click to see more
    Chessie & Me has released six new designs... and they are charming!
    Pictured here are just three.
  • Make-Do Sampler is a piece that is stitched on three different pieces of fabric, and then joined together.
  • Berry House Stitch Book is a small sampler that is mounted on top of a 3 x 4 paper box -- we do have the boxes.
  • 1776 Harbor is a new kit stitched over both one and two threads in Belle Soie and Gloriana Silks.
  • All of Linda's new things are so much fun -- full of stitch details and pretty colors. Click to see them all!

    The Garden Fair from Blackbird Designs - click for more The Garden Fair from Blackbird Designs
    Blackbird has a pretty new garden urn piece, surrounded by a floral border that could fit on top of a small box, or finish into a petite pillow. Stitched on 32ct Hoffman's Special Blend by R & R, this uses a palette of Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds that are included in the kit... Wild Berries, Cinnamon Toast, Clay Pot, Hazelnut, Onion Skin, Pea pod, Stepping Stones, Used Brick, and Weeping Willow.

    The 32ct linen is a new addition to the hand-dyed fabrics we have had... it is a classic R & R light brown hand-dyed color. The Garden Fair is an exclusive design to Hoffman Distributing Company and is offered as the chart with nine Classic Colorworks complete floss skeins. The R & R linen is offered separately.

    Recipe Cards! from Blackbird Designs - click for more
    Recipe Cards! from Blackbird Designs
    Barb and Alma have printed a LOVELY set of 16 recipe cards... all from the artwork of their new Plum Sweet Fabric line!!! They scalloped the edges of these charming cards, added gorgeous images of cross stitching, put them on heavy, textured paper and packaged 5 each of 4 different designs together.

    Makes me want to re-do my entire recipe box!!! A perfect 'little something' as a token gift... or the perfect cards to share recipes with stitching friends, these are neat!

    Wisteria Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Wisteria Snowman
    from Shepherd's Bush
    Shepherd's Bush has released their 7th annual snowman on hand-dyed linen. Joining Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, and Red... Little Ms Wisteria is worked on a dusty light lavender linen, and definitely has a colorful attitude! In the Meadow... the sky is gray... forbidding sun and hiding the sky... will Spring ever arrive?

    Offered as a complete kit of linen and hand-dyed silks, there are three tiny buttons included. Cute, as always, I ask Teri every year if they are going to do a yellow snowman!

    A Tisket * A Tasket from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view A Tisket * A Tasket
    from Shepherd's Bush
    Such a snappy, stylized Spring basket of flowers, Tina and Terri share childhood memories of making paper baskets and filling them with flowers -- a gift to their mother. This 5 x 6 confection features a lavish array of florals in the oversized basket, with a tiny village beneath.

    The basket itself looks like it's full of textured stitches, but it is the play of the threads. Offered as a complete kit of chart, 32ct hand-dyed linen, silks and cottons and button embellishments.

    Presenting a Pair of Limited Edition Kits by Lizzie Kate!
    Song of Spring from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Song of Spring: A pretty chocolate brown polka dot pillow accents your stitching. This is a tiny spot motif sampler of everything Spring -- bunnies, birds, flowers and eggs. Stitched with Week's Dye Works flosses it is embellished with small matching beads, buttons and charms. Offered as a complete kit, you get Linda's chart, cut of 32ct Lambswool Linen, all the necessary Weeks and DMC flosses, embellishments, baby rik-rak, lace, AND the chocolate polka dot fabric! The creme bunny fob project is also included -- threads, embellishments -- everything. Complete finishing instructions are included for your 4 x 7-ish pillow... the whole thing is PRECIOUS!!!

    Do Your Best from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Do Your Best: A sweet bit of advice from home... this design has a home-made/stitcher theme to it. The tiny sampler is finished into a pin pillow, and accents the coordinating strawberry emery -- that kind of resembles a carrot!!! Linda's kit contains everything needed for this pair! Chart, the 28ct Natural linen, Weeks Dye Works flosses, beads, buttons and a bitty stork scissor charm, Weeks wool for the berry leaves, two different sizes of rik rak trim, a length of twine, and that darling antique alphabet pillow fabric! Complete finishing instructions in here, as well; this little clear box is full! Just so sweet!

