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Homespun Elegance

Sandra Sullivan has been designing primitive Americana cross stitch for over 20 years! She has a distinctive, gentle, and relaxing style that is timeless! We have begun to highlight some of the more recent favorites... samplers, stockings, ornaments... lots of variety! Deep, country colors of browns, taupes, rusts, golds, and cremes... they fit almost any decor. Most are available as leaflets. Now Sandra's daughter, Hollis, has also joined her under the name of Hollis Designs.

2016 Santa Ornament Forget Me Not from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2016 Sampler Ornament Merry Deery from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2016 Snowman Ornament Snow Merry II from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Noel Avery's Toy Express Chart from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
Homespun Elegance's Annual Snowman, Sampler and Santa 2016 Ornaments! And... Avery's Toy Express!
Sandra Sullivan continues her decades-long collection of small stitched ornaments... all are offered as charts and stitched with assorted hand-dyed flosses and DMC cottons. Generally 3 x 3 and worked on 30ct linens... these look good on most any neutral color -- just not white!

Avery is her grandson... his mom is collecting vintage airplanes to decorate his room... so Grandma made him an ornament with a vintage Santa in an old plane! Always cute... and nice on your tree.

2015 Sampler Orn Christmassy Stuff from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Presenting the 2015 Annual Ornaments
Every year, we get a Snowman, Sampler and Santa Annual Ornament by Sandra Sullivan -- and here they are for 2015. All worked on Week's 32ct Putty hand-dyed linen in shades of DMC and a few hand-dyeds, they are all approx 40 x 50 in stitch count.

Offered as small charts, each features a tiny brass embellishing charm as well. We have 'a million' of these from past years... not all of them... but they are a fun collection for your tree, and they make cute pin cushions as well.

Purr-Pals from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
This is kind of cute! Homespun Elegance's newest larger-sized chart. The larger version finishes approx 4 x 6, and is worked with Wisper (W63, W68 and W97) Threads and DMC flosses. The Wisper is a soft Angora-type wool thread that will make your kitties furry.

Sandra has used silk ribbon for the greenery leaves -- we don't carry that -- so you might want to track that down before you choose the final greens for the rest of the design. She has also added assorted brass charms here and there... but they are not included with the chart.

Liberty House from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
Liberty House
This small pattern floated into the shop a while back, and the shop gals 'flagged it' as a keeper! The model is shown over two on 20ct Weeks Dye Works Putty linen (but we carry that color in 30, 32, 35 and 40... so change it up if you want to!) Using DMC or hand-dyeds of Indian Summer, Brethren Blue, Oscar and Straw, it is embellished with one of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons -- the flag.

We kind of liked the dusty colors and the little house up there in the blue part -- rather than the traditional stars. Stitch count of the design is 38 x 87 -- so on 20ct, it'll finish about 4 x 9, on 35ct it'll be 2 x 4... you decide!!!

2014 Santa Ornament Old Saint Nicholas from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2014 Sampler Ornament Merry Chrismtas Wishes from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2014 Snowman Ornament Snowmen Everywhere from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
2014 Annual Ornaments
Every year Sandra designs three ornaments -- one for her Sampler collection, one for Snowmen and one for the Santa Collection. Always worked on a small bit of hand-dyed linen with DMCs and a few overdyeds each ornament is garnished with a tiny brass charm of some sort. This year's Santa features a bit of Wisper furry thread mixed with the DMC in his beard. If you have some light grey in your stash, you could do the same treatment with his sheep.

The Merry Chrismtas mini Sampler ornament has a tiny wreath charm, and the Snowman design is just plain cute -- they're playing in the yard, and it kind of looks like it's snowing. All are offered as charts with the charm embellishment. We have several of the previous 15or so past year's designs - but not all of them anymore!

Witch Inn from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Witch Inn
What a cute little hotel! The sign has a witch hat on it, the bellmen are angry jack-o-lanterns, and I guess the hotel chef is the witch brewing something gray and bubbly in her cauldron. The sky is kind of neat... maybe you want to stay here for an evening????

Offered as a chart, this is a 3 x 3 ornament-sized design coded for DMC and hand-dyeds.

Sampler Witch from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Sampler Witch
Just a green-faced beauty amidst the alphabet... this finishes approx 3 x 5-1/2 on 30ct Putty linen. There is a brass ghost embellishment shown that is not included in the chart... so it's a perfect place to highlight some cute 'something' from your stash.

Cute finishing treatment on this model -- they've make a jagged edge of Week's Wool and trimmed the cushion with a bit of chenille. Offered as a chart.

Spring Eggs IV from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Yummy Goodness from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Yummy Goodness and Spring Eggs IV
Homespun Elegance has two new Spring-y designs to chase away our long Winter!
  • 'Delivering Yummy Goodness' features a mom and baby bunny bringing a cart full of pastel eggs... and a few carrots. Finishing just 3 x 5-ish, it'd make a cute cushion to decorate an Easter Basket -- either inside or out!
  • 'Spring Eggs IV' has charts for a trio of colorful sampler eggs. Worked on 30ct, they finish 2 x 3... and would be lovely tucked between your dyed eggs... or just alone in their own basket.
  • Both designs are offered as charts, just simple stitching, but cute. Each uses a brass charm embellishment that does NOT come the pattern, so these are great opportunities to find something fun already in your stash to embellish, if you think they need it.

