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Seasonal Cross Stitch Treats from The Silver Needle

Christmas and Winter

There are so many wonderful designs available that celebrate every season and occasion under the sun... so we thought it'd be fun to collect a few of them, and organize them for you on a set of Holiday/Seasonal Pages. I'm a "seasons nut..." so we'll be adding to these all the time! We have so many other projects and ideas in the shop, and elsewhere on the site, but this is a fun way to show you just a few ..... ENJOY!

Making Christmas Stocking Selections?
Don't miss seeing the entire collections of several different designer's talents! Christmas Stockings are an individual thing! Some want all in the family to match... some want different designs to 'match the person'... Check out our Stocking Page for lots of options!!!
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Spring and Easter Designs
Christmas and Winter
Patriotic and Summer

Up On The Rooftop from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Up On The Rooftop
from The Drawn Thread
Cynthia has a new Simple Sampler -- just a bitty thing -- to stitch in a jiff for Christmas. Santa is standing there on the rooftop, he's got the Christmas tree -- but instead of reindeer, we have lovely white Satin-Stitched doves!

Worked on 32ct Dirty with Sampler Threads and DMC floss... it finishes approx 3 x 6.. Skip all the lettering and the roof, and Santa and his tree are not even 2 x 4!!!! They'd make a cute ornament or a fob (and 1 x 2 over one!!!!!!!) Presented as a chart with a single bitty black button embellishment.

The Joys of Christmas from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Joys of Christmas
from The Drawn Thread
Six little ways to stitch JOY... pine cones, candy canes, birds and bows... each of these small designs is approx 3 or 4 inches in size on various 32ct fabrics.

Sampler Threads or silks, the chart comes with a smattering of petite seed beads and a pair of teeny black buttons which are on the snowman. Nothing too involved, just a smattering of easy designs to whip up for some special stitched gifts.

Be of Good Cheer from Scarlett House - click for more Be of Good Cheer from The Scarlett House
Here's a sweet piece that is worked on the 28ct Natural/Ivory Graziano (from Italy) Gingham Linen. (Weeks has hand-dyed some as well -- another color option.) Worked with just 5 colors of DMC floss, it is shown mounted into a really cool 5 x 7 metal tray from Hobby Lobby! (Information about the tray comes inside the chart with your purchase.)

Super cute finishing for this simple piece that finishes a mere 3-1/2 x 5. Offered as a chart... you may want to change the date of 1837 on there to something else that has significance to you.

Let it Snow from Blackberry Lane Let it Snow from Blackberry Lane Designs
Oh Wow... Marie Driskell has designed the MOST CHARMING little snowman!!!!! He is just the happiest little guy! Stitched on yummy hand-dyed fabric -- on 32ct, he measures 65 x 65 stitches -- so 4 x 4. Charted for DMC floss, he also uses blending filaments in an ice blue and opalescent for the wind, his body, and the words, along with glass beads dotting the snowflakes. You'll need the JABCO clay nose... and maybe the white ball fringe (big box stores -- our mini-balls are all hand-dyed and not pure white) and snowflake button for finishing???

I just love everything about this piece that is presented as a chart. We have GORGEOUS Crossed Wing hand-dyed linen in stock NOW... will have to wait for the Picture This Plus Stellar this calls for. (The filament, braid, bead and button dropdown lists no price... because there are too many variables with thread options. All that will run approx $12. Ball Fringe is not offered because we do not have pure white. Fabric? Do you want 28 or 32? Do you want it now, or do you want to wait!) HELP with thoughts in the comments box of your order!!! :)

#311 Tidings of Joy from JBW Designs Tidings of Joy from JBW Designs
JBW has several new designs -- 7 more actually -- but I absolutely love this one, so I chose it for Just Arrived! Choose any color of Red over-dyed floss or silk you like, stitch this over one or two threads, and finish it like either of these two options!!!

Sweet little reindeer surrounded by evergreens and a pretty border, this stitch count on this is 91 x 110. Presented in small card format.
(Click the pic to see the rest of the new arrivals.)

Tiny Christmas Biscornu by Just Nan -- click to see more! Ginger Holly Man Pin by Just Nan -- click to see more! Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Winter Birds Needle Slide by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Just Nan's Christmas Designs are all Here!
Christmas is coming... and now we have a few treats by Just Nan!!! Here are the details!
  • Tiny Christmas Biscornu -- Something special for your tree, this is stitched on both sides. (You COULD make this into a pair of ornaments as well.) Four bright red cardinals, wrapped packages and snowflakes on one side, four beaded holiday trees and peppermints on the other. This petite 2-inch cushion -- accented with crystal beads in the centers and candy cane ribbon edges -- will sparkle on your tree. Worked on 32ct Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC floss, it also features tiny red, gold and white bead embellishments. Full of tiny Just Nan's charming motifs, she has garnished it with her Gingerbread Man Pin. Offered as the chart with emb... linen, pin and floss are separate.
  • Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse -- Another of Nan's cute stitched mice -- this little guy needs to hang close-by to all your Gingerbread Angel and Jingle Mice! He is a reindeer -- complete with tiny reindeer antlers and red reins. He has a Rudolph-red nose, and is wearing a Christmas Sweater to keep him warm on The Important Night. Stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus's Gingerbread Linen with DMC and just a touch of gold metallic, he finishes a mere 2-inches in size -- the same as everyone else in his family. Offered as a chart with tail hanger, beads, nose, and brass button base, he is precious!!!!!
  • Winter Birds Needle Slide -- Nan's newest Needle Slide features 5 little birds all decked out in wintry finery, stacked against a winter sky. She's added a hologram snowflake for a bit of glitz, and there is a removable magnet inside to hold needles and pins. Tuck some mints inside or use it for needles!!!

Christmas Memories from Blackberry Lane Christmas Memories from Blackberry Lane Designs
Blackberry Lane has a lovely new pair of Christmas Tree designs -- kind of a feather tree idea -- featuring branches filled with antique Christmas toys and trinkets. Two different designs -- both feature the trees cross stitched over two threads with long stitches to mimic the pine needles. THEN, the ornaments are all stitched over one thread. Absolutely incredible design detail -- Marie Driskell excels at this sort of thing! -- you won't believe how beautiful all the little toys are! Snowmen, angels, dolls, sheep, a nutcracker, caboose, gingerbread man, Santa a horn, just a million little things!

The smaller version is worked on 32ct lambswool and measures 43 x 67 stitches -- 2-1/2 x 4-ish. The larger tree is done on the 32ct natural linen with the white spots painted on it. It's a little more challenging because of the paint kind of clogging the fabric holes (but the finished effect is SO COOL) That one measures 52 x 69 and finishes approx 3 x 5. Honestly, this is a CHARMING set of designs!!!!! Get it for the Stash!... and maybe stitch JUST the bitty ornaments that are only 10 threads high!!!!!

Jolly Soul from Erica Michaels - click for more
Jolly Soul
from Erica Michaels
What a neat ornament!!! Santa and The Mrs are stitched on 40ct silk gauze (included with the chart) with hand-dyed or DMC flosses. They finish a mere 1-1/2 x 2 inches -- and even have a few Smyrna Crosses on them.

They fit into the most charming little 2 x 2-1/2 filigree frame THAT IS INCLUDED! Tiny half-cross stitches, this is precious! Offered as the chart with the gauze and frame.

Going to Grandma's from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Going to Grandma's from Praiseworthy Stitches
Susan and Pam have released another charming winter scene -- this year's features Grandma's House decked out to the MAX for the Holiday! *Christmas is here and everyone is arriving at Grandma's house! The snow is falling, the kids are making a snowman and the rest of the family is finally here. Can't you hear the squeels and delight as everyone greets each other? See Grandma on the walkway waving to them? Look, even Santa and Rudolph have arrived! It is a time for love, delight and laughter.*

Stitched on 32ct Nocturne by Picture This Plus (a luscious greyed-blue fabric), this finishes approx 11 x 9 -- MUCH more compact than some of the other annual scenes! Worked with Sampler Threads and Weeks hand-dyeds, (several multiple skeins of the same colors), along with a few blending filaments and Mill Hill beads, it is full of charming details just like all the rest of Praiseworthy's houses! Offered as the chart with fabric and threads separately. Get the chart, and check your stash for needed thread.

The Three Wise Men from AB Designs - click for more The Three Wise Men from AB Designs
Amy Breucken is getting ready for NEXT Christmas with this Out-of-The-Box group pic!!! Stitched on 30ct Natural/Straw gingham Linen in regular DMC flosses... the 'normal' ends there!