    Take Time for Love by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Take Time for Love from Jeannette Douglas
    What a delightfully petite piece this is -- packed full of hearts, special stitches, neat threads and lots of design detail. Jeannette's next in her *Take Time* series of designs, LOVE is a mere 64 x 64 stitches (approx 4 x 4 on 32ct) that sports Rhodes hearts, Chevrons, Scotch Stitch Strawberries, Satins and Smrynas all tucked into 12 tiny sections.

    Offered as a leaflet with the threads and accessories separate, it looks like it'll be a lot of fun to stitch. Silks in the packet are luscious Cherry Tart, Dried Pink Roses and Gilded Pink Glorianas... along with some Attic Tea Belle Soie and sparkly Champagne seed beads.

    The Common Thread by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Common Thread from Jeannette Douglas
    This is a piece that Jeannette Douglas has taught to stitchers in England and Canada... and a few in the US! She dedicates it to every stitcher's love of threads!!! Stitched on 32ct Flax Belfast Linen with an impressive array of silks, this 8 x 9 piece is divided up into 9 different distinct sections! I loved discovering her 'tiny band sampler' area... she has tiny ribbon bands in here, a Bargello section, a pulled work section... do you see all those different areas?

    Anyway, this awesome piece is offered in leaflet format -- 20 pages of charts and stitch diagrams -- the pattern itself is a work of organizational and publishing art!!!Lovely specialty stitches all placed perfectly, the colors in this are rich bricks, olives and mosses, teals, cremes and antiqued golds. I think the only Cross Stitches are in the little pear and the alphabet!!! Even if you never get around to stitching this, the charts are so neat... and since it really is made up of smaller sections... never *think* never!!! Offered as the beautiful leaflet with thread pack separately.

    Stitcher's Needlebook by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Stitcher's Needlebook from Jeannette Douglas
    This is a smaller companion piece to the Common Thread Sampler piece. Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Linen, this little piece is SERIOUS stitching! There are so many areas of cool things -- Bargello, Rosette Filling, and lots of variations on Pulled, Ray and Four-Sided. It features three distinct areas of decoration, and when opened, displays a charming wool felt interior.

    Overall, it measures approx 3 x 10-5/8, and is worked in denim, burgundy, winter white and olive silks. There is an additional wool finishing packet to make the lining, pin areas and the delightful little flower-embellished scissor pocket. Offered as the chart, with silk and metallic threads and beads packet separately... and then the additional wool packet.
    There are lots more new designs on Jeannette's page... don't miss them!

    Foxwood Crossings Saltbox Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Della Robbia Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Touch of Turquoise Quilts - click to see more New Mini-Sled Patterns
    from Foxwood Crossings
    Winter is STILL hanging on... so Foxwood has sent three new designs to help you decorate all her miniature sled ornaments! Super-popular this past Christmas... the Foxwood Sleds are 2 x 4 wooden and metal pieces that feature a tiny 'bed' for stitching. With design areas of 17 x 31 on 14ct perforated paper (that means your stitching is only 1 x 2 inches!), these are a very quick-stitch.

    You probably don't want to spend much more time stitching winter-themed things right now, so get these now, and stash them away for next August, when it's beastly hot and winter will never come! (But, if you're in Australia... these are YOU NOW!)

    Pinecones in Winter Biscornu and Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sweetheart Tree Announces Her New Releases!
    Here is just 1 of them!
    Pinecones in Winter Biscornu and Fob
    This is a beautiful pair of designs featuring wintery evergreen branches and over-one pine cones. Worked on 32ct Summer Khaki linen in deep greens and warm browns, Sandie has used clear crystal paillettes on here to make them glisten in a silvery tone without adding distracting color.