    Country Spirits Snowman Extraordinaire from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Country Spirits Spring Frolic from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Country Spirits Spring Frolic and Snowman Extraordinaire
    Here's a pair of designs that are finished into charming 2-1/2 x 4 heart shapes -- Pin Keeps or Cupboard Hangers. Stitched on 30ct Dolphin hand-dyed linen by Weeks, you'll need DMC from your stash, along with just a few overdyed flosses.

    Offered as charts, each comes with a tiny brass embellishment which can vary from time to time. Sandra promises something cute and appropriate, though! Charming designs -- I love that deep blue background! (I think H.E. offers those painted wooden fobs on her website!)

    Delivering Peppermints and Candy Canes from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Peppermints and Candy Canes
    Homespun Elegance has new design -- an Owl-Santa is doing the deliveries with his cute candy-bucket! Stitched on R & R's 30ct Mink -- regular Natural or Khaki Aida looks great as well (good fabric alternatives). DMC or Week's flosses are called for, and there are amber shell buttons used on the wagon wheels down at the bottom. (Use the darker mangy side of them!)

    The peppermints at the top can be cross-stitched, or made from white buttons with red stitches over them to look like mints. (We thought of the JABCO peppermint buttons as well -- you can soak them in coffee to get them darker.) Lots of cute options here, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 30ct -- Sandra has used Week's Merlot Wool for her backing -- it'd make a stunning pillow background!

    Owls Love Christmas Too from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Owls Love Christmas Too!
    Two more ornaments this year -- ALWAYS cute options for your tree, both follow a dusty, antique color shceme and are coded for either DMC or hand-dyed flosses.
  • 'Not Pout' comes with a small teddy bear charm, and you can see that there is room above Santa's head to PERSONALIZE this little guy. So for years to come... we'll know who needed the annual warning! It finishes approx 3 x 4.
  • 'Owls Love' comes with a brass candy cane charm and he's smaller at 2 x 3-1/2. I have a lot of Homespun Elegance ornaments on my tree -- Sandra has been designing for 35 plus years -- her collection is large, and has it's own charming look.
  • These two are offered as small charts with a charm.

    Merry Ewesies from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
    Merry Ewesies
    Well, aren't these little guys cute? Homespun Elegance has a new chart that can be worked all in one long row, or broken up into a trio of ornaments.

    Worked on 30ct, the chart is coded for either DMC or hand-dyed flosses. No featured embellishments or anything, just a cute pattern!!!

    2013 SANTA Ornament from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2013 SAMPLER Ornament from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2103 SNOWMAN Ornament from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
    Homespun Elegance's 2013 Annual Ornaments!
    For something like the 25th year, Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance has treated us to a trio of Santa, Sampler and Snowman Ornament Charts! (We have a million -- well, really just lots of previous designs -- a hit and miss selection) These are always cute!

    Always offered in small chart format with a small brass charm... this year, they are all on 30ct hand-dyed linen and worked in overdyed flosses. Approx 52 x 42 stitches, the Santa is always a neat little Santa... the sampler is always a bitty sampler, and the snowman always has a lot of white in it! The most fun to is try to find all the previous designs on our inside web pages! Perennial favorites!

    Cinnamon Stick Santa XXIV Joy Toy Giver from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Cinnamon Stick Santa XXIV Joy Toy Giver
    Ok... this is the 24th Annual Cinnamon Stick Santa design... this year's banner measures approx 9 x 12 on 20ct linen.

    Offered as the chart... classic H.E colors, the chart does not come with the embellishments -- so check your stash for something really cute!

    Peace To One and All from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Peace To One and All
    A peaceful pastoral scene... you could fall asleep counting all those sheep! At first, I thought this was Christmas... but there is green grass... and the title talks about A Summer Landscape.

    I love that small scenery at the bottom... you could even leave off the wording! Offered as a chart, the entire piece finishes approx 5 x 7 on 30ct.

    Merry Noel Collection -- Annual Santas 1995-2002 from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Noel Collection -- Annual Santas 1995-2002
    Talk about a blast from the past! Homespun Elegance has resurrected 8 of her past favorite annual Santa Ornament charts, and put them into ONE bigger chart pack! OK... the dates should tell you that Sandra has been doing Santa, Sampler and Snowman ornaments every year -- at least as far back as 1995.

    We have QUITE a good selection of misc past releases... and this collection just reminds us of how cute some of the designs have been! (She has plans to do the Samplers and Snowmen -- but NO PROMISED dates yet.) Anyway, a really fun way to get yourself caught up on a series that has been ongoing for 18 years... SOME of the previous designs are on our website -- but NOT ALL of them!

    Flaky Night from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Flaky Night
    Here's a cute ornament or scissor fob... heart-shaped. Almost entirely stitched, you can use the fabric of your choice... since it is totally covered!

    Just a cute 3 x 4 design. offered as a chart.

    January -- A Hoot from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more January -- A Hoot
    A cute little owl holding a spooky jack-o-lantern, he finishes approx 3 x 3-1/2.

    Garnish with a brass star button, or something from your stash!

    Rejoice in The Gift from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Rejoice in The Gift
    Homespun Elegance has a new heart-shaped ornament -- 40 x 60 in stitch count -- that has a tiny baby Jesus in his crib right in the middle of that sheep meadow! Of course the sentiment of the design is the important part... all is stitched with hand-dyed flosses, the sheep are Satin Stitched, and the ornament is garnished with a tiny brass crown charm.

    Sandra has finished this with some antiqued chenille trim -- it gives it an older, softer look. Offered as the small chart with crown charm.

