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Barbara Ana Designs

What a fun collection of seasonal and whimsical designs! All offered in chart format, each is full of cheery color, and most are stitched on YOUR choice of fabric! Some of the chart covers are showing digital images of the chart, rather than the finished piece... that can get confusing when you're looking at the Biscornu designs. But rest assured, the charts inside are nicely done and very clear. Seasonal, Graduation and Everyday... it's a fun selection!

Most of these call for regular DMC thread... but also ONE or TWO colors of DMC Variations flosses, which are available in a boxed set of 8 or 10 colors. Overdyed flosses will work, as well.

Henrietta Goodrich Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Henrietta Goodrich Sampler
Barbara Ana has a new sampler -- she's designed it to LOOK very old -- but it is a new creation!! A really pretty piece, it measures 162 x 194 stitches -- approx 8 x 10 on 40ct.

Charted for DMC and overdyed flosses, Barbara has Adam and Eve in here, neat houses, angels, the bold and organized border, and a smattering of design mistakes to add to the charm and flavor of the piece. *Be you to others kind and true, as you'd have others be to you. And never do nor say to men, whatever you would not take again.* Offered as a chart.

Elizabeth Wise from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Elizabeth Wise
Wow... this makes a statement! It looks huge, but actually finishes a mere 6 x 6 over 2 on 40ct linen! A charming flower basket that seems larger than life, this is charted for DMC flosses -- 15 of them. I think the basket looks so big because of the people, dog and house at the bottom... and I just love it!

Offered as a chart, we think this would make a pretty pillow nestled on an antique quilt in a sunny bedroom!

Autumn Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Autumn Tree
Here is a companion to our *O Halloween and O Christmas* trees! That tall spindly tree with a few lingering colorful Autumn leaves, is decorated for the season with tiny houses, black crows, acorns, spotted mushrooms and even a little black squirrel! A little sly fox is coming to inquire... and are those keys to the cottages all hanging from the branches? S

titched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha linen, it finishes approx 6 x 10, and is coded for regular DMC floss. Offered as a chart.

Midnight from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Barbara Ana has a new design that features a verse by William Shakespeare -- *Tis now the very witching time of night...* and it's a really fun piece! The sleepy village along the bottom with a couple of prowling cats, there are two witches (I think -- because of the brooms) and a gorgeous floral basket that honestly, could be stitched just by itself and be lovely! Coded for DMC floss, the stitch count is only 106 x 117, so it'll finish approx 6-1/2 x 7 on 32ct.

Midnight from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see moreWhat we think is also cool, is the pretty finishing treatment on this. The finished piece doesn't fit the frame! This opens up so many possibilities for antique frames you have laying round -- or one from a flea market. Choose -- in this case -- two fabrics that coordinate to your flosses, and the wool pennies shown in the pic. Barbara Ana has attached her needlework with some gigantic X-stitches and then added tho wool 'pennies!!!' What a neat presentation! Offered as the chart, you have several fabric options, and we can choose some coordinating Weeks Dye Works wool schnigglet cuts to make your pennies -- you'll need 5 cuts.

Long May She Wave from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Long May She Wave
A cute design that would finish into a pillow very nicely, Long May She Wave features a great big blue sky, an eagle, Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross (with her needle!!) Just a real different design arrangement, something about this is charming! It might be the framing the sky offers, or the wavy flag or even the banners along the bottom. Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 8-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct.

The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Witch, The Crow and The Pumpkin
Kind of three designs in one with this one! The center stitching is just a little piece all by itself. The border is stunning, and that fob is darling!

The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin is really neat because the pennies around the edge are actually pieces of wool -- cut and blanket stitched on there! The actual stitched center is approx 5-1/2 x 7... and notice the small coordinating scissor fob -- that is 2 x 3-1/2. For the Penny edge treatment, you'll need a set of 6 Schnigglet Cuts of our Week's Dye Work's wools to match the DMC threads used. Mix the colors of wool for the pennies, you'll be cutting 36 circles -- then Blanket stitching them onto the linen. Using #8 Black Pearl Cotton is easiest for this part -- it really stands out against the wool. You could also do the Penny Edge treatment around that small fob design. So darn cute, this is also offered as a chart and is worked on 32ct Natural linen that has been distressed with walnut crystals... or dark coffee grounds if those are on hand!

Autumn from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Autumn
A pretty seasonal arrangement of flowers, dark berries, pears, scissors and little houses -- at first you see this and are struck with how pretty the colors and balance are. Well then, I wonder why there are scissors and houses hanging there??? I can't figure that out... so I choose to enjoy the flowers, little kitties and the owls more!

