Cross Stitch designs from Blue Ribbon Designs The Silver Needle, Fine Needlework Materials, everything for cross stitch

A sampling of traditional designs with a colonial flair, Blue Ribbon Designs is new on the stitch scene! Offered as charts, some are mono-chromatic -- perfect for personalizing to your decor color scheme! Nice sentiments in the verses with great, large sizes to make a statement on your wall, here are a few we've chosen to highlight!

Harvest Huswife from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Harvest Huswife
Blue Ribbon has released such a charming sewing case with an Autumn theme! Every season hath its pleasures, my Harvest Huswife yields needlework treasures. Stitched on 35ct Angel Hair Linen by Weeks, and coded for either silk, DMC or Weeks flosses, the entire thing fits on a 12 x 27 linen cut. There are special stitches in the alphabet letters and verse is worked over one. The wool leaves and acorns tucked inside are made from Week's wools -- you can choose any colors that match your lining fabrics.

Look at each of the 4 sections of this -- they will ALL work as individual pieces -- in addition to the cute Huswife Case! Offered as the chart, with leaf and acorn templates, and complete stitch diagrams and assembly instructions.

Shaker Valley Harvest from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Shaker Valley Harvest
Grab a cut of Week's 30ct Parchment Linen and stitch these fun Autumn pieces. Although the main piece is oval, you could frame it... but either way, you'll want the cute owl pin cushion, wool fob and leaf needlebook just the way they are presented!

Coded for either Weeks or DMC floss, there are a few special stitches scattered here and there. Actual sized templates are provided for the flower petals and leaves -- so choose some awesome Week's wool for those! Offered as a chart.

Mischief at Midnight from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Mischief at Midnight
Blue Ribbon has an awesome new design -- a stitched tray that comes with a little stitched gate needlebook, scissor fob and pin keep! What a creative piece! Stitched on Week's 30ct Tiger's Eye hand-dyed linen with either hand-dyeds or DMC flosses... you'll need multiple skeins of 4 of the colors -- up to 7 of Kohl!!! The main design is really nice -- big haunted mansion with bare trees, a scary witch, pumpkins -- the whole bit. Frame (or pillow) just that! The sides of the tray are a stitched fence on the outside and bats and ghosts on the inside.

The needlecase is a tiny tombstone that opens up! You have a few special stitches in here... complete stitching and cutting layouts in the instructions... templates... and lots of pages of finishing steps. The tray finishes approx 9 x 9x 1-1/2 -- so it isn't real big.
SO UNIQUE, it's a *Gotta Have!!!* Offered as a chart, we carry the linen and the flosses! (Get the pattern first and study the cutting layout -- you may want to purchase a smaller cut -- or multiple colors... so many options with this.

Through The Trees from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Through The Trees
Blue Ribbon has a charming Halloween Evening scene... EVERYTHING is out tonight... flying witches, bats, owls, ghosts, crows and dark pumpkins! They offer three different fabric selections for this -- HOW COOL IS THAT? You have OPTIONS!!!!!!! Offered asa chart, this finishes approx 8 x 12 on 30ct, and is worked in Weeks or DMC threads.

Can you see the bonus *Smalls* case? Belinda has some choices in here for pieces to stitch using all her motifs. There are also lots of Long Arm Crosses, some Double Back Stitches and Tent Stitches in here to give the ghosts and clouds some movement. Very cute piece, this would be eye-catching finished into a big pillow and perched on your couch!

Blue Jeans and Daisies... Blue Ribbon's 2013 Mystery Sampler - click for more Blue Jeans and Daisies... Blue Ribbon's 2013 Mystery Sampler - click for more Blue Jeans and Daisies... Blue Ribbon's 2013 Mystery Sampler - click for more Blue Jeans and Daisies... Blue Ribbon's 2013 Mystery Sampler - click for more
Blue Jeans and Daisies... Blue Ribbon's 2013 Mystery Sampler - click for more Blue Jeans and Daisies
Blue Ribbon's 2013 three-part Mystery Sampler series is now complete... and here are the three parts all together! And look at those little bonus designs!