    Rounds A Plenty II -- Halloween ornaments from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Rounds A Plenty II -- Halloween
    Homespun Elegance has designed little Halloween balls to match their Christmas Ornaments! The CUTEST little things... these are stitched on (really anything you want) 28ct Natural linen, and the stitching measures only 1 x 5 inches in size. (Scraps of misc fabrics are perfect!!!) Itty bitty stitching in Weeks and DMC flosses, you then hand-tack the needlework onto rounds of wool, you can see the hand stitching in the pic. Top with a cool button and a string hanger, stuff the round a bit, and you're finished!

    Each ball measures approx 2 x 2 x 2-ish. All 5 designs are offered in one chart. Buttons, wools, fabrics are all offered separately, and although we have everything and can send you bits and pieces of whatever you need... your stash might have it all too!

    Alpha Boo from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Alpha Boo
    Here's a cute sampler, instead of the regular alphabet at the top, it spells WORDS instead. All sorts of scary Halloween motifs are scattered at the bottom, and embellished with one of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons.

    Only 5 colors are used in this petite 5 x 8 piece... a quick piece to stitch and enjoy! Add more buttons if you want, add a border, change colors... what ever you want -- this is a cute design! Ofered as a chart.

    Wicked Cat Sampler from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
    Wicked Cat Sampler
    Just a fun ornament-sized piece, the scary cat definitely has his hair raised!

    Stitched on 30ct Weeks Havana Linen in 5 colors of hand-dyed or DMC, there is a rat/mouse charm featured that is NOT in the chart!

    A Family Homestead from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Family Homestead
    *Home is the nicest word there is...* Personalize this with your last name, or stitch it as a wedding gift, family established sampler, or housewarming gift! Stitched on a 30ct, it finishes approx 4 x 8, and can be stitched in silks or flosses.

    Change the house or vine colors if you need to match something special... you can even add extra information below the grassy area if you need to! Offered as a chart, no embellishments are included.

    Ewe Be Patriotic Pin Keep from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Ewe Be Patriotic Pin Keep
    A cute 3 x 4 curiosity, this is worked on 28ct Twilight Blue in DMCs and overdyeds. A fat sheep with his summertime blanket and blackbird friend, the chenille trim on the finished heart-shape kind of sets the whole thing off. It's color is *dirty white*, so you may have to coffee-stain it a little to match your stitching threads.

    Stuff it with crushed walnut shells, and truck it into your basket of all the rest of your stitched cushions -- it has a unique shape so it'll be fun in the middle of a collections of square cushions!!! Offered as a small chart with black button embellishment.

    Crow Patriotic Needle Necessaire from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Crow Patriotic Needle Necessaires
    Here's a cute blackbird toting the American Flag! Stitched over two, he finishes approx 3 x 3 on 30ct. Homespun Elegance is presenting him mounted onto the front of a pillow measuring approx 4 x 9.

    His companion piece -- made into a tiny scissor fob -- is actually the same bird stitched in 1/2 stitches over one thread of linen. Cute application of Crescent's hand-dyed rik-rak trim, too. Offered as a single card chart.

    Oh Spring from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Oh Spring
    *I surely love Ewe!* Simple, spring-y, this finishes approx 3 x 5 over two on 30ct.
    The pillow in the pic uses baby rik-rak trim, but the chenilles would be cute on this as well, because they are so soft.

    Spring Eggs III from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Spring Eggs III
    Here's a trio of stuffed eggs -- wouldn't they be pretty stashed into a Spring Basket? Homespun Elegance offers all three designs that finish less than 2 x 3 each. Choose different pastel linens, or some of our new Crescent Colour's cotton chenille trims to dress their edges... just sweet and simple.

    Offered as the chart, with chenilles, linens, and embellishments separately.

    Making My heart Happy from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Making My heart Happy
    Three things that make your heart happy -- Homespun Elegance offers these little heart charts to finish into pin cushions or fobs. Choose any fabric, any color combination... we have that baby rik-rak trim by Crescent that you see on the edge treatment -- match threads to it!

    Each heart is 41 x 61 stitches, and begs for a pretty heart embellishment (of which we have dozens of differing choices!)

    Merry Noel Rounds a Plenty from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Noel Rounds a Plenty
    Here is a new leaflet by Homespun Elegance that features five teeny bands of stitching to surround fabric ornaments! Worked with DMC floss on a bitty 1 x 7 piece of 28ct Natural Linen, your 63 x 11 stitch counts will take no time at all to do. Next, cut two circles of Week Dye Works wool -- we have tons of awesome colors for these. Primitive stitch the bands to the circles -- add a little stuffing -- top with a Homespun Elegance Olde Brass Button (We have stars, cool round ones, hearts, snowmen, trees, birds... all are pictured on the Homespun Elegance pages.) -- add a hanging string, and you're finished!

    These are darling little 1-1/2 inch Rounds!!!! Offered as the leaflet, we have all sorts of wools and cute HE brass buttons available separately. Tell us if you want all your rounds to match, or if we can mix up the wools and buttons a bit. Check your stash for fabric!

    Merry Birdies from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Birdies
    Here is a trio of small birds -- each is 35 x 24 stitches in size -- that make up into cute ornaments. Nothing super-duper involved, each is holding a brass charm in their beaks, and are trimmed with hand-dyed Bamboo or Toasted Marshmallow chenille trim by Crescent!

    Offered in chart format, charms and chenille available separately.

