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Crescent (Classic Colorworks) Pearl 5

Crescent Colours (now Classic Colorworks) has a pretty line of hand-dyed flosses and a luscious collection of hand-dyed 12-strand silks! Both are offered in 5-yard skeins, and open stock via our clicky-boxes below!

Make sure to scroll past the thread options to see Crescent's Thread Pack Sets. Collaborative efforts with several industry designers... The Thread Packs are 'stash enhancing' samplings! Belle Soie Silks are featured in the Seasonal Samplers and Coffee & Tea Samplers by Little House Needleworks. The overdyed cottons -- complete skeins featured in each pack -- are featured in the Praiseworthy Birds Series, Country Cottage Needleworks Cottages, and Little House's Fruits & Vegetables, as well as their Scripture Series!

All of the Thread Packs are introduced monthly... some are still on-going... other sets have finished in release. We offer the on-going sets on monthly 'auto-ship', and all other previously-released Packs individually, in open-stock. You can have them all!!!

To make individual selections, just fill in the number of skeins you want in the little boxes below, scroll down to the bottom of this section, and hit the submit button to have them added to your cart. $2.50 per skein.

Classic Colorworks Flosses:

12-Grain Almost Auburn Amber Waves
Amethyst Antique Lace Apple Fritter
Argyle Socks Aunt Marie's Violet Auntie Dee
Avocado Baby Blanket Baby Chick
Balsam Fir Bambino Bamboo
Bandana Barn Door Barrel Cactus
Beansprout Bejeweled Bella Rosa
Betty Bluebell Bing Cherry Black Coffee
Blackbird Blacksmith Blue Blessed Jess
Blooming Crocus Blue Beadboard Blue Beatrice
Blue Corn Blue Moon Blueberry Tart
Blushing Beauty Boysenberry Jam Bramble Bush
Brandied Pears Brown Hen Brown Sugar
Bunny Honey Calico Kitty Camouflage
Candied Yams Candy Corn Cappuccino
Caribbean Waters Carrie Berry Cashmere
Caterpillar Cauldron Cayenne
Cerise Chai Cherry Cobbler
Cherry Tomato Cheryl Chic Chili Pepper
Chocolate Cream Pie Chopped Chives Cinnamon Toast
Clay Pot Cloud Cobbled Peach
Cocoa Bean Colonial Copper Cool Azul
Copper Penny Copper Penny Cottage Garden
Country Lane Crab Cakes Creamy Peach
Creeping Jenny Crushed Pineapple Cupid
Dandelion Stem Deep Blue Sea Deep Fennel
Desert Mesquite Dublin Bay Dulce de Leche
Eggshell Embers English Ivy
Erin Go Emerald Eve's Leaves Fallen Leaves
Fancy Green Nancy Finley Gold Fleur de Lilac
Fool's Gold Four-Leaf Clover Fresh Brew
Frog Legs Frosted Sage Frosty
Frozen Margarita Garden Trellis German Chocolate
Ginger Snap Gingerbread Golden Star
Goldfish Granny Annie Grape Pie
Grasshopper Green Onion Hazelnut
Heatherleigh Hickory Sticks Holly Berry
Honey Comb House Wine Hydrangea
Jakey Brown Jelly Roll Jolly Holly
Jolly Holly Joshua Tree Just Rust
Key Largo Khaki Mocha La Tierra
Ladybug Lavender Louise Lemon Grass
Lemon Lime Lettuce Leaf Licorice Red
Little House Brown Little Pink Peony Lobster Claw
Lunar Eclipse Macaroni and Cheese Magnolia Blossum
Manor Red Mauvelous Meadow Green
Mermaids Fin Milady's Teal Mint Julep
Miss Madalynn Mistletoe Morning glory
Mossy Muddy Puddle Mulled Berries
Nighty Nite Nutmeggie Old Blue Jeans
Old Blue Jeans Old Marigold Old Money
Old Oak Tree Olive Branch Onion Skin
Orangena Oras Iris Organza Pink
Pansy Purple Pea Pod Peach Sherbet
Peanut Brittle Pebble Beach Perfect Piecrust
Persimmon Petite Maison Pickled Beets
Pink Champagne Pink Posey Pixie Dust
Plum Paisley Plymouth Rock Poblano Pepper
Polliwog prairie grass Prickly Pear
Pumpkin Harvest Purple Aster Purple Toile
Queen Bee Rain Shower Rainy Day
Razzleberry Really Teally Red Currant
Ribbon Red Ripe Melon Ripple
River Rocks Roasted Chestnut Roasted Chestnut
Rod and Reel Root Beer Float Rosy Glow
Ruby Slippers Sassy Brass Sea Shelley
Secondhand Rose shabby sheep Shamrock
Shrimp Cocktail Smoke Snips and Snails
Snowball Spinach Spun Sugar
St. Bernard Steamed Broccoli Stepping Stones
Straw Hat Sugar and Spice sugar plum
Sugared Violets Summer Spray Sunflower
Sunkissed Sunset Sunshine Girl
Sweetest Heart Tabby Tangerine
Tartan Plaid Tennesee Red Clay Timber
Tiny Vine Toasted Marshmallow Tomatillo
Tufted Yellow Tyler Boy Blue Used Brick
Vintage Violet Wasabi Wavy Navy
Weeping Willow Whatley Woodlands Wild Berries
Wild Oats Wilderness Wisconsin Woods
Ye Olde Gold Zach Black