It finishes approx 7 x 9-1/2 and is garnished with some white pearls and silver bugle beads. And yes, we know that gingerbread man has a bow in his hair... she says 'Just deal with it!!!' Offered as the chart with embellishments it is *A Whole Bunch of Cute!*

Winter Wonderland from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Winter Wonderland
from tinymodernist.html
Just a quick 8-section design full of tiny winter-motifs. I think the DMC colors are popping out to me! 3770, 436, 166, 3761, 3766, 3760 and 169... everything fits into a petite 6 x 9 on 14ct.

Offered as a leaflet.

Modern Christmas to All from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Modern Christmas to All
from Tiny Modernist
A *Canned Ham* being pulled by Santa's reindeer!!! What a way to travel for the Holidays! Tiny Modernist brings us this delightful design in leaflet format -- stitched on something neutral with DMC floss.

On a 14/28ct it'll finish approx 5 x 10. Wouldn't it be fun for someone with an RV?

Mary Mustardseed from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more Mary Mustardseed
from Scattered Seed Samplers
Oh, I love the name of this piece by Scattered Seed Samplers! *Scattered Seeds I Sow for Thee, Oh Gather Birds to Sing For Me.* An original verse by Tammy Black for her 7 x 12-ish inch sampler, this is worked on 32ct with Weeks and Gentle Art flosses.

A pretty piece, it needs to be stitched for the bird-lover in your life -- especially the ones who don't mind the weeds that grow from all those uneaten scattered seeds!!!!! Offered as a chart.

Christmas Fruit Basket from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Christmas Fruit Basket from Threadwork Primitives
This is a pretty piece -- very traditional in personality -- simple and sedate. It'd be pretty as a small cushion tucked onto a chilly windowsill!

Offered as a chart, it can be worked on anything you like -- the stitch count is 113 x 54. Choose the Sampler Threads of Old Hickory, Country Redwood, Terra Cotta, Forest Glade, Endive and Toasted Barley -- or DMC -- the six berries on the vine are Algerian Eyes over 4 threads.

Happy Nativity Day from The Trilogy -- click to see more Happy Nativity Day
from The Trilogy
Even Jesus needed to learn his ABC's, so Trilogy has included the alphabet in this sleepy little scene! The evening sky and quiet village surround Baby Jesus on the night of his birth.

Offered as a small card chart, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4 on 32ct and is coded for hand-dyeds, DMC or Anchor floss.

Jingle from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Jingle from The Cricket Collection
What a pretty font for this! JINGLE is stitched on 28ct Star Sapphire linen in 18 different DMC colors along with 3 shades of gold metallic thread. The lettering is 501 green, bells are the metallic... and all the rest is just charming!

She's little in the pic... but there is a TINY stitched angel riding on the front of the sleigh! She's only 10 x 10 stitches, and thankfully Vicki has an enlarged chart of her in the leaflet for easier stitching!!! Offered as a leaflet, the design finishes approx 8 x 12-1/2 on the 28ct.

Lizzie Kate's Sled Dudes S116 Snippet - click for more
Sled Dudes from Lizzie*Kate
Oh My Gosh -- THESE ARE CUTE! Linda has designed a trio of smalls to fit the Foxwood Crossings wooden miniature sleds we have!! Stitched on 14ct brown perforated paper, each design is approx 1-1/2 x 2 -- simply glue the paper onto the little sled when you are finished!

You can even paint these if you want a little color, or add a cute pulling string. Sled Dudes come as a small Snippet Card, and we sell the sleds separately.

Lizzie Kate's Reindeer Stocking #169 Lizzie Kate's Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings #168
  • Flora McSample's 2014 Mini Stocking Ornaments -- Three smallish stockings with a sampler flavor, these come in a chart pack with a few tiny embellishments. Soft colors, these companion the Flora 2013 stockings! Cute ornaments or something fun to fill with a few stitching gadgets for a needleworker friend.
  • Reindeer Stocking -- Here's Linda's 4th large stocking! Joining her Santa, Snowman and Angel from years past, Riley the Reindeer is getting Santa's packages ready and showing them off! Stitched with #5 Pearl Cotton on 18ct Linen, he features a few button and star embellishments that come in his chartpack. Finishes a generous size for Santa to fill!

  • Have a Jolly Holiday With Pine Mountain - click to see more
    Have a Jolly Holiday With Pine Mountain
    Pine Mountain's Christmas Collection of cute pre-made pillows is huge -- this pic delivers you a small sampling that is dazzling! PM specializes in coordinating trendy fabrics together to pre-make you pillow shams and wraps -- always inserting cross stitch fabric into the somehow. You do the cute stitching in a jiff -- because ALL of these are offered as complete kits of that darling pillow and threads.

    Make sure you peruse our Pine Mountain pages to see the rest of the collections -- they are such a good value, and terrifically easy as travel projects. Some of the smaller pillows make EXCELLENT stocking stuffers for beginning stitchers as well!

    Beautiful Finishing 17 - Gingerbread Cupcakes from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Beautiful Finishing 17 - Gingerbread Cupcakes
    from The Victoria Sampler
    These are the CUTEST ornaments we have seen in so long... you are going to be enchanted by them! Last year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue Magazine featured the Gingerbread Man Cupcake included in VS's newest leaflet of THREE stitched cupcakes! Gingerbread Cupcakes features charts for the tops of three cakes, Snowmen, Gingerbread Men and Holly Leaves, along with finishing instructions to assemble them into colorful silicone baking cups.

    You'll probably want the corresponding Accessory pack of all the threads, metallics, cute buttons, all the 'candy beads' and those bright red baking cups... everything you'll need except the topping fabric is in the accs pack. We'll be sending you 28ct Linen that is close to the 28ct Antique Almond called for (AA hasn't been available for almost a year!)... so you stitch a trio of cupcakes for your Christmas Tree -- we think these are so creative, cute, colorful, charming, unique and too pretty to eat!

    Mill Hill Angel Trilogy - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more    Mill Hill Celebration Santas - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more
    Mill Hill Presents Christmas 2014!
    24 New designs to dazzle -- you'll have plenty of time to work on these since Summer isn't even here yet!!!!
  • Angel Trilogy -- Three perforated paper ornaments, these go with the Nativity Series of Mill Hill's. Finishing approx 4 x 5, they are designs 10, 11 and 12 in this set and join the Holy Family, Shepherds, and The Magi.
  • Celebration Santas -- Our 16th Annual Set of three perforated paper Santa ornaments, this year's finish approx 3 x 5 like the rest, and represent our Classic American Santa, along with a French and Mexican Santa. This is such an anticipated set every year... we've organized them all on their own page for you!
  • Mill Hill Winter Series of 2014 Button & Bead Kits - click for more
  • Winter Series of 2014 Button & Bead Kits -- The classics that finish approx 5 x 5... our shop models are always stitched on linen rather than the provided perf paper. Gorgeous wintery decorations, you can frame these, make them into small hanging pillows, stand-up cubes or even banners and quilts. I love the Ginger Friends, Palace Theatre is this year's addition to the Christmas Village. (Awesome finished into those stand-up cubes!) But that Nuthatch matches last year's Chickadees... and that was the Best Seller last year, so you'll want this one to match!
  • Mill Hill Winter Holiday for 2014 - click for more
  • Winter Holiday -- The annual smaller kits are here... most match other ornaments from previous years... all are worked on 14ct perf paper with beaded embellishment. The Drummer Boy goes with previous smaller Nativity pieces, and I love that little Scottie!!!! We have a million of these smaller designs, that look great on your tree.
  • Mill Hill Autumn 2014 Christmas Jewels - click for more
  • Christmas Jewels -- A second set of baubles to match those that released a few years ago... these look like old-fashioned glass ornaments! Perforated Paper, with lots of deep royal colors and glisteny beads... everyone loves the first set. Each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2.

  • Nora Corbett Greeting Cards -- click to see a more Nora Corbett Greeting Cards from Mirabilia
    WOW... we have two more stunning collections of blank-inside greeting cards decorated with the original artwork of Nora Corbett -- they are her handpainted studies BEFORE she charted her works into Cross Stitch! The beginnings of what become our stitched masterpieces, each image includes the original sketchmarks, the paper folds and graph lines!!!
  • *The Holly Pixie Couture Collection of flower fairies is just gorgeous!
  • *Christmas Eve Couriers are some of the reindeer and Santa's Sleigh...
  • Each set contains 12 blank-inside cards with envelopes -- 2 each of 6 different designs. Cards measure 5 x 7 in size. If you've stitched one of these designs -- it would be really cool to attach the card to the back of your framed piece! Otherwise... your friends all KNOW you stitch... dazzle them with stitchery on your cards!