    Be Truly Thankful from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Be Truly Thankful
    This is a charmingly primitive Thanksgiving design, that is big on house, tree, acorn and blackbird! Stitched on Week's 30ct Havana Linen (a totally YUMMY darker orange-ish-gold handyed) the main piece finishes approx 4 x 5. I'm thinking I am totally thankful that I don't have to climb those 4 flights of steps in that little house... but I love the piece!

    Stitch it all, or just the tree and turkey part. Offered as the chart, squirrel and leaf buttons available separately. (Homespun Elegance has a neat collection of 2-dozen-ish Olde Brass Buttons. Heavy and antiqued, there is nothing else like it in the market. Check those out!

    Merry Noel Collection from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Noel Collection
    Cradles of Christmas Joy... these are BABY Ornaments! The girl version features an angel, the boy's has a nutcracker... and everything is tucked into a wooden cradle! See the initials on the cradle, and the name and date above the figures?

    Offered as a chart pack of both ornament designs...

    Not I September: A Halloween Year from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more August Spooky Ornament: A Halloween Year from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year June Spooky Feline from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year July House on Pumpkin Hill from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year EEK February from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year Bits of Halloween March from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
    A Halloween Year!
    Homespun Elegance is beginning monthly designs that depict what our favorite Halloween people do with the rest of their year!!! So far, we have the months of October and November... October, she's out scaring people... but November, after Halloween, it's time for a garage sale to clean out the old brooms and get new ones for next year!

    We're going to begin our auto, offering the chart and linen. You supply threads from your stash! Linen cuts / colors vary each month. When your year is finished... I can imagine a basket filled with little pumpkins, raffia and 12 little stitched cushions filling it to the brim. What a pretty centerpiece!

    A Halloween Year April Sitting Pretty from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year May Oh To Be A Witch from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year October Stitching Witch from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more A Halloween Year November Brooms for Sale from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more

    Bird 'n Blossoms from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Bird 'n Blossoms Pin Cushion
    Homespun Elegance has released this charming pin cushion design -- which BEGS to be stitched on hand-dyed linen in luscious hand-dyed shades of silks or cottons.

    Get into your stash, and see what you have... darling designs, lots of potential! Offered as single card charts...

    Witchville from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Witchville
    I'm not particularly enamored with stitching a little witch community... but this tiny neighborhood looks like such a *nice street!* OK... so you have one strange neighbor that does a lot of cooking outside, and someone else who lets their cat run loose... but other than that... everyone obeys the home-owners associations rules about landscaping -- all pumpkins are groomed and kept to strict height restrictions... roofs the same color... all that!

    This is a pretty organized little street! Just a fun little chart, the stitch count is a mere 25 x 136... so over one on 25ct Lugana... you're talking 1 x 6!

    Have Ye Any Wool from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Have Ye Any Wool?
    'A Whole Basket Full!' Well... any knitter, weaver, or primitive wool artists needs this stitched to adorn her baskets, bags and piles of wool!!!!! The leaflet cover shows this stitched on two different counts of material -- 10 or 28ct, using all sorts of different overdyeds, a #5 perle here and there and some Simply Wool from Gentle Art... it just depends on which fabric you choose. A cute design, wouldn't it be cute hanging in a yarn shoppe?

    Get the leaflet, THEN decide which way you want to stitch and finish this... then check your stash for buttons and charms, along with fuzzy threads you already own, this one will be fun to personalize with favorite things from your sewing baskets!

    Mr Candy Cane from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Joyous Heart from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Joyous Heart & Mr Candy Cane
    Homespun Elegance has two new ornament designs the season that are *really cute!* Both can be stitched over one thread or two -- pics of both ways are shown on the chart cover... and I don't know which one I like better! (OK... one over one always wins out!)

    Offered as charts, each is stitched in flosses from your stash, and each chart includes a tiny brass embellishment, just for fun. With a stitch count of 39 x 60... the 1/1 pieces could be 1-1/4 x 2 on 32ct!!! How cute is that???

    Sassy Pumpkin from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Sassy Pumpkin
    Homespun Elegance has a cute 3-dimensional stitched pumpkin design -- s your stitching surrounds a plump orange linen pumpkin!!! Offered as a chart, you're stitching on a rectangular piece of Week's 30ct Carrot hand-dyed linen, using Sampler Threads. When you're done, you gather the top and bottom edges, stuff with poly-fil, and add a stick stem if you're really creative!

    DARLING... really! Sassy Pumpkin is full of scary Halloween motifs, and embellished with a few of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons!

    Holiday Samplings II from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Holiday Samplings II
    Sparse motifs, skinny-everything, softened antique colors, this spot motif piece is really pretty!!

    Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 6 x 8, calls for overdyeds, and features a few French Knots for the holly berries. Just a pretty thing...

    Spooky Stuff from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Spooky Stuff
    A new Button Sampler, this is offered as a leaflet, and includes a bonus chart for the little needlecase shown in the pic.

    Just a 5 x 8 piece... embellished with 4 skinny brass pumpkin buttons... it's just kind of fun!

    Freedom House Button Sampler from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Freedom House Button Sampler
    This is a fun piece... a very Americana-flavored house, complete with 'welcoming pineapple' on the front door, and the darling little sheep in the front yard! Each of the corners of the sampler feature Olde Brass Flag buttons from Homespun Elegance -- antiqued brass -- these are neat buttons.