Offered as a chart, this is stitched on 32ct Country Mocha Linen with regular DMC flosses. It's really very pretty and finishes approx 8 x 9!

Merry Christmas from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Merry Christmas
Here's a cute little snow-guy decorated with Quaker flakes! He's smallish -- finishing only 3-1/2 x 5 on 28ct -- and would make a sweet ornament greeting tucked into a door wreath!

Offered as a chart, you could add some clay birds and a sticky-outy clay carrot nose!

Spring Scissor Fob from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Spring Scissor Fob
Puffy-cheeked bunnies, the buzzing bees in the garden, and of course the lush and delicious carrots, lots of cute-ness in this 65 x 69 square of stitching! 13 Shades of DMC floss.

The Snooty Parrots Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Snooty Parrots Sampler
No glory I covet! No riches I want! Ambition is nothing to me. The one thing I beg of kind Heaven to grant is a mind independent and free. Barbara Ana has a charming new sampler - but - she designed it to look and feel very old. A cool, unbalanced border, lots of little mistakes in counting scattered everywhere, and great motifs throughout... Check out the stars of the piece -- The Snooty Parrots!

So much pretty color it is stitched in either DMC or Sampler Threads and measures 248 x 329 stitches. onyx, Bayberry, sea spray, apple cider, cranberry, Grecian gold, dark chocolate, baby spinach, rhubarb and oatmeal, this piece is colorful and quite endearing! Offered as a chart. One of 3 new designs.

Let It Snow from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Let It Snow
Barbara Ana has decorated an awesome pair of scissors with a charming little Christmas village scene. Snowflakes among the cottages , even the hanging scissors have snow on them.

Pretty colors of DMC floss he whole thing measures approx 6 x11 on 32ct. Lots of tiny things in here, I think there is even a skunk!!! Offered as a chart.

Christmas Joy from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Christmas Joy
Here's a fun Holiday sampler -- a smattering of he alphabet with snowflakes and little men, the cutest part is the skinny Santa elf in the lower right hand corner.

Finishing approx 10 inches square on 32ct this uses mostly DMC floss, but over dyeds in the reds. Grays, Snow White and black browns make this a very winters piece. And... I think that Santa would make a cool ornament just by himself.

Alley Quartet from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Alley Quartet
Well, aren't these the cutest little guys? All singing for dinner, just a really colorful and fun design, it is coded for DMC floss. The hats are Variations -- DMC's version of hand-dyed -- so if you don't have that... pull out some funky hand-dyed YOU ALREADY HAVE to make the hats, and match they eyes with solid colors.

I think the cats would be cute worked in Wisper thread, as well! The design finishes approx 4-1/2 x 6 on 32ct.

Warm Winter Welcome from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Warm Winter Welcome
Hats, Mittens and Stockings... the colors in this caught my eye! Finishing only 4 x 6-ish on 28ct, it'd be cute finished into a little standing wedge to perch on a window sill or even a mini-hanging to greet you at the back door! Offered as a chart.

Halloween Heart from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Halloween Heart
This has a stitch count of 168 x 126 -- and measures approx 8 x 11 on 32ct Cream Belfast. Coded for 6 colors of DMC or Valdani floss, it doesn't call for any embellishments or specialty stitches -- it's just cute the way it is! You get the little village complete with graveyard in it... little cats everywhere... and at least 3 witches in here.

Just fun... think about some mangy hand-dyed linen and maybe a few beads or buttons?? Offered as the chart.

The Branch - Come With Me All Hallows Night from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Branch -- Come With Me All Hallows Night
*Come with me All Hallows Night, we'll frighten everyone in sight! Such pranks for once, are justified and fun and frolic amplified.* Well, actually not such responsible advice to stitch for your kids and display on your family room wall... but maybe they won't read it!!! Lots of cute motifs in here, you probably can't see the eyes peeking out from a hole in the tree trunk!

Stitch count of 209 x 98 -- it finishes approx 6 x 13 on 32ct Vintage Mocha Belfast. Coded for only seven different Anchor or DMC flosses, it would finish into a cute pillow. Offered as a chart.

O Halloween Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more O Halloween Tree
A companion to her little Christmas tree, this design features DARLING little bats, owls and spiders perched everywhere in that tree. The keys hanging from the branches -- have bones tied to them! They fill in the empty spaces, with a hint of gray 'pattern' -- pleasing to the eye -- they are stitched in silver metallic!!!

Next are those cute little kitties down there in the graveyard ... it looks like everyone is gathering like my dogs do... when I'm getting dinner ready! Wonder what they're having? Stitch count of 126 x 197 on 32ct Cream, coded for DMC floss, there are more eyes peering out from inside the tree..........