Cute and colorful, all is worked in Week's 30ct Blue Jeans hand-dyed linen in either Week's or DMC flosses. The piece is presented in a series of three charts... the color code in ONLY in chart #1... so order accordingly! Finished size is 10 x 20 on the 30ct... we have 35ct linen available as well!

Berries, Birds and Blooms from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Berries, Birds and Blooms
Blue Ribbon Designs introduces two new designs -- this is just one -- AND Sneak Preview News about her 3-Part Mystery Sampler due to begin in late January 2013! B, B & B is a collection of small motifs all grouped together into a larger sampler.

Offered as a chart, and coded for Weeks hand-dyed or DMC flosses, you can stitch parts or the whole thing. Offered as a chart, with lots of finishing ideas for the smaller projects.

Sunflower Serenade from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Sunflower Serenade
Definitely a *farm feel* to this piece, it features Blue Ribbon's recognizable compartmentalized motifs all organized into a sampler piece.

Offered as the chart, stitch it with either Weeks flosses or DMC - and take advantage of all the smaller project suggestions.

Quilted Garden from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Quilted Garden
Wow, this is FULL of gorgeous color -- just beautiful to look at! Blue Ribbon Designs has outdone herself with this awesome piece! The floral border is so full and graceful, it surrounds all the tiny 16 x 16 miniature quilt blocks, but notice that Belinda has taken just a bit of it, and made it into a tiny ornament/fob. I almost didn't recognize it as part of the border.

Next... all these tiny quilt blocks -- an inch in stitched size, each is different. 55 In all, they are all done with regular Cross Stitch -- but SO EASY to adapt with a few Mosaics, Smyrnas, Eyelets, Satins... you get the idea! Charming in color and overall design, it is coded for Weeks overdyed or DMC floss, and finishes an eye-catching 11 x 16 on 28ct.

Moonlight Midnight from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Moonlight Midnight
Blue Ribbon Designs offers a busy Halloween Medley piece -- full of fun things for the season. You can always do any of these individually, but together they have lots of impact. I like those ghosts on the broom sticks! Entire piece finishes approx 9 x 13 on 28ct.

The smalls feature the metal finishing forms that we sell -- perfect disks of metal to keep a perfect shape. I think that house would make a really cute candy bucket, too! Lots of possibilities with this one!

Pocketful of Peppermint from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Pocketful of Peppermint
I counted 18 different ornament options in this piece! Stitched in Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Curry, Garnet, Hazelnut, Holly, Hunter, Liberty and Snowflake, each of the small take-out designs finishes a different, small size, but they all coordinate. If you're an over-achiever, you could stitch a gift tag for your tins of home-baked cookies you'll be delivering to everyone!

Traditional designs... this is a nice set to work with. Offered as the chart.

Holiday Helpings Stitch Starter Sleeves from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Holiday Helpings Stitch Starter Sleeves
A new set of designs, these dress a case for the acrylic stitch starter square included in the chart pack. They all make cute 3 x 3-ish inch ornaments, as well, and I think my two favorites are the Halloween and Christmas pieces.

Simple little things, they stitch in a jiffy. The chart contains one starter piece, it'd be kind of fun to store it inside the Christmas design, and hang it on your tree!!!

Frolic in the Foliage from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Frolic in the Foliage
Blue Ribbon has several recent releases... I just love the colors and little scenes in this one. 'Frolic in the foliage beneath Autumn sun, the colored leaves are falling Harvest has begun.' Charted as one large piece, you can take out the smaller square and make them into something long and skinny, make ornaments and fobs, just anything you want.

Finishing approx 8 x 11-1/2 on 32ct, this is charted for either DMC or Weeks flosses. 'Halloween with a Y' and 'Blessed Beyond Measure' are the other new designs... don't miss a peek!

Halloween With a Y from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Halloween With a Y from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Halloween With a Y
Hey this is a neat chart!!!! It is a set of sleeves for your new lucite Stitch-Starter by Blue Ribbon! Along with the 5 charts and finishing instructions, you get a clear lucite plastic measuring square.