    Actually, I could see a few more buttons scattered throughout that alphabet area, too... mitten by the M, Squirrel by the S, pumpkin by the P, heart by the H; Sandra has almost 2 dozen different button styles, so see what you think! Offered as a leaflet, this finishes approx 6 x 9 on 28ct, and is stitched in a variety of hand-dyed flosses.

    Witches Stitch, Too! from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Witches Stitch, Too!
    A silly piece... this might be kind of fun to decorate your stitching area during the Halloween season! Offered as a leaflet, it finishes a petite 5 x 7, is stitched with overdyeds, and has an olde brass star button embellishment.

    I think this would be really fun as an interior of a seasonal sewing case, and there are lots of places you could add more embellishments, too!

    All About Halloween from Homespun Elegance - click to see more All About Halloween
    This little cat is *The Cutest!* Stitched on 10ct in shades of Weeks overdyed flosses or #5 Perle, the cat is stitched, then simply sewn around the edge and stuffed. They cut away the excess fabric and FRINGED him! He is precious!!!!! (and measures a life-size of 11 x 8!)

    Of course, you can do the whole thing in the monochromatic theme that is also shown on the cover... but look at how much personality that cat delivers!!!!! Offered as the chart.

    Delivering Needlewares from Homespun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Needlewares
    Another of Homespun Elegance's wagon-scenes, this fluffy sheep is pulling a precious cargo wagon full of needle necessities! Finishing approx 3 x 7, its embellished with a few buttons, and a brass thimble charm.

    Cute and quick, it'd make a cute sign for your stitching room door, or a cute little wedge-thing to perch on a windowsill.

    2008 Santa Please Bring Me Ornament from Homespun Elegance - click to see more 2008 Snow Merry Ornament from Homespun Elegance - click to see more 2008 ABC Noel House Ornament from Homespun Elegance - click to see more
    2008 Ornament Trio
    Every year, Homespun Elegance brings us ornament designs... one is always a Santa, one always a snowman, and the third is always a house or sampler. Offered as charts, each comes with a small brass embellishment of some sort. This year's set is CHARMING! 'Santa, Please Bring Me' features a scissor charm on the Santa, Rainbow Gallery Wisper threads for his beard and fur trim, and the list he's reading asks for 'linen, floss and TIME TO STITCH!!!'

    The snowman piece is worked on Weeks hand-dyed Aztec Red 30ct linen, and the 'ABC Noel House' is worked on Weeks 30ct Dolphin. All finish in the neighborhood of 3 x 4-ish, and use some overdyed flosses, as well as DMCs. We have quite a few of the previous year's designs available... I checked my shop stash, and we have some back to 1999! So check scroll down this page and find some of the rest in these cute sets... they are popular every year!

    A Chill is in the Air from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more A Chill is in the Air
    Homespun Elegance has done a collaboration with Crescent Colours... and the result is a primitive piece with gorgeous, soft, faded Autumnal colors!!! 'A chill is in the air, leaves are everywhere.'

    I love the little squirrels and black cat tending to the pumpkins, and the crow stealing the acorn... but honestly, I am missing a couple of big 'ol trees, and the leaves that they are losing everywhere!!! I think you need to haul a cool tree of some sort out of your stash archives, and add it beside the house!!!

    Anyhow, this is offered as the chart with an 10 x 14-ish cut of 28ct Sand Linen, complete skeins of 8 Crescent Colours overdyed flosses, and a darling little squirrel charm. Finishes approx 4 x 8.

    2007 Ornament Peace on Earth SAMPLER from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more 2007 Ornament All is Calm SNOWMAN from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more 2007 Ornament Merry Stitches SANTA Chart from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Homespun Elegance's
    Annual Ornaments!

    Each year HE releases three ornament designs... always a sampler, a snowman and Santa. I don't remember how many years we've been getting these, but there is quite a collection of them thus far.

    Cute and very primitive in flavor, each comes as a small chart with charm of some sort. They look really good together -- 2004, 5 and 6 designs are tucked on our Homespun Elegance pages! Enjoy!

    Elegant Kris Kringle from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Elegant Kris Kringle
    Homespun Elegance has outdone herself with a really cool Santa design -- offering you several different ways to stitch him. Choose between the 7ct Sand Klostern pillow, which finishes approx 13 x 16 (!) stitched with a whopping 24 skeins of Weeks #5 hand-dyed perle and 5 cards of Rainbow Gallery's Wisper, or the tiny ornament (3 x 3) stitched in Crescent Colours new Belle Soie Silks.

    Both versions feature lots of knots and satin stitched areas, and the larger one has a background scattered with Olde Brass Star buttons. Very nice, you have lots of options with this pattern, get the leaflet, study it a bit, and decide which versions to make!

    Offered as the leaflet, all else offered individually. (Weeks Perle runs $3.50/skein, Wisper $2.50/card, Buttons $3.75 each, Belle Soie $7.50/skein) Just write in what you want in the comments box of the order form.

    Sheep May Safely Graze
    Sheep May Safely Graze from Homespun Elegance -- click to see moreOne of Homespun Elegances newest releases, this is a neat one that coordinates with Wishing Thee Freedom, Warmth, and Plenty, along with Cinnamon Stitch Christmas XVIII. The main pic is surrounded on three sides with a border, verse rests along the bottom. All of our shop models are finished into pillows, complete with lavish decorator trims, and they look stunning!