    Vintage Christmas, Believe & Amazing Grace from Brenda Riddle
    Vintage Christmas from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Amazing Grace from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Believe from Brenda Riddle - click to see more Here is a trio of small charted designs by Brenda Riddle that feature a vintage flavor. Vintage Christmas can be worked in three different color ways on Week's Linen with Gentle Art flosses -- it finishes approx 4 x 5-1/2 -- not big at all.

    Believe and Amazing Grace are both worked with Week's White Lightening floss on 35ct Gunmetal Linen.

    Wanting to mimic the charm of an old chalkboard each of these finishes approx 5 x 6 and 6 x 7. Very simple and charming! Each is offered as a chart. offered as a chart.

    Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes from The Scarlett House - click for more Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes from The Scarlett House
    Here's a chilly scene, cold and quiet! Stitch the entire thing, or leave off the words -- there are big snowflakes in the background (sort of hard to see in our image, but they're there!) that you can re-arrange in behind the evergreens. Scarlet House presents this design in chart format that is worked on a dusky hand-dyed -- lots of good colors come to mind (like Week's Tin Roof).

    The stitch count is 220 x 138, and colors listed are either Sampler Threads or DMC. Dried Thyme, Forest Glade, Country Redwood, Wood Smoke, Tin Bucket, Chalk, Picnic Basket, Wood Trail, Deep Forest and Espresso Bean... you can just feel the deep, quiet colors. The dogs and bunnies are worked over one thread -- everything else is over 2.

    Delivering Peppermints and Candy Canes from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Delivering Peppermints and Candy Canes
    from Homespun Elegance
    Homespun Elegance has new design -- an Owl-Santa is doing the deliveries with his cute candy-bucket! Stitched on R & R's 30ct Mink -- regular Natural or Khaki Aida looks great as well (good fabric alternatives). DMC or Week's flosses are called for, and there are amber shell buttons used on the wagon wheels down at the bottom. (Use the darker mangy side of them!)

    The peppermints at the top can be cross-stitched, or made from white buttons with red stitches over them to look like mints. (We thought of the JABCO peppermint buttons as well -- you can soak them in coffee to get them darker.) Lots of cute options here, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 30ct -- Sandra has used Week's Merlot Wool for her backing -- it'd make a stunning pillow background!

    Owls Love Christmas Too from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more You Better Not Pout from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Merry Noel Collection: You Better Not Pout & Owls Love Christmas Too!
    from Homespun Elegance
    Two more ornaments this year -- ALWAYS cute options for your tree, both follow a dusty, antique color shceme and are coded for either DMC or hand-dyed flosses.
  • 'Not Pout' comes with a small teddy bear charm, and you can see that there is room above Santa's head to PERSONALIZE this little guy. So for years to come... we'll know who needed the annual warning! It finishes approx 3 x 4.
  • 'Owls Love' comes with a brass candy cane charm and he's smaller at 2 x 3-1/2. I have a lot of Homespun Elegance ornaments on my tree -- Sandra has been designing for 35 plus years -- her collection is large, and has it's own charming look.
  • These two are offered as small charts with a charm.

    Up On The Rooftop from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Up On The Rooftop
    from Blackberry Lane Designs
    Blackberry Lane as released #4 in her incredible Annual Snowglobe Series -- this one features Santa on the roof getting ready to drop down the chimney! Absolutely breathtaking detail in color shading and design detail, this entire ornament is only 82 x 82 stitches and is worked over one on 28ct, making it less than 3 x 3.

    TONS of different DMC flosses from your stash, since there are so many called for in here... you won't use much of any of the colors!!! Look for the companion designs in your stash -- 2010 is The Snow Day, 2011 is Midnight Ride, and 2012 is The Carolers. These are all stunning! Get them and stash them away for a 110 degree month next summer when you can stay inside stitching!!!!!

    A Foxwood Crossings Sled in my hand - click to see more Sleds and More Sleds! from Foxwood Crossings
    Christmas is only 10 months away!!!
    Oh my gosh... these are the CUTEST little ornaments... you mount your bit of stitching to an actual tiny metal and wood sled!!! Foxwood Crossings has seven small card designs -- each featuring a trio of designs (so we have 21 different designs for these) that measure only 17 x 30 stitches! 14ct Brown or Cream Perforated Paper work best for these (but Aida and 28ct linen will work too -- just not finish as flat.)

    Do your quick stitching, trim the paper to fit the sled, back it with a bit of felt or pretty paper if you want... and glue it onto the sled! Each wood and metal sled ornament is nicely made -- not all bent up or rough. The little runners are 4 inches long, the swing handle is another 2. They stand an inch high, and the stitch area is just a mere 1-1/2 x 2-1/2.
    A nice row of Foxwood Crossings sled designs - click to see more So, So CUTE!!!!!!! Talk about different, quick and CHARMING tree ornaments! Offered as the 7 small card charts, the sleds are available separately, and if you are careful a perf paper sheet will do 18 of these! BE CAREFUL TO ORDER ENOUGH SLEDS FOR ALL YOUR ORNAMENTS!

    Sled Heads features Santa, Mrs Santa and Rudolph. Snow Grateful has a trio of snowmen. Sledding Friends has a penguin and an Eskimo, and another snowman. Snow Country Sleds features a church, barn and cabin in the woods. Bread Sleds has a gingerbread couple and tiny gingerbread house! (love that name!) Mixed Bag Quilts has three tiny quilt block patterns. Quaker Sleds features three tiny Quaker motifs.

    Gingerbread Bakery from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Gingerbread Bakery from The Victoria Sampler
    We are up to building #5 in this charming stitched Gingerbread Village! The Victoria Sampler has somehow designed the cutest miniature houses and even a tree, all garnished with 'drips' of white royal Icing, and lots of 'beaded cookies and candies!'

    Joining their Church, Gingerbread Stitching House, Candy Cane Cottage and Tree Etui, you stitch each wall of this... even the roof, and construct the building. (The tiny gingerbread cookies on the roof are miniature buttons!) None of these are very large... our Stitching House model is something like 4 inches square and 3 inches high. Everything is offered in leaflet format, with fabric and the accessory packs of threads and embellishments offered separately.
    Anyway, Gingerbread Bakery is charming, and comes in a leaflet FULL of detailed instructions and great finishing photos!

    Gingerbread Cookies from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Gingerbread Cookies from The Victoria Sampler
    Well, this is a cool chart... what a fun stitching project to complete, even if you aren't doing any of the matching village. Each cookie is stitched on 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen in reds, whites and an icy blue. The accessory pack contains all the silks and wools, beads, pearls and tiny 'candy' button embellishments.

    As you can see, there really isn't much stitching on these AT ALL... so maybe after you've made your first set, you can get creative with the basic cookie shapes and add decorations from your stash to make more! Each ornament finishes approx 2-1/2 x 4 in size. Offered as the leaflet with accs pack separately.

    Warm Hands Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Warm Feet Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Christmas Woolens Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Mittens Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Gift Bag Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more
    Felt Christmas Ornaments and Mini-Gift Sacks! from Rachel's of Greenfield
    Snow Folk Felt Ornament Kit from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Ornaments Galore! We have 6 new kits to make a total of 36 different mini stockings, mittens and gift bag ornaments! Something fun to hang on the tree, each and every one of these measures approx 2 x 3 when finished. Traditional designs in classic reds, greens, navy, black and white, each kit contains its templates and pattern shapes with cutting instructions for all the ornament pieces. They also include all the felt, threads, beads and button embellishments (if any are needed) and the gold cord hangers! You'll do simple Blanket Stitches and a couple of Straight Stitch Holly springs, and attach a few beads, but that's it!! REALLY CUTE, the snowmen wear a 'backpack' back pocket to store treasures! (Maybe for Christmas $$?) Very small and quick... these might be good for a scout troop project... they'd be so retro and fun as a large collection on a tree, cute package ties, you decide! Buy all 6 and get a discount!
  • Warm Hands is a set of mittens.
  • Warm Feet is the set of stockings.
  • Christmas Woolens is a mixture of mittens and stockings.
  • Mittens is a set that features only backstitch embroidery rather than blanket-stitched motifs.
  • The Gift Bags are a perfect size for gift cards.
  • Snow Folk have pockets on the back to hold money! The little dog and cat in that set are about half the size of the snowmen -- just precious!

