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Notice! Sadly, we have just been informed that the 4-inch sleds are on backorder until spring. 7-inch sleighs are still in stock.

Freezing Season - click to see more Twilight Santa Sled - click to see more Twilight Santa Sled and Freezing Season
Here are two more designs to fit your Foxwood 7-inch sleighs... but you can frame them... if you're not 'into' a sleigh-ride!!!

Offered as charts, each design is only 30 x 75 stitches and can be worked on fabric or perf paper. The little wooden and wire sleighs shown are real cute. I think these are too large to be ornaments, but perfect as wreath decorations or little sit-abouts.

Apples and Berries - click to see more Apples and Berries
A new trio of smalls for these, here is a cute squirrel, apples, and a fun bird caught nibbling some berries.

Offered in small chart format just like all the rest of the sled patterns, VERY quick to work up!

Foxwood Crossings Snow Folk Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Santa Folk Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Pear Sleds - click to see more
Oh.... It's Looking Like Christmas in July!
Foxwood Creations has three new offerings of tiny sled topper designs... and they arrived this past week. If you haven't 'discovered' our miniature wooden sled ornaments yet, they are DARLING!
Small 2 x 3-ish inch brown wooden sleds with twisted wire runners and leads, you stitch the tops of them with a TINY bit of 14ct perforated paper or a bit of fabric. Foxwood has approx 36 different designs to top them, and now Pear Sleds, Snow Folk and Santa Folk join the lot!

You can dress up your sleds with ribbons or even paint them another color... if you are super creative, you could even use them as bases for pom-pom ball snowmen... they are a cute craft item. A sheet of 9 x 12 brown perforated paper (they come two sheets to a pack) will do more than a dozen of these!

Foxwood Crossings Pomegranate Sleds - click to see more
Pomegranate Sleds
Another new set of three designs to fit our tiny Foxwood Crossings Sleds... Pomegranates symbolize abundance, prosperity and hope for eternal life... all good sentiments to adorn your Christmas Tree!

This is a small chart with the three designs and some suggestions for color changes.

Foxwood Crossings Saltbox Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Della Robbia Sleds - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Touch of Turquoise Quilts - click to see more New Mini-Sled Patterns
Winter is STILL hanging on... so Foxwood has sent three new designs to help you decorate all her miniature sled ornaments! Super-popular this past Christmas... the Foxwood Sleds are 2 x 4 wooden and metal pieces that feature a tiny 'bed' for stitching. With design areas of 17 x 31 on 14ct perforated paper (that means your stitching is only 1 x 2 inches!), these are a very quick-stitch.

You probably don't want to spend much more time stitching winter-themed things right now, so get these now, and stash them away for next August, when it's beastly hot and winter will never come! (But, if you're in Australia... these are YOU NOW!)

Sled Heads from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Snow Grateful from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Sledding Friends from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Snow Country Friends from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Bread Sleds from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Mixed Bag Quilts from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more Quaker Sleds from Foxwood Crossings - click to see more
A Foxwood Crossings Sled in my hand Sleds and More Sleds!
Christmas is only 10 months away!!!
Oh my gosh... these are the CUTEST little ornaments... you mount your bit of stitching to an actual tiny metal and wood sled!!! Foxwood Crossings has seven small card designs -- each featuring a trio of designs (so we have 21 different designs for these) that measure only 17 x 30 stitches! 14ct Brown or Cream Perforated Paper work best for these (but Aida and 28ct linen will work too -- just not finish as flat.)

Do your quick stitching, trim the paper to fit the sled, back it with a bit of felt or pretty paper if you want... and glue it onto the sled! Each wood and metal sled ornament is nicely made -- not all bent up or rough. The little runners are 4 inches long, the swing handle is another 2. They stand an inch high, and the stitch area is just a mere 1-1/2 x 2-1/2.
A nice row of Foxwood Crossings sled designs - click to see more So, So CUTE!!!!!!! Talk about different, quick and CHARMING tree ornaments! Offered as the 7 small card charts, the sleds are available separately, and if you are careful a perf paper sheet will do 18 of these! BE CAREFUL TO ORDER ENOUGH SLEDS FOR ALL YOUR ORNAMENTS!

Sled Heads features Santa, Mrs Santa and Rudolph. Snow Grateful has a trio of snowmen. Sledding Friends has a penguin and an Eskimo, and another snowman. Snow Country Sleds features a church, barn and cabin in the woods. Bread Sleds has a gingerbread couple and tiny gingerbread house! (love that name!) Mixed Bag Quilts has three tiny quilt block patterns. Quaker Sleds features three tiny Quaker motifs.

Bigger Sleighs!
Foxwood Crossings RFD Sledding Sleigh Foxwood Crossings Acme Snow Mobile Sleigh More darling ornaments!!!! On the larger side, Foxwood Crossing has two more designs that fit a sleigh that measures 7 x 3 (the metal) with a bed that is 1-1/2 inches high and measures 2-1/2 x 5-1/2. Acme Snow Mobile is so cute and retro... while RFD Sledding is a traditional country snow play scene.

Both are shown stitched on 14ct perforated paper, trimmed and mounted to the sleighs. Each pattern is offered separately in chart format, so once again... order enough sleighs for your ornaments. Very nicely made, they are very sturdy, the wood is ok... and the black metal smoothly finished... there are even six little screws peeking out on the underneath side holding the planks in place.
These would be cute as doll and candle perches, as well. A sheet of perforated paper should yield three of these, 4 if you space very carefully.

Foxwood Crossings Floral Wreaths - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Needle-Pin Inn - click to see more Doll Beds!
OK... Another charming wood and metal piece... this one is a little bed measuring approx 5 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide; 'mattress' is one inch high, the footboard is 2-1/2 inches -- the headboard is 3-inches.

SO CUTE... you need to stitch little sheets, pillows and comforters for your little bed! (Get creative with all those Brenda Gervais pieces, or some Blackbird things!!!)

Foxwood Crossings has 2 different charts for these... Needle-Pin Inn includes a blanket poking out from beneath the topping pillow -- makes a darling pin cushion!!! The Floral Wreaths set is more reminiscent of a doll house set. You could use it as a pin cushion as well, you could make a pouch for scissors underneath the top... wouldn't these be pretty with tiny linen pillows trimmed with lace and antique buttons????
Charts are offered separately from the beds -- which, like the sleds and sleighs -- are very nicely made for their price!

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