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The Sea Quilt from Chatelaine Designs - click for more The Sea Quilt
Here is a stunning collection of 60 x 60-ish seashore and seaside motifs... each surrounded by a border of rolling waves, and then another scrolling border to tie them all together into The Sea Quilt. Urchins, ships, jellyfish and dolphins, starfish, conch, crabs and an anchor, a lighthouse, each single picture is a tiny work of art in itself. The entire piece seems to measure approx 400 x 400 stitches and is loaded with beads, silks and hand-dyeds.

Offered as the chart, the presentation is just lovely - very clear charts! The price might sting you -- just like the jellyfish, but when you consider that you have 16 individual, very detailed seashore motifs in here, and those two awesome borders... nothing costs more than $3!

The Medieval Herb Garden from Chatelaine Designs - click for more The Medieval Herb Garden
An elegant garden, stuffed full of specialty stitches that are as lovely as all the herbs growing here! Martina Weber's newest design, this finishes approx 11 x 11 on 32ct.

The chart is beautifully presented, and as this is not as large as some of her other pieces, it isn't nearly as intimidating to the not-so-patient-stitcher -- like ME! Very European in feel, very pretty! Offered as the chart.

The Japanese Garden Mandala from Chatelaine Designs - click for more The Japanese Garden Mandala
Martina Weber has published another of her exquisitely detailed gardens... this one an elegant, peaceful Japanese Garden. 16 Pages of charts, lots of Rhodes, Sheaf, Algerian Eye, Queen and Jessica Stitch diagrams -- in various shapes and sizes -- and three pages of details... your finished piece will be a masterpiece! I read about the Tori Center, the Rock Gardens, the Bonsai Pots, the lanterns, the pines, the Cranes, and the Lazy Daisy stitches making the bamboo leaves... it just SOUNDS pretty!

We have a stitched model in the shop... so any of you that come in get to enjoy this lovely creation! Offered as the chart, Japanese Mandala finishes approx 17-1/2 inches over two on 32ct. Our model is matted with a deep, rich purple, accented with an inner mat of gold... Stunning!

The Pond Quilt from Chatelaine Designs -- click to see more The Pond Quilt
Martina Weber of Chatelaine brings us this lovely piece... a medley of 16 individual 3-1/2 inch designs... surrounded by lacy borders... to present a stunning 22 x 22 glimpse into the colorful world of the tiny pond that could be in your back yard!

Absolutely breathtaking in color and detail, you can stitch each block by itself, choose 3 or 4, do the borders... just any combination of what is presented in the design. Dragonflies and lily pads, some of the designs are kaleidoscopes of the colors of nature. This is just lovely!!! Offered as the charts, **16 of them,** plus the border!

The Medieval Town Mandala from Chatelaine Designs -- click to see more The Medieval Town Mandala
Another show-stopping creation by Martina Weber of Chatelaine, this one celebrates the grandeur of the medieval village... town square... fountains and gardens... and all the neat buildings and halls.

Released in chart format, the materials are a bit challenging to collect, and the design itself is really intricate, but the stitched piece is always incredible! Colorful, balanced, and elegant! Offered as a chart.

Snowflake Nativity from Chatelaine Designs  -- click to see more Christmas Crystals from Chatelaine Designs  -- click to see more
Evening in the Park from Chatelaine Design -- click to see more Evening in the Park
Another new piece by Martina Weber of Chatelaine, this depicts its name -- a quiet evening spent in an elegant park setting. Alive with flowers, lanterns, gates, swans and statuary, and pools with fountains, everything is here for your perfect evening! Loaded with special stitches for lots of added texture and interest... you are right in the center of a luscious European garden that hundreds of years old.

Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 17-1/2 inches square on 32ct. Again... collecting the materials to stitch this will be a challenge for you -- but sometimes that's half the fun!