It lines up with the corner of your fabric, to guide you 3 inches in and 3 inches down to your beginning stitch. Sometimes you need just a bitty ruler, and this is it. Stitch a pretty sleeve in a jiffy!

Sweet Simple Samplings from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Sweet Simple Samplings from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Sweet Simple Samplings
Blue Ribbon has a new set of small sampler-inspired ornaments that work well as small fobs and pin cushions.

You can arrange them all together, pick just a few, or just one... as a small, quick gift.

Charted for either Weeks overdyeds or DMC, these are cute and quick.

Liberty Stitchery from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Liberty Stitchery
Quite a bit of visual impact with this piece... 'Liberty Stitches of white, blue and red showcase my fancywork done with needle and thread.' Actually, this does remind me of the farms I have in my memory -- don't know where any of them are -- but a very familiar feel to this design.

Finishing approx 9 x 13 on 28ct, this is charted for both DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Little bit of Satin Stitch on the house roof... wouldn't the tree leaves be neat as Lazy Daisies?

Schoolgirl Samplings from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Schoolgirl Samplings from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Schoolgirl Samplings from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Schoolgirl Samplings
Blue Ribbon has three new releases... this Sampler, Needlework Box and Smalls Set has caught my eye! The outside of the 6-ish inch box celebrates the 'land' while the inside celebrates the 'sea!' Goodness... all the sides of the octagonal box are stitched... both sides of all the little fobs and pieces...

Land is stitched on a straw-colored linen, while Sea is stitched on a bluer-gray! How cool is that? Two different colors on everything! The verse on top reads; 'I've traveled across both sea and land to collect needlework treasures so exquisite and grand.' There are even little fish thread winders (available separately) that you can store inside of this!

We have darling Charland sterling charms that would be neat for the sea theme in here... mermaids, tall ships, scallops, crabs, you name it! Anyway, this is offered in chart format with pages and pages of charts and assembly instructions, all is stitched in Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- easy on your budget! SO charming... what a great job Belinda has done for us with this!!!!!

In My Heart from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for moreIn My Heart from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more In My Heart
Pretty hearts, all in a row... 'Flowers, birds, trees -- Nature's work of art -- all have a special place found inside my heart.' Use as ornaments, fobs, gift tags, pin cushions... you decide!

Offered as a chart, Blue Ribbon has lots of these 8-part design sets -- great small project ideas!

Autumn Leaves and Sunflower Seeds from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for moreAutumn Leaves and Sunflower Seeds from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Autumn Leaves and Sunflower Seeds
Blue Ribbon has three new releases... 2 for Christmas and Autumn Leaves, which is another of her neat medley pieces. Since I especially liked the owl, turkeys and little squirrels, I chose it for Just Arrived!

Rich Autumn-y colors of Belle Soie Silks, the main sampler can be broken down to make the needlebook, fob, pinkeep... all those fun 'smalls' that are pictured beside the main design. Offered as a chart.

Just Add Tinsel from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Just Add Tinsel
Wow... this is an imaginative little 7 x 7 x 2-1/2 tree box that stores cool things inside!!! Verse reads; 'Tucked inside this tiny tree are needlework treasures special to me.'

The tree pieces are stitched on 32ct Green Slate Lakeside linen, smalls are all on 32 Sand Dune. There are MULTIPLE (like 34!) pieces to the tree, stitching layout information, and assembly instructions are included... but Belinda does warn that the fabric cut used does not allow for error, and you'll need to be a diligent finisher!

Very unique... isn't that star-shaped pin keep the cutest? Offered as the chart, with linens separately, we do not have a firm linen price yet, or delivery date. (Anticipated $40-45) NOT advised to change fabric count from 32 to anything else!!!

Afraid of the Dark from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Afraid of the Dark
Just a minute 7 x 8 on 40ct... or 10 x 13 on 28... this piece is darling! I'm totally enchanted with those three monsters at the top left! I think they'd be cute stitched with some metallics, and made into a little wedge-shaped thing to perch on a windowsill or your desk at work (especially if you work in 'personnel!') Every Realtor needs the haunted house... and the skeleton should be at home in ANY doctor's office!