The Raven Scissor Fob from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Raven Scissor Fob
Here's a cute piece to attach to a pair of black scissors in your stash. Barbara Ana has a lot of cute fob designs -- this one is offered as a chart and measures 75 x 785 stitches without a border, or 89 x 94 with that option as well.

Offered as a chart. There is a key charm shown on the design -- that does not come with the chart, and is only a charm 'suggestion.'

Spooky Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Spooky Tree
Now this is cute! Stitched on 32ct Khaki Belfast Linen in 17 shades of DMC floss, this finishes approx 2-1/2 x 9 inches in size. Everyone loves these 4 little characters in here -- that spider shows up in everything... clinging everywhere. The owl is so funny, the ghost with his crossbones is very unique, and the Jack-o-lantern down at the bottom kind of looks like he DOES have a stick stuck through his brain!!!!!!!

Finish this into a skinny door hanger or a tall stand-up -- it'd be good standing up on the kitchen counter or your desk at work! Offered as a chart.

A Wicked Plant from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more A Wicked Plant
Well... this doesn't look all that nasty! Actually, at first glance... you might think it's a lovely urn of flowers! OK... look more... actually it's a scary basket of creepy crawling things, stuff that flies in the night, and some flower that looks like it's going to eat you! Stitched in Gentle Art overdyeds this finishes 5-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 35ct. Choose something mangy so the white blossoms show up against the darker background.

Lots of fun happening in here... check out the bats, the cats ( I LOVE those!) and even the little mouse. VERY cute stitched with our without the border and words. Offered as the chart.

Wicked from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Wicked
A simple Halloween silhouette perched on that gigantic wrought iron key -- just like the Christmas piece -- this finishes approx 5 x 8 on 32ct. It features that cool little flap of fabric sticking out from the right side that is actually your signature block -- a real neat design element!

Like BA's Christmas piece... I don't know what the 'since' means... maybe the year you were born??? An interesting design, explore some color options if you want! Offered as the chart.

Merry from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Merry
A cute Christmas scene of snowmen, presents, sleepy houses, a plump cardinal, those flakes and that awesome wrought iron key everything is standing on... what an unusual design! Look at the right edge... there is a stitched label poking out down at the bottom. It's her signature! What a fun way to sign your needlework!

Entire piece finishes approx 5-1/2 x 8 on 32ct... I don't understand the *since* part on here... not sure if it's supposed to represent the 'home established' idea or not. But, the overall design is fun! Offered as the chart.

Cinnamon Christmas from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Cinnamon Christmas
This one comes with two different color variations -- one a brighter, crisper red and white combo -- the other is muted cinnamon colors! A lot of cute elements in here... there are reindeer in the sky, cats, squirrels and birds, the Quaker snowflakes, Santa and his Ms, and the snow-covered font!

Stitched on 32ct Dirty Linen in regular DMC flosses... it finishes approx 8 x 13... and will make a stunning cushion on your couch! (I love those little reindeer!!!!) Offered as a chart.

O Christmas Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more O Christmas Tree
The final piece in this frosty trio of matching designs... we again have the little snowmen, that fat cardinal, this time the key is snow-covered and white, those fluffy flakes, and Santa!

Just a lot of fun motifs in this 5 x 11 piece... the artwork is so unique, so fresh, so eye-catching! You need all three of these charts!

Tweet Biscornu from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Tweet Biscornu
Sort of a Summer companion to the bird scissor fobs, these bluebirds are nibbling at the Cherry Blossoms. Check out that funky and rotund bird shape... just so cute! Same funny little bird, just finished into a cushion instead of a fob. 86 x 86 Stitches -- 10 DMC flosses needed.

Owlscornu from Barbara Ana - click to see more Owlscornu
Part of the charm of these funky Barbara Ana biscornu designs is the challenge of actually pronouncing their NAMES! She has a endearing set of seasonal and 'personality' biscornus, and these little owls are the newest member of that family! We have pigs (Holy Mud!), Frogs, Dogs, ladybugs, fish, rabbits, sheep, even little crabs at the beach! That doesn't include the pilgrims, witches and their boots, Santa and some snowmen! These are very simple 4-directional designs.

Stitch them like normal. Then you join together a top and bottom piece with whip-stitches. Wierd in shape, these are a cinch to assemble... PROVEN BY how popular they have become!!! Over-the-top, stinking CUTE! Offered as a chart.

Autumn Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Autumn Biscornu
74 x 74, little dogs, acorns and leaves! I like the colors.
Santa Paws Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Santa Paws Biscornu
This one's fun, too. You could stitch your pet's name on it -- 58 x 58.