    The 'guest of honor' in this particular piece is wearing a coat that is stitched (over a base of crosses) in Lazy Daisy stitches of Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread, for a loopy, furry effect. Although alternate DMC colors are listed, you'll want to work this on the 28ct Amber, using all the neat Weeks, Crescent and Gentle Art overdyeds! Finishes approx 8-1/2 x 5, Sheep May Safely Graze is offered as a leaflet, buttons are separate.

    Scenes of Autumn from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Scenes of Autumn
    A pleasant little piece displaying all the bounties of the season beneath its friendship tree!

    Offered as a single sheet chart, it uses overdyeds, and finishes approx 4 x 8.

    Holiday Samplings I from Homespun Elegance -- click to see a larger view Holiday Samplings I
    Here is a pretty confection of overdyed Christmas color! Offered by Homespun Elegance in a leaflet format, you're stitching in a mixture of DMC and Weeks flosses on 28ct. (Notice the ornament is on black... so you could do the whole thing on black, too, if you wanted!)

    Finishing approx 3 x 7, there is a burgundy star button on the holly... but one of Sandra's Olde Brass Star buttons (or any number of cool buttons) would be really neat there, as well. Just a nice, simple design, it has good colors and a really nice balance to it.

    Punch Needle Embroidery -- 40 Folk Art Designs -- click to see lots more! Along For The Ride
    Homespun Elegance's 2006 Snowman Ornament is actually pretty darn cute! Always a snowman, always offered as the chart with tiny embellishment of some sort... this year's features the snowman flying across the sky in a sleigh that looks remarkably like a reindeer!!! The cows (they always have square rear-ends!) in the front yard are really sheep... I read the directions!

    Finishing approx 3 x 4 on 28ct linen, you'll need the bits of overdyed and DMC flosses from your stash.

    Cinnamon Stick Stocking III -- click to see lots more Cinnamon Stick Stocking III
    Merry Christmas flows down the body of this looonnng and skiiinnny stocking... that is probably large enough to hold SEVERAL of Santa's Treasures!!! It's definitely the predominant message, and is trimmed by the cute little house and sleigh below! The top features the name-of-choice, while the toe area features the holiday scenery. The model is shown stitched on a hand-dyed 28ct Vatican Red Linen. You could choose any neutral that you like -- I don't think this HAS to be done on the red.

    Using both overdyeds and DMC flosses, it's embellished with a few of Homespun Elegance's Olde Brass Buttons, for a bit of charm. Finishing approx 8-1/2 x 21, all it needs is your mantel! Homespun Elegance has another funky-shaped stocking chart -- Holly Holidays -- check it out, too... as the charming shapes add such a neat touch!

    Watchful Angel from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Watchful Angel
    Homespun Elegance's 2006 Sampler Ornament, this year's design features the watchful angel above in the sky... a cool big golden star in the background of the house, a Colonial Knotted wreath on the front door, and a little knotted wooly sheep! Offered as the chart with angel charm, this finishes approx 3 x 3-3/4 on 28ct.

    We still have some 2005 and 2004 ornaments shown farther down this page... and quite a smattered collection of previous year's ornament designs... but you'll need to call with availability on those... too much to list in an e-mail -- and the selection changes all the time!

    Wishing Thee Warmth from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Wishing Thee Warmth
    A companion design to Wishing Thee Merriness and Wishing Thee Plenty, this is another neat seasonal pillow design that is flanked on three sides by a lavishly-wide border. Stitched on any number of fabrics... these somehow look the very best finished as plump pillows, surrounded with lots of fluffy trims! Offered as a leaflet, the design stitches just 5 x 9 on 28ct, using pretty overdyed flosses. Embellishments needed are two of HE's antiqued brass snowmen buttons.

    Good Cheer & It's Snowing from Homespun Elegance -- click to see lots more! Good Cheer & It's Snowing
    Homespun Elegance designs ornaments that fit on darling, miniature linen pillows that feature 4 flaps for stitching. Each mini-pillow ornament measures approx 4 x 4, featuring 4 triangular flaps for your needlework.

    Good Cheer and It's Snowing are the two newest designs that fit these cool little ornament pillows! The stitching takes 2 hours TOPS... the linen ornaments are pre-sewn... you add a fun button for the center... possibly add the cording that shows between the flaps... and you've created a tiny work of art! Offered as a leaflet, the buttons and ornament pillows are available separately.

    Peace on Earth
    Homespun Elegance has released a GREAT new set of designs... this is only one of my favorite five!!! Peace on Earth features the Olde Colonial Pointed Linen pillow that is stitched, and then buttoned down in the center. Homespun Elegance has several other designs on this little pillow -- even ornaments -- and they're all just wonderful! Peace is offered as the leaflet, with pillows available individually. The colors are luscious bricks, teals, golds, cinnamons, mosses and browns... all accented by Homespun Elegances Olde Brass Buttons! Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men... angels watch over the tiny village.

    Peace on Earth by Homespun Elegance -- click to see more!

    Wooly Squirrels
    Do this in either wool applique or cross stitch... the squirrels and leaves are all centered around that precious acorn! We have everything these projects call for ... the special pillow, the threads, the buttons and the wool... it's all just a really nice look that coordinates with Shabby Chic Autumn!

    Wooly Squirrels from Homespun Elegance - click to see more

    Holly Holidays
    Stitch a long, skinny stocking and matching pillow... or applique them with wools!

    Deep greens and cinnamon overdyeds... these don't feature that much stitching... but look like a million dollars!

    Those stockings will look great hanging off the fireplace... and dress that pillow with yards and yards of decorator trims...!