    The biscornu features central snowflake buttons, while the fob has white eyelets in the center to remind you of all that snow! The biscornu is offered as a Tweenie Kit of linen, threads and embellishments. The Fob comes as the chart with necessary embellishments. A very pretty set.

    SNOWBELLES By Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill - click for more
    Presenting SNOWBELLES By Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
    Well... Mill Hill pegged the weather correctly when they packed our box of these TOO CUTE new little guys!!! Who knew the entire country would be dealing with snow and snow, and snow....? Debbie Mumm has designed a set of 5 Bells -- Snowbelles - to be exact. Darling little snowmen with bell-bottoms!!!

    All offered as complete kits, they are worked on 14ct white perforated paper with DMC floss and smatterings of Mill Hill glass beads. Each finishes approx 4 x 5-1/4... much smaller than the actual things in your front yard!!! So... we introduce: Jingle, Jangle, Freezy, Flurry and Frank!

    Owl Birth Sampler from Cherry Hill Stitchery - click to see more Owl Birth Sampler
    from Cherry Hill Stitchery

    OHHHH... this is PRECIOUS!
    *Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight.* How can you NOT fall in love with that??? (or the little person it's asking for!) Cherry Hill Stitchery has a new piece than can double as a birth sampler... or simply be the most charming thing hanging on your child's wall.

    Charted for DMC colors of corals and aquas the stitch count is 96 x 163. There is an alphabet and set of numerals included for personalization... so choose your favorite fabric -- it can be anything -- and add this to your stitching schedule for 2014!!!!! Offered as a chart.

    All Because Two People Fell in Love from Cherry Hill Stitchery - click to see more All Because Two People Fell in Love
    from Cherry Hill Stitchery

    That's the verse on this pillow... it could be a wedding momento - or even a birth sampler!!! Stitched in only 6 colors of DMC and hand-dyed the stitch count on this is 166 x 76.

    It would be neat on the front of a photo album... it would be neat stitched and framed in a shadow-box with a couple of special photos... it would be neat stitched in 'the wedding colors' of the wedding, and placed on an easel on the gift table... this is definitely a unique, classy, fresh take on a wedding/baby celebration! Offered as a chart.

    The Winter Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Winter Garden
    from The Drawn Thread!

    The Drawn Thread has sent three new designs this week... Winter Garden is just one. It is her 5th in a garden set -- joining Spring, Autumn, Butterfly and Herb Gardens. Same size and general flavor as the others, this 289 x 63 stitch count design features the Grand Manor along with it's lavish garden of Wintertime Growth! Pines, holly, dogwoods, juniper, ivy... everything is growing so beautifully in the Winter Garden!

    Cynthia loads these with special stitches so everything takes on a bit of texture and interest... and this piece is coded for 9 Needlepoint and 5 Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks. Wintery reds and greens, and of course the white snow all pop against the 32ct Smokey Pearl Linen background. Offered as a chart... for a LIMITED time we have silk packs (all 14 colors) available for this, as well!

    Primitive Petites - click for more
    Primitive Petites - click for more Primitive Petites
    We have three fun new scissors that are straight out of ANTIQUE! Teeny, weeny, squatty snips... these measure only 2-1/4 inches in total length, with blades a mere 1/2 an inch long. Chunky little handles, they look like they are about 150 years old!

    Offered in three different finishes... Antiqued Gold, Copper and Antiqued Silver. These would be so charming on tiny stitched fobs, and really cool tucked inside antiqued sewing cases.

    2014 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more 2014 Collector's Heart
    from Heart in Hand
    Cecilia has sent her new annual collector's heart design... we have them all the way back to 2008!

    Small 4 x 4-ish romance designs, these all come with a cut of linen and embellishments. Find the bits of hand-dyed flosses in your stash.

    Elizabeth Wood -- 1822 from With My Needle - click to see more Elizabeth Wood -- 1822 from With My Needle
    Ellen Chester has a pretty antique sampler in her private collection that she has recharted for all us! Elizabeth Wood stitched the original in 1822, what a charming piece it still is!