Indian Summer Reflections from Chatelaine Designs -- click to see lots more Indian Summer Reflections
The latest in Martina Weber's Mandala Garden set of designs... like all the rest... this is intricate and absolutely breathtaking!!! Our shop model is half-finished. It may never get all the way completed, but it's a show-stopper just like it is! Offered as the chart (12 pages worth!), it finishes approx 17 x 17 on 32ct. Stitched in quite an assortment of hard-to-gather-together threads... this kaleidoscope design is not actually the same on all four sides... although it teases your eye into believing that.

Martina suggests you label the top of your piece somehow -- sew on a button or something -- because it's really easy to get turned around during stitching. Luscious colors and wonderful garden details... as I look at the chart on my desk, while writing my description for you... I've discovered that there are initials and a date in the very center... and they glued on their photo upside down!!! So, bask in the lovely colors and intricate design... and keep track of the top!

Rose Lights from Chatelaine Designs - click to see more Rose Lights
Oh my gosh... I brought home the stitched model of this from Market to 'have and to hold' for a little while in the shop! It is breathtaking!!! Designed by Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs, this piece is 16 inches square of rose, ivory, gold, black and green elegance! So delicate and lacy, there are beads glistening everywhere, delicate stitches and motifs all over it, I just can't stop looking at it! So much detail, such soft, yet dramatic color... even if you never get this stitched... your stash NEEDS this chart!

I will be honest, some of the materials you'll need for Martina's designs can be difficult to round up, but that challenge, (whether you decide to round them up or substitute other materials), like the actual stitching, is kind of fun to conquer, too! Rose Lights is stunning, and I hope our pic helps show you. The model is unframed as of this pic... so after it's stretched and mounted, we'll make another photo for you.

Mini Mandalas II -- click to see a larger view   Mini Mandalas II   Mini Mandalas II
Mini Mandalas II
One of two new Gardens by Martina Weber, this set of three miniatures is just breathtaking! Measuring approx 5 x 5 on 32ct, each is a study in brilliant blues, golds teals, and greens. Loaded with special beads and silk threads... you just can't keep your eyes off these finished pieces! Offered as the chart set of three designs, we also have a new larger garden, Misty Morning Vineyard... just awesome!!!

Knotgarden from Chatelaine -- Martina Weber -- click to see a larger view  Convent's Herbal Garden from Chatelaine -- Martina Weber -- click to see a larger view  The Watergarden from Chatelaine -- Martina Weber -- click to see a larger view  Alhambra Garden from Chatelaine -- Martina Weber -- click to see a larger view
Five Beautiful Gardens
One of five breathtaking garden scenes by Martina Weber, The Mandala Gardens are a challenge to stitch and a feast for the eyes! Beautifully charted, these contain special stitches, along with bead and crystal embellishing touches, and are worked with DMCs and Silk 'n Colors, with touches of Kreinik metallics. No words from me can describe the visual impact, the intricate details, the symmetry, rich colors and elegance of these... they are truly works of art! And... sure... you have time to stitch a few more family heirlooms!!! Each garden, finishing approx 17 to 19-ish inches square on 28ct linen, is available as a chartpack, with pages and pages of charts! Exquisite!!!

The Weeping Willow Keep from Chatelaine -- Martina Weber -- click to see a larger view

Mini Mandala Gardens -- click to see a larger view   Mini Mandala Gardens -- click to see a larger view   Mini Mandala Gardens -- click to see a larger view

Mini Mandala Gardens
We're thrilled to introduce three miniature versions of the huge, utterly gorgeous Mandala Gardens designed by Martina Weber! You'll remember the big ones... 14-ish inches of solid and intricate stitching??? These three charts are 6 x 6 miniature versions -- perfect for all of us who know we'd never finish the bigger ones!!! Full of rich, gorgeous blues, purples and golds... lots of glass beads... glistening metallics... the actual stitched pieces are breathtaking! All three charts are available in this pack... Yeah!!!

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