Vroom Broom from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Vroom Broom
Such a run Halloween piece, I love her outfit... but check out the little cat -- hanging on for the wild ride!
Good Luck Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Good Luck Biscornu
42 x 42, Bright red ladybugs with little black spots... yellow, green and white in the garden! Charming!
Bootscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
62 x 62, Love that green background!
Valentine Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Valentine Biscornu
68 x 68, Little fishes taking the bait, verse reads 'You've Got Me!'
Spring Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Spring Biscornu
74 x 74, Pretty colors, choose any fun button for the center.
Christmas Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Christmas Biscornu
62 x 62, This is one of my favorites! What a cute tree ornament it would make!
Thanksgiving Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Thanksgiving Biscornu
70 x 70, GREAT pilgrims, pumpkins, crows and corn!
Winter Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Winter Biscornu
Some snowmen and cardinals... use a snowflake in the center, rather than a star! 58 x 58.
Black Sheep Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Black Sheep Biscornu
There's one is every crowd! 56 x 56... Choose a fun colored fabric for this one!
Holy Mud from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Holy Mud
Pig Lovers Unite! Isn't this cute? 70 x 70... Butterfly Couture has desert pins that you could stick in this!
Summer Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Summer Biscornu
Crabs and watermelon... again... choose a more imaginative button for your center besides the star! 72 x 72.

Hummingbirds Scissor Fob from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Hummingbirds Scissor Fob
You get to stitch two tiny pillows for this design -- larger one is 46 x 39, smaller one is a mere 25 x 25. 18 Colors of DMC, the chart includes the finishing instructions for the double-decker fob, as well as a great close-up shot of eye and beak detail.

The beaks are long stitches over 8 threads, and the eye has a sneaky little white backstitch in there that really adds a lot to the bird's charming face. Companions BA's Christmas Robins!!!

October 31st from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more October 31st
What a cool little garden! Check out the candy corn flowers with resident spiders! Quaker motifs scattered everywhere, critters all over the place and of course that awesome cat, everything about this screams creativity! Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 6 x 6 over two on 40ct. (127 x 171 Stitches.)

Coded for DMC floss, get out your overdyeds and see what else you can add to make this your own. The model is worked on something mangy -- choose something dark enough so that the winter-whites will show up.

Halloween (The Moon Laughs) from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Halloween (The Moon Laughs)
This is a neat design -- and is offered in two different colorways. On lighter linen, choose solid or hand-dyed thread in just a black and gold for the moons and stars. The pic on the darker fabric features everything stitched in DMC flosses -- a combo of 12 classic halloween-y colors!

Stitch count of 99 x 171 -- Barbara Ana gives you 'official permission' to pick a hand-dyed linen color of YOUR CHOICE!!! (and I support that!!!)

Trick or Treat from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Trick or Treat
Too Stinking Cute -- especially because it talks about stinky feet!!! 'Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!' I know there is lots more to that verse... the girls were reciting it while we were pricing these charts. The kitty atop the boot is perfectly sweet, and how can you not fall in love with these colors!

It calls for 5 solid DMC flosses and 6 more of DMC's Variations. Of course, you can pull overdyeds already in your stash... but the Variations might be tempting to try! Offered as a chart, 77 x 79 stitches.

Christmas Robins Scissor Fob from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Christmas Robins Scissor Fob
A charming little design -- it's a double-decker fob!!! A trio of chubby winter robins -- dressed in Christmas finery with their Santa Hats on -- they are so simple, yet so cute! THEN... why haven't we thought of this before???? DOUBLE fobs??? What a cool way to use coordinating designs?! What a neat way to use cool beads from your embellishment stash?! (With so many designs... you could stitch a tiny bit of the larger design as an accent... and attach it to the main piece!)

Anyway, Christmas Robins's top design measures 39 x 46, while the bottom is a mere 25 x 25. Choose your fabric of choice... grab DMC floss from your stash and get BUSY! Offered as a chart.

Barbara Ana Owl-o-Ween Scissor Fob - click for more Owl-o-Ween Scissor Fob
Check out that wise old owl! He's standing on a cauldron of boiling brew -- maybe he's not so smart after all! Cute spiders, fun colors... check out our little *Made With Love* charm on the tassel! Just a 73 x 80 stitch count, it is coded for DMC floss and three overdyeds from your stash.

Offered as a chart.

Christmas Ornaments from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger viewMore Christmas Ornaments from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Christmas Ornaments and More Christmas Ornaments
Varied sizes of designs... over one makes them teeny ornaments. Stocking Stuffer is 44 x 54, Be Jolly is 44 x 50. Fun little pieces.
Spooky Companions from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Spooky Companions
A pair of designs, Beware, the larger one is 67 x 67, while the bitty one is 45 x 45. Cute, Funky Halloween color!

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