Main chart is presented, along with all the smaller options, and their finishing techniques for this set of mischief. Stitched in Sampler Thread overdyeds or DMC, offered as the chart.

Americana Panorama from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Americana Panorama
'The flag waves high, proud, and true... over this land of red, white and blue.' This scene is ENCHANTING!! New from Blue Ribbon, you get the border and all the little inside motifs in ONE design pack... all together, all at one time!

Stitched in Crescent Colors hand-dyeds, finishing approx 4-1/2 x 25-1/2 on 28ct... the small squares could be stacked, could be stitched as ornaments, could be tiny scissor fobs... just whatever! Very well done, offered as a chart.

Patriotic Patchwork from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Patriotic Patchwork
A patriotic sampler and needlework smalls... your eye can separate out your favorite sections... and then you can create! Fobs, ornaments, basket bands, scissor cases... sky's the limit!

Offered as a chart, main piece finishes approx 8 x 10 on 32ct.

Read Between The Lines from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Read Between The Lines from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Read Between The Lines
A bookmark sampler by Blue Ribbon! This is one of three recent releases by Blue Ribbons Designs, and it is awesome! Designed as a large sampling of motifs, this is actually a huge collection of bookmark designs tucked together!

Belinda includes the chart for the main piece, as well as finishing and stitching ideas for four other styles of bookmarks! I see basket bands and scissor fobs, biscornu cushions and needlebook covers! There is quite a bit in this medley of designs... I love that teeny weeny squirrel and rabbit in there! Also new is a pair of Winter Sampler and Heart Sampler -- both with matching Needlework Smalls! You're going to like what you see!!!

Peppermint Twist from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Peppermint Twist from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Peppermint Twist
Blue Ribbon has released two new Christmas designs, Peppermint Twist -- which is shown -- and Countdown to Christmas -- which is a darling Advent Calendar.

PT is a medley of Christmassy and Winter motifs, all packed together into a sampler format, or split apart, and sewn into small needlework smalls. You can make ornaments out of your favorite parts, stitch the pinkeep, scissor fob, or needlebook, too!

Pretty colors of Weeks cotton are used -- Curry, Garnet, Hazelnut, Holly, Hunter, Liberty and Snowflake, which you probably already have in your stash. Very pretty, the main piece finishes approx 8-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct. Offered as a chart.

Countdown to Christmas from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Countdown to Christmas
Here's an Advent Calendar that really doubles as a Year-End-Countdown piece!!! It features 35 days! You use it all the way up to New Year's Eve! Cute little motifs, pretty top border, choose a favorite fabric and start stitching away. Each ornament is hanging by a hook and eye attachment... of course there are lots of other options you could choose for that job.

Start the month of December with all the numbers facing out, then, each day turn over that number to reveal your tiny stitched present. You probably won't have time to finish this THIS WEEK, in time for December 1st... but plan ahead for next year. All is offered in chart format with finishing instructions. Main piece finishes approx 18 x 20 on 28ct. Really cute!

Creepy Crawly from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see more Creepy Crawly
'The stitching tools from my basket, are laid to rest in this tiny casket!' If this isn't the cutest little set of sewing pieces for Halloween... they are a hoot! Blue Ribbon has created such a fun little set of things... the (almost 5 x 7) casket to hold scissors and threads, a needlecase with a tombstone front, and the 'pushed-up daisies on the back, the black cat pin keep, and the bat scissor fob. When you open your casket, you'll find the 'preserved threads' and a stitched skeleton!!!

WAY, WAY cute, this project took a lot of creativity, and it just brings a big smile to your face! I don't think you'll find another available on the market, quite like this! Offered as a chart, all the finishing instructions are included, stitching is done with overdyed flosses.