  • Toys in the Attic -- A trio of ornaments from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Toys in the Attic -- A trio of ornaments
    from Blackberry Lane Designs
    Oh my gosh, these designs are so old-fashioned and charming!!! Marie Driskell's over-one design detail is apparent in this trio of small designs -- but these are MUCH, MUCH easier to stitch than some of her previous pieces. Worked on 28ct linen, each finishes approx 3 x 3... but much smaller if you leave off the Merry Christmas greetings on the bottom.
  • Sock Monkey by himself is only 40 x 50-ish...
  • Giddy-Up Horsey is 70 x 43... and
  • Baa Baa is only 53 x 42 without his borders.
  • Each of the three are beautifully charted and call for DMC floss. The colors are old and faded... and the designs are just precious! Offered as charts... these are FINISHABLE!

    Curly Girls for Christmas!... click for more
    Curly Girls for Christmas!
    Mill Hill has 4 new kits by Leigh -- of Curly Girl Designs. You see her artwork on lots of things -- stationery, napkins, tea towels and coffee cups -- and we get to stitch it! I love the contemporary verses and the fresh color schemes. Can you see the patterns in the backgrounds? Some of that is done with beads, the rest is stitching -- and it adds a touch of charm!
    Offered in complete kit format, each 7 x 7-ish design is worked on 28 ct linen in DMC flosses and is smattered with Mill Hill beads all through out the design.
  • Simple Wish: *Her wish was simple, peace in every nation, joy in every heart and a mitten of every hand.*
  • Most Real: *Remember it is not our eyes but our hearts that can see the things that are most real.* (In things such as Love, Peace and Saint Nick... we have the fullest confidence.)
  • Still, Silent, Holy, Bright: *May your heart be kept in great peace, gratitude and joy.*
  • Spaces in Between: *If you look, you will find with some certainty that Joy is in the spaces in-between.*

  • Presenting the 6th Annual Santa Kit!  Santa's House -- click to see more
    Presenting the 2013 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa! Their 30th!!!
    Well... if you aren't familiar with Prairie Schooler's Annual Santas... you have 30 years of patterns to catch up on! This year's has Santa keeping track of time all over the world to make sure he delivers toys on time! (Maybe next year he'll upgrade to a smart-phone!)

    Charming as always... same size, same color palette, add him to your stunning collection of Prairie Schooler's famous series! Offered as a small card.

    Mill Hill's Colonial Santas Kits for 2013 - click for more Mill Hill's Colonial Santas
    Mill Hill's 15th Annual Set of Santa*Through*the*Year is here! We're up to 45 different 3 x 4 paper Santa ornament designs -- The Big Guy in real life -- with all sorts of different themes. Although some don't *really look like* Santa... when you have part of the collection together and hanging on your tree -- they are really neat.

    This year's trio features Colonial Santas: Williamsburg, Jamestown and Plymouth. Mostly Cross Stitch with DMC floss... there is not much bead embellishment on any of these. They are meant to be old-fashioned paper ornaments! Offered as complete kits of chart, paper, flosses, needles and beads, we've just re-arranged our Mill Hill Antique Santa's page... and now you can see all the previous year's offerings in a jiff! They are stunning on the Christmas Tree, and now there are enough to decorate their OWN tree!

    Merry Christmas from Little Dove Designs - click to see more Merry Christmas
    from Little Dove Designs
    Here's a delightful Christmas band sampler full of easy, traditional rows of motifs, all stitched with DMC flosses on any Taupe, Natural or Dark Brown Linen. Finishing approx 5 x 13 on 28ct ... just *whip it up* NOW... and it'll be ready to make into a cute pillow or hanging for next Christmas.

    No special stitches or embellishments, no hand-dyeds...this baby is READY and WAITING for your and the creativity of your stash!! Offered as a chart, it has a very pleasing balance to its design!

    Santa Claus from Rico Designs - click for more Christkindl from Rico Designs - click for more Christmassy Messengers from Rico Designs - click for more Wintermarchen from Rico Designs - click for more Wintermarchen from Rico Designs - click for more
    Five Little Books from Germany!
    What an AWESOME discovery we have made! This is a collection of 5 small 6 x 8, 40 to 64 page, softcover books featuring all sorts of charming Christmas motifs -- stitched, finished into a million different things, and photographed beautifully. Heavy, glossy paper, lovely full color charts, DMC, Anchor and Rico coded, each book shows all the various charts stitched and finished into tablecloths, runners, ornaments, stand-ups, just beautiful Holiday decorations all around.

    Each book features over 50 designs and you can combine them to make your project as involved as you want. Absolutely delightful to page through... I wish we could show all the inside pages to you! Click the pic to see descriptions of all 5! They are translated into 6 different languages -- I THINK they are English, French, Spanish, and three more I don't know!Merry Christmas; Joyeux Noel; Feliz Navidad; Felice Natale; Vrolijk Kerstfeest; and Boldog Karacsonyt!!!

    Christmas Tidings from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Christmas Tidings from JABCO
    Another pretty adaptation from the Art to Heart artwork by the JABCO gals... this is stitched on Week's 30ct Dove linen... but we think it'd be STUNNING on a cream. 14 Different colors of Week's hand-dyeds or DMC flosses, Christmas is spelled down the left edge providing the first letters of short thoughts of The Christmas Story. Christ is born, honor Him. Inn... no room, Star shone. Three Wisemen, Manger bed, Angels sing, Shepherds watched.

    Everything is garnished with charming JABCO buttons -- the whole nativity, angels, the inn and star, three Wisemen, baby in the manger, and shepherd and sheep. There is a lot going on in this... and all of it is in a 4 x 13-1/2 inch piece!!! Very colorful and eye-catching! Offered as the chart with button set.

    265 ABCs & Christmas Trees from JBW Designs - click to see more 266 Gingerbread Cookies from JBW Designs - click to see more 267 Christmas Doves Set One from JBW Designs - click to see more 268 Christmas Doves Set Two from JBW Designs - click to see more 269 Joy from JBW Designs - click to see more
    JBW Releases Celebrate Christmas 2012!
    270 Petite French Stockings from JBW Designs - click to see more Judy has 6 new small designs... some doves for the tree, and some darling miniature stockings are both shown as ornaments. Gingerbread Cookies features two smalls that would also be cute ornaments, apron panels, or even little wedge stand-ups for the kitchen window sill.

    ABC's & Christmas Trees is a new lonnnggg alphabet to coordinate with JBW's recent Halloween Alphabet, but not quite as long, so she could package it in small card format!

    Always cute things, all JBW's designs are offered in her small card format, and are easy on the stitching time!!!

    Santas Midnight Flight from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Santas Midnight Flight from Praiseworthy Stitches
    Praiseworthy Stitches other cool piece this season... this piece is *really pretty!* There are red and gold metallic blending filaments stitched into the border, and on the reindeer... so as it contrasts against the evening sky (choose a night-sky color) The snowflakes in the sky are Smyrna Crosses, Santa has a beard of Wisper thread, and there are beads embellishing here and there and everywhere!

    Charted for DMC or hand-dyeds, just a neat, balanced, organized design!!! The sleepy village -- people are stitched over one in the yards -- and can you see some of the reindeer and sleigh prints in the snow on the rooftops? I love the elegance of the border! Offered as a chart, finishing 18 x 12 on 32ct.

    Spirit of Christmas, Snowman Parade and Joy to All ornaments from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Homespun Elegance Presents its Annual Ornaments for 2012!
    For zillions of years, we have been treated to three ornaments by Homespun Elegance. Always a Snowman, Santa and Sampler ornament... this year's are really cute just like last years, and WILL NOT disappoint!!!

  • Spirit of Christmas -- Sampler Ornament -- Just a tiny winter cabin scene... stitch it for your neighbor who lives just on the other side of the trees!
  • Snowman Parade -- Snowman Ornament -- Cute! What if you added small names to the 'hills' they are standing on?
  • Joy to All -- Santa Ornament -- a very nice and traditional Santa with a bit of Wisper in his beard for the fluff.

  • Always offered as single charts with a tiny brass embellishment, ALL finish approx 3-1/2 x 2-3/4 on 30ct hand-dyed linen. (28 natural is good, too -- so many fabrics will work well.) See if you can find all the previous years' ornaments on our page... we have a ton of them -- as we have been getting them for zillions of years -- remember?

    Tiny Tidings XVII Chart from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Tiny Tidings XVII from Lizzie*Kate
    Holy Cow, we're having to re-learn our Roman Numerals to keep count of Lizzie Kate's annual ornament sets -- her Tiny Tidings! We're on year #17... which means that these are ornaments #81 to 86!!!!!! Always simple yet really cute, stitch these on almost any fabric you want... use some novelty threads -- do 'em bitty on 40ct over one!