    The neat octagonal border, all the florals and the urns, it is stunning. Ellen talks about the original a bit -- fabric choices and such -- her new piece is worked on Week's 35ct Cornsilk Linen and finishes approx 12-1/2 x 15 inches. I love all the "busyness' in here! Offered as a chart.

    We are so excited to present this Summer's Annual Silver Needle Stitching Event... We hope you come to enjoy a few days with Amy Bruecken of AB Designs, and Miranda Weeks of Weeks Dye Works! Both ladies are true artists in their niches of the Cross Stitch Industry. I cannot give away the project secrets and surprises... but you will be amazed by the things you learn that weekend!!!!!! We love bringing you different *Needlework Celebrities* each year... and these two will delight!

    I can describe Amy as one who is free-spirited with a constant smile on her face.
    I can describe Miranda as a fibre artist in every sense of the word... a very successful business woman... and one with the calmness that comes with having 4 children under the age of 12.

    Our Event begins on Wednesday the 16th with Magic By Mona Finishing Frenzy Classes as well... lots of different options for you! Click to read the whole, juicy info sheet... and JOIN US!!!!!!!!!

    Pincushion Appeal from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Pincushion Appeal from JABCO
    Rachel and Cecile from Just Another Button Company continue to dabble in the cutest small wool sculptures to display their handmade buttons and pins. Pincushion Appeal is a softcover book -- 48 pages -- that features 8 creative pin cushion patterns.

    There is a big red 'Measuring Mushroom' tuffet... and a wool bride and groom! The cactus in its pot is so cool -- it's a small work of handmade art! There is a snowman-in-a-globe -- which is actually just the wool art underneath a glass dome. (I think that's an awesome way to display something -- keeps the dust off!)
    Anyway... unique designs, pretty pictures, all the necessary actual-sized design templates and assembly steps, everything is here to help you make your own tiny cushions!

    The Quaker Button Ball from Amaryllis Artworks The Quaker Button Ball from Amaryllis Artworks
    Wow... here's a neat Puzzle Ball to showcase some special buttons you might have in your Grandmother's treasured button box! Stitched on bits of three different shades of brown linen -- 32ct -- using blacks, browns, hazelnuts and creamy colored threads, pearly buttons just pop out amidst the designs. You could always switch linen and thread colors if your particular buttons like something else instead! Actually quite generous in size -- the diameter is about 5 inches.

    You are stitching eight hexagons and six squares (about 25 to 40 stitches each in size) and each one features a different design -- making your ball especially fun to look at from all sides. Lots of good assembly instructions, diagrams and pics included in the chart.

    Santa's Cat & Dog from Madame Chantilly Success Assure from Madame Chantilly Hiver Snowglobes from Madame Chantilly
    New Arrivals from Madame Chantilly
    We have 13 new designs by Madame Chantilly -- directly from France!!! I've chosen just three to show in this pic... so click on them to see everything else we have! The cutest things... quite a variety of subjects... everything is offered in chart format, written in French (so I can't read a word!) but coded for DMC floss!!!
    (Don't get angry when you see the prices of these... buying them IS less expensive than a trip to France, after all! Each chart has a red logo mark on it, so you'll know they are directly from MC. We did double check our invoiced charges!!)

    8 charts from The Wizard of Oz... all stitched together... from Brooke's Books -- click to see more
    Dorothy Gale from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Great & Powerful Oz from Brooke's Books -- click to see more The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!
    from Brooke's Books
    Brooke Nolan has released a set of 8 characters from The Wizard of Oz. Offered in chart format, each is coded for DMC floss and some feature metallics for an extra punch of color. Stitch counts for all are 52 wide... and heights range from 58 stitches (the Flying Monkey) to 104 (The Wicked Witch of the West.)