Behind the Gate from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see more Behind the Gate
Wow... this is CUTE!!!!! A take on the classic Advent Calendar counting down the days in December till Christmas... I have never even *THOUGHT* about a Halloween count-down piece... but NOW... 'ya 'gotta have one!!!' This is Over-The-Top-Cute-and-Creative!!! 'As the month of October creeps along, Each day reveals a treat. Quickly we reach the 31st day, when beggars dress up for sweets.'

Finishing 16 x 17-1/2 on 32ct, this piece is so full of imagination, each day of the month has a little hanging pillow that is turned over it's morning to reveal an October Treat. All the individual pillows are hung on the main piece via hook and eye. Offered as the chart, the assembly instructions are included, and the charts are beautifully in the package. So creatively unique!

My Sewing Sampler from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see more My Sewing Sampler
Another of Blue Ribbon's trademark checkerboard designs... this one celebrates your sewing box! Loaded with the buttons you haven't sewn on anything else(!) and lots of tiny stitching motifs, it finishes a commanding 11 x 11 on 32ct.

Always TONS to see in this series of designs, a lot of these would make DARLING ornaments for a stitcher's Christmas tree -- just little bitty bits of needlework!

Proud and True from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see more Proud and True
Blue Ribbon introduces a neat Americana-flavored piece... a traditional alphabet, luscious shades of Crescent's Belle Soie Silks, stitched on 40ct, this finishes a mere 7 x 8! I like the lacy trees, and the waving flags! 'With my needle and threads of red white and blue, I stitched this sampler so proud and true.'

Just fun, and actually quite a 'quick stitch' because all the letters go so fast, and the Collard Green leaves are all one color of silk!

Small Tokens of Affection from Blue Ribbon Designs Small Tokens of Affection
Blue Ribbon has released 4 new designs that deserve a look! Small Tokens of Affection is a charted set of main Sampler, Sewing Pocket, Needlework Smalls Needlebook Case, Pin Keep, and Scissor Fob. All stitched in Sample Threads of Currant, Pine, Raspberry Parfait, Rhubarb, Victorian Pink and a smattering of other golds and greens, on 32ct linen, it's charming!

Lots of little pieces, lots of raspberry overdyed color... stitch the main piece, or simply treat yourself to some of the small pieces, till you have a chance to finish the rest! Offered as a chart... with all the pieces provided!
****Make sure to see BR's OTHER new releases!

Black Velvet Inscription Sampler from Blue Ribbon Designs Black Velvet Inscription Sampler
Wow... this is neat! At first glance, it's a lot of squares on point, lots of black and white, lots of busy. STOP! LOOK! Each diamond is a letter of the alphabet... each letter is positioned 4 different directions... embellished a bit... but IN THERE... beautifully disguised in a busy square of black and white! Stitch a fob... choose red overdyed threads and a smaller linen, and make tree ornaments for next year's tree, featuring family initials!

A lovely piece, each of the 26 letters features either the larger or smaller font plainly displayed in the center! Then... HOW COME someone can get so creative with just those simple letters???!

Bunnies & Blooms from Blue Ribbon Designs Bunnies & Blooms
Blue Ribbons latest new checkerboard designs... enjoy the total flavor of the Holiday with either of these cute designs! Multiple 1-inch cubed designs -- 81 in each -- you'll love these! Blue Ribbon has quite the collection in this style... all are offered as charts... all are stuffed full of their own holiday's charm!

Finishes approx 10 x 10 on 28ct... we have a few shop models on 40ct... EXQUISITE!

Poinsettias and Pines from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see more Poinsettias and Pines
One of two new designs, this is a lovely winter sampler. Since Lindy was still gone when this came in, your weary webmaster consulted one of the shop experts on this. Mona tells me that the inner motif would also make a great fob, and that she would choose a lambswool fabric.

Measuring anywhere from 12 x 7 on 40 ct, down through 17 x 10 on 28 count, it has been stitched in Bell Soie silks.

Just let the gals know if you need threads or fabric for this, and they'll be glad to help you pick it all out.