    I love that little reindeer -- he looks like a cow! The tiny Merry Tree would be real cute as a small stand-up. Offered in chart format, the embellishment pack that is separate contains all the tiny buttons and beads to trim everything in the set. Unbelieveably, we have all the previous 16 years of charts available, the later ones have all offered embellishment packs, as well. So... COLLECT and STITCH!

    Sue Hillis Noel en Rouge #1 -- click to see more Needlework Trees #2 from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Traditional Trees #3 from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas Candy #4 from Sue Hillis -- click to see more
    Tree Ornaments -- Something Old and Something New from Sue Hillis Designs
    We have a collection of 4 leaflets by Sue Hillis that are turning into quite a nice collection of tree-shaped ornaments. Sue has re-done some of her older designs that had been past favorites -- giving them a make-over -- and adding a few new designs to complement them! Noel en Rouge features over-one monochromatic Christmas Trees. Stitch them in any color you want, on any fabric you like!!!

    #2 Features needlework-inspired trees! You get a floss tree, a spool tree and a scissor tree! Leaflet #3 features traditional trees -- I love, love that feathery one on the right with the teeny star embellishments! Leafelt #4 is Christmas Candy! NOEL isn't a tree shape like the other two, but it'd look great tucked on your tree with it's candy counterparts. Something for everyone in this set of leaflets, kind of nice that they aren't all the same at all!!!

    HOP Garland from A Kitty Kat Original - click to see more BOOM Garland from A Kitty Kat Original - click to see more BOO Garland from A Kitty Kat Original - click to see more Gobble Garland from A Kitty Kat Original - click to see more HO HO HO Garland from A Kitty Kat Original - click to see more
    Seasonal Garlands from A Kitty Kat Original
    Aren't they cute? This is a collection of seasonal motifs -- all dangled together -- to resemble garlands. By A Kitty Kat Original, her set of 5 pieces enchants me! You can stitch them as is -- on one piece of fabric and frame them... OR... you can stitch them on perforated paper or make tiny fabric pillows and actually STRING them... and make stitched garlands! Her cover pics show paper shapes attached together via wire -- that makes them easy to flex and display just the way you want them. They'd be cute on a wreath, too... get some colored lights, some wild ribbon...

    Offered as charts, you'll find those old-fashioned plastic *google eyes* featured on the personalities in all but the Ho Ho pattern... so retro and fun! Charted for DMC, google eyes included in charts!

    Jo Jo's Santa from Fern Ridge - click to see more Jo Jo's Santa from Fern Ridge Collections
    Fern Ridge has a stunning new Santa Peyote Stitch piece that can be used as a pin, ornament or necklace pendant. Charming Mr Santa Claus is entirely beaded -- no loom, no base fabric. You stitch him in your hands using a beading technique named the Peyote Stitch -- where the beads fit together like miniature bricks!

    He is basically charted -- complete beading instructions are included with the color coded diagrams. He finishes a mere 2-1/2 x 2-1/2, his face is flat... but that beard is a wonderful mass of looped beads, all glistening with silver star mixed in. Offered as the complete kit, you get all the threads, beads, embellishments, findings... everything... along with great instructions!

    Christmas from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Christmas & Sugar Cookies! from Cross Eyed Cricket
    Cross Eyed Cricket has two new designs that 'speak' of The Season! Just like her 4-seasons designs... these are alphabet letters spelling out their word with quite a bit of charm and design content.

    Sugar Cookies from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for moreOffered as leafets, each design is coded for DMC floss, and can be worked on just about ANY fabric you want! Regular Cross Stitch... think about adding some metallics or fun button embellishments. COOKIES finishes approx 4 x 21 on 28ct. CHRISTMAS is a bit larger at 5 x 26. Fun, fresh new decorations... in case you're due for an update!!!

    Santa's Sleigh Ride from JBW Designs - click to see more Santa's Sleigh Ride from JBW Designs
    JBW has a sweet design that is stitched on the new Fabric Flair 28ct Antique White Opalescent. Stitched with your stash of overdyeds or DMC flosses, Santa in his sleigh finishes approx 8 x 3-1/2 inches. The fabric is simply lovely -- Fabric Flair of England somehow sprays, or treats one side of their fabrics with an opalescent finish. So light... just barely there... I think you'll like the effect. The linen itself has a great hand, too.

    Santa's Sleigh ride comes as a partial kit of chart, charms and metallic threads, needle and fabric cut. You add the bits of floss for this JBW treat!

    Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season from ByGone Stitches - click to see more Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season from ByGone Stitches
    Oh... here's a Christmas Present to Yourself! This is an incredible collection of Quaker-inspired motifs scattered about -- but look closely -- and find all the songs! Names of Christmas Carols are all over in this -- spelled and STITCHED with more motifs! Can you Three Ships a Sailing? We Three Kings? Little Drummer Boy? By Gone Stitches adds a third sampler to her collection -- this one is just as large and just as commanding as her others.

    Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 17 x 25 on 28ct... probably too large to drop down the chimney already stitched and framed... so better plan on getting just the chart from Santa! You'll need 23 skeins (115 yards) of Gentle Art's Currant hand-dyed cotton, and 5 skeins (25 yards) of Blue Spruce. CHECK and see if you like those colors... choose others if you want... just get enough thread right from the start for color safety! (Actually, we recommend purchasing an additional 2 skeins of the Currant and 1 of the Spruce.) Just beautiful to behold!

    2011 Snowman Ornament Snowbabies from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2011 Santa Ornament Peace & Cheer from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more 2011 Sampler Ornament Jingle Jingle from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more
    Homespun Elegance Presents its Annual Ornaments!
    For zillions of years, we have been treated to three ornaments by Homespun Elegance. Always a Snowman, Santa and Sampler ornament... this year's are really cute, and WILL NOT disappoint!!!
  • Snowbabies features a sled-full of baby snowmen, pulled along by the family *dog!*
  • Peace and Cheer Santa looks like a miniature version of some of HE's larger, exquisite Santa patterns -- very classic.
  • Jingle Jingle is the Sampler edition -- Santa with his sleigh and reindeer fly above the lighted midnight village! All those people better turn out their lights soon and go to bed, so he can drop down the chimney in a flash!

  • Always offered as single charts with a tiny brass embellishment, ALL finish approx 3-1/2 x 2-3/4 on 30ct hand-dyed linen. See if you can find all the previous years' ornaments on our HE page... we have a ton of them -- as we have been getting them for zillions of years -- remember?

    NOEL Quadrielle from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more NOEL Quadrielle from The Sweetheart Tree
    Another festive cube-shaped ornament by The Sweetheart Tree, NOEL features each of it's letters on a side, all intertwined with green holly leaves. Sandy makes every bit of this sparkle with her Mill Hill Magnifica bead and crystal-clear Paillette embellishments.

    Finishing approx 4 x 4 x 4, your stitching is featured everywhere -- so very pretty! The complete kit offers all the charts, needle, 28ct Natural Linen, all the flosses and embellishments -- all you add is the stuffing and some favorite ribbons for the undertie.
    Faby Reilly Designs Christmas Rose Humbug - click to see more Faby Reilly Designs Holly Humbug - click to see more Faby Reilly Designs Poinsettia Humbug - click to see more
    Poinsettia, Holly and Rose Humbugs from Faby Reilly Designs
    Lovely, elegant Christmas ornament designs by Faby Reilly Designs of Paris, this tiny trio of 2 x 2-ish ribboned florals will look pretty on your tree. ***Beautifully Charted*** for DMC floss and Light Effects metallics, each features Mill Hill glass beads, too. Work them on any 28ct count you like... the charts come with a page of NINE actual photographs of the Humbug assembly procedure -- terribly easy when you see the pics!

    We don't carry much of the Light Effects thread... we like Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid, as the color range is much wider, and the threads themselves are softer and more pliable. We can send all the necessary threads, beads, metallics and fabrics you need. These are *really nice!*

    Faby Reilly Designs Christmas Pendeloque - click to see more Christmas Pendeloque from Faby Reilly Designs
    This is a neat shape for a stitched ornament... a pendant, with a flat bottom! Christmas Roses and Poinsettias decorate everywhere with a flourish! A companion to Faby Reilly's Humbug ornaments, this is also offered in chart format with 20 little photographs of the finishing process!!! A very clear chart, they have color coded the backstitch lines.

    Charted for DMC floss, I THINK this must finish approx 6 x 3... stitch count is 160 x 80... but it's wrapped... the bottom panel has a stitch count of 20 x 20, so on 28ct, that little bottom panel is 1-1/2 inches square. We have to get our shop model done ASAP! An absolutely lovely chart.