    Cute as can be... even though you are seeing digital images and not the actual stitched pieces... they'll finish approx 4 x 4 to 4 x 7 in size -- on the large side for ornaments, but if you do them on paper, they'd be awfully neat. Anyway... colorful, familiar, and fun!

    Miniature Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs - click to see more New Mini-Minders by Kelmscott!
    Kelmscott is making more of her scissors into miniature magnets!!! New this week (to join her tiny Steweb, Owl, Storklette and Elizabethan miniature versions) are her Silver Angel and Matte Black Cat styles.

    Virtually the same LOOKING as her regular scissors, these are simply smaller -- just 2 inches -- and non-cutting. They are Needle Minders that look just like their larger scissor-mates. Cute as can be -- they look great anywhere you need a magnet! *Scissor-A-Holics* Beware!

    Peaceful Prairie from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Winter Festival from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Prize Pumpkin Punch Needle from Threads That Bind -- click to see more Spring Preserves from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more
    New Punchneedle from Threads That Bind
    Threads That Bind's Shawn continues to bring us delightful Punch Needle designs -- hers are simply the BEST! Get out your DMC flosses -- she doesn't call for the hand-dyeds (that can exponentially escalate your cost)... she creates all this charm with her 3 and 6-strand punch needles, or the #1 on her Cameo Needle!!! We have 15 new designs... I was only going to pick up a few new ones... but I couldn't help myself! Models of almost all of them grace the shop -- we are so lucky!!!!!!

    Everything is offered as the line drawing stamped onto a GENEROUS cut of khaki Weaver's cloth -- large enough to fit in larger hoops and stands. Just luscious... we're starting classes again, as well! Flowers, Chickens, Sheep, Halloween, Winter and Christmas... the collection is tons of fun!

    Pere Noel Charmant from Tournicoton - click to see more Pere Noel Charmant
    from Tournicoton
    Hey, this is a fun little scene! There is a skinny Santa pulling his skinny reindeer, who is attached to a plump little sleigh of presents! Everything in the instructions is written in French, but I CAN read the 11 colors of Gentle Art Sampler Threads, which are converted to DMC if you have that to work with instead.

    With a stitch count of 77 x 98, this isn't really very big. Kind of loaded with specialty stitches -- it's a little like a Chessie & Me design, in that all those stitches add so much texture and charm to the small motifs. One of the shop gals thought she'd stitch only the bottom part -- Santa, the deer and the sleigh -- and that would be so cute! Offered as the chart.

    Coeur de Brodeuse (Stitcher's Heart) from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Coeur de Brodeuse (Stitcher's Heart) from Tra La La
    This is a charming set of designs for a seamstress! Cute thread spools and scissors all over the place, this would finish into a fun pin cushion, needlebook or box-top set.

    The stitching is simple, the colors very easy to change. Offered as a chart, I think these would be pretty over one thread as tiny ornaments and fobs, too!

    Les Beaux Boutons from Zaza Picque - click to see more Les Beaux Boutons from Zaza Picque
    Something cute for the sewing room, this would make a pretty top to a button box (if you are an over-achiever) as well! With a stitch count of 97 x 112 and coded for DMC floss, you'll want to add some vintage buttons and maybe a few old pins to garnish.

    Designed by Zaza Picque from France, the chart does NOT come with the buttons, lace or scissors shown, but does include the template for the finishing shape. I am sorry to say that the price on this is really $26... just because it comes from overseas (I guess?) Super expensive... but super cute, so I had to buy some!

    Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more Crazy Stitches Templates from Sew Cherished
    This is quite an unusual product for us to be carrying... they are Crazy Quilt embroidery stitches rather than Cross Stitches. (But we can think outside the box!) VERY neat, this is a package of 35 different stitch diagrams that are actually stick-on templates that WASH off!