An Expression of Gratitude from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see a larger view An Expression of Gratitude
Blue Ribbon has released kind of a neat piece -- something for the kitchen or dining room wall -- stitched on hand-dyed linen in DMC flosses or the luscious Crescent Colours Belle Soie Silks. Butterscotch, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Stick, Collard Greens, Lasagna, and Mudpie... don't those colors just tantalize your imagination??? No special stitches or anything, just rich color, lots of autumnal motifs and a neat sentiment. 'As we gather together we give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us.'

Finishes approx 7-1/2 x 16 on some of the new Weeks 30ct hand-dyed! Get a fat quarter cut, and have some extra for a few tiny ornaments taken from the main piece!

Fruit Smoothie from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see a larger view Fruit Smoothie
Here's another of Blue Ribbons charming little checkerboard designs. We have her trunk show in the shop right now, and were so surprised to find out how petite this set of designs really is! Stitched entirely in overdyeds, on 32ct, it measures only 9 x 10... and 'feels' so small because of all the tiny motifs scattered everywhere. Your eye dances around all the alphabet letters finding all the rest of the 'stuff' in there, so it's an exercise in discovery!

If fruit isn't your bag... check out the rest of these checkerboards -- I bet you find one you'll want to work on. All are offered as charts.

In The Pumpkin Patch from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see a larger view In The Pumpkin Patch
Blue Ribbon's latest gameboard piece includes pumpkin shopping instructions, as well as a darling collection of 3 dozen different little pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns.

Pretty Crescent Colours overdyeds of Blackbird, Lobster Claw, Sassy Brass, Tangerine and Weeping Willow, it finishes approx 10 x 10 on 32ct. Simple and cute!

My Precious Treasures from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see a larger view My Precious Treasures
A set of projects that definitely deserves a Blue Ribbon!!! A Shaker Sewing Box, inside, you'll find a Sweet Bag to keep hold of a Scissor Fob, Pin Keep, Needle Book, and Scissor Case -- all matching everything else!

A few details: Weeks overdyeds in Deep Sea, Hunter, Lilac, Ocean and Peoria Purple -- to name a few! The complete set will require 16 skeins of thread! 32ct Country French Linen -- we have several shades that would be lovely with this! Depends if you want to go more lavender, blue, taupe, white, green-ish -- your possibilities are almost endless! Pages and pages of diagrams and charts for the main box lid, all the exquisite little pieces, and complete finishing instructions are clearly detailed. Everything features that pretty peacock motif, and each smaller piece is stitched on both the front and back!

Lovely options for silk ribbons and lining fabric, buttons, wool needle pages... get the pattern first, then study your fabric and finishing options. Piece placement on linen is most cost effective if you purchase 1/2 yard of linen... enough to do all pieces. (The pattern doesn't supply stitch counts on the piece layout guide... and calls for a 20 x 30 AND 16-1/2 inch square BUT tells you that you really need a little more than that -- which leads me into an 18 x 54 inch cut! High Math!!!) Truly an elegant set of really neat stitching pieces! And... if you want... it all tucks into that Sudberry House Shaker Box for posterity!

Green Thumb Gameboard from Blue Ribbon Designs - click to see a larger view Green Thumb Gameboard
Yet another of Blue Ribbon's fun little checkerboard designs... this one (the 9th!) is stuffed full of gardening delights! Just like all the rest of Belinda's boards, this one has so many fun little details, you can stitch only a few squares, make a name, forget the letters and stitch blocks of motifs only... just anything!

Cute and colorful, this is offered as a chart. Make sure you see the rest of these checkerboards -- Halloween, Indian Summer, Tropical and Beach, Patriotic -- they're all cute!

Postcard from Paradise by Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see more Postcard from Paradise
Blue Ribbons's newest checkerboard design, this one is stuffed full on 'teeny-weeny beachy' things!!! Mixed in between the alphabet, you'll find sand castles, fish, mermaids, a bikini, sun tan lotion, a camera, octopus, beach ball, sun glasses, a cool tropical drink, flip flops and sea shells, palm trees, a sea horse, a flamingo, sail boats... I'm going on and on!!!