    Faby Reilly Designs Snowman Biscornu - click to see more
    Snowman Biscornu from Faby Reilly Designs
    Cute, cute, cute! Even the bottom side is stitched with noses, hats and scarves -- after the snowmen have melted!!!

    60 x 60 Stitch count, work this on any white even-weave you wish, charted for DMC flosses... the center is garnished with a white pom-pon!

    This is Christmas! from Raise the Roof - click to see more
    This is Christmas! from Raise the Roof
    Oh my gosh, this is DARLING! Stuffed full of overdyed color, there are a million motifs scattered about on this. Packages, sleigh bells, the staircase decorated with greenery, the snowman out in the yard, and even Santa tip-toe-ing up to the house -- I think he's too fat for the little chimney!

    'This is Christmas' is offered as a chart and finishes approx 7 x 12 on 32ct. Just a fun piece, you keep seeing something new every time you look at it! Button embellishments offered separately.

    Holiest of Nights from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Holiest of Nights from Homespun Elegance
    Homespun Elegance has released a really neat design that you will recognize as a companion to several of her best offerings! Holiest of Nights is a pretty scene that follows a very old tradition in samplers -- a border on only three of the four sides! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Putty Hand-dyed Linen, with DMC and overdyed flosses, this is decorated with a pair of Olde Brass Buttons -- Angels. Approx finished size is 5 x 8.

    I just love this set of designs.. you can scroll down through our Homespun Elegance pages and find 5 more that go with it!!! Sheep May Safely Graze, Wishing Thee Freedom, Warmth, Plenty, and the Cinnamon Stick Santa #18! Offered as a leaflet, we have stitched models of all in this series, and they have always been shop favorites throughout the years.

    So Very Merry! from AB Designs - click for more So Very Merry! from AB Designs
    Amy Bruecken of AB Designs has another really fun Santa Claus this year -- he and his little buddy are sporting DMC Memory Thread embellishment of their faces. Santa is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Peoria Purple Linen in DMC and overdyed flosses. After all is stitched, take your black and white Memory Threads (actually thread-covered wire) and bend and tack down! The little snowman has a sticky-outy clay carrot nose, too.

    Very cute and colorful, So Very Merry is offered as a chart, embellishments, Mem Thread... all available separately. Note: One package of Memory Thread has something like 3 yards on it... If you have one card from a different project... you don't need more for this!
    Nick & Chip Stocking from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more
    Nick & Chip Stocking from SamSarah Design Studio
    Sam Sarah's 5th Christmas Stocking, this one is for the 'Cool Dude' of the House! So many times, stockings really don't offer your boys a dignified option!!! This one is perfect! The Dude and The Man... this is stitched on Week's Dye Works 20ct Mocha Linen with one strand of Caron Collection's Hand-dyed Watercolors thread. Watercolors is similar to size 5 Perle Cotton, and is hand-dyed, giving you all those subtle color variations.

    As with all the other stockings... stitch and garnish with clay alphabet letters spelling the special name. This one features a few package buttons, too! Sam Sarah has a really nice collection of non-gender and age-specific designs for stockings... check 'em out on our stockings page!

    Ragamuffin Santa from Simple Stitches - click to see more Ragamuffin Santa from Simple Stitches
    Oh my gosh... this is the cutest little stuffed Santa! Stitched on 30ct Weeks Chestnut Linen in Weeks hand-dyeds or DMC flosses, you stitch him, assemble him in the same finishing treatment as a stand-up, add some raggy fabric legs, and he sits on a sill!!!!!! Attach a little present in his sack if you wish! Raggamuffin Santa measures approx 5 x 6, before you add his legs.

    Offered as a chart, you'll need your own finishing instructions for the stand-up assembly part, and some cute fabric for legs, and a bit of black felt for boots. Our Magic by Mona can assemble this darling little guy SO beautifully for you when your stitching is finished!!!

    Cherish from Just Nan - click to see more Cherish from Just Nan
    Nan's 16th Angel...Cherish is worked on 32ct, and features Smyrnas, Triple Leviathans, and Tied Crosses in her elegant dress. This year, she is shown in a 4 x 6 pewter filagree frame, we have a few of those to offer. Cherish follows the same sizing and design formats as Nan's other 15 angels -- which we STILL offer on our Just Nan pages!

    Check out the Angel Stocking design -- it is a master stocking design that fits any of Nan's now 16 different angels. Elegant as always, you'll notice her face is charted for either over-one or over two!

    Presenting the 6th Annual Santa Kit!  Santa's House -- click to see more
    Presenting the 6th Annual Santa Kit! Santa's House from The Prairie Schooler
    Following the coverlet-feel of previous year's designs, this one joins the rest -- which ARE STILL AVAILABLE right now! Always offered as the design with cut of 28ct Natural Cashel Linen and 6 complete skeins of Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses...

    This year, I think the house in the pic is more mine, than the North Pole! Either way, the gardens are full of lush pine trees and blooming poincettias, and Prairie Schooler personality!

    Nora Cobett's 2010 Christmas Tree from Mirabilia Designs - click to see more Nora Cobett's 2010 Christmas Tree from Mirabilia Designs
    Miribilia's 5th annual Christmas Tree design is here! Every year, we are treated to a lavishly decorated tree -- full of shading, detail and glitz! Offered as a chart with Belle Soie hand-dyed silks of Bahama Breeze, Fern Frond, Creme de Menthe and Icing... the 6-1/2 x 9 tree is dressed with oodles of glass seed beads of icey blue, crystal and white, along with three Mill Hill frosted glass snowflakes.

    Stitched on 32ct -- Waterlily or Star Sapphire look great! Chart includes the silks, beads, glass flakes and #4 metallic braid. 2006 thru 2009 designs are still available, but as with 2010, all are Limited Editions.

    Santa's Village Sampler from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Santa's Village Sampler from The Victoria Sampler
    It's a busy Christmas Eve Evening... Santa and The Mrs are checking their lists and the elves are getting reindeer ready for the upcoming flight, snow is falling, it promises to be a Big Night! Victoria Sampler has a new Christmas sampler that companions her Ravenhill Herb Farm, Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm, and Strawberry Fields Farm pieces -- this is Santa's Farm!! Offered in leaflet form with silk packs separately, the verse on this reads: 'It's Christmas Eve, such a magical night as Santa and reindeer prepare for their flight... His sleigh and huge sack filled with more than just toys... they hold love, peace, contentment and true Christmas joys.'

    Stitched on 28ct Misty Blue Cashel Linen in lots of pretty silks and perle cottons, you'll see two lacy borders that each feature tiny red jade heart embellishments!!! Accessory Pack contains the colored silks and embellishments... there is a separate silk pack of JUST white silk for the snow... optional as you *might* have another white you can use... and chart does require 1 ball each of #8 and #12 white Perle for those lacy bands. As always, VS has stuffed this with cute, tiny detail, and LOTS of specialty stitches. Tons of texture, lots of charm! Finishes approx 7 x 15-1/2 inches.

    Sophie's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Introducing to Our Christmas Stocking Page!

    Over the years, we have collected the most lovely selection of various Christmas Stocking patterns from lots of great Cross Stitch Designers. I've finally organized them and put them all in one place for you. One MUST be ready for Santa and his Christmas Eve Visit!!!

    Featured designers include Just Nan, Shepherd's Bush, Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, Better Homes & Gardens, Sam Sarah... and lots of others. You'll enjoy the browsing!

    All patterns are offered as single charts, and we sell all the necessary fabrics, threads and embellishments for each. (You're on your own to work out *fillings* with Santa!) If you need stocking assembly after your precious stitches have been done, consider our own Magic By Mona to finish your heirlooms.

    Christmas Tree Collection VI from JBW Designs -- click to see more Christmas Tree Collection V from JBW Designs -- click to see more
    Christmas is Coming... and we have the trees to prove it!
    JBW has released 4 additional tiny Christmas Tree designs -- to bring this charming collection to 6 cards of 2 trees each for a total of 12!

    All finishing either 1 or 2 inches in total size, each is different and quite charming! Hidden motifs, tiny charms to top each, and Mona's cute rouched ribbon finishing treatments... HOW can you pick an absolute favorite from this set?

    Each card offers 2 different trees, shown stitched over one or two threads. Models are exquisite... and some reside at The Silver Needle!