    Holly Holidays from Homespun Elegance - click to see more

    Delivering Spring Blossoms from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Spring Blossoms
    Tall and thin... what a darling little bucket on wheels, delivering the babies and the Spring Blossoms! Offered as a leaflet, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5 on Weeks 30ct Parchment linen, stitched with hand-dyed flosses.

    Embellishments shown are a teeny brass butterfly and carrot -- but if they aren't available to you, lots of other things would work too. Choose some mangy buttons from your button jar for those wagon wheels, too!
    Renewing Spring Bellpull
    The companion to Merry Winter and Bountiful Autumn Bellpulls, this Springtime addition is cute for a skinny wall somewhere. It's stitched in overdyeds on 28ct linen, and embellished with HE's own brass buttons. The model pic show linen banding, which we have terrible supply problems with... so choose Natural, Flax Lambswool... just anything home-spunny, and follow our Mona's finishing advice, and add a bit of colored fabric as a backing to 'frame' the pull, and draw your eye to the stitching.

    Sweet, the featured buttons are a beeskep, basket, hopping hare, and star. Offered as a leaflet.

    Renewing Spring Bellpull from Homespun Elegance - click to see more
    Winter Motif Sampler
    A companion to the Autumn Motif Sampler piece, this is a neat way to present the alphabet and a few seasonal motifs! Just like Autumn, this features a few brass buttons, and a delightful array of tiny stitched things. (By themselves, they'd make cute ornaments or scissor fobs, stitch them over one or two! Cute, too, in Homespun Elegance's teeny brass miniature windowbox frames we have!) Winter Motifs is offered as a chart, with a huge colored model pic on the front. It finishes approx 5 x 8, and features overdyeds, a few Colonial Knot stitches, and two brass buttons.

    Winter Motif Sampler from Homespun Elegance - click to see more

    Cinnamon Stick Christmas XXII Santa and His Toys from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Cinnamon Stick Christmas XXII
    Santa and His Toys

    OK... we're still being treated to Homespun Elegance's Annual Gigantic Santa... this is the 22nd in the set! Offered as the chart with quite a full little packet of embellishments, he is stitched on 7ct Sand Klostern in size 3 Perle Cottons, and lots of Rainbow Gallery Wisper thread.

    Real cute, he finishes approx 13 x 14 in size! HUGE!!! You'll use lots of floss to stitch his deep red coat, and furry beard... the model is finished into a weighted stand-up... VERY NEAT! Offered as the leaflet with embellishments.

    Wishing Thee Plenty
    Wishing Thee Plenty from Homespun EleganceThis is another stunning design in a set of three bordered pillows so far! Joining Wishing Thee Merriness and Come Let us Adore Him, this leaflet features a design full of rich Autumn overdyed color and character. Stitched on 28ct Sandstone linen, measuring approx 5 x 9, and embellished with two antiqued brass acorn buttons, notice the acorn tops and squirrel's tail -- all Colonial Knots! (don't panic... Colonial Knots are much easier to execute than the dreaded French Knots, and a quickie diagram in included!)

    Something about this set of designs draws you. I think it's the three-sided border, surrounding a picture -- just like an antique sampler! This pic shows the pillow finished with heavy cording... we've done a few shop models with over-the-top cool heavy drapery fringe, for an updated finishing look! Absolutely exquisite... you need this! Offered as a single card design, with linen and buttons available separately. The colors are awesome!!!

    Santa & Nativity Ornaments
    Two miniature ornament patterns are offered in this new leaflet that features miniature pointed linen ornament pillows!!! Manufactured by Olde Colonial Designs, these pillows are miniatures of the larger pointed linen pillows, and are the perfect 4 x 4 tiny size for ornaments! Each of the two designs offered in the book feature a brass button by HE that 'tufts' the center of the pillow, anchoring down the linen flaps that you've raised a bit to stitch on. The little ornament pillow comes ready-made... all you add are the simple stitches on the tiny flaps. (We're talking maximum of 2 hours stitching time on either of these!!!) Perfect for small gifts that really look great... both models are shown with a twisted cord edging that you make from the matching colors of flosses. Available as the leaflet with ornament blanks available separately.

    Santa & Nativity Ornaments by Homespun Elegance -- click to see more

    Harvest Littles
    from Hollis Designs
    Hollis Sullivan, daughter of Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance, has created a charming 4-square seasonal scene that finishes under 4 x 4!!! Available as a single card chart, this Autumn sampling of pumpkins, crows, acorns and squirrels is stitched on 32ct Sandstone linen in restful colors of overdyeds. Olde Colonial has designed a 4-opening frame for this new set of seasonal designs... see above!!! (Each of the four stitched squares is framed in one of the frame openings.) The acorn tops and squirrel tail are loaded with colonial knots, for lots of texture, and there are an olde brass star and acorn button, too. I have no idea when the other seasons like this one will appear... but the first is great all by itself!!!

    Harvest Littles by Hollis Designs -- click to see more

    Season's Retreats
    Four delightful little birdhouses, each measuring approx 2 x 3 on 28ct Sandstone Linen. Each uses a different brass charm for added interest.

    Season's Retreats by Homespun Elegance -- click to see more

    Snow Buddies
    Two trios of snowmen decorate your pointed linen pillow... quick to stitch... and nicely presented on the pre-made pillow! Available as the leaflet, with pillow offered individually, simply lift up the linen flaps to stitch... and sew on the brass snowman button to finish! Rich Homespun Elegance color palette of creme, brown, golds and soft greens... notice the touch of rust lining that accents the seams between the pillow flaps.