Darling, it is offered as a chart, and finishes approx 9 x 10 on 32ct. Stitched in Crescent Colours overdyeds or regular DMCs... the border is worked in Fishbone Stitch, and I bet you can find lots of other places to add other fun stitches and a few cute embellishments! Cute and different!

Stop and Stitch the Flowers from Blue Ribbon -- click to see lots more Stop and Stitch the Flowers
Blue Ribbon's 7th checkerboard design... this one is full of tiny flower motifs and sampler squares of geometric stitch patterns. Worked in Crescent Colours overdyed flosses or regular DMCs... you could reach 'Over-Achiever-Stitcher-Level' by substituting some of the geometric squares for tiny squares of special stitches -- Drawn Thread's Toccata samplings might be fun in here!!!

Offered as a chart, the checkerboard finishes approx 12 x 12 on 28ct. Lots of room for fun!

Indian Summer Sampler from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view Indian Summer Sampler
Wow... we're getting quite a nice collection of these fun little checkerboards! Blue Ribbon's latest design... this is a companion to her Halloween, Patriotic and Valentine's Day checkerboards, and is just as charming! Stitched on anything you like (28ct finishes 10 x 11), the colors are fantastic in this. Overdyeds of Bittersweet, Burnt Orange, Cidermill Brown, Claret, Dark Chocolate, Dried Thyme, Gold Leaf, Mulberry, Oatmeal, Sarsaparilla, and Shutter Green, the tiny motifs and geometric stitched patterns in the individual squares are so much fun just to look at!

As with all the rest, you could do a teeny weeny square of just four of your favorites and make a mini picture. You could do tiny ornaments for an Autumn Tree... multiple scissor fobs... little pin cushions... a VERRRY long and SKIIINNY banner... the sky's the limit! Enjoy!

Six Bats and a Witches Hat from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see lots more Six Bats and a Witches Hat
Here's another of blue Ribbon's charming checkerboard designs... only this time it has a Halloween theme!!! SO CUTE... you'll keep looking at this and you'll find something different each time! It took me forever to find all 6 bats... and there are 2 witches hats!! Stitched on 32ct, this finishes approx 9 x 9 and is stitched in Weeks overdyeds of Carrot, Curry, Havana, Hazelnut, Lilac, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Scuppernong, Snowflake and Sweet Potato.

Containing TONS of delightful teeny motifs, it features some Leviathan stitches, and would LOVE you if you added more special stitches and a few clay embellishments. We haven't come close to doing it justice with our images. The design is strong enough for lots of creativity... if you're so inclined! You could do miniature ornaments... teeny individual blocks as scissor fobs... and since each one is only 16 stitches... they'd be 1/2 AN INCH! Make sure to see Belinda's Patriotic and Valentine's Checkerboards... They are awesome, and you can have lots of fun with them!

Stitches, Stars and Stripes -- click to see lots more Stitches, Stars and Stripes
One of two new designs, this is a fun piece full of Summer flavor! Stitched in your choice of Crescent Colours overdyed flosses or DMCs... it finishes approx 11 x 11 on 28ct. With the border stitched in Smryna Crosses, each little square offers a different letter, motif, or geometric pattern. A PERFECT place to display some of your talents with specialty stitches in those squares, this is just a fun piece! Offered as a chart.

Stitches, Stars and Stripes -- click to see lots more Patriotic Wishes 1 & 2
Whether you're a Donkey or an Elephant...or just a middle-of-the-road Eagle... you'll enjoy this set of patriotic designs by Blue Ribbon! Simple and cute... we don't get many options like this -- something small with a touch of class!

Offered as the chart of all six designs, each is stitched in Sampler Threads of Pewter, Raspberry, Gold Leaf, Presidential Blue... along with a few others. Each Ornament finishes approx 4 x 4... personalize if you want???

Pursue Your Passion from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view
Pursue Your Passion
finishes 6 x 17-1/2 on 28ct

Spread Your Wings from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view
Spread Your Wings
finishes 4-1/2 x 23 on 28ct

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