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What in the World? from Funk & Weber -- click to see more What in the World?
Here's another curious piece! Each section is a close up of something you find in nature! Can you find the sea slug? The Zebra should be easy... but what about the Coral Snake?

Each cell of this pattern measures approx 30 x 30 stitches, and all can be stitched individually or grouped together any way you want. What a cool thing to stitch for a budding scientist!!! Offered as a leaflet.

Fall, in Pieces from Funk & Weber -- click to see more Fall, in Pieces
This is a really cool design... a medley of leaves, stitched within a leaf shape... stitched to look like a puzzle... or NOT! This stunning piece is stitched in 33 different overdyed shades of Sampler Threads, along with DMC's 996 Electric Blue for that crisp blue sky background. 51 skeins of thread needed, your Fall Leaf Puzzle finishes approx 12 x 13 on 28ct.

The pattern can be stitched like the cover shows -- a puzzle, with the scattered pieces, just BEGGING to be put into place -- OR you can FIND the missing pieces and stitch them in! Keep the black backstitched puzzle piece lines on there, or leave them off! What a fun piece bursting with Fall color, what a cool presentation! Offered as a chart, F & W has a few other intriguing designs, too!

The Neighborhood from Funk & Weber -- click to see more The Neighborhood
I thought this one was timely... even though the original publishing date is 2003! There is a lot of controversy about poor little Pluto -- being 'kicked out' of the planetary system because it's too small!! In 2003, it still mattered!!! (You are treated to a few tidbits of planet trivia, too...)

Really quite a cool piece, this doesn't have any quarter or half stitches... but it is on black... so that is its own challenge. You might want to consider on of our darker gray colors if black is too dark for your eyes. Offered as a leaflet, your fabric choice will determine finished size. On 14ct aida/28ct linen, it finishes approx 8 x 39!!! (Then check out the cool matting treatment!) We saw this model at Market, and can promise that this picture doesn't do it justice.

Puzzle Pisces from Funk & Weber -- click to see more Puzzle Pisces
Here's another really interesting piece to stitch... a super-colorful medley of tropical fish... all swimming this way and that! Stitched on an antique white, in your choice of count, 28 will finish approx 12 x 16. 32 solid shades of DMC flosses, the background is stitched, so this piece is SOLID!

You can leave out the puzzle pieces like the pic on the cover, or like the Fall in Pieces, you can find the pieces, place them in the stitching. Then, either stitch the black lines to make the little pieces, or leave them out! Offered as a chart, very unique!

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