    Snow Buddies by Homespun Elegance -- click to see more

    Olde Brass Buttons
    This is a wonderful collection of heavy, antiqued brass buttons designed by Sandra Sullivan. Embellishing most of Homespun Elegance's designs, these buttons are just awesome! Heavy on the weight and primitive feel, you can use these on so many projects, they look really good with overdyeds and wools. We've shown the entire collection here. Each button is available individually, so enjoy shopping!!!

    We Will Adore Him
    A primitive Nativity scene, stitched on 18ct Natural Linen in overydeds and Wisper threads, this finishes approx 8 x 12. Featured are five antiqued brass Homespun Elegance buttons -- very subtle. The sheep are stitched in Colonial Knots, for a raised, bumpy look, and the angel's collar is stitched in Lazy Daisy Stitches. Very pretty, lots of Molasses, Maple Syrup, and Chestnut colors! Available as the leaflet, we have the buttons as well.

    We Will Adore Him

    Santa & The Holly Pointed Lined Pillow
    The second design for these sophisticated new linen pillows by Olde Colonial, Santa has a furry Wisper beard, and is stitched in lots of Cherry Bark, Blue Spruce and Cocoa overdyeds. The linen pillow features antiqued brass button tie-downs to make a tufted pillow, and twisted cords or braids that line the 'seams' between the linen triangles. Very nice looking! Santa is a companion design to HE's Autumn Splendor pumpkin pillow. Available as a leaflet, we have the pillow, buttons and Wisper available, too!

    Santa and Holly Pointed Lined Pillow

    Merry Winter Bell Pull
    A simple house in the woods, a cute little snowman, they're both tucked between letters of the alphabet -- everything stitched in overdyeds. Nothing fancy, this will stitch up quickly, and look impressive finished into a pull. I personally like a touch of fabric around the linen to give the pull some extra color and contrast against the wall... the stitching measures approx 2 x 12... so pick a skinny place on your wall!!! Available as a single card design.

    Merry Winter Bellpull
    Autumn Splendor
    One of the newest releases by Homespun Elegance, this simple pumpkin design looks fantastic on the new 7 x 7 inch pillow style designed by HE, and manufactured by Olde Colonial! Stitched with DMC's and yummy Fall shades of Weeks Dye Works overdyeds, the design is worked on 32ct Natural Linen that has already been assembled into the 'Pointed Linen' Pillow! Each flap lifts up, so stitching them is a breeze. Sandra has featured her antiqued brass buttons on the pillow, and even added braided floss lining the channels between the panels. Really a nice, elegant look... the leaflet, buttons and pillow are all available individually. (There is a Christmas design for these pillows coming in a few weeks!!!)

    Autumn Splendor by Homespun Elegance -- click to see a larger view!

    Cinnamon Stick XVIII
    Wow, this is a gorgeous Christmas design full of rich color, olde world flavor, and a touch of Wisper thread from Rainbow Gallery that makes Santa's coat furry! Stitched on 28ct Sandstone Linen in Weeks, and Gentle Art overdyeds, along with a few DMC's, the two colors of Wisper are 'brushed' with a special little brush called a 'Bunka Brush' after you stitch them, to raise the nap and give the piece a little added texture. Measuring approx 5 x 9 when finished, there are also brass star buttons featured in the design. Several of the shop gals bought this the day it arrived... a very, very good recommendation!!!

    Cinnamon Stick XVIII by Homespun Elegance -- click to see a larger view!
    Bunny Button Sampler by Homespun Elegance
    Bunny Button Sampler
    Mittens Each Day from Homespun Elegance -- click here to see a larger view
    Mittens Each Day
    Two by Two from Homespun Elegance -- click for a larger view
    Two By Two

    Autumn Motif Sampler
    Autumn Motif Sampler -- click to see a larger viewHere's a fun design for the season... one of two new ones we just received. A simple alphabet, simple cross-stitched dividing bands, and very cute seasonal motifs to set it all off! Pretty overdyeds, the sampler measures 5 x 8 on 28ct Country French Linen. Homespun Elegance has a line of beautiful, antiqued brass buttons -- I think there are 16 in all -- that are unlike any others in the industry. They are just the right size, beautiful sculpturing, wonderful, soft shading in their antiquing...they are charming!!! This design features three of them: an acorn, squirrel, and pumpkin' but these buttons look good on so many other designs as well, that they deserve a second look!

    Land Of The Free
    Quite a long, skinny sampler, these are my favorite kind! I have so many strange little walls in my house that need just the right thing, and I love finding it!!! Stitching 4 x 14" on 28ct Dirty Cashel Linen, this is stitched with HE's color palette of browns, bricks, colonial blues and golds... and features more of their wonderful antiqued brass buttons! A star, rabbit and flag complement this piece... without 'sticking out' and looking too bold. Cute, Quick, Classy!

    Land Of The Free -- click to see a larger view

    Patriotic Times
    A set of ornament sized motifs stitched together into a patriotic sampling, this would make a great addition to your decor! Stitched on 28ct dirty Cashel linen with overdyed flosses, Homespun Elegance offers several antiqued brass buttons that are perfect embellishments.
    Individually, each motif finishes approx: 2 3/4" square, making the large combination design finish at about 7 1/2" x 6 1/2.

    Pumpkin Protectors from Homespun Elegance -- click to see a larger view

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