Belle Soie Silks Set 2 -- click to see more Belle Soie Silks

Presenting Classic Colorworks' 12-ply spun silk hand-dyeds!!! Just open this bag of silk... *touch* all of it... *breathe* about the colors... run your fingers along the 12-stranded spun silk threads... arrange and re-arrange them in color family order... THEN think about stitching with it!!!

I am so impressed with all of these! Lovely 5-yard skeins of continuous length silk... Sharon Crescent has done a wonderful job of dying monochromatic colors. Some have more variation than others... but each is a softly blended medley of deep, rich color.

Very pretty thread, this is becoming quite popular, and is perfect for all the monochromatic samplers. $7.50 per skein

Belle Soie 3 Alarm Fire Belle Soie Amandas Apple Belle Soie Angel Blush
Belle Soie Apricot Belle Soie Attic Tea Belle Soie Babbling Brook
Belle Soie Baguette Belle Soie Bahama Breeze Belle Soie Beach Grass
Belle Soie Beanstalk Belle Soie Berry Cobbler Belle Soie Biscotti
Belle Soie Blue Heaven Belle Soie Blue Lagoon Belle Soie Boysenbeauty
Belle Soie Briar Patch Belle Soie Buttercup Belle Soie Butterscotch
Belle Soie Cabbage Patch Belle Soie Cake Belle Soie Carnation
Belle Soie Carrot Cake Belle Soie Celery Belle Soie Chester's Blue
Belle Soie Chocolat Belle Soie Cinnamon Stick Belle Soie Cobblestone
Belle Soie Collard Greens Belle Soie Cotton Candy Belle Soie Cranberry
Belle Soie Creme De Menthe Belle Soie Eiffel Tower Belle Soie Elegant Eggplant
Belle Soie Empress Belle Soie Enchanted Forest Belle Soie Espresso
Belle Soie Evergreen Belle Soie Fawn Belle Soie Fern Frond
Belle Soie Foo Foo Flamingo Belle Soie Fresh Raspberries Belle Soie Golden Oak
Belle Soie Granny Smith Belle Soie Grape Juice Belle Soie Harvest
Belle Soie Her Crown Belle Soie Herb Garden Belle Soie Hula Skirt
Belle Soie Icing Belle Soie Indigo Belle Soie Ivy League
Belle Soie Kiwi Belle Soie Lara Lilac Belle Soie Lasagne
Belle Soie Lily Pad Belle Soie Limestone Belle Soie Love Dove
Belle Soie Mahogany Belle Soie Maiden Voyage Belle Soie Malted Milk
Belle Soie Mango Belle Soie Maple Leaf Belle Soie Mer Bleu
Belle Soie Miss Green Jeans Belle Soie Moss Belle Soie Mudpie
Belle Soie Noir Belle Soie Oatmeal Scone Belle Soie Ocean Tide
Belle Soie Olde Crow Belle Soie Orchid Belle Soie Paprika
Belle Soie Peaches n Cream Belle Soie Peacock Belle Soie Pecan Pie
Belle Soie Petticoat Blue Belle Soie Petunia Belle Soie Pink Quartz
Belle Soie Plush Plum Belle Soie Poison Apple Belle Soie Pom Pom Pink
Belle Soie Porcelain Pink Belle Soie Princess Belle Soie Pumpkin Carriage
Belle Soie Puritan Blue Belle Soie Purple Paradise Belle Soie Red Fox
Belle Soie Rose of Sharon Belle Soie Rosebud Belle Soie Rouge
Belle Soie Rustique Belle Soie Sagebrush Belle Soie Sandy Beach
Belle Soie Scarecrow Belle Soie Sea Breeze Belle Soie Shepherd's Pasture
Belle Soie Sister Scarlet Belle Soie Slate Belle Soie Spring Violets
Belle Soie Spruced Belle Soie Strawberry Shortcake Belle Soie Sundrenched Violets
Belle Soie Sweet Lavender Belle Soie Teddy Bear Belle Soie Terra Potta
Belle Soie Tortoise Shell Belle Soie Tree Trunk Belle Soie Tulip
Belle Soie Tumbleweed Belle Soie Turquoise Belle Soie Vanilla Pudding
Belle Soie Velvet Rose Belle Soie Violet Water Belle Soie Walk the Plank
Belle Soie Weatherd Vine Belle Soie Wheatgrass