    The Nativity Story from Blackberry Lane - click to see more The Nativity Story from Blackberry Lane Designs
    Blackberry Lane designs has a set of lovely table dressings -- a Runner or Topper - each offered separately in chart format. The 8 x 29 (stitched size on 28ct, before any border) Runner features the Nativity story in a long row... the Topper 33 x 33 (on 28ct includes a 5-inch border), is basically the same design, stitched into a square.
    The Nativity Story from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
    Quite classic, each design is monochromatic -- pick a favorite hand-dyed to match your decor -- and features the Star of Bethlehem in gold metallic. Each side of the Topper tells the story of Joseph taking Mary to Bethlehem, Shepherds gazing at the Star, the Shepherd's visit, and finally the 3 Wise Men.

    The runner is charted minus Joseph's trip with Mary. Really nice pieces, very classic. I don't know which version to tell you to stitch -- they're both elegant!

    The Snow Day from Blackberry Lane - click to see more The Three Wise Men from Blackberry Lane - click to see more The Three Wise Men and The Snow Day from Blackberry Lane Designs
    Blackberry Lane Designs has two *ornament* designs that are beautifully detailed and FULL of lots of DMC color! (Kind of generous in size for ornaments!) The Three Wise Men has a stitch count of 120 x 120 -- features 44 different colors, and will be exquisite stitched over one on anything!!!! The chart includes three bead 'jewels' and a tiny brass camel charm, along with a one-page history lesson of the Story of the Three Kings. It is going to be the first of Marie's 6 First Noel Ornaments... the chart's back page teases us about the rest coming in future years.

    The Magic of Snow Globes first design is The Snow Day. A classic, antique scene, complete with plump snowman... this one measures 80 x 80 and calls for 48 different colors! Simply lovely pieces... offered as charts.

    Hares' Christmas from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Hares' Christmas from Plum Street Samplers
    Oh, isn't this cute? Skinny, skinny, skinny! Plum Street Samplers has a companion 'Hare Holiday' piece to Halloween. This one features Mom driving the Mini-Van!

    Stitched with either DMC or Sampler Threads, this finishes approx 5 x 8 on 32ct. A slightly different twist to your Christmas Decor! Offered as the chart.

    Donna Kooler's Stocking Collection, Second Edition - click for more Donna Kooler's Stocking Collection, Second Edition
    WOW... this 96-page softcover, full color book features 14 different full-sized Christmas Stocking charts! Candy Nutcracker, Jingle Bears, Santa Collage, Nostalgic Christmas, Snowman Sampler, Celestial Angel, Let it Snow, The Best of Christmas, Winter Scene, I Love Santas, Peace on Earth, Nativity, Cozy Christmas, and Gingerbread Mice...

    You can see from the titles that contributing designers Linda Gillum, Barbara Baatz Hillman, Sandy Orton and Nancy Rossi have delivered quite a nice selection of GREAT stocking designs! All are basically the same size, all are coded for DMC, all can be stitched on any fabric you like... and all are super-detailed and CLASSIC!

    Santa's Coming! from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Santa's Coming! from Shepherd's Bush
    Here's a quick ornament design by Shepherd's Bush that matches quite a few of their other designs these past few months. Stitched on 28ct Newport Linen (it already has those white background stripes woven right into the fabric)... this little thing finishes only 3 x 3.

    You can tell that the stitching is fast, and if you don't have the required overdyed Crescent Colours already in your stash, something else close in color might do nicely. It's embellished with a special clay Santa face button, made only for this design. Finish into a 8 x 8-ish pillow, like the pic, or smaller, into an ornament! Offered as the single chart with button separately.

    Reindeer Stocking from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more Sugarplum Stocking from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more Sugarplum & Reindeer Stockings from SamSarah Design Studio
    Samsarah has two fun, new Christmas stocking designs that you probably won't finish in time for the Big Day this year... but next Christmas is only 13 months away!!! Big, Bold and Simple designs, each finishes approx 11 x 15-1/2 on 18ct Natural Linen. All of the color you are seeing on these is achieved by the Caron Collection Watercolors overdyed #5 Perle cottons used! SUPER EASY solid stitching, the hand-dying in the threads does all the color-work!!!

    Offered as the leaflets, we have the threads bundled together for you... and the bells or peppermint buttons featured on each. If you want clay button letters for your names... please SPELL that name for us, so we can order the correct letters!

    Bethlehem, I Saw 3 Ships & Gloria by Fancy Work -- Click to see more Bethlehem & Gloria

    This is a set of three Christmas ornaments each as pretty as the other! Offered in 3 individual charts, each is stitched on 32ct Linen -- Lambswool, Vintage and Natural, and measures approx 4 x 4-1/2.
    Finished with a twisted cording edge and hanger, that floss tassel at the bottom is such a pretty touch! Regular flosses, Queen Stitches in the David's City grapes, a bit of one-over-one... these are just classy pieces!

    Mr Candy Cane from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Joyous Heart from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Joyous Heart & Mr Candy Cane from Homespun Elegance
    Homespun Elegance has two new ornament designs the season that are *really cute!* Both can be stitched over one thread or two -- pics of both ways are shown on the chart cover... and I don't know which one I like better! (OK... one over one always wins out!)

    Offered as charts, each is stitched in flosses from your stash, and each chart includes a tiny brass embellishment, just for fun. With a stitch count of 39 x 60... the 1/1 pieces could be 1-1/4 x 2 on 32ct!!! How cute is that???

    Cinnamon Stick Christmas XXII Santa and His Toys from Homepsun Elegance - click to see more Cinnamon Stick Christmas XXII Santa and His Toys from Homespun Elegance
    OK... we're still being treated to Homespun Elegance's Annual Gigantic Santa... this is the 22nd in the set! Offered as the chart with quite a full little packet of embellishments, he is stitched on 7ct Sand Klostern in size 3 Perle Cottons, and lots of Rainbow Gallery Wisper thread.

    Real cute, he finishes approx 13 x 14 in size! HUGE!!! You'll use lots of floss to stitch his deep red coat, and furry beard... the model is finished into a weighted stand-up... VERY NEAT! Offered as the leaflet with embellishments.

    Nora Corbett's 2009 Annual Christmas Tree from Mirabilia Designs - click to see more Nora Corbett's 2009 Annual Christmas Tree from Mirabilia Designs
    This year's elegantly appointed 7 x 8-1/2 confection is a glisteny study in oranges, and bright-coral reds! The 4th in this series, very stylized this year, it is stitched on 32ct white Belfast Linen in Crescent Colours of Ruby Slippers, Bandana, Lobster Claw, Cherry Tomato and Goldfish.

    Loaded with red Mill Hill beads and a few burgundy crystal Treasures... it's red, red, red! Pattern comes with the flosses, beads and Treasures and #4 Kreinik Braid... you supply the linen. Very wispy, very busy, very sparkly... very different and fun! Take a look at the past three, and see which you like the best...

    Twelve Days Sampler from The Victoria Sampler - click for moreOne section of the Twelve Days Sampler from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Twelve Days Sampler from The Victoria Sampler
    Stitch a lovely bell pull for an empty, skinny wall, or a set of ornaments to scatter on your tree. Victoria Sampler has taken the words from 12 Days of Christmas and tucked them all into a 3 x 28 inch sampler -- loaded with pretty stitches and color! I love hanging this sort of thing in that thin little wall space between two doorways, or beside a window, or in a funny little wall niche... it's a surprise for anyone who walks by!

    12 Days is stitched on 28ct Natural Linen in deep, rich shades of silks (lots of hand-dyeds), cottons, metallics, and is embellished with beads, pearls and little gold spangles. Charted for both the long sampler and each ornament individually, along with all the fun stitch diagrams -- 4 pages worth! -- there are finishing instructions for everything as well.

    These kind of designs always seem to stitch so quickly, because the rows are short (only 3 inches wide!) and with every bit of a new stitch or little figurine... your sampler grows and grows! Offered as the leaflet, with thread accessory pack and linen offered separately.

    Prairie Schooler's 5th Annual Santa Kit!!! -- click to see more Prairie Schooler's 5th Annual Santa Kit!!!
    *Must Be Santa* is their 5th Christmas Kit -- NOT TO BE CONFUSED with their small, annual Santa Card (we expect #25, still, this year!) Must Be Santa shows Santa in the upstairs window... above the decorated tree downstairs in the living room... and one of his reindeer up on the roof! The same pretty deep brick reds and greens... (as with so many of the PS designs, I see the Santa-in-the-window as a small take-out design stitched over one!)