    Your package includes 4 -- 11 x 17 sheets with 35 different 'borders' of cute stitches. Cut off what you need, stick it over the seams of whatever wool, velvet, cotton or silk you are wanting to embellish. Stitch over the lines, and then soak the fabric for an hour... and transfer sheets are GONE! You are left with perfect, balanced, straight, organized looking stitches. (NOT sloppy and crooked!)
    Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more
    ***Remember beginning to stitch on pillow cases? My mom ironed on the templates... use these for your new little stitcher!*** (Lines they can follow... use floss or Perle Cotton... maybe Talk to Santa about leaving some plain pillow cases in those stockings!...)

    In the booth at Market, Sew Cherished showed these stitches joining and embellishing stuffed pumpkins, bears, crazy quits -- just everything. I thought these were very cool, very 'open' to the creative mind, and I had to have them!!

    Shady Day from Sheepish Designs - click for more Shady Day from Sheepish Designs
    Ohhhh... another golden-oldie by Sheepish Designs... we haven't had this pattern for years and years... but always loved it! Shady Day was originally published in 2004. It measures 98 x 191 in stitch count and is worked with a combination of Gentle Art Sampler Threads and DMC floss. All the sheep are so charming -- very organized beneath their billowing trees -- there are neat birds, a lazy, crooked and meandering alphabet, bold flowers, and those cool grassy hills.

    There is mostly Cross Stitch in this... but bits of Lazy Daisies in the flower leaves and several places where Satin Stitches fill in giving extra texture to the flowers and those hills. This design has always captured the eye, and we're thrilled to have the chart back in stock!

    The Snooty Parrots Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Snooty Parrots Sampler from Barbara Ana
    No glory I covet! No riches I want! Ambition is nothing to me. The one thing I beg of kind Heaven to grant is a mind independent and free. Barbara Ana has a charming new sampler - but - she designed it to look and feel very old. A cool, unbalanced border, lots of little mistakes in counting scattered everywhere, and great motifs throughout... Check out the stars of the piece -- The Snooty Parrots!

    So much pretty color it is stitched in either DMC or Sampler Threads and measures 248 x 329 stitches. onyx, Bayberry, sea spray, apple cider, cranberry, Grecian gold, dark chocolate, baby spinach, rhubarb and oatmeal, this piece is colorful and quite endearing! Offered as a chart. One of 3 new designs.

    Baby Tool Tray! - click for more
    Baby Tool Tray!
    Wayne-The-Wood-Guy putters in his studio daily -- and comes up with the coolest little wooden trinkets sometimes! This is a miniature needle tray complete with a magnet in the bottom. 2-1/2 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide and an inch high... it is the perfect size for a couple dozen M & M's, a few pieces of hard candy, the buttons and embellishments for your current stitching project... or those needles!

    When you turn over your bitty tray... there on the bottom... is The Silver Needle's name! (Cute stitch group favors, fun wrapper for bitty gifts, and a great portion-control device for those M & M's!)

    Vintage Christmas, Believe & Amazing Grace from Brenda Riddle
    Vintage Christmas from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Amazing Grace from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Believe from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Here is a trio of small charted designs by Brenda Riddle that feature a vintage flavor. Vintage Christmas can be worked in three different color ways on Week's Linen with Gentle Art flosses -- it finishes approx 4 x 5-1/2 -- not big at all.

    Believe and Amazing Grace are both worked with Week's White Lightening floss on 35ct Gunmetal Linen.

    Wanting to mimic the charm of an old chalkboard each of these finishes approx 5 x 6 and 6 x 7. Very simple and charming! Each is offered as a chart. offered as a chart.

    Cute Spool Ends As Needle Minders - click for more
    Cute Spool Ends -- As Needle Minders!
    Ok... if you're handy, and you have cool old spools laying around, a saw and strong cement and magnets... you can make these yourself. If you're short on saws and time... just get a few of these!!! Fun 1-inch spool ends -- with cool retro-labels on them -- these are Minders to keep track of stray pins, needles and scissors!

    Small *token* gifts, something cute for the inside of a sewing case, good refrigerator magnets, these are very *needle-worky* related!!!!!! Asst labels, we will try not to duplicate if your order contains multiples.

    There's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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