A Little Snow from Classic Colorworks - click for more A Little Snow
Little House Needleworks has another exclusive little chart for Classic Colorworks -- A Little Snow. Choose your favorite fabric to stitch this 3-color design.

The chart is presented with three skeins of Classic Colorworks floss of Cupid, Roasted Chestnut and Toasted Marshmallow. Make sure you haven't missed the other exclusives by Diane... I think we have them all pictured on here!
  • Apple Pickin'
  • Long May She Wave
  • Roses are Red
  • Rabbit Hill
  • North Woods Express and North Pole Express
  • Land of the Free
  • Home of the Brave

Apple Pickin' from Classic Colorworks - click for more
Apple Pickin' from Classic Colorworks and Little House Needleworks
Classic Colorworks has two new colors of floss - Wagon Wheel and Hayride - both green-ish browns. To launch them, Mom (Diane of Little House Needleworks) has designed a little freebie chart that uses both colors.

You will need a russet red from your stash, but if you purchase the two new colors, for a limited time, you get her free chart with them! Apple Pickin measures just 58 stitches square - choose your favorite fabric.

Long May She Wave from Classic Colorworks - click for more
Long May She Wave
Little House Needleworks has another annual patriotic design for Classic Colorworks!

Presented as the chart with 5 skeins of Classic Colorworks floss... it joins Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Cute and Quick!

Roses are Red from Classic Colorworks - click for more

Roses are Red
Three new flosses come with a free chart *Roses are Red* by Little House Needleworks!

Gingerbread, Holly Berry and Mistletoe... they are thinking Christmas!

A Sampler Grows from Classic Colorworks - click for more Rabbit Hill
A sweet exclusive chart by Little House Needleworks for Classic Colorworks, Rabbit Hill is worked with 5 CC hand-dyed flosses on your choice of fabrics.

Presented as the chart with the flosses... Mom-Diane is doing lovely things for her son, Ronnie, who now owns Classic Colorworks! Offered for a short time!

The North Pole Express from Classic Colorworks - click to see more The North Woods Express from Classic Colorworks - click to see more
The North Pole Express and The North Woods Express
Classic Colorworks has commissioned Little House Needlework's Diane Williams (his mom!) to create these charming charts to highlight his flosses!

Offered as a little *freebie* with the purchase of each 5-pack of necessary hand-dyed Classic Colorworks flosses... you can choose just about any fabric you wish to make these your very own! Stitch count is approx 90 x 50.

Land of the Free from Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks -- click to see lots more Home of the Brave from Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks -- click to see more
Land of the Free & Home of the Brave
Little House Needleworks has done a pair of matching designs as exclusives for Classic Colorworks.

Each comes as a chart with the required 4 complete skeins of Classic's hand-dyed flosses. Choose just about any fabric you like for these -- they finish approx 4 x 5 on 30ct.

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