    This is the 5th year PS has released their Santa kits... chart, linen and Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses... and you just simply *need* to stitch it! This kit contains the chart, 28ct Natural Linen, all the flosses and needle. He finishes approx 5 x 8... same size as his previous 4 annual kits! All of the previous cards and kits are pictured and dated on our PS pages... visit them to make sure your stash is complete!!! If you don't see a particular year's design... it is OUT OF PRINT!

    Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more
    Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House
    Carriage House has released her next Hawk Run Hollow piece, joining Village, Houses and Shores of HRH! A stunning 12-part piece... just like the other three... each section can stand alone and is a lovely piece all by itself! EVERY square in this design is neat... lots of bold color and subject... the houses, trees, carolers, skating pond, singing cardinals and church scene are all endearing! LOTS of stitching in this, it finishes approx 17 x 23 on 32ct!

    Charted for DMC flosses or Needlepoint Silks, the piece uses 119 colors!!! (So to save yourself approx $360... choose the floss!) I'm trying to choose my favorite section, and i *think* it's the skating pond... but I like those singing birds... ! Offered as a chart... linen and threads separately.

    ABC Christmas from Lizzie Kate - click to see more ABC Christmas from Lizzie Kate
    Lizzie Kate has a new Christmas-themed alphabet sampler... one that announces all the fun things about Christmas... via mini motifs. Just like her Words for Life piece, this is a medley of memories, all squished into a 7-1/2 x 11 piece.

    Stitched on your choice of fabric, the chart comes with 6 entire skeins of Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses, and a bit of DMC. Lots of pretty color, cute little pictures buried within, it's a very cheerful thing!

    Just Be Claus from AB Designs - click for more Just Be Claus from AB Designs
    An exuberant Santa, dressed in a coat of 'Merry Wildness', he's sporting a beard of the new DMC Memory Thread! First the coat -- swirls, stripes and polka dots of regular DMC cotton floss -- Be Claus is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Peoria Purple linen, in reds, greens, purples and white, and measures approx 6 x 10-1/2. He's embellished with black buttons and some silver bugle beads.

    His beard has wired-thread curls all over it! DMC's new Memory Thread -- this variety of it -- is a thin copper wire, wrapped with cotton fibre. You wrap it around something like a pencil to get the little swirlies... and then just tack those onto the needlework! Totally fun and different... the wired Memory Thread comes in something like 14 colors on individual spools -- and we're getting it!Make sure to see ab's Halloween pieces that feature Memory Thread, too!

    Prairie Schooler's 5th Annual Santa Kit!!! -- click to see more
    Prairie Schooler's 2009 Annual Santa is HERE!
    The 26th annual Olde Worlde Santa is a skater this year! He's holding a hockey stick, and carrying gifts and skates to all!

    Same small card format, same stitch count and same fun color scheme... your 2009 Skater Santa matches all the rest of Prairie Schoolers annuals!

    Christmas Wishes from Dimples Designs - click to see more Christmas Wishes from Dimples Designs
    The Silver Needle is proud to debut Terrence Nolan's newest design for Dimples Designs! Christmas Wishes is Terrence's adaptation of a turn-of-the-century Christmas Card, and it is STUNNING! With a stitch count of 359 x 232... and a DMC color listing of 100 different colors.. it is a companion to Christmas Kisses... and just as intricately awesome! Santa is here... wrapping his arms around all his dolls and toys.. for his favorite girls and boys. He's keeping them safe and away from the blowing snow, because it's 'delivery night' you know...!

    Intense, bold colors, SOLID stitching, I look at this chart, and know I'll do better enjoying the cover photograph!!! This, as with Christmas Kisses, is not for the weak-of-stitcher!!! Absolutely breathtaking... this is offered in either chart format, or complete kit of 22ct Hardanger with all 100 threads pre-sorted and organized on numbered palettes for you! (Like last year's kit -- almost too pretty to open and use!!!) Just Lovely... Christmas IS just around the corner, you know!!!

    Christmastide from Erica Michaels - click to see more Christmastide from Erica Michaels
    Linda presents a lovely silk qauze piece that stitches a mere 2 x 6 on 40ct! Of course, you can stitch it on something larger... and it'll be pretty either way... but the charm of the 40ct silk qauze is simply its finished presentation. Joining four other designs in her Petites Collection, Linda is using overdyed flosses in her gauze designs -- something that we haven't been treated to before.

    Christmastide is a stunning Holiday piece that has a bold, moving background, behind the 1930s verse she's taken from an old Christmas Card. Check out 'Winter' as well... it's the second season, and joins Autumn, which has been a shop favorite since it arrived!

    Little Bit o Winter from Erica Michaels - click to see more Little Bit o Winter from Erica Michaels
    A teeny thing... Winter stiches a mere 1 x 2 on the provided 40ct silk gauze! Included with the chart is that gauze... you stitch it the same way you do anything else... only you need to do only a HALF of the cross stitch, not the whole thing!

    Calling for overdyed flosses gives the design lots of interest -- can you see the 'lines' in the background? That's the overdyed. Just exquisite!

    Juggling the Holidays from Artful Offerings - click to see more Juggling the Holidays from Artful Offerings
    Punch a winter snowman! Offered as line drawings, you'll need to transfer them onto your weavers cloth to punch. Flosses are good 'ole DMC, making these slightly more affordable to punch than lots of other designs, and each is embellished with a few Just Another Button Company clay pieces.

    Very bright and cheerful, Juggling finishes approx 4 x 5, while Peppermint punches approx 4 x 4. So Cute!
    Christmas Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer -- click to see more Christmas Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer
    We've had this little guy for some time... and I was going to put him up on the website early this summer... but the timing didn't seem right... 105 degrees outside! Anyway, I kind of forgot about him, till we were doing our 'pre-sale cleaning!' He's one of Valerie Pfeiffer's darling little birds... singing Christmas Songs!!!

    Offered as a chart, he finishes approx 3 x 3 on 28 or 32ct, and is stitched in DMC flosses. I think he's precious... and I didn't want another year to go by without giving him his little place of honor on our website!
    Winter White Santa from Mirabilia - click for more
    Winter White Santa from Mirabilia
    Mirabilia's 100th design, this is an elegant Santa with a candy-cane-red scarf and flowing robes. Always the Mirabilia Trademark 'movement' and shading, this piece features a 3/4 inch crystal embellishment for the little tree topper.

    It comes with the chart... and not offered separately. (So don't lose it, and don't loan the chart!) DMC flosses, metallics and beads... on 32ct Twilight Blue it finishes approx 13 x 17. Elegant!

    The Toy Box from Heaven and Earth - click for more The Toy Box from Heaven and Earth
    Well, we have totally fallen in love with these over-the-top huge and involved Heaven and Earth Christmas and Classical American pieces of Folk Art. Offered in chart format, I ordered a few, simply because I personally like them... and thought you might too. Well... collectively, you bought them ALL... so I *was forced* to pick some more... and they arrived today!!! (Lindy Legener -- that would be me -- could never sit still long enough to do one of these... but I KNOW there are tons of you out there who DO!)

    I just love looking at the charts! Anyway, we have 17 new ones to show you on the H & E pages... and I thought The Toy Box was a lovely intro piece! And, you know... it IS only January, you have lots of weeks ahead in 2009 to get working on these... lots of winter days ahead, lots of traveling, lots of quiet evenings... Go For It!
    Jim Shore's 12 Days of Christmas by way of Mill Hill - click for more
    Jim Shore's 12 Days of Christmas by way of Mill Hill
    Well... you have a little time to get these done in time for next Christmas!!! Mill Hill brings us a beautiful leaflet presenting 12 of artist Jim Shore's designs for those 12 days of Christmas. Finishing approx 6 to 7 inches square each, the fabric you choose determines the final size of each block.

    Lots of bright floss colors and elegant Mill Hill beads, they show the French Hen by itself -- she's stunning! Offered as the leaflet, beads, fabrics, buttons, etc offered separately. Seems pricey... but actually, each design costs less that $2!

    He Looked Like a Peddler from Heaven and Earth Designs -- click to see more He Looked Like a Peddler from Heaven and Earth Designs
    Artwork by Ruth Sanderson, you'll recognize this one as coming from the Night Before Christmas Poem!

    Classic colors, beautiful details, the stitch count of this one is a mere 400 x 303! Offered as a chart.
    Majestic Christmas II from Homespun Elegance - click to see more Majestic Christmas II from Homespun Elegance
    This is a chart-pack that offers a trio of small oval pictures, that are shown finished into fun little tasseled ornaments. Simple designs, each is stitched in a combination of overdyeds and DMC flosses.

    Surrounded by lacy borders, because they are solid stitching inside the border, they appear to be miniature portraits! Offered as the pack of three charts.

    There's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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